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         Farm Images & Sounds:     more detail

images sounds OF. The best place to observe them is at the Yelloweyed PenguinReserve on McGrouther's farm near on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin.
The pictures on the right show several recording locations for the AOTEAROA album:
1. (Top) Exploring natural bush on Kapiti Island, near Wellington. The island is a sanctuary for indigenous birds like the tui, bellbird, stitchbird and whitehead. (Track 3 - 'Kapiti Island - Tui's Paradise'
2. The blue pacific waters off the Kaikoura coast attract whales, seals and dolphins all year round. Kaikoura is one of the best places in the world to see Sperm whales because their favourite habitat - very deep water - is present only a couple of miles out to sea. (Track 5 - 'Pacific Shores'
3. (Middle) The effervescent boiling Champagne lake at Wai-O-Tapu thermal reserve near Rotorua is a stunning example of the geo-thermal activity found in the centre of New Zealand's North Island. (Track 6 - 'The Power of Mother Earth'
4. The Yellow-eyed Penguin, or 'Hoiho' can be found on the South Island's east coast. The best place to observe them is at the Yellow-eyed Penguin Reserve on McGrouther's Farm near on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin. The picture shows breeding pair Peter and Alice with their two chicks. (Track 5 - 'Pacific Shores'
5. (Bottom) Sunset on the rocks north of Kaikoura. (Track 5 -

2. Hobo's First Christmas - Credits For Images, Sounds,etc.
Pictures of sheep modified from actual images found at 18 and is available at TheMidi farm ( http//www
HOBO's First Christmas (The Land of Claws) IMPORTANT NOTICE
OTHER GRAPHICS Some of the clip art used are free for use (with permission if page requires it) from: Backgrounds or images are from Celeste's Holiday Graphic Collection , Permission granted by Celeste. If you are interested in Holidays, make this a stop. Santa Face on page 6 derived from image at use with permission. Special Thanks Santas, sleighs, bells, stockings have been used-( and they have backgrounds , buttons, lines etc.) at - "Christmas Clip Art" and some Midis here as well. Unfortunately that site is no longer on the net. Page 3 - Video Capture from Disney'sThe Santa Claus now available on Home Video. Hobo loves this movie and Tim Allen. Pictures of sheep modified from actual images found at - Breeds of Livestock - Sheep Breeds- MIDI FILES Most of the other midi files may be found at many of the following locations, or are recreated by the authors. silent.mid (silent night) One search engine found this file at over 30 locations - generally for distribution. It is available in many formats and the one used is unique and not copy protected (at least not here on earth). is the Natal site (gs-silent), another is australia is . A site called Christmas Midi Files at as this under the title silentnight.mid and a completely different version under silent.. The best of Christmas Midi has a version of silent.mid at AND AND Christmas Songs Page

3. Zooish Animal Animation, Animal Images, Cartoon Animals, Animal Sounds, Animal F
Animal kingdom learning and fun; lots of animal animations and sounds.Category Kids and Teens School Time Living Things Animals Zoos...... animal sounds, and daily farm news. farm Cartoons Click here to go to farm AnimalCartoons. Cartoon farm animals, cartoon farmers, and farm cartoon images.
Watch the World's Animal
Kingdom Come to Life in
Animation and Sound.
Nature and Animals in a
Real Life Animated World.
Featured Zooish Animal Cartoon Sections Creature Cartoons Zoo Animal Cartoons Featured Zoo and Special Sections Quick Guide to the Zooish Site World Zoos
Now Featuring the
Singapore Zoo
Zoo Cartoons Zooish In Space
Space Animation
Solar System Animation Planet Animation Black Hole Animation Asteroid Animation Comet Animation Cartoon Space Space News Land Animals Animal Animation Animal Images Animal Sounds Animal Facts Animal Alphabet Birds of the Sky Great Zoos Animal Farm Ocean Animals Sea Animal Animation Sea Animal Images Sea Animal Sounds Sea Animal Facts Sea Animals Dolphins Penguins Dinosaur Den Dinosaur Animation Animal Quiz Games Animal Sayings Animal Quiz Animal Find Farm Quiz Space Animation Space Images Space Cartoons Space Sounds Space Facts Zooish in Space Moonlight Amazing Space Nature Animation Nature Images Nature Sounds Nature Cartoons Nature Facts Seven Natural Wonders

4. Zooish Start - Animal Animations, Animal Images, Animal Cartoons, Animal Sounds,
dolphin images, dolphin facts, dolphin sounds, and cetacean animation, dinosaur cartoons,dinosaur images, dinosaur facts Quiz Game, or play the farm Quiz Game
Come out and take a look! Zooish has over 40 animated animal, science, and nature pages. Have a peek, and have fun! Visit Some of Our Most Popular Zooish Sections. Listen to the sounds of the animal kingdom
and nature. Animal sounds include wildlife,
sea animals, pets, insects, and dinosaurs.
Plus favorite classic songs, children's songs,
and family favorites. Animal Sounds
Nature Sounds
Family Songs Watch the dolphins come alive. Listen to a
real dolphin whistle. Plus dolphin animation,
dolphin images, dolphin facts, dolphin
superlatives, and daily cetacean news. Divine
Dolphins Watch a flaming comet, or a twisting black hole. Space and planetary facts and daily space news. Lots of space animation, space images, and even a few aliens. Zooish in Space Zooish Nature - The Wonders of Earth has images and facts on the tallest, deepest, longest, and highest of earth's great natural

5. Zooish Farm. Farm Animals Come To Life In Images Of Farm Animals, Farm Animal Fa
Zooish has farm animal images, farm animation, daily farm and farming news, and farm animal facts. All your favorite farm animals in animation and cartoons. Enjoy this selection of farm animal sounds from animations featured on the farm. With over 100 000 available images, has the world's
What is the largest horse? What is the largest cow? What is the largest pig and sheep? The largest recorded horse was a Percheron breed in 1903 that was 21 hands high, and weighed
3,940 lbs. A Suffolk breed in 1930 was 21 hands high and 2810 lbs., and the Brooklyn Supreme, a
Belgian breed that lived in the 1930s (thumbnail picture above), was 19.2 hands high, and weighed
3,200 lbs. The Chianina is the largest cow, or bull for that matter (thumbnail picture above). The
average Chianina cow weighs between 1,700 and 2,400 lbs. and stands 5 feet tall at the whithers
(top of the shoulder). The average bull weighs 3,000 pounds. The largest Chianina bull on record
weighed 4,300 lbs. The largest pig on record was a Poland-China hog named Big Bill. The giant
pig weighed a portly 2,552 lbs. and was so large that he dragged his belly on the ground. He had a
shoulder height of 5 feet and a length of 9 feet. The largest sheep ever recorded was a Suffolk ram

6. - Farm Cursor Theme
These animated cursors bring all the sights of farm life to your desktop. TurkeyDay Theme Decorate your PC with a feast of holiday images and sounds.,fid,2752,00.asp
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Farm Cursor Theme
These animated cursors bring all the sights of farm life to your desktop. Download
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George Orwell's 1984 Theme
Throw yourself into the morbidity of a bleak totalitarian future with this theme. Free Oct 2002 Three Stooges Theme
Let Larry, Curly, and Moe add humor to your wallpaper and screensaver. Free Jul 2002 Wonder Woman Theme Enjoy a collage of the popular superhero on your desktop. Free Oct 2002 Superman Theme Enjoy the Man of Steel on your computer desktop. Free Apr 2002 Windows XP Theme 2 Update the look of your operating system, without having to ditch the one you have. Free Feb 2002 Solar System Theme Dress up your desktop with images of Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn. Free Apr 1999 Halloween Desktop Theme (Polehammer) Free Halloween-themed desktop wallpaper, icons, cursors, and sounds.

7. - Themes
Redneck Rampage Theme Pack Grace your monitor with farm animals and Leonard and yourPC for the holidays with this pack of Christmas images and sounds.,cat,1455,sortIdx,2,pg,4,00.asp
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8. Immigration...Resources: Where Is That? Slide Show 2 Images
Where is That? images and sounds from Slide Show 2. images. Spokane named Sam Boydin ceremorial dress. FSA (farm Security Administration) camp, Robstown, Texas.
Where is That? Images and Sounds from Slide Show 2 Sound Recordings We Are Americans, Praise the Lord, performed by Bertha Houston and congregation. Recorded by Willis Laurence James at Fort Valley Georgia, July 1943. Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Fort Valley State College Folk Festival Collection, AFS 7047a2. Hethu'shka Song, performed by the Host Drum. Recorded by Carl Fleischhauer at the 1983 Omaha pow-wow. Macy, Nebraska. Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Omaha Indian Music, AFC 1986/038: 0539. Images
Spokane named Sam Boyd in ceremonial dress, Wellpinit, Washington, 1910.
Eastern Washington State Historical Society. Reproduction Number: L92-86.33.
Cotton hoer near Clarksdale, Mississippi.

9. Immigration...Resources: Where Is That? Slide Show 1 Images
Where is That? images and sounds from the Slide Show 1. images. Malheur County, Oregon,JapaneseAmerican farm worker with celery plants. Malheur County, Oregon.
Where is That? Images and Sounds from the Slide Show 1 Sound Recordings We Are Americans, Praise the Lord performed by Bertha Houston and congregation. Recorded by Willis Laurence James at Fort Valley Georgia, July 1943. Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Fort Valley State College Folk Festival Collection, AFS 7047a2 Hethu'shka Song, performed by the Host Drum. Recorded by Carl Fleischhauer at the 1983 Omaha pow-wow. Macy, Nebraska. Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Omaha Indian Music, AFC 1986/038: 0539. Images
Eskimo mother with child on back.
Photograph by Lomen Bros., 1906. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Call Number: LOT 11453-2, no. 7
Mr. Henry Brooks, ex-slave. Parks Ferry Road, Greene County, Georgia.

10. First-School Calendar June 29, 2001
lamb, sheep, goose) or 2. DLTK's farm Animal Poster Most of the images can be printeddirectly on a wonderful to help children with associating sounds that are
Online Story: The Cat went Moo and the Cow Meow, Animal Sounds, Farm Animal Coloring Pages Dictionary Theme Activities Instructions and Suggestions Materials First Online Story The Cat went Moo and the Cow Meow
Animal Sounds: Pre-Reading Skill
Coloring Pages: Farm Animals
Online Activity:
Animal Sounds
*March: Nutrition Month
*June: Dairy Month
* July 18: Cow Appreciation Day The Cat went Moo and the Cow Meow by Ann Elizabeth Eves and illustrated by Patti Buxton
This is a delightful and funny story about a cow and a cat that get a bit confused. The cow starts acting up like a cat and the cat like the cow. The obviously need help so a doctor the rabbit comes by to help. Let's find out what happens.
Note: You need Flash and it takes a while to download, but it is worth it!
Activity: Animal Sounds Pre-Reading Skill This story has a great story line to focus on animal sounds. It is a lot of fun for children to mimic animal sounds. This is great because being able to see an animal or its image and recognize or make the sound is a skill the children will need to see letters and associate them with sounds: a pre-reading skill.

11. Enlaces G-O
Fantastic Forest By National Geographic. farm images sounds. Forest healthand silviculture images. Forest Service Historical Photograph Collection.
Geografía Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Program (ACLEP)Newsletters British Columbia Landscape Unit Planning Guide. 1999.  FAO CD-Roms on land and land use. Guide to Spatial Land and Resource Information in LRMP ... National Land Cover Definitions And Statistics GPS Introduction To The Global Positioning System For GIS And TRAVERSE USDA Forest Service GPS Page Hidrología Community Water Quality Monitoring Manual forWaterwatch Victoria Precious Earth - From Soil and Water Conservation to Sustainable Land Management Water Quality Monitoring A How To Guide  Imágenes clipart Early Logging- Photo Gallery Fantastic Forest By National Geographic.  Forest health and silviculture images ... Vascular Plants Image Gallery  Incendios Forestales Programa FOC 21 Industria de la Madera Bibliography of northern hardwood (maple-beech-birch) literature FAO'S outlook for wood production from forest plantations Forest Industry  Forest Products Market Information - UNECE ... Timberland Decision Support System Inventario - Ordenación - Dasometría A Process for Conducting Landscape Assessments.Minnesota Forest Resources Council- Landscape Co

12. Bonnybrooke Farm Atop Misty Mountain, Eureka Springs, AR
Bonnybrooke farm Atop Misty Mountain 361 CR 117 Eureka Springs, AR 72631 479 Thisextends to text, photographs, logos, images, sounds, and all other portions of
If your heart's in the country…or longs to be…we invite you to come share in the sweet quiet and serenity that awaits you in your place to come home to…
Hike off the point, down to the old Bench Road, and in the springtime, discover one of the natural springs trickling down the hillside.
Climb the moss-covered cliffs that line the path and explore a small cliff dwelling. Picnic atop Flat Rock!! In the mist of morning - catch the white tail deer grazing the countryside, squirrels busily scampering, and the birds chattering. It's doubtful you'll see the elusive wild turkey, but you'll enjoy their early morning sounds.
Our fox family, dens nearby and can often be seen midday frolicking the meadow. Meander through the meadows where gentle breezes stir the wind chimes. Morning Glory Cottage Whatever your pleasure - you'll enjoy your cozy stay at Bonnybrooke. Furnishings of yesteryear - comforts of today.
Summershade Cottage All Cottages include:
  • Fireplace (seasonal)
  • Waterfall Jacuzzi for 2
  • Full equipped kitchenettes
  • Deck with grill
  • Radio and tape player some w/CD players
  • Queen size bed, pretty linens, feather pillows

13. Humour : Funny Pictures : Funny Photos : Sounds : Videos : Images : Web Wombat
*****. A super market sounds a good deal. Super brolly Guess Japanese rainis wetter than most. New farm equipment Funtastic. Rock on A big guitar fan.
Entertainment Finance Games Lifestyle ... Auctions You are here: Home Entertainment Humour Entertainment Menu Humour Joke of the Day Light Reading Grumpy's Gripes DVDs Review Archive Latest News Upcoming DVDs DVD Regions DVD Pros and Cons DVD Glossary Movies Review Archive Box Office News Main Page Television What's on TV Premium Links Find a Date Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Mobile Phone Ringtones Find a home loan-eChoice ... Hot Links Web Wombat Search Advanced Search Submit a Site Search Australian web sites: DVDs Humour Movies TV ... Grumpy's Gripes
Picture Perfect
Looking for a quick laugh of the visual variety? Web Wombat offers some great pictures and cartoons for your perusal.
Other offerings
One-Way Signs : Making life easier for drivers.
: Mine's bigger than yours ....

14. Farm Race Source
pig; public int cowPos = 0; public int pigPos = 0; public boolean finish = false;public void init() { //this initializes the images and sounds mooCow = this

15. Halloween And Horror On The World Wide Web
Show Here's a site for images, sounds, and info commentary and history through text,images and movies the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary farm (Knott's Berry
If you've got a taste for blood, begin your search here.
The Interactive Human Corpse
This site really isn't a horror site, although some may find it quite hideous. It also shows what's possible with CGI scripts and the Web.
Phantasmagoria Graveyard
Sights, sounds, and other cool stuff to check out.
Phantasmagoria Information
An annual event that has been designed to increase community awareness, enhance locally owned and operated business, provide a safe-haven for children during the Halloween season, and to recognize the valiant efforts of countless nonprofit and public sector organizations from within the community we call home. And if you're not interested in what it does, check it out for the graphics!!!
Dr. Fellowbug
Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun and Horror. Don't forget to visit the Master of the Lists. (Nice use of graphics!)
Dr. Vile Flemm's Page Of Horror
Where is Dr. Flemm Perhaps you can find him in these links.
Den of the Dead
Dictionary of Ghostly Creatures, Halloween hints, really loud colors, and more horror links.
The Horrible Splatter Page
This site is a particularly putrid place to visit, enjoy.

16. FcMP ChangeLog
Great Hall, Stronghold and Fortess images for mythicals Added new farm, blizzard,lightning, healing and holy voices by Wolfgang Köhler; New sounds for blizzard
  • Version 1.17.1
    • Removed "graphics/ui/Menu background without title.png". Removed "graphics/ui/mythical/statusline.png". Removed "graphics/ui/alliance/statusline.png". Added "ccl/menu.ccl" from the engine. Added "ccl/editor.ccl" from the engine. Replaced "data/graphics/mythical/units/death_knight.png" with graphic from Jay Sprenkle. Its not complete but better than the current portrait. Removed "data/graphics/mythical/units/grunt.png", added replacement "data/graphics/mythical/units/black_knight.png" from John Kirby. Changed default selection style to 'alpha-rectangle. Changed default health/mana style to horizontal lines.
    Version 1.17.2 / 1.17.2 A
    • Updated to new campaign syntax. Added new menu music "Twilight March" from Matthew T. Yankovich. Added new briefing background from pawlak. Fixed random crashes, destroyed places had bad animation script. Updated "ccl/menu.ccl" from the engine. New icons for summer tileset:
      • Grunt graphics replaced with a black knight graphic.
      • New icons from nissen added.
      • New icons from Sebastian Nozzi added.

17. Top Hardcore Sex Sites
3. I understand that when I gain access to this site, I will be exposed to boobfarm images, verbal descriptions and audio sounds of boob farm oriented
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The wettest facials on the hottest faces PORNWANNABE Centerfold type models going crazy!! LATINATIME Hot Latin girls take on two guys or more!! CLUBTRANNY They're beautiful, horny, with HUGE dicks!!! SECRET FETISHES No matter what your fetish is we have it!!! PERFECT ORGY How many guys can these girls take? FIST BANG Watch them get stretched to the limit! ANAL SWEETIES Hot teens getting assraped XXX TRYOUTS Nasty sluts trying out for their first porno. LATINS FINEST Spicy Latin babes getting naked just for you AMAZING ANAL The name says it all!

18. Videography / GX Jupitter-Larsen
(SelfReleased, 1991). THESE THINGS HAPPEN images and sounds of a The narrativeis of a group of lesbian vampires who work and play on their garlic farm.

19. Tibet Digital Library: Sights And Sounds: Images From Shigatze
A characteristic Tibetan farm vehicle on the streets of HERE TIBET DIGITAL LIBRARYSIGHTS AND sounds OF TIBET TRAVEL IN TIBET, 1997 images FROM SHIGATZE
Main Page


Travel in Tibet, 1997


On the road


Other Resources

Images from Shigatze
A boy we met who guided us around a ruined fort. The boy and his brother or friend. A characteristic Tibetan farm vehicle on the streets of Shigatze. Another cart, with several young Tibetans in the background. Yet another horse cart. A heavily loaded cart. Security cameras on the ruined fort. Prayer flags in front of a ruined fort. Another side of the fort. YOU ARE HERE: TIBET DIGITAL LIBRARY SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF TIBET TRAVEL IN TIBET, 1997 IMAGES FROM SHIGATZE Contact with questions or comments.

20. NA - Projecting Images Of The Nation
of Americans and Europeans to be entertained by moving images with sounds, ratherthan illustrated lectures. PA021561 Plowing scene on the farm of William

Publications The Archivist Projecting Images of the Nation
Projecting Images of the Nation (page 2) During the first two decades of the twentieth century, the Department acquired most of their images from professional photographers such as Horatio Nelson Topley; John Woodruff and R. Sallows. The Immigration Program obtained their lantern slides either by hiring photographers for special photographic tours, in which they were instructed to capture specific types of images of Canada's beauty spots and bounty, or by purchasing negatives directly from the photographers. The negatives ranged in price from $3 for Sallows' to $12-$20 for one created by Woodruff. Following the First World War, the Immigration Program required access to a larger variety and volume of images to satisfy their quickly expanding lecture program, As a result, they began to obtain most of their negatives and slides from the Department of the Interior's lantern slide library which was administered by the Natural Resources Intelligence Branch. Close examination of the images used by the Immigration Program provides further insight into the predominant messages and themes that were delivered to designated audiences. Some of the lectures that were given dealt with farming in Canada, historic sites, national parks and Canadian beauty spots. In response to shifting policies which removed some of the barriers restricting the entry of urban immigrants, lectures delivered following the First World War were expanded to include themes such as industrial development, modern appliances and tools, and town and city life within Canada. The deliberate positioning of information about Canada is one of the most compelling aspects of the photographs used for immigration purposes and presents an extremely rich resource for further probing.

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