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         Farm Management Software & Calc:     more detail

1. Manure Nutrient Management Software
Multi Media Resources Manure Nutrient management software Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager (and Dairy Manure Production Estimator) Designed to help those developing nutrient farm advisors, planning teams and computer oriented producers. While the software calculates all the information required to develop nutrient management Manucalc. Computes the
Multi Media Resources
Manure Nutrient Management Software Ration Balancing Program
Manure Nutrient Management Software
Vermont Manure Nutrient Manager (and Dairy Manure Production Estimator) Designed to help those developing nutrient
management plans for dairy or other livestock farms by recommending manure application rates and additional fertilizer needs. The program can be used to: recommend fertilizer to meet crop needs, giving credit for nutrients from manure that has already been applied; or recommend manure application rates (and supplemental fertilizer, if needed) accounting for any manure or fertilizer already applied. It also gives an economic value of manure recommended. The Dairy Manure Production Estimator calculates an estimate of total annual manure production available for field spreading, based on the number of animals, milk production, time in confinement, bedding and other factors. Contact:
Bill Jokela, John Rankin or Sue Hawkins
University of Vermont Extension/Plant and Soil Science Dept.
Cornell Nutrient Management Planning System (CNMPS)
The software is designed to be used by farm advisors, planning teams and computer oriented producers. While the software calculates all the information required to develop nutrient management plans, several critical decisions and judgement calls are left to the user. Due to integration between agronomy and animal science, training in agronomy/soils and/or cattle nutrition is highly recommended.

2. Agricultural Software Directory - Dairy
Ration calc. SIGA farm software http// Drummondville PQ - (800) 567-0915SIGADairy Complete dairy herd management software composed of three
Agricultural Software Directory - Dairy
Agricultural Software Directory - Index
ACS Computer Services -
Hagerstown MD - (301) 582-0710
Dairy Ration System for Windows
2 pkgs. Standard feed library of 8000+ ingredients; up to 100 private ingredients for each. Has start-up list with 100+ common feeds. Ration calc. uses least cost or fixed level method. Reports for feed schedules, nutrient profiles, TMR mixing schedules.
Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc. -
San Diego CA - (619) 226-2600
Calculates the amounts of two required grains for protein and energy to be used with a base mix from MIXIT-2+ for dairy rations. Produces concise reports showing rations, costs, profits, milk production and more.
MIXIT-2+ Version 4.0
Sophisticated, yet easy to use program which calculates least cost mixes for any type of animal. Flexible and comprehensive - the choice of nutritionists. Also in Spanish.
Agri-Data Systems Inc. -

3. Electronics & Software - Micro-Trak And FarmWorks Products - GPS Guidance System
calcAn-Acre is an all-in-one electronic instrument panel that acts as a speedometer, odometer, farm Works software offers a full line of farm management programs that help
Products About Us Contact Us Home
Micro-Trak offers a wide selection of GPS guidance systems, DGPS receivers, precision electronic monitors, and automatic rate controllers. All Micro-Trak products are backed by some of the best service and support programs in the industry including 24-hour turnaround on repairs, toll-free service support, a one year warranty, and the free loaner program. DGPS Receivers Marker - This GPS guidance system enables farmers to apply seed, nutrients, and pesticides easily and efficiently. This product combines sophisticated GPS technology with virtual reality and data management software to provide real-time, accurate, and easy-to-use electronic guidance systems. The Marker is specifically designed for farm operators who want straight, equally-spaced swaths in their fields. Guidance/Light Bar features both parallel and contour swath guidance, adjustable light bar sensitivity, support for multiple application patterns, and allows the user to program the swath width. The Guidance/Light Bar is "ruggedized" for exterior mounting and "heads up" visibility. It is also Beacon, WAAS, and L-band differential compliant. DGPS Max - This unit delivers accurate differential GPS positioning using corrections from WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), Omni STAR, DGPS beacon stations, or directly from an external RTCM SC-104 source. The DGPS Max uses Real-Time Kinematic positioning to achieve superior accuracy to standard C/A code processing. The set-up wizard configures the DGPS Max in just 3 easy steps, and user-defined profiles save receiver configurations for later use.

4. Y2KThe Farmwide Community POP Project Is Establishing 15 Internet Points Of Pres
supplied with your farm program have built command is STR((calc) n d) software, real estate management, lending software, lender software, mortgage software, contact management,
Y2K Info Pack
Y2K Home

The Millennium Bug

Y2K Links

On Farm Issues
Farmwide Home

Farmwide Pty Ltd.
Y2K Ag Software Review Farmwide has undertaken the task of investigating the status of agricultural software in relation to Year 2000 compliance. (Year 2000 conformity means that neither performance nor functionality of a product is affected by dates prior to, during and after the year 2000.) We supplied a questionnaire to agricultural software producers and suppliers known to us, asking them to identify their software that is Year 2000 compliant, their software that is not compliant, and for those products that are not compliant recommendations to customers on necessary actions to ensure that their business is not adversely affected. The results of this survey are provided below, simply click on the name of the organisation concerned to see a brief summary of their products and compliance. If there are no listings in the categories of Compliant, Non-Compliant, Recommendations of a particular company, this means that this information was not supplied to us and you should contact the company directly to find out about the compliance of their products. Contact details are supplied.

5. Agriculture And Natural Resources Software Inventory
Build a Barn for Hay? Ag Budget calc software. Agricultural Risk Mgmt Simulator farm Machinery Selection and Mgmt. farm management Special "Package". farm Sense. farm Truck Costs

6. Sylvette Corporation - Online Catalog
CATTLEMAN'S calc. software. $99.98. EASY farm LITE. $300.00. farm WORKS farm STOCK.10422. farm STOCK (HERD management). $150.00. farm WORKS farm TRAC. 10420. - Agricultural

7. Ministry Protocols For Ontario Regulation Made Under The Nutrient
by OMAFs Nutrient management (NMAN) software farm Units specific, localized Nutrient management Plan; and it. would not be the same as Livestock Units currently used in calc

8. YRL Staff CVs : Dr John A Fotheringham
These files show the CVs of the employees of Yezerski Roper Limited. These people are available for hire singly, or in teams. YRL is based in Northern England, but has undertaken projects for customers in Europe and the USA in the past. SCADA systems. Code management and software development tools the generic tank farm management package THINKTANK This DOS, GCS/SETCON-calc. Involved in writing the Functional
These files show the CVs of the employees of Yezerski Roper Limited . These people are available for hire singly, or in teams. YRL is based in Northern England, but has undertaken projects for customers in Europe and the USA in the past. If you have any enquiries, please email Mary Roper Other CVs Previous file Next file
Dr John A Fotheringham
Personal details
Skills Summary


Operating systems
MOD Perme Westcott ('79-'81)

You can view an RTF version of this CV or download a .zip file containing text, HTML and RTF versions
Personal details
Stockport, Cheshire
Date of birth
2nd September 1959 Status Single Education MA (Hons) in Natural Sciences (Cambridge) Certificate of Advanced Maths Studies (Cambridge) PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics (Manchester) Employment MOD PERME Westcott 1979-1980 (pre-university year) Systems Designers plc (now EDS) 1987-1993 Yezerski Roper Limited 1993-present
Skills Summary
  • C++ and Visual C++, some C Java HTML, Wap/WML

in the specification of the generic tank farm management package THINK a library ofreusable software tools, intended 386 PCs DOS, GCS/SETCON-calc Involved in

10. New Items
$51.95. Agriscience Activity software CDROM, DELMAR. $34.95. Delmar's VeterinaryDosage Accu-calc on CD-ROM, $2.95. farm management Study Guide and Computer Program,
Title Vendor Catalog Number Format Price 1996 IVATA Summer Packet Materials OH CMS A Three Chamber Plexiglass Observation Kit OH CMS Ag Master and Computer Program OH CMS Agribusiness in a Global Environment CD OH CMS Agribusiness-Decisions and Dollars/Instructor's Manual DELMAR Agricultural Biotechnology Lesson Plans OH CMS Agricultural Economics Curriculum Materials Packet OH CMS Agricultural Mechanics: Applications and Fundamentals - Lab Manual Instructor Guide DELMAR DELMAR DELMAR DELMAR Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications DELMAR Agriscience Activity Software CD-ROM DELMAR Agriscience and Technology/Instructor's Manual DELMAR Agriscience and Technology/Lab Manual DELMAR Agriscience and Technology/Lab Manual Instructor's Manual DELMAR Agriscience and Technology/Text DELMAR Agriscience Computerized Lab Manual DELMAR Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications/ClassMaster DELMAR Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications/Lab Manual Instructor's Manual DELMAR Agronomy Curriculum Materials Packet OH CMS MB Alternative Energy Computer Program - Macintosh OH CMS Alternative Energy Computer Program - Windows OH CMS An Illustrated Guide to Pruning DELMAR An Introduction to Marketing Plans, Future Markets and Trading Mechanics

11. Simtel - Freeware And Shareware Software Downloads
win95, health, S Home Audiometer Hearing Test Windows software. 49,,win95, calc, S Utility to win95, busgen, SA multi faceted goat farm management tool.

12. AgriFacts - Internet Resources And Solutions For Agriculture.  AgriFacts Is An
farm Doc from UIUC finaincial and management resources for Mortgage-calc.Com - Extensiveselection of on-line farm Portals, farm Shows, farm software, farm Talk,

13. AgriFacts - Internet Resources And Solutions For Agriculture.  AgriFacts Is An
Agricultural Labor management. Mortgagecalc.Com - Extensive selection of on-linereal estate farm, farm Auctions, farm Portals, farm Shows, farm software, farm Talk,

14. Click Here Free Web Hosting By Netfirms This Site Is Hosted By
$60 an hour for training software development. semester after that, same calc I section psychology,elementary education, organic farm management, graphic design
Ailenetotheleft Corporal Speaks Pike Jay Tee ... H. Klein
    We were in different groups in highschool. She was well known, attractive, sophisticated, and intelligent. Fortunately she still is... Her friendship to me is important and most appreciated. We attend the same university and are much better friends now than the acquaintances which we were in highschool. We went to school together for years, we met one day as i was walking to work after school and he was walking home. soon after we were working together at a r oughneck manual labor job. We were the only 15 year olds at our school who drove bobcats and forklifts, and who knew how to install a pond, and what ratios to mix peat moss with potting soil. All of the guys we worked with were awesome, except for john, that subordinate little shit. Although the work was hard and the pay sucked, it was the most fun we had during highschool. Well, maybe next to getting into trouble and blowing shit up. once this 6 yearold boy took a shit and piss in the middle of the main aisle of the store we worked in. we had to clean it up, but of course we did a half assed job of it. we just moved it to a place where people couldnt see it. ;-) enjoys good movies, owns a general disgust for laziness and machines which propagate laziness. (escalators, HA! HaHAHA!) He memorized JANE's statistics, and could field strip both an M16 A2 and a beretta 92F before he had actually seen either one. i nearly joined the marines with him, but i surprised myself by making it into college.

15. 1994 - 95 Annual Report
In addition, the programming staff converted all SQL*calc applications to SQL*Assist 512MB of memory and a 25 GB RAID5 disk farm. License management software.
1994 - 95 Annual Report
1994 - 95 Summary of Activities
1994 - 95 Summary of Activities
CCHE Excellence Award
The Fort Lewis College School of Education submitted a proposal to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education as a statewide Center of Excellence. Computing and Telecommunications developed a significant part of the proposal's enhancement plan. The proposal was funded by CCHE for the next five fiscal years.
NTIA grant proposal
A $237,000 grant proposal was developed and submitted on behalf of the Southern Ute Tribe to the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP), a program of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in the US Department of Commerce. Our proposal was funded for $214,000 for the 1995-96 federal fiscal year, and will provide the Tribal Headquarters, the Tribal Education Facility, and the Ignacio High School with connections to Internet and training in the use of Internet tools. Over 1800 proposals for funding were received nationwide, making this program "one of the most popular and competitive programs in the federal government," according to NTIA. Local partners in the grant include Fort Lewis College, the Southern Ute Tribe, the Ignacio public school district, and the Southwest Colorado Access Network.
PUC grant proposal
A $362,000 proposal was submitted to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission as part of a program to distribute $4.7 million in US WEST fine monies. The Fort Lewis proposal is to provide Technology Access Points at each of six partner locations, and to link these points via the Internet to a network information Production Lab at the College. The proposal was rated second in the state (out of 214 proposals), and first among the educational proposals. Partners in the project include the Bayfield, Durango, Ignacio, Pagosa Springs, and Silverton public schools, Mercy Medical Center, and the Southwest Colorado Access Network.

16. Farmwide AgSoftware Listing
More Information. Cropfacts Broadacre cropping software More Information. Endeavour2 farm Mapping and Information management More Information. & Farm Ma

17. Back To Technical Support Document Index
in the back of your manual, in the farm File Layout data software, real estate propertysoftware, real estate database management software, real estate
Back to Technical Support Document Index Calculating within MailMerge Letters Tech Support Addenda #0180a
Calculating within MailMerge Letters
Example: Loan Payment
(note: the REFI letters supplied with your FARM program have built formulas to calculate loan payments) To find the Loan Payment, the equation is: Payment = (Lprin/(1 + Rate)) * (Rate/(1 - ((1 + Rate)^(- Months)))) Where:
  • Lprin = Loan Principle (Amount to be financed)
  • Rate = Monthly Interest Rate Factor
Note: To get this, take the interest rate, divide by 12 (months), and divide by 100 to get decimal
  • Months = Months in term (i.e., Years x 12)
Example: For $100,000 loan, over 30 Years, at 6 percent
  • Monthly Interest Rate Factor = 6/12 = .5, /100 = .005
  • Months = 12 x 30 = 360
  • Payment = (Lprin/(1 + Rate)) * (Rate/(1 - ((1 + Rate)^(- Months))))
    • = $ 596 per month
    To insert into a Mail Merge letter: Using the example above, with the assessed value as loan amount you would type: To do any other type of calculation, observe the following rules:
  • An "expression" is your calculation plus the STR command, explained below.

18. Don's Freeware Page
macro language and in Power C by Mix software It was written in Power C. farm.doc(2037 bytes) farm10 wrote to take advantage of the power management feature of
Free Stuff
Some things really are free, but they are usually worth what you pay for them. You will have to be the judge for the programs here. I wrote them for myself, either because they do something that I wanted to be able to do, or as an experiment in some topic of computer science. In any case, if you find something you like here, let me know. All archives were created using Info-ZIP 's compression utility.
After reading an article in Computer Shopper I became interested in parsing. That prompted me to write my first calculator program. I still use it frequently, whenever I don't have a calculator near my computer. It is written in Power C by Mix software
(7354 bytes)
(22383 bytes) documentation and program
Donkey is a command line history and editing utility I wrote to supplement Novell Dos. I wasn't content with the history mechanism that existed so I decided to write my own. It was in several respects inspired by the PC Magazine utility PCMKEY. Although it is version 1.0, I have been using it myself for years and I just recently decided to clean it up a little and put it out for others.

19. Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages: Model I Software (P-Q)
Picture Puzzles (CMD) Author Unknown (19xx), (5.56k), Pig farm management Systemv1.2 (BAS Property management System (DSK) - Realty software (1979), (32.35k
Ira Goldklang 's TRS-80 Revived Pages Ira 's TRS-80 Model I Software (P-Q) Page This page deals with TRS-80 Model I Software (P-Q). Files marked (.DSK*) or (.DMK) are in the DMK Format and will only work in Tim Mann's Emulator v3.7 or later or in David Keil's emulator v5.0 or later.
Number of Files on this Page:
Description Size Description Size Packer v1.00 (CMD) - Cottage Software (1979) Packer v1.30 (CMD) - Cottage Software (1979) Packer v1.40 (CIM) - Cottage Software (1979) Packer v1.40 (CMD) - Cottage Software (1979) ... QWERTY v2.0 (BAS) - Howard Thue (1985)

20. Miscellaneous Links-Debt Consolidation Solutions
Shareware / software Directory Tools For Internet Marketing! Computer Magic websitedesign, promotion, graphics and management. to buy or sell farm equipment.
Debt Consolidation · Debt Reduction · Debt Counseling
Free Quote


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