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         Feng Shui Metaphysics:     more detail
  1. Feng Shui the Invisible Art of Communication by Denise DuBos, 1999-10-23
  2. Exploring Feng Shui: 1st Edition (Exploring Series) by Shawne Mitchell, 2002-01-02
  3. Feng Shui y prosperidad by Lillian Too, 1999
  4. Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster by Dr. Anna Maria Prezio, 2008-02-07
  5. Improve the Quality of Life With the Power of Feng Shui by Kerby Kuek, 2006-04-04
  6. Feng shui y el arte del color by Sarah Rossbach, Lin Yun, et all 1999
  7. Feng shui by Kwan Lau, 1998
  8. Introdcción al feng shui by Sarah Rosscach, 2000
  9. Feng Shui para los jardines by Lillian Too, 2000
  10. Dance of Balance: Feng Shui for Body, Mind, and Spirit by Annie Pane, 2005-06-15
  11. A Loving Guide to These Shifting Times by Alice Inoue, 2008-06-27
  12. SPECIAL EDITION: Activation of the Conduit and the Supersymetric Mind: Beyond the Third Eye and Toward the Oneness by Maximillien de Lafayette, 2010-10-30

1. About Master Li
highly recognition from all over the world and will not make any further progress,his aims is to educate people by the Chinese feng shui metaphysics and Hindu
HOME CLIENTS SERVICES SINGAPORE CASE ... ABOUT MASTER LI Wu Chang Sect Flying Star Feng Shui Da Gua Sect Feng Shui Four Pillars Life Analysis Stocks Investment Analysis Hindu Astrology (the President of The Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology -Singapore Chapter, the President of The International Institute of Predictive Astrology - Singapore Chapter) and author of the book "Demystifying the secrets of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui". The Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology (New Delhi) appointed Master Li as the President of Singapore Chapter - Year 1999 Master Li received a honorable award " 1000 World Leaders of Scientific Influence "

2. Feng Shui SOS - The School Of Chinese Metaphysics
feng shui SOS The School of Chinese metaphysics. News, About Us, Courses, Publications,Resources, feng shui SOS - The School of Chinese metaphysics.

About Us Publications FengShuiSOS Ltd.
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3. Feng Shui And Geomancy Information, By Harkness
In one perspective, it is a study and application of metaphysics; however, the FengShui gives us the scientific tools to apply basic practical energetic law
FENG SHUI - USA Explaining that uncertain feeling Feng Shui Home Inspections
So You Want Some "Basic Information"

What did you say?", or: "What is, - Feng Shui"
Feng Shui and the Wild West
Feng Shui Links


T he Purpose: to explore and review Feng Shui related material posted on the Internet
C ome, learn. In the spirit of promoting this potentially wonderful science (depends on how it's used), these pages are focused on gathering an eclectic smattering of resources and representations of Feng Shui practitioners, organizations and available educational material, as well as that of similar sciences. This, of course, is our concept of what is interesting and applicable, and is intended, hopefully, to differ from other such sites by its unique flavor of content. As the site unfolds, " Musings " will be added to comment on the subject. We will discuss our views on current Feng Shui theory, and reveal the some of the nuances of this increasingly popular, but little understood area of natural science. Be sure, we will include pointers to and commentary on a variety of Feng Shui fair share of capitalists, comedians, the fanatically imbalanced, the genuinely accomplished and plain simple nice people in other words, a cross section of reality. Click here to get started now! If you haven't learned what you want to know after viewing the included material, yell at us with an

4. Feng Shui Services By Sheila Wright
Sect feng shui. In addition, she has studied with Master Peter Leung of the Chinese School of metaphysics and Master
Mission Statement
Feng Shui Consultant, Sheila Wright
To promote living life to our fullest potential, in a balanced and harmonious manner, through an understanding of our relationship to our living and working environments. We provide complete analysis of buildings, homes and property in California, Nevada and Vancouver, Canada. Home Meet Sheila Wright About Feng Shui Feng Shui Remedies ...
The basic philosophy of feng shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing, and that your consciousness is represented in your environment. Its purpose is to align ourselves in a balanced and harmonious way to the energies of where we live and work. This includes understanding the physical aspects of our environments, as well as the invisible aspects of our environments, as they relate to direction, time and space. When we are properly aligned in our environments they enable each of us to live richer, fuller, happier lives and we are more enabled to actualize our fullest potentials in life. When good feng shui is in place it supports our health, wealth and relationships. Altering our feng shui does not change our basic nature. We all have our unique potentials for health, love and prosperity. The goal in applying this knowledge is to maximize those good things in life by removing or canceling those obstacles imposed on us by negative influences in our environment as they relate to feng shui.

5. Heluo Articles
Provides consultations on Xuan Kong feng shui, Nine Star Ki, Four Pillars of Destiny and Oriental metaphysics. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Heluo invites you to check back regularly for additional articles. Bookmark us. Qi Studies and Metaphysics All articles in this section... Southern Hemisphere and
Universal Qi: the definite angle
Binary Model of Creation
Four Pillars of Destiny All articles in this section... Twins How to chart a Four Pillars
structure: new method
Education and Services Heluo's educational program
"Destiny Consultant" - schedule
Invite Heluo to teach in your
... Heluo Services Classical Chinese Feng Shui All articles in this section... Feng Shui comes in many
different faces
1 or 2 notes on Facing, Sitting
and Ming Tang
Nine Star Ki All articles in this section... Nine Star Ki and Chinese Zodiac
cycles joined
Arrows and Luo Shu Miscellaneous Feng Shui Calculator About Heluo Books Links ...
Featuring Feng Shui Research Center and master Joseph Yu © 1994 - 2002 Feng Shui Network Netherlands/Heluo

6. Feng Shui SOS - The School Of Chinese Metaphysics
We are delighted to let you know about our current course offerings atthe School of Chinese MetaphysicsTM. There are several exciting
We are delighted to let you know about our current course offerings at the School of Chinese MetaphysicsTM. There are several exciting new courses in development as well as a correspondence course in Four Pillars of Destiny. We will be sharing more about them on this page so please do check back often! Full Course Calendar. Feng Shui Four Pillars of Destiny Water Placement
About Us ... FengShuiSOS Ltd.
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7. KarmaNet Online Learning, Metaphysics, Meditation And More!
KarmaNet provides on-line training systems for holistic health schools and private instructors. Free Category Health Alternative Courses and Schools......Meditation Mind/Body - Martial Arts - Zen - metaphysics -Ayurveda - feng shui- Japanese Culture - Homeopathy - Reiki - Aroma Therapy - Alternative Health
Meditation - Mind/Body - Zen - Metaphysics - Martial Arts Reiki - Japanese Culture - Homeopathy - Feng Shui Ayurveda - I Ching
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8. Feng Shui: The Ultimate Related Books And More...
Welcome to metaphysics Lab .com. The Mind The Body. The UltimateConnection! feng shui The ultimate related books and more The
Welcome to
Metaphysics Lab
Let American Consumer Counseling Help you Get Out of Debt!
Home Discussion Board Metaphysics Books ... New Age Links The Mind - The Body The Ultimate Connection!
Feng Shui
The ultimate related books and more...
The Ultimate Feng Shui Related Books The Ultimate Feng Shui Related Videos See more Feng Shui Videos...
The Ultimate Feng Shui Related Music

9. Feng Shui, Feng Shui Candles, Feng Shui Fountains, Feng Shui Bells
feng shui, feng shui candles, feng shui fountains, feng shui bells, feng shui crystals, metaphysics, crystals, aromatherapy, reflexology charts, essential oils, singing bowls, chakra balancing Balms, Bamboo Chimes. feng shui Gel Candles 5 Element Feathers, Shells. feng shui Fountains Fountain Supplies Pumps, Suncatchers, Gifts. feng shui Cures Books, Crystals, Mirrors,
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10. AstroStar - Astrology And Free Horoscopes, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Soulmates,
Astrology literature, horoscopes and conference information with wide selection of books.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Divination Astrology...... Crystals Chat Soul Mates Love Tarot Herbs Aromatherapy Music Wicca Healing Solar Energy feng shui Numerology Psychics metaphysics.
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... Links Books Book Lobby Calendars Astrology Ephemerides ... In Spanish Humor 2002 Headlines Astro Joke Down to Earth Cartoon Southern Signs ... Fortune Cookie Ecard April 13 - Palm Springs May 3 - El Cajon May 4 - Escondido May 17 - Claremont May 18 - Redlands Click for more info and a listing of other fair locations in California. JUPITER The giant planet Jupiter has been nearing the Beehive Cluster for more than a month. This week they are as close as they're going to getonly 1 degree apart. The pair are easy to find and a beautiful sight through binoculars. Visit for pictures and sky maps. Gulf War Predictions Message from Spirit, March 24, 2003. By Psychics Network. Articles Astrology Soul Mates and Twin Souls Feng Shui ... Phoenix Rising: No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come. By Mary Summer Rain. This book, written in 1987, foretold of worldwide changes that we are now living. The Phoenix rebirth brings chaos before order, peace, and love. The Indian ways of harmonizing with nature and respecting all sentient beings will then return to this planet.

11. Feng-Shui Of The Chinese City
of metaphysics leading to an incomprehensible mess of "shui". In conclusion, Meyer believed that fengshui, while it
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News: Feng-Shui of the Chinese City
Forum: Religious Studies 343 Discussion Forum
Keywords: Feng-shui, Taoist Chinese Divination Technique
Date: 1997, Oct 21
From: Patrick Stewart
As Jeffrey F. Meyer points out in his critique of the feng-shui divination technique, it originally arrived out of the Taoist world view of universal balance and harmony. This harmony is achieved when the forces of Yin and Yang are equal. The Yin and Yang can be further broken down into a further sub-category called wu-hsing or the five agents. These five agents, or states of being, include fire, water, metal, wood and earth and together, according to Taoist tradition, make up all things.
Making the Taoist world view so fascinating is its hands on applicability to day to day occurrences such as illnesses or disasters. All of these events can be explained by the Taoist as a loss of balance within the self or the environment. The solution to this problem was simple, correct the inequalitites of the wu-hsing, to achieve a state of harmony. One of the methods for doing this is an understanding of feng-shui.
In Taoist tradition, harmony exists when there is balance between the elements. If there was an overabundance of the wood element and a lacking in the water element, corrections would have to be made to avert disaster. Once one has achieved an understanding of how each element correlates with one another, attempts can be made to avoid such situations. For the feng-shui hsien-sheng, or the masters of feng-shui, it was their job to possess this understanding. These trained masters would often assist in the construction plans of grave sites, houses, and even entire villages, attuning them to the natural harmony of the world.

12. Teach Yourself Feng Shui, Effective Wa To Study Chinese Metaphysics
Effective Way to Study Chinese metaphysics In truth, there are a lotof categories within the territory of metaphysics. If one wants
Effective Way to Study Chinese Metaphysics
In truth, there are a lot of categories within the territory of
metaphysics. If one wants to be proficient in all of them, it is
virtually impossible without 20 to 30 years of hard work.
But to be proficient in just one category is not too difficult a
task. If one puts in the effort, there will be some achievements
after 3 to 5 years.
The secret is:
First, one must have good foundation. That is, one should master the
basic principles, clearly understanding them, and learning by heart
the positive and negative* interactions between the 5 elements. E.G.: metal controls wood, but also there are situations when metal can no longer control wood and can be hurt by wood. * means: productive and reductive cycle Second, one must learn how to plot the life chart or the pattern of life. One must be familiar with the calculations of that branch of metaphysics, and avoid making unnecessary mistakes, such as getting

13. Feng Shui Poh Wong Authentic Chinese Resource Astrology Zi Wei
his manuals on Ba Zi, Zi Wei Dou Shu and feng shui practical courses, to faciliatemore people to understand what Chinese metaphysics and feng shui really are.
Welcome to Master Poh Wong's Home Page
Bio of Master Poh Wong
Basic of Chinese Metaphysics Ba Zi (4 Pillars of Destiny) Feng Shui ... Palm Reading Face Reading Day Selection Ancient Classic Articles
Hello fellow FS surfer. We are endeavoured to make this site to be the best online virtual Chinese Metaphysics Library. Master Poh Wong has offered this free online virtual library and also his manuals on Ba Zi, Zi Wei Dou Shu and Feng Shui practical courses, to faciliate more people to understand what Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui really are.
We are pleased to announce that Master Poh Wong's Public Forum is now opened.
Please click on the icon GO TO MESSAGE BOARD to get there.
Click Here to sign up Master Poh Wong's newsletter
Click here to access to Master Poh Wong's Chinese site - the most extensive online virtual library on Chinese Metaphysics.
Latest Addition

Yi Jing/I Ching
Castle Gate for P7/8 Replacement Star Flying Star FS Placement for 2002 ...
Day Selection for 2002
Effectiveness of Feng Shui
This page was last updated on 12 February, 2002.

14. The American School Of Classical Feng Shui - The American Sch
Ancient feng shui for Modern Living by Barbara Finch. ANCIENT feng shui FOR MODERN LIVING. A traditional feng shui consultation can help you determine what also a teacher of Chinese metaphysics and works with Master Peter Leung

15. Recreation/Divination/Feng Shui
metaphysics feng shui Magazine Provides feng shui,numerology and ziweiinformation etc.. Net5 Fate OnLine -The homepage offers Fate on-line.
GB ODP in Yam About
... Divination Feng Shui Add New Recomendation All Sub-categories only Sub-categories Divination Site-Listing

16. Barbara Finch :: Ancient Feng Shui For Modern Living
in earnest, becoming an feng shui consultant for both residential and commercialproperties, and an instructor and writer on feng shui and Chinese metaphysics.
Barbara Finch first began studying Feng Shui in 1995. At that time most books on the subject were based on the more recent versions of Feng Shui. Finding the results of their advice unsatisfying, she began to search for the original, more accurate and personalized Feng Shui employed by the emperors of ancient China. After having a classical compass Feng Shui consultation performed on her home and experiencing profound results, she was inspired to learn more in order to help other people as Feng Shui has helped her. Barbara began studying classical Chinese metaphysics in earnest, becoming an Feng Shui consultant for both residential and commercial properties, and an instructor and writer on Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. She was an instructor for Master Larry Sang for several years, and now studies with and teaches for Master Peter Leung of The School of Chinese Metaphysics in Toronto. Barbara is a astrologer using Zi Wei Dou Shu and Four Pillars of Destiny astrologies. Chinese astrology is a powerful tool to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your chart, and to learn the best timing to pursue and accomplish your goals. Continually updating and expanding her knowledge of Chinese metaphysics, Barbara is committed to using this ancient wisdom to help those seeking assistance to best harmonize themselves with nature, time and space.

17. Barbara Finch :: Ancient Feng Shui For Modern Living
Specializes in residential and commercial properties consultations. Includes personal biography and Category Society Religion and Spirituality California...... ANCIENT feng shui FOR MODERN LIVING A traditional feng shui consultation can helpyou She is also a teacher of Chinese metaphysics and works with Master Peter

Click Here for Barbara Finch's Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology Page

A traditional Feng Shui consultation can help you determine what adjustments are needed in your home or business to produce a positive impact on your relationships, health and finances. Barbara Finch is a consultant for both residential and commercial properties, and a Chinese astrologer. She is also a teacher of Chinese metaphysics and works with Master Peter Leung of the School of Chinese Metaphysics in Toronto. For more information or to arrange a consultation for your residence or commercial property, contact:
Barbara Finch at 310-827-8646. Or email me at
what is feng shui consultations ... biography

18. Feng Shui
Then there are those feng shui practitioners who insist that fengshui deals entirely with metaphysics. They never learned about

19. Feng Shui
This call for dismembering the spheres in feng shui is absurd. As authors they hadan academic interest in Chinese metaphysics but they were not practitioners.

20. The Feng Shui Fanzine
This section is now dedicated to publishing papers, letters and theories,which relate to traditional Chinese feng shui and Chinese metaphysics. Feng Shui Reporter.htm
The Feng Shui Reporter An Academic Forum for Serious Discussion This section is now dedicated to publishing papers, letters and theories, which relate to traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. If you have written a paper that you would like to present to the feng shui community, contact us. For optimum enjoyment this Web Site is best viewed in 760 x 420 setting The 5 Dragons Chasing the Elements This paper was first published in 1999 and concerns an interesting theory relating to the Melodic Elements. The result is what I have called The 5 Dragon Calendar Click here to read more Qi, Information and the Net of Life Click here to read more Fractal Needle Therapy - Single Needle Acupuncture Some may view this as radical, but it is based on ancient principles and in many respects, is a return to a more classical approach to metaphysics. Dr Ye Zude, our resident Feng Shui Master is one of the world's leading pioneers in this field. Click here to read more Click here to return to Contents to select another section Don't miss the next issue - The Feng Shui Fanzine Issue # 11 - Winter - 2001 - Available from November 7th Online and On The Ball -

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