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         Fiction & Nonfiction Author Biographies:     more books (100)
  1. Feminine Gaze, The: A Canadian Compendium of Non-Fiction Women Authors and Their Books, 1836-1945 by Anne Innis Dagg, 2001-08-27
  2. Lynne Reid Banks (Library of Author Biographies) by Sherri Liberman, 2005-08
  3. Contemporary Authors: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Hournalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television and Other fields (Vol 146) by Kathleen J. Edgar, 1995-04
  4. Contemporary Authors: A Bio-Bibliographical Guideto Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction,Poetry, Journalism, Drama,Etc.
  5. Christopher Paul Curtis (The Library of Author Biographies) by Judy Levin, 2005-08
  6. Scott O'dell (The Library of Author Biographies) by Simone Payment, 2008-08-11
  7. James Lincoln Collier (Library of Author Biographies) by Liz Sonneborn, 2005-08
  8. Volcano and Miracle: A Selection of Fiction and Nonfiction from The Journal Written at Night by Gustaw Herling, 1996-06-01
  9. A Hoosier Holiday by Theodore Dreiser, 2009-10-03
  10. Contemporary Authors: A Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Televi
  11. Contemporary Authors New Revision Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction,Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, & Other Fields by Tracey Watson, 2005-09-21
  12. Contemporary Authors New Revision Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction,Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, & Other Fields by Tracey Watson, 2004-09-24
  13. Contemporary Authors New Revision Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction,Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, & Other Fields by Stephanie Taylor, 2007-04-17
  14. Contemporary Authors New Revision Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Non-Fiction,Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, & Other Fields by Tracey Matthews, 2006-02-21

1. University Of Queensland Press - Books, Literary, Novels, Fiction,
University of Queensland Press Books, Literary, Novels, fiction, Nonfiction, biographies, Young Adult, Children, Journals

2. The Kiriyama Prize
International prize awarded each year by Pacific Rim Voices, for fiction and nonfiction books that contribute to understanding and cooperation among the peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim and South Asia. Winners, reviews, author biographies, articles, and rules.
The Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize has been awarded every year since 1996. It promotes books that will contribute to greater understanding and cooperation among the peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim and South Asia. The Prize is worth US$30,000. Half of the cash award is given to the author of the winning fiction title, and half is given to the author of the winning nonfiction title. Two panels of five judges award the prize to books that, in their opinion, are outstanding works that fulfil the goal of the award. The judges choose the winners from shortlists of five finalists in each category from the over 350 books submitted for the prize each year. In addition, lists of notable books in the fiction and nonfiction categories are also drawn from the judging process. Thus, each year, the prize recognizes, celebrates and promotes a huge variety of worthwhile books, together with their authors and publishers.
The Kiriyama Prize is part of the PacificRimVoices family of websites.
The Winners of the 2002 Kiriyama Prize have been announced: the fiction Winner is Rohinton Mistry's Family Matters , and the nonfiction Winner is Pascal Khoo Thwe's The Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey.

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4. Full Text Databases
Below you will find biographies on these Revised Third Edition © 1997 author InformationAllen Paula Gunn Genres fiction; Nonfiction Document Information
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Free Resources: Book Reviews Access Full Reviews of Native American Influenced Novels and Author Biographies ~ Information Courtesy of EBSCO Publishing and Salem Press ~ Join us in celebrating the achievements of female authors and recognizing the influence that Native American culture has had on these writers. Of the many contemporary women who are now enjoying both popular and critical literary success, a number are Native Americans. Creating complex and compelling works reflecting the American experience, these authors draw on a rich trove of folk motifs, historical events, and cultural conflict. Below you will find biographies on these writers as well as reviews of their acclaimed work. Reviews, poems and other information included in this section are samples extracted from the

5. Isaac Asimov - Science Fiction Books, Author Biographies
author of science fiction and science; scientist; teacher of well as his science fiction stories. He coined the hundreds of books. His nonfiction science books are used
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Mike Resnick

Isaac Asimov

Dean Koontz
Clive Cussler

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Isaac Asimov
Author of science fiction and science; scientist; teacher of biochemistry; lecturer; and broadcaster. Known for popularizing science ( The Collapsing Universe 1977) as well as his science fiction stories. He coined the terms "robotics" and "positronic." Baley/Olivaw Trilogy
A millennium into the future humans have colonized the galaxy and created the positronic (robot) brain. These are the two things that most effect these stories. The Baley / Olivaw trilogy chronicles the unlikely partnership between a New York City detective and a humanoid robot who must learn to work together. Caves of Steel The Naked Sun Robots of Dawn Isaac Asimov has written hundreds of books. His nonfiction science books are used by college students everywhere to assist them in comprehending their class material. His fiction stories have entertained people for half-a-century and have motivated movies, like the recent "Bicentennial Man." In the 1950s, Asimov set out to depict robots that weren't enemies of humanity. Until then robots had been depicted as creatures who turned on their masters and threatened mankind. With his "Three Laws of Robotics," and his short stories that were collected together into I, Robot, Asimov redefined our image of robotics and created delightful conundrums for Susan Calvin, the robotic psychologist, to solve.

6. Literaryawards
author biographies and photos of the latest year's winners. National Book AwardsYears Covered 1950 to present Award Categories fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry
Literary Awards, Contests and Grants
A Resource Guide
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Finding Award Winners Applying for an Award
Finding Literary Award Winners General Sources
  • Index to American Short Story Award Collections, 1970-1990
    Call Number:
    English Reference [Non-Circulation]
      Spanning twenty years (1970-1990), this index lists short story award winners of the Pushcart Prize, American Fiction Series, AWP Short Fiction Award, Drue Heinz Literature Prize, Flannery O'Connor Award, University of Illinois Short Fiction Series and the Iowa School of Letters Award.
  • Literary and Library Prizes . Eds. Olga S. Weber and Stephen J. Calvert. 10th ed. New York: R.R. Bowker Company, 1980.
    Call Number: 028.1 L712 1980 c.6
    Location: English Reference [Non-Circulation]
      This resource may be over 20 years old, but it is also very comprehensive in its coverage of literary awards. While it lists mostly American Awards and their winners it also includes sections on international, British and Canadian prizes. Each of these sections are further broken down into general awards, juvenile, poetry, drama, short story and library prizes. Small descriptions of each award and their history are also given.
  • Prizewinning Literature: UK Literary award winners . Ed. Anne Strachan. London: Library Association Publishing Ltd., 1989.
  • 7. Author BiographiesSponsored By The Post And Courier And The South Carolina Arts
    author biographies Online. Contemporary authors. Contemporary authors is a biobibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction,

    8. Author Biographies
    written, ghostwritten, and edited nearly every type of fiction and nonfiction literature,including She is also an awardwinning author of short fiction

    9. The Florida Review Author's Biographies Page
    and in the forthcoming anthology French Quarter fiction . the New Millennium WritingsAward for Nonfiction, and a Katherine Fishburn, author of The Dead Are So
    Author Short Bio and Other Information (Online Authors Only) Andrew Foster Altschul Received his MFA from the University of California, Irvine. His work has appeared in The Seattle Review and Scribner's Best of Fiction Workshops 1997 , as well as San Diego's Lifestyle and Music Magazine , where he is Senior Editor. He lives in New York and Peru.
    Katerine Lucas Anderson Work has appeared in Poetry New England Review The South Carolina Review Nimrod Tampa Review , and Seneca Review , and has been featured on the on-line anthology Poetry Daily . New poems are forthcoming in The Southern Review . She lives in Ithaca, New York.
    Jacob M. Appel Holds an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. His short fiction has appeared in The Boston Review The Nebraska Review The South Dakota Review, and elsewhere. He currently teaches political science at Brown University in Rhode Island and fiction at the Gotham Writer's Workshop of New York.
    Angela M. Balcita Has studied at Loyola College in Maryland and Chatham College. She is a recipient of the Arts Tuition Scholarship at the University of Iowa, where she is currently completing her MFA degree in Nonfiction Writing. She grew up in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.
    DC Berry Teaches at the University of Southern Mississippi. His recent book is

    10. Literary Agents, Literary Agencies, Author Representation
    a historical perspective/theme, Adult Nonfiction . adult fictionand nonfiction books agency specializing in biographies, business, crime
    Literary Agents
    Listing of Literary Agents Other Avenues Articles
    Author Biographies

    Book Reviews

    Book Reviewers
    Writing Awards

    Topics Of Interest

    The Query Letter

    Agent FAQ

    Articles The Agency Agreement Fiction Writer's Character Chart Writer's Cheat Sheets Electronic Rights Writers Software Life Journal
    LifeJournal is a personal journal software program filled with innovative features to promote creative self-discovery. Character Pro Character Pro develops your characters by showing you what makes them tick. Using The Enneagram, a proven psychological system for understanding human behavior, Character Pro creates a “Character Spine” by assessing each part of your character’s behavioral traits. Comedy Writer Create humorous scenes, characters, situations, dialogue, expressions, and punch lines by mimicking the thought processes of the best comedic writing teams. Dramatica Pro 4 Got an idea for a novel or script? Work it out with Dramatica Pro, a virtual creative writing partner with a totally unique approach to story development. Power Structure Power Structure is outlining software with a story development heart. If you are a writer who’s learned your craft you want software that will learn YOUR system and keep you on track. Power Structure’s fully customizable interface is eager to create an environment that totally works for you.

    11. Directory Of EPublishers
    Articles author biographies Book Reviews Book Reviewers eBook Readers Cassette Especiallyinterested in publishing lesbianrelated fiction and nonfiction.
    Directory of ePublishers
    ePublishers Listing Other Avenues Articles
    Author Biographies

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    Articles The Book Publisher's Legal Checklist Publisher Liabilities To Authors And Others Giving Up Your Rights eBook Crossroads
    FREE "Insider" ezine dedicated to writers, publishers and promoters... great articles by Top Internet experts...awesome tools and resources... a monthly freebies. All new subscribers will receive 3 FREE Internet Marketing eBooks. Subscribe below. Subscribe! Enter your email to join eBook Crossroads Insider today!
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    Killer Classified Ads
    Increase Sales for Your Online Business with "The Killer Classified Ads Magic System" shows you how to create an irresistible headline, classifieds ads, sales letters, and a follow up system.

    12. Author Biographies/Kentridge High School Library
    author biographies Online Contemporary authors Contemporary authors is a biobibliographicalguide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry
    Kentridge High School Library Online Author Biographies Online
    • Contemporary Authors
      Contemporary Authors is a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fields. Provides complete biographical and bibliographical references for more than 90,000 authors in the U.S. and around the world. Accessible anywhere with a KCLS library card number.
    • Dictionary of Literary Biography
      Dictionary of Literary Biography records the achievements of the world's most influential literary figures. The series, available in print since 1978, now comprises more than 200 bound volumes - each devoted to a specific topic, period or genre and is organizes and written by recognized scholars in their respective fields of literary specialty. Accessible anywhere with a KCLS library card number.
    • DISCovering Most-Studied Authors
      DISCovering Most-Studied Authors provides biographical information on 380 of the most-studied authors. Also includes criticism of the authors' works, and bibliographies which will help you find more that has been written about the authors. Represents a wide variety of nations, cultures, time periods, and genres. Accessible anywhere, with a KCLS library card number.

    13. Literature Resources
    Current fiction and nonfiction, both adult and juvenile, in Includes criticism andplot summaries of works as well as author biographies. Web Suggestions.
    Literature - LC#'s for circulating books
    PN Literature (general) PQ French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese literature PR English literature PS American Literature PT German, Dutch and Scandinavian literature Note :Works BY an author, biographies ABOUT an author and CRITICISM of an author's works will all be located in the same call number range. Example: A Farerwell to Arms Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story Ernest Hemingway: Critiques of Four Major Novels
    Literature Series at Ohio University
    Access ALICE from the Quinn homepage; select Chillicothe under " Search by Campus "; then... Cambridge Companion Series - Do a keyword search in ALICE fort he phrase " cambridge companion " United States Authors Series - Do a keyword search in ALICE for the phrase " united states authors series " English Authors Series - Do a keyword search in ALICE for the phrase " english authors series " Poets on Poetry Series - Do a keyword search in ALICE for the phrase "

    14. Author Biographies
    Nonfiction Award and the BC Historical Federation first prize as well as being nominatedfor the BC Book Prize in the nonfiction category. She is the author
    Poetry and Fiction Young Adult Fiction A-F G-M N-R S-Z ... S-Z
    Fiction and Poetry *=2001 title John Barton John Barton is the author of six award-winning collections of poetry including Notes Toward a Family Tree (co-winner of the 1995 Ottawa-Carleton Book Award), Designs from the Interior (winner of the 1995 Archibald Lampman Award) and Sweet Ellipsis . He is the co-editor of Arc: Canada's National Poetry Magazine and has been published in literary magazines in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. He lives in Ottawa. Beach Holme Publishing is proud to offer a new edition reprint of John Barton's Archibald Lampman Award-winning classic West of Darkness Rhonda Batchelor Rhonda Batchelor's first poetry collection, Bearings (Brick, 1985) was followed by two chapbooks: Sukey (Reference West, 1990) and Mirror After Mirror: The Muse Poems (Reference West, 1993) and in 1994 by Interpreting Silence . Her newest book of poetry is Weather Report Her poems have appeared in the following anthologies: Windhorse Reader: Choice Poems of 1994 (Samurai Press, 1995)

    15. Book Lovers Workshop, October 28, 2001
    reading group guides for a large number of fiction and nonfiction books, classicsas Reading questions, reviews and author biographies are also available.
    Web Sites for Book Lovers
    Genre Fiction
    Library Sites For Book Discussion Groups Book Discussion Guides ... Miscellaneous Helpful Sites Librarian Lisa M. presented this workshop at the Central Library on Sunday, October 28, 2001.
    Genre Fiction Sites
    African American Literature Book Club
    Includes biographies and bibliographies of numerous African American authors with links to writers' resources and magazines devoted to African American literature. The ClueLass HomePage

    ClueLass offers links to sites for both readers and writers of mysteries. DarkEcho Horror
    Reviews, author information and extensive links on the horror genre. Genreflecting

    A very detailed guide to genre fiction covering Historical Fiction, Crime, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Teen Fiction. The Mysterious Home Page
    Comprehensive index of links on mystery, detective and criminal fiction. The Mystery Reader

    16. St. Charles Public Library - Resources For Book Lovers
    currently 253 lists in 62 categories fiction, nonfiction, popular and Genre fictionGuides. links to their novels by category, author biographies and upcoming
    Search Site: Help
    Catalog My ...

    Resources for Book Lovers
    There are many wonderful internet sites of particular interest to readers. Those listed below offer some good points to jump off on your own quest. Note: Although we have tried to provide sites that are current, the Internet is a constantly evolving resource. Therefore, there are no guarantees for the types of materials accessible via these sites.
    Book Lists and Reviews
    • - provides book reviews and summaries for over 2 million titles. Booklist - is the online version of the American Library Association publication that reviews the most notable new fiction and non-fiction titles. Booklist Center - one of the largest selection of book lists on the web - currently 253 lists in 62 categories: fiction, nonfiction, popular and scholarly - and no advertising.

    17. Internet Reading Resources
    Enhanced with author biographies, this is a one stop source for expert recommendationson classic, mainstream or genre fiction and nonfiction titles covering a

    Library Catalog Online Research Ask a Librarian ... Contact Us
    Internet Reading Resources
    Databases NoveList (to access from home you must provide complete library card barcode number
    is an electronic reader's advisory resource which assists fiction readers in finding new authors and titles. It allows readers to use a favorite author or title as a template to locate other authors and titles of interest. Readers can also enter words that describe the contents of a book they would like to read, and NoveList retrieves titles that contain these words in the book's subject headings field. In addition, users can browse over 1,200 theme-oriented lists, 160 award lists and 1,000 fiction related web sites. NoveList contains materials for all ages including picture books, children's chapter books, young adult titles and books for adult readers. The product's database provides enhanced subject access to over 96,000 fiction titles. GALENET An online service providing access to the following databases:
    • Associations Unlimited -Contains information for approximately 460,000 international, and U.S. national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields.

    18. Ballantine Books | About Us: Company History
    featuring an author interview, discussion questions, author biographies,. isn’tlimited to fiction; with the to include the best in contemporary nonfiction.
    var basepath = "../"; var AlwaysOnTab=-1; BALLANTINE BOOKS Ballantine Books Del Rey Del Rey/Lucas Books Fawcett ... Wellspring Ballantine Books BALLANTINE BOOKS
    Sugar Busters! by H. Leighton Steward; Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg; The Formula by Gene and Joyce Daoust, Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir, The Whitechapel Conspiracy by Anne Perry (who writes two novels a year), and the novels of Jeff Shaara ( Gods and Generals The Last Full Measure Gone for Soldiers , and Rise to Rebellion , his latest bestseller). Current titles include The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen; The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul; and Best Friends, Worst Enemies by Michael Thompson, bestselling author of Raising Cain . Upcoming lists will feature hardcover novels by Richard North Patterson and Kristin Hannah. The Ballantine list also includes an increasing number of such literary novels and short story collections as the recently published The Speed of Light by Elizabeth Rosner and Among the Missing by Dan Chaon. The mass market list includes such bestselling authors as Lorenzo Carcaterra, John Case, Robert Crais, William Diehl, Fannie Flagg, Sue Grafton, Kristin Hannah, John Irving, Jonathan Kellerman, Richard North Patterson, Anne Rice, Edward Rutherfurd, John Saul, Stephen King, and Anne Tyler.
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    New York Times While I Was Gone
    , by Sue Miller, and Drowning Ruth Big Stone Gap A Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss, and

    19. Book Group Resources
    for each book questions for discussion, author biographies, and in to include contemporarymainstream fiction, classic fiction and popular nonfiction.
    Book Group Resources
    • A Closer Look - For those who are interested in modern Christian literature, A Closer Look features a different book each month and provides discussion material for that book. Hot Reads to Discuss 2002 These books are suggestions for book groups and others looking for books that make you think or want to discuss with friends. Compiled by the Salt Lake County Library System staff. Local (Salt Lake City and County) Book Discussion Groups Want to attend a book discussion group? Check here for groups in the Salt Lake area. NoveList Looking for a good book? NoveList contains materials for all ages including picture books, children's "chapter" books, young adult titles and books for adult readers. The product's database provides enhanced subject access to over 92,000 fiction titles. You will need your Salt Lake County library card number to access this database from home. Oprah Book Club Books Oprah's present selection plus an archive of past selections. Reading Group Choices Reading Group Choices Online will help you not only locate great books to read and discuss, but print discussion guides for hundreds of titles from a number of large publishers and independent presses.

    20. Biographies Of The Textbook Authors
    author biographies Lansing Prescott is Professor of Biology and chair of the tomusic, playing golf and chess, and reading both fiction and nonfiction.
    Microbiology, 4/e Prescott, Harley, Klein About the Book
    Author Biographies
    Lansing Prescott is Professor of Biology and chair of the department at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dr. Prescott received his B.A. and M.A. in biology from Rice University and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Brandeis University. He served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Georgia in 1980. Dr. Prescott's research interests are the properties of bacterial aspartate transcarbamylases (particularly those from Bacillus stearothermophilus and B. psychrophilus and the effect of toxicants on diatom morphology and physiology.
    As is the case in small, liberal arts colleges, one of Dr. Prescott's primary responsibilities is teaching undergraduates. He has taught courses in Introductory Microbiology for nursing and allied health students, General Microbiology for majors, Cell Biology, Biological Chemistry, Immunology, Human Physiology, and Parasitology. In 1989, he received a faculty achievement award for excellence in teaching. When he is not engaged in academic pursuits, Dr. Prescott enjoys listening to music, playing golf and chess, and reading both fiction and nonfiction.
    Dr. Prescott's commitment to writing is long-standing. Besides his involvement in

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