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1. College Of Pr Of Essional Studies And Fine Ar Ts (B.S.), Television, Film And Ne
University of Virginia Fine and Performing Arts Final Draft September 2000 Edited September 2000 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS about the Fine and Performing Arts Commission. and its activ ncluding works in digital media and other new technologies. time, and the director of the Virginia film Festival must

2. UNL Theatre Department Bylaws
The college provides the citizens of NebraskaNebraska with opportunities to enjoy, appreciate, and participate in the arts through outreach programs. and contributes to collaborative multicultural and intercultural programs, settings, including film and new media. The department The significance of creative activ. ity will
<D <e <g <h <i <i <j <hƒEE@ˆCJ <þOR < Body Text Keep$D"qD Captiondܤ <¤Ü^„6CJ.þOb. Picture$PþOñP Document Label¤ @ˆâÿCJ þO±Â> Footer Odd 0þOñò0 Header Odd?RþOñR Chapter Label @¤¤¸@ˆâÿCJ @ñBH TitleEd¤”¤]„p@ˆØÿCJ <OJQJ:=@Áb: List Number 5F^„¨ : <@Ár: List Number 4G^„@ :;@Á‚: List Number 3H^„Ø :9@±’: List Bullet 5I^„¨ :8@±¢: List Bullet 4J^„@ 67@±²6 List Bullet 3K66@±Â6 List Bullet 2L,5@¡Ò, List 5M^„@ ,4@¡â, List 4N^„Ø ,3@¡ò, List 3O^„p,2@¡, List 2P^„ <X@òÿ <OJQJkHäZþOZ Part Subtitle_$$d¤ ]„p6@ˆòÿCJ"KHVþOñòV Part Title`d¤”¤]„p@ˆØÿCJ <K <L <K <L <ìP7BT <O

3. Communication Studies Graduate Programs Outside U.S.A.
Directory of graduate and postgraduate programs, including program descriptions, contact information and links to leading programs determining activ-ities; the use of media in campaigning Research Areasmedia Philosophy; film Studies; European Postmodern film; media Politics; Postmodern Aesthetics; film and Art;
Click here for more information
Graduate Schools Outside the United States
Sponsoring Institutions:
Center for International Studies European Graduate School EGS
Click here for information on becoming a sponsoring institution
General Listings:
Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad
Graduate Education Abroad in Australia
450 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA 19038 USA
Click to send E-mail to:

At the graduate level, the Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad offers access to two highly respected Australian universities: Bond University and The Australian National University. Arcadia eliminates the complexities of the overseas graduate application process and will act as your single source for academic advising, application and financial aid processing, housing placement, and complete predeparture planning. Most of these programs can be completed in one year.
AustraLearn-North American Center for Australian Universities
Educational Psychology
110 16th St. 3rd Floor, Colorado State University - Denver Center Denver, CO 80202 U.S.A.

4. Humboldt: Theatre Arts Courses
Wide variety of media. Research and writing methods; analytical and critical approaches;the collaborative process and its role film sections have insurance fee
Theatre Arts
THEA 103. Dance Techniques I (3) FS. Use contemporary dance as base for exploring dance as art form. Full-body technique, mind-body integration, and creative methods and structures. American dance pioneers. Rep. GE. THEA 103B. Dance Techniques II (3) F. Continue using contemporary dance forms to increase technical proficiency, endurance, and performance. Focus on collaborative work. Required for dance studies majors and dance minors. Prereq: THEA 103 or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 103C. Dance Techniques III (3). Continued study and development of dance techniques and performance skills at the advanced level. Required for dance studies majors. Prereq: THEA 103B or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 104. Art of Theatre (3) F. What is theatre? Thought-provoking environment in which to observe, discover, and experience various aspects of theatre arts. THEA 105. Acting (3) FS. Theatre games, improvisation, movement, and voice. Techniques applicable first to the individual and second to principles of performance in film and theatre. (CAN DRAM 8) THEA 106. Behind the Scenes in Theatre

5. Report Of The Commerce And Society Planning ClusterReport Of The Commerce And So
Focus on collaborative work. dance, and film production. media such as mask, mime, clown, and vaudeville. Rep once, but not for GE. THEA 109. Introduction to Radio, TV film

6. Humboldt: Art Courses
Individual and collaborative projects. Portfolio project an interactive CD on a chosenvisual artist, including QuickTime film or video clips media open. Rep.
ART 104B. Ancient Art (3). Prehistoric, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Aegean, Greek, and Roman art. ART 104C. Medieval Art (3). Early Christian, Byzantine, early medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art. ART 104F. Renaissance Art (3). Italian and Northern European artists during the Renaissance. ART 104G. Baroque Art (3). Rubens, Rembrandt, other artists, 1600-1750. ART 104H. 19th Century Art (3). European 19th century art in painting and sculpture. Major artists from Goya to van Gogh, from Turner to Monet. ART 104I. 20th Century Art (3). Survey of painting and sculpture in the 20th century. ART 104J. Art in the United States (3). Colonial period to present: major artists, stylistic movements, and cultural trends. Begin to understand the history of ideas in the US and, by extension, the basis for one's own attitudes about art and society. ART 104K. Introduction to Tribal Art (3). African, Native American, and Oceanic art, emphasizing various approaches to, and concepts of, art in these cultural regions. GE, DCG.

7. 2 0 0 0
C e n t r e activ ities 5 . 4 film and media Pro d u c t i o media technologies. The first of our partners is the NMA.

8. Daily Spectrum: Interactive Media & Online Developer News (26 Jun 00)
to facilitate individual and collaborative group work and a technical director onPixar's film projects including A Software and director of media software for
26 June 2000 Reported, written and edited by David Duberman for editorial/subscription inquiries, send Search the Spectrum archives at
Today's Headlines (details below)
Visicom Updates AceHTML Editor
Macromedia Updates Web Site Analysis App
ImaginOn Announces PlayStation 2 Authoring Tool Intros Platform for Building Web-Based Apps
Nokia Updates WAP Developer Toolkit
Industry Portal Offers 3D Imaging
Microsoft Unveils "Dot-Net" Plan
Report: 56 Million Homes Switch on to Digital TV
Reflex to Launch 3D Human Synthesis Software at Siggraph
LightWave [6] Includes Cloth Simulation
Hypercosm Launches Learning By Doing Site
Fakespace Debuts Stereoscopic Wall Display
Autodesk Launches 3DS VIZ Internet Extension
PhotoWebber Turns Photoshop Graphics into Web Pages
Geo-Metricks to Offer Low-Polygon 3D Models
Caligari Ships iSpace Web 3D Tool
CMP Media Pulls Plug on 3D Mag
Microsoft Acquires Bungie Software
Dark Reign 2 Set to Ship
Midway Launches Rampage Through Time on PSX
Loki, CogniToy Partner to bring MindRover to Linux

9. Multimedia Directory - Infoexch - The British Council Britain
of offices Read all about our collaborative work Find our on the Web Ltd HobsonsHuntley film Archives IMS Publishing Ltd Rickitt Educational media (REM) Ltd
List by activity: web content creation Advertising CD Ltd
Amethyst Multimedia Solutions Ltd

Arawak Interactive Marketing Ltd

Armchair Travel Ltd
to Multimedia directory index Our privacy statement

10. :::::coolstop/2001v2:::::
8/99 shortsubject independent film, music video to communicate visually throughall forms of media. Shockwave); Worldwall 10/3/99 collaborative site, offering

factory 512


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:::::best of the cool::::: current
your site.
  • Artistica
    It seeks at exposing those who create in this new medium.
    Mad in Pursuit
    "I'm trying to find my voice, not trying to please. If you think you know me, you don't. If you find me, you have to be my friend forever." Vagabunda "a fun women's travel webzine - the celebration of travel, adventures, experiences, and freedom" less rain multitudinous, multinational multi-complex multimedia collective Australian INfront Links to edgey Australian design and art, plus collaborative visual art projects. Ferry Halim - Web Designer Web designer's portfolio site with Flash intro movie and 3D style navigation menu. "joy from the simple act of publishing for an audience, no matter how small it is" ask your mom if you can come over and play...if you have this unfulfilled need to 'let it all hang out...' maybe you wanna hang it out here a place for first-love stories drububu design very original site with cool javascripts and java applets [photography] gallery of Japanese photographer Haruki Kawakami spinsugar A site about a girl. A boring girl, of 17 years, who enjoys expressing herself through her page, even if no one is listening.

11. Columbiana’s Links To Resources, Page 2
KRCG seeks collaborative communitybased solutions that perpetuate excellent, honestwildlife films and other media. wildlife films of Wildlife film the 1960's
Home Contact Guestbook Survey ... Access Store Earth Times welcomes support from benefactors interested in sustaining an independent, nonpartisan newspaper that focuses impartially on the environment, economic development, population, gender issues, and human rights. http://earthtimes./org Environmental Organizations Web Directory is the result of a group of hard working people dedicated to helping others keep in touch and informed on the World Wide Web. With thousands of sites, it is the largest exclusively environmental organization directory on the Web and includes sites from over 100 countries. Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy The Institute for Food and Development Policy better known as Food First is a member-supported, nonprofit 'peoples' think tank and education-for-action center. Our work highlights root causes and value-based solutions to hunger and poverty around the world, with a commitment to establishing food as a fundamental human right.

12. ACLS/SSRC Cuba Working Group: Recent Activities
The project involves transporting Cuban film and videotapes completion of a collaborativeempirical study de Estudiantes de Enseñanza media (FEEMFederation

Recent Activities Sponsored by the
ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba

Other International

Other Activities Sponsored by the Working Group
Libraries and Archives in Cuba
In June, 2001 the Working Group on Cuba will hold a workshop with leading Cuban, US and international librarians and archivists to consider future priorities for preservation and access in the libraries and archives of Cuban scholarly and cultural institutions. The meeting will be held in Havana, and will address various items of concern, including the digitization of records and the construction and maintenance of OPACs in both libraries and archives. Discussion will also address microfilming and digitization of books, serials and manuscripts; training of personnel; and the equipment and physical plant improvements necessary to achieve the goals of world-class access and preservation. Roughly fifteen Cuban and ten North American leading authorities will meet to share their various perspectives on distinct aspects of library and archive modernization. Following the workshop, select participants will draft a report outlining suggested priorities for future investment in the institutions. Funds for this effort are provided by the Ford Foundation.
Workshops on International Cooperation
In June of 1999 the ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba began the first of a two- year series of five workshops in Cuba on International Cooperation. Over the past 2 years, some 60 Cuban researchers have attended sessions held by experts from Europe, North and Latin America. The workshops are designed to better inform the Cuban academic community about the mechanisms by which international agencies identify priorities, solicit proposals or evaluate projects for support. The initiative constitutes a response to perceived needs of Cuban researchers who have limited experience working with international funding institutions that typically provide support on a project-specific basis. The workshops seek not only to educate the community, but also to guide participants through the proposal-drafting process. The final workshop in the series will be held in the fall of 2000.

13. Announcements [x13]
between theatre, music, dance, painting, film etc have / Netherlands media Art Institute one hand it is a collaborative project the
Announcer on Thu, 24 May 2001 04:02:06 +0200 (CEST)
Date Prev
Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index ... - KARENINA.IT (poetry in "fàtica" function) A web project by Caterina Davinio on line since 1998 By Jakobson, 'fàtico' is the use of the language which has the finality to maintain open and operative the communication channel among the interlocutors. On the confine between art and critic, happening and net performance, is a virtual meeting place around the theme of the writing and the new technologies, in which experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians converge, in a net that counts thousands of contacts in the world. Index:

publishers, the National film Board, private develop extensive multi media materialsspecifically and others) have organized collaborative course development
Torstein Rekkedal Morten Soeby

15. [Italy-global] FW: [RK] NEGOTIATIONS: Call To Artists, Cultural Workers, Activis
We are currently seeking collaborative projects for an exhibition (may include websites),film/video screenings uneven representation =AD in media and politics
[Italy-global] FW: [RK] NEGOTIATIONS: call to artists, cultural workers, activists and academics
bluloop italy-global at
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 20:19:35 +0200 Diese Nachricht ist im MIME-Format. Da Ihr Mailreader dieses Format nicht unterstŸtzt, kšnnte diese Nachricht ganz oder teilweise unlesbar sein. MS_Mac_OE_3125938775_614216_MIME_Part Content-type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable Von: Elena Basile < ebasile@YorkU.CA ... l Creative Response website: ebasile@YorkU.CA ...

16. Nat'l Academy Press, Resources For Teaching Elementary School Science (1996), 9.
van, wetland, ery, prairie, illinois, film, tank, memphis Handson activity books;multi- media kits on including semester or year-long collaborative programs.
~Ll ~ ~M U S E UM S P ~ A C E S ''Museums and Other Places to Visit'' identifies and provides information about local facilities that can enrich hands-on science pro...
Resources for Teaching Elementary School Science
National Academy of Sciences
more titles from NAS
Related Books

Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-v Contents, pp. vi-viii Foreword, pp. ix-x Preface, pp. xi-xii Acknowledgments, pp. xiii-xv PART 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE GUIDE..., pp. xvi- PART 2. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SCIENCE..., pp. 1-9 Part 2 Overview, pp. 10-13 1. Life Science, pp. 14-47 2. Earth Science, pp. 48-67 3. Physical Science, pp. 68-95 4. Multidisciplinary and Applied ..., pp. 96-121 5. Curriculum Projects Past and P..., pp. 122-129 PART 3. TEACHER'S REFERENCES, pp. 130-131 Part 3 Overview, pp. 132-133 6. Books on Teaching Science, pp. 134-147 7. Science Book Lists and Resourc..., pp. 148-155 8. Periodicals, pp. 156-164 PART 4. ANCILLARY RESOURCES FOR E..., pp. 165- Part 4 Overview, pp. 166-167 9. Museums and Other Places to Vi..., pp. 168-221

CNRI organizes multiparty collaborative research activities human rights, environment,empowerment, media censorship, etc, /tv-film-video/cable
From caf-talk Caf Jan 16 00:58:54 1995 From: (DYE JOB) Newsgroups:,alt.censorship Subject: Re: [EFC] Humour Police crack down on tastelessness at U of Guelph Date: 16 Jan 1995 05:49:39 GMT Message-ID: Don't know if it was mentioned, but: those responsible for the "offensive" posts are also under investigation, so I am told. ==> Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 08:14:34 GMT In article , Joe Stella wrote: >In article DWarfield@EA.COM (Dave Warfield) writes: >>From: DWarfield@EA.COM (Dave Warfield) >>Subject: Re: Computer games at work >>Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 15:27:20 -0800 > >>In article , (The Big >>Bad Wolf) wrote: > >>At my work, they encourage you to play games... but I guess that doesn't >>help you on your article. > >So where do you work, and are they hiring? :-) His .sig said Electronic Arts. And hey... talking about EA. If I recall correctly they were the company that came up with ArticFox for the Amiga back when the computer first shipped. Now *that* was a cool game. It really ought to be ported. Sigh... I miss ArticFox. Spectre is cool, supreme is really cool. But they're just no match for ArticFox. Big_Dave From caf-talk Caf Jan 16 05:47:04 1995 From: Stanton McCandlish Newsgroups:,,alt.politics.datahighway,,alt.culture.internet,alt.cyberspace,alt.culture.usenet,alt.culture.internet,comp.answers,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: ONLINE OUTPOSTS Cyberspatial Community Groups Local, Nat'l, Internat'l Date: 16 Jan 1995 10:46:36 GMT Message-ID:

18. Journalism - Lesson Plans Webquests
Welcome Follow Ups Post Followup collaborative Lesson Archive beginningand end of the film during lunch Mr. Smith EMails The media(sm) presented
Return to

Lesson Plans, Webquests, and Worksheets.

Categories Journalism
(+42 WebQuests!)



(+23 WebQuests!) Edresources Environment Geography Grammar ... Health (+27 WebQuests!) History Holidays Journalism Language (+173 WebQuests!) Languages Literature Mathematics (+93 WebQuests!) Music Physed Reading Science (+375 WebQuests!) Social Studies (+399 WebQuests!) Technology (+18 WebQuests!) Thematic Webquests (+146 WebQuests!) Downloads Worksheets Math Worksheets ClassBuilder Gradebook
Grading can now be more convenient with ClassBuilder! Maintain a gradebook, build exams, create lessons, and more. Version 2.0 now includes Palm Support! Sites for Teachers Ranks some of the popular educational sites. Lesson Plans Spelling Worksheets Vocabulary Worksheets Algebra Worksheets ... Spelling and Vocabulary Journalism Journalism Lessons! #Gotcha!# - Exploring the Role of the Investigative Reporter Description of School and Students This unit will be taught to 11th- and 12th-grade students in a college-preparatory level journalism class. The class is comprised of 28 students at Natick High School, a public high sch... Abbreviations and Acronyms This lesson will help students understand the purpose and meaning of common abbreviations and acron.. > > > > > > > Printer friendly text Abbreviations and Acronyms - An AskERIC Lesson Plan Lesson Plan #: AELP-JNL000...

19. NAPA Internet Bulletin 19: Global Capitalism Case#4: Robbins
The availability of alternative media sources are Furthermore, the Web facilitatescollaborative efforts between people section on video and film resources for
NAPA Bulletin 19: Mini-Case Study #4 The Study of Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism by Richard H. Robbins SUNY at Plattsburgh
Email: Introduction
The Study of Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
began as site for a senior-level seminar entitled Capitalistic Legacies . The course focused on the effects of the global expansion of capitalism, particularly since the Bretton Woods accords of 1944 that led to the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The major impetus for the site came from a student, Gloria Bobbie, who was fascinated with the potential of the Internet, and convinced me to begin developing the site. During a Christmas break, I bought a copy of Claris Home Page for my Macintosh, and proceeded to learn how to make Web pages. I received some help from our college computer support staff in loading pages on the college Web server, and the site grew from there. We wanted to develop a site on the Web to help students take advantage of the growing amount of information available on the Internet. The Web was particularly appropriate for courses in global issues because of the rapid obsolescence of other mediums of information for global problems, such as books and journal articles. Furthermore, international agencies, governments, international media, and NGOs, such as the

20. T He Gr Ea T Electr Onic Media De Ba TeOfficial Publication Of The International
Spectrum Interactive media Online Developer News Newly available from Visicom media is the latest version of its $70 features, as well as Nokia activ, a onebutton solution for

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