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         Finnish Language:     more books (131)
  1. Beginner's Finnish (Hippocrene Beginner's)(w/2 CD's) by Agi Risko, 2009-05-15
  2. Say It in Finnish (Dover Say It Series) by Dover, 1984-03-01
  3. Finnish Dictionary & Phrasebook: Finnish-English/English-Finnish (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebooks) by Ville Kataja, 2003-04
  4. Finnish: An Essential Grammar (Essential Grammars) by Fred Karlsson, 2008-01-28
  5. The Structure and Development of the Finnish Language (Uralic and Altaic) by Lauri Hakulinen, 1997-07-28
  6. Mastering Finnish (Hippocrene Mastering Series) by K. Borje Vahamaki, Borje Vahamaki, 2000-01
  7. Berlitz Finnish Dictionary: Finnish- English / Englanti-suomi (Berlitz Pocket Dictionaries) (Finnish Edition)
  8. Finnish in 60 Minutes (Berlitz in 60 Minutes) by Inc. Berlitz International, 2009-05-15
  9. Langenscheidt Universal Finnish Dictionary: Finnish-english/ English-finnish
  10. Finnish-English/English-Finnish Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise) by Aino Wuolle, 1990-03
  11. Colloquial Finnish: The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series) by Daniel Abondolo, 1998-01-19
  12. Berlitz Finnish-English Dictionary/Englanti-Suomi Sanakirja (Berlitz Bilingual Dictionaries) by Berlitz Guides, 1998-08
  13. Colloquial Estonian: A Complete Language Course (Book Only) by Christopher Moseley, 1994-07-27
  14. Finnish for Foreigners 1. Text book by Maija-Hellikki Aaltio, 2007

1. The Finnish Language
by Hannele Branch. Virtual Finland's extensive guide to the distinctive features of Finnish, attempting Category Science Social Sciences Uralic Finnish...... PictureFinnish has notorious reputation of being a difficult language. Is thistrue? In this sense Finnish is no more difficult than any other language.
Who's afraid of Finnish? Where does Finnish come from? The sounds of Finnish How Finnish words are put together Nouns and adjectives ... Is Finnish a difficult language? Other links: A chance to speak Finnish Studying Finnish in Finland and abroad Please send comments to Virtual Finland
Last update: July 28, 2000
Written for Virtual Finland by Hannele Branch,
lecturer in Finnish, University of London

Who's afraid of Finnish?
F innish has notorious reputation of being a difficult language. Is this true? What is 'a difficult language'? We all learn a mother tongue as children as a matter of course. Finnish children learn Finnish as easily as their counterparts in other countries learn their mother tongue. In this sense Finnish is no more difficult than any other language. But, of course, when people talk about 'a difficult language', what they really mean is a language that is thought to be particularly difficult for an foreign adult learner. I n this article I discuss some features of Finnish which in my experience as a teacher of Finnish to foreigners for many years are perceived as difficult

2. The Finnish Language
Short introduction to the finnish language, with a wellorganized page devoted to the use of cases Category Science Social Sciences Uralic Finnish......The finnish language. My material on Finnish. Books About Finnish asa Foreign Language . Introduction to Finnish by Päivi Rentz.
The Finnish language
My material on Finnish
For those foreigners who would like know about the Finnish language ( ISO 639 code fi , Finnish name: suomi ) I have a few things to offer:
  • A short introduction to Finnish.
  • Pronunciation information
  • Pronunciation of Finnish in a nutshell (for linguists)
  • Some examples of Finnish words and phrases.
  • Information about the cases in Finnish
  • Modes of verbs in Finnish
  • "False friends" in English and Finnish
    Material related to Finnish elsewhere
  • Finnish characterized - a short overview by Eugene Hollman
  • The Finnish Language at Virtual Finland
  • Tavataan taas , a rather extensive course on Finnish, with English as the teaching language (language centre of the University of Helsinki)
  • A few common words and phrases , with sound (WAV format) samples.
  • Sound (WAV format) samples for a large number of names
  • Information about books about Finnish:
  • Books useful for learning Finnish (a list with different people's short evaluations); this is in the section for Finland in the Nordic FAQ soc.culture.nordic
  • 3. Yamada Language Center: Finnish Language WWW Guide
    Can't find it? finnish language. Guide index News index Multilingual references Font index
    Can't find it?
    Finnish Language
    Guide index
    News index Multilingual references Font index Finnish is taught at the University of Oregon by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Our Scandinavian Culture links

    4. The Finnish Language, Where Does Finnish Come From?
    about the time and place of the origin of the socalled Proto-Finno-Ugrian language.According to the most common theory Hungarian and Finnish are separated by
    Who's afraid of Finnish? Where does Finnish come from? The sounds of Finnish How Finnish words are put together Nouns and adjectives Verbs ... Is Finnish a difficult language?
    Where does Finnish come from?
    P eople often mistakenly assume that languages spoken in neighbouring countries are closely related. For this reason they ask questions like 'Is Finnish like Swedish?' or 'Does everyone in Finland speak Russian?' A simple answer to both questions is 'No.' Swedish - although one of the two official languages of Finland - and Russian belong to the Indo-European group of languages while Finnish is one of the Finno-Ugrian languages. The latter group also includes Hungarian, Estonian, Lapp and several lesser known languages spoken in Russia. The Finno-Ugrian languages share enough common lexical and grammatical features to prove a common origin. Although these languages have developed separately for thousands of years, it can be seen that common features include for instance: 1) absence of gender (the same Finnish pronoun hän denotes both he and she)

    5. Department Of Finnish
    The Department has two degree programmes finnish language and finnish language and Culture, the latter being designed
    How to apply Changes in Curriculum (Finnish Courses for International Students)
    Department of Finnish
    The Department of Finnish at the University of Helsinki is the largest teaching and research unit of its kind in the world. The Department offers a wide selection of undergraduate courses, it trains researchers and produces new research findings to answer the needs of Finnish society and international linguistics. The Department has two degree programmes: Finnish Language and Finnish Language and Culture, the latter being designed for students studying Finnish as a second language. In addition, the Department is responsible for providing basic instruction in Finnish for all international students at the University.

    6. The Finnish Language Site
    Articles on the finnish language and its history, learning resources, and a mailing list for beginners Category Science Social Sciences Uralic Finnish...... Finnish isoften claimed to be a difficult language. Thereare however many reasonsto make the effort. finnish language List, FINNISHLIST Want to learnFinnish?
    Finnish is spoken by more than fivemillion people mainly in Finland. This site is dedicated to novice studentsof the language and aims to introduce the resources available online.
    Uralian languagesinclude Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian and several languages spoken by smallethnic groups in Russia. LEARNINGFINNISH Finnish isoften claimed to be a difficult language . Thereare however many reasons to make the effort. TOVEJANSSON Tove Jansson,author of the Moomintroll books, is one of the most internationally successfulFinns.
    Teach yourself Finnish
    Arthur H. Whitney
    This is a complete course in spoken and written Finnish. If you have never learned Finnish before, or if your Finnish needs brushing up, Teach Yourself Finnish is for you.
    Search Barnes and Noble for other Finnish textbooks. INTRODUCTION
    Finnish has gained an unjust reputationas a difficult language to master. Clickhere for a brief introduction. GRAMMAR
    Finnish is systematic and logical. BOOKSN' COURSES
    Finnish textbooks and courses. FINNISHLIST
    Want to learnFinnish?

    7. HUT Language Centre: Finnish For Foreigners
    map Contact Info In Finnish. finnish language. The Finnish courses arranged by the University Language Centre are
    Tervetuloa suomen kielen kotisivulle! Welcome to the Finnish language Home page! Helsinki University of Technology offers Finnish language courses for all international students and employees at HUT. Depending on the number of enrolled students, also other students can be admitted to the courses (but not to the Finnish 1 course in the autumn term). Finnish courses are organized by the Language and Communication Centre which is located on the 4th and 5th floor of the main building of HUT. Language Centre organizes courses Finnish 1, 2, 3 and 4, each course taking one term, altogether two academic years. Each course ends with a final examination and passing the exam is also a requirement for the next level. The purpose of the Finnish courses at HUT is to provide students with language skills needed in studying, working and social life while living in Finland. In the study materials, a foreign student's point of view - vocabulary, life style and needs - is emphasized. The courses contain basic vocabulary and grammar, pair work, discussion, practice in different kinds of everyday life situations as well as reading, writing and getting acquainted with the Finnish society and culture.

    8. The Finnish Language Site
    An email forum for beginners who wish to learn Finnish.Category Science Social Sciences Uralic Finnish Lessons...... logical. Books and Courses, BOOKSN' COURSES Finnish textbooks and courses.finnish language List, FINNISHLIST Want to learn Finnish? Web
    THE FINNISHLANGUAGE LIST FinnishL is a mailing list to whichyou can subscribe if you are interested in learning Finnish. You receivepostings to the list from other people and you can post to the list. TheFinnishL mailing list is intended to be a forum for beginners who wishto learn Finnish. The list is unmoderated and free of charge.
    Sign me up!

    Finnish dictionary
    NTC Publishing group A practical and current bilingual dictionary of Finnish, a language distinguished by such complexities as 12 cases and vowel harmony. Approximately 36,000 concise entries.
    Search Barnes and Noble for other Finnish dictionaries. INTRODUCTION
    Finnish has gained an unjust reputationas a difficult language to master. Clickhere for a brief introduction. GRAMMAR
    Finnish is systematic and logical. BOOKSN' COURSES
    Finnish textbooks and courses. FINNISHLIST
    Want to learn Finnish? WEB RESOURCES
    Language resources online VISITING FINLAND
    Planning on visiting Finland? Clickhere SITEGUIDE Sitemap Contactus Search Startwith us ... Ahven

    9. Department Of Finnish - Studies
    Courses offered by the Department of Finnish for students enrolled at the University.Category Science Social Sciences Finnish Language Schools......finnish language studies. During their Finnish studies students aretrained to become language professionals they learn to deal
    Finnish language studies During their Finnish studies students are trained to become language professionals: they learn to deal with Finnish expertly and they develop a broad, scientific insight into language, its significance to humankind and its position in culture and society. The wide choice of courses offered makes it possible for students to concentrate on the theories or methodologies and the topics they consider to be important. The curriculum

    Compiled by the Embassy of Finland.Category Science Social Sciences Finnish Language Schools......finnish language Programs in the United States. Amherst, MA Universityof Massachusetts Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Finnish Language Programs in the United States Amherst, MA
    University of Massachusetts
    Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Amherst, Massachusetts 01003-3925
    Tel. 413-545-1856
    Fax 413-545-6995
    Prof. James Cathey Arlington, VA
    NFATC (National Foreign Affairs Training Center)
    Department of State
    4000 Arlington Blvd.
    Arlington, Virginia 22204-1500 Tel. 703-302-7020 Fax 703-302-7055 Kaija Wilson Berkeley, CA University of California, Berkeley Finnish Studies Program 248 Moses Hall, #2316 Berkeley, California 94720-2316 Tel. 510-643-0868 Fax 510-643-6845 e-mail: Prof. John Lindow Susan Larson Sirpa Tuomainen Bloomington, IN Indiana University Department of Central Eurasian Studies Goodbody Hall 157 Bloomington, Indiana 47405 Tel. 812-855-4862

    11. Opetus - Kielikeskus - Tay
    Language Centre of the University of TampereCategory Science Social Sciences Finnish Language Schools...... The following courses belong to the programme of finnish language and Culture, thewhole extent of which is six credits (twelve ECTS credits) but the courses
    During the academic year 2002 - 2003 the Language Centre of the University of Tampere offers the courses introduced on this page. For detailed information click the name of the course. For other information click below. GENERAL ADVICE AND COURSE FEES
    The following courses belong to the programme of Finnish Language and Culture , the whole extent of which is six credits (twelve ECTS credits) but the courses can also be taken separately without completing the whole programme. SURVIVAL COURSE (AUTUMN AND SPRING)
    (AUTUMN AND SPRING) The following courses belong to the programme of Finnish as a Foreign Language , the whole extent of which is 15 credits (30 ECTS credits), but the courses can also be taken separately without completeing the whole programme. EXTENSIVE ELEMENTARY COURSE I (AUTUMN AND SPRING)
    (AUTUMN) In addition, the following supplementary courses are arranged during the academic year 2002 - 2003:

    12. Language Study Abroad Programs: Finnish
    Language Study Abroad Opportunities Finnish. State University of New York (SUNY)

    13. Finnish Language
    Survey of the Uralic languages, with map of their distribution (labeled in Finnish) and number of Category Science Social Sciences Natural Languages Uralic...... people speaking the language) FinnoUgric languages/people. Baltic Finns inkeroinen(300); karjala (70 000); liivi (a few); lyydi (5 000); suomi = finnish (5 000
    Languages in the Ural area (and number of people speaking the language)
    Finno-Ugric languages/people
    Baltic Finns:
  • inkeroinen (300)
  • karjala (70 000)
  • liivi (a few)
  • lyydi (5 000)
  • suomi = finnish (5 000 000)
  • vatja (a few)
  • viro = estonian (1 000 000)
    Volgan Finns:
  • mokshamordva (250 000)
  • mari = tsheremissi (550 000)
  • hanti = ostjakki (13 000)
  • mansi = voguli (3 000)
  • unkari = hungarian (14 000 000)
    Laps (Sami)
  • saame (34 000)
    Samojed languages
  • nganasan 600
  • enetsi = jeniseisamojed (a few)
  • nenetsi = jurakki (27 000)
  • selkuppi = ostjaksamojed (1 500)
    Permi languages
  • udmurtti = votjakki (500 000) (Source: Helsingin Sanomat, 2000) **************************************************************
    Some history about the people/languages
  • The first signs of habitation in Finland are from 7500-7000 BC
  • Around 2500 BC migrants from Indo-European peoples moved to the Baltic and western Finland (assumed to be the forefarthers of Latvians and Lithuanians). Cultural contact with Baltic-Finnish languages and loan words resulted.
  • Baltic Finnish and Volgan Finnish languages split away around 1500 BC
  • Swedish immigrants started to move to Finland around 1100 AD
  • Lapland was inhabited by the Laps (Sami) until around 1600 AD Finns started to move northwards
    Some political history
  • In Stolbovo Treaty (1617) Sweden got Karelia and the Lutheran church got dominant status over Orthodox church
  • Treaty of Hamina (1809) marked the end of Swedish era in Finland (Finland was joined as part of the Russian Empire)
  • 14.
    Similar pages finnish language Schoolfinnish language School, foreigners with a real interest in it. The Finnishlanguage has many consistencies which facilitate learning.

    15. Kotisivu
    One of the oldest blues magazines in the world (Since 1968). Published in Suomi/Finland and in the finnish language.
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    16. Introducing The Finnish Language
    Some voice samples of the finnish language. Here is a short list ofFinnish (country Suomi) place names in .au form Helsinki, Tampere
    Some voice samples of the Finnish language
    Here is a short list of Finnish ( country: Suomi ) place names in .au form: Helsinki Tampere Turku Espoo ... Rovaniemi An excerpt from the article "Finnish" in the book "The Languages of the World" by Kenneth Katzner , rev. edition 1986, Routledge, London 1990. The sample (Katzner's choice?) is not "a very good one" for any attempt to give a casual reader an insight to linguistical structures or forms of the Finnish language - the contents of this excerpt of the fine book are "too philosophical" for this purpose. However, the voice sample gives you some picture about the intonation and tonal structure of the language. Finnish In local real audio (90 K) "For I, Sinuhe, am a human being. I have lived in everyone who existed before me and shall live in all who come after me. I shall live in human tears and laughter, in human sorrow and fear, in human goodness and wickedness, in justice and injustice, in weakness and strength. As a human being I shall live eternally in mankind. I desire no offerings at my tomb and no immortality for my name. This was written by Sinuhe, the Egyptian, who lived alone all the days of his life." - MIKA WALTARI, The Egyptian (1954)

    17. My Best Helsinki
    Photographs of Helsinki and links to sites of interest to the traveller to Helsinki, Finland, including restaurant reviews, tourist information, hotels and site relating to the finnish language.
    htmlAdWH('7002403', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002006', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help M Y B E S T H E L S I N K I Helsinki Info Helsinki Photos Helsinki Sights Helsinki Restaurants Helsinki Links Helsinki Hotels Senate Square - Summer "Samba Carnival". The Dome. For tourist information about Helsinki, the City of Helsinki has a good site, as does the City's Tourist Office Finland has an incredibly complex, but beautiful language. This link lists over 2,000 forms of the Finnish noun for "shop", prepared by Professor Fred Karlsson. For info about Helsinki Weather, or Weather Forecast The time "aika" in Helsinki. This links to a good Currency Converter The Euro fluctuates. The Finnish word for "money" is "raha". For information about Helsinki: HELSINKI EXPERT In Helsinki, street signs are in Finnish and Swedish. The Finnish word for "street" is "katu". HOTEL L I N K ... S South Harbor PANORAMA Helsinki's best Newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat , in English Helsinki Map Finnish for "map" is "kartta". A great Finland road Map. Click on squares to get detail. This panorama of the South Harbor is taken from PALACE HOTEL our favorite hotel in Helsinki.

    18. FinnsOnLine
    Programs for youth and adults interested in finnish language and culture. Immersion program, near Bemidji.
    Salolampi Language Village in 2003
    APPLY NOW for Salolampi Summer Sessions by downloading the application form; click here to download form . The application form requires Acrobat Reader© which is available free from Adobe . Registration instructions are given on the first 3 pages; page 4 of the application must be printed and returned. You may also request to have an application mailed to you by e-mailing us at . More information is also available at the Concordia Language Villages web site.

    19. Finnish Language Schools Association
    Suomikoulujen liitto (US) Kanadan Suomen Kielen Opettajien Liitto / KSKOL (Canada)(Toivotamme mielellämme muiden maiden suomi-kouluja projektiin mukaan!).
    Suomi-koulujen liitto (U.S.)
    Kanadan Suomen Kielen Opettajien Liitto / KSKOL (Canada)
    Paikallisten suomi-koulujen sivuja:
  • Boston (Uusi Englanti)
  • Dallas (Pohjois-Teksas)
  • Ottawa (Kanada)
    Tervetuloa USA:n Suomi-koulujen Liiton ja Kanadan Suomen Kielen Opettajien Liiton (KSKOL) kotisivulle! Tämän indeksisivun sisältöä on rajoitettu vähäisen käytön ja ilmeisesti vähäisen innostuksen vuoksi. Tarjoan web-palvelimellani verkkosivutilaa suomi-kouluille ympäri maailmaa. Toistaiseksi mukaan on lähtenyt kolme koulua. Olisin toivonut - ja toivon edelleen - että monet uudet koulut lähtisivät projektiin mukaan kehittämään omia, paikallisia sivujaan. Koulujen ei tarvitse sijaita Pohjois-Amerikassa, vaan suomi-kouluja voisi lähteä hyvin mukaan muistakin maanosista. Pääasiallinen suomisivuprojektini on Etusivu - suomalainen maailmanyhteisö . Suomi-koulujen sivusto olisi sen osaksi erinomainen lisä. Etusivu pystyy tarjoamaan myös viestitaulun, jolla suomi-koulujen opettajat ja oppilaatkin voisivat vaihtaa ajatuksia suomen opiskelusta ja koulun toiminnasta. Mikäli sinua kiinnostaa, ja haluat lähteä mukaan aktivoimaan tätä sivua, ota yhteyttä
  • 20. Opetus - Kielikeskus - Tay
    fields. finnish language. F1 Survival Course (1 credit). The Language Centre.F3 Characteristics of finnish language (1 credit). The students
    FINNISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE The programme is specially designed for exchange students. The main purpose of the programme is to introduce the students to the society and culture of contemporary Finland and give them an idea of the development and cultural, political and economic background of one of the Nordic welfare states. The programme consists of three modules: Finnish language, Finnish History and Society, and Finnish Culture. The courses in the Finnish language module are mostly practical language courses, whereas in the other modules Finnish society and culture will be decribed through lectures given by experts in these fields.
    Finnish Language
    F1 Survival Course (1 credit)
    The student will learn useful words and phrases for everyday conversation and interaction: greetings, how to interpret instructions, regulations, opening hours, road signs etc. The student will learn about the Finnish way of life, and the basics of Finnish language. The course concentrates on the words and language use necessary for practical everyday situations.
    Language Centre
    F2 Follow-up Course (1 credit)
    The student will learn how to cope with such everyday situations as she/he will meet at a bank or a post office, at a chemist's, in a shop or department store; when seeing a doctor, being invited to sauna etc. Practical exercises connected to the above situations. Emphasis on words and different expressions and language use.

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