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         First Nation Mikmaq Native Americans:     more detail
  1. Maliseet & Micmac [Mi'kmaq] : First Nations of the Maritimes by Robert M Leavitt, 1995

21. Relative Links
to preserving the cultural continuum of native americans. Aboriginal Directory ofOntario native American phone Affairs Search by first nation, Tribal Council
Relative Links
Culture Education Education Institutions ... Research Page .. links to asst'd Library Databases = new or FIXED links If you know of a link you think we should add please send the information to Also when reporting bad links.. Please tell me the Name of the Link.... it makes it easier to find and fix.... Sites of Local Interest Louise Bernice Halfe SkyDancer Priscilla McGilvery an article she wrote "Small Town Alberta Native Prejudice During Hockey" Manasic Issac Architects Ltd their reference to a Blue Quills Feasibility Study they did Theodore R. Campbell Scholarship To reward the accomplishments of an aboriginal student from Blue Quills First Nations College Blue Quills National Wildlife Area our "Backyard" Mannawanis Native Friendship Centre St Paul Stewart Steinhauer Send someone a 'NativeTech Email Postcard a nice selection to pick from return to top of page Local Communities Saddle Lake First Nations community page Kehewin Community Education Centre the school and student's home page Kehewin History return to top of page First Nation Information Project : Canadian aboriginal, interactive information Site. Offers a free Web page to any First Nation community to introduce their presence on the Internet."

22. Directory - Arts: Literature: Myths And Folktales: Myths: Native American
the website of the Innu nation (formerly known of Knowledge · cached · Stories fromCanada's first Peoples the Cree, the Nisgaa, the Abenaki and the mikmaq.

23. Directory - Arts: Literature: Myths And Folktales: Myths: Native American
from the website of the Innu nation (formerly known Art of Knowledge · Stories fromCanada's first Peoples the Cree, the Nisgaa, the Abenaki and the mikmaq.

24. Stonee's WebLodge Native Poems Page
So,the survivers were put on a reservation, The last lost people of a proud nation. Herefirst, but alas, also first to die. Quite unlike their mikmaq brethren
Native Poems From My MailRoom
These Poems were sent to my mailroom and I thought I would share them with you here today. My wish is for you to enjoy them and also learn from them what a Native Heart feels today. If you have a Native Poem you would like to have posted here mail it to me and I will post it as soon as I can. Now read these and enjoy.
Listed here are all the poems on this page, just click on the one you wish to read or scroll down and read them all. Remove Us Once Again The Calling THROUGH THE MISTY VEIL Summer Rain ... A DREAMERS SIGN Remove Us Once Again
By Deborah "Awiunegusdi" Shelar What has become of the word respect?
Is there none left today?
Is there nothing you would honor?
If we were digging up your cemetary, What would you say? These bones of old may mean nothing to you.
But herein resides our ancestors.
Resting in these most sacred sites.
We are here as their protectors. You say these roads and stores are progress.
But it is not thru your cemetary you cross.
Your people lie in complete rest.

25. Native Claims
of Halifax in 1752 which involved the Shubenacadie mikmaq. nation; and the T'rondekHwech'in first nation. 3. Under the French, native people had governed
Native Claims
Over the years, I have collected a large volume of notes and other information on Aboriginal treaties and claims in Canada. In 2000 the material was used as input to a background paper written for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada as part of a project on the evaluation of comprehensive land claims undertaken by Goss Gilroy Inc., an Ottawa based consulting firm. Ms. Angela Slaughter participated in the project as an independent consultant and did a great job of providing extensive draft material and research. I would emphasize that the document which follows is not the paper submitted to the client but a revised and expanded version based on a near final draft. I would add that the document is still under revision. Ed Weick Background to Comprehensive Land Claims in Canada Introduction This overview takes the reader through the pre-confederation treaty making process and the post-confederation numbered treaties and into the "modern treaties" or comprehensive claims. It gives only brief attention to treaties predating the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which the British or French Crowns signed with Indians living in the Maritime Provinces or Quebec in the 18th Century, when there was almost continuous warfare among European powers. These were essentially "peace and friendship" treaties which accorded certain rights to Aboriginal people but which did not involve the cession of lands. Nor does the overview deal with the continuing process of "specific claims", which concerns outstanding issues surrounding the fulfillment of existing treaties and other government obligations.

26. Native American Website Results :: Linkspider UK
from the website of the Innu nation (formerly known Art of Knowledge Stories fromCanada's first Peoples the Cree, the Nisgaa, the Abenaki and the mikmaq.
Native American Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Native American Linkspider UK Directory
Native American
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  • 27. Daniel N. Paul
    One of the few books on the subject (native American History with the heart and soulof a mikmaq person history of the Mi'kmaq and other first nation peoples of

    We Were Not The Savages We Were Not
    The Savages:
    ... Resume
    Welcome to DanielNPaul.Com REVIEWS We Were Not the Savages NEW: TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY VERSION A Mi'kmaq Perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations - Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, NS, 2000. ISBN 1-55266-039-7. The following are selected quotes from book reviews of the new version: "...Daniel N. Paul's We Were Not the Savages is a brilliant and painful account of how the Mi'kmaqs were treated by the Europeans.... The inescapable conclusion from his book is that if Ottawa and Washington are so concerned about human rights, they might take a long hard look at what we did to the Mi'kmaqs and other Tribes. We forced Germany to pay reparations after World War I. More recently, the Swiss were intimidated into paying Holocaust victims for deposits once held in Swiss banks. Likewise German companies accused of slave labour in World War II have been pressured into compensating their victims. When will Canada and the United States begin paying reparations to the Mi'kmaqs and other Tribes for what we did to them over the centuries? Daniel Paul makes a convincing case that the time is now! We Were Not the Savages is a fact-filled read that will make Americans of European descent very uncomfortable. I highly recommend it". - Thomas H. Naylor, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Duke University. October 19, 2000. "...count me in, too, among your book's advocates... [the book] knocks the smile off Englishmen who claim their colonial presence among Indians was 'better' then that of the Spanish". -Professor C. Blue Clark, Interim Director, Native American Legal Center, Oklahoma City University. November 30, 2000.

    28. Native America Calling - Media Archives
    people will broadcast in their own language for the first time ever the ongoing lobsterbattle between members of the mikmaq nation and nonnative fishermen
    Welcome to NAPT's Media Archives. Browse the topic and guest categories to listen to classic episodes of our favorite talk show in Indian Country, Native America Calling. NATIVE AMERICA CALLING ARCHIVES: 2000
    Topic/Guest Categories TOPICS Civil Rights Current Events 2001, 2000 Current Events 1999, '98, '97 Environment Economics Education Gaming History Human Rights Indian Humor International Issues Land Issues Legal Issues Media Metaphysics NCAI Native Literature '01 Native Literature '00 Native Literature '99 Native Literature '98 Native Literature before '98 Race Racism Religion GUESTS Irene Bedard (real media) JoAnn Chase President Bill Clinton Wallace Coffey (real media) Vincent Craig (real media) Paul DeMain Cecelia Fire Thunder (real media) Tim Giago (real media)

    national Chief of the Assembly of first nations, Canada to the Conference on theVoices of native People , 22 by the Grand Council of the mikmaq nation in 1982
    Reproduced, with permission, from:
    By Natan Lerner** I. INTRODUCTION No attempt to deal with the problems of race, discrimination and related matters in international law could be complete without consideration of the position of indigenous populations or peoples. The subject is closely connected to such issues as minority rights, group rights in general, self-determination and self-government, affirmative action, forced assimilation, and other crucial topics of modern international law. While in past centuries international lawyers paid some attention to the problem of indigenous populations from a humanitarian viewpoint, it was only recently that positive international law in this respect was drafted. Traditional international law, mainly inter-State law, did not regard aboriginal populations as subjects of international law. They were not considered to be colonial peoples, as this term was understood in the United Nations era, and entitled to self-determination, as this right is interpreted in international law today. It was only after recognition of the notion of group rights in recent instruments, and after active lobbying by spokesmen for indigenous groups, that steps were taken to introduce the subject into positive legislation, albeit not to the extent desired by the interested groups. A short overview of the changing approach over the last century may be useful.

    30. Wintercount Results
    I am looking for books or video's on the mikmaq/Micmac Indian. in Spiritual Teachingand Culture of the native American Indian or first nation People of
    Welcome to The Rez
    Around this Rez you will find Listings for Native events, roads (links) to many interesting Native and other sites and, in time, many many other things. Like most roads on any Rez, these always seem to be under construction. Thanks for stopping by.....Have a nice journey!
    Reload these pages...they do change often. Places to go on the Rez
    The Rez Road
    - Native Links, etc.
    Pow Wow Highway
    - Pow Wow Calendar
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    Native News

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    Do come again....and tell your friends. Have fun on your travels.
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    31. [NN-Dialogue] Wotanging Ikche--nanews10.014
    known as the Katie John case was first filed in The Navajo nation's attorney willbe filing a response old trust fund for as many as 500,000 native americans.
    [NN-Dialogue] Wotanging Ikchenanews10.014
    Gary Night Owl
    3 Apr 2002 01:17:18 -0000

    32. Powhatan Renape Nation Guestbook Archive
    Tnis Kopit Meskiik Walnei on Virginia and the PowhatanNative americans and i the Long Plains Oijbway first nation located 17
    HOME Pocahontas Story Powhatan History Museum ... Friends Program
    Guestbook entries - March 1998 - September 1999 -Current Guestbook Entries- Add an Entry
    Kenneth Gaynor
    Lake Jackson, Tx. USA - Tuesday, September 28, 1999 at 00:02:16 (EDT) from

    Sierra Vista, AZ USA - Friday, September 24, 1999 at 22:58:31 (EDT) from My fourth great grandmother was a powhatan indian. So my ancestiral people were Powhatan's people. I been learning about them and wish to thank you all for making my able to know about my ancesteries. Thank You

    Homosassa, Fla. USA - Thursday, September 23, 1999 at 16:14:44 (EDT) from I was doing a book report and enjoyed your site. As I conduct my native american research my eyes have enlarged, my heart cries, my blood boils and I answer each question with more questions!

    Vista, CA USA - Thursday, September 23, 1999 at 02:00:21 (EDT) from I like your Web Page, keep up the good work of our Great forfather, Chief,Powhatan our Founder. Chief,John D. Hassett,Sr.THE POWHATAN NATION

    33. Billboard
    To the mikmaq people you are not alone over The native people were historically themost environmentally aware The first nation people *DO* have a right to fish
    Uncensored, free exchanges of ideas regarding the Burntchurch crisis. Thanks for visiting our billboard.
    your comment.
    I am sorry to interrupt this flow of free exchanges again.
    I would just like to point out a few things:
    • LEGION now manages this site. Gilles prince was ready to close it down. The change will soon be reflected in the rest of the site.
    • LEGION has contacted the Burntchurch Band Council. Our question was clear: How can this site support your efforts. If any controversy issued from the previous administrator's stance, if any confusion exists, we aim to solve it fast
    • LEGION has also contacted Maqtewkpaqtism for the same reasons.
    • only entity accepting donations. Our site does not, and has not requested any donations. This service is provided free of charge to all those wishing to use it. Our site is part of the support mandate of the International Black Coalition of Quebec.
    • Although it may be tempting, we DO NOT censor here. Their post have been left up on purpose. To break our commitment to non-censorship, even once, is to break our word. We will not be intimidated into that. We cleaned the posts to remove duplicates and make the page faster to load. We removed ONE POST impersonating Gilles Prince - ID Highjacking being an illegal act.
    • In no way has this site EVER pretended to be the "official" or "sole" Burntchurch web site. The name says it all: it is a 'support" site. We were the only way to access the "real" information while the big media had a negative spin on the issue. The site has been up for a year and a half, with the full knowledge of Burntchurch officials. Only lately has there been any question of its validity.

    34. Mi'kmaq Mic Mac Migmaw Fishing
    February 28, 2002 A member of the Burnt Church first nation who threw a the Marshalldecision and to work with the Atlantic first nations,- said mikmaq Net.
    Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights
    Mi'kmaq Resources
    The Marshall Decision and the Canadian Maritime Fishery "Injustice?
    Duress and the Burnt Church First Nation
    Fisheries Agreement with Canada"

    by Kwegsi,
    Hereditary Chief of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council
    August 16, 2002

    Use This Convenient Form to Access News Updates Mi'kmaq celebrate Treaty Day in Halifax Fishery deal with Burnt Church First Nation aims to bring peace to Miramichi Bay Fisheries Minister announced new initiatives for Miramichi Bay - Mi'kmaq to get assistance Native Fisheries Update Follow-up to Marshall Decision Atlantic Chiefs want new Fisheries Minister to appoint Aboriginal representative Canada's new fisheries minister optimistic about Native fishery First Nations fisheries training and mentoring a landmark co-operative program Note this is a Word .doc file East Coast Native Fishery -Less conflict more success stories, says Minister Non-Native fisherman found not guilty in baseball bat beating of Aboriginals in New Brunswick An Act of Terrorism was Committed Against Natives Relative calm prevails in Miramichi Mi'kmaq fishery - but Warrior leader plans for the worst Mi'kmaq celebrated Treaty Day and called on governments to recognize Mi'kmaq treaty rights Fisheries Minister speaks out against violence against Mi'kmaq fishery Details of the raid by non-Native fishermen against the Mi'kmaq Canada issued a new communal licence to Burnt Church for use from now until October 20 NOTE this is a WORD .doc file

    35. Indigenous Struggles
    first nations first nations web links, all about indigenous mikmaq website This is a Canadian Indian tribe is a member of the Cherokee nation who has
    Indigenous Struggles
    Akha Heritage Foundation Northern Thai people facing threats from missionaries and "developers". American Indian Review (British publication). Black Mesa Indigenous Support: Big Mountain site. Cree Homepage Indians based in Quebec, who live in Eeyou Istchee, which means People's Land. ... Website devoted to "Darkness in El Dorado"; controversy (book about the racist treatment of Yanomami by anthropologists)

    36. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Arts > ... > Myths And Folktales > Myths > Native
    from the website of the Innu nation (formerly known Art of Knowledge Stories fromCanada's first Peoples the and Cree, the Nisgaa, the Abenaki and the mikmaq.

    37. Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Privacy From Eyes In The Sky
    Metis national Council (Canada) mikmaq nation (Canada) Miskitu Cree nation (Canada)Seneca nation (United States Shoal Lake Ojibway first nation (Canada) Shuar
    Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Privacy
    from "Eyes in the Sky"
    Wayne Madsen
    Lead Scientist
    Computer Sciences Corporation
    Integrated Systems Division
    Falls Church, Virginia Abstract 1. Introduction In his famous dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928) , Justice Louis Brandeis called the right to be let alone "the most comprehensive of rights and the right most cherished by civilized men." Justice Brandeis's ruling could just as easily apply to the right of indigenous peoples to be let alone from intrusive central government "development" and surveillance programs. The increasing use of satellites to survey lands and oceans for natural resources comes at the expense of many indigenous peoples to freely conduct various activities on their ancestral lands. Many indigenous tribes maintain a certain kinship with the territory upon which they live. This kinship runs deep and in some cases has an important religious significance for the people concerned. 2. Geographic Information Systems (GISs) and Indigenous Lands Indian leaders contend that those who operate GISs must be sensitive to the traditions surrounding their lands. Many Indian tribes feel that certain data must remain private and not be released to the general public. Data security and privacy controls therefore become problematic. Tribal officials such as the Colville Confederacy leadership feel that certain data cannot be treated as regular data. Information on hunting and gathering areas has a spiritual significance for the Indians that is perhaps unappreciated by statisticians in cold, gray and distant computer rooms (Marchand and Winchell, 1994, 51).

    38. Listings Of The World Society Ethnicity Indigenous People - Added Nov Salish artist of the Shi'sha'lth(Sechelt) nation. 02; The Bearclaw Gallery Post Review first nations and

    39. Canadian Aboriginal.Com - News And Information
    URGENT SITUATION FACING ESGENOOPETITJ first nation Human Rights Violations Againstfirst nations people Eastern Canada mikmaq Need Support As you might
    Headline Grabber Nailed in a Lie

    from Jan Achilles
    I wanted to share this piece of information on Christine Rose who runs a group called STAR-STAR on the net. Her focus is on mascots in the schools and she was involved in the mascot issue at Laconia, NH. She has been infiltrating in many Indian issues and lying to Indian people..... Jan. 24/2002
    Delta Hotel Boycott

    It appears that some Chiefs and other leaders thought that the boycott was over. I'm assured that this is definitely not so. Jan. 21/2002
    Awareness of Diabetes, 7700 km Bike Ride Planned

    Dudley George, Ipperwash Cover-Up and KKK in London Ontario

    Below are excerpts of the book I wrote down for you the other day which illustrate a serious violation of our Canadian democratic rights in how they have been violated by Ontario Premier Mike Harris, his ministers and MPP's, The Ontario Provincial Police and the Canadian Military. Jan. 15, 2002 COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story Compilation by Paul Wolf with contributions from Robert Boyle, Bob Brown, Tom Burghardt, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, Kathleen Cleaver, Bruce Ellison, Cynthia McKinney, Nkechi Taifa, Laura Whitehorn, Nicholas Wilson, and Howard Zinn. Aug. 27/2001

    40. Nativeculture  --  Home View Guestbook
    Rueben Johnnie Location/Affiliation Tl'azt'en nation Message no I am mikmaq originallyfrom Nova Scotia, Canada want to talk to you about my first impressions

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    4/7/2003 9:21:18 AM
    Guest's Name: Jeannete Worley
    Location/Affiliation: Louisiana
    Message: This site is wonderful!! Keep up the great work. Message Date: 4/1/2003 10:39:26 PM
    Guest's Name: Chompoonuch
    Location/Affiliation: Bangkok Thailand
    Message: Good job Keep it up! Please visit my website at We offer a wide selection of flowers, roses, mixed bouquets, plants, gifts, gift baskets and personalized gifts at affordable prices delivered in Thailand. Message Date: 3/28/2003 7:01:16 AM
    Guest's Name: Sarah-Jean
    Location/Affiliation: England Message: I really loved this site. I hope everyone here has a good day! Feel free to write anytime. Take care and much love to all, Sarah-Jean Message Date: 3/3/2003 4:45:38 PM Guest's Name: Rebecca Location/Affiliation: Texas, USA Message: I am glad I was able to sign your guestbook. If you want to share your site further, please consider submitting your URL to . Message Date: 2/26/2003 11:08:11 PM Guest's Name: Angel Freewings Location/Affiliation: Arizona Message: Full of information very educational.

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