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         First Nation Mikmaq Native Americans:     more detail
  1. Maliseet & Micmac [Mi'kmaq] : First Nations of the Maritimes by Robert M Leavitt, 1995

41. Revised
I loved you.I'm 33 yh It's the first time thanks that all responses are legitimate(name of nation, etc; 8/3/2000 925
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  • 4/5/2000 2:48:31 PM
  • Our company is seeking other Dakota media professionals...videographers, computer artists, editors, lighting designers, audio artists, musicians, scriptwriters, etc. Let us know who you are!
  • 4/25/2000 10:13:13 PM
  • i play all instrument

42. Links To American Indian Web Ring And Langauge Sites By Phil Konstantin
and words from The Miami nation of Indians mikmaq Language lots of information; Mikasukibasic info; Mingo MOHAWK LANGUAGE LEARNING MATERIALS the first part of
Links to American Indian Web Ring and Langauge Sites by Phil Konstantin - Page 6
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Web Ring Sites dedicated to Indigenous Peoples
A Web Ring is a group of different sites which are all linked together
  • Native American Ring
  • White Buffalo Web Ring
  • The Hawk's Nest
  • The Tsalagi Ring ...
  • Language Sites
  • The Abenaki Language
    a discussion of the language and some translations
  • Ne-Do-Ba: Common Abenaki Words
    "The words in these lists have been collected from many sources, some are Western Abenaki and some are Eastern Abenaki"
  • 43. Art Salish artist of the Shi'sha'lth(Sechelt) nation. first nations and Inuit art including paintings, sculptures

    American Indian Dolls
    Handmade dolls made by Marion Springer.
    Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art
    Begay, Shonto
    Autobiographical statement from this Navajo artist and author.
    Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art
    Mixed media from pen and ink to acrylics ,prints and originals by a Cherokee artist.
    Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art
    Black Hills Buffalo Skulls
    Black Hills Buffalo Skulls painted by a Native American artist from the Black Hills. Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art Bockley Gallery Represents Native American artists: Frank Big Bear, Star Wallowing Bull. Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art Charles Frizzell Visionary Art A representation of his art and contact information. Category: Society > Ethnicity > Indigenous People > Native Americans > Art

    44. Northeast Wigwam
    mikmaq ancestors Richard 161858 02/17/03 (0) CHRIS Re MEMBERSHIP FOR NEW YORKBROTHERTOWN TRIBAL nation - STORM 1740 first Robin 075824 02/01/03 (0) Re
    Northeast Wigwam Genealogy Discussion Board [Newigwam Home] [Contact Newigwam] [Discussion Boards] For the safety of all, please read our before posting articles. Thank you!
    Choose another discussion board Arts / Crafts / Jewelry Education Gardening / Food / Recipes Genealogy Herbs and Medicine History Native American Issues Social Spirituality The Trading Post Note: Be sure to press your browser's Refresh or Reload button to view latest messages or posts. POST NEW MESSAGE

    45. Responses In Support Of First Nations Activities At Burnt Church
    Ironically, the mikmaq and all other first nations in Canada have lived this exactscenario Beckie Labillois ERB first nation. We are the first nationS PEOPLE.
    Responses in Support of First Nations Activities at Burnt Church
    (E-mail responses taken and adapted from the CBC site Indepth: Fishing Fury /Your Space
    I am a Indian Brook band member and I am writing to comment on the fishing dispute that has been going on the past few months. I have gone to Digby to the wharf that the band members from Indian Brook have been fishing off for the past two years and I sat back and watched the DFO boats out in the water watching every move of the fishermen. I feel that my people should be able to fish when they want and where they want. The government signed over treaties and they didn't have a problem with it then, but now we are fighting for the right that is ours and we shouldn't have to fight for it. The natives were the first ones here in Canada and we should be telling the non-native fishermen where to fish and when to fish not them telling us when and where to fish. I feel that is not right. Why can't everyone get along? Racism has been going on for the past few hundred years and it probably will go for the next hundread years. Jolene Marr
    Indian Brook If the governments of Canada would only respect the treaties and deals that had been made, there wouldn't ALWAYS have to be a conflict to fight over what is legally ours. "OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND?" The governments didn't learn a damn thing from the Oka Crisis of 1990. Thanks

    46. Google Search: Wampum, Language Cached first nations peoples developedlanguage, traditions and of NY News in a visit to the Oneida nation. Search wampum, language.htm
    Research Links wampum, language " The beads are of two sorts: the one is white, the other is colored violet."... Sidis Archives Home Page Culled Google results from about for wampum, language Symbolism
    ...countries.The Confederacy is symbolized by wampum . Some symbols can be...
    ...An Example of Iroquoian Symbolic Language The Meaning Of This Symbolic... - Cached GoogleScout EDU2 : Level 3
    ...Mohawk Language Homepage and Links Kahswenhtha - Two Row Wampum
    ...Frame Introduction to the Dagaare Language :Ghana Kikuyu Words And Phrases... - Cached GoogleScout Lois Scozzari, The Significance of Wampum ... to Seventeenth Century
    ...In the Algonquian Language it was called " wampum ". Wampum
    ...Significance of Wampum to Seventeenth Century Indians in New England By... - Cached GoogleScout Language
    ...descended from a common ancestor language or protolanguage. The...

    47. Guestfm.htm
    I'm very interested in first American Spirituality My children are part Onondaga fromthe Iroquois nation so i I am mikmaq what information can I get from your
    Welcome to everyone!
    Lulu May 11, 1998 13:15 Scribe, It is a pleasure to see that you are putting up a set of pages which will be both educational and informational. There are few who care enough to do the research involved in varifying a sites "validity". I write this in hopes that people will see you are making this attempt but are only human and too, will then have to rely upon thier help in maintaining the integrity of your site. I hope all who enter here will remember that it is as easy to find and offer solution as it is to complain. You have a large and life-long task in front of you with this responsibility you have chosen for yourself. I commend you as so many are always waiting to find that which they are responsible for while others seek that which become as their children. You must have broad shoulders for this project. I thank you for taking the time to care. Lulu
    May 11, 1998 16:33 Scribbles: This is looking real good. I do like how you have asked others to be a part of the 'integrity' of this site. Ken
    May 11, 1998 21:58

    48. PEACE PARTY - Stereotype Of The Month Contest
    Domain name search equates mikmaq and red bans city workers from Oneida Nationfirms School calls Indians treacherous, cruel first americans parade float
    Home Contents Photos Reviews ... FAQ Stereotype of the Month Contest
    2001's losers December 2001
    Nevada brothel is named Crazy Horse Resort and Spa

    Mr. Boffo
    implies igloos are poorly designed for cold
    Students learn Indians led boring lives sans technology

    Dishonorable mention

    November 2001
    Falling down in casino proves rez is "a different world"

    West Wing
    shows Native leader acting like stoic chief Columnist: Europeans didn't kill Indians for their land ... Ida. editorial: Whites let Indians "maintain their culture" Dishonorable mention THE LOSER! October 2001 Herman blames Indians on "warpath" for wounded man Judge says Texas tribes are "associations" like sororities Claim: "If Indians come...there goes the neighborhood" ... Students paint "Scalp 'em," tomahawk on school grounds Dishonorable mention THE LOSER! September 2001 Kan. football news: "Redskins buried at Burial Grounds" Mi'kmaq singer censored for criticizing two tribal chiefs Flag-waving "patriots" tell Alexie to return to his country Native doll is blue-eyed Barbie with guinea hen feathers ... Indian Affairs Minister: No proof of racism in Canada THE LOSER! Dishonorable mention August 2001 Washington Times: Mascot foe "running a race hustle" School for cultural destruction nominated as landmark Baltimore Sun column: Team names are "wrong battle" JAMA article: Yupik elders retreat to wilderness to die ... Church flyer: "Indian Uprising!" "Savages" on "warpath"

    the Grand Council of the mikmaq nation, he discusses Johnson v. McIntosh (1823),Cherokee nation v. Georgia first nations Indian Government and the Canadian
    Reproduced, with permission, from: Roy, B. K., and D. K. Miller. 1985. The rights of indigenous peoples in international law: An annotated bibliography. Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan Native Law Centre.
    Alfredsson, Gudmundur. "International Law, International Organizations and Indigenous Peoples." (1982), 36 Journal of International Affairs The author analyzes the remedies and avenues for redress available in international law and organizations for human rights violations against indigenous peoples. He also examines specific provisions in the Charter of the United Nations relating to the domestic jurisdiction rule and argues that most states could not successfully invoke this rule because, as parties to international agreements, they have consented to the competence of others to discuss state performance in areas covered by the agreements. The author also examines the principle of the right to self-determination and puts forth five possible meanings and potential beneficiaries. He concludes that most indigenous peoples are excluded from the exercise of external self-determination partly because of the territorial and sovereignty arguments advanced by metropolitan states. He asserts, however, that this does not mean that internal self-determination does not apply. American Indian Law Centre. "Special Issue." (1974), 7

    and political relationships with Louisbourg, the mikmaq, and the want to travel toBritish Columbia in the first place Where and how the Métis nation originated
    UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF THE CARIBOO Department of Philosophy, History and Politics History 112 (Sec.02) Dr. John Belshaw Phone: 828-5171 Office: AE 341 e-mail: AN INTRODUCTION TO CANADIAN HISTORY (2,1,0) COURSE CONTENT: This course deals with the evolution of Canada to 1867. In this section an emphasis will be placed on the interaction between European nations and Aboriginal nations, on relations between colonial powers, on the character of the society of New France, and on the first hundred years of British North America. EVALUATIONS: Nota Bene ("Observe Well"):
    • Assignments are due at the start of class, not throughout the day or later in the evening. Please respect the word limits indicated above. Only under exceptional and documented circumstances will late papers be accepted. All components of the course must be completed, however poorly, in order to pass or fail the course. Students who do not complete a component of the evaluated work will receive a DNC. If you ever hope to get a student loan this matters The summaries will be collected only at the seminars. Attend prepared to discuss and with summaries in hand every week and, like Gloria Gaynor, you

    51. DoCip - Update No. 36
    Regional Authority; Treaty Six first nation; Union of Leonard Peltier Defense Committee;mikmaq Grand Council Minorities (Kuiu Kwaan Thlingit nation and other
    Centre de Documentation, de Recherche et d'Information des Peuples Autochtones
    Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research and Information
    Centro de Documentación, Investigación e Información de los Pueblos Indígenas
    UPDATE No 36
    July/October 2000
    Table of Contents
    • Editorial Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples
      The establishment of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on 29 July 2000 represents a great step forward for the world’s indigenous peoples: they have succeeded, within the framework of the United Nations, in placing the promotion of and respect for their rights at a level seldom reached by organizations not directly reporting to States. It is also a legitimate advance towards the recognition of their holistic approach of their rights as expressed by the right to self-determination. This right includes the various issues specifically dealt with by the organizations of the UN system, which in most cases report directly to the ECOSOC. Two reports on the work undertaken by the indigenous delegates in New York have been distributed by e-mail. As soon as we received the first one, we asked the author to

    52. APTN | Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
    one of 'People to People nation to nation' - that all we do keeping out of the wayto let first People deal contact dialogue on CONTACT a mikmaq woman I
    Contact Discussion Forum Comments February 24, 2002:
    Does White Guilt Help Anyone? Name:
    Anonymous Email:
    Not provided thanks rick this reminds us of redwire magazine, uncensored, we the native people have been shut down for so long and now we are speaking out. this is our time. so what if a few white racists got in, let them have their jollies. its nothing we don't see every day. if you are squeamish louise then there are other mesaage boards you acn go to. Name:
    Rick Harp (Host, "Contact') Email:
    angry anishinabek
    Email: ... home

    53. Vindex, De Vindplaats Van Het Nederlandse Web
    SocietyEthnicityIndigenous PeopleNative AmericansTribes, nations and BandsFederationsWabanaki.Links, http// Miawpukek first nation.

    contact persoonlijke instellingen voeg uw site toe ...
    Samenvatting 1 url per domein Sites in nieuw venster
    Staat uw webpagina nog niet in Vindex? Meld deze dan nu aan!
    Zoek in de webgids:
    Terug naar het overzicht
    Huidige rubriek
    Ethnicity Indigenous People Native Americans ... M Míkmaq
    Subrubrieken Mikmawisimk Language@
    Traditional Mi'kmaw Spirituality@
    Verwante Rubrieken Society:Ethnicity:Indigenous People:Native Americans:Tribes, Nations and Bands:Federations:Wabanaki Links Union of Nova Scotia Indians Gevonden in rubriek: Society Ethnicity Indigenous People Native Americans ... Míkmaq Omschrijving: Tribal council incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act on 3 July 1970 to provide a unified political voice for the Míkmaq people. Seven of the thirteen Míkmaq Bands in Nova Scotia are represented: Eskasoni, Membertou, Wagmatcook, Waycobah, Chapel Island, Shubenacadie and Acadia. Míkmaq Resources Gevonden in rubriek: Society Ethnicity Indigenous People Native Americans ... Míkmaq Omschrijving: Links to Míkmaq related sites.

    54. EventsCurrent
    Our Country' Defining the Ethnic nation in Toronto's French Activism, British Neglect,and mikmaq Resistance on The Journal's first issue will be published in
    For the Love of God: 300 Years of Theological Education [Convocation/Reunion] 1 October 4 October 2001 Divinity School: Every year during the fall semester reading week, Yale Divinity School and Berkley Divinity School at Yale, hold the Annual Convocation which combines and features endowed lectureships. In honor of Yale's Tercentennial, Convocation will be held one week earlier, present and former faculty at the School and University are the Convocation lecturers. For more information, call 203-432-5303. Democratic Vistas, Global Perspectives [Symposium] 5 - 6 October 2001 A Tercentennial Symposium Click here for a schedule. "Democratic Vistas" was designed as the Tercentennial DeVane Lecture series for Spring 2001. The lectures borrowed their title from a classic essay by Walt Whitman, in which he suggested that the dignity and potential of the individual is well worth the sense of chaos at times associated with democracy. Six of the original fifteen lectures in this series will be presented again today for the Tercentennial weekend.* The second part of this symposium, "Global Perspectives," draws on the September anniversary program organized by the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. Ernesto Zedillo, '81 Ph.D., former President of Mexico, will initiate the discussions with a keynote lecture on "Envisioning the World in the Next Century: Challenges to a Global University." Participants have the opportunity to join some of our most prominent internationalist faculty in discussing the key challenges we face entering the next century.

    55. EventsCurrent
    Ironies French Activism, British Neglect, and mikmaq Resistance on the Act, Whitmanin 1855 in the first edition of with the survival of the nation and its
    ARCHIVES OCTOBER '00 NOVEMBER '00 DECEMBER '00 ... NOVEMBER '01 Ongoing History of Student Research [Exhibits] Through - October 2001 School of Medicine: History of the Student Thesis at Yale. Sterling Hall of Medicine. Free and open to the public. Sterling Hall of Medicine, Medical Library, 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon, Sat 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - noon United Nations Oral History Collection at Yale [Exhibits] Through 2 November 2001 Call 432-1735 for more information. Sterling Memorial Library High Street William C. DeVane Lectures - Ideals Without Ideologies: Yale's Contribution to Modern Architecture Robert A.M. Stern, Dean School of Architecture [Lectures] Through - 10 December 2001 DeVane Lectures/School of Architecture: This series of lectures, given by Robert A.M. Stern, Dean of the School of Architecture and six guest speakers, will examine post World War II architecture through the lens of the Yale School of Architecture, where key issues of architectural modernity, especially the conflicting relationship between European and American modalities of thought and practice, were vividly portrayed and debated in the classroom, studio and in the work of leading faculty and graduates. For more information, please call 203-432-2889 or email

    56. New England International And Comparative Law Annual - 1997 - War Drums - Border
    no provision in the Constitution makes the first Amendment applicable mikmaq TribalSociety v. Canada, UN Doc. See also United States v. Sioux nation, 100 S.Ct
    Jonty Lea Kasku-Jackson Indigenous Nations have the right of self-determination, in accordance with international law, and by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development without external interference
    I. Introduction
    Since the 1980s indigenous peoples have asserted their rights more frequently and more vigorously, and have gained increasing domestic and international recognition. As a result they are becoming increasingly sophisticated, are developing networks and alliances in support and aid of each other, and are better able to assert their claims. The indigenous peoples of North America are quite politically sophisticated. The Aboriginals of Canada and the Indians of the United States are among the best organized and assertive indigenous peoples of the world. These peoples enjoy a unique status under the domestic laws of their surrounding states and claim the right of self-determination. Some of the tribes are bifurcated by the Canadian-United States border and exist in both countries. Each State is responsible not only for its treatment of the indigenous groups within its border, but must also concern itself to some degree with its neighbor's indigenous groups. Thus, claims to self-determination by those peoples have repercussions for North America as a whole, as well as for Canada and the United States individually. More importantly, the way that each State treats its indigenous peoples may also have international consequences.

    57. [INDONESIA-L] Protecting Indigenous
    national Council (Canada) mikmaq nation (Canada) Miskitu nation (Canada) Senecanation (United States Shoal Lake Ojibway first nation (Canada) Shuar
    [INDONESIA-L] Protecting Indigenous
    Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 17:07:00 EDT Forwarded message:
    From Sat Sep 13 19:56:40 1997
    Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 17:51:10 -0600 (MDT)

    Subject: [INDONESIA-L] Protecting Indigenous Peoples from 'Eyes in the Sky'
    Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 16:31:15 +1000 (EST) Subject: Protecting indigenous peoples from 'eyes in the sky' This could be of interest to those following the Kalimantan forest fires via satellite. Gerry van Klinken Subject:

    58. New Acquisitions
    Russia's first civil war the Time of Troubles and The mikmaq resistance, accomodation,and cultural survival. The American people creating a nation and a
    Bishop's University Library NEW ACQUISITIONS
    DECEMBER 2002 - MARCH 2003
    The following list includes new titles received and catalogued during the months of December 2002, January, February 2003. A printout of this list is also available at the Circulation desk. For comments and suggestions, you may get in touch with Ms. Karen Thorneloe (ext. 2607)
    AUTHOR.. Gravel, Pierre
    TITLE... D'un miroir et de quelques eclats CALL NO. B 105 .P4 S44 1948
    AUTHOR.. Semaines sociales du Canada (25th : 1948 : Trois-Rivieres, Quebec)
    TITLE... La paix : compte rendu des cours et conferences CALL NO. B 105 .R25 B47 2002
    AUTHOR.. Berger, Alan
    TITLE... Terms and truth : reference direct and anaphoric CALL NO. B 981 .P46 1976
    TITLE... Philosophie au Quebec CALL NO. B 1901 .P42 E5 1966
    AUTHOR.. Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662. Pensees. English TITLE... Pensees CALL NO. B 3318 .E9 C35 2002 AUTHOR.. Cameron, Frank, 1969- TITLE... Nietzsche and the 'problem' of morality CALL NO. BD 418.3 .N357 2001

    59. Faculty Of Laws Website - University Of Malta
    Burger, J., The Gaia Atlas of first Peoples a See Richard Griggs, The Meaning of‘nation’ and ‘State This theme was continued by the mikmaq delegation to
    The Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights United Nations Human Rights Apparatus for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples
    1. Definition and characteristics of indigenous peoples in light of U.N. documents and practice 1.1. Introduction By most accounts, the number of indigenous peoples in the world today number between 250 to 300 million, or upwards to 600 million if the distinct peoples of Africa are included. Taking these figures into consideration, indigenous peoples comprise between 5% - 10% of the world’s population and can be found on every continent. Common threats concerning the plight of indigenous peoples include: environmental degradation, deforestation, tourism, weapons testing, militarization, cultural breakdown, colonization, invasion, mining projects, and a host of others ills. Although for many years victimized, indigenous peoples are increasingly raising their voices to draw attention to their situation on a national and international level. A significant United Nations (U.N.) action towards examining the plight of indigenous peoples occurred in May 1982 with the formation of the U.N. Working Group on Indigenous Populations (WGIP). The WGIP was formed pursuant to Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 1982/34, of May 7, 1982 which authorized the group composed of five members from the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. The WGIP’s dual mandate is to: 1) review developments pertaining to the promotion and protection of the human rights of indigenous populations; and 2) develop standards concerning the rights of indigenous populations. The WGIP has met annually since its inception in 1982.

    60. 1998 AISESnet Discussion: Wotanging Ikche--nanews06.034
    near Quebec City, between native Affairs Minister At a news conference Thursday, Mikmaqnegotiator Alison Mitchell Listuguj Mi'gmaq first nation Government PO
    Wotanging Ikchenanews06.034
    AISESnet Discussion List
    Wed, 19 Aug 1998 23:00:34 -0500
    : Columbus Returns to Puerto Rico via Russia (fyi - Glenn)
    Late summer/fall events listing
    (Gary Night Owl)
    Subject: Wotanging Ikchenanews06.034
    (_(_/ (/ ( / (_ / (_ (_/ '/_ / (_ (_/ ' O
    / ' ) / / ) ' ) / / ' O o O
    /_ / ) (_/ / ( (_, August 22, 1998 O o O
    KANOHEDA ANIYVWIYA Otapi'sin Atsinikiisinaakssin O o O
    Es'te Opunvk'vmucvse ni-mah-mi-kwa-zoo-min Aunchemokauhettittea O
    ( N A T I V E A M E R I C A N N E W S ) Lists; Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty; Nuevo Amanecer Press; Info-Hawaii; UUCP email; Newsgroups: alt.native,soc.culture.native Articles appearing have been previously posted for public dissemination and/or permission for inclusion has been secured.

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