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         Florida Disabled & Special Needs Schools:     more detail

1. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child
with special needs Identification, Placement, the learning disabled a reading http// special.html Mountain Brook schools (1998) special needs
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  • A.D.D. Consults
    A.D.D. Consults offers psychoeducational services to individuals, families and professionals via private e-mail. For those who live in areas where information on Attention Deficit Disorder may be scarce.
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  • "The Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed and Unseen Disability"
    Sensory Integration Dysfunction-This paper will explain sensory integration dysfunction to the point of understanding the nature of this unseen (and often misdiagnosed) disability, as well as its psychological, emotional, learning and social effects on the individual.
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  • Abilitations Abilitations is the industries leading children's therapy and special needs catalog with product mix including movement, special education, sensory integration, adapted play and more. Add/View Comments
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  • Ability OnLine Ability OnLine is a friendly and safe computer friendship network where children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses connect to each other as well as to their friends, family members, caregivers and supporters.

2. Dynamic Directory - Reference - Education - Special Education - Vocational Servi
Rep. Phyllis Mundy Voucher programs discriminate against disabled children Wednesday, June 9, 1999 "The disabled kids stay where they are." Anyway you cut it special needs students lose under Governor Ridges voucher proposals. disabled children. Parochial schools across the state have admitted that they do not currently accept children with special needs enacted "A + Plus" program in florida. But in

3. Florida Leaps Ahead With School Choice
religious schools—that cater to children with special needs. are severely physicallyor mentally disabled, but also think is valid, said florida state Rep.
Florida Leaps Ahead With School Choice
By Matthew Robinson
The Week of June 18, 2001 Phones are ringing off the hook in Florida schools. Waiting lists reach into the hundreds for classes designed for a few dozen. Schools that were once beyond the reach of low-income parents are now competing to educate those children most in danger of being left behind: special education kids. Welcome to the world of the McKay scholarships (named for Republican Florida Senate President John McKay, who is the parent of a disabled child). Welcome to the land of vouchers. "This is the Big Bang of school choice," said Patrick Heffernan, Ph.D., president of Floridians for School Choice. "It occurred deep in the universe and it is expanding. This is the most parent-friendly school choice ever. If parents are not happy with the progress of their children, they can find another school." The program has opened the door for 340,000 Florida students who will now be eligible to attend any school their parents choose. But now he has found a home at the 34-student S. L. Jones Christian Academy.

4. State: Vouchers Proposed For Disabled Students
Vouchers proposed for disabled students. add thousands of students to florida's controversialschool About 61,000 special needs students attend public schools
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Vouchers proposed for disabled students
The legislation would grant private school tuition aid to some students with special needs.
By SHELBY OPPEL TALLAHASSEE In the final, frenzied week of the legislative session, a powerful state senator is quietly pushing a measure that could add thousands of students to Florida's controversial school voucher program. The plan, sponsored by Sen. John McKay, R-Bradenton, would grant private school tuition vouchers to some students with learning disabilities and other special needs. About 61,000 "special needs" students attend public schools in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Citrus and Hernando counties. Statewide, close to 350,000 students qualify for the "special needs" label, which extends to students who are mentally and physically handicapped, speech impaired and autistic, among other disabilities. Students would be eligible for vouchers if they fail to improve at their public school, regardless of whether the school receives a poor grade from the state.

5. Charlotte County Public Schools, Florida
Ability to work with special needs students. If you are disabled and need accordingto the Division of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) of the florida Department of
APPLICATION PROCESS For Employment with Charlotte County Public Schools, Florida
  • BEFORE applying for a position, applicant must first have on file in Human Resources the following:
Completed application form; Three (3) professional references; Official college transcripts, if applicable (copies will be accepted pending receipt of official transcripts); Resume (optional for non-instructional);
    AFTER all of the above items have been received by Human Resources, the applicant may apply for posted positions. This website is updated weekly. Most positions have a closing date of 12 noon on Friday. Completed applications must be submitted no later than 12 noon Thursday of that week. THEN call Human Resources at 941-255-0808 and request that your name be added to the appropriate applicant list.
Charlotte County Public Schools, Florida 1445 Education Way, Port Charlotte, Florida 33948-1053 (TDD 941-255-7576 for the Hearing Impaired) *************** HOTLINE

6. Boulevard - An Assistive Technology Expo - Medical Links - D-F
youth with special needs in schools, homes, and and enjoyment of family life withspecial needs. florida disabled Outdoors Association SPORTSABILITY a 501C-3
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Medical Links: D-F DanceAbility - a world leader in mixed-abilities dance (for people with and without disabilities), where people can come together as equals to fully participate in creative movement. Based in Eugene, Oregon, workshops and performances are held at various times and locations in Oregon and beyond - see web site for details.
Developmental (Pediatric) Neurosurgery
- A multidisciplinary team including pedatric neuroncologists and pediatric medical oncologists for the surgical treatment of pediatric brain and spinal tumors. Surgery of developmental anomalies presenting prenatally, in infancy, childhood, or adulthood including tethered spinal cord, spina bifida, syringomyelia, myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis, lipoma, dermal sinus, encephalocele, aqueductal stenosis, myeloschisis, lipomyelomeningocele, split cord malformation, diastematomyelia, Klippel-Feil syndrome, CSF shunts, Dandy-Walker cyst, and Arnold-Chiari malformation.

7. Center For Self Determination
on Students' Attitudes towards the disabled, Research article graduation of studentswith special needs in BSN and being admitted to florida schools of nursing.
Anotated Bibliiography One step at a time Nurse describes her personal struggles of deciding whether a person with a disability can be an effective and safe nurse. Incompetent, Unethical, or illegal practiceTeaching students to cope Article outlines the ethical standards of nursing and identifies how they guide reporting of incompetent, unethical, or illegal practices. Helping Students Succeed Despite Learning Disabilities Article describing the University of Vermont's Learning Disabilities Program as it relates to nursing. Attitudes Toward People With Disabilities Article describing study that compares attitudes of nursing faculty, students and people with disabilities Careers for Diabetic Girls in Nursing Editorial article on admissions policies in nursing.

8. Teach More Love More - Community Resources
MiamiDade County Public schools florida Diagnostic and Act Hotline for the disabled,305-375-2868. Miami-Dade Health Department special needs Evacuation Center

9. Manhattan Institute Education Research Office
testing study on WURF in Gainesville, florida, February 19 schools Don't Skim theBest disabled Students,” School Report Targets special needs,” Boston Globe
ERO in the News Florida Today , March 12, 2003 Indianapolis Star , March 10, 2003 Daily Oklahoman , March 10, 2003 Florida Times-Union , March 8, 2003 New York Daily News , March 5, 2003 Boston Globe , March 3, 2003 School Reform News , March 2003 Seattle Post-Intelligencer , February 26, 2003 New York Times , February 26, 2003 Tampa Tribune , February 23, 2003 Education Gadfly , February 20, 2003 Arizona Republic , February 19, 2003 Marcus A. Winters discussing ERO's high-stakes testing study on WURF in Gainesville, Florida, February 19, 2003 Education Week , February 19, 2003 Human Events , February 17, 2003 Gainesville Sun , February 16, 2003 Boston Globe , February 16, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer , February 16, 2003 Greg Forster discussing exploitation of teachers by their own unions on WBAL in Baltimore, February 15, 2003 Daily Oklahoman , February 14, 2003 Tallahassee Democrat , February 12, 2003 El Paso Times , February 12, 2003 Toledo Blade , February 12, 2003 Richmond Times-Dispatch , February 12, 2003 Boston Herald , February 12, 2003 Miami Herald , February 11, 2003 Florida Today , February 11, 2003 Orlando Sentinel , February 11, 2003 Florida Times-Union , February 11, 2003 San Antonio Express-News , February 3, 2003 School Reform News , February 2003 School Reform News , February 2003 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette , January 28, 2003 Wall Street Journal , January 24, 2003 Daily News (Los Angeles), January 24, 2003

10. Private Schools
half of whom are developmentally disabled children. . The New York Institute for SpecialEducation, New Petersburg, florida, as a private alternative school for
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Private Schools
with Robert Kennedy
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In The Spotlight Mon, Apr 7, 2003

Cheating is an epidemic which should concern every academic community. How does yours shape up?
More: For Heads Only - Info exclusively for the school's CEO.
More: Ed Tech - Integrate technology into your teaching. Size Matters A report produced by the Bank Street College of Education confirms something private schools have known for some time: small schools make for better learning. There are many reasons why. Find out more here. More: Jobs! Jobs! - Private school positions exclusively! More: Standardized Tests - Software glitches plague testing Hazing in Our High Schools It's not just a college thing. Hazing pervades American secondary schools, public and private. This three part feature lays out all the facts. Has your school dealt with this issue adequately?

11. Mom To Mom Moms Of Special Needs Kids Message Board
18, 2003 at 052412 PM Re(2) Stephanie florida schools? PM Re(2) Did anyonehear about the disabled boy who There is help for your special needs children

12. | Florida Internet Access
for caregivers and parents of children with special needs. issues in health care,schools, recreation and to encourage play between her disabled child and the
Monday April 7th 2003 Search: Top Home Family Parenting : Special Needs Children Description See also:

13. Comunidad
receive state tuition vouchers for disabled students. of money available through florida'sMcKay scholarship public schools aren't meeting these special needs.,0,

14. Vouchers Helping The Learning Disabled -- The Washington Times
furnishes domestic evidence that choice serves the disabled well old McKay ScholarshipProgram, parents of any specialneeds child in florida can receive

Front Page



Employment Extra
June 5, 2002 Vouchers helping the learning disabled
Robert Holland      It may be a fortunate coincidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on the constitutionality of school vouchers later this month just as Capitol Hill ponders changes in the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal law that has shaped special education for a quarter-century.
Robert Holland is a senior fellow at the Lexington Institute in Arlington, Va. Back to Commentary Updated at 1:30 a.m. Bishops Toughen Stance Against Abuse Moussaoui Denies Sept. 11 Role Bush Affirms Palestinian Future Relatives Not Main Focus in Utah Case ... Andersen Jury Keeps Deliberating
Updated at 1:30 a.m. Karzai elected Afghan head of state Child abuse causes lasting health effects Moussaoui can defend himself Pentagon denies Afghan torture claims ... US checking nationality of Western Taliban
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15. Education Week - Registration - Access Restricted
By Darcia Harris Bowman As florida officials fight to also approved for studentswith special needs in Sarasota Since then, two disabled students have taken

16. Education Week - Registration - Access Restricted
As florida officials fight to save the nation's only was also approved for studentswith special needs in Sarasota Since then, two disabled students have taken

17. 92.01.05: Getting To Know Your Classmates With Special Needs
handicaps of children with special needs. The information of special needs Children Program in the Branford Public schools, which I fact, many learning disabled children are very
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home
Getting to Know Your Classmates with Special Needs
Mary Ellen Leahy
Contents of Curriculum Unit 92.01.05:
To Guide Entry
The primary objective of this unit is to sensitize both students and teachers to special education students and their needs and their rights. Many regular education students and teachers have had limited contact with special education students. They have very little understanding of the various handicaps of children with special needs. The information and activities in this unit will help Non-handicapped students get past their misconceptions and misunderstandings about children with handicaps. Teachers must help their students to understand and accept their peers with special needs. Teaching students about the various disabilities the other students have will foster an understanding of students with special needs. It is ignorance about disabilities and handicaps that breeds fear. Through education, non-handicapped students will learn to respect and understand the handicapped students as individuals. The second objective of this unit is to help the mainstreamed child with special needs to feel comfortable, accepted and confident in his or her classroom.

18. School Reform News: Florida Expands Vouchers To Disabled Kids (July 2000)
law applying to vouchers for disabled students, the law expanding the eligibilityof special needs students is teacher unions and the florida School Boards

School Reform News
July 2000
Florida Expands Vouchers to
Disabled Kids
Program would reach 350,000 special ed students In May, Florida legislators approved a bill that would dramatically expand the nation's first statewide voucher program to include some 350,000 students who have learning disabilities, mental or physical handicaps, or other exceptional needs. Under the plan, the special-needs students could transfer to private schoolssecular or religiousif the students fail to make adequate progress toward their individual educational goals in the public schools. Governor Jeb Bush is expected to sign the legislation, which was sponsored by Republican Senator John McKay. In the state's Opportunity Scholarship Program, vouchers are school-based and triggered when a school has been designated as failing for two consecutive years. By contrast, in the new program for disabled students, vouchers are student-based and would be triggered when a student fails for two years to meet the goals specified in his or her Individual Education Plan. Although the original 1999 Opportunity Scholarship law approved a trial of vouchers for disabled students in Sarasota County, McKay's bill expands that trial to a statewide program where vouchers could be worth up to $25,000 per student per year.

19. The Heartland Institute
of any specialneeds child in florida can receive from activism on behalf of special-needsstudents. Andrews, “the parents of learning-disabled students have

20. Press Release - Education Subcommittee Hears Testimony On Benefits Of Parental C
the parents can ensure their disabled sons and our educators more accountable toparents in florida. justice system, and children with special needs have had
News from the
Committee on Education and the Workforce

John Boehner, Chairman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
May 8, 2002 CONTACTS: Dave Schnittger or
Heather Valentine
Telephone: (202) 225-4525 Education Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Benefits of Parental Choice in Special Education Florida’s McKay Scholarships Provide Parental Choice for Special Needs Students WASHINGTON, D.C. The Education Reform Subcommittee today heard testimony on several special education-related issues, including innovative programs that enhance parental choice in special education. This is the third in a series of hearings to lay the groundwork for reform and reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which House Republicans hope to pass through Congress this year. Several states have taken the lead in finding innovative approaches to improving special education and giving more options to parents with special needs children. Florida, for example, last year launched a program that provides education choice for parents of disabled students. The McKay Scholarships are available to parents who want to ensure that their special needs children receive a quality education. According to Education Week , Florida education officials received more than 14,000 inquiries from interested parents in the first few months of the McKay program’s existence. (Lisa Fine, August 8, 2001)

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