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21. Virtual Schools
at http// And other schools operatedby state education agencies. florida Virtual School (formerly florida Online
Call for Examples: Virtual Schools We are working on a second edition of Virtual High Schools: State of the States that will provide a wider view of the field. The first edition, published in Spring 2000, can be found online at: As part of this effort, we are compiling a list of virtual schools. Your assistance is requested in identifying existing and emerging virtual schools not in our initial list. For the purposes of this list, we define a "virtual school" as "an educational organization offering courses designed for K-12 learners through distance learning methods that include Web-based delivery." HYPERLINKED LISTING OF CURRENT SCHOOLS IDENTIFIED Below is the hyperlinked version of our current list. After reviewing the list, you may wish to go to the Virtual School List Survey web site, a site where you can suggest a school NOT YET LISTED or submit a comment, idea or lead about virtual schools. Please examine the listings below, BEFORE suggesting a virtual school through the Virtual School List Survey web site. WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED IN THE LIST...

22. DLRN -- For K-12 Students
level virtual schools other schools operated by state education agencies AlabamaOnline High School. Arkansas Virtual High School. florida Virtual School
The Virtual School List The Virtual School List includes only those entities which offer courses designed for K-12 learners and which offer at least some Internet- or Web-based credit courses . Using email, chat or support web sites (like many conventional college courses these days) isn't considered to constitute a "web-based course" in the context of this Virtual School List. Computer-based courses using CD-ROMs or software loaded on the student's computer for the main course delivery, another common method, is also not considered a "web-based course" application in this context. To suggest a new listing, go to the Virtual School Survey page. State-operated University-operated District-operated State charter schools ... York County Virtual High School (VA) Upcoming state-level schools which have been announced, but for which no web site yet exists, include the Maryland Virtual Learning Community and the Idaho Virtual High School Back to top
  • Virtual Schools Operated by Colleges and Universities (offering at least a partial K-12 curriculum through web-based courses) Brigham Young University Independent Study Indiana University High School Oklahoma State University Extension, K12 Distance Learning Academy
  • 23. Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
    education Today PAEC Live TV Employment Tuesday 753 West Boulevard, Chipley,florida 32428 (850 educational Institutions, Nonprofit agencies and private
    April 7, 2003
    Tell Us What You Think!

    Education Today
    PAEC Live TV Employment ... Search
    753 West Boulevard, Chipley, Florida 32428 (850) 638-6131 Toll Free: (877) 873-7232
    E-Mail Protected by AVP
    Anti-Viral Plugin for IMS
    Schools, Educational Institutions, Non-profit Agencies and private parties may link to, print and/or redistribute original PAEC material from the PAEC website without requesting prior permission. Please include a credit indicating that PAEC is the source, and cite the proper URL ( to view the material online.

    24. TEAM Florida Partnership Home Page
    representatives from child serving agencies, organizations and Your Calendars 2003TEAM florida Partnership Meetings Through Early Care education 2002 Fall
    If you are interested in joining TEAM, we would welcome you! Just fill out our online form and become a part of TEAM.
    Due to popular demand, the materials from the August 23, 2002 legislative wrap-up meeting are still available.
    Mission: To enhance the safety and well-being of Florida's families and children, the TEAM Florida Partnership coordinates and develops opportunities for agencies and other partners to work cohesively.
    Vision: Children are raised in a safe and nurturing family environment.

    TEAM Florida Partnership is a state level planning, technical assistance and policy support workgroup made up of representatives from child serving agencies, organizations and programs, advocates, consumers, legislative staff, Governor's staff and community facilitators from each district.
    TEAM Meeting Minutes

    Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes

    This site is funded by:
    Next TEAM Florida Partnership Meeting:

    May 15, 2003 in Orlando, Florida. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Department of Children and Families Prevention Conference at the Coronado Springs Resort. The meeting will be from 3:45 pm until 5:15.
    Community Facilitators
    Next Meeting: Conference Call April 10, 2003

    25. For Workforce Professionals And Partners
    of Employment Security agencies (ICESA) http// Agency for WorkforceInnovation http// florida Department of education http

    U.S. Dept. of Commerce

    Other Federal Agencies

    National Governors Association

    International Conference of Employment Security Agencies (ICESA)
    Agency for Workforce Innovation Florida Department of Education State Agency and Services Directory Enterprise Florida, Inc. Florida Resource Directory Florida Chamber of Commerce Florida Trend Dynamic Works Institute (formerly Learning Link) Information Technology Task Force National Federation of Independent Business Florida United Businesses Association Associated Industries of Florida Florida TaxWatch

    26. About Learn & Serve America :: Tribal Grantees
    About Learn Serve State education agencies. florida Department of educationMr. Tom Zutell 345 South Iowa Department of education Mr. Joseph P. Herrity
    :: State Education Agencies
    Grantees are listed alphabetically by state. Last updated on November 12, 2002.
    Alabama State Department of Education
    Ms. Tammy H. Starnes
    P.O. Box 302101
    50 North Ripley Street, Room 5348 (36104)
    Montgomery , AL 36130
    Phone: (334) 242-8199
    Fax: (334) 242-0496

    Alaska Department of Education Ms. Kattaryna Stiles Alaska State Community Service Commission 619 Ship Creek Avenue Anchorage , AK 99501 Phone: (907) 269-4674 Fax: (907) 269-4520 Arizona Department of Education Ms. Jan Brite 1535 West Jefferson Avenue Bin #60 Phoenix , AZ 85007 Phone: (602) 542-4365 Fax: (602) 364-3045 Arkansas Department of Education Ms. Karen Ghidotti #4 Capitol Mall - Room #402A Little Rock , AR 72201

    27. About SERVE
    and technical assistance in specialized areas to assist education agencies in achieving withmajor staff groups located in Tallahassee, florida, and Atlanta
    SERVE National Leadership Area Staff Directory Employment Opportunities
    RESOURCES SERVE Publications Training Opportunities Upcoming Events The Vision
    LINKS U.S. Department of Education State Departments of Education Regional Educational Laboratories Other Educational Organizations SERVE, directed by Dr. John R. Sanders, is an education organization with the mission to promote and support the continuous improvement of educational opportunities for all learners in the Southeast. The organization’s commitment to continuous improvement is manifest in an applied research-to-practice model that drives all of its work. Building on theory and craft knowledge, SERVE staff develop tools and processes designed to assist practitioners and policymakers with their work, ultimately, to raise the level of student achievement in the region. Evaluation of the impact of these activities combined with input from affected stakeholders expands SERVE’s knowledge base and informs future research. This vigorous and practical approach to research and development is supported by an experienced staff strategically located throughout the region. This staff is highly skilled in providing needs-assessment services, conducting applied research in schools, and developing processes, products, and programs that inform educators and increase student achievement. In the last three years, in addition to its basic research and development work with over 170 southeastern schools, SERVE staff provided technical assistance and training to more than 18,000 teachers and administrators across the region.

    28. Higher Education Partnership Links
    to Other States' education and Higher education agencies florida Department of education,florida Board of Higher education Partnership PO Box 761 Montgomery


    Links to Other Education Resources
    Links to Other States' Education and Higher Education Agencies
    State State Education Department State Higher
    Education Agency Alabama Alabama State Department of Education Alabama Commission for
    Higher Education
    Alaska Alaska Department of Education University of Alaska
    Board of Regents
    Arizona Arizona Department of Education Arizona Commission for
    Postsecondary Education
    Arkansas Arkansas State Department of Education Arkansas Institutions of
    Higher Education
    California California Department of Education - Goldmine California Postsecondary Education Commission Colorado Colorado Department of Education Colorado Commission on Higher Education Connecticut Connecticut State Education Department Board of Governors for Higher Education Delaware Delaware State Department of Education Delaware Higher Education Commission Washington D.C

    29. Interstate Renewable Energy Council : Annual Innovation Awards
    the educational guidelines set by education agencies at the Spruill, NEED, mspruill@need.orgMANUFACTURED HOUSING SUN’S ENERGY Partners florida Solar Energy
    Other IREC Resources

    Annual Innovation Awards
    Restructuring the Electric Market Municpal guide to Renewable Energy Other Sites
    Interstate Renewable Energy Council

    POB 1156
    Latham, New York

    Annual Innovation Awards
    ILLINOIS SCHOOLS GOING SOLAR PROGRAM Partners: Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs and the National Energy Education Project (NEED) The Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs has tapped the resources and expertise of the National Energy Education Project’s (NEED) for the Schools Going Solar Program for the Chicago Public Schools. NEED’s energy education program is a multi-sided, comprehensive approach to energy education. NEED’s solar schools program creates learning laboratories within schools fortunate to be receiving PV systems for their buildings. To date, 6 schools have received installations, with an additional 10-25 planned for 2002 and 2003. All participating schools receive NEED materials, which illustrate hands-on education at its best. The activities incorporate music, drama, language, arts and math skills, as well as scientific investigation to teach about energy. All NEED training programs and classroom activities are correlated to the National Science Education Standards and to the educational guidelines set by education agencies at the state and local levels. This program is funded through the State of Illinois monies with support from BP Solar, Spire Corporation, ComEd and Schott Applied Power.

    30. Archbold Biological Station's Website Gateway, Published 22 November 1999
    A nonprofit research facility devoted to long-term ecological research and conservation of the organisms Category Science Biology Ecology Research Centers...... A consortium of government agencies and private organizations with preserve management,ecosystem inventory, and public education. Discovering florida Scrub.
    Archbold Biological Station's
    Web-site Gateway
    Archbold Biological Station

    Florida's Ancient Islands

    Archbold Biological Station
    The Station fosters long-term ecological research on native plants and animals of central Florida and also provides environmental education for K-12 children. MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center (MAERC) Central Florida's vast prairies support many cattle ranches. MAERC scientists work to discover the relationships on these ranches between ecological patterns and processes, including wildlife, water quality, and socio-economic decisions. SCRUB CONSERVATION/EDUCATION Florida's Ancient Islands: The Lake Wales Ridge Peninsular Florida's oldest terrain shelters a diverse group of rare plants and animals on an ancient dune system. This landscape is now greatly reduced and fragmented by recent development. Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem Working Group A consortium of government agencies and private organizations cooperate for regional conservation, land management, and education goals. Volunteers, the Ridge Rangers

    31. SEER Brochure
    SEER's member agencies include ° ° California Department of education ° °Colorado Department of education ° ° florida Office of
    SEER is a cooperative program that helps state education agencies in their efforts to strengthen the role of environment-based educational approaches in K-12 curricula and systemic reform efforts. SEER's staff coordinates professional development activities and research programs, disseminates educational resource materials and provides technical assistance to the states.
    SEER was established in 1995 with funding from The Pew Charitable Trusts, a national philanthropy with major interests in both environmental and school reform issues.
    The Council of Chief State School Officers administers the grant. Representatives of the participating state education agencies serve as SEER's professional advisory board.
    Program History
    A 1994 study of federal and state education agencies, local school districts, universities and environmental organizations revealed a broad-scale need for better information about strategies that are working to integrate environmental content, pedagogy and principles into formal K-12 educational systems. This study found that EE had achieved only minor integration in systemic education reform efforts. (Click here to see a copy of the report)
    As part of the study, environmental education coordinators from nine state education agencies convened to identify what specific steps needed to be taken to build a better knowledge base for the field. Among their recommendations was the establishment of a national entity that could help facilitate information sharing among the EE coordinators in the various state agencies and identify successful implementation strategies that might be replicated.

    32. Mid-Florida Area Agency On Aging, Inc.
    This website provides information for seniors, caregivers, and aging professionals, aimed at assisting Category Society People Seniors Organizations...... for Community Care for the Elderly Lead agencies in Planning and and launch of theFamily Caregiver education Support Program in Central florida.
    Request for Proposals - CCE Lead Agency
    MFAAA is soliciting proposals for Community Care for the Elderly Lead Agencies in Planning and Service Area 03 for the State Fiscal Year July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004. Application packets are available at the offices of MFAAA at 5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 222, Gainesville Florida.
    Click Here for More Details
    Invitation to Negotiate - CCE Services
    MFAAA is soliciting applications for the provision of Community Care for the Elderly home and community based services in Planning and Service Area 03 for the State Fiscal Year July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004. Application packets are available at the offices of MFAAA at 5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 222, Gainesville Florida.
    Click Here for More Details
    Family Caregiver Education
    Click here for more information

    Florida Information Network Database of Elder Resources Check out our new online database. Click on "FINDER Database" to search for programs and services available in North Central Florida. FINDER Database
    Help For Dementia Caregivers
    The Department of Elder Affairs and the University of Florida are working together to provide web-based resources and services for caregivers of persons with progressive dementia.

    33. OSEP Technical Assistance And Dissemination Network Projects
    Consists of over 40 projects funded by the United States Department of education's Office of Special Category Reference education Special education...... Health Sciences Center 1100 florida Avenue, Building 5193808 fax joy@nasdse.orgThe primary information among federal, state, and local education agencies.
    Technical Assistance
    About the FRC Conferences Federal
    ... RRFC Network Technical

    What's New

    Clearinghouses ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
    ERIC/OSEP Special Project
    The Council for Exceptional Children
    1110 North Glebe Road Arlington, VA 22201-5704 phone/TTY fax ERIC is a distributed national information system designed to provide users with ready access to an extensive body of education-related literature. ERIC, established in 1966, is supported by The National Library of Education, a part of the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement. The ERIC system WWW Home Page is maintained at the ACCESS ERIC facility. ERIC encompasses the world's largest and most frequently searched education database and a decentralized network of knowledgeable and helpful subject experts. ERIC also maintains an extensive Internet presence, including the award-winning AskERIC question-answering service and Virtual Library, the National Parent Information Network, and more than a dozen subject-oriented gopher and World Wide Web sites. HEATH Resource Center The George Washington University 2121 K Street, NW, Suite 220

    34. RRFC Network
    funded to assist state education agencies in the systemic improvement of educationprograms, practices SERRC) Alabama, Arkansas, florida, Georgia, Louisiana
    RRFC Network
    About the FRC Conferences Federal
    ... Publications RRFC Network Technical
    What's New
    Home The Regional Resource and Federal Centers (RRFC) Network is comprised of the six Regional Resource Centers for Special Education and the FRC.
    listing of states by RRC
    What are the Regional Resource Centers?
    The six Regional Resource Centers (RRCs) are specifically funded to assist state education agencies in the systemic improvement of education programs, practices, and policies that affect children and youth with disabilities. The RRCs help states and U.S. jurisdictions find integrated solutions for systemic reform, offering consultation, information services, technical assistance, training, and product development. The beneficiaries of the RRCs' work are children and youth with disabilities, and the families and professionals associated with them.
    Back to top
    Which RRC serves my state?

    35. PREL Online Library
    1997, more than 30 Federal agencies formed a is supported by the United States Departmentof education. florida Information Resource Network http//

    Educational Technology


    Professional Development

    School Reform
    ... [ close ] Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
    ENC's mission is to identify effective curriculum resources, create high-quality professional development materials, and disseminate useful information and products to improve K-12 mathematics and science teaching and learning. This site provides a doorway to an extensive amount of instructional resources, primarily in mathematics and science education. Gateway to Instructional Materials (GEM)
    The Gateway to Educational Materials is a Consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. GEM is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and is a special project of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

    36. The Hospice: The Hospice Institute Of The Florida Suncoast
    a division of The Hospice of the florida Suncoast, is a practicebased education,consulting and resources and models of care with other agencies to improve
    Vision The leading center for end-of-life education, research and innovation.
    Mission The mission of The Hospice Institute of the Florida Suncoast is to: Provide communities, volunteers and professionals training, research, resources and education to improve end-of-life care. Evaluate models to improve palliative and end-of-life care. Define and conduct clinical and organizational research to advance end-of-life practice and influence end-of-life public policy initiatives.
    Please follow this link if you would like to learn more about practical caregiving tips Please follow this link for reviews of books that deal with grief. Please follow this link for 2003 Educational Calendar As a hospice volunteer you learn to live life to the fullest, to enjoy every moment." Peggy Reicher
    Long time Hospice Volunteer Please follow this link if you would like to make a donation to The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, online using a credit card. The Hospice Institute of the Florida Suncoast is conducting five free train-the-trainer sessions in 2003. Caregiving at Life's End , a project funded by the Administration on Aging, is a program that teaches trainers a framework for caregiver training that creates meaningful experiences for caregivers in their community.

    37. Anchor School Partners
    Contact Glenn Thomas, Director. State education agencies. florida Department ofeducation. Georgia Department of education. Tennessee Department of education.
    Anchor School Partners Education Agencies and Businesses
    SERVE is a research and development center at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro that has as its core business the operation of the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Southeast, one of ten regional laboratories across the nation funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Also integral to SERVE are the Southeast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium, the Eisenhower Math and Science Consortium for the Southeast, a subcontract for the operation of the Region IV Comprehensive Technical Assistance Center, and a number of smaller projects.
    For more information contact:
    Jean Williams , Deputy Executive Director for Programs Beth Garriss Hardy , Director Children, Families, and Communities
    Gargiulo, Inc.
    Mike Sullivan
    ESCORT provides technical assistance, training, guidance, and support for migrant programs along the east coast from Florida to New England. ESCORT has the capacity to provide coordination activities, technical assistance, and consultative services to state and local education agencies, parents, and other programs that provide services for migrant children and their families. ESCORT has taken a proactive leadership role in promoting intrastate, interstate, and interagency coordination initiatives to improve communication and partnership building among the programs and organizations affecting the lives of migrant children.

    38. Florida Advisory Council On Military Education (ACME)
    encourage, and deliver meaningful education within all university educators, stateand other government agencies. various sites throughout florida and spring
    Florida A dvisory C ouncil on M ilitary E ducation
    ACME Supporting those who serve Our Purpose
    • Promote, encourage, and deliver meaningful education within all branches of the Armed Services. Establish and maintain communication between the military, college/university educators, state and other government agencies. Provide a forum for the discussion of current issues and planning. Review the concerns and problems brought before the Council and make recommendations to the appropriate agency or entity. Encourage cooperative and coordinated efforts leading to improved functioning of the Council and more efficient and effective educational programming for military personnel.
    ACME has two conferences each year. The fall conference held at various sites throughout Florida and spring conference traditionally held in Key West (also known as paradise) at the Trumbo Palms Naval Facility. ACME , while a Florida based organization, with members from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and surrounding states, welcomes as members educators and officials regardless of location as long as they share our dedication to providing educational opportunities for members our nations armed forces and their families active, reserve/guard, or retired.

    39. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
    and to raise the health, education, and economic florida Housing Coalition, NationalAssociation of Community Action agencies It
    Florida Department of Community Affairs directory contact us newsletters first time user Department's



    Calendar of Events
    The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides grants to local governments and non-profit agencies to assist eligible low-income households in meeting the costs of home heating and cooling. The majority of the funds are used for utility payment assistance. The program can assist customers in paying their home energy expenses. Three categories of assistance exist: home energy assistance, crisis assistance, and weather related or supply shortage emergency assistance. Each category has unique requirements. To be eligible for the program, household income may not exceed 150% of the of the poverty guidelines and allowable and unallowable sources of income Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Checklist LOCAL PROGRAMS AND CONTACTS: To find out where to apply for the funds, please visit our

    40. State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Programs -- Profile Of Florida
    districts, which may subcontract with nonprofit agencies. and School Readiness Floridaeducation Center 325 Helping state leaders shape education policy 700

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