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         Florida Law Criminal Code:     more detail
  1. Amendments to the criminal punishment code.(Florida): An article from: Florida Bar News by Unavailable, 2009-10-01
  2. Florida & Federal Evidence Rules 2009-2010 (State Code Series) by Peter Nicolas, 2009-05-15
  3. Florida sentencing law and punishment code by John Hogenmuller, 2001
  4. Avoiding deportation by vacating state court convictions.: An article from: Florida Bar Journal by Robert G. Amsel, 2004-02-01

1. LII: State Statutes By Topic
criminal code; criminal Procedure; Education; Elections; Evidence. Family law Adoption; Connecticut;Delaware (see Title 3); florida (see Title XXXV); Georgia
Topical Index:
State Statutes on the Internet
Most but not all state statutes on the Internet are organized along lines fitting the following topical breakdown.
[For a full listing of State Statutes on the Net, click here
State Statutes on the Internet by Topic
Alcoholic Beverages
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business and Professions Code

2. Buffalo Criminal Law Center - Criminal Law Resources On The Internet
22) • florida (ti 15) • New Hampshire • New Jersey code of criminal Justice(ti 30) • New York Penal law (alternate site) Penal law (annotated) NonPenal
Buffalo Criminal Law Center
Criminal Law Resources on the Internet
Introductory Note: This page provides on-line access to criminal law materials from the United States and throughout the world, including, among other things, criminal codes, criminal procedure codes, and enforcement codes. For a dynamic website integrating these materials into a comprehensive and systematic collection of interconnected annotated codes, court opinions, and commentary, go to the Penal Law Web . For a web digest of New York criminal law, click here Argentina Australia Austria Bolivia Brazil
Chile China (People's Republic) Colombia Penal Code Finland France Germany

3. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page: Law Indexes
florida State University School of Criminology criminal Justice Last Updated 94-98 Searchable law Sites Databases Indices Federal Legal Cases and codes The U.S. code Do you know the laws of the land? florida Legislature Find Out About Pending Legislation. Georgia code. Pettys law A criminal law Resource (focuses on
F lorida S tate U niversity
Created and Maintained by Cecil Greek
Last Updated 9-4-98
Federal Legal Cases and Codes
State and Local Statutes Other Searchable Legal Data Bases Federal Legal Cases and Codes United States Supreme Court. Sites. U.S. Supreme Court: full text; searchable by subject; 1990-present U.S. Supreme Court decisions: full text; searchable by subject; 1937-1975
FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions
USSC Plus - U.S. Supreme Court on the Web The Oral Argument Page: Listen to Attorneys Make Their Presentations Before the Supreme Court. Uses Real Audio U.S. Constitution: Doesn't everyone carry a copy in their pocket? The Declaration of Independence: This site also contains scans of the original document Avalon Project: Historical Law Documents A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation The U.S. Code : Do you know the laws of the land? The U.S. Tax Code : Laws You May Not want to Know. The Law Library of Congress The U.S. Government Printing Office: Includes access to Bills currently being considered by Congress The Code of Federal Regulations The U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit Cases

4. LII: State Statutes By Topic
State law, LII. Collection here.. criminal code. 18); Connecticut; Delaware(see Title 11); District of Columbia (see Title 22); florida (see Title XLVI);
Topical Index:
State Statutes on the Internet (Part II)
[To return to Part I and the index of topics, click here
Criminal Code

5. WashLaw Web - State Government CT - IN Page
State Representative Tracy Stafford; Internet law Library Information on florida. codeof Civil Procedure (Title 34); State code of criminal law and Procedure
State Information for Connecticut - Indiana
Documents relating to state and local government and legislative information.

6. Florida Registered Sexual Offenders & Predators Search
findlaw thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, cle courses, and much more. US Constitution. US code - laws made by the District of Columbia. florida. Georgia. Guam Summaries of law. LEGAL SUBJECTS Constitutional · Intellectual Property · criminal ·
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
This database contains public record information on offenders classified as sexual predators and sexual offenders under Florida law because of a conviction for a sex-related crime and/or a specified crime against children. This information is made available to interested citizens to help them educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities. The placement of information about an offender in this database is not intended to indicate that any judgment has been made about the level of risk a particular offender may present to others. This information is made available to assist interested persons in forming their own risk assessments based on the offender's personal circumstances and conviction history.
Sexual Offenders/Predators Search System
> Click to search the Database
The information you are about to view has been reported directly to FDLE by the Florida Department of Corrections and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. FDLE merely compiles and provides this information for public access, and does not independently confirm the accuracy of the information compiled and provided. It is FDLE's desire that the information contained herein be accurate and reliable. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate should contact FDLE by phone at:
or via e-mail:

7. Model Penal Code Pts. 1 & 2
florida criminal code (ti. XLVI). Georgia criminal code (ti. 16). Guam criminal and Correctional code (ti. 9). Hawaii. Idaho criminal code. Indiana criminal law

8. CRIMINAL LAW: LawResearch
code; District of Columbia criminal code; florida criminal code (see Title criminalcode; Wisconsin criminal code; Wyoming criminal code. criminal law by Subject.
Internet Private Investigator

9. - Home Poker And The Law
florida law makes it real simple if you own or operate or to true gambling , andcould not be punishable by law in a The criminal code of the State of Ohio.
Home... Law...
Discuss it in the
Home Poker and the Law
Below, you will find a list of different regions. Click on one to view that region's criminal laws regarding Home Poker (or home gambling, to be general). You will note that home gambling falls under some country's national laws and some country's state laws.
Where home gambling falls under a country's laws, more of an attempt will be made to offer more content and specifics. Based on the region in question, some jurisdictions offer more detailed explanation of the act of home gambling than others.
It is important to note that no lawyers work at The following is a layman's interpretation of statutes, and should not be considered a legal analysis. You gamble at home at your own risk.
Alaska Criminal Law
(This one is for Chilcoot)
Article 2 (Gambling Offenses) in Chapter 66 (Offenses Against Public Health and Decency) states that it is an offense to engage in unlawful gambling, BUT that it is an "affirmative defense" to prosecution for the person to claim having been part of a "social game".
A "social game" is defined as gambling in a home where no house player (barring Home Craps and other home casino games), no house bank, and no house odds exist, and where there is no house income (rake) from the operation of the game. No House and no rake means that home gambling is a defense against unlawful gambling, and legal in the state of Alaska.

criminal code Chap 23 laws/ Delaware's legislation on Crimes and criminalProcedure related to laws/ The florida Computer Crimes Act, 1190
MFrom caf-talk Caf Apr 22 00:00:00 1992 Newsgroups: From: (Carl M. Kadie) Subject: Policy archive at University of New Mexico Message-ID: Baylor.policy Baylor University's Ethics Code and Policies Bibliography.txt A file for citations and references. BITNET.policy BITNET Abuse policy Bentley.policy Bentley College's Ethical Use Policy. BostonU.policy Boston University's Policy on Computing Ethics UofWashEngr.policy The Center For Engineering Computing's Unix Instructional Account Policies Data.Access/Virgina.policy Janet Terry submits Virginia Polytechnic Institute's and State University's 'Policy and Procedures' November 14, 1989 VirgTech.policy Virgina Tech Univ's policy on Appropriate Use of Information Systems. Laws/ 1975 Code of Alabama Laws/ Alaska Staute 11.46.200 Laws/ Arizona's computer fraud act. Criminal Code Chap 23. Laws/ California's computer crime legislation. Title 13 Laws/Canadian.crimCode Comments on Canadian Computer Law by Henry Waldock - Univ. British Col.

11. SecurityFocus ONLINE Library Archive

12. Computer Crime Research Resources: Statutes: States
815 CHAPTER 815 COMPUTERRELATED CRIMES florida Statutes (Full Volume 431-433 Title17-A MAINE criminal code Table of law §§ 27-45A, 27-145, 27-146, 27-340

Introduction Below you will find listed and, if available, links to many state statutes pertaining to crimes involving computers, information, and telecommunications. Most if not all statutes which directly or closely relate to computer crime are referenced. However, directness or relatedness is somewhat subjective and depends substantially on the situation at hand. Furthermore, the particulars of any given case may indicate the need to consider numerous other statutes not included here. To help determine context and the existence of other possibly related sections, links are provided in some cases to the contents of the title, chapter or other higher level of organization in a state's statutory hierarchy in which a referenced section is located.
For other materials listed state-by-state, including but not limited to each state's code (if available), consult FindLaw: State Resources , and The House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - U.S. State and Territorial Laws

List of State Computer Crime Laws
This is a fairly extensive list, but it is a list only, and neither the list nor individual statutes are dated. Furthermore, there are many relevant provisions missing from this list.

13. Bora Laskin Law Library - Links - Criminal Law & Procedure
criminal Justice Links (florida State University) This publishing the 'Buffalo criminalLaw Review', the domestic and international criminal code reform, and
Quick Links Case Law Indexes (Law) International Material Legal Encyclopedias Legislation - Canada Legislation - Other Law Journals and Reviews Texts Treaties Lexis Westlaw Quicklaw Home e-legal
Law Related Internet Resources by Subject
Criminal law defines certain acts or omissions deemed illegal by legislature. Criminal law offences range from traditional crimes such as murder, assault, robbery and theft to newer crimes such as driving with a blood alcohol level "over 80." Criminal Procedure: An Overview
In Canada, criminal law is enacted by the federal Parliament. Criminal procedure in Canada is concerned with criminal proceedings in the criminal courts and such matters as conduct within the courtroom, competency of witnesses, oaths and affirmations, and presentation of evidence. In a narrow sense, criminal procedure covers pleading, evidence, and practice. In a broader sense, it encompasses rules in the Criminal Code which deal with police powers, right to counsel, search warrants, interim release, witnesses, etc. In the United States, most criminal law is set by the individual states, although the Federal government has adopted its own criminal code in Title 18 which deals with activities that extend beyond state boundaries or have special impact on Federal government operations. Criminal procedure in the United States consists of the law governing the series of proceedings through which the substantive criminal law is enforced. Procedure in criminal trials in federal courts is outlined in Title 18. Statutes set the framework for criminal procedure in the states, subject to certain constitutional limits.

14. - WiredCops
Departments in the US Arkansas State Police florida Department of Darby and Darbylaw American law Sources On ACJ Net The criminal code Of Canada.
home who we are our mission secure area ... contact links
911 report
child porn report CLEO Links Law Enforcement Links
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Cyber Criminals most Wanted

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Law Enforcement Sites National Criminal Justice Reference Service
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United States Department of Justice
Agency Search Engine ... Back to Main Page United States Legal Links Darby and Darby Law American Law Sources On-line Back to Top ... Back to Main Page Canadian Links ACJ Net The Criminal Code Of Canada Back to Top Back to Main Page Australian Links The Police Law Bulletin Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Back to Top Back to Main Page United Kingdom Links Police Law Home Office Legislation Back to Top Back to Main Page

15. Steven Casanova, Attorney At Law In Florida - Criminal Law
Amends florida criminal Punishment code FS Section 921.0022 to include a followingwords have been added to florida's Implied Consent law and shall
Updated Florida DUI Penalties
The following statutes relating to driving under the influence (DUI) and boating under the influence (BUI) are effective as of July 1, 2003: Recent DUI Legislation On 3/22/02 the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 1057 greatly affecting DUI laws. In summary, this new legislation provides in part as follows: Felony DUI Felony DUI's have been expanded to include the following:
  • A third DUI conviction that occurs within ten years of any prior DUI conviction shall be a third degree felony. (Effective 7/1/02)
    "Serious bodily injury" language of felony DUI statute is expanded to include the words "contributes to causing" in addition to "the former language that provides: "causes." (Effective 7/1/02)
    Amends Florida Criminal Punishment code F.S. Section 921.0022 to include a third time felony DUI conviction as a level three offense.
Ignition Interlock Devices
  • A person convicted of a second DUI must obtain at his sole expense, an ignition interlock device on all vehicles in his name or in joint name with another, prior to obtaining a permanent or restricted license. (Not to be effective until 7/1/03) (Not court ordered. Presumably monitored by DHSMV.)
    Upon a third conviction within 10 years of any prior conviction, the court shall for a period of not less than two years order the installation of, an ignition interlock device at the Defendant's sole expense on all vehicles in the Defendant's name or in joint name with another person, at the time he qualifies for a permanent or restricted license. (Not to be effective until 7/1/03)

16. Identity Theft: State Laws
53a129a (criminal) Conn. Stat. § 52-571h (civil). Delaware, Del. code Ann. tit.II, § 854. District of Columbia, Does not have specific ID Theft law. florida, Fla
ID Theft Affidavit
Declaración Jurada
de Robo de Identidad

[solo en PDF] FTC Workshop
Victim Assistance
ID Theft Data
FACT Sheet
PDF Robo de Identidad...
Un Crimen Insidioso

PDF State Laws Below is a list of states that have passed laws related to identity theft; others may be considering such legislation. Where specific identity theft laws do not exist, the practices may be prohibited under other state laws. States marked with * do not currently have their law available online. Alabama Alabama Code 13A-8-190 through 201
search Alabama Code for "Identity Theft" Alaska Alaska Stat § 11.46. Click Title 11, Chapter 46, Section 565) Arizona Ariz. Rev. Stat. Arkansas Ark. Code Ann. § 5-37-227 California Cal. Penal Code § 530.5- Colorado Does not have specific ID Theft law. Connecticut Conn. Stat. (criminal) Conn. Stat. 52-571h (civil) Delaware Del. Code Ann. tit. II, § 854 District of Columbia Does not have specific ID Theft law. Florida Fla. Stat. Ann. § 817.568

17. State/Provincial Sectoral Laws
florida florida Statutes Annotated 817.568. New Mexico Relating to criminal law;Creating a New criminal Enacting a New Section of the criminal code (HB 317).
State and Provincial Sector Laws Australia Canada China United States Alabama


Australia Victoria Canada Alberta Manitoba Saskatchewan China Hong Kong

18. Legal Links
and documents, and state code searching. of Bar Examiners; Virginia criminal SentencingCommission. Federal Communications law Journal; florida law Weekly; florida
Virginia's Judicial System Contents:
Legal Links
Virginia Codes, Rules and Statutes

Other Legal Materials

Virginia State and Local Government
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
  • Virginia General Assembly includes full text, summaries, status history of bills and resolutions and schedules of activity, and a number of excellent research tools for state legislative information.

19. States: Florida
0016 amending Fair Housing code Ch. 9 sec. florida has a criminal law prohibitingconsensual sex between both different-sex and same-sex couples.

20. Seniors Vs. Crime Project: 809 Area Code Hoax
prevention seminars to florida's elderly. Second, it would provide comprehensivetraining for law enforcement officers and other criminal justice practitioners
The Florida Attorney General's
Charlie Crist Donald Ravenna Florida Attorney General Executive Director History of the Project The Attorney General’s Office recognized that senior citizens were very willing to assist law enforcement in combating crimes that were being perpetrated against them. There was considerable value to having seniors participate in their own protection but first they had to be educated in crime prevention so they could prevent becoming victims. As stated by Attorney General Butterworth, "With Florida’s explosive growth and the increase in age of our state’s population have come criminal behavior directed against our senior citizens. Perhaps even more important than the raw numbers is the psychological and emotional impact of crime on our older citizens…. As we educate law enforcement, social services, judiciary, and other elements of our society, it is critical that we also educate our senior citizens.” The purpose of the Project, when initiated, was twofold. First, it would offer crime prevention seminars to Florida's elderly. Second, it would provide comprehensive training for law enforcement officers and other criminal justice practitioners in understanding how the aging population impacts upon the role of police and other criminal justice professionals.

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