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         Flutes Instruments:     more books (117)
  1. Living Praise Instrumental Collection: C Instruments (Flute, Oboe, Violin, Mallet Percussion)(Book & CD) by Alfred Publishing Staff, 2009-09-07
  2. The Flute (Yale Musical Instrument Series) by Mr. Ardal Powell, 2003-09-01
  3. Flute For Dummies by Karen Evans Moratz, 2009-12-30
  4. The Flute and Flute-Playing in Acoustical, Technical, and Artistic Aspects by Dayton C. Miller, Theobald Boehm, 2011-03-24
  5. My Complete Story of the Flute: The Instrument, the Performer, the Music by Leonardo De Lorenzo, 1996-03
  6. Flute Recorder and Other Woodwind Instruments (Young Musician Plays) by Simon Walton, 1993-10
  7. Flutes (Musical Instruments of the World) by M.J. Wilkins, 2006-10-05
  8. Flutes (Musical Instruments of the World) by M.J. Knight, 2005-03-24
  9. Should I Play the Flute? (Learning Musical Instruments; Infosearch) by Nicola Barber, 2007-01-15
  10. Musical Instruments: From flutes carved of bone, to lutes, to modern electric guitars (Scholastic Voyages of Discovery: Music and Performing Arts) by Scholastic Books, Gallimard Jeunesse, 1994-09
  11. The Art of the Native American Flute by R. Carlos Nakai, James Demars, et all 1997-01-21
  12. Do It!: Play Flute (with Audio CD), Book 1: A World of Musical Enjoyment At Your Fingertips (Do It! Play In Band: A Musical Band Method for Mixed- and Like-Instrument Classes, Flute Book 1) by James O. Froseth, 1997
  13. Yamaha Band Student, Book 2: Flute (Yamaha Band Method) by Sandy Feldstein, John O'Reilly, 1989-01
  14. Syrinx (Early twentieth century flute solo) by Claude Debussy, 2010-06-24

1. Bagpipes,Bodhrans,Flutes Instruments.
Bagpipes,Bodhrans,flutes instruments. Date 10 Nov 2002 Time 200152Remote Name Remote User Comments. http//walk

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Bagpipes,Bodhrans,Flutes instruments.
Date: 10 Nov 2002
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Comments Greenland Pipe Co Post Box# 129, SIALKOT-51310. (PAKISTAN) Tel:- +92 432 Highland or Scottish Bagpipes, 595 265. Fax:- +92 432 594 092. E-Mail. We are manufacturers and exporters of Irish War and Brian Boru Bagpipes,Miniature,Chamber or Parlour Bagpipes,Minipipes,Toy Highland Gifts Bagpipes,Goose Sets,Pipe and Practice Chanters,Irish Flutes, Clairnets, Reeds and Drones,BagsCovers and Cords,Waist and Cross Belts,Spats,Long Horse Hair Sporrans,Hackles, Sashes,Brooches,Sgian Dubhs,Knives,Dirks,Balmorals,Glengarries,Bb Bugles,Marching Drums,Swords,Irish Celtic Bodhrans, Bodhrans Covers,Irish Harps, Tambourines, Vellum Drum Heads(goat calf skin),Wooden Spoon, Metal Wooden Dumbecks etc etc. Ask for free export catalogue with worlds lowest prices Last changed: November 10, 2002

2. HiperComercio @ BizBB
HiperComercio Home About FAQ Contact Help, BizBB HiperComercio ForSale Harpa,flutes instruments. For Sale Harpa,flutes instruments.,Flutes Instruments./
About FAQ Contact ... Harpa,Flutes/Instruments.
For Sale: Harpa,Flutes/Instruments.

3. Two Towers Flutes And Instruments - Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls, Solar Candles,
Native American flutes, handcrafted with cedar and hardwoods in many different shapes, sizes and musical Category Shopping Music instruments Winds Native American Flute...... Two Towers flutes and instruments, Steffan Heydon, 1705 San Ramon Rd.,Atascadero,CA 93422. PO Box 12708, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
Two Towers Flutes and Instruments, singing quartz crystal bowls, solar candles, essential oils, tibetan, practitioner, tuning fork, moldavite, indigo, bowls, toning, vocal harmonic, overtoning, sound healing, music, meditation, music, native american flutes, cedar flutes, indian flutes, traditional instruments, indian, american indian, two towers, native, american, woodwinds, crystal, harmonics, bioharmonics, australia, aborigines, didgeridoo, didjeridu, didjeridoo, yidaki, yucca, arnhemland, outback, musical instruments, gifts, meditation tools, shamanic, stress relief, stress reduction, musical instruments, vocal harmonic overtoning, sound healing, meditation music, indian flutes
Biography of Steffan Heydon
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great web sites
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Simply Amazing and Beautiful!
Singing Quartz Crystal Bowl
and Bowl Accessories

Finest quality, Singing

4. Yxayotl Ancient Clay Flutes And Ancient Musical Instruments
Flutemaker and performer of Clay flutes and Ancient instruments from the Aztec, Mayan and Huichol. CDs and videos from this indigenous music available.
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl... of Huichol heritage Xavier presents native culture performances of ancestral music from the Maya, Aztec, Tarahumara, Tepehuane, Yaqui, and other indigenous pre-Hispanic peoples of Meso-America. Traditional music of ancient Mexico, Aztec dance performances, Mayan rhythms... ANCIENT MUSIC FOR A NEW GENERATION
Native American Music Awards
The 5th Annual 2002 Awards Show is now available to vote your favorites. Xavier is nominated in 2 categories for Flutist of the Year ~and~ Best World Music Recording. The show this year is September 7th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. NEW! Sound samples now online for our CD's. Go to the CD page


Clay Flutes
Ancient Instruments
Indigenous music of Mayan, Aztec,
Huichol, Tarahumara, Yaqui, Tepehuanes, etc.
Native Culture Presentations
Aztec Music and Dance Performances Children's Interaction Programs
Dreamcatchers WebDesign

5. Ahoken, Craftsman Of Native American Flutes And Instruments
A craftsman of Native American Style flutes and instruments, as well as prototype modelmaking. Custom made flutes for professionals collectors. William L. Gould
William L. Gould
In our increasingly noisy society many are finding the need to retreat to a quiet place of solitude and personal expression. The elegant simplicity of the Native American Flute and the ancient sounds of indigenous musical instruments resonates ever more today, for we intuitively know we must listen to the Voices of our Ancestors. I have had a lifelong passion for creating items of beauty and usefulness, and have been self-employed for almost thirty years as a professional modelmaker specializing in engineering models for the consumer product and medical device industry. Yet I find I am drawn ever more into the healing power of music. After all, the magic of the flute, drum and rattle has been the primary indigenous "medical device" for many thousands of years. Perhaps the time has come to embrace that magic in our daily lives... Handcrafting musical instruments has become an important part of my vision. I am honored to share them with you... In Peace

6. Sunreed Instruments Bamboo Flutes, Bamboo Saxophones, Didgeridoos, Drums, Musica
Bamboo flutes and saxophones, didgeridoos, shakuhachi, Native American flutes, drums, quartz crystal Category Shopping Ethnic and Regional North American Native American......Quality bamboo flutes, bamboo saxophones, didgeridoos, crystal bowls, shakuhachi,bamboo clarinets, Native American flutes, drums, and world instruments.
Bamboo Flutes

Alto and Bass

Pentatonic Flutes

Zacciah Blackburn
P.O. Box 389
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone 10 Am -8 PM EST
Fax and answer machine 24 hours
We will respond promptly e-mail us at:
Shakuhachi Native American Flutes Quartz Crystal ... Whistles, Wooden flutes, New: From Soundroots; Mali style Dunun Drums About Us Cedar Flutes ... Programs Can't Decide? Try Our Gift Certificates! About Our Instruments SPECIALS (Current: djembe, dulcimer, rattles, didg) How To Order Native American Drums! Sunreed Instruments offers you a wide variety of quality hand made bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones and clarinets, Native American flutes, didgeridoos, drums, and musical instruments of the world. We welcome you to browse our pages of unique world instruments. Enjoy the fine workmanship created with years of experience. Sunreed Instruments is a small Vermont fine craft studio,where we have made bamboo wind instruments since 1977, created the bamboo saxophone in 1983, and have sold world musical instruments since 1985. We are happy to help you today find the instrument to best fit your music needs! If there is any thing we can do to help in making your selections, please ask.

7. The Selmer Company
Manufacturer of student and professional musical instruments including Selmer, Bach, Ludwig/Musser, Category Arts Music Winds Brass Manufacturers and Distributors...... Repair Bachology Ludwig/Musser Products Artist Education News Dealers Glaesel Stringedinstruments Products News Education Dealers Emerson flutes USA Products
Conn-Selmer University
Site Map



... Model 74 and Reference 36 Model 84 Tenor Saxophones. See the details. has been written specifically for parents to help them understand. See the details. The Boston Legacy flute and piccolo offers the best professional features at the highest quality and value available. Email Customer Service The Selmer Company is a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., one of the world's
leading manufacturers of musical instruments. For additional financial information visit the
corporate web site at

8. BéZed Contemporary Folk Instruments
Precision tuned hardwood Native style flutes, claves, shakers, rainsticks, and amandindas. Traditionally inspired musical instruments with contemporary designs by traditional design and who enhance our instruments with contemporary style and precision handcrafting. have any questions about the instruments that we handcraft please feel free
P.O. Box 1360 Alexandria, ON CANADA
Welcome to the (pronounced Bay-Zed), website. We are instrument makers who are inspired by traditional design and who enhance our instruments with contemporary style and precision handcrafting. Please take a few minutes to browse through our site and if you have any questions about the instruments that we handcraft please feel free to drop us a line or an Email Thanks Alain What's New Instrument Tour Order/Inquire Prices ... Email!! Website Development Assisted by: Visitor #

9. Home Page Top Master Include
Quality name brand musical instruments. New and used. Clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones plus a full line of musical accessories. Tuners, strings, metronomes, gifts, guitars, banjo's, anything musical.




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Join Our Mail List Subscribe Unsubscribe W elcome to the worlds first, finest and most complete musical item locator and music resource on the Internet. The greatest concentration of quality musical items, dealers collectors virtual store fronts record and guitar shows ... resources and services ever assembled. Take your time reviewing all the information and services within the site. Get to know us and our members. Here you can search through over 2 million musical items read articles about music products and what's going on in the music industry, check out the age of your guitar using our guitar dating service , or find a record or guitar show near you. If you are a collector or dealer of musical items, find out how you can become a member or an associate member of ProMusicFind.Com.

10. - Guitars, Stage-Studio Gear, Personal Studios, Edrums, Keyboar
Large selection of guitars (acoustic and electric), basses, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, keyboards synthesizers, saxophones, drums, flutes, effect pedals, PA systems and a wide variety of band instruments.
Telephone Hours: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Saturday Search For:
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11. TRANSVERSE BAMBOO FLUTES, Sunreed World Musical Instruments
Bamboo flutes Finely hand crafted quality bamboo flutes by Sunreed instruments,makers since 1977. Student model flutes are excellent beginner instruments.
Bamboo Flute Price List
Grades of Bamboo Flutes

How to Order TRANSVERSE BAMBOO FLUTES The bamboo flute is one of the oldest and simplest musical instruments in the world. Most cultures of the world have some type of transverse flute (which simply means a flute blown across, a side-blown flute.) Because bamboo grows in most tropical and temperate climates of the world, many cultures use bamboo flutes as their primary wind instrument. Their ease and playability make them a natural choice for many looking to enter the musical arena, while their richness of tone and great flexibility make them an excellent selection for the experienced musician as well (see professional quality flutes below.) These instruments are well-tuned to major keys with a quartz tuner. They are fully chromatic (play all sharps and flats), with a minimum 1-2 octave range. They have an individually colored burnt-tone, lacquer finish, and come with warranty, instructions, and songbook. Flutebags are available for the best care and preservation of your instruments. Transverse Bamboo Flutes
(see grade descriptions below.)

12. Drake Stoneware Flutes
Handmade instruments signed and numbered by the artist. Includes stands and detailed playing instructions.
"Experience the unique timbre and resonance of Stoneware!"
The Renaissance Stoneware Flute
These flutes are modeled after flutes of the 16th century. They play with a soft soothing tone that you can only get from stoneware. Each one-of-a-kind flute is handmade, signed and numbered by the craftsman. The finger holes are sculpted to the contour of your hands, creating optimal finger possitioning and resonance. Available in the key of G (plays a G major scale - 17"long) or D (plays a D major scale - 24"long). Comes with care and complete step-by-step playing instructions booklet.
The Stoneware Recorder
The Stoneware Recorder is a fipple flute with a soft soothing sound. Very simple to play, you simply form a seal around the tone hole opening and blow. Each flute is signed and numbered by the craftsman. Each Recorder includes matching stands and a detailed instruction booklet showing fingerings, melodies, expressive devises and a section on how to create your own melodies.
The Stoneware Kena Flute
Modeled after the Peruvian Kena Flute, this flute is played by blowing down acrossed a tone edge, almost like a recorder without the mouthpiece. After learning this tone production technique you will be amazed at beautiful over tones in the sound. Completely handmade, signed and numbered by the craftsman. Includes matching stands and detailed playing instructions.

13. Native American Musical Instruments @ Lark In The Morning
A selection of native American drums, rattles and flutes available from Lark in the morning musical instruments In Lakota Indian culture these instruments are known as "loveflutes " and were played at night by young men who wished
Blue Star Spirit Flute
Uniquely shaped Native American style flutes, made of assorted hardwoods including mahogany and walnut. A truly lovely instrument with a rich, open sound. Comes with instructional cassette. 5-hole Pentatonic NAF112 $140.00
6-hole Spirit Flute NAF113 $140.00
Flute Bag, with flute only CSE067 $22.00 Native American Bass Flute
Incredible-sounding, beautifully made in cedar wood from Stellar. Carved block 29" in C with Chimney. NAF110 $350.00 Gallery Flute
Starting from a solid wood block, each flute is handcarved, then appliqued with high-quality hardwoods. This flute has a red cedar core with Curly Maple applique and a Pacific Yew soundboard. NAF111 $350.00 Two Hawks Flute
The High Spirits Two Hawks flute is a unique instrument in the Choctaw tradition. It has two bodies, each carved from a piece of solid cedar. One body is drilled for finger playing; the other body for a drone that harmonizes with the primary melody. NAF109 SOUND Woodland Drum
Traditional double headed drums of the native Americans from our Eastern coast. Eastern Woodlands hand drums with complex rawhide lacing. Made with selected skins.
Chief's Drum 18" diameter with a powerful sound NAD122 $189.00

14. Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments - Home
Drums, flutes, horns, didjeridus, strings and unusual hybrid instruments created by musician Barry Hall and made entirely of clay. Sounds and video clips let you see and hear the instruments.
Ceramic Musical Instruments
W elcome! I'm Barry Hall and I build ceramic musical instruments. At this web site you can look at and listen to some of my creations, including drums, didjeridus, horns, flutes, and even fiddles. All of the instruments you'll see here are hand-formed out of stoneware clay. I'm fascinated by the many different musical sounds that can be produced by clay instruments, and as you wander my site I hope you'll share my enthusiasm and fascination with clay and music. Please use the links below to check out what I do. Just Released: A new video Udu: Clay Pot Drums and How to Play Them
The Burnt Earth Gallery

View and hear unusual ceramic instruments The Burnt Earth Shop
Instruments for sale The Burnt Earth Ensemble
A band that plays only clay instruments Search this site for: Interested in ceramic musical instruments? Check out the upcoming book " From Mud to Music " and join the Ceramic Musical Instruments forum on Yahoo! What's New?

15. ÖÐÇá±±·½»¶Ó­ÄãµÄ¹âÁÙ
Chinese manufacturer of flutes, trumpets, clarinets, saxphones.

16. Music Equipment Classifieds
Free Classifieds for used electric, bass accoustic guitars, amplifiers, drums,violins, cielo, bass, flutes, trombones, bass, wood, and wind instruments.
Music Equipment Classifieds Attention: Buyers, Sellers and Resellers. Place as many ads as you like for FREE! Guitars
Electric Guitars Acoustic Guitars Amp, Rack, PA Equipment Click Here
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Other Strings
Ukuleles, Lap Steels,
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17. Sweetheart Wooden Flutes, Pennywhistles, Fifes, Irish Flutes & Wooden Whistles
Manufacturers of wooden flutes, folk fifes, military fifes, Irish flutes, pennywhistles, baroque flutes, renaissance fifes, piccolos, and wooden whistles. Click on any of the titles below for more information on specific instruments or music. flutes
About Us Irish Flutes Whistles Piccolos ... Shopping Cart Makers of wooden flutes, Irish flutes, pennywhistles, military fifes, baroque flutes, renaissance fifes,folk flutes, piccolos, wooden whistles and tabor pipes. We have been making wooden instruments since 1974 and are widely recognized as giving excellent value for your investment. Click on any of the titles below for more information on specific instruments or music. We Gladly Accept: About Us Irish Flutes Whistles Piccolos ... Shopping Cart
Sweetheart Flute Company
32 South Maple Street, Enfield, CT 06082

18. Building Musical Instruments -
Collection of links about building flutes, guitars, keyboard instruments, percussion instruments, violins, world instruments.

More search options
Crafts and Hobbies : Woodworking : Building Musical Instruments
Home Crafts and Hobbies Woodworking / Building Musical Instruments ]

19. Flutelab Home Page
Ergonomical aspects of flutes and many adaptations of wind instruments for people with disabilities. Large photo archive. Company is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
flutelab website of the fluitstudio
flute ergonomy adaptations contact links ... De Fluitstudio-site (Nederlands) Welcome to flutelab. This is a site by The Fluitstudio of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, about flute ergonomy and woodwind adaptations. The Fluitstudio
go to the Fluitstudio-site (Dutch)
Some people have physical difficulty playing certain musical instruments. But most woodwinds lend themselves well to being adapted to suit an individual's needs. That is where we come in. For making instruments that can be played with one hand. Or flutes that avoid RSI(Repetetive Strain Injury) even with very long practice hours. Flutelab is a website/ activity of The Fluitstudio. An extensive photo-archive can be found on these pages. english nederlands Flutelab
Sommige mensen hebben fysieke problemen met het spelen op de gewone blaasinstrumenten. Maar de meeste van die instrumenten kunnen goed aangepast worden aan de individuele eisen van de speler. Dat kunnnen instrumenten zijn voor bespeling met een hand. Of fluiten die RSI helpen voorkomen bij lange studeer/repeteer- sessies. Daar gaat deze flutelab-site over.Flutelab is een activiteit van De Fluitstudio. De Fluitstudio
meer informatie op de Fluitstudio-site (nederlandstalig)
This site was made by Maarten Visser. Many thanks for the indispensable help of Susan Maclagan and Karina Erhard.

20. Welcome To Earthrhythms Flutes And Other Instruments From
Welcome to Earthrhythms flutes and other instruments from around the world, includingAustralia, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, England, Germany
EarthRhythms flutes, instruments and artifacts- .... According to Webster's New World Dictionary.... Artifact: (noun) Any object made by human work. Being hand-made by individuals, there are no two items exactly alike. There may be variations in wood grain and color, beads, feathers, leather or other differences between items of the same kind. There can be something in the wood, feather, bead, or other material that can be thought of by one as an "imperfection", but by another as a unique and desireable characteristic. These may not appear on the screen of your computer depending upon many things, such as resolution of your monitor and which browser you are using, what your software default settings are, etc. An item that is imaged on a page at Earthrhythms' website generally is a good representative of that kind of instrument and not necessarily the actual item you will receive. If you are not sure about something, (before placing an on-line order) please contact us. The fastest and most direct way is to send an email or call.

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