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         Foreign Culture Soc Study Homework Help:     more detail

1. Social Study Homework
Englishhelp, Math-help, Science-help soc-help, and study-help. foreign Languages. socialStudies World culture Different cultures The Ancient Greek World A

2. Interpreting For Foreign Language Courses: A Case Study With Spanish
for foreign Language Courses A Case study with Spanish1 help you decipher their attempts at pronunciation. Doing the homework is of the same culture, imagine trying to
Interpreting for Foreign Language Courses:
A Case Study with Spanish
David Quinto and David Bar-Tzur
Last updated: 6/5/2000 Nosotros estamos aquí:¡Óyenos! Preparation The task of interpreting for foreign language classes is difficult enough without having a previous knowledge of the language being taught. The interpreter really should have had at least two years of instruction in the foreign language he or she will interpret, even for an introductory course in that language. It may have been years since you used the foreign language you learned in high school, but with some preparation before each class it will come back to you. If you start by interpreting the first introductory course, you will relearn it with ease. As a last resort, interpreters with no knowledge of the language can start by interpreting an introductory course and work their way up. Increasing numbers of interpreters have a third language, besides ASL and English, and we believe that a third language, whether it's a spoken language or a signed language, is certainly an asset in today's world. Having the textbook for the class is essential. By following the syllabus and reading ahead, the interpreter can know which aspects of the language and which vocabulary items will be dealt with in class on any given day. Bringing the book to class can be helpful in a number of ways. If the teacher asks a question from the book without mentioning the number of the question, by checking your copy of the book you can tell them where to read, instead of laboriously fingerspelling the question which they may get faster by reading it in the text. If the students are reading aloud an extended passage from the book, it may be beneficial to let the deaf students know where the class is in the textbook and have them read along. Some (hearing) students are difficult to understand when they read Spanish or speak it: having the book turned to the right page will help you decipher their attempts at pronunciation.

3. Opportunities In The Department
study format (soc 250/350), help you understand what it really means to "study" another culture. Many offcampus programs in other parts of the world are available through foreign
Opportunities in the Sociology Department
Independent Study and Research
Wherever there are people, there are things worth asking questions about, and such questions and attempts at answering them are the stuff from which original research is made. Majors are encouraged to undertake independent research, either during the school year, over breaks, or at their place of summer employment. Student research projects may be conducted on an independent study format (SOC 250/350), or as part of a collaborative partnership project. Ordinarily, such projects will last one semester. Sociology 250/350 may also be designed as a reading course covering a body of material not contained in any existing course. Normally, the SOC 250/350 results in one (or several) papers. SOC250/350 may be taken for a letter grade or for credit/non-credit. Students often have taken one or more courses in the general field for the proposed topic; coursework at the 200-level is typically a prerequisite for 350 work. The student should submit a short written description of the project and must obtain an instructor's consent to be the 250/350 advisor and that instructor's approval of the topic and plan of work. Faculty in their first year at Wellesley should usually not be asked to be 250/350 advisors. Check the faculty resumes for research interests similar to your own.

4. Smart Computing-Editorial
pointers is a shortcut to the soc.history.what Style, Bartlett’s Quotations, abbreviations,foreign phrases, and In the Learning and culture channel, click on SUBJECTS OF INTEREST/225/3263/
Learning Series
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America Online
Unbeatable Homework Help
Short of having a personal tutor holding your hand 24 hours a day, it’s hard to beat the homework help that America Online provides. No matter what the subject area—math, history, language, literature, you name it—there’s bound to be something about it somewhere on AOL, or at least pointers to good Web sites with more information. Besides the encyclopedic articles one might expect, AOL adds live discussion groups and bulletin boards to produce an interactive learning tool. Students can bone up on this semester’s most challenging courses or explore new areas of interest not touched in school. AOL offers a comprehensive, if somewhat sluggish, window on the world. In general, the homework-dedicated roads of America Online all lead to the bailiwick of the Academic Assistance Center (Keyword: aac ). The same volunteer tutors who staff this area also inhabit the related realms of the Homework Help screen. Together, these two homework sites stand out above the others on AOL. The AAC and Homework Help sites have a few subareas in common. We visited the variety of destinations to dig up the most effective homework tips.
Homework Help.

5. Unit Writing Guide
What study skills will you employ to help your students master the write an essaycomparing and/or contrasting an aspect of Spanish culture, geography, or soc. development2/Foreign Language 2000/Spa
Unit Writing Guide UNIT TITLE The title should be in a form in which students can relate. Hola means Hello. An introduction to Spanish. Objectives Objectives are written using a clear verb (from Blooms Taxonomy) and the product the student will complete Student will identify reasons for studying Spanish. Student will repeat and then recite the Spanish Alphabet. Student will examine and then determine proper syllabication of Spanish words in order to properly pronounce them. Student will define listed vocabulary. Student will study the geography and History of Spain through reading Students will examine Spanish culture through reading. Student will develop an essay using a graphic organizer. Student will compose an essay based on the information examined in the lessons. MATERIALS What materials will be used in teaching the unit? Hand-outs 1. Why study Spanish 2. The Spanish Alphabet, Spanish vowels 3. Syllabication 4. Getting to Know Spain and Spanish a. vocabulary list b. questions for each section VOCABULARY What "new" vocabulary will students need to know in order to meet your objectives?

6. Internet Homework Helper HotPage
foreign Languages Online dictionaries Diario de Yucatan Latino china newssoc.culture.indiannewssoc.culture.iraq. study Break The Internet Movie Database The
Internet Homework Helper HotPage
HotPage Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Links to the major Internet search tools!
Chapter 10: Internet Homework Helper sites

Links to the major Internet search tools!
Searching the Internet for information has never been easier, thanks to powerful new online search tools. These tools, known as search engines, are fast, easy to use, and, unlike your local library, open 24 hours a day for your use! Think of these engines as your school library's card catalog on steroids. If you've been on the Net, no doubt you've come across quite a few of these search engines and many of them have some pretty funky names. Use the links below to access the Net's directories and search engines to begin your quest for online information to help you complete your assignments. Several bonus links are included at the bottom of this list they'll help you keep up to date with the latest Net sites to come online every month! Internet Search Engines

Inference Parallel MetaSearch

Alta Vista



Internet Directory Services

GNN Select

7. Soc.culture.bulgaria FAQ (monthly Posting) (part 7/10)
NYC Newsgroups soc.culture.bulgaria soc.answers news.answers Dimitur Min. of foreign Affairs .. Pirinski, Georgi Min. Bulgaria from his study of Eastern Europe, entitled
soc.culture.bulgaria FAQ (monthly posting) (part 7/10)
Subject: soc.culture.bulgaria FAQ (monthly posting) (part 7/10) Date: 23 Jun 2001 04:01:18 -0400 From: (Dragomir R. Radev) Reply-To: Organization: Columbia University, Dept. of Computer Science, NYC Newsgroups: soc.culture.bulgaria soc.answers news.answers Followup-To: soc.culture.bulgaria Last-Modified: July 17, 2000 Posting-Frequency: Monthly Version: 4.11 URL: Archive-Name: bulgaria-faq/part7 =============================================================================== CHAPTER 15: POLITICS 15-4 What are the results of the 1997 parliamentary elections (by ), last updated: 23-Apr-1997 partiq (i %) Deputati (i %) ODS 2,223,714 52.26% 137 57.1% D.Lewica 939,308 22.07% 58 24.2% ONS 323,429 7.60% 19 7.9% E.Lewica 234,058 5.50% 14 5.8% BBB 209,796 4.93% 12 5.0% 15-5 What are the results of the 1997 parliamentary elections (votes cast in the USA) (by Bulgarian Embassy, Washington DC), last updated: 20-Apr-1997 Bulgarian General Elections - April 19, 1997 Voting in the Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on the territory of the USA closed on 7 p.m. Pacific time. In all, 23 polling stations were set up in the US and 2256 Bulgarian citizens exercised their right to vote. This is an increase in the participation in the US compared to the previous elections. The United Democratic Forces were supported by 90.78 % of the Bulgarian voters in the US. The results from votes cast in the US are as follows: .................. Total UtDF DL......ANS.....EL......BBB.....Other

8. Useful Links On Indonesia
the Netherlands Indonesia A Country study US government Site National Networkof foreign Spouses in alt.culture.indonesia soc.culture.indonesia soc.culture

This page is generously sponsored by Medibroker General Info City/Island Specific Trivia ... Lessons Plans on Indonesia
General Information on Indonesia
An Introduction to Indonesia
ArchipelaGO: The All Indonesia Web site
- i nformation on Bahasa Indonesia, Fast Facts, Magazines, Editorials, Business, Environment, Children's Page, Tourism, Academic Papers, Culture and Provinces
Background Notes: Indonesia
- from US Department of State
Dtuch-oriented site on Indonesia - some good links
Indisch Netwerk
Indonesian web site in the Netherlands
Indonesia: A Country Study
- US government book
Indonesia Resources by Gunung Timur

Indonesia WWW Server List

Travel to Indonesia

University of Wisconsin, Madison Internet Resources on Indonesia
City/Island/Province Specific Information on-line hotel booking throughout the archipelago Indonesia and Bali Tourism great link lists under each province page Lycos Cityguide to Cities Around Indonesia (includes cities of Banda Aceh, Bandung, Cirebon, Jakarta, Malang, Medan, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya and Yogyakarta and the islands of Bali, Irian Jaya, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi and Sumatra) StartKabel Jakarta (link list in Dutch) JAVA Waruno Mahdi's WWW Home page - has a great list of links for BOGOR East Java Joglosemar Online Semarang in Photos Dutch and some English great pictures JAKARTA Jakarta Links (in Dutch) BANDUNG Bandung International School's site has a section on living in Bandung YOGYAKARTA

9. Soc.culture.taiwan Thread
Two foreign women, who were near at Pingtung near Takao Article 38383 (39 more) insoc.culture.taiwan From for us Taiwanese that in or der to study Taiwan' s
soc.culture.taiwan Thread
Below are a series of postings from soc.culture.taiwan , an electronic bulletin board on internet's Usenet. Users around the world participate in an ongoing conversation on all topics pertaining to Taiwan. By the time of this writing there have already been over 36,000 messages left on this bboard. As these postings suggest, the 228 massacre is a frequent subject for debate. This selection begins in the middle of a thread on 2.28. After one person wrote that he had never heard of the incident, someone responded by posting a series of eye-witness reports by Western observers. After reading this series of testimonials about the massacre, we decided to direct the discussion about 228 toward its representation in City of Sadness. The response reveals some of the controversy the film has provoked. The following note was from the original 1994 version, left here for nostalgia's sake: [For those unfamiliar with Usenet reading protocol, we offer the following notes. Every message starts with a heading much like an office memo, only it includes electronic addresses and the route the message took to the net. Writers often quote previous postings, generally preceding each line with a "greater than" mark to signal the extended quote. Because the internet is incapable of underlining or italics, you'll see asterisks and other methods of emphasis. This includes small graphic faces, such as :-) a sideways happy face. Note how the first author designates his displeasure at a previous writer's ignorance with a grimacing face. We have taken out e-mail addresses for posters' privacy.]

10. Homework Hotline Lesson Plans
art, nursery rhymes, history, crafts, foreign languages and Mexico covering its geography,history, culture, economy, and cyber.serv/academy/ace/soc/elem.html
Lesson Plans
21st Century Schoolhouse
A wealth of lesson plans are offered here, which include basics such as
mathematics and language arts, as well as topics such as astronomy and
Native American studies.

ABC Printables-Print Me's with Letters
Learn the alphabet with everyone's friends from Sesame Street.,1157,2163,00.html

ABC's of Jordan
Create an ABC lesson plan with facts about Jordan, designed and presented by students from Mrs. Habib's 2nd Grade. Click on a letter of the alphabet and learn about Jordan's animals, plants, people, and geography. Activities Exchange This site features many science-related classroom activities. Some topics covered are: The Mysteries of Aging, The Heart and the Circulatory System, The Discovery of Radioactivity, Development of Polio Vaccines, and much more. Activities for Kids This site contains lesson plans and printable worksheets for mathematics

11. National Geographic Online (maps, Photography, Travel, More)
Explore National Geographic Online.Category Science Social Sciences National Geographic Society...... and Nature • History and culture • Maps • News Geography Survey • GeoSpyGame • homework help • Iraq Maps People Kiss the Right Way, study Finds,
Home Site Index MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer More TV SUBJECTS: About National Adventure Animals Education History and Kids Maps and News Photography Science and Travel Shop Customer Service Complete Site Site Index Subscribe Get Newsletters Shop Guides Adventure Animals and Nature History and Culture Maps ...
Photo of the Day

Your Favorites Lewis and Clark MapMachine
Coloring Book
Underground Railroad ... Xpedition Hall: Geography Fun House
More to Explore Daily Sound Portraits Encyclopedia Everest Anniversary Climb Geography Survey ... Annual Geographic Bee Gears Up With State Finals
On Television United States Worldwide Culture Shock Sweepstakes:
: TV Series on MSNBC In Our Magazines National Geographic Traveler Adventure NG Kids ... Subscribe or Renew More Books CD-ROMs Publications Index Travel With Our Experts:
National Geographic Expeditions
National Geographic Society
Every subscription to National Geographic magazine is also a membership in the Society.
Join today for only $34 (U.S. rate)
, and help support education, conservation, research, and exploration. About the Society Donations Lectures, Concerts, Screenings

12. Unit Writing Guide
ELA4. VLI. soc. SLF. exercise A,BA. study for Unit Test. Block 10. Objective(s) BellRinger Review of vocabulary. grammar, and culture. Students will take Unit Test. development2/Foreign Language/spicy sp
Unit Writing Guide UNIT TITLE The title should be in a form in which students can relate. Getting Really Spicy with Spanish En El Restaurante Objectives Objectives are written using a clear verb (from Blooms Taxonomy) and the product the student will complete.
  • order food or beverages at a restaurant identify foods identify eating materials describe and identify regional dishes from various areas of the Spanish speaking world make use of stem-changing verbs such as pedir, servir preferir and dormir in the present and the preterite compare some U.S. and Hispanic dining habits define vocabulary words apply reading writing speaking and listening skills in the target language
  • MATERIALS What materials will be used in teaching the unit? text and work book - "Bienvenidos" student tape manual audio cassette 9a vocabulary transparencies pronunciation transparency p15 bell ringer review black line masters communication activities masters computer software practice and test generation video cassette chapter 15 video activities booklet chapter 15 situation cards chapter quizzes testing program VOCABULARY What "new" vocabulary will students need to know in order to meet your objectives?

    13. UMM Weekly Bulletin
    in York, 7001500; Comparative Education and culture study Tour to of State toqualify candidates for foreign Service Junior 25, from 730-830 pm in soc.
    University Relations Bulletin Archives
    Calendar of Events, February 22-March 8, 2002
    • Women's basketball, vs. Northern State, PE Center, 5:30 pm
      Men's basketball, vs. Northern State, PE Center, 7:30 pm
      Women's Week: The Vagina Monologues, Edson Auditorium, 8:30 pm [also Saturday]
      Jazz Ensembles in Concert, HFA Recital Hall, 7:30 pm [also Saturday]
      UMM Orchestra Concert, HFA Recital Hall, 3 pm
      Student Recital: Heidi Hendrickson, piano/Noah Keitel, saxophone, HFA Recital Hall, 7:30 pm
      LCM: On-campus UnWinders, University Room, 9 pm [weekly]
      Aglow Campus Ministry Bible Study, Moccasin Flower Room, 7 pm [weekly]
      MCSA, Science 1020, 6 pm [weekly]
      Student Recital: Matt Amundson, trumpet/Ryan Maloney, saxophone, HFA Recital Hall, 7:30 pm
      MCFC, Moccasin Flower Room, 7:30 pm [weekly] Beat the Winter Blues! Arts and Crafts, Oyate Hall, 8 pm ASA, Prairie Lounge, 8 pm MPIRG, Moccasin Flower Room, 5 pm Info Center, Louie's Lower Level, 6 pm [weekly] Rape Aggression Defense (self-defense techinques), Community Services first floor, 6 pm [weekly]

    14. UMM Weekly Bulletin
    in York, 7001500, Comparative Education and culture study Tour to of State toqualify candidates for foreign Service Junior 25, from 730-830 pm in soc.
    University Relations Bulletin Archives
    Calendar of Events, February 15-22, 2002 (February is Black History Month)...
    • Biology Club: Picture with Snake Fundraiser, Prairie Lounge, 10 am
      Women's basketball, vs. UMD, PE Center, 5:30 pm
      Men's basketball, vs. UMD, PE Center, 7:30 pm
      UMM Theater: "The Laramie Project," Black Box Theatre, 7:30 pm
      The Oracle and KUMM present "Bump," Louie's Lower Level, 10 pm
      UMM Theater: "The Laramie Project," Black Box Theatre, 2 pm and 7:30 pm
      Women's basketball, vs. Bemidji, PE Center, 5:30 pm
      Men's basketball, vs. Bemidji, PE Center, 7:30 pm
      Jazz Ensembles tabling, Student Center, 9 am-3 pm
      NTNT Grant, Cougar Room, 6 pm
      MCSA, Science 1020, 6 pm Aglow Campus Ministry, Moccasin Flower Room, 7 pm Women's Week: Keynote Speaker, Christy Haubegger, Edson Auditorium, 7:30 pm Center for Small Towns, Alumni Room, 9 am Student Affairs Directors and Friends, Cougar Room, 2 pm ELTAP/GST Informational Meeting, Alumni Room, 6:30 pm

    15. East Lansing Public School District
    Even with soc our enrolments are dropping. t offer foreign language but do offerforeign language experience where you study the culture, the goal
    East Lansing Public School District Updated August 9, 2000
    Moving Forward With
    The District's Building Program Steering Committee Minutes Thursday, May 18, 2000
    Report on the HS committee meeting. 1-4 from Brian Silver 3) Only one competitive pool 4) Move tech to a different type of bond or fudging so that its not paid over 30 years since the useful life is less than 30 years. Jim Phelps
    Question of how capacity if figured— does it include special ed. Needs? Not including sp. Ed would compromise these assessments. A: Capacity comes from data from the state, a formula that governs, but it does not specify special ed. Analyses of operation cost per sq. ft. and per student. Issue that drop in enrollment would constitute a 3% reduction of district operating budget. This loss would necessitate cuts in spending. The current SOC students bring $1.8 million. These funds allow us to keep instructional program. We need to consider the impact of SOC kids in terms of increasing class sizes in rooms that are overcrowded already, i.e. we need to be sure the SOC kids aren’t going to already full classrooms. We need to think about will our policy be to grow as a district or not and how that affects adding space. Need to think about curriculum prior to our recommendations. Q: Need to be careful about talking about adding space at the elem. Level, it might negatively impact the passage of the bond. People are really worried that the bond might be a Trojan horse for changes in the neighborhood schools concept, change to 5-6 configuration isn’t necessarily popular.

    16. Measuring Foreign Language Aptitude And Attitude
    5.8 foreign LANGUAGE ATTITUDE QUESTIONNAIRE INTRODUCTION. The notion that studentattitude toward FL study and culture is one of the major determinants of
    Chapter 5
    Dr. Leon James
    (c) 1969 The purpose of this section is to outline some major issues in foreign language teaching today, issues that bear upon the current, profession-wide examination of FL requirements. This report does not attempt to give a general review of the literature on FL learning and teaching; instead, it relies on previous extensive reviews (see References), taking them as the starting point, and it attempts to outline those principal conclusions which seemed to have the most empirical justification. The report is organized into six segments: I . Teaching Methods in FL Instruction. 2. The Case for FL Aptitude. 3. The Attainment of FL Proficiency. 4. The Effects of Motivation and Interest in FL Learning. 5. The Goals and Benefits of FL Study. 6. Recommended Changes in FL Requirements. 5.1 TEACHING METHODS IN FL INSTRUCTION The debate on the relative merits of the two approaches, which occupies a significant share of the attention of FL teachers and applied linguists in their deliberations at conferences and in literature, is not merely of academic interest. The polemic character of the debate is kept alive by two disturbing aspects of FL teaching today: one is the widespread dissatisfaction expressed by both students and teachers with the repetitive pattern drills required by the habit-skill approach, which makes the former feel like idiots and the latter more like drill masters than teachers. The other reason has to do with the distinct malaise that came to permeate the ranks of FL teachers upon the realization that the level of proficiency attained by a large, if not major, proportion of public school and college FL students is disappointingly poor. Given this situation, it is necessary to examine in some detail the nature of the arguments in this debate.

    17. Moscow Travel Study Trips: Pokrovsky Discussion
    From Nikita Pokrovsky Date opera etc.) and (iii) the unwritten culture of Russia more news and analysis of foreign stories, it is

    The "Pokrovsky Questions" Discussion
    (final update 07 March 1999)
    I recently received the initial message below from Nikita Pokrovsky of Moscow State University. He agreed (second message) that I could share it so that he might also receive responses from others. My reply to Prof. Pokrovsky is the third message. I have posted this exchange to several discussion groups and to my own mailing list, inviting people to respond directly to Prof. Pokrovsky and to send a copy of their responses to me The Discussion
    Pokrovsky to Fenster (1)
    Pokrovsky to Fenster (2) Fenster to Pokrovsky (1) Bill to Pokrovsky ... Chevron to Pokrovsky So that this page does not become too large, the discussion continues on Page 2.
    Subject: On your recent announcement
    Date sent: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:12:22 +0300 Dear Dr. Fenster,
    With best wishes, Nikita Pokrovsky Discussion Top
    Subject: On Russia and US
    Date sent: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:03:40 +0300 Please feel free to share my questions with your audience at your convenience. As a professor of sociology, I definitely can see a tendency of the public opinion in the USfrom an absolutely uncritical admiration of everything Russian in the early 90s to an equally negative evaluation of almost everything Russian in the end of the 90s. I assume it may become a subject for an open and productive discussion among those who well know both our countries. Discussion Top Fenster to Pokrovsky, 26 February 1999

    18. Film Studies Minor Course Descriptions, Colleg Of Liberal Arts, WSU
    To study representative samples of foreign film, including their soc 372 (M), sociologyof Film • Allen. the impact of films on American culture and society
    Film Course Descriptions
    The courses are organized alphabetically by prefix: CHIN 111 (G) ENGL 150 ENGL/FA 337 ENGL 339 ... W ST 321 Chin 111 (G)- Asian Film (Taught in English)
    • Lupke
    3 Credits
    ENGL 150 "Introduction to Narrative Film" Hughes ENGL /FA 337 "Digital Animation: Story, Narration, and Production" • Anderson This course provides students with experience in using 3-D digital animation for creative or professional presentations. Students will learn to simulate camera movement, represent objects and spaces, and combine character animation and dialogue using the animation software Maya, traditional art skills, and story-telling, plot-development, and editing techniques. Working in problem-solving teams, students will complete the scripting, storyboarding, shot construction, and animatics for at least three short, 3-D narrative pieces. Pre-existing, ready-to-animate characters will be provided to teams that need them. A primary purpose of this course is to provide students with experience in participating in interdisciplinary teams in a manner similar to professional working environments. The structure of the class will be a combination of seminar and lab/studio. The major activity of the semester will be problem solving through the storyboarding and production of group animation assignments, supplemented by individual assignments. While partially the result of resource limitations (animation courses are particularly expensive to offer at the University level), group animation projects are an accurate reflection of the nature of such projects in professional settings: animation at its best is the result of joint efforts of colleagues from different backgrounds. Students are expected to learn from each other in order to enhance individual skills and insure the positive interaction vital to success of group projects.

    19. Social Policy Study Guide 2000-2002
    Ministry of the Interior Arts and culture. requires the completion of essays, seminarand foreign language studies For those not continuing to an M.soc.Sc.) See

    The study didn't compare the immigrant groups with the children The foreignborn childrenspent an average of 2.59 hours per Source soc.culture.china Newsgroup
    From @UCHIMVS1.UCHICAGO.EDU:owner-cndvt-l@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU Thu Feb 24 21:00 CST 1994 Return-Path: Received: from by with SMTP ( id AA18620; Thu, 24 Feb 94 21:00:13 -0600 Received: from UCHIMVS1.BITNET by UCHIMVS1.UCHICAGO.EDU (IBM MVS SMTP V2R2.1) with BSMTP id 1130; Thu, 24 Feb 94 20:58:32 CDT Received: (from VMA.CC.ND.EDU for (UCLA/Mail V1.500 M-RSCS8741-8741-369); Thu, 24 Feb 94 20:58:08 CST Received: from VMA.CC.ND.EDU (NJE origin LISTSERV@IRISHVMA) by VMA.CC.ND.EDU (LMail V1.1d/1.7f) with BSMTP id 9055; Thu, 24 Feb 1994 21:58:27 -0500 Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 20:58:59 -0600 Reply-To: cnd-us@CND.ORG Sender: "China News Digest - US Regional News (CND-US III)" From: cnd-us@CND.ORG Subject: CND-US, February 24, 1994 To: Multiple recipients of list CNDVT-L . (From: Hu ZhiLiang 2/23/94 B.G. Mahesh

    A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  

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