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         Forestry Sustainable:     more books (100)
  1. Positive Impact Forestry: A Sustainable Approach To Managing Woodlands by Thomas J. McEvoy, 2004-05-01
  2. Wild Logging: A Guide to Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Forestry by Bryan Foster, 2002-11-01
  3. Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use by Duncan M. Taylor, 1998-07-01
  4. Common Sense Forestry (Books for Wiser Living from Mother Earth News) by Hans W. Morsbach, 2002-12
  5. Sustainable Forestry Management and Wood Production in a Global Economy by Robert L Deal, Rachel White, et all 2007-07-05
  6. The Business of Sustainable Forestry: Strategies For An Industry In Transition by Michael Jenkins, Emily Smith, 1999-06-01
  7. Sustainable Forestry: by Keith Reynolds, Alan Thomson, et all 2007-02-28
  8. Communities and Sustainable Forestry in Developing Countries (Self-Governing Communities) by William Ascher, 1994-09
  9. Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems (Journal of Sustainable Forestry) by Yale University, Florencia Montagnini, 2006-03-22
  10. The Wealth of Forests: Markets, Regulation, and Sustainable Forestry
  11. Sustainable Farm Forestry in the Tropics: Social and Economic Analysis and Policy (New Horizons in Environmental Economics)
  12. Taungya: Forest Plantations with Agriculture in Southeast Asia: Interplanting crops can reduce land use conflicts and increase sustainability of forestry ... countries (Sustainable Rural Development)
  13. Global Concerns for Forest Resource Utilization: Sustainable Use and Management (Forestry Sciences)
  14. Plantations And Protected Areas in Sustainable Forestry

1. Commonsense Forestry: Sustainable Forest Management
This comprehensive examination of sustainable forestry includes everything fromchoosing land to beginning a forest through seeding and transplanting, from
home new books book lists your cart from Chelsea Green Publishing Co. Common Sense Forestry by Hans Morsbach paper :: 8 x 10 :: 256 pages
8-page color section
ISBN 1-931498-21-0 :: $29.95 The Solar House Trees are the ultimate sunlight-harvesting machines. The care and nurturing of trees has been a recurring theme in Chelsea Green's publishing program, from The Man Who Planted Trees to Julia Alvarez's A Cafecito Story . Here is a book that foregoes romance in favor of straightforward, practical knowledge. Twenty-five years ago, when Hans Morsbach became interested in cultivating trees and managing small woodlands, he searched for a good how-to manual. He never found one, so he decided to write his own someday. Based on his subsequent experience, combining deep research into the academic literature on forestry with his successes and failures as a small-scale commercial tree farmer, the result is Common Sense Forestry , an indispensable reference for anyone who owns or wants to own wooded property. Morsbach is an unabashed nature lover as well as a businessman, and well understands the essential importance of a long-term approach to sustainable forest management. In this highly readable and entertaining text, the author offers a comprehensive look at managing existing woodlands by creating, and later maintaining, forests that promote biodiversity while providing an income stream. This comprehensive examination of sustainable forestry includes everything from choosing land to beginning a forest through seeding and transplanting, from pruning and thinning to harvesting trees, from debates over herbicides and clearcutting to working with professional foresters, from business strategies to tax planning. While Morsbach's personal experience is in the Midwest, the information in this book is applicable to a wide range of trees and is relevant to all regions of North America.

2. State And Private Forestry: Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Forestry Select a Category . The objective of sustainableforestry programs is to
Sustainable Forestry: Tax Tips for Forest Landowners
The objective of sustainable forestry programs is to promote the conservation management of rural forest resources for a variety of desired benefits through the application of sound sustainable and economic resource management principles. Major component programs include:
Pine and Hardwood Silviculture: Provides technical information and assistance to State forestry agencies and others regarding good management practices, harvesting techniques and regeneration of harvested sites. Contact:
Larry Bishop 404-347-2067
Don Tomczak 404-347-7475
Robert Karrfalt (912) 751-3551 Rural Forestry Assistance and Landowner
Cost-Share Programs:
David Hoge 404-347-1649 Forest Taxation: Provides current federal income tax information, pertinent to forestry operations, to state service foresters, private forest landowners, consultant foresters, and others in cooperation with State forestry agencies, the Cooperative Extension Service, state forestry associations, and other groups. Contact:
Larry Bishop 404-347-2067 For information on forest taxation, refer to

3. :::::INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS GLOBAL LEAFLET: Congo Basin: Making Forestry Sustain
Congo Basin Making forestry sustainable by Melissa Othman. Forest Serviceengineer Rick Toupin assesses selective felling practices in the Congo.
Congo Basin: Making Forestry Sustainable
by Melissa Othman
Forest Service engineer Rick Toupin assesses selective felling practices in the Congo. U ntil recently, the Congo's forests were relatively unknown to science. While we know that the Congo has the second largest intact tropical rainforest in the world and that many people depend on its spectacular biodiversity for their survival-there is so much we don't know. However, our understanding of this complex ecosystem is changing, in part through the Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE), a program supported by the USDA Forest Service and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development

4. Oregon State University College Of Forestry, Sustainable Forestry Partnership
Sustainable Forestry Working Definition. Sustainable Forestry describes practice.Sustainable Forestry Partnership vision. The Sustainable
National SFP


SFI Program

Sustainable Forestry Working Definition Sustainable Forestry describes forest policies, practices, and market mechanisms designed to enhance ecological, economic, and social sustainability. Sustainable Forestry flows from the goal of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The Sustainable Forestry Partnership's mission is to document and promote innovation in sustainable forestry and help others integrate this innovation broadly into both policy and practice. Sustainable Forestry Partnership vision The Sustainable Forestry Partnership began at Oregon State University in 1995 and has grown to include faculty from partner institutions and organizations The Partnership engages an expanding network of partners including university faculty, industry experts, nongovernment organization representatives, government agencies, and landowners. Together they: Identify key sustainable forestry issues and trends
Design and conduct sustainable forestry research
Develop education and training materials and events
Assist organizations and individuals interested in sustainable forestry issues Research
The Partnership facilitates research on an array of sustainable forestry issues to make new information available to the forestry community. Input from the diverse array of Partnership participants ensures a comprehensive research approach.

5. Forestry Sustainable Development Projects In China
forestry sustainable Development Projects in China. With investment totaling1.9 billion yuan (US$230 million), a ?orestry Sustainable
Hot Links -Media- Xinhua News Agency People's Daily China Daily China Radio International Beijing Review China Today China Pictorial People's China El Popola Cinio Chinese Literature Other web sites China Development Gateway Chinese Embassies
Forestry Sustainable Development Projects in China With investment totaling 1.9 billion yuan (US$230 million), a “Forestry Sustainable Development Project” has officially kicked off in China according to a recent announcement made by the State Forestry Administration. The project is another major forestry construction scheme to be carried out in China, following three others the National Afforestation Project, the Forestry Resources Development and Protection Project, and Forestry Development in Poverty-stricken Area. The Forestry Sustainable Development Project includes donations of 16.9 million euros (US$16.78 million) from the European Union (EU), US$16 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and a US$93.9 million loan from the World Bank (WB). The project involves three major parts. The first regards the management of 210,000 hectares of natural forests in Hainan Province and is funded by EU. The second part is concerned with natural protection and management of 13 reserves covering 1.16 million hectares and will be funded by the GEF. The third part will involve the planting of artificial forests, and will use money loaned from the WB to support 250,000 hectares in 110 counties from 11 different provinces including Hebei, Shanxi and Liaoning.

6. Digital Library Of The Commons: Tewari, Devi. 2000. Is Commercial Forestry Susta
Tewari, Devi. 2000. Is Commercial forestry sustainable in South Africa?.Tewari, Devi. 2000. Is Commercial forestry sustainable
Tewari, Devi. 2000. Is Commercial Forestry Sustainable in South Africa?. Tewari, Devi. 2000. "Is Commercial Forestry Sustainable in South Africa?." Presented at "Constituting the Commons: Crafting Sustainable Commons in the New Millenium", the Eighth Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, May 31-June 4. Full text available as: Adobe PDF
"Commercial forestry is an important industry in South Africa, generating considerable employment and foreign exchange. The industry has grown rapidly after the World War II with active government support. However, since the beginning of the transition to democracy in 1991, there have been increasingly vociferous attacks on the industry regarding its urban and big business bias and its role in damaging the environment. The transition to democracy has brought a change in the structure or make-up of its stakeholders which have diverse expectations from the industry. At the same time, the sustainability of the industry is a major concern for policymakers and has to be dealt with in conjunction with concerns from its stakeholders and society at large. This study points out a need for new institutional or policy reforms and suggests a set of policy guidelines that might defuse the tension in the industry and set it on a sustainable path." Keywords: IASCP
common pool resourcesSouth Africa
forestrySouth Africaeconomics
forest productsSouth Africa
institutional changeSouth Africa

7. SFI-What Is Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable forestry consists of management practices that ensurethe health and growth of our forests for future generations.
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Sustainable forestry consists of management practices that ensure the health and growth of our forests for future generations.
As our population expands and our economy grows, responsible people are concerned about our forests. They want assurances that our forests will always be there.
The U.S. forest and paper industry shares this concern. Companies that rely on healthy and productive forestland for their livelihood have a keen self-interest in making certain that forests remain healthy and productive. The relationship between a healthy, productive forest and the forest and paper industry is elementary: no forest, no industry.
The U.S. forest and paper industry has answered these concerns with a bold new commitment to long-term forestry. It's called the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), a comprehensive program of forestry and conservation practices designed to ensure that future generations of Americans will have the same abundant forests that we enjoy today. It's the largest sustainable forestry and certification program in the world, encompassing nearly 94 million acres of forestland throughout North America and over four million acres in Florida.
Leading conservationists have already hailed the SFI. Patrick Noonan, chairman of the Conservation Fund, calls the initiative "a bold program" that represents "a substantial and meaningful commitment" to the cause of sustainable forestry.

8. APEC Network: Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Forestry seeks to ensure that forest management strategies accountfor the full range of environmental, economic and social values of forests.
Sustainable Forestry seeks to ensure that forest management strategies account for the full range of environmental, economic and social values of forests. In order to advance the APEC Network's goal of enriching the knowledge base of sustainable development, building capacity and forging partnerships, the APEC Network seeks to facilitate access to educational and training opportunities and to foster informational networks that advance the development and implementation of sustainable forestry practices. The APEC Network invites you to use this site as an interactive tool to promote sustainable forestry throughout the APEC region. Please forward brief highlights of sustainable forestry training opportunities and information resources to the APEC Network. In the near future, we will compile this information in a searchable database for your convenience. We look forward to your thoughts and comments as we work together to promote sustainable development throughout APEC.
Sustainable Development Training and Information Network

Sustainable Development Training and Information Resources

Useful Links
Contact Information

9. Unasylva - No. 190-191 - Eleventh World Forestry Congress - The Future Of World
The future of world forestry sustainable forest management. DA Harcharik. DavidA. Harcharik is Assistant DirectorGeneral and head of the Forestry Department.
The future of world forestry: Sustainable forest management
D.A. Harcharik David A. Harcharik is Assistant Director-General and head of the Forestry Department. FAO. Rome. Italy. David A. Harcharik. Assistant Director- and head of the FAO Forestry Department The keynote opening speech at the first technical session of the Eleventh World Forestry Congress, 14 October 1997, Antalya, Turkey. It is my privilege to open the technical portion of this Eleventh World Forestry Congress. In so doing, let me express my appreciation for the excellent arrangements made by the Turkish Government and particularly the Ministry of Forestry. Our hosts have worked extremely hard to prepare the ground for us. In addition, many others have contributed to the voluminous documentation of the Congress. Our task is to take these ideas and discuss. debate and develop them over the next eight days, using the best knowledge from around the globe to arrive at a declaration and set of ideas that will carry world forestry into the twenty-first century, stronger, more secure and more able to meet the challenges before it. The theme of this Congress is "Forestry for sustainable development: towards the twenty-first century". Thus, this Congress is about the role of forests and trees in contributing to overall sustainable development. It is about trees in forests, but also about the multitude of other plants and animals that inhabit forests, and about the soil, water and air. This Congress is also about trees

10. Welcome To Sustainable Ireland
AGRICULTURE forestry sustainable FORESTRY, SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY. OTHERTOPICS. Permaculture. Organics. Biodynamics. Sustainable Forestry. BOOKS.
Sustainable Forestry
by Jacinta French
Forests are amongst the earth's most complex ecological systems, whose dynamic processes and functions we do not yet fully understand. Not only do forests produce timber for our shelter and fuel needs, they also support the largest proportion of the world's biodiversity and are an important source of food and medicines. They provide environmental services such as flood control, soil protection, carbon fixing and landscape enhancement as well as recreation and amenity facilities and socio- economic benefits. Globally, both natural and plantation forests are under threat, primarily from inappropriate management practices. READ MORE... Coppice Systems OTHER TOPICS Permaculture Organics Biodynamics Sustainable Forestry BOOKS Forests of Hope:Stories of Regeneration - Christian Kuchli Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use - Alan Drengson, and Duncan Taylor

11. Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition - Coalition Canadienne Pou
Promotes the development of sustainable forest management standards, in Canada and worldwide. Find CSA and ISO info, FAQs, and a member list. ©Canadian sustainable forestry Certification Coalition. ©Coalition canadienne pour la certification de la foresterie

115 million Hectares of Forest Land in Canada Certified

115 milion d'hectares de terres forestières certifiées
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©Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition
©Coalition canadienne pour la certification de la foresterie durable
Last Update: March 17, 2003
Dernière mise à jour : le 17 mars 2003

12. CRC Sustainable Production Forestry Introduction
Last updated 11 April, 2002 CRC home Web Design Gillian Ward
Last updated: 11 April, 2002 CRC home Web Design Gillian Ward

13. The Sustainable Forestry Partnership Advances Forestry Innovations.
The sustainable forestry Partnership identifies forestry issues trends, designs conducts research, develops education training materials and events, and provides assistance to sustainable forestry stakeholders. Documents and promotes innovation in sustainable forestry and integrates this innovation broadly into both policy and

14. Forest Certification Watch: Your One-stop Information Source For Global Forest C
SFCW aims at enhancing the understanding of forest certification, particuarly regarding sustainable forest management, international forest policy, trade in forest products and consumer choice.

15. Sustainable Management Of Beech Forests In New Zealand; Beech Index Page
Describes the controversy about conservationenhancing sustainable forest management in the beech and rimu forests of West Coast New Zealand. Contains prime scientific papers, letters to politicians, Press Releases, links to other sites.
Maruia, Okarito, Saltwater forest, beech forest, logging,
the beech scheme, rimu, Timberlands, Kit Richards, sustainable management of forests,
conservation, preservation, ancient rainforest,
all buzz-words of a vital and passionately debated topic in New Zealand in 1999 and 2000. Some more are; sustainability, Resource Management Act, the West Coast Accord,
Labour, Minister of Forests, Hodgson, Clark, election mandate, city greenies, nfa, Native Forest Action,
Sustainable forest management in indigenous beech forest
for fine timber production and enhanced conservation
in the State Forests of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
I have involved in this debate for several months - so here is more contribution from me on this vital topic.
Link to site search engine search Search the whole site using any keywords.
This is the Table of Contents of my pages on this topic. Double-click with the left button of your mouse, on the bold+italic text hot-links if you want to access these pages.
  • Links to other related sites. Dr Euan Mason has much additional material in the categories I have below, and there are other interesting sites.
  • 16. SFI - Sustainable Forestry Initiative
    Timber and paper industry sponsored initiative for sustainable management practices that ensure the health and long term growth of US forests.

    17. The Institute For Sustainable Forestry
    Communitybased organization provides SmartWood certification and conducts forestry research. Read about the Wild Iris Project.
    Now online:
    Forestree News

    Volume 10 Winter-Spring 2000 ISF and Smartwood Present:
    Spring 2000 Workshops

    pdf version

    Promoting forest management that contributes to the long-term ecological and economic well-being of forest-based communities in northwest California ~ and beyond. For information about SmartWood certification
    and other ISF programs come into our website

    18. AppalFor - Appalachian Sustainable Forestry
    discuss, and disseminate information on sustainable forestry online. sustainable forestry may be defined as an approach
    The essential goal of AppalFor is to collect, develop, discuss, and disseminate information on sustainable forestry online. Sustainable forestry may be defined as an approach to forest utilization and management that recognizes: The main objective of sustainable forestry is to establish a strong land-ethic as the basis for the management and utilization of forests in Appalachia, and to use science, as moderated by the concepts of appropriate technology , to provide the forest commodities and amenities needed by society. AppalFor serves as a clearinghouse, providing the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. AppalFor is also functions as a network to alert individuals of specific threats to sustainable forestry, and may ultimately function as a vehicle to support cooperative responses to issues and situations. Features of AppalFor include:
  • AppalFor's Reading Room Text files from other Internet sites Original papers and bibliographies of relevant topics Kentucky ForestWatch , connecting public interest groups with the Daniel Boone National Forest planning program and alternative plans Menu of links to other Internet sites MISC: Education Search topics within AppalFor
  • We appreciate your

    19. Eldis - Sustainable Forestry
    Welcome to the Eldis sustainable forestry Resource Guide
    Advanced search


    GUIDE CONTENT Forestry home Forestry websites Meet the editor CONTRIBUTE Add your research SUBSCRIBE Get news via email
    SITE CONTENT Home page What's new Resource guides Web sites ... About Eldis Eldis is funded by Danida, NORAD and SIDA, and hosted by IDS More...
    Welcome to the Eldis Sustainable Forestry Resource Guide
    Editor's choice
    The State of the World's Forests 2003 More.. Announcement: International Conference on Rural Livelihoods, Forests and Biodiversity
    Bonn, Germany, 19-23 May 2003
    An international conference on the role of forests in supporting rural livelihoods in developing countries and on the maintenance of biodiversity. Key objectives are to survey current knowledge and identify policy lessons and a future research strategy
    Announcement: Ecosystem services in the tropics: challenges to marketing forest function International Society of Tropical Foresters and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Spring 2003. Will explore the limitations and challenges of integrating ecosystem services into the management of natural forests.

    20. CAE Working Paper #2: Sustainable Development KEYWORDS sustainable development, environmental ethics, forestry, resources. CONTENTS
    A Working Paper Published by The Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia Editor: Chris J. MacDonald Series Editors: Michael McDonald Peter Danielson This document can be found at: KEYWORDS: sustainable development, environmental ethics, forestry, resources
    Introduction Contributors Sustainability of Forests: An Attempt at a Biological Interpretation by Professor Dr. Peter Schutt Sustainable Development, Sustainable Yield Forestry, and the Meaning of Life by Jordan S. Tanz The Postmodern Forest: Images Differing by Dr. Steven Taubeneck Sustainable Development: What Do We Owe to Future Generations? by Dr. Thomas Hurka INTRODUCTION The conference was organized around the idea that sustainable development and competition are in some sense competing visions of our global future. Nowhere is this potential conflict more salient than in the forestry industry. Canada, and B.C. in par ticular, shares with Germany a concern for the fate of forests and for the industries based on forest resources. This conference sought to bring together academics from both Canadian and German universities to explore the ethical challenges associated with these competing visions. Those attending the conference had the opportunity to hear talks from a wide variety of specialties, ranging from botany to cultural studies to philosophy. Of the talks given, four were developed into papers to be included in this publication. Special thanks go to Dr. Schutt for making his speaking notes available for this purpose.

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