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         Forests Environment:     more books (100)
  1. A Forest Environment by Stephen Law, 2010-03-30
  2. Bush Base, Forest Farm: Culture, Environment, and Development (European Inter-University Development Opportunities Study Group)
  3. People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance (Politics, Science, and the Environment)
  4. Americans and their Forests: A Historical Geography (Studies in Environment and History) by Michael Williams, 1992-06-26
  5. Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Human-Environment Interactions in Forest Ecosystems
  6. Forest Environment and Biodiversity by M.P. Singh, J.K. Singh, et all 2007-07-30
  7. Incentives to Sustain Forest Ecosystem Services: A Review and Lessons for REDD by Ivan Bond, Maryanne Grieg-gran, et all 2009-06-30
  8. The Productivity and Sustainability of Southern Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Environment (Ecological Studies)
  9. At Loggerheads?: Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction, And Environment in the Tropical Forests (World Bank Policy Research Report) by Kenneth M. Chomitz, Piet Buys, et all 2006-10-20
  10. Vanishing Rain Forests (Environment Alert!) by Paula Hogan, 1991-10
  11. Public Lands Conflict and Resolution: Managing National Forest Disputes (Environment, Development and Public Policy: Environmental Policy and Planning)
  12. Forest Ecosystems and Environments: Scaling Up from Shoot Module to Watershed
  13. Research methods in the study of forest environment by Carlos G Bates, 2010-05-17
  14. Ravaged Temperate Forests (Environment Alert!) by Terry Tompkins, 1993-09

1. Ministry Of Environment & Forests, Government Of India
Ministry of environment . forests (MoEF). Home
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2. Bundesamt Für Umwelt, Wald Und Landschaft
Federal government agency responsible in the field. Features current projects, reports, and coordination activity.

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3. Finch Pruyn & Company, Inc.: Forests/Environment
Designer's Corner. productive forests and protecting the health of oursurrounding environment have long been priorities at Finch, Pruyn.
productive forests and protecting the health of our surrounding environment have long been priorities at Finch, Pruyn. Our professional foresters care for our 166,000 acres of forest in New York’s Adirondack region on a sustainable basis, so that the forests will provide open space, wood for Finch Paper and other important products, and homes for wildlife today and for generations to come. Photo: Gerry Lemmo Our commitment does not stop in our forests, however. Over the past three decades, Finch, Pruyn has invested more than $106 million in technology to safeguard the air, water and land around our Glens Falls, NY, mill.
Ph: (800) 833-9983 e:
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4. Forests Forever - Forestry, Timber And The Environment!Forests Forever - A Campa
How we all see forest lands varies considerably. Ecosystem. environment. Fish Hunt. forests. Parks. Contact
A C A M P A I G N F O R W O O D True or False ? Converting timber into a usable building material takes far less energy, and therefore generates far less carbon dioxide, than virtually any other alternative including aluminium, steel and concrete. Leave now and remain uninformed! Enter our site and learn the facts about timber and the environment. Enter
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5. WFSE - World Forests, Society And Environment - A Global Research Program
World forests, Society and environment A Global Research Program 19962001 European Forest Institute, EFI The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla The United Nations University, UNU World forests, Society and environment
World Forests, Society and Environment
A Global Research Program 1996-2001
METLA 2002
People ... Forum Partners
European Forest Institute, EFI
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla
The United Nations University, UNU Associate Partners

Indonesia ICRAF
Costa Rica WFC
Germany Contact information: World Forests, Society and Environment Finnish Forest Research Institute, Unioninkatu 40A, FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland Revised: 2001-09-27/ HPaj Comments on this service

6. Europa/Development - Funding Opportunities Under The "Tropical
Funding Opportunities under the "Tropical forests" and "environment in developping countries" Budget Lines (search under Tenders and Grants Grants).

7. Earth Island Institute: Innovative Action For The Environment
Environmental Organization Develops supports projects that counteract environmental threats. Issues sustainable development, biodiversity, restoration, global warming, social justice, oceans, forests

8. Finch Pruyn & Company, Inc.: Forests/Environment
based manufacturer of premium uncoated printing papers, has received independentcertification that its 166,000 acres of Adirondack region forests are managed
  • ensuring long-term forest productivity and conservation of forest resources;
  • protecting water quality;
  • enhancing the quality of wildlife habitat; and
  • contributing to biodiversity;
The company was also found to encourage and reward adherence to sustainable forestry on the part of other private landowners. The audit, consisting of both field visits and an extensive review of the company’s forest management and wood procurement policies and practices, was conducted by The Plum Line, a forest and natural resource consulting firm owned by Charles Levesque, former executive director of the Northern Forest Lands Council, and H. William Rockwell Jr., PhD, a widely respected environmental resource systems consultant. "The Plum Line has found that Finch, Pruyn fully conforms to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative sm standard,” said lead auditor Rockwell. “Finch, Pruyn clearly demonstrated their dedication to the program, their systems for implementing it, and their performance on the ground."
Sustainable forestry is the practice of managing forests to provide an perpetual supply of wood for useful products, while at the same time protecting wildlife habitat, plants, and soil and water quality.

9. Africa - Forestry, Agroforestry And Environment
Promotes the protection, health and sustainability of African forests and forest environments.
News Study Abroad 2003 Library Eastern Arc ... Links to promote the protection, health and substainability of African Forests, Agroforests and Forest Environments Updates: Randon African Image:
Grant's gazelle Ngorongoro Crater, Africa
Photo by William M. Ciesla Africa: Forestry, Agroforestry and Environment - The Bugwood Network
The University of Georgia
Warnell School of Forest Resources and
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Dept. of Entomology
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10. Nature Reserves (zapovidnyky) In Ukraine, Forests, Environment By Olga Zyrina.
Standards of Wildlife» published by the Ministry of the environment Protectionof Ukraine, 1993. Forestry institutions in Ukraine. forests in Ukraine.
Nature Reserves in Ukraine
Nature reserves are listed by vegetation zones: Also view the Map of Nature Reserves
Mixed Forests Zone
Polis'kyi Reserve (#5 on the map) is located in Zhytomyr region of Ukraine on the border with Byelorussia. It was organized in 1968 for the protection and research of forest-swamp ecosystems of Ukrainian Poles'e. Protected area of 20104 hectares lies in the upper Ubort' river territories. Pine stands dominate the landscape of the reserve. Pine stands of more 100 years old cover the area of 2000 hectares. Swamps are important element of this reserve. The total area of swamps is around 5 thousand hectares, that is 22% of the total area of the reserve. Polis'kyi Reserve plays an important role in forecasting changes caused by land amelioration program conducted in 60-70's.
Shats'kyi National Park (#2) was organized in 1983 and designated as Biosphere Reserve in 2002.

11. Phototheque
Provides free pictures by Bruno Locatelli about environment, forests, deforestation, agriculture, biodiversity, water and soil resources all around the world.
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12. Nature Reserves (zapovedniki) In Ukraine, Forests, Environment.
9, Skolivs'ki Beskydy, 1999, 24 702. Forestry institutions in Ukraine. forests inUkraine. Questions? Email me at Return to the top of this page.
Nature Reserves in Ukraine
(Zapovidnyky) Text description
- Biosphere reserves;
- Nature reserves;
- National parks.
Name Year
organized Area,
Biosphere reserves: Askaniya-Nova Chornomors'kyi Karpats'kyi Dunaiski Shatsk'yi
Nature reserves: Krymskyi Kanivs'kyi Ukrainian Steppe Lugans'kyi Polis'kyi Yaltyns'kyi Mountain Cape Mart'yan Karadag Roztochchya Medobory Dniprovs'ko-Oril's'kyi Yelanets'kyi Steppe Gorgany Kazantypskyi Opukskyi Rivnenskyi
National parks: Karpats'kyi Synevir Azovo-Syvas'kyi Vyzhnyts'kyi Podil's'ki Tovtry Svyati Gory Yavorivskyi Desniano-Starogutskyi Skolivs'ki Beskydy
Forestry institutions in Ukraine
Forests in Ukraine
Questions? Email me at
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13. Cutbacks Putting B.C. Forests, Environment At Risk
Cutbacks putting BC forests, environment at risk Vancouver BC's forests and environmentare at risk because of massive cutbacks in staff and resources by the June/n15jn00b.htm
Cutbacks putting B.C. forests, environment at risk
Vancouver - B.C.'s forests and environment are at risk because of massive cutbacks in staff and resources by the provincial government, says the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union.
A BCGEU survey, released June 15, concludes that the men and women responsible for provincial forests can no longer manage and protect them adequately. The potential of revenue loss to the province is also higher than it was five years ago, the survey found.
"Our forests are the lifeblood of many communities, and the backbone of B.C.'s economy. And yet opposition parties, and the large corporations that harvest our forests, are continually demanding more government spending cuts," said BCGEU President George Heyman.
"The cuts we have seen to date are a threat to the public interest - to our environment, to the health of our working forests, and to the future strength of our economy. Our survey of BCGEU members who work in the Ministry of Forests reveals some deeply troubling information about the government's inability to protect and manage our province's most vital natural resource."
Since 1996, front-line staff in the Ministry of Forests has been cut by 10% and the overall ministry budget has been slashed by 30%. Cumulative budget cuts to the forests and environment ministries total more than $1 billion.

14. Ministry Of Environment, Natural Resources And Wildlife
Responsible for environmental policy, assessments and coordination development of forests, reafforestation and agroforestry, mineral exploitation, mining and geological surveys.
Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife Environment Environment The Minister Ass. Ministers Permanent Secretaries Functions Other Ministries Presidents Office Vice President Finance Forein Affairs Energy Environment Agriculture Health Local Government Home Affairs Water Co-operative Gender, Sports... Other Organs State House National Assembly The Judiciary Attoney General Auditor General Public Service Teachers Service Electoral Commission National Anthem History Map of Kenya Political Parties Local Dailies Daily Nation The Standard The East african Kenya Times Contact:
Maji House, Ngong Road, P.O. Box 49720, Nairobi - Kenya
Telephone: (254-02) 716103/229261

15. New Page 1
Includes detailed information on the forests, biosphere reserves, mangroves.
ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTS Islands Nature has been very generous in endowing Andaman and Nicobar Islands with beautiful unique resources and it is quite evident from the rich biological diversity and pristine environment of these islands. Vegetation cover in these islands is spread over more than 92 percent of geographic area. The coastline of all the islands adds up to 1962 kms in length. It is bordered with luxuriant mangroves and magnificent fringing coral reefs. The land and the water around these islands are repositories of uncountable floral and faunal species. Forests Organization Wildlife Chatham Saw Mill ... for forwarding it to the concerned person

16. Ministry Of Environment & Forests, Government Of India
GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF environment forests. 8th Conferenceof Parties to UNFCCC (COP8).
Click here to select an item Current Events PM Address on Wildlife Wildlife Conservation Strategy 2002 Weekly Air Pollution at ITO-X, Delhi Air Pollution at Major Cities Forest Clearance Environmental Clearance
Guest Book Annual Report
The Secretary

Government of India
Paryavaran Bhavan
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110 003.
Telephone:+91-11-2436 1896, 2436 0721
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17. FPEG Home
Focuses on institutional, policy and socioeconomic aspects of sustainable forest management and conservation and the interface between forests and other land-uses.
FPEG Home Welcome to the ODI Forest Policy and Environment Group (FPEG). FPEG seeks to inform the processes of policy change in tropical forestry in ways which improve the livelihoods and well-being of the forest-dependent poor, whilst also securing the long-term future of forest resources. We do this by:
  • conducting independent policy-orientated research on forestry issues; providing policy and institutional advice to international and national donors, governments, parliamentarians and civil society groups; contributing to strategic global, regional and national learning through workshops, information exchange and dissemination activities.
FPEG works throughout the developing world, often in association with developing countries and European partners. The FPEG team has worked in over 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Current activities centre on: This site contains an archive of over 200 full-text papers (most in English, French and Spanish) charting the development of people-oriented forestry from 1985 to the present day. The majority of papers are from our Rural Development Forestry Network As well as a full-text search facility, publications and activities are

18. WTO Threatens Forests, Environment And Democracy
WORLDWIDE FOREST/BIODIVERSITY CAMPAIGN NEWS. WTO Threatens forests, Environmentand Democracy. *****.
ACTION ALERT WORLDWIDE FOREST/BIODIVERSITY CAMPAIGN NEWS WTO Threatens Forests, Environment and Democracy Forest Networking a Project of Forest Conservation Archives Discuss Forest Conservation Free trade is one thing. Free trade at the expense of nearly all national environmental regulation is another. The World Trade Organization is poised to rule on a "Global Free Logging Agreement" which would reduce tariffs on forest products; lead to increased forest consumption, and greater forest destruction. It would also potentially jeopardize "bans on the use of endangered tropical timber, safeguards to prevent the importation of invasive species, and ecolabeling and certification of sustainably harvested timber." The industrial forest trade is anything but "free"; as the Earth, indigenous peoples, and the world's populace in general bears the price of failing ecosystems. Following is a well-crafted action alert from Rainforest Action Networkplease take the time to respond.

19. Eco-Portal: Forests/What You Can Do/Join An Environmental Group
org support's Internet campaign on behalf of forests and Climate endangeredand threatened wildlife, and protect this fragile environment we call
Home Forests What You Can Do : Join an Environmental Group the entire directory only this category More search options

20. Department Of Primary Industries And Department Of Sustainability And Environmen
The department provides information and services in the areas of Aboriginal reconciliation and respect, agriculture, catchment and water, conservation and recreation, energy and greenhouse policy advice, fisheries, forests and fire management, land management and information, and minerals and petroleum.
Customer Service Centre: 136 186
Welcome to the interim website of the Department of Primary Industries and the
Online Services VicFarm Online
Invoice Payments

Current Issues Fire Emergency Information
Irrigation Farm Dams - license before June 30


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