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         Forests Environment:     more books (100)
  1. Temperate Forests (Caring for Environments) by Brian Knapp, 1992-01-14
  2. Forests, Environment and Local Community by C. Nanjundaiah, 2008-01-01
  3. Environment, forest, and tribes: Anthropological concomitance
  4. Forests, environment, and tribal economy: deforestation, impoverishment, and marginalisation in Orissa by Walter, and Menon, Geeta, and Viegas, Philip Fernandes, 1988
  5. Peoples of the Rain Forest (Low, Robert, Peoples and Their Environments.) by Robert Low, 1997-08
  6. Forests and their Environment (Science and our Future) by Tony Sadler, 1994-01-31
  7. Assessing Tropical Forest Lands: Their Suitability for Sustainable Uses (Natural Resources and the Environment Series, V. 3) by Hawaii) Conference on Forest Land Assessment and Management for Sustainable Uses (1979 : Honolulu, Richard A. Carpenter, 1982-06
  8. World Forests, Society and Environment
  9. Forest Condition in a Changing Environment: The Finnish Case (Forestry Sciences)
  10. Insects and Forests: The Role and Diversity of Insects in the Forest Environment by R. Dajoz, 2000-10-24
  11. Remote Sensing of Forest Environments: Concepts and Case Studies
  12. Rain Forests (Caring for Environments) by Brian Knapp, 1992-08-31
  13. Forest Environments in the Mekong River Basin
  14. Man, Land, and the Forest Environment (The Geo. S. Long publication series) by Marion Clawson, 1977-06

21. Biodiversity
Biodiversity in South Australia's arid lands, forests and mallee, rivers and wetlands and coastal ecosystems.

22. GB Pant Institute Of Himalayan Environment Development
Autonomous institute of the Ministry of environment and forests, based at KosiKatarmal in Almora. Information about the organisational setup, vision, institute funding, research and development.

Vision and Area of Operation
Organizational Set up Infrastructure Institute Funding ... Information Dissemination
For further information please contact Director
Kosi-Katarmal, Almora 263 643, Uttaranchal, India
Phone# 91-5962-41015; 41041
Fax # 91-5962-31360; 31507

23. Indian Council Of Forestry Research And Education, Dehradun
The Council is established as an autonomous society, the ICFRE Society, of which Minister of environment and forests is President.
ORGANISATION The mandate of the Council is to organize, direct and manage research and education in forestry sctor. The Council is established as an autonomous society, the ICFRE Society, of which Minister of Environment and Forests is President. A 21 member Board of Governers is responsible for direction and control of the affairs of the society. The Director General is the Chief Executive of the Council. He is assisted by four Deputy Director Generals, a Director (Research), a Seceretary and small supporting staff. OBJECTIVES The major objectives of the Council are as follows:
  • To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate forestry education, research and its application.
  • To develop and maintain a National Library and information Centre for forestry and allied sciences.
  • To act as a clearing-house for research and general information relating to Forests and Wildlife.
  • To develop forest extension programmes and propagate the same through mass media, audio-visual aids and extension machinery.

24. Swiss Agency For The Environment, Forests And Landscape: SAEFL Services
Swiss Agency for the environment, forests and Landscape,

News Topics The agency ... Site-Map
SAEFL SERVICES The different services of the SAEFL at a glance The different services of the SAEFL at a glance: Current topics and informations from divisions How you can find us Links to sources of information on relevant themes Magazine "ENVIRONNEMENT": all releases since 1997 Press releases: complete list since 1997 Publications: complete list with possibility to order Site-Map: the pictorial route to our informations Who manages this website? How to contact the SAEFL Overview News Topics The agency ... Site-Map
Tel. +41 (0)31 322 93 11 · Fax +41 (0)31 322 70 54
Comments to the webmaster · Last modified: 03. Januar 2001

25. C.P.Ramaswamy Environmental Education Centre
The C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, an autonomous Centre of the Ministry of environment and forests.

26. Royal Forest And Bird Society
New Zealand based conservation organization working to protect New Zealand's native forests, threatened species, marine heritage and for a healthier environment

27. The Woods Hole Research Center - Research And Policy In Global Ecology
Addresses the great issues of environment through scientific research and education and through applications of science in public affairs. Focus is on climate change and the warming of the earth, as well as global forests because of their controlling influence on climate.

28. Untitled Document
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the stewardship of the elm and other trees, forests and the urban environment. Includes elm tree identification tips, information about Dutch elm disease, and a membership form.
Welcome to The Coalition to Save the Elms Webpage Citizen Action for the Urban Forest and Urban Environment In communities across Manitoba, the American Elm dominates the landscape. Elms grace our yards, parks, riverbanks and form a lush canopy- a bower of foliage over our streets. There is no other tree that compares to the American Elm in terms of hardiness, salt tolerance, longevity, suitability to our climate and sheer grandeur. It defines our neighbourhoods and our tenacious prairie spirit. There are over 200,000 American Elms in Winnipeg. Most visitors are astounded by our urban forest- you literally can't see the buildings for the forest when flying into Winnipeg. Unfortunately, elms across the world have been threatened or eliminated by Dutch Elm Disease (D.E.D.). In many provinces, the elm population has been wiped out by this deadly disease. In Manitoba, both the provincial government and many municipalities have cost-shared integrated D.E.D. control programs which have safeguarded the elms so far.

29. Environment On-Line
forests and Biodiversity. Deforestation remains one of the pressingglobal natural resource problems facing humankind. Tropical forests
Forests and Biodiversity
Deforestation remains one of the pressing global natural resource problems facing humankind. Tropical forests, in particular, continue to disappear at a staggering rate in the face of growing populations and the demand for economic goods. Over the past decade, 154 million hectares of tropical forests, equivalent to almost three times the land area of France, have been cleared. (page 1 of 12) Christopher Gronbeck - October 25, 1994
Please address comments and questions to:

30. Connecting To Pyramid Hill
An outdoor museum focusing on monumental pieces of sculpture in an environment of meadows, forests and various gardens.
connecting to

31. Saskatchewan Environment - Forests
a place to hunt, hike and fish; as an essential ecosystem for our healthy environment;as a Saskatchewan, a prairie province, is more than 50 percent forests.

32. CNN - Mother Nature Mending Florida's Fire-ravaged Forests - July 9, 1998

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Mother Nature mending Florida's fire-ravaged forests
July 9, 1998
Web posted at: 2:36 p.m. EDT (1836 GMT) VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida (CNN) Wildfires have charred hundreds of thousands of acres across Florida since late May, and some of the fires are still burning. RELATED VIDEO
Netshow It could take months, or even years to rebuild fire-damaged structures. It could also take years to rejuvenate the blackened lands. While Florida's residents and officials are still assessing the fire damage, Mother Nature already has started healing the forests. Check out Correspondent Brian Cabell's report.
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33. The Saskatchewan Environment Web Site Has Moved
Provincial government department responsible for the environment. Provides information about programs, Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting Regulations Canada...... environment, forests, Saskatchewan, is more than 50 per cent forests. ForestFire Management provides details on active forest fires, training, etc.
The Saskatchewan Environment web site has moved. Click the link above or you will be redirected shortly. Please update your bookmarks.

34. Mangroves
Informs kids of the importance of mangrove forests. Discusses the benefits of saving mangroves and amazing facts that allow it to survive.
What is a mangrove?
Zones in the mangroves

Coping with salt

Do mangroves need salt?
Food chain
For a start, an estimated 75 percent of fish caught commercially spend some time in the mangroves or are dependent on food chains which can be traced back to these coastal forests. Mangroves also protect the coast by absorbing the energy of storm driven waves and wind. The only two yachts undamaged by Cyclone Tracey in Darwin in 1974 had sheltered in a mangrove creek. While providing a buffer for the land on one side, mangroves also interact with the sea on the other. Sediments trapped by roots prevent silting of adjacent marine habitats where cloudy water might cause corals to die. In addition, mangrove plants and sediments have been shown to absorb pollution, including heavy metals. Now that their economic and ecological importance has been recognised we carry the responsibility to look after our mangroves. What is a mangrove?
Zones in the mangroves
As a general rule zones of dominant mangrove species run parallel to the shoreline or to the banks of tidal creek systems. The seaward side of the community is likely to be dominated by a fringe of grey mangroves Avicennia marina as it is best adapted to early colonisation and a wide range of soil conditions.

35. ACF | Australian Conservation Foundation
Australia's leading environment group covers national environmental issues forests, national parks, uranium mining, global warming, world heritage, rivers, recycling, pollution, wilderness and endangered species.
Home About Help Out ACF News ...
Top Stories
The Environmental Cost of War
Pollution caused by burning oil fields is just one of many environmental disasters that may result from the war in Iraq. The destruction of marine life, desert ecosystems and precious marshlands may also be the war's most lasting legacy. Some of the environmental impacts that are likely to result from this war in Iraq include…
More in Features Anti-Nuclear
You probably consider your lifestyle to have significantly little impact on the environment. What you may not know, though, is that your consumption is likely to be impacting seriously on the planet. Here are some easy actions you can take to minimise your impact upon the environment…
More in Features
The ACF Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award is to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of an individual or group to conservation of the environment. It is an annual award and consists of $3000 and a small memento. If you would like to nominate someone for this award, please use this form… more...

36. Environment & Forests Informatics Division
EFIDNIC. environment forests INFORMATICS DIVISION. Shri Sanjay S. GahloutSenior Technical Director Head environment forests Info Div.
This division has set the objectives on its own and working towards their fulfilments. It has number of feathers in its cap. It virtually created a number of Computer Communication Networks of closely associated users. This has been achieved by the dedicated team of IT Professionals For further information, please contact :
Shri Sanjay S. Gahlout
National Informatics Centre (HQ)
Room # 351, A3 Bay, 3rd Floor, A Block
Lodi Road, CGO Complex
Phone # 91-11-4361133 ext 4351, 4364294
Fax # 91-11-4362489
E-Mail : MoEF Home Page

37. Interactive Environment (TM): Watersheds: Where The Atmosphere Meets The Earth
forests, they may think of outdoor recreation, timber products, or wilderness experiences;but, forests also play a vital role in protecting our environment.
News Archives

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A forest, in the simplest of terms, is a community of trees, plants, animals and soils. When people think about forests, they may think of outdoor recreation, timber products, or wilderness experiences; but, forests also play a vital role in protecting our environment. By storing water and filtering contaminated runoff, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, and providing wildlife habitats, forests affect our lives everyday in many ways.

EPA, the USDA Forest Service, and NOAA are working with NBC4 to provide information to the public that is useful in protecting our environment. The Agencies do not endorse specific television stations, promote the purchase of products advertised on NBC4, nor do they endorse any private organization or group's policies, activities, or positions on federal, state, or local legislation.

38. Interactive Environment (TM): Watersheds: Where The Atmosphere Meets The Earth
s stress is often tempered by looking at the natural beauty of forests. NBC4 to provideinformation to the public that is useful in protecting our environment.
News Archives

Forests Are...
Select Page
Forests are America’s great outdoors. They encompass 736 million acres of land or about one third of the United States. National Forests account for about one-fourth of all forestland in this Nation . In some places, for example South Carolina, forests cover about 60% of the state’s land area. There are many varied owners of forestlands in the U.S. In other areas, such as the Great Plains, forestland is at a premium. Nationwide, State and County governments own 64 million acres, while private individuals (some 10 million strong) own 337 million acres.
What is a Forest?
Chances are that you’ve walked in a forest at least once. It may have been in one of the national forests or parks, a state forest, or one of the tens of thousands of local parks that dot the Nation’s countryside (even in urban settings). Parks such as Central Park in New York City and Rock Creek Park in the Greater Washington, DC area attest to the presence of larger urban-treed lands.
Forest density map of Chesapeake Bay.

39. Human Rights And Environment Resources
SocioEconomic Indicators; Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA);Ministry of environment and forests - India; Ministry of Forestry

40. Human Rights And Environment Resources
environment and Human Rights Resources, Ministry of environment and forests India Author Ministry of environment and forests.

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