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         Forests Environment:     more books (100)
  1. Tropical Forest and Its Environment (Tropical Ecology Series) by Kenneth Alan Longman, 1988-01
  2. Forests for People: Community Rights and Forest Tenure Reform (The Earthscan ForestLibrary)
  3. Rain Forests (Our Environment) by Kay Jackson, 2007-06-04
  4. Our Amazing World of Nature: Its Marvels & Mysteries by Jacques Yves Cousteau & others, 1969
  5. Coastally Restricted Forests (Biological Resources Management Series)
  6. Seeing Forests for Trees: Environment and Environmentalism in Thailand
  7. The U.S. Forest Service: A History by Harold K. Steen, 2004-03
  8. Forest of Tigers: People, Politics and Environment in the Sundarbans by Annu Jalais, 2009-12-22
  9. Forest Guardians, Forest Destroyers: The Politics of Environmental Knowledge in Northern Thailand by Tim Forsyth, Andrew Walker, 2008-02
  10. Joint forest management, the Haryana experience (Environment & development series) by Madhu Sarin, 1996
  11. A Forest of Voices: Reading and Writing the Environment by Chris Anderson, Lex Runciman, 1995-01
  12. Lemurs: And Other Animals of the Madagascar Rain Forest (Animals & the Environment) by Martin, James, 1995-01-01
  13. Decision Methods for Forest Resource Management by Joseph Buongiorno, J. Keith Gilless, 2003-02-20
  14. Does logging of the fire-ravaged Bitterroot National Forest pose a threat to the environment?: An entry from Gale's <i>Science in Dispute, Volume 3</i> by LOIS N. MAGNER, LESLIE MERTZ, et all 2003

41. State Minister For Environment: Condition Of Forests In Java And Bali Critical
Regions State Minister for environment Condition of forests in Java and Bali Critical30 Jan 2003 6184 WIB TEMPO Interactive, Surabaya The condition of,1,28,uk.html
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galeri foto Tempo 1971-1994 apa siapa Regions:
State Minister for Environment: Condition of Forests in Java and Bali Critical
30 Jan 2003 6:18:4 WIB
TEMPO Interactive Surabaya : The condition of forests in Java and Bali are critical and this is why several regions have been hit by floods and landslides, according to Nabiel Makarim, the State Minister for the Environment. “We want to stop logging of forests in Java and Bali or impose a logging moratorium. Java and Bali should not produce wood anymore, and it would be better to impose a [logging] moratorium,” the minister said in Surabaya on Wednesday (29/1). In logging moratorium cooperation efforts, Nabiel met with East Java Governor, Imam Utomo, and plans also to meet with the governors of Central Java, Banten and Bali. According to Nabiel, the Governors of West Java and East Java have already instructed the Forest Service to stop logging. Nabiel said he is campaigning for a logging moratorium because forests in Java and Bali are badly damaged because of illegal logging.

42. 8th Five Year Plan (Vol-2) [ Vol1-Index ] - [ Vol2-Index ]
environment AND forests. Overview. An independent evaluation of Ganga Action Plan Phase I has been sought from the Ministry of environment and forests.
8th Five Year Plan (Vol-2) Vol1-Index Vol2-Index Back to Index Agricultural and Allied Activities ... Plan Implementation and Evaluation ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTS Overview 4.1.1 The scenario of enviornment and forests continues to cause concern. Destruction and degradation of forests are taking a heavy toll of our soil and water resources. An estimated 6000 million tonnes of top soil with essential nutrients are flowing into the sea every year. Loss of top soil, vegetative cover, unregulated surface run-off with poor recharge of aquifers seriously affect the society and in particular tribals. Overall degradation of nature is also making our resources less productive, leading to impoverishment of the rural population. 4.1.2 Much of the water resources and the air in the country continue to be polluted, affecting human health. Besides traditional domestic pollutants, there is increasing contamination by chemicals, heavy metals and other toxic substances which are thrown into the rivers and the sea due to careless industrial and agricultural practices. Unplanned urban growth and industrialisation are also increasing the levels of pollution. 4.1.3 This environmental degradation seriously threatens economic and social progress of the country. Our future generations may discover that life support systems have been damaged beyond repair.

43. KLUWER Academic Publishers | World Forests, Society And Environment
Books » World forests, Society and environment. World forests, Societyand environment. Add to cart. edited by Matti Palo Finnish
Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Books World Forests, Society and Environment
World Forests, Society and Environment
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edited by
Matti Palo
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Helsinki, Finland
Jussi Uusivuori
University of Helsinki, Dept. of Forest Economy, Finland
Book Series: WORLD FORESTS Volume I
This book addresses current global and regional issues concerning the world's forests, societies and the environment from an independent and non-governmental point of view. A main message is that cooperation on a global scale is not only commendable, but essential if solutions to the problems facing the world's forests are to be found. To achieve this, modern science needs to find a clearer picture of relationships between forests, human activity and the environment and of the consequences of environmental change for the ability of societies to survive.
Part I, Editorial Perspectives , is analyzing the ongoing globalization processes of forests, societies and the environment. Part II

44. Environment
continuing to ensure a careful balance is maintained between our timber managementpractices and the longterm health of our forests, environment and community

45. Forest And Grasslands Publications
ecosystems that have been shaped by the interaction of physical environment, biologicalconditions, and human intervention croplands, forests, coastal zones
Home Global topics Forests and grasslands Publications and multimedia ...
Publications and multimedia
The full text of many of these publications is available on our Web site or through our bookstore at
An analysis of access to Central Africa's rainforests
. Identifies relatively undisturbed forest blocks in Central Africa, providing maps that show their size, condition and current levels of protection offering the first comprehensive picture of where logging concessions are located throughout the region. Atlas of Russia's intact forest landscapes . The first-ever, detailed map of intact forest landscapes in Russia, and can be used to flag areas where special precautions must be taken before development decisions are made. Chile's frontier forests: Conserving a global treasure . Describes, for the first time, the extent and distribution of the country's intact forests while identifying priority areas for conservation and future monitoring work. Ecosystem approach to drylands: Building support for new development policies.

46. Nature & Environment: Forests, Mountains, Weather
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47. Australian Conservation Foundation - Protecting, Restoring And Sustaining The En
Forest Announcement environment Groups Respond 02/12/2002 Bracks' forest announcementenvt groups respond - 13/11/2002 Carr stops native forests becoming

48. Law And Justice - Environment And International Law (Forests)
that the preamble of the Declaration in recognizing the complexity of the subjectand the value of forests to local communities and to the environment as a
Contact Us Help/FAQ Index Search ... Environment and International Law Forests Environment and Natural Resources Law Climate Change Domestic Environmental Law Environmental Assessment Fisheries ... Land Law International Law International Environmental Conventions International Environmental Law State Succession Resources Publications Useful Links About Us Overview Our Partners International Environmental Law and the Protection of Forests: Rio's Forest Principles Declaration
World forests, in particular tropical forests, are disappearing at an alarming rate. As that resource disappears, the planet's biodiversity and valuable human habitat is also at risk. For the past decade, the preoccupation with the fate of the world's forests has crossed individual country boundaries and became an international environmental concern. While such concern has not resulted yet in a comprehensive international treaty on the subject, some progress have been made toward agreeing on some basic principles on how the international community views the protection and use of forests.
Those principles are best embodied in the "Non-legally Binding Authoritative Statement of Principles for a Global Consensus on the Management, Conservation and Sustainable Development of All Types of Forests" adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992 (the Rio Conference), and commonly known as the Forest Principles or Forest Declaration. Dubbed as the "first global consensus on forests", the instrument's long official title represents the difficulty of the parties reaching agreement on a subject that raises complex issues both to developed and developing countries. While not binding, but part of the growing number of international environmental instruments which are considered soft law, the Declaration attempts to incorporate an array of concerns ranging from sovereignty to sustainable management and local community participation.

49. TimberTrek Teachers Area
forests and the environment forests do a lot of environmentally friendlythings. They absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon, and

50. World Bank Group | Environment | Forests And Forestry
forests and Forestry All over the globe, natural forests are beinglost at a rate unprecedented in human history. The global rate

51. WFSE - World Forests, Society And Environment
WFSE, IUFRO's Special Project. World forests, Society and environment. IUFROWFSEWorld forests, Society and environment. Gerardo Mery, WFSE Coordinator.
IUFRO's Special Project
World Forests, Society and Environment
IUFRO-WFSE's Mission The mission of WFSE is directed towards the promotion of globally relevant research, effective dissemination and human capacity building concerning the interrelationships of forests, society and environment in support of sustainable development and the well being of people. Contact information: IUFRO-WFSE
World Forests, Society and Environment Gerardo Mery, WFSE Coordinator Unioninkatu 40 A, FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland Phone: +358 9 85705 296
Mobile: + 358 40 760 1544
Fax: +358 9 85705 717 E-mail:
WEB: Please send your comments to: IUFRO Secretariat or Judith Stöger
Last update:

52. Environment
environment. › Energy. › Fisheries. › forests. › Hazards. › Mining. ›Profiles. Links. › Shop. HOME environment forests Whither the Chipko years?
Information for the civil society Home Op-Ed States Campaigns ... Water
SEARCH TOPICS Adivasis Agriculture Children Dalits ... Women
SERVICES Advertise Events Feedback Links ...

53. Care2 Environment Supersite - Free Email, Ecards That Help Save Animals, Endange
Web based email and email greeting cards. 10% of profits goes to charity.Category Computers Internet Email Free Web-Based C...... to save the environment wildlife, support human rights, and promote healthyliving! Help us make the world a better place. Thank YOU! Save Our forests!

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54. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - ScienceAgriculture
Australian National University Department of Forestry; Australia's forests -A service of environment Australia (Commonwealth Department of Enviroment);
Science Agriculture :Forestry
Forest Fires
Forest Nurseries
General Forestry Consulting
Pulp and Paper
Rain Forests
Timber Industry
Trusts and Funds
Urban Forestry
US National Parks, Forests and Monuments

55. Save Our Environment Action Center :: Defend Our Wild Forests
to give forest managers total discretion to manage public forests however they allthe organizations participating in the Save Our environment Action Center

56. The Twin Cities Green Guide: ENVIRONMENT: Forests & Lumber
Home Page environment forests Lumber,
businesses and
organizations! ENVIRONMENT
Green Pages
Get The Guide Introduction to The
Guide For the Community,
By the Community About Us Contact Us How to Use This
Site Definitions Home Page ENVIRONMENT Agriculture Air Quality ...
Primeval Forest , Chris Maser A Sand County Almanac , Aldo Leopold
Community Forestry Resource Center
2105 1st Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404 Audubon Center of the North Woods P.O. Box 530 Sandstone, MN 55072 Printable Version Sustainable Forestry Michelle Peach, Community Forestry Resource Center, IATP Forest products are ubiquitous in our society and include much more than wood and paper. Taxol, a chemotherapy drug; rubber-soled shoes; cosmetics; chewing gum; a molded plastic comb; and a softball can all be derived partially or fully from trees. With growing populations and rising standards of living, demand for forest products has increased. So, too, have concerns about preserving the aesthetic, cultural, ecological, recreational and spiritual values of forests. The question becomes: how do we continue to use forest products without compromising the integrity of the ecosystem? What You Can Do
  • Reduce consumption. Allow the type and amount of forest products to be determined by the forest instead of by the market.
    Institute for environment and Development); Rain forest fragments fare poorly (NigelWilliams, Science, v278 n5340 p1016); Temperate forests gain ground (Anne

    About the Atlas My Atlas ... Fisheries Forests Freshwater Mountains Oceans Population ... OurPlanet Section I: Key documents
  • Forest resources assessment 1990: Global synthesis (FAO) Forest and tree resources (Jean-Paul Lanly, FAO) The Distribution and Variety of Equatorial Rain Forest (Jonathan Adams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory) The grinding of the axe: Deforestation (Paul Harrison, The Third Revolution) Forests as human dominated ecosystems (Ian R. Noble et al., Science, v277 n5325 p522) Resources at risk (WRI, World Resources 1998-99) Forests and range-lands (WRI, World Resources 1994-95) Forests and human health (USDA Forest Service, International Programs, Issue Brief) Seeing the forest among the trees: Forests and forestry (FAO Silvafor Journal) Study finds 10% of tree species under threat (Nigel Williams, Science, v281 n5382 p1426) Biomass collapse in Amazonian forest fragments (William F. Laurance et al., Science, v278 n5340 p1117) Deforestation: An overview of global programs and agreements (Julie Lyke et al., Congressional Research Service, Oct. 21, 1992) Europe during the last 150,000 years; Eurasia during the last 150,000 years, etc. (Jonathan Adams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
    will soon neutralize this effect by speeding up the decay of plant matter in forests. Ordera printed copy of the AAAS Atlas of Population and environment.

    About the Atlas My Atlas ... Part 1: OVERVIEW
    Part 2: ATLAS Population and natural resources Population and landuse Population and atmosphere Population, waste and chemicals ... Mountains Forests
    Deserts and drylands Freshwater wetlands Mangroves and estuaries Coral reefs ... OurPlanet There are probably very few truly virgin forests left on Earth. Most have been burned, replanted or otherwise influenced by humans at various times. Ecologists are replacing their model of natural forests as ancient pristine entities with models that characterize them as dynamic, unstable and short-lived Pressures on forests include high population growth rates, making demands on land for farming in particular; industrial enterprise based on natural resources, such as for timber and pulp production; and demand for fuelwood and charcoal, which consumed 80 percent of the timber cut in developing countries in 1995 Poverty and wealth distribution are also important determinants of forest survival. Many poor countries and communities rely heavily for income and exports on exploiting forest products, alongside agriculture, while richer countries and communities may have other sources of income. The fastest destruction often occurs when large numbers of people are forced to migrate into the forests, usually because of urban unemployment, rural land shortages, fast-growing populations, the creation of refugees or a combination of these.

    59. EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal
    An environmental information portal for researching global topics. Select one of a number of Category Society Issues environment Research...... and Human Wellbeing, Economics, Business and the environment, Energy and Resources,Biodiversity and Protected Areas, Agriculture and Food, forests and Grasslands,
    WRI Main Site... WRI Home Page About WRI Global Topics EarthTrends Publications and Multimedia Taking Action Newsroom Contact Us Site Index World Resources Institute Questions? List of Data Providers Related Links Updated Monthly

    GEO Global environment Outlook 3 Past, present and future perspectives, ContactUs Help, Search GEO3 Home - GEO-3 - Chapter 2, Table of contents. forests.
    UNEP DEWA UNEP.Net GEO-1 ... GEO-3 GEO: Global Environment Outlook 3 Past, present and future perspectives Contact Us Help Search GEO-3: Home GEO-3 Chapter 2 Table of contents
    Global overview

    Asia and the Pacific

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    Kenya Mexico Norway ... USA

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