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         Forests Environment:     more books (100)
  1. Global Environmental Forest Policies: An International Comparison (The Earthscan ForestLibrary) by Constance McDermott, Benjamin Cashore, et all 2010-04
  2. Federalism in the Forest: National Versus State Natural Resource Policy (American Governance and Public Policy) by Tomas M. Koontz, 2002-08
  3. Environmental Issues in Pacific Northwest Forest Management by Committee on Environmental Issues in Pacific Northwest Forest Management, Board on Biology, et all 2000-07-14
  4. Forest Related Perspectives for Regional Development in Europe: European Forest Institute Research Report 13 (Research Report (European Forest Institute), 13.) by Anssi Niskanen, Andreas Ottitsch, et all 2002-10-01
  5. Changing Tropical Forests: Historical Perspectives on Today's Challenges in Central and South America by Harold K. Steen, 1992-01
  6. The State of the Forest: Indonesia by Forest Watch Indonesia, World Resources Institute, et all 2002-02
  7. Canada's Forests at a Crossroads : An Assessment in the Year 2000 (Global Forest Watch Reports) by Global Forest Watch, 2000-03-23
  8. Development of European Forests Until 2050: A Projection of Forest Resources and Forest Management in 30 Countries (Research Report (European Forest Institute), ... (European Forest Institute Research Report) by R. Pavinen, A. Pussinen, et all 2003-03-01
  9. World Trade in Forest Products (The Geo. S. Long Publication Series) by International Symposium on World Trade in Forest Products 1983 univer, James Samuel Bethel, 1983-10
  10. A First Look at Logging in Gabon: Global Forest Watch Report (Global Forest Watch Reports) (French Edition) by Global Forest Watch, 2000-07
  11. This Land: A Guide to Central National Forests by Robert Mohlenbrock, 2006-03-15
  12. Edible Forest Gardens, Vol. 2: Ecological Design And Practice For Temperate-Climate Permaculture by Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier, 2005-10-20
  13. Forest Communities, Community Forests: Struggles and Successes in Rebuilding Communities and Forests by Jonathan Kusel, 2003-10
  14. Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town by Brian Donahue, 2001-04-01

81. World Environment
forests felled in bid to restore peat boglands Scotsman HUNDREDS of Natural EnvironmentUnder Threat From Resettlement Programmes AfricaNews The UN Emergencies
ANIMALS FORESTS OCEANS POLLUTION ENVIRONMENT WEB DIRECTORIES EnviroLink Environment - news, links, bulletin board, chat and more. Eco-Portal - searchable environmental directory with several topic areas including biodiversity, climate change, temperate and rainforests, ozone layer, and water. Environment (Community) - links from EINET Galaxy Environment - WWW Virtual Library Environment Online Environmental Agencies On the Web Environmental Organization Web Directory ... Environmental Professional's Homepage - Includes a Virtual Desktop for Environmental Professionals in addition to a series of quick reference links. GeoNature - links to nature magazines, photo galleries, and environmental organizations and news. Green GREENlink - Your Starting Point for a Green solution. Environmental issues, recycling, composting, water/air quality, waste management. GreenNet - part of a global computer of environmental, peace, human rights and development groups. Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) - a clearinghouse of environmental information for local government.

82. Open Directory - Science Environment Forests And Rainforests
. Agroforestry@(19); Forest Activism@ (5); Forest Ecology@ (90); Urban forests@ (12).......Top Science environment forests and Rainforests (94),

83. Children's Tropical Forests - Facts (The Physical Environment)
FACTS, Children's Tropical forests (UK) Fact Sheet. The Physical environment. Tropicalrainforests are located in warm humid places around the world's equator.
Children's Tropical Forests (U.K.) Fact Sheet The Physical Environment Tropical rainforests are located in warm humid places around the world's equator. Average daily temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. Yearly rainfall is at least 1,500 mm, however some forests receive as much as 10,000 mm! Most of the rain falls during the monsoon, "the rainy season" between mid July and mid September. On most days in the Tropics the rainforests receive 12 hours of sunshine providing plenty of energy for plant growth. But they grow in very poor soil as millions of years of rain has washed away the nutrients. Conveniently, the rainforest has adapted to these conditions and gets its nutrients by recycling the dead plants that fall to the forest floor. Micro-organisms rapidly break down this matter into usable nutrients like calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Return to Top

84. Victorian Native Forests, Timber Industry And Environment
An overview of sustainable native forest management in various regions of Victoria, Australia.

85. Timber Trade Federation - Environment - Forests
forests. From all you see and hear in the media, you would think theworld is running out of forests. In fact more countries around
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86. World Advocacy, Environment, Forests, Rainforests
World, Homepage » environment » forests, Rainforests. or harm theworlds forests. Homepage » environment » forests, Rainforests.
Homepage Environment Forests, Rainforests


Add your Advocacy Group

Terms of Service
Alaska Rainforests Campaign

The Alaska Rainforest Campaign (ARC) is a coalition of national and Alaska conservation groups that work to protect the remaining wildlands of the Tongass and Chugach National Forests from clearcutting and other harmful development. American Forests
Our mission is to help people improve the environment with trees and forests. Amanaka'a
Amanaka'a Amazon Network is a nonprofit environmental education organization with a simple mission: to support the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest in their efforts to live and work in harmony with their environment. Ecoforestry Institute
Nature knows best how to manage forests. By working within the limits of natural processes, we can be sustained in perpetuity. Ecoforestry strives to conserve the structure, function and composition of the forest. Forest Conservatory Portal, Inc. works to end deforestation, preserve old-growth forests, conserve and sustainably manage other forests, maintain climatic systems and commence the age of ecological restoration. Forests Forever Our mission is to protect and enhance the forests and wildlife habitat of California through educational, legislative and electoral activities.

87. Metcalf Foundation: Environment Program 2003 - Northern Forests
Northern forests. Southern Landscapes. Capacity Building. Emerging Issues. How toApply. Frequently Asked Questions. Download Download the environment Program 2003

Performing Arts Program 2003
Environment Program 2003 Community
Program 2003

1. Northern Forests The Foundation aims to maintain healthy forested ecosystems through the heart of the country. As such, this program will support efforts to protect, preserve and sustain forests in provinces with significant opportunities for large-scale conservation, with an emphasis on intact northern forests. Our primary objective is to establish large, buffered and connected wilderness areas across the country, based on the principles of conservation biology. We wish to ensure that biodiversity and wilderness values are maintained on the landscapes linking these areas together. In so doing, we wish to maintain the ecological, aesthetic, and economic values of these forests. Priority areas for this program include the forests of northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador. These areas offer significant opportunities for conservation gains over the next five to ten years, and have very limited conservation capacity at the present time. Specific activities funded may include:
  • participation in land use planning processes

88. -- Kenya: UN Environment Chief Pledges Help For Forests And Rivers
UN environment Chief Pledges Help for forests And Rivers, Email This PagePrint This Page Visit The Publisher's Site. United Nations (New York).
Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Kinshasa Côte d'Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea Bissau Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Sao Tomé and Principé Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe
UN Environment Chief Pledges Help for Forests And Rivers
This Page
This Page
The Publisher's Site United Nations (New York) January 21, 2003
Posted to the web January 21, 2003 New York The head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today pledged to help Kenya with environmental and developmental issues facing the new administration in Nairobi. Among the projects under discussion between UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer and new Environment Minister Newton Kulundu was one aimed at better management of the land and water resources flowing from Mount Kenya. The multi-million-dollar project, designed to tackle soil erosion polluting the Tana River and clogging up dams and reservoirs, will also back efforts by the Kenyan Government to reduce illegal water removal in the rivers and streams feeding the waterway. The scheme aims to work with local communities and farmers to balance the need for agricultural production with those of wildlife in and around the Mount Kenya area.

89. Forests & The Environment
Telephone +61 8 8303 5372 Facsimile +61 8 8303 4369 Email the environment a guide to library resources.
The University of Adelaide Home Departments Search ... Help/Feedback The University of Adelaide Library
North Terrace

a guide to library resources
Last update: 22 July 2002 by Chris Smith Contents
Finding books using the library catalogue
Finding journal articles
Web resources

Note that Australian Forest resources are located in the of the Environmental Studies Australia guide, and Statistical resources are located in the of the Statistics guide
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps
[From Stanford University Libraries' Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections this resource of online vegetation and plant distribution maps includes most of the world's forests] Conservation atlas of tropical forests : Africa. BSL REFERENCE 333.7516 S274c Conservation atlas of tropical forests : Asia and the Pacific. BSL REFERENCE 333.7516 C712c ROSEWORTHY REFERENCE 333.7516 1 Conservation atlas of tropical forests : the Americas. BSL REFERENCE 333.7516 H257c

90. TheSite : : Magazine : Specials_action : Environment : Forests And Timber
Your browser does not support script magazine specialsaction environment. mail this page. forests and timber.
Your browser does not support script magazine specials action environment Forests and timber

Climate change


Food miles
The eco-pub

Got wood? But at what cost? Find out how are forests are faring.
The wood from the trees

Rainforests are in big trouble, and the western world is to blame. Today, our timber consumption is so high that vast swathes of tropical woodland are disappearing on a daily basis - threatening the survival of wildlife species and the livelihoods and homes of indigenous people.
The bad and the ugly
The UK is one of the least forested of all developed countries, and yet one of the world's largest consumers of timber. It is estimated that we import about 25 million cubic metres a year, including tropical hardwoods and timber from temperate and boreal forest in North America, Scandinavia and Europe. The facts and the fears
  • On average, each person in the UK uses 30 times the volume of wood and paper products as someone in India.
  • The rate at which the Amazon rainforest is disappearing almost doubled between 1994 and 1995. In 1995, 29,059 square kilometres of forest were lost - an area the size of Belgium.
  • The demand for wood products is set to grow dramatically over the next decade - by almost 60 %
Time to get tough on lumberjacks?

91. 40th Workshop: Writing About The Environment — From Rain Forests To Global Warm
Writing About the environment — From Rain forests to Global WarmingA workshop presented at the Peace Corps 40th Anniversary Conference
A workshop presented at the Peace Corps 40th Anniversary Conference Other workshops presented by Peace Corps Writers at the 40th Conference: The Peace Corps Novel as Literature Poetry from the PC Experience Publishing Translations Travel Now, Write Later ... Working with Words Are you concerned about the continuing deterioration of the global environment? Experienced RPCV writers present ways of selling articles to publications looking for accurate and well-argued pieces about the current environmental crisis. Moderator
Mike Tidwell The Ponds of Kalambayi. Panelists:
Peter Chilson Riding the Demon: On the Road in West Africa.
His writings have appeared in The American Scholar, Ascent, and The North American Review. He teaches writing at Washington State University. Bill Coolidge San Francisco Bay Journal and has published in Wildlife Journal, Small Boat Journal and a few literary magazines. He and his partner Karen are moving from San Francisco to Greenville, North Carolina. William McNally Venice of America: The American Dream Come True, David A. Taylor

92. USAID: Environment: What We Do: Why Protect Forests Through 'Debt-for-Nature' Sw
Do. Why Protect forests through 'Debtfor-Nature' Swaps? EnvironmentHome What We Do Protecting Why Protect forests
Skip redundant navigation Home This Is USAID Privacy ... Contact The United States Agency for International Development
Why Protect Forests through 'Debt-for-Nature' Swaps? Environment Home What We Do Protecting... Why Protect Forests... Developing countries often cut down their tropical forests to generate quick cash to meet their immediate domestic needs, including paying off debts owed to industrialized nations, such as the United States. These countries are sacrificing long-term, global resources for short-term, financial needs. To help bridge this incentives gap, the U.S. Congress passed the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) in 1998. The TFCA forgives debt owed to the United States by developing nations if they agree to set aside large portions of protected forestlands as conservation and parklands. It expands the "debt-for-nature" swaps set up for Latin America and the Caribbean under the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative (EAI), extending the swaps into Asia and Africa and significantly increasing EAI management efforts. The Clinton Administration has chosen USAID to house the Secretariat for the15-member Presidentially appointed board to oversee and manage EAI and TFCA activities throughout the world. The Secretariat will review and audit EAI and TFCA trust funds, advise on sustainable development and institution building, and coordinate efforts with other USAID and U.S. Government programs. The USAID

93. Our Land, Our Literature: Environment - Temperate Deciduous Forest
forests. A winters. The trees in these forests survive the winters by sheddingtheir leaves in the fall and becoming dormant until spring.
Forests A temperate deciduous forest is characterized by a collection of broad- leaved trees such as hickory, maple, oak, poplar, and sycamore; the scrubs and bushes that make up an understory canopy layer; and finally, an herbaceous moss ground layer. Rainfall must be adequate (thirty to sixty inches annually) and evenly dispersed throughout the year. These forests grow in areas where the climate is fairly moderate with significant seasonal climate changes which include long and warm summers, and cold, but not too severe, winters. The trees in these forests survive the winters by shedding their leaves in the fall and becoming dormant until spring. Today, Indiana's forests, often referred to as "woods," are a "small fragment left from a vast green expanse, rich, varied, and ecologically resilient” (Petty 110). Most of the forests in Indiana are categorized as secondary growth forests—that is, they were at one point cleared by human beings and now have gone through, or are going through, the process of regrowth. This process is not a quick or an easy one. First, a layer of early weeds, forbs, and grasses gives way to larger brush such as briars and goldenrods. Then a collection of young saplings begins to take form. Anywhere from ten to fifty years later, small trees, shrubs, and flowering herbs begin to flourish.

94. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs & Trade - Environment - Land, Forests And Oceans
management as an integral part of the sustainable development of forests of all offisheries to maritime transport to the protection of the marine environment.
Environment Division Tel: Fax: Land, Forests and Oceans Land Desertification Desertification is the broad term for a variety of types of land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas. It results from climate variation and human activities. It is estimated that over 15% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s total land area are affected by land degradation and the desertification process. While the adverse effects of desertification are most severe in Africa it is an issue of global concern. I n response to the threat of desertification, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Those Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification, Particularly in Africa (CCD) was agreed in 1992. The CCD has been ratified by over 170 countries, including 13 Pacific Island countries since it came into force in December 1996. Rt Hon Helen Clark announced New Zealand’s accession to the CCD during the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000. New Zealand’s accession demonstrates a commitment to the needs of those countries which are affected by desertification, including those in the Pacific.

95. Education Planet Environment,Ecology,Forestry,Forests Lesson Plans
Category matches for 'forests'. Home/environment/Ecology/Forestry forests (2)Home/Science and Engineering/Marine Sciences/Marine Biology Kelp forests (8).
Apr. 07, 2003 16:40 PST
Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
Found websites and other resources for ' forests. Lesson Plans Books Software Maps ... Videos More 'forests' books Supply Online Course Category matches for: ' forests Home/Environment/Ecology/Forestry Forests (2) Home/Science and Engineering/Marine Sciences/Marine Biology Kelp Forests (8) Home Environment Ecology ... Forests Sponsored Links Carmel Valley Ranch - Wyndham Hotels and Resorts - Make a reservation, book a meeting, and find specials and packages offered at the Carmel Valley Ranch Hotel in Carmel, California.

96. Greenspirit Ecologist Patrick Moore Writes About Environment, Forests, Forestry,
believes Trees are the Answer. He writes about ecology, environment,sustainability, forests, forestry, environmentalism.
Patrick Moore
Home The Book The Video Logbook Archives ... Paradise Thanks for dropping by. This site is meant to contribute to our understanding of the environment. It contains the principal views on ecology and society that I express in speaking engagements around the world. * NOTICE *
Declaration in Support of Protecting the Environment by Growing More Trees
and Using More Wood Trees are the Answer My book on forestry and the environment. Over 20,000 copies sold! Log Book Archives My reports in from the environmental front since starting the Greenspirit website in 1996. Trees are the Answer My video tour through the forests and ecology of North America. Wood is Good! Keynote Address The written form of my two principal presentations.
SUPPORT BJORN LOMBORG, The Skeptical Environmentalist

Scientific American Threatens Greenspirit!

Environmentalism for the 21st Century


97. WebGuest - Open Directory : Science : Environment : Forests And Rainforests
Top Science environment forests and Rainforests (94). Agroforestry@ (19);Forest Activism@ (5); Forest Ecology@ (90); Urban forests@ (12). See also
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the entire directory only in Environment/Forests_and_Rainforests Top Science Environment : Forests and Rainforests
See also:

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  • *Cool Site* - A comprehensive world rainforest information portal with well organized links and descriptions of thousands of rainforest related websites. Plus rainforest news, and actions.
  • African Blackwood Conservation Project - A non-profit organization devoted to replanting this threatened species in Tanzania. Blackwood is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments, and the tree plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah.
  • Alaska Rainforest Campaign - Coalition of regional and national environmental groups working to protect and restore the last great expanse of temperate rain forest in North America. Site includes information about forests and rainforests.

98. Alberta Environment
Index page to Forest topics Alberta Sustainable Resource Development protect the biodiversity and wildlife habitats of Alberta's forests. insect pests in our forests and has had a devastating effect on forests in B.C.

99. Bundesamt Für Umwelt, Wald Und Landschaft
31.01.2003 The environment must make its voice heard internationally, more. 16.10.2002The Global environment Facility as Trendsetter, more. News archive .

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Hazardous loads: increasing safety through partnerships
it fr

100. Forests - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Location Alberta Government Sustainable Resource Development forests. Mountainpine beetle management plan protects Alberta's forests.
Contact Us
Location: Alberta Government Sustainable Resource Development Forests
Managing our Forests
Forest Health Enforcement and Compliance Research/Education ... Wildfires Feature Story February 5, 2003
Mountain pine beetle management plan protects Alberta's forests
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development is monitoring mountain pine beetle activity along the Alberta/B.C. border and has noticed a significant increase in Banff and Jasper National Parks, Kananaskis Country and Willmore Wilderness Park since 1998. The department has developed a control plan to identify, treat and remove infested trees throughout the Bow Valley Wildland Park this year. Successful management of beetle infestations will help protect the biodiversity and wildlife habitats of Alberta's forests.
Sustainable Resource Development has developed a control plan to identify, treat and remove infested trees throughout the Bow Valley Wildland Park this year. Successful management of beetle infestations will help protect the biodiversity and wildlife habitats of Alberta's forests. The mountain pine beetle is one of the most destructive insect pests in our forests and has had a devastating effect on forests in B.C. The current epidemic of the mountain pine beetle in B.C. is affecting more than 9 million hectares of forest and it is estimated that the beetle has infested more than $9 billion worth of timber.

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