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         Foster Parenting:     more books (103)
  1. Foster Parenting: A Simple Guide to Understanding What It's All About by Stacie Craig, 2007-10-15
  2. Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) by Foster Cline, Jim Fay, 2006-04-19
  3. A Guide to Foster Parenting: Everything But the Kids! by Mary Ann Goodearle, 2006-03-14
  4. Parenting Someone Else's Child: The Foster Parents' How-To Manual by Anne Stressman, 2004
  5. Parenting Teens With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) by Foster Cline, Jim Fay, 2006-04-19
  6. More Ideas About Parenting with Less Stress by Jim Fay, Charles Fay Ph.D., et all 2010-01-01
  7. Success as a Foster Parent: Everything You Need to Know About Foster Care by National Foster Parent Association, MSW, LCSW, Rachel Greene Baldino, 2009-04-07
  8. The No-Nonsense Guide to Foster Parenting by Barbara Hughes, 2010-04
  9. Rebuilding Children's Lives: A Blueprint for Treatment Foster Parents by Ray V. Burke, Ron W. Herron, et all 1996-12
  10. True Parenting: How to Foster Deeper Family Ties and a Harmonious Home (True Success Book) by Kathy Hayward, 2001-08-01
  11. Parenting Children With Health Issues: Essential Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Raising Kids With Chronic Illness, Medical Conditions, and Special Healthcare Needs by Foster W. Cline, Lisa Greene, 2007-06-01
  12. Foster Parenting: How Bad Can It Be? by Sandra Smallhorn, 2004-11-01
  13. Birth and Parenting Skills: New Directions in Antenatal Education by Mary Nolan, Julie Foster, 2005-02-09
  14. Foster Parenting Young Children; Guidelines from a Foster Parent by Evelyn H. Felker, 1974-06

1. Foster Parent Home Page
This site is dedicated to foster parents and those interested in foster parenting. The intention of this page is to create an interactive forum for foster parents to participate in, as well as a resource of information relating to foster care and

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Foster Parents CARE

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2. Kansas Foster Parenting
Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, foster parenting in Kansas, KS SRS, SRS foster parenting in Kansas. "families as resources for children"
Foster Parenting in Kansas
"families as resources for children" fc video sm file 692K lg file 1.25M Real Media files
Text Version of video
"a cooperative project between foster care providers, The Children's Alliance of Kansas, and state government" Call 1-877-345-6787 Comments to Webmaster
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3. FamilyWorks Parenting 101: Is Foster Parenting For You?
Article by Jeffrey Silla, an experienced foster parent, shares experiences and encouragement for those Category Home Family Parenting Foster Parents......Is foster parenting for you? The challenge of foster parenting uses skills that arebest learned when you have a foster child in your home living with you .
Is Foster Parenting for you?
By Jeffrey Silla
Are you interested in becoming a foster parent? Yes! Then you've come to the right place for thoughts and ideas that will help and encourage you in this new venture. In life, learning takes place when a person has a challenge to tackle. The challenge of foster parenting uses skills that are best learned when you have a foster child in your home "living with you". With this in mind, you will need to receive additional input from: parenting books, parenting videos, foster parents and training classes. Then you must put into practice what you learn! The best place to start your journey to become a foster parent is to visit a local foster parent. This person will be the key to starting and developing your foster parenting skills. The next best place to contact is your "Children and Youth" office to get information on "Foster Care Agencies". Typically after contacting the Foster Agency you will receive a large application. You will be asked to provide information on past residences, people you have lived with, reasons you want to be a foster parent, a physical with medical testing, references, how your home is set up, where the foster child will sleep, your education, job history and much more. During this process, you must also decide what type of child you would like to have in your home. So, you must decide if you have preferences regarding the child's age, their sex and the level of difficulty of care. This means on one hand there are children that can be responsible and mature for their age and on the other hand there are children that can't even feed themselves. Be fair with yourself and know your limits to deciding what type of child you would welcome into your home. Are you willing to do the work necessary to handle a child who has medical, physical, social, or other difficult problems? If you say, "Yes!" and make that commitment then you will be successful.

4. Foster Parenting
Has a newspaper advertisement ever changed your life? Well, one sure changed ours.
Foster Parenting
Needless to say, we were a bit wary now about the foster care system, but those fears were put to rest with our next placement about a month later. At that time, we had a two-and-a-half year old African-American boy placed with us. And about 6 months later, we were fortunate to have his one-year-old half brother placed with us. They also have a two-year-old sister, who we had planned on taking in as well, but that never came to pass. The boys stayed with us until early November 1995, and during their time with us, they were a source of constant joy for us. It really killed us when they left, because we had grown so attached to them, but we had to let go. However, if they ever come up for adoption, we're seriously considering being first in line. I should also mention that we also had a 10-year-old boy placed with us for about a year. He, too, was basically a good kid (even though he was constantly getting in trouble at school), but his behavior slowly changed to a point where we thought it would be detrimental to the 2 younger boys if he continued living with us, so he was placed with another foster family. Right now, we are in the Alabama foster care system, and have no children placed with us. Our last long-term care was a 17 year old African-American girl. She graduated from High School this year (1997), and decided to move out of state once she turned 18. I give a lot of credit to the Department Of Human Resources social workers here in Huntsville for really caring for the children under their care. Without their help, our foster daughter may not be having the chance to do the things she's done. It was a tough senior year for her, but the support she received from all involved helped her get through that difficult time. We've had quite a variety of children pass through our house this past year. We'll still accept respite children for a weekend or so, but no more long term placements for a few months. But we've said that before....who knows what the future has to bring.

5. Foster Parenting
This Life book format is designed to use with your foster or adoptive child. There are also forms Category Home Family Foster Care...... Approximate Mealtimes (Note this may not sound important if you haven't done anyfoster parenting yet, but if a child has been neglected and missed many meals
As part of GeoCities free homepage program, we are required to display a banner for an unaffiliated website:
In this WebSite:
(designed especially for use by Adoptive or Foster Parents)
I use sheet protectors — which keep pages safe from little fingers — and place the pages in a 3-prong portfolio cover. Kids in foster care need to feel connected to their past. This life-book will help a child maintain links with his/her past while in your home and help him/her carry memories from their time in your family to their new home when they leave. These pages can also help maintain the bond between the parents and your foster child if you send a few pages with the child to their family visits. These books are wonderful treasures, but they also serve an important purpose. When a child leaves your home — whether for the weekend or permanently — the book can help guide the child's new caregiver (whether it's their parents, another foster parent, or an adoptive parent) in understanding the child and easing the child's stress by playing a favorite game, reading a favorite story, or preparing a meal they know the child would enjoy based on the information you've shared here. If you're adopting an older child, these pages are especially suitable for a keepsake "baby book" type of book like you would surely have bought for a child born to you. If you look up "Book Binding" in your local Yellow Pages, you may find a book-binder or restorer who could take these pages and have them bound into a hard-back book for you (often for only $35-$50).

6. Child Abuse, Foster Parenting, Foster Care-All About Emil
foster parenting and the fun things that go with it. Contains articles, stories and jokes from a Category Home Family Foster Care......This is a large site about foster parenting and all the fun thingsthat go with it. The site is maintained by a social worker with
All About Emil -Information on foster parenting, foster care, and all the fun stuff that goes with it.- This website contains information about child abuse, foster care, and adoption. However, my experience in the child welfare field was with foster and adoptive parents. So...most of the articles and stories you will see here concern the foster/adopt parent, their role, and general parenting information. Additionally, you will find a large amount of jokes, quotations, and other items that I find interesting. These literary masterpieces are all original works by me (Emil) or the author's name is given if known. Before retiring, I "did time" as a Foster Care/Adoption Homefinder for around 20 years. As a social worker, my job was to evaluate, train, and provide support for those parents in my region. I have been fortunate to have my articles published on as well as fostering sites, in print, as handouts for training, and so on. Information on how to obtain permission for reprints is given inside. Most things concerning the child welfare system tend to be very serious...that goes without saying. I think that the majority of my articles and stories convey that feel...however...I must warn you that I do have a very strong sense of humor and you will see that as well. This is not your typical, academic-laden, dour, "social werky" type of site. Dealing with the child welfare system creates a lot of stress for all parties concerned. Hopefully, "Emilville" will provide a lighter alternative for those people.

7. Foster Parenting
A message board for foster parents from Parent Soup.Category Home Family Parenting Foster Parents Chats and Forums......

8. VT Foster Parent Association
Bennington Area foster parenting. University of Vermont Social Work Program
Want more information? Click here Here are some other related links: Bennington Area Foster Parenting University of Vermont Social Work Program Vermont Department of Mental Health Healthy Living Foster Care

9. Foster Parenting
Becoming a Foster Parent Foster care is familybased care for children who temporarily are not able to live at home. own families or adopted, whichever is the case. foster parenting is a commitment to make a meaningful contribution to a
Becoming a Foster Parent
Click here to see our Current Public Service Announcement Foster care is family-based care for children who temporarily are not able to live at home. During the time that children live in a foster home, the foster parents provide the same care that the children's own parents would provide. Foster parents also help the children understand that they will be either returning to their own families or adopted, whichever is the case. Foster parenting is a commitment to make a meaningful contribution to a child's life, although it may not require a lifetime commitment to a child. Being a foster parent is a big responsibility that brings with it big rewards. The requirements for becoming a foster parent are not complicated, and the Division of Youth and Family Services will help you through the steps to become a foster parent and provide training to help you understand the special needs your foster child may have. While a foster child is in your home, the Division provides many supports to assist in their care.

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11. About Adoption - Information And Resources About Child Adoption And Foster Care
Resources for foster parents and those seeking to become foster parents provided by

12. Foster Parent Community
Articles, external links on foster parenting and online discussions with professionals in the field of caring for children.
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13. FamilyWorks Parenting 101: Foster Parenting
foster parenting 101. By Pamela Caywood. I am very happy to introduce a newsegment of articles which will discuss how to master foster parenting.
Foster Parenting 101
By Pamela Caywood
I am very happy to introduce a new segment of articles which will discuss how to master foster parenting. These articles will be written by Jeffrey Silla. He is the proud father of 7 children (4 of his own and 3 foster children). Six years ago, Jeff and his wife Patty decided to open their home to help raise foster children. Over these years they have had 15 different foster children ranging from 9 weeks old to 19 years old. Each child has a new set of issues and needs. Helping each one to adjust to a new family and improve his outlook has equipped Jeffrey to master many helpful techniques to make this job somewhat easier. Jeff has started up a brand new site dedicated to foster parenting located at These articles will deal with the following topics:
  • How to decide if YOU should become a foster parent How to successfully integrate foster children into your family Setting boundaries that work Dealing with temper tantrums Stop the cursing When do I call the police?
  • 14. Foster Parenting
    To Help Support foster parenting and Buy the CD, Click Here
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    Foster Parenting
    Guide picks Resources, information, and online education for foster parents in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.
    Child and Youth Issues

    ADD/ADHD and attachment problems are only some of the issues faced by both foster and adoptive parents. Foster Parent Adoption
    Making the move to permanency involves some paperwork and some new procedures and considerations. Evaluate your readiness, and find information about the process and how to get started. Foster Parenting Organizations/Support Foster parent organizations and support groups provide community, a place to share experiences, participate in advocacy efforts, and keep up with new laws and trends. Foster Parenting Services Services for foster parents include training, education, insurance, search for former foster children.

    15. The Joy Of Raising Foster Children
    Books on foster parenting.
    Home Page Information Free Newsletter Order Now ... Back We welcome you to the joy of raising foster children website. This site was created to share information about raising foster children and what a joy it can be! We invite you to browse our list of books. We will be continuously adding to our website. Please feel free to bookmark this website. We invite you to come back often. Our mission for this website is to become a wealth of information and resources for foster parents or for those even thinking about becoming a foster parent. Children are unique in their own way. To invite a foster care child into your home is a very special thing to do. It is probably the most important thing that you can do for the life of a foster child. This foster care website is used as a communication platform for foster care families to retrieve information or maybe even helpful hints. Children are our future, so we take great pride in offering this website for foster care families. This website is not only for foster parents, it is a website for all parents around the world who have concerns or questions. We promote early learning skills, creative parenting advice, and most importantly the loving of a child. The Joy of Raising Foster Children book is due to become available in the year 2001.

    16. Allegations: The Freddy Gruger Of Foster Parenting
    Allegations The Freddy Gruger of foster parenting by Barbara Leiner When we firstenter the world of foster parenting, we are excited, enthusiastic, naive
    The Freddy Gruger of Foster Parenting by Barbara Leiner
    When we first enter the world of foster parenting, we are excited, enthusiastic, naive, willing and eager to meet the challenges that face us. We plunge into this endeavor with the expectations of making a better life for a child, and, sometimes a whole family. How many times throughout our foster parenting "career" do we hear the phrase "at risk children"? Do we ever hear "at risk foster parents"? No. If prospective foster parents knew the perils that lurched inside this crazy world of caring for abused and neglected children, would many continue the recruitment process? I wouldn't think so. Still, I wonder why so many foster parents stay in a field that can turn our world upside down at the whim of one person. I am talking about erroneous allegations. An allegation of any nature is devastating and hard to pull one's self back into the mainstream of everyday life. We are never the same after an accusation a little disappointed, frustrated, confused, embarrassed, hopefully much wiser and that proverbial wall gets a little higher. Accusations can happen to any of us at any time. The neighbor doesn't like foster children living next door to their "perfect" children; thinks it lowers property value. The foster child that thinks he/she will be sent back to live with their biological family if they convince the social worker the foster father has molested them or the foster mother hits them and deprives them of food. Vulnerability is a foster parent's middle name. We are forever and always "at risk".

    17. Kansas Foster Parenting
    Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, foster parentingin Kansas, KS SRS, SRS. Call 1877-345-6787. What is foster parenting?
    Foster Parenting in Kansas
    "families as resources for children" fc video sm file 692K lg file 1.25M Real Media files
    Text Version of video
    "a cooperative project between foster care providers, The Children's Alliance of Kansas, and state government" Call 1-877-345-6787 Comments to Webmaster
    Page last updated: May 14, 2002 Complete A Foster Care Interest Survey GuestBook and Credits

    18. National Foster Parent Association
    Information regarding foster parenting, and resources for training, education and advocacy.
    Welcome Home
    NFPA History
    NFPA Milestones Membership Info ...
    Donate to NFPA
    A Child
    is a flower in bloom
    The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization established in 1972, with tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. Purpose: The National Foster Parent Association is the only national organization which strives to support foster parents, and remains a consistently strong voice on behalf of all children.
    • To bring together foster parents, agency representatives and community people who wish to work together to improve the foster care system and enhance the lives of all children and families
    • To promote mutual coordination, cooperation and communication among foster parents, Foster Parent Associations, child care agencies and other child advocates.
    • To encourage the recruitment and retention of foster parents.
    • To inform the membership and general public of current issues regarding foster care.
    Membership in the NFPA is open to anyone interested in improving
    the foster care system and enhancing the lives of children and families.

    19. ... Foster Parenting
    Child Abuse, foster parenting, Foster CareAll About Emil. foster parenting and the fun things that go with it.

    20. Kansas Foster Parenting
    Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Service, Triumphs of Kansas foster parenting inKansas. Stories of foster parents in kansas. foster parenting in Kansas ..
    Foster Parenting in Kansas....... Triumphs Mrs. Billie Colbert left a job as a cabdriver and a hamburger stand operator to become a provider of emergency foster care in Kansas City. Since 1953 she provided care for over 5,000 children during 45 years of service. 'Grandma Billie', as all those who know her fondly refer to her as, states that even though she saw some horrific situations she focused all of her energy and thought on the children, not on condeming bad parents. "You don't think about that," she said. "You think about the children." Go to Colbert article! Cory and Marcy Misak have been foster parents for the past four years. They work with United Methodist Youthville and provide a foster home in the Conway Springs area. "I've always wanted a house full of kids, and after our four, I couldn't have any more." Mrs. Misak states " I love kids; I love foster kids. I call them our 'kids of tomorrow.' Anybody who loves kids needs to be doing this." Mrs. Misak is also president of the foster parent association in Wellington and has presented testimony to the Kansas Legislature on foster care issues. Go to Misak article!

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