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1. Ultimate Frisbee: Peace, Love And Flying Discs
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Janine Konkel of Ann Arbor, left, and Lani Kawamoto of Pontiac during a game in Southfield.
Ultimate Frisbee: Peace, love and flying discs
Product of the '60s counterculture gives players a healthy workout
  • Ultimate Frisbee rules Marc Landau says if you want to play Ultimate, you should just show up at the playing field with tennis shoes or, preferably, cleats; both a dark- and light-colored shirt, and an e-mail address. The Southfield Ultimate team plays at 6 p.m. most Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 10 a.m. most Saturdays in front of the Southfield Civic Center. It's on the east side of Evergreen Road, a mile south of I-696. For more information or to get on the team's e-mail list, e-mail Marc Landau at, or call him at 248-613-7459. Landau also can provide information on Ultimate play in Dearborn, which takes place at 6 p.m. Thursdays at Stout Middle School, on the south side of Rotunda. It's a mile west of the Southfield Freeway. The Ann Arbor Ultimate Summer League is full, but is taking players for the fall. For information and a schedule of pickup games in Ann Arbor, go to the Ann Arbor Ultimate Web site
  • 2. Recreational Products
    recreational flying discs. D220 Master Tournament Model . . . $15.00. This is theheaviest frisbee disc ever produced of this size (10 3/4 inches) at over 200 products.htm
    Recreational Flying Discs
    D220 - Master Tournament Model . . . $15.00
    This is the heaviest Frisbee disc ever produced of this size (10 3/4 inches) at over 200 grams.
    D195 - Heavyweight ...$10.50
    The Reflyer Frisbee disc is made
    from over 60% post-consumer
    recycled polyethylene.
    Three models to choose from. D148 - 165 gram Reflyer ...$7.00
    D102 - 130 gram Reflyer ...$6.00
    D140 - 110 gram Reflyer ...$3.50
    The Coaster Ring is an 80 gram 11 1/2 inch flying Frisbee ring. Easy to grip and great flying,
    plus easy to catch. D194 - Coaster Ring ...$4.95 This is a new mold design that was made with the pros in mind. At 160 grams this disc will float well allowing for some insane freestyle moves. D197 - World Class Freestyle ...$9.50 NIGHT GLOW Glow in the dark Wham-O Frisbee discs. D152 - Glow U-Max (175g) . . $8.00 D152-L Glow 100 Mold (130g). .$6.00 D152-F Glow Fastback (110g) . $3.50 (Fastback pictured) Assorted Wham-O discs and colors D188 - FPA 2001 . . . . . . .$7.00

    3. Sports / Flying Discs / Ultimate Frisbee - RV Dealers Texas Rio Grande Valley RV
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    4. Discovering The World
    Disc SupplierCategory Shopping Sports flying discs...... Freestyle Products recreational flying discs Non flying Disc Fun The 2003 AshleyWhippet Canine frisbee® disc Championships sponsored by Discovering The
    Discovering The World has been providing quality products and professional services to the
    Frisbee® disc enthusiast for 26 years.
    We provide the largest selection of professional and
    recreational flying disc products manufactured.
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    5. The Wright Life - Frisbee And Disc Golf Products Whamo Discs
    Specializing in disc golf, ultimate and other flying disc sports. Products include frisbee golf discs, frisbee golf baskets, disc golf bags and disc golf discs. Find more recreational flying discs and flying objects recreational discs At 200+g, the frisbee Heavyweight is one beefy flying disc! It's got more than enough muscle to power
    Search Ordering Information Categories Specialty Products Event/Course Info
    Find more recreational flying discs and flying objects: Recreational Discs Aerobies Golf Discs
    Recreation Discs

    Wham-O Heavyweight
    At 200+g, the Frisbee Heavyweight is one beefy flying disc! It's got more than enough muscle to power long and hard through even the toughest wind...that is, as long as you have the muscle for it!! Add to Cart $11.95
    Wham-O Discs

    Wham-O 160gr World Class Freestyle
    Designed for skilled, athletic maneuvers! Floats slowly in the air for complicated trick routines. Add to Cart $9.95
    Wham-O Discs

    Wham-O Moonlighter
    A classic is back. 130 grams of fun in the dark or in the day. The original Frisbee model moonlighter disc is fun for all ages. Glow in the dark. Add to Cart $7.95
    Wham-O Discs

    Wham-O 175gr World Class Ultimate
    A large diameter and heavier weight makes this the ideal disc for precise passing in all playing conditions.

    6. The Wright Life - Frisbee And Disc Golf Products Frisbee Sport Products For Ulti
    See other recreational discs here. Add to Cart $6.95. Freestyle Zen and the Art ofFreestyle frisbee. Check out the latest in freestyle flying disc how to videos
    Search Ordering Information Categories Specialty Products Event/Course Info Find more fun flying discs and flying objects. Recreational Frisbees Aerobie Discs and Rings Specials Deals on Frisbees!

    Grateful Disc Sky-Styler
    One of the more popular designs on the pro freestyle frisbee circuit, this Discraft Sky-Styler is great for spin speed judgement.160 grams Find more Freestyle products here. Add to Cart $8.95

    Wham-O HDX 165
    165 grams of fun! This Frisbee brand flying disc has a bigger sweet spot for kicking, tipping and easy nail delays. Great for high winds. This 165 gram model is the most popular for freestyle play. Add to Cart $6.95

    Discraft Sky-Styler
    The most popular freestyle disc in the world. The Sky-Styler flies straight and stable. The Styler has an extra deep rim for easy rim delays and smooth body rolls. Comes in yellow, pink and white and weighs 165 grams. Add to Cart $7.95

    7. Directory: Flying Discs
    Affordable gifts and collectibles for all occasions, free MIDIfiles, free email, webmaster tools and much more. Shopping made easy! sportswear and equipment for all sports and recreational activities. Watch the news ticker of frisbee brand flying discs. Homepage of frisbee, the original brand of flying discs.
    Flying Discs
    Flying Discs
    Directory Sports : Flying Discs
    Top 10 listings for flying discs
  • Everything Disc Golf - Your Disc Golf Store
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  • 8. Course Guide For Evangola State Park
    recreational facilities are such as the rec disc golf, discgolf, flying discs, discsports, parks parks disc golf, discgolf, frisbee, flying discs, disc sports

    9. Course Guide For Dorey Park
    Designed for recreational players, but long tees disc golf, discgolf, flying discs,disc sports, parks disc golf, discgolf, frisbee, flying discs, disc sports

    10. Tech Tidbit -- November 25, 2002
    Features 8 recreational models (including the Heatwave which changes Photos of Mr.Strinz's collection of flying discs. History of the frisbee on
    Home Al's Home Page Tidbit of the Week Bookstore ... Resources Teich's Tech Tidbit of the Week
    November 25, 2002
    Back in the late 19th century, students at American colleges discovered that the pie tins made by the Frisbie Baking Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, were the perfect thing to throw back and forth on their campus lawns on warm spring days. The fad is said to have started at Yale University, which is located in New Haven, not far from Bridgeport. The saucer-shaped tins, they found, had excellent aerodynamic qualities, and when thrown with a spin and launched at various angles, could gain lift, fly surprisingly far, and, with a little practice, be made to curve, hover, and do a variety of tricks. Despite the popularity of the pie tins, it took over 50 years for Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni to come up with the idea of making a plastic version designed specifically for throwing. Morrison's "Pluto Platter" failed to take off, however, and it was not until Rich Knerr and Spud Mellin founded the Wham-O company a decade later and bought the rights to the product, which they renamed the "Frisbee," that flying discs became a nationwide fad. Then, in the 1960s, technology entered the picture. Edward E. "Steady Ed" Headrick, an inventor and entrepreneur working for Wham-O, came up with the idea of adding concentric grooved ridges or "spoilers" to the top of the Frisbee

    11. Bomis: The Sports/Flying Discs Ring
    Alternative sports contest with frisbee golf, freestyle and equipment for all sportsand recreational activities 3. flying discsCompare Prices Find the Best
    Bomis: The Sports/Flying Discs ring Build a ring
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  • ...Sports/Flying_Discs Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
    Click to visit the Bomis Board for Flying Discs Ring sites
    NEFA Schedule
    Schedule of Flying Disc tournaments and events in New England WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports Baskethead Disc Gear Basket Head Disc Gear: Quality Disc Golf Products. We carry custom stamp discs, custom screened t-shirts, custom embroidered outerwear, and outdoor furniture. Scientific American: Working Knowledge: The Flight of the Frisbee April 1999 The flight of the frisbee. America's Best Frisbee Dogs Frisbee Catching Canines. Top Dogs at NFL NBA cba Baseball College Halftime Entertainment Company Picnics and Special Events. Great Entertainment. Yeah! Flying Discs a global flying discs community featuring free email, chats, message boards, links, shopping and more...
  • 12. Secure Shopping Cart
    recreational flying discs (ALL), SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT. Skyhoundz Images, Sportof the Future, Sports Bottles. Stokely Training Video, The Complete Book of frisbee,
    Secure Shopping Cart Main Entrance View Shopping Cart Place Order Help Welcome to our shop. Use this form to search for an item, or select a category from the list below. Search inventory for keywords:
    BOOKS (ALL) Beginners Golf Package Birdie Bag ... YoYo Fun Retail Store:
    Discovering The World
    6272 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, Ca 90621
    Phone: 714-522-2202
    Fax: 714-670-6340

    13. @LA Recreational Products & Services
    Fencing. Fitness Clubs. Fitness Products / Services. flying. Football. frisbee.Gambling. Golf. Index, frisbees/discs. Clubs / Organizations. Disc Golf Courses.
    whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County Adventure Travel Badminton Balloon Flights Baseball ...
    General Activewear / Sportswear Scout Shops Shoes Sporting Goods ...
    - coaching software
    Quality of Life Expo
    , Downtown, March
    Performance Fundamentals
    , Laguna Beach - products, workshops to increase eye-speed coordination and perception
    , Glendora - publication, magazine Scout/Scouting Shops

    Los Angeles Scout Shop

    OC Scout Shop
    Sporting Goods
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    14. Teoma Search: Sport : Frisbee
    Open Directory Sports flying discs Ultimate Fr Ultimate frisbee Sites HURLhalifax ultimate recreational league : Frisbee&qcat=1

    15. Superflight, Inc: Aerobie Superdisc
    a Popular Science award for the best new recreational product of toy mission of inventingan improved frisbee. Conventional flying discs such as
    81 Encina Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    (650) 321-5050 Voice
    (650) 321-0974 Fax
    Aerobie Superdisc
    A 10 inch disc renowned for stable, accurate flights "The Aerobie Superdisc won a Popular Science award for the best new recreational product of the year thanks to its accurate flights"
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    With the Superdisc, Alan Adler returned to his original flying toy mission of inventing an improved "Frisbee." Conventional flying discs such as the Frisbee have a center of aerodyanmic lift near the leading edge of the disc in flight. This creates a tendancy for a flying disc to roll right during right handed throws and to roll left during left handed throws. The breakthrough spoiler rim design of the Superdisc, like the spoiler rim of the Aerobie rings, centers the aerodyamic lift of the disc during its entire flight, making the Superdisc a very stable flyer. The result is a flying disc that is very easy for people of all skill levels to throw well. The Superdisc also has a soft, rubber edge that has many benefits. It provides a great grip for strong throws, it is soft to catch, and it does not develop sharp scratches and burrs like a conventional disc when it hits pavement. The soft edge is also kind to a dog's mouth when the Superdisc is used for play with a dog.

    16. The History Of The Frisbee
    Today the fifty year old frisbee® is owned by only one of at least sixty manufacturersof flying discs. by an estimated two million recreational players in
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Inventors Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Mary Bellis
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    The History of the Frisbee
    Actual Patent Drawing for the Curve of a Frisbee
    Frisbee Catching Dogs Frisbee on the Web Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment: Frisbee

    From UC Davis, more explanations of how a Frisbee works.
    Frisbee Golf
    Interested in playing? Frisbee Newsgroup "Frisbee Dogs "Where The Fur Comes To Fly" Related Innovations More Toys By Mary Bellis Every object has a history, and behind that history an inventor, the person who thought it up first. Sometimes who was first can be a topic for hot debate: often several people independent of each other will all think of the same good idea at around the same time and will later have to argue "No it was me, I thought of it first." Many people have claimed to have invented the Frisbee. The Frisbie Baking Company (1871-1958) of Bridgeport, Connecticut, made pies that were sold to many New England colleges. Hungry college students soon discovered that the empty pie tins could be tossed and caught, providing endless hours of game and sport. Many colleges have claimed to be the home of 'he who was first to fling.' Yale College has even argued that in 1820, a Yale undergraduate named Elihu Frisbie grabbed a passing collection tray from the chapel and flung it out into the campus, thereby becoming the true inventor of the Frisbie and winning glory for Yale. That tale is unlikely to be true since the words 'Frisbie's Pies' was embossed in all the original pie tins and from the word 'Frisbie' was coined the common name for the toy.

    17. New Page 1
    frisbee Fastback (110 Gram) recreational throwing disc. The frisbee brand Fastbackis truly one of the easiest flying discs to learn and practice with.
    For a very* limited time
    Choose one of the following 
    ~ as your Free Disc w/video Heave H.O.E. *As long as this stock lasts..
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    If you then see the disc on this page, then it's availability is guaranteed.

    Each item will be removed as it runs out. No specific colors are guaranteed. 
    If you find this stock is out, check back. It may come back in again at some time. DISCRAFT XL 173 Gram) Disc Golf driving disc.
    A small number of these discs are in stock.   (3 Left!)
    Limited ONLY to orders right now
    w/video Get a FREE DISCRAFT XL Disc
    This disc is used by millions for long drives during Disc Golf Tournaments and casual play. The world distance record was set with it, and it follows the Heave H.O.E. Video Instructions to the "T"! When heaved, it flies straight as an arrow. YOU MUST Mention in the COMMENT section that you want the DISCRAFT XL. -

    18. Times Online
    Disc Golf Association and the recreational Disc Golf We used to say that frisbee isreally a ashes be moulded into limited edition memorial flying discs to be,,60-384147,00.html
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    SPECIAL REPORTS Investor's Centre Outsourcing Special NI_AD('BottomLeft'); Obituaries August 15, 2002 Ed Headrick Designer who took the wobble out of the Frisbee, transforming it into one of America's most popular playthings Ed Headrick was responsible for designing the modern Frisbee. Although discs for throwing had been made by the toy manufacturer Wham-O since 1957, they had sold modestly, mainly because of complaints that they were so wobbly in the air. Headrick altered the design to great effect. In 1964 he changed the shape to make the discs more aerodynamic, adding concentric rings to the top to increase stability in flight. Headrick’s “professional model” had superior lift and could be thrown far greater distances than its flatter predecessors. He also changed the styling, so that what had been a plaything aimed at children became a leisure-time accessory with which grown-ups could happily be seen. As a consquence, the Frisbee took off. By the 1970s, no American beachfront or park was complete without its swift and silent presence. Headrick had transformed a children’s toy into an enduring national craze, enjoyed by millions of adults.

    19. “Steady” Ed Headrick 001---June 28, 1924 To August 12, 2002.
    a limited number of memorial flying discs with distribution to golf, which involvesthrowing a frisbee at a equipment to a number of recreational programs for
    Price List l History l Lessons l Got Game l Contact June 28, 1924 to August 12, 2002.


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    June 28, 1924 to August 12, 2002. He returned home to California Aug. 6 after doctors determined that physical therapy would not aid his recovery and that his condition would continue to deteriorate. On Saturday, friends and family held an open house. Several longtime friends visited with Headrick throughout the daylong celebration of his life, according to his youngest son, Gary Headrick. Steady Ed Headrick was born in South Pasadena on June 28, 1924. He had lived in Santa Cruz County for the past nine years. Headrick invented the Frisbee while working at San Gabriel-based Wham-O in 1964. In the 1970s, he created the sport of disc golf, which involves throwing a Frisbee at a metal cage. Headrick had donated disc golf equipment to a number of recreational programs for under-privileged youth nationwide. He is survived by his wife, Farina Headrick of La Selva Beach; one daughter, Valerie Headrick of Quincy; three sons, Ken Headrick of San Juan-San Ramon, Costa Rica, Daniel Headrick of Laguna Beach and Gary Headrick of San Clemente; and 11 grandchildren.

    20. Make Frisbees Using The Inventor's Ashes JIM ZAMORA / SF Chronicle 13aug02
    disc golf equipment to a number of recreational programs for have his remains usedin some of their flying discs. happy if we actually played frisbee with his
    Make Frisbees using the Inventor's Ashes
    JIM ZAMORA / SF Chronicle 13aug02
    Edward 'Steady Ed' Headrick told his family
    shortly before his death that he'd like his
    remains to be mixed-in with the plastic
    in special-edition Frisbees. Just before he died, the creator of the game of Frisbee golf said he wanted his ashes to be mixed into new versions of the famous plastic disc and his family hopes these limited-edition Frisbees could be sold to help fund a museum in his honor. Edward "Steady Ed" Headrick made his wishes clear to his family in the weeks before his death at 3:30 a.m. Monday at his home in Santa Cruz , his son Dr. Daniel Headrick said today. "For years, he used to joke about saying he wanted to live on as a Frisbee, " Daniel Headrick said of his father. "We always thought he was joking. But he made it clear he was serious. He wanted us to use his ashes in making some Frisbees. He even said he hopes we throw them around in his honor." The details of the tribute Frisbees and plans for a museum are still being worked out.

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