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         Fruits & Vegetables Crops:     more books (100)
  1. Garden foes: insect, animal and fungoid pests injurious to fruit and vegetable crops, hardy plants, trees, shrubs and greenhouse plants, with all the latest remedies for their eradication by Thomas William Sanders, 2010-06-19
  2. Garden Foes - Insect, Animal And Fungoid Pests Injurious To Fruit And Vegetable Crops, Hardy Plants, Trees, Shrubs And Greenhouse Plants With All The Latest Remedies For Their Eradication, Etc. by T. Sanders, 2010-06-08
  3. Garden Foes; Insect, Animal and Fungoid Pests Injurious to Fruit and Vegetable Crops, Hardy Plants, Trees, Shrubs and Greenhouse Plants, With by Thomas William Sanders, 2010-01-10
  5. Growing Fruit and Vegetable Crops by Thomas Jesse Talbert, 1953
  6. 1997 Pest Management Handbook: Field Crops, Fruits, and Vegetables Volume I by Unknown, 1997
  7. Field Crops Fruits & Vegetables by Clemsen, 2001-01
  8. A Treatise on Insects Injurious to Field Crops, Fruit Orchards, Vegetable Gardens, and Domestic Animals; with a Description of Each, etc. by Willis Gaylord, 1843
  9. Prevention of Post Harvest Food Losses: Fruit, Vegetables and Root Crops (FAO)
  10. Nutrient management for commercial fruit & vegetable crops in Minnesota by Carl Jay Rosen, 1996
  11. Tropical fruits, vegetables, root crops, and spices: A select bibliography by Lilleth C Morris, 1984
  12. Ethylenebisdithiocarbamate (EBDC) and ethylenethiourea (ETU) residues in processed fruit and vegetable crops (Technical memorandum / Campden Food Preservation Research Association) by H. A. W Blundstone, 1982
  13. Fruit and vegetable crops costs and returns from farm cost accounts: 28 farms, 1982, New York State (A.E. research) by D. P Snyder, 1983
  14. Integrated crop management: A system for fruit and vegetable crop production

1. G95-1264-A; Storing Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
fruits and vegetables. Susan D. Schoneweis, Extension CoordinatorHome/Environment hort. Durward A. Smith, Extension hort crops
Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
The following NebGuide outlines proper storage methods and conditions for fresh fruits and vegetables. Susan D. Schoneweis, Extension Coordinator-Home/Environment hort
Durward A. Smith, Extension hort Crops Processing Specialist
Previous Category Catalog Order Info
Harvesting fruits and vegetables from your garden at the proper stage of maturity is only the first step to fresh table quality. Proper harvesting and post-harvest handling methods, as well as proper storage of fruits and vegetables not immediately eaten, will help maintain the flavor, texture and nutritive value of the produce. Proper storage means controlling both the temperature and relative humidity of the storage area. All fruits and vegetables do not have the same requirements. This NebGuide will help you select the best storage conditions for homegrown and purchased produce.
Harvest Methods and Post-Harvest Care
Most fruits and vegetables are easily bruised if not handled carefully. When harvesting, treat produce as if it were fine china. Tossing fruits and vegetables into baskets or boxes may not leave visible bruises and damage, but decay will begin under the skin. Seemingly sturdy vegetables such as sweet potatoes are actually quite delicate and will not store well if bruised.

2. Prevention Of Post-harvest Food Losses Fruits, Vegetables And Root Crops A Train
Prevention of postharvest food losses fruits, vegetables and root crops a training manual FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS Acknowledgement is due to John Burden and R.B.H.
Prevention of post-harvest food losses fruits, vegetables and root crops a training manual
Table of Contents
Rome, 1989 Acknowledgement is due to John Burden and R.B.H. Wills, who compiled the document, and Kellogg Smith, who reviewed and edited the text. Thanks are also due to Adrian Toet and Andrew Shepherd, who contributed to the preparation of this manual. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. FAO, Rome (Italy) Prevention of post-harvest food losses: fruits, vegetables and root crops. (FAO Training Series: no. 17/2) 1. Fruits 2. Vegetables 3. Root crops
4. Post-harvest losses
I. Title II. Series FAO code: 17 AGRIS: J11
ISBN 92-5-102766-8 (c) FAO 1989
Printed in Italy

1. Introduction

3. IPM - Fruits & Vegetables At University Of Illinois
Home About IPM What's New? fruits vegetables Field crops Structural Public Health Issues Landscape Pest Management Other Resources.
This site is designed to provide information on the production of fruit and vegetable crops in Illinois. At present, this page focuses on commercial production, but much of the information will also be useful to home gardeners. Also included are links to similar pages at other institutions, as well as links to other sites with related information.
Fruit Crops
Vegetable Crops

4. Redirector
Provides information on the production of tropical crops in Hawaii, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. Topics include cultivars, cultural practices and pest management.
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5. Insect Pest Management For Commercial Crops
Links. Home fruits vegetables Field crops Structural PublicHealth Issues Landscape Pest Management Other Resources.



Disease Management Recommendations
Minimum Preharvest Intervalsof Common Insecticides Insecticide Rates and Guidelines (Cucumbers, Melons, Pumpkins, and Squash)
Herbicide Rates and Guidelines (Cucumber, Melon, and Squash) (Pumpkin)

... Other Resources

6. Habanero Hot Sauce, Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit Jelly, Mango Jelly, Key Lime Je
Producer of export crops in Belize, Central America. Products include fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and Belizian habanero pepper hot sauce.
AgroWorld is made up of several related operations ranging from production to processing of tropical fruits and vegetables.
Chili Willy
Tropical Fruit Preserves
Learn about CHILI WILLY ... Hot Sauce Sales Opportunities.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide quality products at a competitive price.
Company Profile We are an expanding company and have operations in southern Florida and in Belize, Central America. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. This experience includes management, production, and research. We continue to research innovative ways to improve quality, yield, and profit. For information on ventures with AgroWorld, please contact us.
Contact Information
Our Miami, FL business hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Our Belize FAX number is 501-41-2016. For calls originating in the US the dialing pattern is: 011-501-41-2016.
Telephone: (305) 245-7746
FAX: (305) 242-1429
Postal address: 19998 S.W. 256 Street, Homestead, FL 33031
Electronic mail
General Information:

7. MF1030 Storage Options Fruits And Vegetables Postharvest Management
Postharvest Management of Commercial Horticultural crops Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service fruits vegetables The cooling process is one of the most important steps in the chain that brings fruits and vegetables. from the farm to the table.

8. IPM: Fruits And Vegetables
fruits and vegetables. IL Fruit Vegetable News Related Websites Fruit crops Vegetable crops *. General Vegetable References.

Search IPM
IPM Home Field Crops Urban ... Frequently Asked Questions
Fruits and Vegetables
Related Websites
Fruit Crops
Vegetable Crops
General Vegetable References
Beekeeping in the Midwest
Crop Profiles by PIAP
(1999 IPM Annual Report)
Herbicide Rates and Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Crops
(PDF File
Insect Cards
(1999 IPM Annual Report)
Insecticide Rates and Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Crops
(PDF File , Choose Table 1)
Integrated Weed Management

Minimum Preharvest Intervals of Common Insecticides
(PDF File , Choose Table 3)
(1999 IPM Annual Report)
Pesticide Applicator Training
(1999 IPM Annual Report) Plant Clinic Activities (1999 IPM Annual Report) Weed Control for Commercial Vegetable Crops
Fruit Crops
Vegetable Crops
Apples Asparagus Brambles Grapes ... Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant
Related Websites
Crop Systems and IPM Development Teams Events Calendar University of Illinois Plant Clinic University of Nebraska Fruit and Vegetable Factsheets Veg-Edge: Vegetable IPM Resource for the Midwest Note: To be able to view PDF files, you need to have

9. Purdue Extension Publications: Botany & Plant Pathology
Covers diseases of field crops, fruits, ornamentals, turf and vegetables, and information on pesticide programs.
BOTANY AND PLANT PATHOLOGY Aquatic Plant Management Field Crop Diseases Fruit Diseases Ornamental Diseases Pesticide Programs Turfgrass Diseases Vegetable Diseases Weeds and Weed Management Miscellaneous For order information, please visit Media Distribution
To read, search, or print publications in the portable document format
(PDF), you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader or Exchange software.
Download the free Reader program from the Adobe Systems Web site Aquatic Plant Management Order Price Item Number Title PDF version Web Only APM-1-W Barley Straw for Algae Control PDF Web Only APM-2-W Control of Duckweed and Watermeal PDF WS-21 Aquatic Plant Management PDF Field Crop Diseases Order Price Item Number Title PDF version BP-41 Brown Stem Rot of Soybeans PDF BP-42 Charcoal Rot of Soybeans PDF BP-43 Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Soybeans PDF BP-47 Mycotoxins And Mycotoxin Test Kits n/a BP-49 Blue Eye In Corn n/a ID-207 n/a BP-58 Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans PDF BP-56 Gray Leaf Spot PDF BP-57 Managing Lawn Disease PDF BP-59 Stalk Rots of Corn PDF Fruit Diseases Order Price Item Number Title PDF version Web Only BP-1-W Apple Scab n/a Web Only BP-4-3-W Strawberry Leaf Spots n/a Web Only BP-4-5-W Strawberry Gray Mold n/a Web Only BP-30-W Fire Blight n/a Web Only BP-35-W Cedar Apple and Related Rusts n/a Web Only BP-36-W Grape Black Rot n/a Web Only BP-45-W Brown Rot of Stone Fruits n/a Web Only BP-46-W Strawberry Root Diseases n/a Web Only BP-53-W Raspberry Anthracnose PDF Web Only BP-54-W Peach Leaf Curl PDF ID-168

10. IPM : Insect Fact Sheets
Field crops fruits vegetables Landscape Turf Greenhouse Home, Yard Garden Livestock. fruits,Landscape Turf, Mexican Bean Beetle, Field crops, vegetables.
IPM Site Index Field Crops Alfalfa Corn Sorghum Soybeans Fruits Apples Brambles Grapes Strawberries Vegetables Asparagus Cole Crops Cucurbit Crops Potatoes Sweet Corn Sweet Potatoes Greenhouse Livestock Educational Materials Videos FAQs Decision Aids
Insect Fact Sheets Insect Location Insect Location Alfalfa Weevil Field Crops Leafminers Greenhouse Aphids Fruits Greenhouse Lecanium Scales Greenhouse Armored Scales Greenhouse Meadow Spittlebug Field Crops Armyworm Field Crops Vegetables Mealybugs Greenhouse Ash Lilac Borer Fruits Mexican Bean Beetle Field Crops Vegetables Asian Lady Beetle Fruits Mites Greenhouse Bean Leaf Beetle Field Crops Mosquitoes Livestock Billbug Field Crops Oystershell Scale Black Cutworm Field Crops Vegetables Pea Aphids Field Crops Vegetables Black Vine Weevil Peach Tree Borer Blister Beetles Field Crops Picnic Beetle Field Crops Vegetables Bronze Birch Borer Pine Moth Chinch Bug Field Crops Pine Needle Scale Clover Leaf Weevil Field Crops Plant Galls

11. IAHS Is Engaged In The Production And Marketing Of Hybrid Vegetable Seeds,flower
Researches the propagation of a wide variety of crops including rice, vegetables, spices, fruits, flowers, and sells the resulting seeds and plants in India and worldwide.
IAHS is a pioneering institution and one of the most innovative enterprises of its kind in India. IAHS has made remarkable advances in every sphere of commercial Horticulture.
IAHS is at present engaged in the production of Hybrid Vegetable seeds, Flower seeds, Oil seeds, Ornamental plants, Biotechnology products, construction of Greenhouses and Landscape Architecture. Site designed by Semaphore

12. MF1033 Storage Operations Fruits And Vegetables
Postharvest Management of Commercial Horticultural crops. COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE the optimum range for the commodity. For. most fruits and vegetables, the optimum relative

13. Food Loss Prevention In Perishable Crops - 4. Fruits And Vegetables
4. fruits and vegetables. Losses will always occur in the absence of a dependablecommunication system. 4.2 Individual fruits and vegetables.
4. Fruits and vegetables Contents Previous Next 4.1 General considerations Many post-harvest losses are direct results of factors before harvest. Fruit a and vegetables that are infected with pests and diseases, inappropriately irrigated and fertilized, or generally of poor quality before harvesting, can never be improved by post-harvest treatments. Very often the rate of commodity loss is faster if the quality at harvest is below standard. Thus, the processes in the attainment and maintenance of quality from production, harvesting, handling and marketing must be considered a unified system. The success of preserving the harvest-fresh quality of produce demands control of each step in the system, depends on the previous stop and therefore is a chain of interdependent activities. The small size and isolation of many vegetable farms make it logical to employ manual harvest labour which is often relatively cheap and non-organized. Traditional methods of harvesting are still employed using a minimum of mechanical aide. Many of the farmers may know their market but do not analyze it and plant without much concern for it. Price considerations are usually given more weight than the quality of the produce. Early harvesting of carrots, chayote, snap beans, squash and bottle gourd give better quality, but lower yield. On the other hand, vegetables may be harvested before reaching prime quality if the prevailing market price is high duo to the scarcity of the product. Knowledge of maturity indices is often inadequate in moat instances visual indices being used. Therefore, more experienced farmers can deliver better quality products than those with less experience.

14. BIOREBA Agricultural Plant Disease Virus Pathogens ELISA Diagnostics Detection
Offers antibodies and ELISA kits for detecting virus pathogens in potatoes, grapevines, fruit trees, small fruits, ornamentals, vegetables and field crops.

15. Earth's Most Unique Nursery! - World-wide Collection Of Exotic Fruits, Nuts, Veg
Earth's most unique nursery! Worldwide Collection of Exotic fruits, Nuts, vegetables, New crops for the North. Subzero to SubTropical. Nationally acclaimed geo-botanical collection.
< Click on the button below to read our catalog, however we are currently not taking orders at this time.
Rare Vegetables from the Mexican Sierra. Close Up Tibetan Elderberries
Forgotten Crops of the Andes
Rare Chinese Phytomedicines
Varigated Edible Bamboo
and more! J join our Plant Collecting Expeditions to China the Himalaya and the Andes! Jacon- Bolivian Pearl
Oregon Exotics Nursery
1065 Messinger Road, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 USA Tel: 1-(541) 846-7578
Home Page Products Catalog Ask Us ... Email Us
This site looks best when viewed at 800x600 with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. 2000 by Oregon Exotic Nursery

16. Cooperative Extension Catalog Of Publications--Horticulture
Online publications of the University of Nebraska cooperative extension targeted at homegrowers. Articles Category Home Gardens Plants Fruit...... MISCELLANEOUS. †G271, When to Harvest fruits and vegetables, 0.25. NF404,Income Generation Using Alternative crops, 0.00.
Departments/ Units Directories Calendar Search ... International Programs Publications Catalog Catalog Home Page
New Publications

Search Publications

Publications Order Form
IANR Points of Pride
Browse Publications Animal Diseases Animals, General Beef Irrigation Engineering ... Wildlife Management Index: Horticulture
ORNAMENTALS File Publication Title Cost Roses Caring for African Violets Cannas Care of Cactus in the Home Amaryllis Culture ... Growing Annual Flowers VEGETABLES Growing Garden Peas Vegetable Gardening in Nebraska Vegetable Production in Nebraska Growing Squash and Pumpkin for Food and Ornamentation Potato Production Stages: Scheduling Key Practices Forecasting Late Blight Lettuce Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes in the Home Garden Vegetable Garden Seed Storage and Germination Requirements ... What Is Quality. . . .In a Tomato? FRUITS Pruning Fruit Trees Grapes: Cultivars, Training and Pruning

17. Field Crops & Fruits/Nuts/Vegetables
Field crops, Stocks fruits/Nuts/vegetables.
Arkansas Ag. Statistics Homepage
Arkansas Ag. Statistics Homepage

18. 57 Ways - 4. Identify Fruits And Vegetables That Need Fewer Pesticides
Virtually all fruits and vegetables are attacked by insects and diseasecausingorganisms, but some crops suffer less insect and disease damage than others.
Caring for the Home Landscape
1. Aim for a healthy lawn rather than a perfect lawn

2. Cut the grass without gas

3. Prevent insect, disease, and weed problems in the garden

4. Identify fruits and vegetables that need fewer pesticides
16. Consider the potential of natural fertilizers

Using Chemicals on the Landscape - If Necessary
17. Know what to ask a lawn-care company and arborist

18. Understand pesticide toxicity

19. Read the pesticide label

20. Apply pesticides accurately and safely
... 33. Dispose of tree residues Protecting Your Drinking Water 36. Test your water for pesticides - if necessary 37. Know the signs of contaminants in drinking water 38. Select effective water-treatment methods 39. Prevent contamination from septic systems Protecting the Indoor Environment 41. Prevent contamination by lead 42. Test your home for radon 43. Reduce radon levels 45. Reduce pollution from combustion equipment ... 54. Choose energy-efficient appliances
4. Identify Fruits and Vegetables That Need Fewer Pesticides
Virtually all fruits and vegetables are attacked by insects and disease-causing organisms, but some crops suffer less insect and disease damage than others.

19. Horticultural Crops - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
prominently in these publications, where you will also find information on alternativecrops and enterprises Postharvest Handling of fruits and vegetables,
April 07, 2003

Horticultural Crops

Pest Management

Organic Farming
Other Resources

This series spans five principal topic areas: Organic practices figure prominently in these publications, where you will also find information on alternative crops and enterprises, unique resource lists, and practical advice on the many facets of sustainable horticultural production. Fruits ATTRA Publications
Overview of Organic Fruit Production Summary HTML PDF Insect IPM in Apples: Kaolin Clay Summary HTML PDF Organic and Low-Spray Apple Production Summary HTML PDF Considerations in Organic Apple Production Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF Summary ] [HTML] [ PDF Summary HTML PDF Low-Spray and Organic Plum Production Summary HTML PDF Organic Pear Production Summary HTML PDF Persimmon Production Summary HTML PDF Pawpaw Production Summary HTML PDF Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees Summary HTML PDF Beekeeping Summary HTML PDF Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables Summary HTML PDF
Links to Other Fruit Production Information
Appalachian Fruit Research Station Integrated Pest Management in the Northeast: Fruit IPM Grape IPM in the Northeast New York State IPM Manual - Apple ... Fruit and Nut Orchard Network for Commercial Growers in Oregon

20. Fruits & Vegetables
fruits Apple Cultivars For Wisconsin. vegetables 2001 All American Selections. Carrots,Celery, and Salad Greens view download. Cole crops view download.
Direct Ag Market Moves in New Directions DuPont Cancels Benomyl Registration Garden Center Pesticides for the Public
Apple Cultivars For Wisconsin Safer, Tastier Apple Cider Spraying Techniques for Fruit Trees
2001 All American Selections Diazinon Cancellation for Home Lawns and Gardens Fresh Market Vegetable Production Planting and Harvest Dates Grow Your Own Green Salad ... Vegetable Publications
WI Vegetable PowerPoint Presentations:
Homeowners Guide To Tomato Production [ view download The A to Z of Veggies [ view download
WI Vegetable INSECTS PowerPoint Presentations:
Carrots, Celery, and Salad Greens [

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