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         Gemology Gem Stones:     more books (25)
  1. Gemology, the science of gem stones by Robert M Shipley, 1936
  2. Dictionary of gems and gemology,: Including ornamental, decorative, and curio stones; a glossary of over 4000 English and foreign words, terms, and abbreviations ... or in the gem, jewelry, or art trades by Robert M Shipley, 1951
  3. Dictionary of gems and gemology,: Including ornamental, decorative and curio stones. A glossary of over 4000 English and foreign words, terms and abbreviations ... or art trades (The jeweler's library) by Robert M Shipley, 1948
  4. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones (Excluding Diamonds) a Glossary of Over 4000 English and Foreign by robert shipley, 1971-01-01
  5. Dictionary of gems and gemology,: Including ornamental, decorative and curio stones (excluding diamonds) A glossary of over 4000 English and foreign words, ... or in the gem, jewelry or art trade by Robert M Shipley, 1971
  6. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology. Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones (Excluding Diamonds). a Glossary of Over 4000 English and Foreign Words... by Robert Shipley, 1974-01-01
  7. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology. Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones (Excluding Diamonds). a Glossary of Over 4000 English and Foreign Words, Terms and Abbreviations That May Be Encountered in English Literature Or Tine the Gem, Jewelry... by Robert Shipley, 1971-01-01
  8. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stone by Robert M. Shipley, 1974-01-01
  9. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones: a Glossary of O
  10. The science of gem stones: Containing the text of gemology by Robert M Shipley, 1931
  11. Gems and Precious Stones (ANTIQUITY/GEMOLOGY) by ANONYMOUS, 1862
  12. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones (Excluding Diamonds) a Glossary of Over 4000 English and Foreign
  13. Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, Including Ornametal, Decorative, and Curio Stones; a Glossary of Over 4000 English and Foreign Words, Terms, and
  14. Dictionar of Gems and Gemology, Including Ornamental, Decorative and Curio Stones

1. Gemology- Lucky Stones Or Gemstones
Home gemology Wearing lucky stones can bring luck and fortune or even help ease Toenhance the strength of the planet, a particular gem is recommended as a
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Astro Zone Compatibility Today's Panchang Dream Interpreter Colour Interpreter ... Geeta Astro 4 U Paid Services Baby Horoscope Fengshui Shop Astro Shop Gemology Home Gemology The Role of Gems Gems or lucky stones definitely help in solving problems, they represent nine planets that influence of our lives. Wearing lucky stones can bring luck and fortune or even help ease prevailing tensions and problems. Gems have similar radiance attributed to a particular planet. For instance Ruby represents Sun; Emerald represents mercury. Our natal charts indicate, that some planets have lesser strength due to various types of afflictions. To enhance the strength of the planet, a particular gem is recommended as a remedial cure for the negative influence. PLANET GEM COLOR SUN RUBY RED MOON PEARL WHITE MARS CORAL RED MERCURY EMERALD GREEN JUPITER TOPAZ YELLOW VENUS DIAMOND COLORLESS SATURN BLUE-SAPPHIRE BLUE RAHU GOMEDHA MAROON KETU CAT'S EYE OFFWHITE What gems should I wear for a favorable health, wealth and success? For an answer

2. Gemology - See How Gems Can Change Your Life At - Find Your Fate .com
gemology is an interactive section at See how gems can alter your life , gemstones recommended based on your zodiac signs, the first
Search this site Home Gemology Astrology Numerology ... To Subscribe Ruby for the Sun The Sun is the sovereign planet of the zodiac, furnishing the light and heat upon which all life depends. The Sun's position in a person's horoscope determines his or her external appearance and public persona and provides the energy for one's personal power and influence over others. Gemstone ruled by the Sun are natural ruby. RED is the cosmic color transmitted by rubies and other natural red gems. In order to properly transmit solar energy, Sun stones must be flawless (eye-clean) and should be set in gold. Pearl for the Moon ORANGE is the cosmic color transmitted by pearls and other Lunar gems. Flawless (eye-clean) stones are required in order for Moon astral talismans to properly transmit beneficial Lunar energy. Coral for Mars Mars is a masculine planet which radiates an intense and fiery energy. The position of Mars in one's horoscope determines relations among brothers, courage and strength, vitality and sexual drive. Gemstones ruled by Mars include natural coral, carnelian, and other pink to red ocher colored gems. As always, the use of fine quality gems, free of defects, is imperative for transmission of auspicious astral energy rays.

3. Vedic/Jyotish Books On Gems & Gemology
Ketu), but there is a striking omission of gemremedies, the core of Indian gemology. Generalinformation about what to do with stones, though short on
The Astrology Center of America , 2124 Nicole Way, Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel: 410-569-2670; Fax: 410-569-1386; Toll-free (orders only): 800-475-2272 Vedic TITLE Index Vedic AUTHOR Index Vedic PAGES Index ... Astrology Home E-Mail: Dave
Vedic Astrology
We interrupt our parade of Vedic authors for several books on gems. Please note the various points of view. There are books below by Hindu authors, intended for a Hindu audience. There are books by Hindu authors intended for western readers. There are books by westerners (trained in India) intended for westerners. Get the book(s) that best suit your situation. You'll learn more, and faster, that way.
- Gouri Shanker Kapoor, $8.00
Contents Comment
Ranjan, 151 pages.
OCCULT POWER OF GEMS - M.C. Jain, $10.00
Contents Comment
The revised edition is dated 1998. Here are the publisher's notes on the revision: (pg. 5) I do not have any reason to think this is not M.C. Jain's work, except that, like Astrology in Marriage Counseling For more discussion on who wrote M.C. Jain's books, see the M.C. Jain

4. Gemology - Precious Stones, Gem Stone, Lucky Stone, Birth Stones - Gem , Gems
Home gemology Lucky stones. Astrology Palmistry. Compatibility. gemology. Graphology. Dream Analysis Please enter your date of birth below to know your lucky stones.
Search this site Home Gemology > Lucky Stones Astrology Numerology Indian Astrology Chinese Astrology ... To Subscribe Planets begin to influence and control the life of a person right from the day he was born. Thus it is only appropriate that the person's lucky stone should be ascertained based on the day his soul first entered the physical realm of the universe. In fact this method is by far the most accurate for acscertaining the lucky stone, even though individual preferences may vary.
Please enter your date of birth below to know your lucky stones.
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5. Thailand Jewelry Stores Online Wholesale Loose Gemstones Rubies Emerald Pearl Pi
Seven Types of Yellow Sapphire and Their Stability to Light. gems gemology, Vol.23, No. 4, pp.222231. O'Donoghue, M. 1983. A Guide to ManMade gem stones.
gems and gem stone wholesale, jewelry stores online, rings, earrings, blue yellow pink green fancy saphire ring saphires, ruby rings gemstone and rubies
white sapphire
ruby gem
gemstone rings
gemstone ...
pink sapphire
Liddicoat, R. T. 1989. Handbook of Gem Identification, 12th ed., 2nd rev. printing. Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica, CA, Chapter 14, Nassau, K. 1980. Gems Made by Man. Chilton Radnor, PA, Chapter 24. Nassau, K. 1984. Gemstone Enhancement. Butter worths, Stoneham, MA. O'Donoghue, M. 1983. A Guide to ManMade Gem stones. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. Webster, R. 1983. Gems, 4th ed. (revised by B. W. Anderson). Butterworth, London, Chapters 18 and 19. CHAPTER 13 Gemstone Fashioning INTRODUCTION Some natural gem crystals have such beauty and symmetry that they do not need to be worked by man before being used for orna mentation or display. These marvels of the mineral kingdom should never reach the lapi dary's wheel. However, the preponderance of gem rough must be fashioned to reveal its full beauty. Minerals have been shaped by man since the beginning of the Old Stone Age a million years ago. This early working was not to give symmetry to objects of adornment but to make tools and weapons. As time passed, the arti facts were

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7. NetFingers Gem Stones
gems and gemology Image Gallery Explore this site for a gem stone picture of gems- Investigate this site and you will find an extensive list of gem stones. Stones

8. TZ-GEMS, Books We Use.
0471526673Product Link on Barnes Dictionary of gems and gemologyDictionary of gems and gemology. gemology gemology. gem stones gem stones.
This Book Highly Reccomended by our Customers. Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
Gem Stones Rubies and Sapphires Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds GEMSTONES OF EAST AFRICA.
Gemstone Buying Guide: A Guide to Buying, Evaluating, Identifying and Caring for Colored Gemstones
The Spectroscope and Gemmology The Hunt for Amazing Treasures
Gemstones of Afghanistan Identification of Gemstones
Complete Handbook for Gemstone Weight Estimation
Love Is in the Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals Update: :update : The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks Series) Gemology: An Annotated Bibliography Synthetic, Imitation and Treated Gemstones Gemstones of the World Wonders within Gemstones: The Elusive Beauty of Gemstone Inclusions Rock-Medicine: Earth's Healing Stones from a to Z Diamonds: Know What You Are Buying and Selling Keyword Title Author Keyword Title Author Business Computers Cooking EBooks Entertainment Family History Kids!

9. Gem And Jewelry Resources
International gem Society The affordable way to learn about gems, gemology, lapidaryand jewelry All components and pendants are semiprecious stones set in

10. Astrological Gem Therapies
One very important note, the gem stones have been Unless properly advised, avoidinggem therapy may be Planetary gemology Service Providers (The WWW's largest

11. PGA Inquiry
Based on ayurveda, natural gem stones transmit cosmic planetary rays that Your Planetarygem. Membership THE NEW LIST of Planetary gemology Service Providers.
by Thiruchelvam S.Nadarajah , PGA My voting on the three issues are listed below Ö My Vote : NO. Due to tectonic pressure within the earth over the time periods up to million years, natural gems are formed. But, synthetic gems are formed due to chemical reactions in the laboratory within a matter of days to weeks. Same goes to cultured pearls, where cultured pearls are not 100% pearl. It only contains small percentage of real pearl substance called ìnacreî and most of the body is not pearl. A thin layer of the ìnacreî is covering the surface of the cultured
pearl. Based the ayurveda, only natural gems and pearls are capable of transmitting cosmic planetary rays that may enhance and restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health or attract positive influences towards the person who is using it. The synthetic gems and cultured pearls do not have the capability to absorb, reflect or transmit the cosmic rays. Therefore, I strongly believe that synthetic gems and cultured pearls are not effective for any type of healing whatsoever.
2) Use of semi-precious ìnaturalî gems in Jyotish : A Natural alternative ?

12. Gem Depot Links: Gemstones
and even gemology (or gemmology ).Added 27Feb-2002 Hits 33 Rating 0 Votes0) Rate It. Discount - Discount gems and SemiPrecious gem stones (Added 7-Jan
Top Gemstones : Page 2
Gem Depot Links: Gemstones
Home Add a Site Modify a Site What's New ... Search
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  • Gem Dealer Directory Search Engine - A search engine directory of jewelry jewelers gemstones gem stones beads dealers galleries rock shops diamonds crystals lapidary minerals shopping retail wholesale metaphysical new age gifts metals platinum gold silver products services suppliers tools machines CAD-CAM dealers teachers schools guilds societies craftsmen artists art collections museums groups shows events sales reps announcements magazines chat (Added: 18-May-2002 Hits: 66 Rating: 9.67 Votes: 3) Rate It
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  • - offers a wide variety of jewelry, gem stones, and much more.

13. Gemological Center
have been organized in 1930`s, while in Russia gemology has started gem identification* signs of difference between natural, synthetic gem stones, and their
Gemological Center
(First Russian Gemological Center On-line) Novosibirsk 630090, Russia
    What is gemology? Gemology is a relatively young science, which studies gems and precious stones. First gemological laboratories have been organized in 1930`s, while in Russia gemology has started to develop about 20 years ago. The interests of gemologists are quite diverse and concern such problems as:
      * methods of gem identification * signs of difference between natural, synthetic gem stones, and their imitations * methods of determination if the gem had been enhanced
    What is gemological expertise? Gemological expertise is one of the methods to defend consumers at the market of gemstones and jewelry. Many countries, including Russia, develop the system of measures, which are directed to prevent deception, forgery, and dishonest practice in the trade, repair, and other operations with gems and jewelry. Gemological expertise permits to identify the gem stone. As it is known, the gem value depends frequently on its rarity. The most expensive precious stones are diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and pearl. It may happen, however, that you have purchased the skillful imitation instead. Thus, the first stage of gemological expertise should be the gem identification , including the determination of its origin (is it natural or synthetic).

14. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = The Precious Gem
http// (Google agents serve professionalgem buyers, specializing wholesale gemstones, colored stones, and precious Precious Gem&brand=metacrawler

15. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Multicolour Gems
gemology, mineral and jewelry links Multicolour gems Importer of rough stones fromEast Africa and shopping - links to mineral dealers, gem dealers and rock Gems&brand=metacrawler

16. Tickie's Web Page Themes - Symbolisms Of Gem Stones
How gemology works Gems generate constructive vibrations in the body When a specificgem is worn, it emits positive energy and provides a protective aura for
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Receive copy: Gemstone Meanings
Here I have just put together a list of Gemstones and their meanings of each. The list is not complete and I will continue to add to it for a while. I hope you find it useful. Each gemstone has its own energy, which stimulates the body through the chakra system, in accordance with the individual horoscope. You should not attempt to use the energy of gems for healing without seeking the guidance of a skilled astrologer. How Gemology works: - Gems generate constructive vibrations in the body. This helps counter the negative malefic powers released by the planets. When a specific gem is worn, it emits positive energy and provides a protective aura for the wearer.
Astrology on the Web: Healing Power of Gems
Lorraine Venner's Gem Work Gemisphere Birthstones and Astrological Stones ... World of the Goddess
Amethyst Aquamarine Bloodstone Diamond
Increase personal clarity - innocence, virtue, success, conjugal affection, unshakeable faith, removes evil thoughts.

17. "What To Ask When Buying Gem Stones"
protective settings for soft or brittle stones (chapters 18,19 Antoinette Matlins,PG, is a gem and jewelry expert and jewelry, has written a gemology column for
"Restores the magic! [Will] entertain and enlighten all its readers and save some heartbreak. Recommended reading." -Paul Harvey
What to Ask When Buying GemStones
...excerpted from "Jewelry and Gems, The Buying Guide"
Asking the right questions
is the key to knowing what you are getting when it comes to buying gemstones. It is also the only way you can be sure what you are comparing when considering gems from different jewelers. Be sure the jeweler can answer your questions, or can get the answers for you. Then, be sure the jeweler is willing to put the answers in writing on your bill of sale. Finally verify the facts, double check that the stone is as represented, by having it examined by a qualified gemologist-appraiser.
Diamond Basics , the factors used to determine the quality and value of a diamond are referred to as the "Four C's". In terms of their effect on the value of a diamond, in order of importance, we would list them as follows: -1. Color (body color), -2. Clarity (degree of flawlessness), -3. Cutting and proportions (often called the make), -4. Carat weight.
More on Cut -The Most Important "C" , in terms of beauty

18. Gemology, Mineral And Jewelry Links
free exchange of ideas on gems, gemology (gemmology), ruby gem treatments (enhancements),gem prices, the gem trade and the trade in precious stones and jewelry
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Gem and Jewelry Sites Trade Associations, Gem Institutes, Labs, Appraisers
Accredited Gemologists Association American Gem Society American Gem Traders Association ... University of Texas Gemology Program : Very nicely done pure gemology. Gemological Instruments GIA GEM Instruments GemEx Systems, Inc. Australian Gemmologist Colored Stone ... The Guide The Guide, the best price guide to gems.

19. @free | Jewelry Online - Gem Stones, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Diamond Earrings, S
goldsmiths, goldsmith's art, agate, agates, amber, ambers, gemology, silver, or Diamonds,Wedding Bands, Anniversary, Gold, Precious gem stones, SemiPrecious
apparel appliances art ... wireless
jewelry online - gem stones, diamonds, gold, silver, diamond earrings, sapphires, ruby jewelry, alexandrites
jewelry stores for gem stones, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, birth stones, diamond rings, wedding rings, friendship bands, diamonds, alexandrite jewelry, emerald stones and more. find engagement jewelry, mineral designs, coral jewelry, white gold, silver and gold jewelry for women and men.
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20. Gemology
Articles by Jean on gemology. First, look at a lot of stones at gem Shows, jewelrystores and lapidary shops. Ask questions. Start with some of the basics
Articles by Jean on Gemology
You're probably familiar with the four "C's" of diamonds, but you may not have heard as much about the four "C's" of colored stones. Colored stones include all stones except diamond, even though many other gemstones can also be clear and transparent. C OLOR You are first attracted to a gemstone by its color. Color can been classified by:
  • HUE red,green, bluish-green, etc. TONE lightness or darkness SATURATION intensity

More about color C LARITY The second thing you see involves clarity. Clarity refers to:
  • BLEMISHES on the surface INCLUSIONS internal characteristics or irregularities within the stone

  • Each stone is unique and its inclusions can be used as "fingerprints" to identify it. Unlike the standard grading system in place for diamonds, colored stones do not yet have a universally accepted system.

More about clarity C UT Cut does not refer to the shape of a stone, but to how well it is cut or its:

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