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         Genealogy Index:     more books (100)
  1. Index to Printed Virginia Genealogies, Including Key and Bibliography
  2. Index to Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw, 1999
  3. Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 1997 by Gale Group, 1996-09
  4. Biography and Genealogy Master Index: Supplement
  5. Biography and Genealogy Master Index: Supplement by Thomson Gale, 2006-09-27
  6. Biography & Genealogy Master Index Supplement 1984
  7. General History From B.C. 800 To A.D. 1876: Outlined In Diagrams And Tables With Index And Genealogies by Samuel Willard, 2010-09-10
  8. Survey of American Genealogical Periodicals and Periodical Indexes (Gale genealogy and local history series ; v. 3) by Kip Sperry, 1978-12
  9. Biography and Genealogy Master Index 2002: A Consolidated Index to More Than 300,000 Biographical Sketches in 56 Current and Retrospective Biographical Dictionaries
  10. Index to Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden's Virginia genealogies by Rena Gray Fazel, 1977
  11. A Synopsis of History: General History, from B.C. 800 to A.D. 1876, Outlined in Diagrams and Tables; with Index and Genealogies. for General Reference, and for Schools and Colleges by Samuel Willard, 2010-03-09
  12. Biography and Genealogy Master Index: Supplement (Part 2) by Miranda C. Herbert, 2003-06-24
  13. Biography and Genealogy Master Index 2001: A Consolidated Index to More Than 300,000 Biographical Sketches in 61 Current and Retrospective Biographical Dictionaries
  14. Biography and Genealogy Master Index: Supplement by Jennifer Mossman, 2004-05-28

1. Starke Genealogy Index
A searchable index of more than 100 volumes of the German "Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels" Category Society Genealogy Royalty...... Starke genealogy index of German Nobility. Designed, edited and maintained by CharlesWardell. You will not find any birth/marriage/death dates on this site.
This site is made possible by Rootsweb. Please support the efforts of this genealogical data cooperative by becoming a sponsor
Limburg, Germany Indexing, searching and surname listing made possible through the use of Surname Helper. Starke Genealogy Index
German Nobility
Designed, edited and maintained by
Charles Wardell
You will not find any birth/marriage/death dates on this site. You will only find an indication whether a given surname is listed in any of the books of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels series. Even if the surname is listed, it might not be the same family you are researching. You may purchase the books from the publisher or borrow them from a good genealogical library. Remember to specify the exact title, reference no. and publication date. See a sample page of one of these books.
Table of Contents Guide and Help

Cross Reference Index

Publication Index
Ordering Infomation

The purpose of this site is to allow you to determine if a certain surname is listed in one or more volumes of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels . It is recommended that you start by searching The site is still being developed and improved. At this time you can determine whether or not a surname is referenced and, if so, in which volume(s). However, at present you cannot obtain a list of surnames for all volumes.

2. California Genealogy Index
Genealogical information of California pioneers. The index is free to search and it lists the names of Californians and information types that have been compiled from historic documents. Complete information and source can be ordered for a nominal MINES ROAD BOOKS. CALIFORNIA genealogy index. Using This Index Types of Information How to Order Frequently Asked
Home Page
FYI: If your ancestors once lived in Tesla and Carnegie, California, check out this site for free genealogical information Mines Road Books.
Welcome to Dan Mosier's California Genealogy Index!
Enter the index by selecting the first letter of the surname that you wish to search. You may order any items listed in the index if you want the details of the information. See below for general information about this index.
The index now has over 136,000 names and continues to grow. Thank you for your support!
Name Index
A B C D ... W X Y Z
About California Genealogy Index
While I was combing through the pages of a newspaper looking for a name, I saw thousands of names and information about them on the pages. This information I thought may be important to someone struggling to piece together their family history, yet here they are lost in the millions of pages which have no index to reveal their contents. Then it occurred to me that what if there was an index to the millions of names on these pages such that researchers would be able to find every one of them? How could I make this index available and deliver the information at cost? How much information would I have to provide so that a researcher would know what to order?
When these thoughts entered my mind, the only available means of distribution at that time were books. Yet a book with just an index was not a marketable product, and books are expensive to make and not easy to distribute. Then came the internet.

3. NORCAL Genealogy Index
NORCAL genealogy index. A StateWide Index to Genealogical Informationin California. WELCOME TO THE NORCAL genealogy index! index/
Table of Contents Welcome Usage Submit a review ... NORCAL Mailing list
NORCAL Genealogy Index
A State-Wide Index to Genealogical Information in California
The NORCAL Genealogy Index lists state-wide genealogical indexes that help genealogists and historians to locate source material for their research. The object of this index is to provide researchers with a complete list of index references and a description of their use and content, so that the researcher can copy them off the web pages and prepare themselves for visits to research libraries around California. These indexes were compiled mainly by members of the Northern California genealogy discussion list ( NORCAL-L ). New indexes will be added to the list.
The indexes are arranged by subjects in the Table of Contents . First choose a subject of interest. Then click on one of the titles of an index to see a description of it and a listing of California locations where it can be found. The description should help you decide before you go to the library whether it will be useful or not. The listing of locations should help you locate the nearest copy of that index.
If you would like to submit a description of a state-wide index to be included here, please send the following information to

4. NORCAL Genealogy Index
NORCAL genealogy index. Table of Contents. or 14 Oct 2002. Pleasereport broken links/email addys to Yvonne Bowers. ARCHIVES. Archival index/toc.shtml
Introduction Archives Biographies Cemeteries ... Voting Records
NORCAL Genealogy Index
Table of Contents
or 21 Mar 2003 Please report broken links/email addys to Yvonne Bowers
Archival and Manuscript Repositories in California. Secretary of State, California State Archives, Society of California Archivists, 1984. California Information File . Microfiche and card file, California State Library, Sacramento, The Library, Bellevue, Wash, 1986. California Room, California State Library
Directory of Archival and Manuscript Repositories in California. Society of California Archivists, Printed Beacon Printery, Redlands, 1975.
Guide to the County Archives of California
. Owen C. Coy, California Historical Survey Commission,1919.
MELVYL The University of California Library Catalog

Microfilm Publications Concerning Spanish Private Land Grant Claims
. National Archives, San Bruno, CA.
Pioneer Card Records

Portrait/Photo Collection California Room
; CA State Library, Sacramento

5. Ruth Ann's Genealogy Index
Genealogy help links and information including nation specific resources, ships passenger lists, surnames Category Society Genealogy Directories...... Thank you Mike for this Award ). and see if who has YOUR SURNAMES and who you connectto ! Need a web page made for YOUR GENEALOGY This is a Genealogy Site.
Given Name(s) Last Name
Welcome to my new Page.
Please be sure you view the WHOLE
page as there are many Goodies here!!!
Good Luck on your researches.
There will be MORE to come in the
future as we go along!!
Please feel Free to EMAIL me
with suggestions or new links you found.
First Name Last Name
Please Help Pine Ridge Reservation Project Passenger Lists
Transcribed Data and more ALWAYS Being Updated Ancestry Product WatchSpecial Offers!!! FREE Genealogy Charts, and Form plus more VariousDougherty Info ... Census Links and some Data New Data uploaded 3-10-01 International Cemetery Help Marriages Occupations Obits Online ... Canadian New Data Uploaded 3-10-01 Quaker Danish English, Scottish and Irish German-Austrian-Prussian ... Various State Links for all States available Railroads Italian Tax Records and Wills Heraldry ... Nara Links (National Archives Regional Administration) Polish Portuguese Romanian-Ukrainian Russian-Hungarian ... Midis, Wavs, and

6. Genealogy Index Of BDM Or BMD Notices For Wellington, New Zealand
Search an index of notices published daily in the newspapers of Wellington, New Zealand, from January Category Society Genealogy Resources Searchable Databases......a BDM or BMD index of the births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries, in memoriam,notices published in the Wellington, New Zealand, newspapers for genealogy and
A BDM index of the Wellington, New Zealand newspaper notices for births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries, and in memoriam published daily since 1999, for the purposes of genealogy and family research.
The index includes part of 1999 and a collection of school magazines.
Otago newspaper notices from 1997 can be searched at and Auckland newspaper notices can be searched at for up to 14 days. Want to get a copy of a notice? Just e-mail me with details of the entry.
Want to be alerted when an entry for your target family name is added? Just e-mail me Please b ookmark this site so you can come back later This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

7. Patchogue-Medford Library: Genealogy Index
Index to the Patchogue-Medford Library genealogy collection.Category Society Genealogy Resources Searchable Databases......PatchogueMedford Library Patchogue-MedfordLibrary E-mail Address genealogy index.
Patchogue-Medford Library
Genealogy Index
Edited by Toni Raptis
This database is an index to the Patchogue-Medford Library Genealogy collection. This collection includes items in multiple formats including books, videos, microfilm, microfiche and CD-ROMs. In addition, we have included resources available on the World Wide Web which we feel complement and enhance your access to Genealogical Research.
A majority of the items indexed in this database are Reference Materials, and as such, may only be used within the Patchogue-Medford Library. Some items may be housed in the New York Reference or Long Island Reference Collections. These items may only be available during the Local History Room scheduled hours of operation. Please call ahead to ensure the materials you need will be available to you during your visit to our Library.
Keyword Title Author
Search The PML Website: D-7,T-51,Z-04/01/03 13:38:04

8. Phebus Genealogy Index - Phebus, Phoebus Family History
A "One Name Study" of the Phebus surname including all variations such as Phoebus, Phebues, Category Society Genealogy Surnames P...... etc.. Our purpose is to gather as much information as possible onthese surnames and place it in the Phebus genealogy index. The
Custom genealogy sites:
Search Open Directory

... The Chateau Chat Room
Phebus Genealogy
This web site is dedicated to the genealogical research of the Phebus surname and all variants, including Phoebus, Pheobus, Phebues, Febus, etc.. Our purpose is to gather as much information as possible on these surnames and place it in the Phebus Genealogy Index. The goal here is much more than listing a family tree. We would like to bring to this site all existing data concerning the name Phebus, Phoebus, Febus, etc.. from the mythical beginnings to the cry of the latest descendent. If you have information about Phebus (Phoebus) the God of the Sun or Pheobus, Febus your favorite uncle, then let us know. :) Please search the site, and if you suspect a family connection, we will work with you to reflect that information in the Phebus Genealogy Index. We are also interested in the other, related surnames, so feel free to contact us concerning any name in the database. If you have information or inquiries, please post a message in the appropriate discussion forum so it will have the most exposure.

9. Genealogy Index, Klikni. GENEALOGY.EU. This is my genealogy page with royal andnoble family trees, including lists of rulers of many European countries.
Welcome !

This is my genealogy page with royal and noble family trees, including lists of rulers of many European countries. An alphabetical list of countries, royal and noble families you can find here or choose some of the Houses on the left. What's NEW Some ancestors lines And there is a list of some interesting links on the Web. Some notes about the abbreviations Would you like to know why At last (but not at least) - the sources of my project. Things to come My ancestors Four photos of my son (part 9)
Please, View my Guestbook
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or by Google (the same result, but exact position)
Any comments, suggestions and corrections are still welcomed. ANJOU ARPAD ASCANIA AUERSPERG ... Other families Number of visitors: (since 11th January 2001)
This counter can be found on WEBovský poèítadlo ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT:

Author: Miroslav MAREK - mail to

Last updated: 13 th March 2003 Miroslav MAREK

10. Handley Genealogy Index 2003
17001800s Early VA - WV Genealogy, including Handley family members Benjamin Line(1700- early 1800s) Richard B. Haynes' Handley index (Margaret Handley
htmlAdWH('93010299', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002400', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Find more on



or Hanly
at Interactive Genealogy
Handley Genealogy Index
Quick searches ~ Informative browsing
Message archive
Handley forums
Handley chat Request to join Handley MyFamily Pick your favorite and bookmark - mirrored sites at AOL and FortuneCity Interactive Genealogy States AL AK AZ AR ... WY * or at USgenealogy , AOL Family Member Searches
More searches below First Name Last Name Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Locality What "Handley" or "Hanley" items are currently for sale at eBay? Family eMail List: Meet other family researchers. Ask and answer questions (free subscription) HANDLEY-L genealogy email discussion HANDLEY-L messages are archived at Rootsweb by date, or search Rootsweb by keyword(s) . Older messages at eScribe Family Forums and Contacts Read and leave messages for other family researchers Search H Surnames at GenForum Message Boards for Handley and Hanley Handley or Hanley at GenDex Yahoo!

11. Freepages: Genealogy Index
Ad. RootsWeb Home, Search RootsWeb, Search or Submit Family Trees,Join Our Mailing Lists, Read or Post to Message Boards, Web Sitesat
There are 9443 Web pages in this community. Select a letter for a list of pages beginning with that letter. A B C D ... Privacy Stat ement

12. Obituary Genealogy Index
Userposted obituaries from a variety of places and times.Category Society Genealogy Obituaries...... Obituaries for Genealogy Research. Obits can be a valuable source forgenealogy information to help find the names of family members.
Obituaries and Transcribed Documents to Find Your Ancestors and Surnames in Your Genealogy Research! Search for Ancestors Internet Under $10

Obituaries for Genealogy Research
Here you will find obituaries submitted by visitors to help find your ancestors and surnames. Obits can be a valuable source for genealogy information to help find the names of family members. It should be noted, however, that there are sometimes errors in obituaries, but they are an excellent point of starting genealogy research.
Submit Obituaries

Catherine Elizabeth Renz Baer Obituary September 3, 1927, Lapaz, Indiana Frank J. Bauman Obituary March 1962 Mae Bauman Elsie E. Fulkman Beckett , South Buffalo Township, Armstrong Co., (Pennsylvania), April 2, 2001 W. M. Beckett Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette Thursday, October 25, 1877 John Berry Obituary Haddam, Kansas, June 13, 1931 Bertha Bertram Obituary Washington, Kansas, December 17, 1957

13. Family Surnames Genealogy Index + You Can Add Your Genealogy Web Site
Families. Bending index of names from Bending genealogy researchwith links to personal histories and sources. Benner - dedicated

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Complete Ancestry Database Listings-click here
First Name Last Name First Name Last Name Genealogy ( 100's choices !!!)
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    for a listing of more websites.
    Search the World's Largest Pedigree-linked Database at***Click-n-Go***

    Surname: Free Search The Virtual here... You'll access convenient, easy-to-use online resources PLUS the power of over 138,000,000 names and 200,000 family trees. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Germans to America, 1875-1888 Irish to America, 1846-1865 Passenger and Immigration Lists ... Family Origins 10.0 Genealogy Ancestry Surnames: Quick Links/click-n-go Genealogy Detective is an amazing new tool that allows you to find out the "RAREST THINGS you ever wanted to know about your family tree and your ancestors.
  • 14. Betty Matteson Rhodes' Genealogy Index
    Contains information for researchers of Matteson, Rhodes, Muzzy, Hoag and Damon surnames.Category Society Genealogy Personal Pages M......Order Your Matteson Crest Pin Betty's Master genealogy index BAILEY Descendantsof William Bailey of Rhode Island BENEDICT - Benedict Family Society BENEDICT

    Order Your Matteson Crest Pin

    Betty's Master Genealogy Index
    BAILEY - Descendants of William Bailey of Rhode Island

    BENEDICT - Benedict Family Society

    BUNTING - Descendants of Anthony Bunting

    WATKINS - Watkins Family Society


    Everything Happens For A Reason
    Chuck's Bagpiping Page Surname Origins ...
    e-mail Betty Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind Site search Web search

    15. Guam Genealogy Index Listing Of 1897 To 1941 At
    Familian Chamorro Genealogy Database Index Guam Newsletter (19141921)Guam Recorder (1924-1941) Patron de Almas Año de 1897 Census.
    Familian Chamorro Genealogy Database Index: Guam Newsletter (1914-1921)
    Guam Recorder (1924-1941)
    Patron de Almas: Año de 1897 [Census]
    For general public information as mandated by
    Guam Code Annotated Section 833 (d).

    16. Genealogy Index Of René Hasekamp
    Genealogy. My genealogy index. An old family picture. I am still in the processof gathering genealogical information and this process is far from finished yet!
    Choose your destination! Home page - Who made Hasekamp Net? - INTERNET PORTAL - Message Board - WORLD WEATHER Thailand Menu Genealogy Menu - All the names in my Family Tree - Part of my family Tree - Lengerich, where the Hasekamp roots are - The Company W. Hasekamp Webrings General links - Search this site - Guestbook Privacy Statement Genealogy
    My Genealogy Index
    An old family picture I am still in the process of gathering genealogical information and this process is far from finished yet!
    Nevertheless all the genealogical data I have collected so far is available here on my site and you can access all this information, sorted by family name.
    Here is my genealogy menu:
    All the names in my Family Tree Go to the alphabetical list of all the names on which I have information. Choose from the list and see the respective families. (A new window will open). Part of my Family Tree See some information about my direct ancestors and a few of my genealogical questions. Lengerich (Germany), where the roots of my Family are In Lengerich (Germany) the roots of my ancestors are. On this page I show you what I know about them and about this village. My grandfather founded this Company and my father continued it. Read about its history and its production process

    17. UK Genealogy - The Portal For UK Genealogy Research
    has been the genealogy index since 1999. is quick and easy to use. helpsyou find what you want. To start using the index simply click
    has been the Genealogy Index since 1999. is quick and easy to use helps you find what you want To start using the index simply click one of the following links, and drill down to the information you require. England Scotland Wales Ireland ... Societies Irish and British Immigrants to America, 1860s-1870s Trace your Irish and British roots with this ground-breaking collection of immigration data. JUST STARTING OUT? FOR THE MORE EXPERIENCED Netting Your Ancestors
    By Cyndi Howells "NETTING YOUR ANCESTORS, provides first-hand answers to the key questions about genealogical research on the Internet: How do I get online? What type of hardware do I need? What kind of information is available? " Ancestral Trails
    by Mark D. Herber, John Titford "A comprehensive study of most of the sources available to people researching their family history in England. Examples from the authors' own research help to illustrate the information available and the use that can be made of it." US UK US
    For current prices and further details simply click your preferred currency and binding.

    18. Biography And Genealogy Master Index - Indexes To ARTICLES & More - UA Library
    information source. Coverage BC to date. Print Equivalent Biographyand genealogy index (CT 214.B56) Main Stacks. Conditions of Use
    The University of Arizona Library
      Due to contract restrictions, systematic or programmatic copying or downloading from subscribed databases is not allowed. Access: Available on the World Wide Web.
      Use of this database is limited to:
      • Users on the UA campus UA students, faculty and staff using VPN to connect via the campus network UA students, faculty and staff with Dakota Communications accounts (until June 12, 2003) Other UA students, faculty and staff who are off-campus will need to input their last name and CatCard number in order to use it. If you have configured your browser to use the UA Library's proxy server, please turn it off to use this database
      Contents: An index to hundreds of sources with biographical information on people worldwide and from all time periods. You will need to consult the SABIO catalog to find the call number for each information source. Coverage: B.C. to date. Print Equivalent: Biography and Genealogy Index (CT 214.B56) Main Stacks
    Conditions of Use Indexes to ARTICLES SUBJECT Guides REFERENCE Materials ...
    Tell Us How We're Doing
    This page is Bobby approved.

    19. - Genealogy Tymes' Genealogy Index Home Page
    Family history.Category Society Genealogy Personal Pages F...... wizards, and the largest online genealogy community in the world with access tomore than 3 billion names. Plus, the unique FamilyFinder Index actually helps SEARCH FOR ANCESTORS Search For Ancestor Names Search SSDI Search Ancestry World Tree
    SURNAME within words within 2 words within 5 words within 10 words within 20 words
    U.S. LOCALITY Your Family Genealogy
    on their Wedding Day January 4, 1912 Your Surnames
    Surnames GED Zip File File Size Abernathy GED Zip File 83 KB Carrington GED Zip File 13 KB Duke GED Zip File 31 KB Farrow GED Zip File 21 KB Gray GED Zip File 7 KB Limbaugh GED Zip File 16 KB Luthy GED Zip File 17 KB McClard - McLard - McLaird - McLord GED Zip File 1,267 KB McDaniel / McDaniels GED Zip File 7 KB Shirrell / Sherrill GED Zip File 224 KB Sinn GED Zip File 5 KB Sullivan / Siliven GED Zip File 27 KB Toney GED Zip File 13 KB Wareing GED Zip File 15 KB Welshans GED Zip File 9 KB Yeasley GED Zip File 8 KB Danny Farrow GED Zip File 2,181 KB Revised January 20, 2002
    Corrections and additions welcome
    E-mail Dick McClard for McClard Line E-mail Danny Farrow for All of the Other Lines The 1838-1839 Forced Cherokee Relocation Know As - "The Cherokee Trail of Tears" Story Rush H. Limbaugh, III Family Genealogy - "Well Know Talk Radio Show Personality" Billy Bob Thornton Genealogy - "Movie Star and Director" ... Genealogy Links Family Tree Maker 9.0 Collector's Edition
    Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind Site search Web search Danny Farrow, Editor

    20. Genealogy Index Page
    Research on Rainwater, Chance, Blades, and Marshall surnames. Surname specific pages with databases, Category Society Genealogy Personal Pages R...... New England Leaves and Branches GEDCOM Index Reference number source list Pennsylvania,Massachusetts Rhode Island families in this limited GEDCOM file
    Upgrade your web browser
    Useful links to other genealogy sites on the web

    While the The Rainwater Collection does contain an online database, the primary focus is its archive of raw data complete with source documentation.
    If you are researching your branch of the Rainwater family, this is the place to find wills, obituaries, Bibles, tombstone transcriptions, marriage records, death indexes, military record summaries, pension application transcriptions, and scans of original documents. The Blades, Chance and Marshall families of Maryland's Upper Eastern Shore are the focus of
    With particular emphasis on Talbot County, this site includes a large online database, family Bible pages, wills, obituaries and military service summaries. The summaries of early evidence for the Chance and Blades families are fully sourced and documented. Also included is a complete listing for the 1890 Sardis Subscription Quilt of St. Michaels, MD. Founded in 1973, the

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