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         Genetic Careers:     more books (22)
  1. Using genograms to facilitate undergraduate students' career development: a group model.: An article from: Career Development Quarterly by Krista M. Malott, Sandy Magnuson, 2004-12-01
  2. The Neuro-Genetic Roots of Organizational Behavior by Daniel A. Silverman, 2000-02-22
  3. The Leadership Gene: The Genetic Code of a Life-Long Leadership Career by Cyril Levicki, 1998-06
  4. Outstanding traits: in a selected college group,: With some reference to career interests and war records (Genetic psychology monographs) by Frederic Lyman Wells, 1946
  5. Plant Breeding and Agrarian Research in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institutes 1933-1945: Calories, Caoutchouc, Careers (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) by Susanne Heim, 2008-06-06
  6. The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins by Richard G. Klein, 1989-12-15
  7. Organizational Genetics by Anthony Fedanzo, Ph.D. Anthony Fedanzo, 2000-12-25
  8. The effect of Egalitarian and Complementarian gender role attitudes on career aspirations in Evangelical female undergraduate college students.: An article from: Journal of Psychology and Theology by Colleen Warner Colaner, Susan C. Warner, 2005-09-22
  9. Dcg: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics: 2002/2003 (CRAC Series of Degree Course Guides)
  10. Instinct: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial DNA to Achieve Your Business Goals by Thomas L. Harrison, Mary H. Frakes, 2006-09-14
  11. Degree Course Guides 1994-95: Biological Sciences Comprising Biology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology
  12. Talent, opportunity and career: A twenty-six year follow-up of 1500 individuals by Torsten Husén, 1969
  13. Responsibility at Work: How Leading Professionals Act (or Don't Act) Responsibly
  14. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., 2008-09-15

1. Human Genetic Careers
genetic careers in Medicine / Genomics and links to national andinternational resources for genetic counselors and geneticists.
Careers in Human Genetics
Clinical Geneticist and/or Researcher
M.D. training in medical school with residency in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, or other area; then genetics fellowship in ABMG accredited program
Medical Geneticist and/or Researcher
Ph.D. training in doctoral program in cytogenetics, molecular genetics, population genetics, or other area; then genetics fellowship in ABMG accredited program
Genetic Counselor
M.S. training in master's degree program from an ABGC accredited programs in human genetics / genetic counseling References and descriptions of genetic counseling
Genetics Laboratory Research Assistant
(DNA, cytogenetics, molecular, research, forensic laboratories) M.S. training in master's degree program in genetics/biological science
Genetics Laboratory Technician
(DNA, cytogenetics, molecular, research, forensic laboratories) B.S. training in bachelor's degree in genetics, biological science, other
Professional Genetic Societies
  • American Board of Medical Genetics ( ABMG (Accreditation of training programs and certification of professionals) 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814.3889

2. Genetics Education Center
Resources for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. The site is maintained Category Science Biology Genetics Education...... Information on mentors, genetic conditions, genetic careers, and glossaries.Site maintained by Medical Genetics, University of Kansas Medical Center.
Genetics Education Center
University of Kansas Medical Center For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project Human Genome Project Resources (books, videos, curricula) Lesson Plans Networking Genetic Conditions Careers ... Search The Human Genome Project Genetic Education Resources

3. Clinical Genetics Site
out more about a career ". "" ". Human genetic careers" "genetic careers in Medicine / Genomics and links to national
Information for genetic professionals, University of Kansas Medical Center, with clinical, research, and educational resources for genetic counselors, clinical geneticists, and medical geneticists
Support Groups Clinics Clinical Resources ... Genetic Conditions - support groups and lay advocacy groups Clinical Genetics Resources OMIM GeneClinics GeneTests ... PubMed , dysmorphology, other Genome Centers Genetics Education Center - curricula, books, videos, lesson plans professional Ethical, Legal, Social Implications of the Human Genome Project Genetic Careers Information Genetic Computer Resources software / internet / diagnosis / research Medical and Health resources databases, journals Other Sites - FedEx, UPS, languages, genealogy, legislation, travel, maps Internet Information - www, html, search engines, e-mail, listserv Frequently Asked Questions
Genetic Societies
Clinical Resources Labs ... Search
Genetics Education Center
Debra Collins, M.S. CGC
, Genetic Counselor,
This site subscribes to the principles of the HONcode
(Health on the Net, Code of Conduct for Medical and Health Web Sites)

4. The Science Of Genetics: Training And Careers
of their level of interest in pursing culturally respectful genetic careers within or including Native communities.
The Science of Genetics
Training and Careers in the Genetics Field
Geneticists in Basic Research:
Laboratory Geneticists:

Application of modern genetic technology to agriculture, legal or police work, pharmaceutical development, and clinical medicine requires the services of sophisticated laboratories. These laboratories are staffed by scientists trained in molecular biology, cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, immunogenetics, and related disciplines. Genetic laboratory directors usually hold Ph.D. degrees or M.D. degrees with specialization in laboratory medicine. Most genetic laboratory technologists have four to six years of university education. Some genetic laboratories require their staff to have specific training and certification in cytogenetic or medical technology. Other genetic laboratories hire people with any relevant B.S. or M.S. degree as long as they can show an aptitude for the kind of work that is being done. The career of a laboratory geneticist offers the opportunity to apply genetics "hands on" to a variety of important problems. Genetic Counselors:
Clinical Geneticists:

Clinical geneticists are usually individuals who have an M.D. degree. Therefore, undergraduates would need to satisfy the requirements for medical school admission. A major in the biological or physical sciences may be desirable, although not necessary, provided the admission requirements are fulfilled. After medical school, a residency in pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, or internal medicine should be completed, followed by a fellowship in clinical genetics. Currently, most residency programs are three to five years; fellowships are an additional two or three years. Individuals would then be qualified for positions in research centers, hospitals or medical centers.

5. CareerOne Jobs TECHNICAL OFFICER - SA - Adelaide Australia Jobs, TECHNICAL OFFIC
Cytogenetics Resources. genetic careers genetic counselor, clinical geneticist, lab technician. Professional Genetic

6. Native American Cancer Research, Corp. -- Culturally Acceptable Video Resources
names and descriptions from university/college catalogs, and a statement of theirlevel of interest in pursing culturally respectful genetic careers within or
"Genetic Education for Native Americans" (GENA)
    Did you know that:
    There are no Native American genetic counselors in the U.S. and only a handful (less than four) Native American genetic researchers in the Country? Native American Nations have genetic-related practices that predate pre-Columbian contact? Native Americans may have some type of protective biomarker that helps prevent many types of cancer? Native American communities have significant concerns which need to be addressed in a culturally respectful and competent manner before genetic research is introduced to a community? Most Tribal Centers, Clinics, and Councils have Institutional Review Boards (IRB) which need to approve a genetic research project prior to implementation within a Native community? "Genetic Education for Native Americans," (GENA) is a project funded October 1, 1998 to Denver Indian Center by the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The primary goal of this three-year project is to provide culturally competent education about genetics and genetic research to Native American college and university students. The secondary goal is to increase the number of Native people who have access to scientific mentoring experiences in genetic counseling, education, research and other opportunities or careers. The GENA project will implement and compare two variations of a newly designed culturally relevant genetic education program, GENA (Genetic Education for Native Americans), and provide mentoring opportunities to Native American students who are interested in genetic education, research and medicine.

7. Careersinfo.html
an extensive genetics resource; Human genetic careers; Genetics Library(Cambridge) UK site with broad coverage, updated frequently;
"Your degree in Genetics...what next?"
This page aims to begin to answer the question "What can I do with my degree ?" You should read it alongside the AGCAS Information Booklet Your Degree ....What Next ? which looks in more detail at career planning and graduate employment. At the bottom of this page are a number of links to other sites that might offer additional advice or information. Many of these are US based, so please check with a careers adviser as the situation in the UK may be different. In 1996 approximately 40% of genetics graduates went on to study for a higher degree, while almost half found employment. Of these, about half went into scientific work, which is of course the most direct way of using your degree Choosing a career involves more than just finding out about what is open to you as a graduate in genetics. Knowledge about yourself is central to the process. It is valuable to start by looking at your individual values, interests, motivations, abilities and skills in order to relate career options to you. Don't be intimidated by the idea of self assessment - the Careers Service has resources to help you, including the

8. SBMA And Genetics Sites
Genetic Linkage Analysis Home Genetics Education Center Genome Project Story HereditaryDisease Foundation HUMMOLGEN Human genetic careers HUP Neurogenetics
This is an accumulation of Web links to sites with relevance to Kennedy Disease (SBMA) and Genetics . Please let me know if you have found some new sites, or if you have any problems with these. Also, let me know which one(s) you find the most useful, so it can be featured in my "Best Of" list
Access by Design, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Access Excellence ALS Antioxidants and Meds American Academy of Neurology ... Royal Society of Medicine
Go back to beginning of Kennedy Disease (SBMA) Links.
Baylor Molecular Genetics Beginner's Guide to Molecular Biology BioTech's Life Science Dictionary BioTech: Literature Resources ... UT-H GSBS Programs of Study
Go back to beginning of Genetics Links.
Go back to beginning of Kennedy Disease (SBMA) Links. Kennedy Disease (SBMA) Home Page
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9. Careers And Vocational Guidance Information For K-12
Biology Careers Careers for Biology Majors Biotechnology Careers Careers in ChemistryChemistry Careers Earth Science Careers Human genetic careers Careers in

10. Genetics
plans, books, videotapes, and other resources are included, as well as informationon a mentor network, genetic conditions, genetic careers, and glossaries.
Home Books Forum Pub Med
... Divisions of Biology : Genetics
  • CyberGenome - is a comprehensive community and portal for biologists focusing on several model organisms including human, drosophila, arabidopsis, yeast, mouse and others.
    Added: 26-May-2000 Hits: 77 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 1
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    Spider Report a deadlink Department of Energy Human Genome Program - The Human Genome Program of the Department of Energy is focused on reaching the goals of the U.S. Human Genome Project in cooperation with the extramural division of the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health.
    Added: 7-Nov-1999 Hits: 41 Rating: Votes:
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    Spider Report a deadlink GEENOR - Articles and software related to genetic engineering and genetics.
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    Spider Report a deadlink Genetics Division of the WWW VL Biosciences - The WWW Virtual Library has a comprehensive list of genetic resource links which are categorized by species.
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    Spider Report a deadlink Genetics Education Center - The Genetics Education Center is for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. Resources on the human genome project, curricula, lesson plans, books, videotapes, and other resources are included, as well as information on a mentor network, genetic conditions, genetic careers, and glossaries. The site is maintained by Medical Genetics, University of Kansas Medical Center.

11. Careers In Genetics Field
The Science of genetics Solving the Puzzle The Science of genetics Training andCareers genetics The Field of the Victor Corces What causes genetic diseases
CAREERS IN THE GENETICS FIELD Introduction to the Field
This publication provides descriptions of a variety of training and career opportunities through profiles of professionals who make unique contributions to the field of genetics. The Science of Genetics: Solving the Puzzle
The Science of Genetics: Training and Careers
Genetics: The Field of the Future - A Survey
Profiles of scientists working in the genetics field
Mary-Claire King: How can a child's identity be proved?
Jasper Rine: What aspects of behavior are inherited?
Alec Jeffries: How was a murderer traced through blood samples?
Hong Ma: What controls the development of a flower?
Victor Corces: What causes genetic diseases?
Mark Terry: How are hidden messages in chromosomes revealed?
Joan Scott: Who helps families cope with genetic disorders?
Art Beaudet: What genetic secrets are unlocked in the laboratory?
Nancy Fisher: What is the challenge of clinical genetics? David Aughton: The road to clinical genetics Where to go from here? To Genetics Societies' Home Page

12. Welcome To Nanogen
Integrates advanced microelectronics and molecular biology for the fields of medical diagnostics, biomedical research, genomics, genetic testing, and drug discovery. News, products, and careers.
What's New
Nanogen hosts a Virtual Seminar on Genetic Counseling and Laboratory Protocols, presented by Kathy Jam.
Visit Nanogen at ACOG's 51st Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in New Orleans, LA, April 26-30. Products Corporate Profile ... Contact Us

13. NSGC - Career Information
The leading voice, authority and advocate for the genetic counseling profession NSGC will promote the genetic counseling profession as a recognized and integral part of health care delivery, education, research and public policy. professional degrees or job experiences to enhance their genetic counseling careers. genetic Counseling as a Profession

14. First Genetic Trust
Implementing geneticbased medicines and diagnostics. Information on products and services, contacts, careers and news.
Trust Enabling genetic and genomic research and development in a secure and trusted environment that supports scientists, physicians, and patients
Helping to unlock the mysteries of individual medicine response through advancing pharmacogenetic research
Providing knowledge for informed decision-making and utilization of genetic-based medicine
Applying reliable security to genetic and medical information
Genetic and genomic research is increasing the understanding of diseases and their treatments. As a consequence of this knowledge, medical science will produce new diagnostic techniques and safer, more effective medicines. First Genetic Trust is making possible the rapid development and deployment of diagnostics and therapeutics by providing highly secure and reliable genetic banking services. Through our Internet-based systems, including the en TRUST
Log in to our secure
en ... System
Email First Genetic Trust at: Enter keyword(s) below Search for:
Pharmacogenetics Consortium Report

Gene variant protects 1 in 10 from artery clogging

Survey highlights patients' medication worries

Press Releases: February 24, 2003

15. Genetics: Educational Information
related to medical genetics that are likely to be needed by all current medicalstudents during their careers as physicians. Tulane University genetic Course.
Genetics: Educational Information
There are two sources of information to help you clarify your educational direction:
Careers Brochure
The Careers Brochure outlines the training required for different career tracks within the genetics field, and presents profiles of scientists whose varied occupations are all based on the science of genetics.
Guide to North American Graduate and Postgraduate Training Programs In Human Genetics
The Training Programs Guide has been compiled to serve as a reference source for undergraduate students, graduate students, and house officers who are considering careers in human genetics. The Guide focuses only on programs that offer graduate and postgraduate training specifically designed to prepare individuals for careers in human genetics. The Guide will be updated semiannually beginning September 2000.
Medical School Curriculum in Genetics
A report developed by the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) to provide guidance to deans and curriculum committees regarding knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to medical genetics that are likely to be needed by all current medical students during their careers as physicians.
Education and Medical School Genetics Web Sites
The following is a list of educational resources and genetics programs at the various medical schools in the U.S.

16. Education And Genetics: Human Genome Project Information
careers in genetic Counseling from National Society of genetic Counselors;careers in Microbiology from MicrobeWorld; Graduate Programs
skip navigation Careers in Genetics and the Biosciences
Subject Index
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What's New

Genetics Headlines

Human Genome News

Meetings Calendar
Media Guide
Basic Information


Links ... Publications About the Project What is it? Goals Progress History ... Genetics 101 the New Genetics Home Gene Testing Gene Therapy Pharmacogenomics ... Genetic Counseling Ethical, Legal, Social Issues Home Privacy Legislation Gene Testing Patenting ... Genetics in Courtroom Education Teachers Careers Students Webcasts Audio/Video ... Genética Websites en Español Research in Progress Home Sequencing Instrumentation Mapping ... Funding Publications Human Genome News Chromosome Poster Primer Molecular Genetics To Know Ourselves ... List of All Publications Search This Site Contact Us Privacy Statement Site Stats and Credits DOWNLOAD: PDF Careers Handout The large, multidisciplinary Human Genome Project (HGP)–the effort to find all human genes and characterize a reference genome–promises to revolutionize the future so profoundly that the 21st has been dubbed the "biology century." Almost everyone will be affected by applications of information and technologies derived from the HGP era of the late 20 th century. Entirely new approaches will be implemented in biological research and the practice of medicine and agriculture. Genetic data will provide the foundation for research in many biological subdisciplines, leading to an unprecedented understanding of the inner workings of whole biological systems. The benefits of genomic research are, or soon will be, realized in such areas as forensics and identification science, ecology and environmental science, toxic-waste cleanup, creation of new bioenergy sources and more efficient industrial processes, as well as in understanding the mysteries of evolution, anthropology, and human migration.

17. Vysis Home Page
A genomic disease management company that develops and markets clinical products to the evaluate and manage cancer, prenatal disorders and other genetic diseases. careers, products and services are featured. (Nasdaq VYSI)
Customer Number
Select Contact Order Info Tech Support Distributor Locator Request Literature Clinical Trial Form Web Master Feedback X Y Vysis Inc. 3100 Woodcreek Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515-5400
Phone: 800-553-7042 or 630-271-7000 FAX: 630-271-7138
Web Site: E-mail:
Vysis © 2001 Document Information Revision Date Revision ID J

18. Greenwood Genetic Center - Careers In Genetics
A good source to find out about additional information about careers in geneticsis more than 5,000 medical doctors, research scientists and genetic counselors

19. Greenwood Genetic Center - Careers In Genetics
Tours and Lectures. Tours. The Greenwood genetic Center encourages groupvisits and tours of our facilities. A visit includes a genetics

20. National Society Of Genetic Counselors, Inc. - Careers
Multiple Degrees and Job Experiences genetic counselors who have used other professionaldegrees or job experiences to enhance their genetic counseling careers.
Career GC as a Profession How to Become a GC PSS ... Contact Us Career in Genetic Counseling Explore these pages to find out more about a career in Genetic Counseling.
Genetic Counseling as a Profession
Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling. Most enter the field from a variety of disciplines, including biology, genetics, nursing, psychology, public health and social work.

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