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         Geography Fun Gen Resources:     more detail

1. Resources For All Teachers-98
Welcome to the Social Studies/geography/History Chatboard. This forum is dedicated to discussions of issues related to social studies, geography, history, civics, and world events.
Resources for all Teachers-1998
Armadillo's K-12 resources
This site includes K-12 resources for cross curriculum activities. Includes a multicultural pavilion, and government research. Url:
AskERIC Virtual Library
For teachers and students- a very current (some science information is even dated), comprehensive source of references and lesson plans on all subjects, all grade levels. Also contains an answering service for teachers. Url:
Ask Eric
ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
Easy access to educational data bases, lesson plans and a number of sites to research information in any subject area. Url:
Berit's Best Sites For Children
By clicking from a list of several topics there are several types of activities, some are for fun, there's serious stuff , holidays, and kids on net Url:
Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
This site is an excellent index for teachers to search for web based tutorials, web based activities, web based projects, unit/lesson plans, resources, references, and tools.

2. Online Resources In Sunset Middle School IMC (Library), Longmont, Colorado
Online resources gen. More than 25,000 entries on the arts, business, computers,geography, history, literature Also homework help and some fun links.
I nformational M aterials C enter
School Work
Online Resources
- Gen. Reference Resources
EBSCO Database

Curriculum Resources

Multimedia Resources

Other Libraries
... Finding Info on the Web
Online Resources
General Reference Resources
Here are links to some general reference tools, such as almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, and encyclopedias:
Bartlett's Quotations
Look up famous quotes by either the subject or person responsible for them.
Columbia Encyclopedia
Contains over 50,000 entries on many topics.
Concise Britannica
"More than 25,000 entries on the arts, business, computers, geography, history, literature, medicine, philosophy, politics and popular culture."
Encarta Encyclopedia Center
More than 42,000 articles in Microsoft's online encyclopedia.
Encarta Maps Center
Navigate the globe by zooming in and out and by using directional arrow keys, or search for maps by keyword. From Microsoft.

3. Teaching Jobs
gen / Web Directory atlas, a complete online map store, weather center and maps, anda geography fun center TopoWeb An index of US topographic map resources.
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4. Teaching Jobs
Inside the gen. Canada Offers ten questions weekly about geography, resources,people, places Kidspace - fun, games and education for Canadian children, from
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5. Gen. Geog.
Continental Drift, Ecosystems / Environmental Issues, Natural resources / Conservation,Human and home use, to make geography accessible and fun. .
General Geography Sites Check The Time Around The World. Just Click The Arrows On The Clock. World Statistics - Many Geography Related Topics Your-Nation.Com - Site lets you compare 2 nations of your choice in over 100 different measures. Pictures of Places - Site indicates over 10,000 travel pictures, images, and photos of the world can be viewed here.
- Play map games on line, learn the nations of the world, learn the fifty states. USA Data - All Kinds of Topics, Too Much To List, Some Downloadable AS Excel Files. Country Studies at the Library of Congress - Excellent Reference Site. World Atlas, World Almanac, World Database - Extensive listings of data for nations around the world. - web site with links to geography topics, geography simulations on line Ameristat.Org - Demographic, Population Data For USA Calculate Distance Between Two Locations On Earth - Indonesian web site has a distance calculator.
GEOGRAPHY WORLD - A site to begin your work...This location has links to hundreds of web sites in every geography topic imaginable.

6. ITSCO's Curriculum Resources | Social Studies
Quebec, The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, gen. lessons, activities, onlinequizzes, geography scavenger hunts, and more make studying history fun.
Social Studies Resources
Almanac of American Politics 2002
    This site is great for studying national politics, demographics and more. Need to write your Congressman or a Congressman from another state? You'll find all the info you need here, including how they voted on specific issues....
Ancestry.Com - Map Center
    Searchable database of historical maps...
Arc Data Online
    This site allows you to create dynamic map images, download free geographic data, and create custom map reports.
Ask Asia
    K-12 resource for students interested in Asian and Asian American culture and history. Provides classroom materials, games, and activities.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
    Site includes all age groups K-12 with additional resources for parents and teachers. Very well designed and fun!
Children and Crime Prevention
    McGruff and Scruffy provide games and activities to help teach children about crime prevention, safety and more.
Christy's Garden of History and Timelines
    Extensive tex-based timelines from all periods of history and other special topics such as Women's Suffrage and a listing of People Who Worked for Human Rights.
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
    General Information on Teaching Resources, Electronic Field Trips, "A Day in the Life" Series, Study Visits, Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, Classroom-Tested Lesson Plans and more!

7. Home Christian School Resources
John Yates and Chris Yates Written by two gen Xers fresh out of History, HistoricalFiction, geography. The Big Book of Family fun, Gwen Ellis; Child's Book of

8. Curriculum Web Resources
What a fun sitethis is to visit Louis USgenWeb/MO gen Web Page and other interesting links...... Area Social Studies Grade Level 412 Topic geography.
Curricular Area: Science/Social Studies
Grade Level: 3-6
Topic: Topics from the Discovery Channel Discovery School Description: Learn with Cable in the Classroom. Detailed lesson plans that correspond to Discovery Channel shows. Times and dates that certain shows will air. All shows have been cleared for classroom use. Topics include natural phenomenon, World Cultures, and animal life. Curricular Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 3-8
Topic: Multi-Cultural Holidays Description: A good site for Christmas Around the World activities! Curricular Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 3-12
Topic: Geography Earth Rise Description: This site allows access to a huge database of pictures of the Earth taken by astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle missions. Curricular Area: Science
Grade Level: 2-6
Topic: Geography National SchoolNet Atlas Description: Learn about Canadian society, history, geography, and more with maps. You can view maps from the Atlas of Canadian Communities, and the National Atlas of Canada, read facts about Canada, and find out more about a place from its name, and even create a map of your own. Curricular Area: Science
Grade Level: 2-6 Topic: Geography Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

9. Regional Genealogy And Local History Research
Scholarly genealogy and family history links to all Internet resources, worldwide.Category Society genealogy resources...... EDUCATIONAL TUTORIALS * 101+ fun Family History Peoples, Misc., Anthropology,geography, Political Science and Europe genealogy Links * gen Web Directory
Genealogy and Family History Internet Web Directory Search This Site Regional - World Wide Regional - Continental Sources ... Europe REGIONAL - WORLD WIDE Destinations: Regional or Country Farm and Agriculture and Agriscape
The basic ancestry and historical setting of most
of mankind, in all nations and among all peoples
since Adam and Eve, has been involved in farming. - The Old Farmer's Almanac

Directories of Agriculture-related Internet Information

Family Life Library: Multigenerational family farming resources

George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate
History of American Agriculture 1776-1997
and Farmers and the Land
Living History, Agricultural, and Open-Air Museums

UK Country Life
Green and Pleasant Land [British] and Rural History Centre GEN Web Directory: Regional GEN Web Directory: Polar Regions Handbooks for Foreign Genealogical Research and Country Studies and Area Handbooks Online. Native Web Cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples, concerning Native, Aboriginal and Indigenous Internet

10. Young Adult, Web Resources, St. Marys Community Public Library, St. Marys, Ohio
TV gen Broadcast schedules, actor profiles, celebrity gossip, Nielsen ratings. Submitsites to be added to this fun and Games page, and watch them geography
Recommended Sites
Book Stacks Will help you decide what to read next. Includes links to books and magazines Career Information How much will your future career pay you? What qualifications are necessary? College Information Get info on colleges or get links to financial aid sites Entertainment Fun and Games This site will be custom-made by you. Homework Helpers More than reading, writing and arithmetic Internet Public Library A great site to search and surf for resources all over the Web Sports All the news and information you'll ever need. Surf! Use these links to surf the rest of the Web Teen Hoopla Provides links to sites about math, literature, science, history, biographies and news Teen Page A great place to go to read about movies, music and sports Teen Safety on the Information Highway Discusses risks, rules, and guidelines for parents United States Armed Forces
Book Stacks
American Library Association Links to award-winning books of 2001-2002 Children's Literature Web Guide Find reviews for award-winners and bestsellers CyberTeens Zeen Games, contests, celebrity interviews and much more

11. Elementary Science Resources
Urlhttp// This site is interdisciplinaryinvolving geography, map skills as students using it for facts and fun.
Elementary Science Resources-1997
How Things Fly Homepage
This site offers a variety of aerospace activities at different levels. Especially good is Web GroundSchool . Url:
The Science Club
This site offers tons of do-it-yourself science activities. Both teachers and students will love this site. There is a wide variety of good science links. Url:
Animal Classification Game
This is a game where the kids learn about animals and their habitats by playing it as a snake, squirrel, salamander, or Bluejay. T his site addresses the need of motivational ideas. Url:
Animal Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group Of.....?
A group of giraffes is a "tower". What is a group of lions? This site lists a word for groups of all sorts of animals...good site to integrate creative writing into science curriculum. Url:

12. Teachers Resources
Saskatchewan gen Web for Kids geneology search site Sciences Division - researchsite for geography and general Windows to the Universe - fun and different

13. Staff Resources
85 different countries, communicating, learning and having fun. foo=Return+to+geography+World,geography World. http//

14. Education Resourses On The Net
General Interest resources. Tools; Multidisciplinary Guides and Gateways; fun Sites;For General Reference Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Foreign Language, geography.
Olympics - Teaching Resources and WebQuests ...
General Teaching Resources
General Interest Resources
Reference Tools
Multi-disciplinary Guides and Gateways
News, Opinion and Commentary
Sports and Recreation
Fun Sites
For the Holiday Season

15. Online Educator Weekly Hot List
ericps.ed.uiuc.edu70/00/npin/resources/gen.resources/ednext This A good resourcefor a US geography or geology a good friendly fright Just for fun, Tales from
Our archive of weekly hot lists provided on this web site For June 4-9, 1995
  • Tennis anyone?

    Give your students a break from spring studies to sharpen their tennis game. The Tennis Server Homepage offers all kinds of tips, rules and information to sharpen their game.
  • Break for lunch?

    Nutrition made easy is the goal of the Nutrition Page at the University of Arizona. This site will give your students plenty to chew on because it contains links to scores of other food-related Internet resources.
  • For the civics lessons mart/lwv/

    Help your students make more sense out of Congress, Democracy and politics in general by pointing them to the Voter Education Project Home. The folks at the Vote Smart Project and the League of Women Voters explain it all.
  • Strike up the band puband/

    In between band practices, why not check in with the country's first college football marching band to see how they do things? Your students will learn from the best when they check out the Princeton University Band homepage.
  • French vocabulary tests
  • 16. FREE Human Resources Magazine Subscriptions
    geography. Managing Your Biz • eCommerce • You and Your Biz • gen X • Work Sendan Award • Send an eGreeting • Yoga @ Your Desk • fun Guide • Web
    Magazines Home FAQ
    Alpha List

    Publications by Name
    Magazine Subjects Biopharmaceutical Business/Finance Computers Construction ... Trade/Professional Services Geography Canada Eligible International Eligible Mexico Eligible Human Resources Remember to fill out the forms COMPLETELY.
    Publishers will not accept incomplete forms.
    = US = US/Can = US/Can/Mex = Int'l Human Resource Executive Provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Powered by, a division of
    Idea Cafe Home
    Sign Up to Win Biz Grant Center Store ... Small Biz News

    17. K-12 And Up: Earth Science Lesson Plans, Teachers Resources.
    Phillip Hart Monticello, Indiana - World geography - 7th grade. time savers forus and fun for students Laura Bixby - San Jose, California - Life Science, gen.
    For Teachers Only Poster Packets Homework Help For Students About MII ... Help MII

    Teacher's Comments
    At MII, teachers are our customers
    Here is what our customers say about MII.
    "I used the packet you sent last year and plan to utilize your new packet just as much."
    "Yes, I will really use MII materials. Our science curriculum is weak. We need to educate our children in science."

    Sherry Roepke - Tullahoma, Tennessee - All subjects - Kindergarten "This is the best 'package' I have received in years. Most of the activities and information at the elementary level is mostly old-had stuff. Your materials are fresh, easy-to-use and chock full of info and ideas. You are really on the 'cutting edge' of providing new and nifty rock and mineral activities"
    J.M. Erdman - Wisconsin
    "The list of how I use your material goes on and on. The iron in the cereal experiment will be used during our electricity/magnetism unit. We just finished astronomy. The information about the gold plated Hubble telescope was shared. The article on mirrors and reflection fits into our current unit on light. The material on money fits our third and fourth grade economic unit. The pencil article fits our simple machines and invention unit. Geology is coming up soon and information and posters will be used creatively. Third grade just finished a dental health unit and made toothpase. I'll share the tooth page with them!!"
    Jan Taylor - Ohio
    "Continue supplying us your good material. "

    18. Holiday Food And Nutrition Resources
    General resources. and eating healthful taste treats and having some active fun. Smokeout,National Children's Book Week, National geography Awareness Week, and
    Accessibility Info
    Food and Nutrition Information Center
    National Agricultural Library/USDA
    10301 Baltimore Avenue, Room 304
    Beltsville, MD 20705-2351 Holiday Food and Nutrition Resources
    April 2002

    This publication has been prepared for nutrition educators interested in materials on food and nutrition during the holidays. These materials were gathered in an effort to provide ideas or a starting point for preparing nutrition education theme event s during holidays or celebrations. A concerted effort was made to find materials addressing diverse food-related celebrations such as African, Asian, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Mexican, Muslim and Native American. There are very few resources on holidays exclusively dedicated to food and nutrition topics; most often they are mingled in with non-food related celebratory activities. Due to scarcity of existing materials, such resources were included in the list. The resource list is divided into three parts. Part One lists electronic resources, such as full text online items, relevant websites or organizations with an online representation. Part Two covers journals articles. Part Three lists more traditiona l library resources such as books, curricula, and videotapes. Most of the following subheadings are used throughout: Calendars, Curricula/Teaching Aids/Games/Quizzes, Food Safety, Food Traditions, Healthy Eating, Holiday Cooking and Weight Control. The resources listed contain accurate nutrition information and are available nationwide. Opinions expressed in the publications do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Your local library or bookstore can help you locate these resources. Contact information is provided for web sites and organizations.

    19. Country: Brazil
    This is a fun site for URL http// information about Brazil, including its geography, history, population Brazil
    Questions or comments about this resource?
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    Please preview all links before sharing in class with students.
    Resource Information Title Country: Brazil Description These sites are about the South American country of Brazil. Learn about its culture, history, language, geography, animals, and the Amazon. There are first-hand reports about what it's like to be a child growing up in Brazil. Includes maps, photographs, audio files of Brazilian music, and live images from Webcams. Grade Level Performance Standards Knowledge Standards Resource Links Link ID:
    Amazon Interactive
    Description: This extensive site about the rainforest shows you where they are, how much rain they get, who lives there, and how they make a living. In "Ecotourism Simulation Game" you are the leader of a Native Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest. You must make decisions about the economic growth of your community and its impact on your environment and native culture.

    20. Resources And Programs
    It is a fun course, heavily handson with ed majors or which will fit gen ed requirements frombiology, chemistry, physics astronomy, geology, and geography.
    Resources and Programs
    in Higher Education
    Science Content Courses for
    Elementary Education Majors
    The following is the original request for information on specialized content science courses for elementary education majors offered at universities and colleges from around the world. On Mon, 5 May 1997, David T. Crowther wrote: Dear Colleagues, I am interested in putting together a list of Universities/Colleges that have specialized content science courses for elementary education majors. These were the results from the first response. (Note that they are now not totally accurate due to changes people have made since the report in EJSE Vol 1 (4). Preliminary results from the e-mail sample were as follows: Who Else is doing this type of program 32 universities /colleges in 22 states (All in the U.S.) have programs designed specifically for elementary education majors. One international program was from Sydney, Australia
    *Average of 2 courses per sight (6 most / 1 least)
    *Majority of courses are Physical (Physics/chemistry) sciences (from the initial response)
    *Life science courses are a close second (from the initial response)
    *7 of the 32 programs offer the content courses in the college of education
    *23 of the 29 programs offer the content courses in the respective science departments.

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