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         Geology Historical:     more books (100)
  1. An introduction to historical geology: With special reference to North American by William J Miller, 1931
  2. Earth, Time, and Life: An Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology, 2nd Edition by Charles W. Barnes, 1988-04-20
  3. A Trip Through Time: Principles of Historical Geology by John D. Cooper, Rochard H. Miller, et all 1990-10
  4. Geology in the Bible: Earth's Evidence for Intelligent Design by Billy R. Caldwell, 2005-05-20
  5. Studies in Military Geography and Geology
  6. The geological evolution of North America;: A regional approach to historical geology by Thomas Henry Clark, 1960
  7. An introduction to geology (physical and historical) by William J Miller, 1928
  8. The Ocean of Truth: A Personal History of Global Tectonics (Princeton Series in Geology and Paleontology) by H. W. Menard, 1986-09
  9. California Geology (2nd Edition) by Deborah Harden, 2003-11-14
  11. Historical Geology: Understanding Our Planet's Past (Living Earth) by Jon Erickson, 2002-07
  12. Earth History: An Introduction to the Methods of Historical Geology by Paul R. Pinet, Robert W. Frey, et all 1992-06
  14. The student's handbook of historical geology by A. J. Jukes-Browne, 1886-01-01

21. WVGES Geoscience Education: CATS Historical Geology Telecourse, Fall 2001
Geoscience Education in the Mountain State CATS Earth ScienceConnections III. Environmental geology Telecourse.
Geoscience Education in the Mountain State: CATS Earth Science Connections III Environmental Geology Telecourse
Fall 2001: Table of Contents Dr. Robert Behling (
Dr. Jack Renton (
Dr. Deb Hemler ( WVGES Welcome Page Geoscience Education Main Environmental Geology Main Page last revised: December 13, 2001

22. Today In The Historical Sciences
A calendar of anniversaries in geology, evolutionary biology, historical linguistics, historical geography, archeology, cosmology, and other sciences that study the past.
@import url("rjo2.css"); RJO search Darwin-L About ... Palaetiology Calendar Files Logs
Today in the Historical Sciences
A series Dictionary of Scientific Biography , the Dictionary of National Biography , and the Biographical Dictionary of the Phonetic Sciences . They were intended to serve as starting points for Darwin-L discussion and as introductions to some of the leading figures and events in the various branches of the historical sciences. While entries relating to natural history predominate, the full scope of palaetiology is represented. The entries that were posted to Darwin-L are available in the following monthly compilations which may be browsed here or searched from the search page

23. Geology Entrance
Details the cultural history of northwest Texas, including ranching and oil. Located near Amarillo on the campus of West Texas A M University.
Welcome to the Geology Wing
Exploring this series of exhibits will take you on a journey through the history of the Earth, with stops at particular points in time to examine the fossil record and stratigraphy. The Geology Wing is organized according to the geologic time scale. If you wish to begin browsing now, click on any division of the time scale below You might wish to start in the Cenozoic Era (65 million years ago to the present) and work back through time, or start with Hadean time (4.5 to 3.8 billion years ago) and journey forward to the present day. No matter "when" you start, don't forget to stop along the way to learn about the stratigraphy, ancient life, fossil localities, and tectonics of the various time periods. Here are three links that can help to speed your journey:
Get helpful hints on navigating the Geology Wing
Read about the history of the geologic time scale , and find out more about how it is organized.
Jump to a specific time period using the UCMP Geological Time Machine Last but not least, don't forget to visit our exhibit on Plate tectonics , an important geological concept in any time period!

24. Historical Geology (UTEP)
Dr. Miller's online class at the University of Texas El Paso.

25. Historical Geology
geology 12 CSUS - Spring 2001 Taught by Dr. Nancy Buening updated April 1st historical geology examines the origin and evolution of Earth, its continents, atmosphere, oceans, and life.
Historical Geology
Geology 12 - CSUS - Spring 2001
Taught by Dr. Nancy Buening
updated April 1st
Historical Geology examines the origin and evolution of Earth, its continents, atmosphere, oceans, and life. It is the study of a dynamic planet that has changed over 4.6 billion years. We study the processes that have shaped, and continue to shape the Earth and the life on Earth. We will discuss how geologists interpret this history of change from evidence in the rocks. This web site will keep you informed about the course, specifically the course syllabus, homework assignments, and information about exams.
Contact me at
Link to my Home page
TOTALLY REVISED as of March 9th
Schedule of Topics for Geology 12
Text is, Earth System History , 1999, Steven Stanley Earth as a System Tue Jan 30 Introduction to course Thu Feb 1 Historical perspective Chapter 1 Tue Feb 6 History of plate tectonics theory Chapter 8 Thu Feb 8 Chapter 8 Tue Feb 13 Chapter 9 Thu Feb 15 Major geochemical cycles Chapter 10 Reading the Rock Record Tue Feb 20 Interpretation of sedimentary rocks Chapter 5 Thu Feb 22 Geologic time Chapter 6 Tue Feb 27 Evolution Chapter 7 Thu Mar 1 Natural selection Chapter 7 Tue Mar 6 Phylogeny Chapter 3 Thu Mar 8 Phylogeny Chapter 3 Origin of the Earth and Life Tue Mar 13 FIRST MIDTERM EXAM Thu Mar 15 Chapter 11 Tue Mar 20 Archean; origin of life

26. Geology Of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
Includes article, photographs, maps, links, and teaching resources.
Klondike Gold Rush
National Historical Park

"The country is wild, rough and full of hardships for those unused to the rigors of Arctic winters. If a man makes a fortune he is liable to earn it by severe hardship and sufferings. But, then, grit, perseverance and luck will probably reward a hard worker with a comfortable income for life."

Clarence Berry , one of the miners returning on the Portland, quoted in The Seattle Post-lntelligencer, July 17,1897. With cries of "Gold! Gold in the Klondike!" there unfolded in the Yukon and Alaska an incredible historic adventure, whose theme of human endeavor in the face of adversity captured the imagination of people around the world. In August 1896 when George Washington Carmack and his two Indian companions, Skookum Jim and Tagish Charlie , found gold in a tributary of the Klondike River in Canada's Yukon Territory, they had no idea that they would set off one of the greatest gold rushes in history. True, most of the good claims were already staked by the time the rush really got underway in the summer of 1897; but this didn't stop an army of hopeful goldseekers from boarding ships at Seattle and other Pacific port cities and heading north to try their luck. Throughout the summer and autumn of 1897 and on into the winter, stampeders poured into the newly created Alaskan tent and shack towns of

27. Geology 3102 - Dr. Miller
Welcome to geology 3102 historical geology NOTICE The dinosaur icon marks the most recently updated lecture topic. Other topics may not be current (ie. they are still subject to update for the current semester).

Online lessons featuring content related to historical sites at national parks and museums. Lessons focus on on natural science, geology, history, paleontology, music and art.

29. Pfeiffer :: Earth, Time, And Life: An Introduction To Physical And Historical Ge
sections to the physical and historical aspects of geology, historical perspectives are skillfully integrated throughout
By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Shopping Cart My Account Help Contact Us ... Geology Earth, Time, and Life: An Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology, 2nd Edition Related Subjects
Soil Chemistry

General Inorganic Chemistry


Earth Science Special Topics

Related Titles
Origin and Evolution of Tropical Rain Forests (Hardcover)

Robert J. Morley
Regolith Geology and Geomorphology (Hardcover)
G. Taylor, R. A. Eggleton Gemology, 2nd Edition (Hardcover) revised by Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Robert C. Kammerling The Mapping of Geological Structures (Paperback) K. R. McClay Geology of U.S. Parklands, 5th Edition (Hardcover) Eugene P. Kiver, David V. Harris Geology Earth, Time, and Life: An Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology, 2nd Edition Charles W. Barnes ISBN: 0-471-82598-0 Paperback 576 Pages April 1988 US $89.95

30. Geology - Historical Teaching Slides
geology historical, TEACHING SLIDES..
Geology - Historical TEACHING SLIDES HOME PAGE SCIENCE HOME PAGE PRINT REGISTER ... ORDERING To view information and prices, Click on a product in the table below, or simply scroll down to view all selections. Click on slide images to view a larger image and slide information. Use browser arrows to move back and forward between these screens H - Years 7 - 10 SH Years 11 - 12 U University Product Name # of Slides Level Ancient Animals 16 slides H, SH, U Fossils and Their Living Kin 20 slides H, SH, U The Geological Time Scale 25 slides H, SH, U Introduction to Fossils 20 slides P, H, SH, U Fossilisation: How Fossils are Formed 20 slides P, H, SH, U Fossils, Dinosaurs and Their World 20 slides P, H, SH, U ANCIENT ANIMALS 16 slides Artistic renderings of a selection of extinct species that once inhabited our planet, from the fossil records. Provides a brief summary of the evolutionary origins of modern species. CONTENT SAMPLE: 12 - Therapsid flourished approximately 230 million years ago. This group branched early from the main reptilian line (although they were in fact reptiles) and went on to provide the embryological ancestry for the mammals. During the reign of the large reptiles, this line dwindled to small forms. With the extinction of the dinosaurs came a corresponding rise in mammals that had developed adaptations superior to their ancestors. The limb development (adapted to terrestrial locomotion) as well as greater intelligence aided mammalian succession. Ectoderms generally obtain heat from their external environment.

31. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Collection of photos, geology, biology and historical information produced by the Bishop Museum Rapid Environmental Assessment expedition in SeptemberOctober 2000.
On December 4, 2000 , President Clinton declared much of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a Coral Reef Reserve. Public comment on this designation is being sought. Visit to learn more about the reserve and how to make your opinion known. Click here to read a transcript of the president's address.
Laysan Duck
West side beach and
vegeteation, Laysan Island
Juvenile Great Frigatebird,
at Laysan Island Visit our photo archive to see more photos from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Expedition.
Click map to learn more about individual islands Scientists aboard two research vessels are took part in a Rapid Environmental Assessment of the marine environment, the coral algae invertebrates , and fish , of a number of these islands. Scientists also studied the insects plants , and birds found on land as well. This website will help members of the public

32. Geology 102 - Historical Geology Home Page
historical geology Introduction to historical geology Introduction to historicalgeology Small font version, Introduction to the World Wide Web
Historical Geology
Georgia Perimeter College
These web pages have been developed for the use of students and faculty in the University System of Georgia. Assignment - Writing a student web page - instructions and grading information Writing Web Pages - An Introduction to HTML for Georgia Perimeter College Students Submit your questions and comments to Dr. Gore at Georgia Geoscience Online
Interactive Course Outline
Lecture Notes Assignments and Tests Additional references Introduction to Historical Geology
Introduction to Historical Geology - Small font version
Introduction to the World Wide Web Information on obtaining your class e-mail account ... Earth's Cycles - Columbia U. Geologic Time
  • Age of the Earth
    Age of the Earth - Small font version

  • Radiometric Dating
    Radiometric Dating - Small font version
    ... Indicators of an Old Earth - Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance Geologic Time exhibit - U. California, Berkeley Radiometric dating- a Christian perspective Radiocarbon Dating WEB-info from New Zealand Radiocarbon Web Server, Arizona Sedimentary Rocks
  • Sandstone Interpretation
    Smaller font version

  • Carbonate Rock Interpretation
    Smaller font version
  • Facies, Transgressions, Regressions, and Walther's Law
  • 33. Death Valley National Park (DesertUSA)
    3.3 million acres of spectacular desert scenery, rare desert wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness and sites of historical interest.

    Death Valley National Park comprises more than 3.3 million acres of spectacular desert scenery, rare desert wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness and sites of historical interest. Death Valley is unique because it contains the lowest, hottest, driest location in North America. Nearly 550 square miles of its area lie below sea level. Ecologically, its plants and animals are representative of the Mojave Desert. Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth, attaining the second-highest temperature ever recorded, 134 degrees F. in 1913. It contains the lowest point in the western hemisphere 282 feet below sea level near Badwater as well as numerous high-rising mountain peaks, including Telescope Peak at over 11,000 feet. Death Valley was named by gold-seekers, some of whom died crossing the valley during the 1849 California gold rush.
    General Information
    Entrance: $10.00 per vehicle is valid for seven days.
    Campground: Fees range from $10.00 to $16.00 per night.
    Seasons / Hours
    The park is open 24 hours a day, year round.

    34. Historical Geology Home Page
    historical geology. Dr. Pamela JW Gore Georgia Perimeter College. Note Some of thenotes listed in this table are from the historical geology Online Lab Manual.
    Historical Geology
    Dr. Pamela J. W. Gore
    Georgia Perimeter College
    These web pages have been developed for the use of students and faculty in the University System of Georgia. Submit your questions and comments to Dr. Gore at Georgia Geoscience Online Glossary of Geologic Terms
    Interactive Course Outline
    Note: Some of the notes listed in this table are from the Historical Geology Online Lab Manual . Lecture students who are not taking lab are asked to read and be familiar with this material, even though they do not have to do the laboratory exercises. Lecture
    Notes Assignments and Tests Additional references Chapter 1
  • Introduction to Historical Geology
  • Fundamentals of Relative Dating
    Relative Dating Assignment
    Interactive relative dating exercises (from Athro) ... Earth's Cycles - Columbia U. Chapter 1 Geologic Time
  • Age of the Earth
  • Radiometric Dating
    Radiometric Dating Assignment
    Geologic Time Chart to know ... Indicators of an Old Earth Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance Geologic Time exhibit - U. California, Berkeley Radiometric dating- a Christian perspective Radiocarbon Dating WEB-info from New Zealand Radiocarbon Web Server, Arizona
  • 35. Landscape Change Project
    K16 students create an archive of historical and modern photograph pairs documenting 150 years of human interaction with the state landscape.
    END OF YEAR CONFERENCE INFO This research is supported by National Science Foundation Grant EAR-9907724. This site last changed April 16, 2001 by Laura Mallard

    36. Mexican Petroleum Geology—Historical Review
    Mexican Petroleum geology—historical Review. James Lee Wilson,,1316 Patio Drive, New Braunfels, TX 78130, phone
    Mexican Petroleum Geology—Historical Review
    James Lee Wilson ,, 1316 Patio Drive, New Braunfels, TX 78130, phone: 830-625-6612, and Clif Jordan,, 6878 Cedar Lane, Bonne Terre, MO 63628. The sequence of events described below incorporates both political and geological aspects of Mexico’s rich petroleum history. The period 1904 to 1910 saw the discovery of oil in fractured Cretaceous lime mudstones in the Ebano-Panuco area on the Tamaulipas arch, when El Aguila and other foreign companies operated. By 1916, a chain of local structures was recognized encircling the Tuxpan platform and forming an oval map pattern known as the Golden Lane. Some of these wells still hold world records for IP’s of over 200,000 BOPD. Expropriation occurred in 1938. A national oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, was created at this time. From 1932 onward important paleontological studies aided exploration, helped define a new reservoir facies in diagenetically altered, downslope reef talus of the giant Poza Rica field, with its ultimate production estimated at 2.5 BBO. From the 1930’s to 1970 gas was discovered and developed in Tertiary sediments filling coastal basins, such as the Veracruz, Macuspana, Sabinas, and Burgos basins. These areas are now being drilled in the search for more gas reserves, and it is estimated that these fields together can provide more than 4.8 BCFGD. In the early 1970’s Cretaceous oil was discovered over the Villahermosa horst (Reforma), and at least 25 giant oil fields were mapped using seismic reflection technology. More recent exploration has resulted in the discovery of many more giant fields on the offshore Campeche Shelf. Present emphasis involves a continued search for facies favorable for Jurassic oil. These wells range from 2000-4000m deep.

    37. Historical Geology Lab Manual - Georgia Perimeter College - Pamela Gore
    historical geology Online Laboratory Manual. Pamela Gore Georgia PerimeterCollege. Copyright © 2001, 2002 Pamela JW Gore. This laboratory
    Historical Geology
    Online Laboratory Manual
    Pamela Gore Georgia Perimeter College
    This laboratory manual for Historical Geology was developed by Pamela Gore in 1982, and revised and updated in 1989, 1993, 1998, 1999 and 2001. The Sand Sieve Analysis Lab and the Biostratigraphy Lab have been contributed by John Anderson of the Dunwoody Campus of Georgia Perimeter College. These labs may be viewed online with color images. The address of this page is
    Table of Contents
    Cover Page
    Teaching Objectives

    Lab Safety Rules
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Weathering of Rocks and the Formation of Sediment
  • Interpreting Geologic History from Maps: The Grand Canyon Geologic Map To obtain hard copies of this lab manual for use at Colleges and Universities, please contact:
    Pamela J. W. Gore
    45000 total hits since Tuesday July 7, 1998. 113 hits today.
    Last access on Monday April 7, 2003 at 10:26:42 pm from
    Page was last updated on Monday December 17, 2001 at 3:01:58 pm.
  • 38. Introduction To Historical Geology
    Introduction to historical geology. historical geology is the study of changes toEarth and life in time and space. Return to GSAMS historical geology Web page.
    Introduction to Historical Geology
    Historical Geology is the study of changes to Earth and life in time and space.
    I. Time
    A. How much time?
    • Oldest meteorites and oldest moon rocks are 4.6 billion years old
      4,600,000,000 years
    • Oldest rocks found so far on Earth are zircon grains from a sandstone in western Australia, dated at 4.1 to 4.2 bilion years old. Previously, the oldest Earth rocks were 3.96 billion years old, from the Northwest Territories of Canada.
    B. How do we know? Radioactive materials serve as geologic clocks. C. What happened on the Earth during this long period of time? Many natural events:
    • meteorite impacts volcanic eruptions and lava flows mountain building earthquakes erosion slow movement of continents (plate tectonics) formation and destruction of ocean basins (plate tectonics) glaciations climatic changes etc.
    All of these natural events are still going on today - We see evidence in the rock record that these events have been occurring for a long time. Geologists call this uniformitarianism.

    39. Historical Geology: Evolution Of Earth And Life Through Time (with CD-ROM And In
    use, this CDROM/web site is the perfect tool for courses or labs that cover earth-sciencetopics, including physical geology, historical geology, earth science

    40. Essentials Of Geology (with Samson's Earth Systems CD-ROM), Third Edition
    James S. Monroe is professor emeritus of geology at Central Michigan University,where he taught physical geology, historical geology, prehistoric life, and

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