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         Georgia Boards Of Education:     more books (100)
  1. Eighth Annual Report of the Board of Education For School Year Ending August 31st, 1879 by [Georgia Board of Education], 1879-01-01
  2. Minutes of the proceedings by Teachers' society and Board of Education of the State of Georgia., 1907-01-01
  4. Forty-Fifth Annual Report of the Department of Education to the General Assembly of the State of Georgia for the School Year Ending December 31, 1916 by Georgia State Board of Education, 1917
  5. Proceedings of the 1972 Conference on Computers in Undergraduate Curricula. June 12, 13, 14, 1972. Atlanta Georgia. Southern Regional Education Board by Southern Regional Education Board, 1972
  6. A perspective on higher education in Georgia: A presentation to the Board of Regents by Dale W Lick, 1980
  7. 202 Bulletin Boards for All Ages by Georgia Smelser, 1985-12
  8. School Board Talk! (School Talk Success Series) by Cheli Cerra, Ruth Jacoby, et all 2004-03
  9. A voice for access and equity: after serving on the Georgia board of regents for 30 years, Elridge McMillan is honored with lifetime achievement award.(Noteworthy ... from: Black Issues in Higher Education by Tracie Powell, 2005-02-24
  10. University Of Georgia 101 (My First Text-Board-Book) by Brad M. Epstein, 2004-11-30
  11. Georgia Institute Of Technology 101: My First Text-Board Book by Brad M. Epstein, 2006-01-20
  12. Guide to Secondary Schools: Georgia, South Carolina
  13. Georgia school board requires balance of evolution and bible. (News).: An article from: District Administration
  14. Full-motion video audio adapter enables nursing students to learn by simulation. (Georgia College's School of Nursing, CompuVid School Board II full-motion ... (Technological Horizons In Education)

1. Georgia School Boards Association
Click here for a list of georgia boards of education in Compliancewith the Standards. Additional Opportunities for Recognition.
Standards for Local Boards of Education The Georgia School Boards Association is dedicated to focusing its efforts on raising student achievement, and to assist boards in doing the same. In 1998, a team of GSBA staff and both new and veteran board members developed an accountability and evaluation program for boards called " Standards for Local Boards of Education. " The program seeks to improve the effectiveness and overall governance of the local school system by the local board of education. By providing a sound governance structure, which includes generally accepted best practices, the local board can improve the environment in which student achievement may be enhanced.
The Standards are comprised of six major components that encompass the primary elements of governing a local school system. Those components are:
  • Vision/Philosophy Organization Board Operations Personnel Board/Staff Relations Board Development
The Standards will be evaluated annually and revised if necessary in accordance to any new rules and regulations promulgated by the Georgia General Assembly or the Georgia Board of Education. Click here for a list of Georgia Boards of Education in Compliance with the GSBA Standards.

There will be a State Board of education/georgia School boards Association LiaisonCommittee meeting, August 8, 2001, at 1130 am in the CDC Room, 20th Floor

3. Other Systems Of Higher Education In The United States Of America
various USA higher education systems such as boards of Regents, boards of Governors, Coordinating boards, and University System of georgia. Hawai'i, University of, Board of Regents
Other Systems of Higher Education
Below are links to various USA higher education systems such as Boards of Regents, Boards of Governors, Coordinating Boards, and University Systemwide Administrations. Any suggestions or link updates may be sent to us at the following address: webmaster
Alabama Commission on Higher Education Alaska Board of Regents ... Wyoming Community College Commission
go to Utah System of Higher Education home page

4. Georgia School Boards Association
K12 education departments, with directories of schools and districts. From the Council of Chief State School Officers.
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5. Georgia School Boards Association
The Standards for Local boards of education promotes GSBA's emphasis on raising andstate leaders to the institution of public education in georgia.
GSBA offers programs that support the Association's policies and belief in promoting what's good in public education. The " Standards for Local Boards of Education " promotes GSBA's emphasis on raising student achievement and school board accountability. The Association's Awards and Recognition Programs offers numerous opportunities to celebrate the worthy contributions made by school board members, superintendents, teachers, media representatives and state leaders to the institution of public education in Georgia.

6. SavannahNOW Savannah Morning News On The Web
Daily local newspaper of Savannah, georgia, with news, sports, business guide, tourism and travel Category Regional North America News and Media Newspapers...... georgia gasoline prices reach an alltime high Visit our MESSAGE boards and CHATROOMS Or Internet Dining Attractions education History Healthcare Law

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7. Findlaw's Message Boards - Welcome
findlaw thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, cle courses, and much more. Need help with georgia education law - marijuana arrest by Joel Mountain - Dec 10, 00 (56.)

8. GGA - HB 457 - Local Boards Of Education; Driver Education; Elective Course
georgia General Assembly HB 457 Local boards of education; driver education; elective course 02/09/2001 House Second Readers First Reader Summary Code of georgia Annotated, relating to elementary and secondary education, so as to require local boards of education to
Senate Leadership Committees Senators ... Representatives Georgia General Assembly HB 457 - Local boards of education; driver education; elective course
Jordan, Darryl (D-096)
Mangham, Randal (D-075) Kaye, Mitchell (R-037) Roberts, Lawrence (D-162) ... HC: ED SC: 02/09/2001 House Second Readers
First Reader Summary
A BILL to amend Chapter 2 of Title 20 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to elementary and secondary education, so as to require local boards of education to offer driver education as an elective course; and for other purposes.
Code Sections Amended
Bill History Date Action House Second Readers House First Readers Versions Current LC 22 4290/a Georgia General Assembly
Webmaster ...

9. State Regulation Of Private Schools - Georgia
Miscellaneous Private schools may sublease buildings or facilities of the Georgiaeducation Authority through county/city boards of education. Ga. Code Ann.
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
Recordkeeping/Reports: Private school administrators must report their enrollment to the local public school superintendent where the student resides within 30 days of the beginning of each school year. The reports must include the name, age and residence of each student. Notice must be given monthly of any student's admission or withdrawal from the school. Ga. Code Ann. ยง 20-2-690(b), (5), (d). The State Board of Education makes available through the local school superintendent printed forms necessary to comply with the reporting requirements. Length of School Year/Days: Curriculum: Special Education: Health: A parent's religious beliefs concerning vaccinations is not a valid excuse for the parent's failure to have a child vaccinated which prevents a child from attending school. 1950-51 Op. Attorney General p. 47. See also Anderson v. State , 65 S.E.2d 848 (1951). Safety: Transportation: See Public Aid for Private Schools Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: State and local school funds may not be used for school programs in nonpublic schools. 1974 Op. Attorney General Number 155.

10. HB 1187 Summary, Georgia Department Of Education
The State Board of education shall require local boards to do corrective The local board of education must "respond to each Local boards of education may not employ or promote

11. The State Role - Chapter II Variations In State Policies
comparison is between Minnesota and georgia, as summarized Local school boards andpublic, postsecondary institutions the state board of education upon appeal.
A Study of Charter Schools: The First Year - May 1997 Chapter II
Variations in State Policies
Numerous commentators have proposed that charter school legislation be based on key principles, though people differ on specific recommendations. For example, Ted Kolderie, a leading advocate of charter reform legislation, proposed in 1990 several specific features for state charter school reform legislation, including the following:
  • States should permit more than one public organization to sponsor public schools. Thus, local school districts would no longer have the "exclusive franchise" to sponsor public schools.
  • The charter school should be a public nonsectarian school and be prohibited from using an admissions test or charging tuition beyond what the state and local community provide.
  • The charter school should be independent of local labor/management agreements, and could develop its own working conditions.
  • The charter school should have an explicit contract (or charter) for performance. Its continued existence should depend on whether the school's students achieved the goals set out in its contract.
  • In exchange for this explicit accountability, most state rules and regulations should be waived for the charter school.
  • 12. Georgia Partnership For Excellence In Education - Issues And Actions
    georgia may also participate in any other national or The State Board of Educationmay grant waivers until FY 2003 to local school boards exempting those
    Many changes are taking place in Georgia's classrooms, and it can be difficult to keep up with new policies, legislative mandates and recommendations. Issues currently taking center stage in the General Assembly include teacher tenure, smaller class sizes and end-of-course tests Here you will find updates about education bills introduced in the General Assembly, legislation that has been passed, as well as research conducted on education reform. Legislation The full text of proposed House Bill 515
    The full text of proposed House Bill 516

    A summary of the A+ Education Reform Act of 2000 (passed)

    A summary of House Bill 656, passed 2001
    Have questions about reform legislation? Visit the Department of Education's web page at Looking for updates on legislation moving through the General Assembly? Visit the Georgia School Superintendents Association the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders , or the Georgia School Boards Association for summaries and the latest information on education legislation. Below are links to research conducted during the Education Reform Commission in 1999 and 2000.

    13. Georgia Partnership For Excellence In Education - Programs
    session, the georgia School boards Association conducted an optional session specificallytargeted towards school board candidates and their role in education.
    The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education works with various programs and efforts that are reforming education in Georgia. Our involvement with each of the following programs and organizations varies, depending on what is needed to sustain their efforts. The Next Generation School Project
    Bus Trip

    Teacher Dialogue Forums

    The Georgia School Council Institute
    Candidate Information Sessions
    The Next Generation School Project
    The Next Generation School Project has promoted improved academic achievement and a rigorous curriculum by allowing local school districts to design and implement their own improvement plans and initiatives. Effects of the local improvement plans on student achievement were evaluated over the following school year. For eight years, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has provided guidance for the development and operation of The Next Generation School Project, but local systems received complete autonomy to create and implement their own improvement plans. The Next Generation School Project is shifting its focus to increasing student achievement through the use of alternative school schedules, such as extended school day and an extended school year. The project has chosen to award grants to five school systems that are augmenting the traditional school calendar.

    14. Graduate Medical Education At The Medical College Of Georgia
    Application for Graduate Medical education (3 page georgia Medical License georgiaLicense Reimbursement Federation of State Medical boards - National Board
    Medical College of Georgia
    Graduate Medical Education (GME)
    A-Z Index MCG Home Site Search
    Contact Information:

    GME Office, AE-3042
    Medical College of GA
    1120 15th Street
    Augusta, GA 30912
    Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education The Medical College of Georgia is committed to excellence in graduate medical education. This commitment is demonstrated by: Compliance with the Institutional Requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Assistance to programs in reaching compliance with ACGME Program Requirements Creating an environment which encourages education and scholarly activity. Conducting regular assessments of the graduate medical education programs Provision of appropriate resources for graduate medical education. General Information Residency Programs Application for Graduate Medical Education
    (3 page PDF file) ERAS, Electronic Residency Application Service General Residency Information Benefit Plan Summary page PDF file) General Teaching Sites Composite State Board of Medical Examiners:
    Georgia Medical License

    Georgia License Reimbursement Form
    (1 page interactive PDF form
    IMG Waiver letter
    (1 page RTF file, download and open with a word processor)

    15. Georgia Association Of Educators : What's New
    Required boards (ie, PSC Board of Commissioners) must remain from the State Boardof education; however the the Teacher Center, and a South georgia coordinator

    16. State Action For Education Leadership
    awarded threeyear implementation grants Connecticut, Delaware, georgia, Illinois,Indiana the National Association of State boards of education and the
    State Action for Education Leadership Project
    The State Action for Education Leadership Project is part of the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds' larger educational leadership initiative designed to prepare, support and sustain a leadership cadre in each state that can transform schools and school systems to produce improved academic performance for low-income youth. Through this project, state government and education leaders compete for grants to support research, analysis and preparation of legislative and administrative actions that will prepare, support and sustain a group of education leaders (principals and superintendents) in each state. Fifteen states have been awarded three-year implementation grants: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia. To see a list of state contacts, please click here. Project management and support is provided through the Council of Chief State School Officers. The project is guided by a National Consortium comprised of the five state-based organizations whose members have primary responsibility for state education policy: the CCSSO, the National Conference of State Legislatures , the National Governors' Association , the National Association of State Boards of Education and the Education Commission of the States . In addition to enabling education leadership reforms in states receiving grants, the project benefits all states through research and findings produced and published by the National Consortium.

    17. State Action For Educational Leadership Project
    The 15 recipients are Connecticut, Delaware, georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana State boards of education have been
    SAELP is the centerpiece of the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds' national LEADERS Count initiative, a five-year, $150 million commitment to place quality leadership at the core of school reform. The objectives of LEADERS Count are to attract and place a broader pool of able candidates for school leadership, to strengthen the abilities of principals and superintendents to improve learning, and to create conditions that allow principals and superintendents to perform as effective leaders.
    Council of Chief State School Officers
    , the National Conference of State Legislatures , the Education Commission of the States , and the National Governors' Association . SAELP will help achieve the goals of LEADERS Count by assisting state decision makers in redesigning their state policies, laws, and practices to strengthen the leadership of superintendents, principals, and school leaders toward the objective of improved student performance.
    The project's stated goals and objectives for state action include:
  • States will establish an overall vision and expectation for the practice of educational leadership focused on improved teaching and learning at the district and school level throughout the state;
  • 18. Job Listings References
    Board of Regent in georgia Association of American Association Colorado Associationof School boards Connecticut education Association Correctional
    International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education Career Services Network Go to Pi Lambda Theta JobList Direct links to job listing on other web sites
    Affirmative Action Register American Association for Employment in Education American Association for Health Education American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers ... Yahoo! Education:Employment:Jobs
    Florida-Broward County Schools Hot-Line for position openings: Florida School Districts with web joblistings Milwaukee Area School Districts -Contact Information Pi Lambda Theta, PO Box 6626, Bloomington, IN 47407-6626 E-mail:
    Phone: 800-487-3411; Fax: 812-339-3462 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 EST (All Year EST)
    Last updated on 02/20/02 by the Pi Lambda Theta Webmaster.

    19. The Virtual Schoolhouse's Guide To State Departments Of Education
    State boards of education. Sunnyvale) Merced County Office of education (Merced)Montebello Augustine); georgia; Hawaii; Idaho Colfax School District (Colfax
    State Boards of Education
    Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site.

    20. State Departments Of Education
    State boards of education. California Merced County Office of education Merced California AugustineFlorida; georgia; Hawaii; Idaho Colfax School District Colfax
    State Boards of Education
    Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site. Other education-related administrative bodies for that state are listed below.

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