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         German Language:     more books (100)
  1. German Demystified: A Self Teaching Guide by Ed Swick, 2007-06-26
  2. German Made Simple: Learn to speak and understand German quickly and easily by Arnold Leitner Ph.D., 2006-05-16
  3. German Grammar Drills (Drills Series) by Ed Swick, 2007-06-01
  4. German: How to Speak and Write It (Beginners' Guides) by Joseph Rosenberg, 2008-09-11
  5. German: Biography of a Language by Ruth H. Sanders, 2010-06-21
  6. The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time (Everything Series) by Edward Swick, 2009-11-18
  7. Practice Makes Perfect: German Vocabulary (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Ed Swick, 2007-07-12
  8. First German Reader: A Beginner's Dual-Language Book (Dual-Language Books)
  9. Drive Time German: Beginner Level by Living Language, 2009-09-01
  10. Practice Makes Perfect German Sentence Builder (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Ed Swick, 2009-07-01
  11. German, Conversational: Learn to Speak and Understand German with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur) by Pimsleur, 2005-12-05
  12. German Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel with Confidence in Germany and Austria by Elizabeth Bingham, 2008-01-18
  13. Five Great German Short Stories: A Dual-Language Book
  14. All-Audio German: Cassette Program (All-Audio Courses) by Living Language, 2002-10-29

1. German Language
Offers languagelearning tips and German lessons, plus resources such as dictionaries, language schools, and pen pals. About Homework Help german language. Search
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German Language
with Hyde Flippo
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS German Vocabulary German Grammar Guide Daily German ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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In The Spotlight Tue, Apr 8, 2003
German Summer Schools

It's not too early to start looking for eine deutsche Sommerschule ! Here's help from our guide to German summer schools all around the world - from Australia to Europe - and in North America.
More: German Studies - Colleges and universities worldwide
German for Beginners
Our free German lessons are available any time, any day! From the German ABCs to the subjunctive mood, we'll help you learn the language. With audio and tests! Now with 19 lessons. More: German Lessons - Find lessons by topic! More: Pronunciation Help - Audio - German for Beginners Adventures with German TV in the USA "Sehen, was Deutschland sieht!" You now can watch

2. German Language Resources
If you do not have a frames capable browser, you can accessthis information but it won't look pretty. German Links.
If you do not have a frames capable browser, you can access this information but it won't look pretty. German Links

3. LEO English/German Dictionary
A collection of resources for students and teachers of German. The Mining Company. Lots of german language links under various headings.
LEO - Link Everything Online
An Online Service by Search term (English or German):
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    4. "The Awful German Language" By Mark Twain
    By Mark Twain. A satirical explanation of the difficulty of the language.Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Germanic German......The Awful german language by Mark Twain. This is Appendix D from Twain's 1880book A Tramp Abroad . I have shown that the german language needs reforming.
    The Awful German Language
    by Mark Twain
    [This is Appendix D from Twain's 1880 book A Tramp Abroad . This text is basically a HTML conversion of the plain ASCII e-text formerly found at gopher:// , with some further editing. Report errors to ; note that the German orthography is that of the late 19th century.]
    Go to list of HTML files in this directory

    Go to Jane Austen singular "their" page (English grammar anti-pedantry)

    Go to other Mark Twain resources on the Web

    Go to other Mark Twain writings on the German language
    A little learning makes the whole world kin.
    Proverbs xxxii, 7. I went often to look at the collection of curiosities in Heidelberg Castle, and one day I surprised the keeper of it with my German. I spoke entirely in that language. He was greatly interested; and after I had talked a while he said my German was very rare, possibly a "unique"; and wanted to add it to his museum. If he had known what it had cost me to acquire my art, he would also have known that it would break any collector to buy it. Harris and I had been hard at work on our German during several weeks at that time, and although we had made good progress, it had been accomplished under great difficulty and annoyance, for three of our teachers had died in the mean time. A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is.

    5. E. L. Easton - Languages - German
    German? Who Speaks German? Transparent Language. "The Awful german language" Mark Twain. Did German almost became
    @import url(ele.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/
    Germany Liechtenstein
    ... In America
    Test Your German
    Courses - Grammar


    Secret Site!
    Say "Hello" audio / Internet Public Library
    Why study German?

    Who Speaks German?
    Transparent Language
    "The Awful German Language"
    Mark Twain
    Did German almost became the official language of the U.S.? Study Guides Joe Landsberger, Jelica Danilovic u. Thomas Wiesenthal History of German Language Development of German Language History of German Language Helmut Richter History of German Language History of the German Language Jan Wohlgemuth History of the German Language course outline / Univ. of Exeter History of the German Language Germanic Languages map / Germanic Languages tree /

    6. German Language
    A resource for learning German with online lessons, resources and links. German for beginners and more advanced learners.

    7. German Language Resources
    Includes sites on culture, feminism, the media, language, regions, business, and politics.Category Regional Europe Germany Society and Culture...... The Goethe Institut is online here. The Goethe Institute also offers a catalogof where german language materials can be purchased in the US and Canada.
    General German and Cultural Studies pages
    Uni Karlsruhe Virtual Library
    provides an overview of German services that are available (includes technical fields). The Kassandra Project's external Germanistik links are well developed. Dr. Andreas Lixl-Purcell's page German Studies Trails at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has an excellent list of German links. Alan Ng in the German Department at the University of Wisconsin maintains an extensive list of German links, including German departments world-wide. There is a clickable map of German servers available here. Die deutsche Infobahnauffahrt provides media links, as well as some literature, philosophy, history and Holocaust pages. A list of useful links can be found at Cornell University. Germany information can be had at this link. Check out current grant offerings and German Studies Course Syllabi at the DAAD stateside. For the DAAD in Germany, try the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) The Goethe Institut is on-line here. The Goethe Institute also offers a

    8. German Courses-Language School: Learn German In Vienna, Austria, Germany
    german language courses in Vienna, language school in Austria. Examination preparation courses, german Category Reference Education International Language Schools German......german language courses in Austria Vienna at ActiLingua Academy, IALC german languageSchool. The language spoken in Austria is German pure, correct German.
    Home Contact Us Contact an Agent Sitemap :: REGISTER NOW :: PRICE CALCULATOR :: LAST MINUTE :: FAQ ... :: DOWNLOAD Select Language English Cesky Chinese Trad. Deutsch Espanol Francais Italiano Japanese Korean Polski Russian Svenska Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. Croatian Finnish Hungarian Norwegian Portugues Serbian Slovak Slovenian Turkish
    Learn German
    Why ActiLingua ... Activities Included City walks Lectures Monthly Program Optional Sports Excursions Vienna-Travel The City ... How to link to us
    Learn German in Vienna, Austria -
    German language courses at ActiLingua Academy
    Learn German in high quality German language courses, small international study groups and a pleasant atmosphere in Vienna in the heart of Europe.
    Comfortable accommodation in Austria's capital and an exciting leisure programme - sports, music, art, Austrian culture and sightseeing in Vienna - are included in our German language courses.
    Get prepared for internationally recognized certificates and exams at our language school and attend one of our intensive German courses in Vienna, Austria!

    9. German Language Videos Home Page
    german language Videos Over 2400 german language videos for sale or rentin the US. German german language Video Center© 1997/2003. Entire
    Over 2400 German Language Videos
    for Sale or Rent in the USA
    Division of Heidelberg Haus
    Established 1968
    7625 Pendleton Pike
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46226-5298 USA
    FAX The place where our customers send their friends! Welcome to the American Home for German Videos.
    Over 2600 German language videos for sale or rent in the US.
    Please note: All video tapes are in the American NTSC VHS format
    and will play on all VCR's in the U. S. and Canada. We hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday! Remember! Our video tapes are calorie free, contain no harmful ingredients, do not require batteries and come already assembled. Buy or rent a few for those rainy, snowy or extremely cold days! Click on the Category of Videos of which you are Interested. Classic German Favorites from the last 70 Years Die Schoensten Filme der Goldene 60er Jahre ... Click here to see our New Releases German Language Video Center Information Pages GLVC Company Policies Read About our Rental Program ... Can't find it on our site?

    10. German Language Resources -- Electronic Text Center
    Electronic Text Center, Online Holdings. The Electronic Text Center'scollection of online Germanlanguage texts. Offline Holdings.
    Online Holdings
    The Electronic Text Center's collection of online German-language texts
    Offline Holdings
    CD-ROMS and other electronic texts not available online
    Other Web Resources
    Links to other sources for electronic texts in German

    11. Deutsche Kultur International Kunst
    Provides information on the main areas and organisations in international cultural exchange schools abroad, primary and secondary education, libraries, german language, youth exchange, art, media, study and sciences.

    12. Academic Info: Foreign Language Study
    430 german language. 430 german language general resources. 430 german language departments
    Home Keyword Search Subject Index Reference Desk ... Student Center
    Academic Info
    Foreign Language Studies: German
    Humanities Foreign Language Studies Academic Info is a Publicly Supported Nonprofit Organization
    If you can please make a tax-deductible donation (any amount is appreciated) to help defray the costs of remaining online and free of advertising . We accept credit cards (go to our homepage) or checks payable to Academic Info. IRS Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98037 American Association of Teachers of German
    Includes a real nice listing of Internet resources Chatlinks
    A listing of German language chat areas Deutsch im Netz - German on the Web
    German Internet Exercise Bulletin
    "Interactive webexercises, animated grammar presentations, audio enhanced vocabulary lessons, and select links to sites in German-speaking countries. Designed for German language learners, teachers and travellers who want to get the most out of the Internet for foreign language learning...This guide is intended as supplemental material for beginning and intermediate students of German as a foreign language. The main goal is to receive as much language exposure as possible that is presented in an authentic (virtually real) context."
    University of South Florida

    13. Intro
    Comprehensive, focusing especially on nouns and verbs.Category Science Social Sciences Germanic German Grammar...... Many of these irregular verbs are the same in German and English(itself originally a west german language called AngloSaxon).

    Buy the CD-ROM
    Visit my biography page
    I ntroduction
    Use your browser's 'BACK' command to return to your last location Learning a second language is a great adventure; like traveling in a foreign land. Like traveling, it also requires effort and is sometimes a chore. This course is designed to help the serious student start learning German. If you are only interested in picking up some phrases and greetings, then concentrate on the chapter, Greetings, Sayings, and Set Expressions , near the end of the course. The following introduction is written to give you some idea of what is involved in learning German and perhaps a few pointers on how to go about it. To learn a foreign language you must learn the meanings of a large number of words and phrases. Although there are good German-English dictionaries on the Internet, you should buy a fairly substantial pocket-size paper-back dictionary. Every time you look up a German word, put a little pencil-mark next to it. If you look up a word and there are already four pencil marks there, then spend some time with it. Write it out. Learn it as part of a phrase. Think of (or look up) several words that rhyme with it. Lightly write the word and phrase on the inside of the cover of the dictionary. Try to remember the word and phrase an hour later. If you can't, then look inside the cover and work on it some more. If you can remember it the next morning, erase it from the cover. Don't be discouraged if you have to look it up again.

    14. German Language School Conference
    Professional association of german language schools in the United States, with list of member schools, Category Society Ethnicity German GermanAmerican......Please Wait While Macromedia Player Is Being Downloaded

    15. German: Foreign Language News And Newspapers: Publication Types: MIT Libraries
    german language News and Magazines Das Aktuelle Tagesprogramm Informationon German television. GrenzEcho A german language daily from Belgium.
    Index Chinese French German Italian Japanese Portuguese Russian ... Spanish
    Sarah Wenzel
    Foreign Languages Librarian


    Publication Types

    Foreign Language News and Newspapers German Language News and Magazines
    Das Aktuelle Tagesprogramm
    Information on German television.
    News from the "Austria Press Agentur."
    Basler Zeitung
    From Basel Switzerland.
    Berliner Morgenpost
    Berlin daily newspaper.
    Der Beobachter
    A weekly Swiss magazine.
    A Swiss business magazine.
    Bild Online
    From Germany
    Daily news from Switzerland.
    Daily news reports from Bayerischer Rundfunk.
    An electronics magazine.
    A monthly women's magazine.
    A satirical magazine from Berlin.

    16. Deutsche Internet Übungen
    Similar pages Similar pages EL Easton Languages - German Austria Germany Liechtenstein Switzerland German in America Business Christmas CountryStudy Dialects Food History of german language Holidays Movies Music News
    German Studies Trails Andreas Lixl UNCG
    German Studies Exercises on the Web
    Galerie im Lenbachhaus
    Sprach- und Landeskunde Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache , wobei das Internet als virtuelles Sprachlabor gezielt zum Einsatz kommt. Im Vordergrund der Didaktisierungen stehen interaktive Aufgaben, die besonders der Erweiterung des landeskundlichen Horizonts, der Steigerung der Schreibfertigkeit und der Festigung grammatischer Strukturen dienen. In der Liste finden Sie links den Namen des Autors und darunter die URL-Nummer der Aufgaben, die mit einem Mausklick schnell erreichbar sind.
    Am Ende der Seite finden Sie eine zweite Liste , betitelt DaF-Kurse, Syllabi, Unterrichtshilfen Outline: Numerous German language exercises are available on the net for elementary to advanced levels of proficiency. Listed below are some of the best examples involving German language, literature and culture courses. The list contains convenient links to more than 100 assignments ranging from 20 to 50 minutes. If you know of other German web exercises not yet included in this list, please contact Andreas Lixl at

    17. Learn German Language - Intensive Courses In Germany
    Come for total immersion in german language and culture to the atmospheric university town of Bamberg/Bav Category Reference Education International Language Schools German......Come for total immersion in german language and culture to the atmospheric universitytown of Bamberg small groups reasonable prices see our references
    Your Language:
    Intensive German Courses in Germany
    - Language Institute TREFF PUNKT -
    Overview Advantages of our programme Online enrolment Enquiry We about us: Our staff
    (only in German) Latest news Send me a brochure Our Participants Student opinion Photo gallery Students forum Corporate customers ... FAQ Our German Courses General German courses in detail Course schedule Course levels Business German Courses in detail ... TopicClub seminaries Our location Accommodation Bamberg Leisure time activities How to get to us Practice your German! Online test Etiquette Tips for Business Professionals in Germany Learning tips for your language holiday Before the course During the course After the course Further Services Our partners Online tips for Germany
    (only in German) If you 're looking to learn German intensively and in a manner tailored to your individual needs , then TREFF PUNKT is the school for you

    18. German Language Resources
    A collection of resources for students and teachers.Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Germanic German...... arrow, German Index at Easton Language Education. arrow, The MiningCompany. Lots of german language links under various headings.
    McKinnon Secondary C ollege Compiled by D. Nutting Resource collections for students (and teachers!) Topics Organisations for Teachers Dictionaries Feuerwerk textbook links ... Grammar - info and interactive exercises General quizzes "Fireball" - German search engine Vocabulary resources/exercises (D. Nutting) Other stuff Straight to VCE Discussion Forum (GermanLinx) German after Year 12 Resource collections for students /teachers
    (Image © Justin Trevena) How to type Umlauts and ß German vocabulary exercises and practice from Robert Shea GermanLinx - Victorian site with info and resources for students and teachers. Index of online exercises (collated by Katherine Munro) Kaleidoskop - great collection of info and tasks on different topics for learners of German as a second language, with an online Forum, where you can read contributions by other students, and post your own.
    Topics A-Z

    Read recent contributions
    and respond
    Write a new contribution
    (on anything)
    German for Beginners (University of Victoria, Canada). Big range of German resources, including exercises.

    19. Yamada Language Center: German WWW Guide
    Schatzkammer Schatzkammer is a professional journal intended primarily for teachersof german language, literature, and culture in primary and secondary
    Can't find it?
    Guide index
    News index Multilingual references Font index German is taught at the University of Oregon by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
    Resources at Yamada
    • Schatzkammer - Schatzkammer is a professional journal intended primarily for teachers of German language, literature, and culture in primary and secondary schools and undergraduate college classes in North America.

    20. AAA Translation
    German software localization service, web translation, translating and interpreting in all languages, cultural and international consulting, VIP services, free quote.
    Home Services Localization/Globalization Press Releases ... Contact Us AAA Translation, formerly German Language Communications, is the direct source for all your language needs. To deliver the highest quality of multilingual services possible, on time and every time. Language is more than just a tool of communication; it reflects the culture and heritage of the people who use it.
    Just look at our Testimonials!
    For almost 20 years, we have been providing businesses of all sizes with a reliable source of services, ranging from simple translations to large-scale projects to complete localization (translation and country-specific adaptation) of their products-whatever they need in order to export successfully. The resulting partnerships have become the basis for an outstanding reputation for quality and service.
    Rates are dependent on the complexity of the text, the subject matter and the format. Because of our worldwide presence and our network of top-notch professionals, we can offer pricing to fit every budget.

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