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         Girl Guides Scouts & Cubs:     more detail
  1. Scouting and Guiding in Singapore: The Singapore Scout Association, President's Scout, Cub Scouts, Girl Guides Singapore, Frank Cooper Sands
  2. The Wolf Cub Annual 1957 by Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, 1957-01-01
  3. Sure Pop and the Safety Scouts by Roy Rutherford Bailey, 2010-09-13

1. Tieri Girl Guides And Scouts
scouts Personal Health Form girl guides. of Canada. guides. du Canada. 1st Pefferlaw guides. Registration will take place at Cooke's United Church,
Queens Birthday Weekend
June 10/11/12 Year 2000
Now how long ago was that Click here to find out! Approximately 50 past and present members of Guides and Brownies, Scouts and Cubs, their leaders, supporters, and families, attended. Sorry if you couldn't make it, but now It's OVER and you can read all about it, and look at the photos. The Program included : Saturday Night Dinner at the Tieri Bowls Club Sunday Activities - including the ceremonial unearthing of the TIME CAPSULE, buried on Founders Day 22 February 1985 Sunday night Guides and Scouts Camp Fire Our thanks to the current Tieri Guides and Scout Associations, particularly Guide Leader Gayle Merrick, who organised Saturday's dinner at the Bowls Club, plus Sunday food and activities. Thanks also to Frances Wregg, who helped bury the Time Capsule in 1985, and helped unearth it again in 2000 - it was Frances who really got the Reunion idea moving - well done Frances! Send more photos, or information for this Web Site to Tieri 2000 Webmaster Welcome! You are visitor number :
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2. SA Guides/Guards And Scouts
Day Postcard Exchange and learn all about your sister girl guides and girl scouts around the world. The cubs and scouts held an Internet chat evening with scouts from Torshaven
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Welcome to SA Guides/Guards and Scouts
Welcome to the site! We hope you will find this site useful. This is a place for SA Guides/Guards and Scouts to meet. You can submit links, Chat in our chatroom and take part in dicussions in our forum. The clipart archive is now growing, and there are more than 40 files (zip archives) in the Download section, and still more is coming. Check it out! The site has now got its final design.

3. Page Title
The Sudanese Air Scout and girl guides Group, The Sudanese Air Scout and girl guides Group is Age 610 cubs Blue Birds/Flowers. Age 11-15 Boy scouts girl guides. Age 16-21 Rovers Rovers

Site designed by Risho

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The Sudanese Air Scout and Girl Guides Group is

Age group : Male members' troops Female members' troops Age 6-10 Cubs Blue Birds/Flowers Age 11-15 Boy Scouts Girl Guides Age 16-21 Rovers Rovers Under the management and support of the Scout and Girl Guides leaders , each troop or unit organizes the activities that meet their aspirations and suite their age. The troops work independently, yet in harmony and accordance to the overall group plan and objectives.

4. Scouts
scouts. girl guides, scouts and cubs. Scouting was very popular with students whilstin Malaysia so this section is devoted to the cause. Opening of Scout Hall.
Scouts Girl Guides, Scouts and Cubs Scouting was very popular with students whilst in Malaysia so this section is devoted to the cause. Opening of Scout Hall
(Courtesy Pat Spinks) Official opening - Scouts/Guides Hall, RAAF Hostel
Air Vice Marshall Cahall cuts the ribbon. Taking part in the ceremony are Scout Master William (Bill) Lee, Air Commodore Townsend, Scout Master Mr. Howard Bray, Cub Master Mrs. Lyn Bray, Senior Sixer Cub Peter Bray, and Senior Scout Michael Bray, Asst Cub Master Mrs Gonnie Fisk. Pat Spinks (left) holds the scissors pillow! "As a youngster, Scouting to me was always fun. However, behind this facade of encouraging youth to learn and do interesting things there was an ever-present aim to make a Scout a better, more rounded citizen. Responsibility for one’s attitudes and actions was inculcated very early, and there was always a quiet emphasis on teaching that one had a role to perform in helping others, especially those in any way disadvantaged. We were taught to be independent through our activities and always be willing to do more than was required of us. Selfishness played no part in Scouting. "In retrospect, the principles and behaviour taught to us at home were reinforced in Scouting. There was no break in our development, and our parents invariably became involved with Scouting. I am grateful for Scouting’s teaching by example and the emphasis on citizenship. I have endeavoured to put this into effect in my life and if I have succeeded, then the credit goes to Scouting."

5. Life Number Two-The Boy Scouts And Girl Guides
girl guides. Kanata Ridge girl guides. cubs scouts. 4th Kanata Scouting
Chapter X
Life Number Two-The Boy Scouts and Girl Guides
Part II
Archives From Baden-Powell
Lessons from the Varsity of Life, 1933
Last-Modified: 17 May 1998 King Edward and the Boy Scouts KING EDWARD AND THE BOY SCOUTS After writing my book, Scouting for Boys, I naturally thought that boys' organisations would use it for their work and there would be little more for me to do in the matter. But before very long, in the spring of 1909, I realised that quite outside such organisations, hundreds of boys were forming Scout Troops on their own. So I made up my mind and pushed. This was a bit of a bombshell for me. I saw that I could not do both soldiering and Scouting. I must drop one or the other. But which? From the personal point of view, I was fifty-two and a lieutenant-general, and therefore high up in the professional ladder for my age: at the same time it would be a pity to let this new growth falter and fade, and yet I could see no one who could or would take it in hand just then. As I have said, the King questioned me on this point and knowing that he had fully grasped the idea I put myself in his hands to say which course I should take. Eventually be agreed that the Scout experiment was the more important.

6. Boys' Uniform Chronologies: 1910s
who played a key role in founding the girl guides. over the world, except in Americawhere cubs were not British scouts held the first Wood Badge course held
Boys' Historic Uniforms: The 1910s
Note: I'm just beginning the chronological pages. Do let me know if you have any historical background or information on uniforms that should be added. Figure 1.Scout troops around the world, like these French Scots, began adopting national styles to their Scout uniforms.
The Scouting Movement
The movement
Baden Powell's Scout movement continued to grow in the 1910s, at least until world War I broke out in Europe during 1914. Scouts in each every country played a variety of non-combatent roles.
British scouting
Baden-Powell in 1912 marries Olave Soames, who played a key role in founding the Girl Guides. The problem of younger boys desiring to partiipate in Scouting was resolved in 1916 when the British Scout Association approved a new programWolf Cubs based on Kiplings The Jungle Book . Wolf Cubs were soon adopted by Scout Associations all over the world, except in America where Cubs were not introduced until the 1930. British Scouts held the first Wood Badge course held at Gilwell Park near London, England in 1919.
Girl Guides
In organizing girls organizations, the focus was on the lower classes in the late-19th and early 20th century was primarily a means of attaining the approval of the 'Establishment'. The emphasis was on improving children's physique so that they would become better citizens, in the case of girls, mothers when grown up. Members of the middle and upper classes were encouraged to join in order that they would use their 'inherent' leadership skills to improve the lot of the lower classes. You may find, as with the Guides and Scouts, that the earliest middle-class members were drawn from the military and governmental elite.

7. Old Ottawa South - Boy Scouts & Girl Guides
Beaver Colony Thurs 630 730 pm cubs – Pack Mondays from 600 Canada 225-2770Meetings Southminster Church – Basement Web girl guides.

8. Newsletter: Nov 1998
Helping hand for guides, scouts and cubs. Rotorua's girl guides and scouts continueto receive a helping hand from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust.
Home Profiles Publications Donations ... Email Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust Newsletter November 1998
Helping hand for guides, scouts and cubs Rotorua's Girl Guides and Scouts continue to receive a "helping hand" from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust. The Trust has just made donations totalling $29,260 to the Ngongotaha Scout Group, the Arawa Scout Group, the Girl Guides - Waiariki Province, and the Girl Guides - Eastern Lakes District. Ngongotaha Scouts received the biggest donation, $20,460, which was for urgent repairs to the scout hall, including replacing the roof, building repairs, painting, guttering and stormwater system. Around 100 local young people use the hall for Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides. The Scout hall is regarded as an historic building, having been donated to the Scouts many years ago by the Awahou people. The Arawa Scout Group has received a donation of $5000 for security netting to cover windows, in an attempt to combat vandalism problems and also to replace tents and other equipment.

9. Newsletter: Nov 1998
Helping hand for guides, scouts and cubs Rotorua's girl guides and scouts continueto receive a helping hand from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust._ MORE.
Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust Newsletter November 1998
New trustee will add a little bit of sunshine
Newly elected trustee Turi Ngatai plans to add a little bit of sunshine to the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust MORE Girls High gets $80,000 for high-tech centre
Rotorua Girl's High School is a step closer to creating an environment to ensure its students are well prepared to participate in a society driven by technology and change._ MORE Sweet music gets even sweeter...
If you think the sound of Westpac Trust Rotorua Brass band is sweeter, you're probably right._ MORE Helping hand for guides, scouts and cubs
Rotorua's Girl Guides and Scouts continue to receive a "helping hand" from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust._ MORE More than $1.1 million in donations
More than $1.1 million in donations have been made from April to September 30 to the following groups and community organisations._ MORE Roma Cook ends 4 years of dedicated service
Retiring Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust member Roma Cook has just ended four years of dedicated service to the Trust._

The ideas of the movement also caught on among girls, and they very much wanted to be part of it. However, as children's activities were usually gender exclusive at the time, the idea of girls joining Boy scouts just wasn't acceptable. Like Boy scouts, girl guides quickly became popular even in small towns. Fun and games. Sooke cubs at a birthday party, 1968
Section Two The ideas of the movement also caught on among girls, and they very much wanted to be part of it. However, as children's activities were usually gender exclusive at the time, the idea of girls joining Boy Scouts just wasn't acceptable. Girls had to form their own group, which became known as Girl Guides. Here's an account of how one Girl Guide troop started: "In the early spring of 1910 a company of Scouts was formed at St. James Church in Vancouver. Phyl Munday could not see why boys alone should be able to enjoy such a movement, so she asked the Scoutmaster if they could have a troop of Girl Scouts. Evidently this was not acceptable, so Phyl bullied her mother into becoming their Scout Mistress." Not Just Pin Money, p. 221. Tofino Girl Guides,
ca. 191-

Like Boy Scouts, Girl Guides quickly became popular even in small towns. Although Guides shared similar aims as Scouts, many Guide activities often focused on feminine occupations. While Scouts might earn badges for boating, camping, fitness, and first aid, Guides could work towards badges in cooking, needlework, laundry and child care.
The objectives of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides are diverse. According to the Canadian Scout Handbook, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides is a "club, gang, society and a movement" all rolled into one. They define their purpose as follows:

Troop, girl/Boy scouts (11/12 15/16 years old). GROUP a Pack of cubs, aTroop of scouts and guides and a Company of Rovers establish it.

structures is under the Scout Chief leadership, that works with the contributionof the National Commissioners for cubs, scouts and guides, Rovers, Senior

JOTA (Boy Scout/girl Guide) Communications Badge Electronic Projects. will ensureyou a badge in Comunications in scouts (cubs) / guides (Brownies) see your
JOTA (Boy Scout/Girl Guide)
Communications Badge
Electronic Projects Down load RCS DESIGN (Radio) JOTA = Jamboree of the Air click here for other projects to build T he sucessfull completion of some of these projects will ensure you a badge in Comunications in Scouts (Cubs) / Guides (Brownies) - see your leader. The files available in this section have .gif files of several simple projects for JOTA type exercises the first being a simple Morse Code Trainer using a 555 and a few cents of components, note the elcheapo speakers from $2.oo speciality shops (REJECT/CRAZY Clint etc), the 2nd one is a JOTALED2, very simple 2 transistor flip flop and 2 AA penlite batteries (for a woggle), the 3rd one is a JOTALED4 using 4 AA penlites and the 4th project is a rear LED Blinker for a push bike using 9v Batt plus a very cheap clear HAIGH (K-Mart) rear trailer. The TWO TONE DOORBELL Doorbell is very cheap to make if you purchase a pair of el-cheapo speakers for a "REJECT Shop" (and sell one to a mate) , the reat of the electronics is also very economical, comments please on this one... The files above, JOTA Electronic Projects, Morse Code Trainer, JOTALED2, JOTALED4 are all *.gif files and can be easily viewed using paintbrush or any HTML viewer standard utility's.

14. Resources And Links For Scouts And Leaders
Campfire Songbook Codes for scouts and cubs Badge collection magazine for AmericanScouters World Association of girl guides and girl scouts World Guiding
Resources for South African Scouts and Scout Leaders Ideas and resources Visitors Page - all about Scouting in South Africa Patrol Leaders Resource page
Scouters Resource page

Cub Leaders Resource Page

Committee Resource page
... Pioneering - knots, lashings and projects
Pro-plan Charts
- lots of Scouting skills explained
Scouting clipart
- graphics for websites and publications
Campfire Songbook

Codes for Scouts and Cubs

Badge collection

The African Seeds of Scouting
Messages from former Scouts
Shortcuts on this site Scout Library What's New Scout News Scout Events ... Areas Topical issues AIDS education Child safety Be Prepared for Life - Environmental Action Kits Environmental Exchange Programme Internet Scouting Admin The Internet Scouting Team FAQ: What internet services are available for Scouts? FAQ: Scout mailing lists FAQ: how to get your Scout group on the web Links Links in South Africa Nangu Thina - a partnership programme between Scouts in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Southern Africa A Walk on the Wild side - a nature conservation project for Scouts in the Pilanesberg nature reserve.

15. SCHOOLUNIFORMSONLINE.CO.UK - Official Uniforms For Beavers, Cubs & Scouts
Take your Shopping Cart to the Checkout View The Contents of your Shopping Cart.girl guides Brownies. Dance Outfits. Bargain Basement. Miscellaneous Products.
Official Beaver, Cub and Scout Uniforms Beaver Sweatshirt Beaver Baseball Cap Beaver Polo Shirt Beaver Trousers ... Scout Woggle
Mail Order Hotline: 01737 243 825 Open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm
camel .com

16. SCHOOLUNIFORMSONLINE.CO.UK - Official Brownies & Girl Guide Uniforms
Sizing Charts. Official Rainbow, Brownie girl Guide Uniforms. Rainbow Tabard Rainbow Cap Rainbow Polo Shirt . scouts, cubs Beavers. Dance Outfits.

Rainbow Tabard
Rainbow Cap Rainbow Polo Shirt
Brownie Cap
... Guide Gilet
Mail Order Hotline: 01737 243 825 Open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm
camel .com

17. Untitled Document
Darcy. girl guides St. Farrell. scouts 10 1/2 15 years St. Cullen.cubs Scout Den, Thursdays 7 pm - 8.30 pm Contact. Greg Finnegan.
about contact home
Guides / Scouts
Girl Guides Blakestown Community Centre Fridays 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Contact: Patricia Cassidy Tel: 8203096
St. Brigid's Unit C.B.S.I. Beavers /Scouts 6-8 years St. Francis Xavier School Junior Gym Mondays 7 p.m - 8 p.m. Leader: Mary Flynn Cub Scouts 8-10 1/2 years St. Francis Xavier School Junior Gym Tuesdays 7.30 p.m - 9.30 p.m. Leader: Keith Darcy Girl Guides St. Francis Xavier School Wednesdays 7 p.m - 8.30 p.m. Leader: Louise Farrell Scouts 10 1/2 - 15 years St. Francis Xavier School Senior Gym Tuesday 7.30 p.m - 9.30 p.m. Leader: Mark Flynn
Thursday 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. Leader: Niall Purcell Venturers 15-19 years 7 Coolmine Close Wednesday 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Leader: Ruaidhra St. J. Murphy For further information contact the leader at the meeting or please telephone 8200025 only between 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Wednesday evenings.
109th Corduff Scout Unit leader: Elaine Costello Beavers
Scout Den, Thursdays 7 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Contact: Laura Cullen Cubs
Scout Den, Thursdays 7 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Contact. Greg Finnegan

18. -[FYI]- For Us, The Future Of Cayman!
Centre. George Town girl Guide. 6958. South Sound guides Lori Adams, 9490204. Church.Bodden Town scouts and cubs Wed., 530pm, BT Civic Centre.
Reading Choices
  • Interact Club, Community College:
1st and 3rd Thurs (September through June), 12:15pm, Community College. Contact: Ray Jones (Interact Adviser), 949-9580.
  • Leo Club:
1st and 3rd Wed, 7:30pm, Lions Centre. Contact: Call Rosandi Weatherford, 947-6525; e-mail:
  • Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman: Youth to Youth
(for youth aged 13 to 18): Mondays, 3 - 4pm John Gray High School; Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:30pm, Triple C; Wednesdays 3 - 4pm George Hicks High School. Contact: Javier Sanchez, 949-0645.
  • Youth to Youth ProTeens
for youth aged 11 to 13): Wednesdays, 3 - 4pm, George Hicks High School.
Boys Brigade:
  • Bodden Town Boys Brigade
Wednesday, 6pm, Bodden Town United Church Hall.

19. Scouts, Cubs And Guidesl Annuals Collectors' Gallery
The scouts, guides, cubs and Brownies Annuals Collectors' Gallery. Thisgallery provides scanned their annuals. girl Guide Annuals. If you
Boys' Annuals

Girls' Annuals

TV Annuals
Pears Cyclopaedia
Football Annuals

Scouts/Guides Annuals
Football cards The Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies
Annuals Collectors' Gallery This gallery provides scanned images of the front covers of a number of annuals from Britain.
It is supported by a number of volunteer collectors who provide scanned covers from their annuals.
Girl Guide Annuals If you are able to contribute scanned images of your annuals to this gallery please click here for instructions. Click on the envelope to send me your comments to the gallery curator

20. Municipality Of Thames Centre Guides And Scouts
cubs, 8 11. A number of community groups use the BEL Scout Camp, including the BoyScouts, girl guides, Air Cadets, area elementary and secondary schools, and
HOME Community Calendar Contacts Facility Schedules ...
Community Service

Scout Leaders
Needed. Contact One Of The
Following People:

Beatrice Cove:
Bob Braunton:
Bruce Zubick:
Guide Leaders Needed. Contact
Jean Davis
Phone: CALL TO JOIN JEAN DAVIS 268-7872 About The Girl Guides Girl Guides of Canada - Guides Du Canada is the country's largest organization for girls and women. We're part of a worldwide organization currently active in 128 countries. Founded in Canada in 1910 with a few companies of Guides, today we have over a quarter of a million members and more than 46,000 volunteer Guide Leaders. The vast majority of our organization's work is carried out by our volunteers. The local Girl Guides organization was established in 1960. Aims and Objectives The Aim of the Girl Guides of Canada - Guides Du Canada is to help girls and young women become responsible citizens, able to give leadership and service to the community, whether local, national or global. GROUP AGES Sparks 1st Brownies 2nd Brownies 3rd Brownies 1st Guides 2nd Guides 3rd Guides 1st Pathfinders 2nd Pathfinders Rangers The Adventure Is Scouting.

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