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         Gold Rush American History:     more books (101)
  1. The California Gold Rush: (Reissue) (Landmark Book) by May McNeer, 1987-06-12
  2. The California Gold Rush in American History by Linda Jacobs Altman, 1997-10
  3. A Timeline of the California Gold Rush (American History Flashpoints!) by Kerri O'Donnell, 2009-04-03
  4. The California Gold Rush (American History Series) by Cindy Barden, 2001-07
  5. Strike It Rich in Cripple Creek: Gold Rush (American History Through Primary Sources) by Leni Donlan, 2007-01-15
  6. Landmarks of American History (The California Gold Rush, #7) by May McNeer, 1950
  7. The California Gold Rush (American History for Kids Cobblestone )
  8. Jewish Voices of the California Gold Rush: A Documentary History, 1849-1880 (American Jewish Civilization Series)
  9. The California Gold Rush (1961) (American Heritage Junior Library)
  10. The California Gold Rush (Landmark Events in American History) by Michael V. Uschan, 2002-12
  11. The Gold Rush (American Adventure) by Sally Senzell Isaacs, 2003-08
  12. Days of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the American Nation by Malcolm J. Rohrbough, 1998-10-15
  13. Gold Rush Of 1849,The (Spotlight on American History) by A.Blake/P.Dailey, 1995-03-01
  14. Guns of the Wild West: Firearms of the American Frontier, 1849-1917 : The Handguns, Longarms and Shotguns of the Gold Rush, the American Civil War, by George Markham, 1993-10

1. California's Natural Resources: A Brief History Of The Gold Rush
history of San Francisco gold rushera Street Names, by Henry C. Carlisle. From the Diary of Alvin Coffey, African american
The California Gold Rush
In January of 1848, James Marshall had a work crew camped on the American River at Coloma near Sacramento. The crew was building a saw mill for John Sutter. On the cold, clear morning of January 24, Marshall found a few tiny gold nuggets. Thus began one of the largest human migrations in history as a half-million people from around the world descended upon California in search of instant wealth. The first printed notice of the discovery was in the March 15 issue of "The Californian" in San Francisco. Shortly after Marshall's discovery, General John Bidwell discovered gold in the Feather River and Major Pearson B. Reading found gold in the Trinity River. The Gold Rush was soon in full sway. In 1849, quartz mining began at the Mariposa mine in Mariposa County. Gold deposits were often found inside quartz veins. In 1850, California became a state. Also that year, gold-bearing quartz was found at Gold Hill in Grass Valley. This led to the development of the great underground mines in that district and a major industry the continued for more than 100 years. In 1851, Gold was discovered in Greenhorn Creek, Kern County. This discovery led to the rush to the upper Kern River region. By 1852, California's annual gold production reach a then all-time high of $81 million.

2. California, First Person Narratives: General Collections
Firstperson narratives of California's early years, 1849 - 1900.Category Regional North America Society and Culture history...... the formative era of California's history through eyewitness covers the dramatic decadesbetween the gold rush and the and a place of uniquely american dreams.
The Library of Congress
General Collections
Rare Book and Special Collections Division
Search Authors Subjects ... "California as I Saw It:" First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900 consists of the full texts and illustrations of 190 works documenting the formative era of California's history through eyewitness accounts. The collection covers the dramatic decades between the Gold Rush and the turn of the twentieth century. It captures the pioneer experience; encounters between Anglo-Americans and the diverse peoples who had preceded them; the transformation of the land by mining, ranching, agriculture, and urban development; the often-turbulent growth of communities and cities; and California's emergence as both a state and a place of uniquely American dreams. The production of this collection was supported by a generous grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. The goal of the Library's National Digital Library Program is to offer broad public access to a wide range of historical and cultural documents as a contribution to education and lifelong learning. The Library of Congress presents these documents as part of the record of the past. These primary historical documents reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. The Library of Congress does not endorse the views expressed in these collections, which may contain materials offensive to some readers.

3. Today In History: January 24
construction of a sawmill on the american River Brown, California gold; An AuthenticHistory of the The gold rush began in earnest only after President James
The Library of Congress Gold! On January 24 , 1848, James W. Marshall discovered gold on the property of Johann A. Sutter near Coloma, California. A builder, Marshall was overseeing construction of a sawmill on the American River.
John Stone With Gold Mining Pan

circa 1939.
California Gold: Folk Music from the Thirties, 1938-1940
"Just when we had got partly to work . . . Mr. Marshall with his old wool hat in hand . . . exclaimed, 'Boys, I have got her now,'" James S. Brown recalled: I . . . jumped from the pit and stepped to him, and on looking in his hat discovered say ten or twelve pieces of small scales of what proved to be gold. I picked up the largest piece, worth about fifty cents, and tested it with my teeth, and as it did not give, I held it aloft and exclaimed, "gold, boys, gold!" At that they all dropped their tools and gathered around. James Stephens Brown,
California Gold; An Authentic History of the First Find

page 120

California As I Saw It: First-Person Narratives, 1849-1900
Previous claims of gold in California had proven disappointing, and Marshall's find was met with skepticism at first. The "gold rush" began in earnest only after President James Polk endorsed the discovery in December 1848. Prospectors heading to California the following year were dubbed "forty-niners."

4. Chinese American History Timeline
Timeline covers the major events in Chineseamerican history from the California gold rush of 1848 to the Immigration Reform Act of 1995.
Chinese American History Timeline
Gold discovered at Sutter's Mill, California
Sutter's Mill

195 Chinese Contract Laborers land in Hawaii
People v. Hall
rules that Chinese cannot give testimony in court
Chinese Consolidated Benevolant Association, the Chinese 6 Companies, formed
California passes a "police tax" of $2.50 a month on every Chinese

Central Pacific Railroad Co. recruits Chinese workers for the first transcontinental railroad
2,000 Chinese railroad workers stage a one week strike
Burlingame-Seward Treaty

First transcontinental railroad completed Transcontinental Railroad California passes a law against the importation of Chinese, Japanese, and "Mongolian" women for the purpose of prostitution Los Angeles, CA: anti-Chinese violence Page Law Chico, CA: anti-Chinese violence In re Ah Yup rules Chinese ineligible for naturalized citizenship US and China sign treaty giving the US the right to limit but "not absolutely prohibit" Chinese immigration California's Civil Code passes anti-miscegination law 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act Rock Springs Wyoming Anti-Chinese Violence Yick Wo v. Hopkins

5. Colorado Historic Sites - Gold Mines
Information on a tour focusing on the gold rush history in Colorado.
Colorado Driving Tours
Scenic Golden Loop Historic Parkway
Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado Visit the American Eagles Scenic Overlook...
O n of the most impressive views of the mining district, backdropped by the Continental Divide, is from atop the American Eagles Overlook.
The American Eagles mine and surrounding area have been restored by the Cripple Creek/Victor Gold Mining Co. Winfield Scott Stratton bought the Eagles in 1895. The American Eagles shaft was the deepest in the district at over 1,540 feet. It was, and still is the highest mine in the district at 10,570 feet. From the overlook you can see most of the CC/V mining operation, Goldfield and Independence as well as Collegiate Mountains. T
Visitors are advised to bring warm clothing for the visit to the overlook as a cool breeze often blows through the overlook, even on warm summer days. Y ou might also consider the following:
The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine offers historic underground mine tours as well as tours of the modern surface mine and ghost walk tours are offered in Cripple Creek.
Walking tours of Victor are available at Victor businesses.

6. California's Gold Rush Country: Virtual Tour
Features diary entries, commentary, and colorful photos of the american River and landmarks from famous trails. Based on Leslie Kelley's book. american River, on January 24, 1848, changed the course of world history. Hundreds of thousands of gold seekers from all over the world joined in the rush
Gold, gold, gold, from the American River! January 24, 1848. Sutter's Mill, California. "Monday 24th this day some kind of mettle was found in the tail race that looks like goald first discovered by James Martial the Boss of the Mill." This simple entry, written by Henry Bigler in his diary on January 24, 1848, records the momentous discovery of gold at the edge of the South Fork of the American River by James W. Marshall. May 12, 1848. San Francisco, California. Sam Brannan, a San Francisco entrepreneur and newspaperman, walked the streets of San Francisco, holding up a bottle filled with gold nuggets, and shouted, "Gold, gold, gold, from the American River." The Streets of San Francisco were soon empty as almost every citizen some 800 in total headed for the gold fields. James W. Marshall discovered the gold. Sam Brannan created the rush.
Gold Discovery Site on the American River December 5, 1848. Washington, D.C. President James K. Polk, in his annual message to Congress, wrote: The accounts of an abundance of gold are of such an extraordinary character, as would scarcely command belief were they not corroborated by the authentic reports of officers in the public service.

7. California Gold Rush - Gold Rush Of 1849
the gold rush Learn about the history behind the experience between the time of thegold rush and turn through the Library of Congress' american Memory Project
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California Gold Rush Learn about the people, places and events of the California Gold Rush Going to California: 49ers and the Gold Rush
Learn about the history behind the Gold Rush along with what actually happened to John Sutter. California As I Saw It: First Person Narratives These narratives from 1849-1900 give eyewitness accounts about the pioneer experience between the time of the Gold Rush and turn of the twentieth century. The text of these 190 documents is available online through the Library of Congress' American Memory Project. California Gold Mining Terms In 1876, Charles B. Turrill wrote about the terms and practices in use by gold miners in California. Very interesting reading for historians and genealogists alike.

8. Going To California: 49ers And The Gold Rush
However, the impact of the gold rush on american history cannot be overestimated.The gold rush reinforced the idea of Manifest Destiny.
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American History
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Going to California 49ers and the Gold Rush Join the Discussion "What do you think was the most important (positive or negative) contribution of the Gold Rush on American History?"
Weigh In With Your Vote
Related Resources California Gold Rush Westward Expansion From Other Guides Western Gold Rush Elsewhere on the Web Gold Rush! The Discovery of Gold in California James Marshall found gold while working for John Sutter The first lucky arrivals were able to find nuggets of gold in the streambeds. These people made quick fortunes. It was a unique time in history where individuals with literally nothing to their name could become extremely wealthy. The gold was free for whoever was lucky enough to find it. It is no surprise that gold fever hit so heavily. Yet the majority of those who made the trek out West were not so lucky. The individuals who became the richest were in fact not these early miners but were instead entrepreneurs who created businesses to support all of the prospectors. It is easy to think of all the essentials this mass of humanity would need in order to live. Businesses sprang up to meet their needs. Some of these businesses are still around today including Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo.

9. Californian Gold Rush - Books On American History
California gold rush and the New american Dream by tells the story of the Californiagold rush through rollicking James Marshall's discovery of gold at Coloma
Californian Gold Rush
Books on the Early Days of California's History Related Books History Index
American History

California History

The American West
History Books UK
Departments Calendars
History Magazines


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Best Sellers
Native Americans
Browse Powell's US History Books The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream by H. W. Brands The Age of Gold John Miller - Hardcover: 560 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.39 x 9.58 x 6.51 Publisher: Doubleday; ; (August 20, 2002) ISBN: 0385502168 Art of the Gold Rush by Janice Tolhurst Driesbach, et al (Paperback - April 1998) Bear Flag Rising: The Conquest of California, 1846 by Dale L. Walker (Paperback - May 2000) Blacks in Gold Rush California by Rudolph M. Lapp California 1850: A Snapshot in Time by Janice Marschner (Paperback) California Gold Country (The Traveler's Guide To) by Stuart A. Kallen The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited by Elliot H. Koeppel The California Gold Rush (Cornerstones of Freedom) by R. Conrad Stein The California Gold Rush (Let Freedom Ring/Exploring the West) by Judy Monroe California Gold Rush (Scholastic History Readers) by Peter Roop California Gold Rush: Search for Treasure by Catherine E. Chambers

10. California Gold Rush, African American History, Interracial Friendship, Jewish I
1 and up Read Alone Level Grade 2 and up Themes California gold rush, AfricanAmerican history, Interacial Friendship, Jewish Interest, Bravery, Slavery.
by Linda Jacobs Altman
illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu
A fictional story set during the California Gold Rush, in which
a girl teams up with her best friend in search of gold to buy
In the 1850s, during the time of the California Gold Rush, Rosabel and Sophie become best friends because they are both outsiders. Rosabel is African American and Sophie is Jewish. Rosabel has freedom papers, but her mother, Miz Violet, is a runaway slave. They have escaped to California, where slavery is against the law. But Miz Violet is not completely safe. The Fugitive Slave Act allows runaway slaves to be captured and returned to their owners.
When a slave catcher shows up and takes Miz Violet away, it is up to Rosabel and Sophie to put their clever minds together and come up with a way to free Miz Violet once and for all.
Using lively language that evokes the West of Gold Rush days, Linda Jacobs Altman has crafted a heartwarming story of love, bravery, and friendship.
Best Children's Books of the Year for 2000 , Bank Street College of Education STORYTELLING WORLD Award Notable Children's Book of Jewish Content

11. Determination, Friendship (intergenerational And Interracial), Music, African Am
american Slave Narratives An Online Anthology A great site to listen to audio Ethnicityof the California gold rush history Part three of this site offers an

In an effort to offer more resources about the subjects we publish, we offer the following links for your reference purposes. If you discover other sites related to the themes in THE LEGEND OF FREEDOM HILL , please feel free to write us with your link suggestions
American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology

A great site to listen to audio clips of the true stories of former slaves and their descendents.
Ethnicity of the
California Gold Rush History
Part three of this site offers an excellent history of the various ethnic groups in California who were associated with the Gold Rush and how they interacted with each other. Other sections of the site offer useful details about the history and events related to the Gold Rush period.
Gold Rush Stories

This museum-based site offers curriculum materials related to the California Gold Rush and a large selection of stories and histories about the period. It is well-written and easy to use.
Hybrid History

This site gives access to a large body of research and reflection on the 200 year relationship between one extended Black/White/Hispanic; Jewish and Christian family. Black and Jewish history are discussed in tandem. History of the TUT Language TUT is a secret reading method created by black American slaves using English alphabet phonics. In later years, these 'Tut Words' evolved into a 'sound-spelling' language.

12. US History Lesson Plans
Grade 5, THINKQUEST SITES history. 8thGrade, William Penn. The american Colonies,Revolution Timeline. Wild West, gold rush, Resources. THINKQUEST SITES history.
Mr Donn's U.S. History
Native Americans
Primary Documents The Fifty States 13 Colonies/Pilgrims ... Big Bunch of Links
Lesson Plans for Children's Books: A-Z list
Mr Donn's Site Index

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Native Americans
See Also:
Trail of Tears
Native American Literature

Native American Holiday UNITS (Donn)

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
Negotiating Treaties (Simulation)
(Juneau HS)
The Trial of Standing Bear
Native American Studies (5-7, CK) Core Knowledge: Native American Units Native Americans UNITS Native American Culture (Unit) Native American Populations (daily life, culture, more) ... THINKQUEST SITES: American History Lesson Idea: Role Play You are a European, encountering a Native American for the first time. Write a physical descriptions of first impressions. Do the same for Native Americans encountering a European. Make your own Totem Pole Rescue Pocahontas (Disney, free download) Resources: K-8 Native Americans Native American Clip Art Native American Navigator 13 Colonies / Colonial Period See Also: The Crucible (Salem Witchcraft) Core Knowledge: Colonial America Units Pilgrims Units, Lessons, Activities

13. TeachPDLaw's American History To 1870
America's Westhistory Development Wonderful site on the history of the West. TheDonner Party. The american Experience-The Donner Party. The gold rush.
To quickly jump to the area of your choice you can use these hyperlinks
General Historical References Historic American Documents Native Americans Age of Discovery ... The Civil War
General Historical References
PARKNET - The National Parks of America The History of Money Ever wonder about the evolution of our money? This site will help Fundamental Facts About U.S. Money American History Areas History of the Pledge of Allegiance The History Net ... Daily Almanacs Another source for finding what happened on various days in history
Historic American Documents U.S. Historical Documents U.S. Founding Documents The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Federalist Papers including scans of the originals Listing of Historical Documents Just about every American historical document available U.S. Historical Documents Archive Avalon Project at Yale A massive collection of historic documents many dealing with the Confederate States of America The Federalist Papers History of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence Read the Declaration plus a list of the signers Declaring Independence: Drafting the Document Learn about the drafting of this document We The People-The United States Constitution Bill Of Rights US Constitution Overview Emancipation Proclamation ... Gettysburg Address Read about and see the many versions of this document Constitution of the Confederate States of America
Native Americans

14. San Francisco History By Subject - Museum Of The City Of San Francisco
San Francisco During the gold rush Era history of San Alvin Coffey, African american49er – 1849 African american Rights During the gold rush The gold
Home Index By Subject By Year ... The Gift Shop
History by Subject San Francisco - Fire Department San Francisco - Genealogy San Francisco - General San Francisco - Geology San Francisco - Gold Rush

15. The Gold Rush Of California
No, it is not easy to ignore such a defining moment in western american history.The gold rush has really never lost its attraction, its excitement.
The Gold Rush of California: A Bibliography of Periodical Articles
by Robert LeRoy Santos
California State University, Stanislaus
University Archivist REVISED EDITION 2002 Alley-Cass Publications
2240 Nordic Way
Turlock, CA 95382 for
California State University, Stanislaus
Library/University Archive
Turlock, CA
While beginning research on the California Gold Rush for the sesquicentennial, much to my surprise I could not locate a bibliography of any kind that listed periodical articles. Seeing this unfortunate oversight, I set out to compile one of my own and disseminate it to libraries, historical societies, and interested researchers.
I have done very lengthy bibliographies in the past and know the rigors of the effort; thus, I was not anxious to begin yet another one. But I too knew that one learns much about the topic while doing the research, and yes, it does provide a certain degree of enjoyment and satisfaction which most sane people don't understand, besides how can anyone turn away from such article titles as "The Grave of Ephraim Brown" or "Goodbye God: We're Going to Bodie!"; how about settlement names such as Happy Camp, Poverty Hill, or Hangtown?; and yes, characters such as Joaquin Murieta, James Marshall, and Sam Brannan? No, it is not easy to ignore such a defining moment in western American history. The Gold Rush has really never lost its attraction, its excitement. It was truly a spectacular event where thousands of men, women, and children swarmed California seeking instant wealth. Think of the logistics, the sheer energy, and certainly the insanity of it all where the discovery of a flake of an earthly element caused humanity to lose control for a moment, pack belongings, and trudge thousands of miles into an unknown future. And to extend that thought further, to me,150 years later, who is attracted by the same adventure, but in a milder form, through its literature. So, with this bibliography, I invite you, my dear reader, to join me, and embark on a treasure hunt of the celebrated and notorious California Gold Rush.

The Bear Flag Revolt; A Brief history of California's gold by Timothy McNulty; TheGreat american gold rush / Recreation of a placer miner; The gold rush - a
Discovery: Locales:

17. Gold Rush History Links
Miscellaneous African american Rights During the gold rush The Bear Flag Republic We are Republicans The Bear Flag Revolt - California history The Bear Flag
Gold Rush History Links
The Discovery of Gold - I Believe I've Found a Gold Mine
The Way West
- Pioneer Routes to California
The Gold Rush
- General and Comprehensive Information
Locales in the Gold Fields
- Specific Towns or Places
Gold Rush Players
- Biographies of Notable Folk
Miners' Correspondence
- Letters and Diaries
Gold Rush Fiction
- Tales/Anecdotes From or About the Gold Rush
Historical Societies
- Digging into California's Past
Gold Rush Genealogy
- A Miner in your Family Tree?
E Clampus Vitus
- Credo Quia Absurdum
The Donner Party
- Tragedy in the High Sierra Miscellaneous - A Gold Rush Catch-All The Discovery of Gold California Gold - An Authentic History of the First Find General William T. Sherman's Memoirs - Gold Fields, Mormons and the News The Dramatic Impact of the Gold Discovery - History of California, 1897 The Discovery of Gold in California - by James W. Marshall The Discovery of Gold in California - by Capt. John Sutter The Discovery of Gold In California - as Viewed by New York and London The First Official Report of the Discovery of Gold in California - Colonel Mason Thomas Larkin's Letters - Of the Gold Discovery The Way West General California Gold - Routes to California By Land California National Historic Trail Brochure - Ho for California!

18. American History
gold rush Recommended Websites Alaska's gold California history Ghosts of thegold rush Great american gold rush San Francisco gold rush Trails West

Revolutionary War
Recommended Websites
Battle of Saratoga
Historic American Biogrpahies Historic Valley Forge Liberty: The American Revolution ... REvolutionary War Overview
Civil War
Recommended Websites
Civil War Battle Summaries
Civil War for Kids Civil War Photgraphs Civil War: Activities ... Women of the Civil War
World War l
Recommended Websites
Art of the First World War
BBC First World War Canada in the First World War Encyclopedia of the War ... World War l Overview
World War 11 Recommended Websites American Aircraft of World War ll Kindertransport Marshall Plan Military Aviation ... World War ll Overview Korean War Recommended Websites Korean War Korean War Overview Vietnam Recommended Websites Vietnam War Vietnam War Overview Vietnam: Battlefield Vietnam: Cold War ... Vietnam: War Overview Women's Suffrage Recommended Websites 19th Amendment History of Women's Suffrage One Woman, One Vote Votes for Women ... Women's Suffrage Tour Great Depression Recommended Websites 1930s Newspaper America from 1930-1945 in Photos America's Great Depression Main Causes of the Great Depression ... Work Pays America Dust Bowl Recommended Websites Dust Bowl Days Surviving the Dust Bowl Texas Dust Bowl Visions in the Dust: a Child's Perspective ... Voices From the Dust Bowl General American History Find Books Recommended Websites America from 1930-1945 in Photos American Art Museum American Cultural History: 1900-1909 American Cultural History: 1910s ... Martin Luther King Jr.

19. The California Gold Rush
The gold rush was one of the most significant events in California history. Linksto other sites on the gold rush. american Memory from the Library of Congress.
The California Gold Rush (1848 to 1859)
The Gold Rush was one of the most significant events in California history. It brought people from all over the United States and the world in search for gold.
The Gold Rush:
Other related pages:
Events of the California Gold Rush
Top of Page James Marshall discovers gold at Sutter's sawmill Gold Rush starts to attract people from around the world California becomes a state Gold becomes more scarce Development of better mining techniques Population of California exceeds 300,000 Sacramento becomes the California State Capital Discovery of silver in Nevada ends the California Gold Rush
Books about the California Gold Rush
Top of Page Books on the California Gold Rush
Links to other sites on the Gold Rush
Top of Page American Memory from the Library of Congress Top of Page

20. U.S.A. History Home Page
following time line shows major events in american history. of California (17691834),The american Revolution, The The California gold rush, The Civil War, The
History of the United States
The following time line shows major events in American History. Click on any of the events for more detail. Native Americans Christopher Columbus European Exploration Pilgrims - The First Thanksgiving ... The Mexican War World War I The Great Depression World War II The Moon Landing Vietnam War US Presidents US Symbols

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