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         Grammar Usage Correct Use Of Pronouns:     more detail

61. Tomato Nation
Essay about incorrect grammar usage, with examples of common errors and advice as to how to avoid them.Category Arts Writers Resources Style Guides grammar...... don't. Don't start with that grammar Nazi business Learn the rules of English usage,and put them Who's coming tonight? Who's that? is correct, and Whose
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Sincerely Your's
Ow, quit it. I try not to get snitty about the crappy English usage of other people. I breathe in through my nostrils and slowly out again with my mouth shaped like an "o," reminding myself that not everyone spent her childhood on the floor of a closet with a two-foot stack of library books and a handful of Chips Ahoy, that not everyone's mind works the way mine does, that not everyone shares my savant-like ability to spot a quotation mark facing the wrong way or a misspelling of "disestablishmentarianism" at a hundred paces. I understand that a lot of schools don't pay enough attention to proper usage, so kids don't learn proper usage and therefore they don't know proper usage as adults. I understand that a person with a learning disability will have a few problems nailing correct spelling, and that a brain geared to math might not bat as well from the other side of the plate. Yes, I can identify and parse a gerundive. It's a curse. Not everyone bears the curse. But.

62. HUSD - Curriculum - Language Arts Standard 6
1. Demonstrate control of grammar, paragraph and sentence structure, diction, andusage. legible work that shows accurate spelling and correct use of the
Home Board of Trustees Staff Strategic Plan ... Technology Curriculum STANDARD 6: LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS AND STRUCTURES Students apply knowledge of language structure, language conventions (e.g., spelling and punctuation), media techniques, figurative language, and genre to create, critique, and discuss print and nonprint texts. Through the reading-writing process students learn grammar, language patterns, and conventions and apply it to the broader purposes of communication. Knowledge of the systems, structures of language and the conventions of writing, ensure that students write effectively. Spell frequently used words correctly Use spelling resources such as dictionaries, peer editing, word lists, temporary spelling, spell check, etc. Write with command of standard English: capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar Evaluate and discuss the structure of language in a variety of print and graphics Evaluate and discuss a variety of print and graphics Suggestions for Assessment of Standard 6: Games Shared writing (whole group/partners) Interview Writing Domains Multiple Measures Tools Portfolio KINDERGARTEN 1. Spell the 10 high frequency words

63. Grrr! The Case For Case
It is me.” or “It is I.” The second is correct because the when writing dialectin a story or poem should the rules of grammar and usage be relaxed
Issue 3
Editor's Korner Poetry ... ANA
The Case for Case
By M. M. Trent
W Pronouns in the nominative case are: I, you, he, she, it, they and who. Pronouns in the objective case are: me, you, him, her, it, us, them, and whom. Carelessness in using pronouns in their proper case can make our writing not only unclear, but can make a writer or speaker appear under educated, as well. As writers, it is important for us to maintain high standards. Take a few moments to review these rules. Only when writing dialect in a story or poem should the rules of grammar and usage be relaxed. Those of us who write, and appreciate the skillful use of the language when we see it employed by others, should always strive to ground our work in the very best grammar and usage.
Send your comments OR "Grrr" reports to:

64. Hints For Effective Writing
grammar and usage released their earnings. (company=singular, their=plural pronoun)The correct way is This is a very common improper usage of a comma We
Hints for Effective Writing, Grammar, and Usage These suggestions arose out of my grading written assignments and research papers in various classes. They include common errors and suggestions for improving your writing. Remember that you must practice professional business writing skills to be able to use them. I estimate that 75% of the points lost for inappropriate grammar, usage, and style could have been avoided if the student had carefully proofed his or her paper. Do not rely solely on spell-check and grammar-check functions of Word. Proof your paper "cold" or after not having read it in 24 hours. Grammar and Usage
  • Do not use contractions in business writing (can't, don't). Where possible, use third person. Avoid using first person unless the assignment has you writing about a personal experience or opinion. Commas and periods are always placed inside closing quotations. Even if you are only quoting one "word," place the comma or period inside the closing quotation. In a list of phrases, make sure the form of the phrase is consistent. Instead of, "One would prefer living in Montana, to buy groceries at Albertson's, and a nice apartment," write, "One would prefer living in Montana, buying groceries at Albertson's, and renting a nice apartment."
  • 65. Title
    Each Language usage title offers extensive tutoring in for multiple exposures to thecorrect use of words opportunity to build a solid grammar foundation that
    LANGUAGE USAGE II The A+LS Language Usage curriculum directs students in the correct use of the spoken and written English language. Each Language Usage title offers extensive tutoring in the use the English language by focusing on parts of speech, capitalization, sentence mechanics, punctuation, and diagramming. The software provides for the phonetic and visual introduction of the student to new words and word sounds, as well as provides for multiple exposures to the correct use of words and sentences while giving the student an opportunity to build a solid grammar foundation that will extend into the writing and speaking fields. Grade Level: Lessons: Exercises: Study Hours: Parts of Speech: Diagramming: World Book Support: NO Singular and plural nouns and verbs; subject/verb agreement regular and irregular verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs; grammar improvements, including identifying double negatives; capitalization and punctuation CURRICULUM GUIDE Lesson Lesson Title Content Nouns 1 Definition of nouns as people, places, animals, and things.

    66. UVSC - Lec Course Descriptions - Lower Division
    ESL 0240 grammar Level II 550 Su Studies lowintermdiate English usage, correctspeech and writing forms tenses and their related structures, and use of nouns





    document.write("Lower Division"); document.write("Upper Division"); MATC
    Course Descriptions

    2002-2003 Catalog
    Course Descriptions The general education code, if any, appears to the right of the course number, see Academic Policies section for code clarification. The line below the course title indicates the number of credits, lecture and laboratory hours per week (CR:LEC:LAB) and the terms the course will be offered for the academic year of this catalog (Su=Summer, F=Fall, Sp=Spring). For details on prerequisites, contact student advisor in LEC, 863-8289. Department of English/English as a Second Language (ESL) - Learning Enrichment Department Chair: Deborah R. Marrott Office: LC 237, 863-8823 English - Learning Enrichment Professor J. Kaye Jeffery Associate Professor Deborah R. Marrott Sandra L. Vogel Forrest G. Williams Assistant Professor Melinda Bender English courses are offered to students or community members needing to improve their English language skills in preparation for taking higher level college courses or for self-improvement. ENG# 0600 English Review 1-3:1-3:0 Su, F, Sp
    Prerequisite: Departmental approval Covers parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation and writing in preparation for the English preparatory series. Presents sentence identification, parts of speech, and writing application.

    67. Alice Randall Writing Center Grammar Hotline
    As you peruse the net for grammar discussion check the credentials of the personor If you want advice on correct punctuation or usage in writing

    services appointments handouts ... links
    When it comes to English, be it spoken or written, many feel uncomfortable with their grasp of grammar. That’s why we offer you this grammar hotline. Below, you’ll find two kinds of resources:
    • Links to established grammar sites:
    • A link to The CNU Grammar Doctor for those pesky questions not answered by existing web resources.
    Punctuation Agreement Sentence Issues Word Choice Style Colons
    Complete Commas

    Introducing Quotes

    Quotation Marks
    The Grammar Lady, Dr. Mary Bruder,
    has nearly 15 years of experience serving the grammar hotline concerns of people all across the US. Her site offers a rich list of Frequently Asked Questions, columns about language usage, and tips on writing Standard English correctly. This is a very rich site for grammar usage.
    Chicago Manual of Style FAQ:

    In this column, the manuscript editing department at the University of Chicago Press will be happy to answer your questions, although we cannot guarantee an individual response to each question received. Look for our answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Send questions about Chicago style to: cmosfaq@

    68. Common Grammatical Errors
    correct usage, Explanation. Since there is disagreement on which is correct, bothare acceptable. For further information on grammar, refer to Van Winkle H
    Common Grammatical Errors
    Some Basic Concepts
      By definition, a sentence has the following properties:
        it contains a subject
        it contains a verb
        it expresses a complete thought
      E.g., the sentence "Japan prospers" has a subject: "Japan"; a verb: "prospers"; and it conveys a complete thought or idea that makes sense. Most sentences also have an object (receiver of the action); e.g., in the sentence "John kicked the ball," the object is "the ball."
    Run-on Sentences (fused sentences)
      Incorrect usage Correct usage Explanation I jogged everyday I wanted to get fit. I jogged everyday, for I wanted to get fit.
      I jogged everyday; I wanted to get fit.
      I jogged everyday. I wanted to get fit.
      Since I wanted to get fit, I jogged everyday.
      Trying to get fit, I jogged everyday. Run-on sentences occur when two main clauses have no punctuation between them.
    Comma Faults (comma splices)
      Incorrect usage Correct usage Explanation I jogged everyday, I wanted to get fit. I jogged everyday, for I wanted to get fit.
      I jogged everyday; I wanted to get fit.
      I jogged everyday. I wanted to get fit.

    69. Grammar And Other Word Usage
    Back to Title Page/Table of Contents. 10. a. (3) grammar and Other WordUsage. (The contrary. correct . . . not a crook, but . . .

    Back to Title Page/Table of Contents
    10. a. (3) Grammar and Other Word Usage
    (The following are common problems found in written work of history students at Austin Community College.)
    Correct Use of "It's" and "Its"
    It's (with an apostrophe) is a contraction for it is . It can only be used correctly for this purpose. Its (without an apostrophe) is the possessive form of it.
    It's going to be a beautiful day. Its beauty lay in its simplicity.
    Punctuation and Quotations
  • Periods and commas always go inside the closing quotation marks.
    Incorrect: Roosevelt declared, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Correct: . . . fear itself." Incorrect: Nixon declared, "I am not a crook", but the evidence was contrary. Correct: . . . not a crook," but . . .
  • Exclamation marks go inside quotation marks. Question marks go inside quotation marks if they are part of the quoted material; outside if not. Colons and semicolons go outside of quotation marks.
  • In a sentence, a quotation is preceded by a comma unless the introductory phrase is very formal, ending in words or phrases like thus or the following . In such cases the quotation is preceded by a colon. Also, a sentence which introduces a block quotation ends with a colon.
  • 70. Colorado State University > Publications And Printing - Resources - Style Manual
    the temptation to violate a rule of grammar in order However, faculty members (pluralform) is the preferred usage. correct The faculty will set its agenda.
    HOME Business Cards Course Packs Customer Service ... Equal Opportunity
    Last updated, November 21, 2001
    Webmaster: Brandon Roeder

    71. Whitley County Consolidated Schools
    Basic grammar and usage Students show Identify the pronoun used to take the placeof a compound or singular subject · Recognize correct and incorrect

    72. Pre
    6. Exhibits correct usage of periods and questions marks as ending punctuation,Contemporary’s Foundations Writing p 163 usage 9 LS grammar 1114 writing1.htm
    Arizona Adult Education Standards Writing ACAT Alignment Standard: The adult learner uses written language to communicate in a variety of situations.
    Pre- Literacy Indicator A: Applies correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and usage rules to complete a variety of writing tasks Writes (print and cursive) upper- and lower-case letters of the alphabet
    AALL Internet Lesson: Alphabet
    Writes and spells familiar words magic pencil Word Challenge word blender
    Vocabulary Connection Book A
    Word nets 3. Capitalizes the first word in a sentence and people's names. Vocabulary Connection Book A Word nets Indicator B: Applies the writing process to complete a variety of writing task s Completes name, address, phone number, date, and social security number on simple forms Practice Sheets 2. Writes lists organized with a clear purpose. Daily assignments ABE I Indicator A: Applies correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and usage rules to complete a variety of writing tasks
    Spells words commonly used at this level Word lists, standards

    73. C·R·E·A·T·E - Lesson Plan Database - What Was That Pronoun?
    correct grammar and punctuation must be used click the down arrow below GUIDE TO grammarAND WRITING Scroll down to PRONOUN usage and select desired quizzes as

    own writing and correct errors in grammar, usage, syntax, punctuation the Englishlanguage, with emphasis on correct spelling, usage, punctuation, and 175.htm
    Date: Effective Fall 2002 Instructor: Staff Other resources/references: Companion Website: An Interactive Computerized Study Guide (CD-ROM) The English tutors and the LAC computer lab are also available resources. A college dictionary Access to the Internet and e-mail, especially for distance learning students COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course presents intensive application of advanced proofreading and editing skills, including usage and punctuation. COURSE COMPETENCIES: To complete this course successfully, students will be able to Analyze a sentence in order to identify and use correctly the various parts of speech and sentence elements. Proofread sentences and longer passages written by others and correct errors, including those in grammar, usage, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and diction. Proofread his or her own writing and correct errors in grammar, usage, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and diction. Edit material for organization, unity, coherence, proper use of transitions, variety of sentence structure and proper emphasis or

    75. Daily Grammar
    DAILY grammar - - - by Mr. Johanson Lessons 136-140. may all sound strange to you,but they are correct.). Many mistakes are made in the use of nominative and
    Sign Up for the
    January 2003 Group

    September 2002 Group


    Word Place, Inc.

    11 East 200 North
    Suite 201
    Orem, UT 84057
    801/221-7777 (voice)
    801/221-7707 (fax) © 1999-2001 Word Place, Inc. DAILY GRAMMAR - - - - by Mr. Johanson Lessons 136-140 Lesson 136 - Parts of the Sentence - Pronouns Pronouns take the place of nouns. Personal pronouns have what is called case Case means that a different form of a pronoun is used for different parts of the sentence. There are three cases nominative, objective, and possessive . Many mistakes are made in the use of nominative and objective case pronouns. Memorizing each list will help you use them correctly. Nominative case pronouns are I, she, he, we, they, and who . They are used as subjects, predicate nominatives, and appositives when used with a subject or predicate nominative. Objective case pronouns are me, her, him, us, them, and whom . They are used as direct objects, indirect objects, objects of the preposition, and appositives when used with one of the objects. (We will learn about

    76. Grammar & Usage II Content
    return to AZ
    A+dvanced Learning System

    LESSON TITLE LESSON CONTENT Sentences Concept of Complete Sentences; Identifying Sentences Subject of the Sentence Definition of Subject; Identifying the Complete Subject in Sentences Predicate of the Sentence Definition and Examples of Predicates; Identifying the Verb, Action Word or Predicate in Sentences Nouns Identifying Nouns in Sentences Punctuation Completing Sentences with ?, ., or ! Plural Nouns 1 Finding the Plural Forms of Nouns; Changing y to i with es; Changing e to v with es; Adding s Plural Nouns 2 Finding the Plural Forms of Nouns; Correct Spelling of Plurals Pronouns 1 Identify the Subject or Object Pronoun in Context; Subject Referents, Pronouns 2 Complete Sentences with Correct Pronoun in Context; Subject, Object; and Possessives Who/Whom Complete Sentences with the Correct Pronoun in Context Verbs 1 Action and Actionless Verbs; Identifying the Verb or Verb Phrase in Context Subject/Verb Agreement Identifying the Correct Form of the Verb to Agree Verbs 2 Three Forms of Verbs; Identifying the Past Tense of Verbs in Context

    77. Training Registry Trainers Human Resource Management Seminars Online Courses Bus
    Modern English usage Avoid Common English usage Errors; Often Used Incorrectly; LearnCorrect Prepositional Endings; Review the Rules for Standard English grammar;
    presents American Management Association Seminars
    Seminar No: 02266 -XNBB
    CEU Credits: 1.8
    Length: 3 days

    Improve your ability to write in English...and increase your chances for success Writing clearly and correctly in the language of business is critical to your success! Attendees:
    This comprehensive workshop is designed to improve the fundamental written communication skills of business and technical professionals whose second language is English. Benefits:
    • Convey ideas and information with clarity and precision in memos, letters, reports and other business correspondence
    • Review guidelines for standard English grammar, word usage, punctuation, capitalization and verb tenses
    • Replace outdated business language with modern terms
    • Use the appropriate style and tone for your correspondence
    • Proofread and edit with greater ease
    • Learning proven techniques for writing effectively in English
    • Clarifying frequently confused terms
    • Reviewing the basic rules of grammar, word usage, punctuation and capitalization
    • Using pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and articles correctly

    78. Some Common Grammar And Usage Mistakes In Undergraduate Philosophy Papers
    Some Common grammar and usage Mistakes in So the following sentence isn't grammaticallycorrect Chisholm thinks for someone to responsible for their
    Some Common Grammar and Usage Mistakes in Undergraduate Philosophy Papers
    University of Minnesota at Morris
    "They" and "their" are not singular pronouns. "They" and "their" are plural pronouns, not singular ones. So the following sentence isn't grammatically correct: "Chisholm thinks for someone to responsible for their actions, they have to have the ability to do otherwise." "Someone" is a singular pronoun, whereas "their" and "they" are plural pronouns. The following sentence contains a similar mistake: "A person who cares only about their own happiness will not achieve happiness." Students often use 'they' and 'their' as generic singular pronouns because they want to avoid using 'he' and 'his,' which are male pronouns, to refer to people generally. There are other ways to avoid this, however. It's vs. its, who's vs. whose, and you're vs. your The word it's is always a contraction of it is; to see if it's correct to use it's, substitute in the phrase "it is" and see if it makes sense. The possessive form of the pronoun it is its

    79. GMAT Grammar
    This is the part of grammar that the GMAT concentrates on. Faulty usage. CorrectNeither Jane nor Katarina believes she passed the final.
    The field of grammar is huge and complextomes have been written on the subject. This complexity should be no surprise since grammar deals with the process of communication.
    GMAT grammar tests only a small part of standard written English. Grammar can be divided into two parts: Mechanics and Usage.
    Mechanics concerns punctuation, capitalization, etc. It is not tested on the GMAT nearly as often as is usage. So don't spend too much time worrying whether the comma is in the right place or whether a particular word should be capitalized.
    Usage concerns how we choose our words and how we express our thoughts: in other words, are the connections between the words in a sentence logically sound, and are they expressed in a way that conforms to standard idiom? This is the part of grammar that the GMAT concentrates on. Six major categories of usage are tested:
    Pronoun Errors
    Subject-Verb Agreement
    Misplaced Modifiers
    Faulty Parallelism
    Faulty Verb Tense
    Faulty Idiom PRONOUN ERRORS
    A pronoun is a word that stands for a noun, known as the antecedent of the pronoun. The key point for the use of pronouns is this: pronouns must agree with their antecedents in both number (singular or plural) and person (first, second, or third).
    Example: Steve has yet to receive his degree.

    80. Archaic English Grammar --
    sentence?) This page is to help you get the grammar right when Here are the correctusages Actually, the usage of vous in French best parallels the forms of
    He meant Oh, Sh*t!, not O Sh*t, so it wouldn't be the vocative.
    "Martin S" (in a discussion about school Latin) Keyword Search:
    All my sites
    Other Sites
    Frivolity Archaic Grammar
    Archaic English Grammar
    Some people like to speak or write in archaic English because they think it's cute to say something like "I thinketh thou stinketh!" Methinks they should at least try to get the archaic grammar correct . (Can you spot all the errors in the above "archaic" sentence?) This page is to help you get the grammar right when you decide to get medieval with your language. The question, of course, then comes up of just which era of archaic English you should be emulating. Languages are in a state of constant change. The Old English of AD 800 looks completely foreign to modern English speakers, and our descendants in the year 3200 probably will think the same of the English we use now. Usually what people mean by "archaic English" is the variety that was spoken around AD 1500, when the language was transitioning from "Middle English" to "Modern English", so that's what I use here. If you go much earlier than that, you'll really confuse people with things like "heo" in place of "she", "hit" in place of "it", and "hem" in place of "them".
    Pronouns and their Verb Conjugations
    These are the things people use most often to "affect" an archaic feel to their language. Here are the correct usages:

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