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         Greece Media:     more books (100)
  1. Printed Media Retail Market in Greece by Datamonitor, 2009-10-19
  2. A Manual of Ancient History: From the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire, Comprising the History of Chaldæa, Assyria, Media, Babylonia, Lydia, ... Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Rome, and Parthia by George Rawlinson, 2010-03-16
  3. A manual of ancient history: from the earliest times to the fall of the Western empire, comprising the history of Chaldea, Assyria, Media, Babylonia, Lydia, ... Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Parthia, and Rome by George Rawlinson, 2010-07-30
  4. Ancient Greece (Technology in Times Past) by Robert Snedden, 2008-08
  5. History of Greece: Volume 1 (Volume 0) by George Grote, 2001-06-21
  6. Travels in European Turkey, in 1850: Through Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thrace, Albania, and Epirus; with a Visit to Greece and the Ionian Isles. ... of Austria on the Lower Danube. Volume 2 by Edmund Spencer, 2002-08-16
  7. Ancient history: from the earliest times to the fall of the Western empire : comprising the history of Chaldæa, Assyria, Media, Babylonia, Lydia, Phnicia, ... Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Parthia, and Rome by George Rawlinson, 2010-07-28
  8. Your Ancient Greece Homework Helper (Homework Helpers)
  9. Records of Travels in Turkey, Greece, &c., and of a Cruise in the Black Sea, with the Capitan Pasha, in the Years 1829, 1830, and 1831: Volume 1 by Adolphus Slade, 2002-04-23
  10. Greece Rediscovered: Book One - Childhood Memories by Michael Nikas Dismatsek, 2003-06
  11. Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by The Three Initiates, 2009-12-05
  12. History of Greece: Volume 2 by George Grote, 2001-06-21
  13. History of Greece: Volume 8 by George Grote, 2001-06-21
  14. Social Life in Greece from Homer to Menander by John Pentland Mahaffy, 2001-08-29

Home Search More Select to jump... ENVIRONMENT - Geography - Flora and fauna - People GREECE AND THE WORLD - Foreign policy - Participation in international organizations - Greece and European integration - Greece and South-east Europe - Greeks abroad THE STATE - The establishment of the modern Greek state - The process towards modernization - Constitution and political system - Local government - Defence and Security THE SOCIETY - Health and Welfare - Education - Labour and Industrial Relations - Environmental policy ECONOMY - An overview - Primary and secondary sector - Services - Investment - Infrastructure Projects - Energy TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATION - Information society - Research and technology - Telecommunications - Mass Media ARTS AND CULTURE - Literature - Visual Arts - Music - Theatre - Cinema TOWARDS THE XXVIII OLYMPIAD - Olympic Programs - Environmental aspects - Athens in 2004 - Media Facilities - The Smooth and Safe Hosting of the 2004 Games - Volunteerism: Share the Vision of the Games - The Paralympic Games - The two Mascots of the 2004 Olympic Games C O N T E N T S Welcome
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42. Mass Media In Greece
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43. Greek Media Landscape
Greek media Landscape. Information about the media in greece. An overviewof the press, audiovisual media, main features of media

Sitemap Home Training ... Germany Greece Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania ... United Kingdom
The Greek media landscape
1. The written press
An influential national newspaper sector co-exists with a regional/local sector of less importance, which has recently shown a positive trend towards restructuring. The majority of titles of the national sector belong to the editors forming the Association of Athens Daily Newspapers Publishers (A.A.D.N.P.), which also publishes the officially audited sales figures for the major Greek newspapers: Total Greece newspaper sales - in million copies Year Total
newspapers (I) A.A.D.N.P.
editors (2)
Sources: National Statistical Service of Greece, A.A.D.N.P. Political newspapers - comprising morning dailies, evening dailies, Sunday editions and weeklies - account for the greater share of total sales, although their share has been continually decreasing since 1990: 86.5 per cent of total sales (1989), 82.6 per cent (1992), 80.2 per cent (1994), 78.1 per cent (1996), 73.4 per cent (1998). Sports and other newspapers constitute the second most significant category in terms of sales. This sector is experiencing an increase in market share: 11.7 per cent of total sales (1989), 125.2 per cent (1992), 17.6 per cent (1994), 19.6 per cent (1996), 22.2 per cent (1998).

44. Greece: Newspapers & Magazines
Ezine (Internet); Nitro (Pop Culture); Odyssey The World of greece; OikonomikosTachydromos Diastima (Flight Space); Reporters Corner (Mass media); SamizdatA
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Read the UN Resolutions on The Cyprus Problem Tuesday, 8 April 2003 News Latest News (All)
From Greece

From Cyprus

From Europe

From Balkans

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45. HR-Net Home Page
News, links, documents and services for those interested in the Hellenic world.Category Regional Europe greece News and media......HRNet - Hellenic Resources Network, Compact version, Today's Suggestion Browsethrough our Interesting Nodes on Business, Finance Law in Cyprus.
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Read the UN Resolutions on The Cyprus Problem Tuesday, 8 April 2003 News Latest News (All)
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From Cyprus

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Suggest new Greece Cyprus ... Hellenic Radio (ERA) News
[01] Weather forecast
[02] The Americans storm Baghdad [03] Demonstrations against operation of Suda base [04] Annan blames Turkey and Denktash for lack of progress on Cyrpus Athens News Agency or [1] Turkish business delegation to Thessaloniki April 10 [2] Olympics organisers, publishers terminate contract [3] Foreign Exchange Rates - Tuesday [4] Weather Forecast: Cloud on Tuesday Macedonian Press Agency News from the Balkans Anadolu News Agency [01] IMF MANAGING DIRECTOR SAYS PRIOR ACTIONS NEEDED TO COMPLETE FOURTH REVIEW [02] STATE MINISTER BABACAN SAYS A SIGNIFICANT PROGRAM WHICH WILL CONTINUE [03] DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER SAHIN: ''FOREIGN MINISTRY HAS IMPORTANT EVIDENCE IN [04] JOINT PRESS CONFERENCE OF GUL AND KHARRAZI -GUL: ''WE TAKE UP OUR COMMON Radio Free Europe [01] U.S., RUSSIA HOLD NEW TALKS ON IRAQ

46. Greek World Wide Forum. Media In Greece
Greek law, and other Law linksLaw. media directly from GreeceMagazines, Newspapers,.TV and Radio. Australia. Business Section in AustraliaBusiness. the Greek World Wide Forum an Internet site for the 5.6 Million Greeks who live abroad. GREEK MAGAZINES Attention: If opening this page you get some "strange letters" then go on the top of your Internet Explorer bar to the VIEW button. Select Encoding and then from the drop-down menu select the Greek (ISO) or (Windows) fonts. This will fix the problem of the "strange letters". The Greek National Book Center Agora Monthly Greek business magazine. (Grk)
Anapiria Tora
Magazine concerning the disability-related issues. Excellent reading list links. Archaiologia Magazine. (Grk)
Weekly guide to entertainment and culture in Athens. (Grk) Blow Magazine (Grk)
Magazine with humanist commentaries. Epihirimatiki Anaptiksi Bimonthly economic review (Grk) Flight and Space Gefsi A gourmet cuisine magazine about Food and Wine in Greece. There is also a directory of restaurants, bars, and pastry shops in and around Athens.
Online nature magazine with sections regarding Greece. (Eng)
Hellenic Archives of AIDS
Quarterly Scientific Edition of the Hellenic Association for the Study and Control of AIDS. (Eng)

47. XGR: Your Internet Portal To Greece
Results 1 4 of 4 Mesa Mazikis Enimerosis The most complete listingof all media in greece. Newspapers, tv, radio, and magazines.

Top-25 Sites
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  • Mesa Mazikis Enimerosis The most complete listing of all media in Greece. Newspapers, tv, radio, and magazines. Rate It [ 0.00 / Votes ] Radio Ekfrasi Radio station based in Thessaloniki and Litochoro, Pierias. Rate It [ 0.00 / Votes ] World News Reports Truth World News truth! We tell you world news when it happens, before the other news networks even know! Now there is truth in the news world news. Rate It [ 10.00 / 2 Votes ] The Reporter's Corner Greek Media News - For reporters and not only. The latest news from the greek media world - Rate It [ 0.00 / Votes ]
  • 48. Chios Island,Greece,Chiosnet - Newspapers,magazines,radio & Tv Stations In Chios
    ChiosNET, Chiosnet Home, Chios News and Info, Chios media, Chios Travel, Chios Market,Chios State, Chios Culture, Users, Sources, Help and Index, GuestBook, Contact, media,
    Media In this section you can find the following:
    Information about all local newspapers and magazines
    Information about all local radio stations Information about all local TV stations "Alithia" Daily newspaper online ... Previous Level

    49. Chios Island Travel Guide - Alithia Media Group - Chios, Greece
    Alithia media Group. General description of the island and its inhabitants. Population,areas, climate, economy The union with greece. Todays reality
    Pick A Region Chios Town Kambos SouthEastern Chios SouthWestern Chios Central Chios NorthEastern Chios NorthWestern Chios Oinoussae Psara
    Alithia Media Group
    General description of the island and its inhabitants. Population, areas, climate, economy...
    Historic review for the island from Inopion to Ionian dodekapolis, Macedonians and Romans. From Byzantium to Genoat and Turkish occupation. The union with Greece. Todays reality...
    Characteristics of Chios town . Main sights and monuments.
    A tour to one of the most beautiful areas of Chios, with the fragrant orchards, the imposing mansions, the ornate gates. Kampohora
    Visit particular regions of Chios island. Sightseeing, monuments, beaches...
    Chios Town
    Kambos SouthEastern Chios SouthWestern Chios ... Chiosnet - Netway

    50. News And Media In Greece
    News and newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and other media companiesin greece. News and media in greece Guide picks. News and
    zfp=-1 About Travel Greece for Visitors Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Greece for Visitors
    with deTraci Regula
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Travel Planner for Greece Top Ten Destinations in Greece Top Picks on Travel Gear ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    News and Media in Greece
    Guide picks News and newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and other media companies in Greece.
    News from Greece and on Greek Issues

    A selection of links to news stories about Greece, particularly those affecting travel to Greece. Antenna TV
    Media company operating television and radio stations throughout Greece. Athens News Agency Streaming headlines, daily news, photo of the day. A great quick look at news in Greece from the major English-language newspaper. Athens News Daily Greece's only English-language newspaper is on-line in a complete edition. Excellent, lots of cultural background information as well as news. Greek Radio Stations A dozen live radio stations featuring Greek music and news; most are entirely in Greek.

    51. __/ Hellenic Republic - Ministry Of Foreign Affairs \__
    greece Today, Politics. Economy. Culture. Tourism. Transportation. Research Environment. Home Page Window to greece greece Today media media.
    H ome Page Site M ... reece
    Greece in History
    Greece Today
    Economy ... Young People in Greece
    The Greek Presidency of E.U.
    Hellenism in Diaspora
    Olympic Truce
    Parthenon Marbles
    Home Page
    Window to Greece Greece Today Media Media The communication landscape of Greece is rich, multi-voiced and modern. Search for more detailed information on the background and present situation of the Press Radio Television and the Internet in Greece. print send Home Page The Ministry Site Map Search
    Page Top

    52. Broadcast Media In Greece domain names, personal emails, url forwarding. BroadcastMedia in greece. Greek TV, Radio, Live Radio/TV, links, and more : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
    Broadcast Media in Greece
    Greek TV, Radio, Live Radio/TV, links, and more from around the world
    Click here to continue

    53. European Newspapers Media Europe Pages Georgia, Germany,
    European Newspapers media Europe Pages Georgia, Germany, greece Hungary. EuropeanNewspapers media Europe Pages Georgia, Germany, greece Hungary.
    Reference Desk Translators
    Translate that Page: Resources for Language Translation Languages Resources -
    Languages Resources
    Online Language Tanslations- Online Language Tanslations - Online Language Dictionaries and Translators.
    Reference Desk - Reference Desk - Has resources for translation, currency conversion. global weather.
    Georgia Magazines Georgia/Caucasus: Profile - Georgia/Caucasus: Profile - A by-monthly magazine published in Georgia dealing with various local and international issues, particularly politics, economics and society.
    The Tbilisi Times - The Tbilisi Times - A weekly online magazine covering news in Georgia and the Caucasus.
    Abkhazia Journal - Abkhazia Journal - Journal from Abkhazia, a breakaway province of Georgia.
    Mediaguide: Georgia - Mediaguide: Georgia - Directory of the country's news, publishing and other media organizations and companies, with contact details and general information.
    Sarke Information Agency - Sarke Information Agency - Covers major economic and political news, events and trends in Georgia.
    Germany Magazines Aerokurier Online - Aerokurier Online
    Aerospace Engineering - Aerospace Engineering BTN Online - BTN Online Flug Revue - Flug Revue Linux Magazine- Linux Magazine Windows NT Magazine - Windows NT Magazine Berliner Morgenpost - Berliner Morgenpost Berliner Zeitung - Berliner Zeitung Bild - Bild Die Tageszeitung - Die Tageszeitung Die Welt - Die Welt Die Zeit - Die Zeit Express - Express - Cologne Frankenpost Zeitungen - Frankenpost Zeitungen Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung -

    54. GREECE: News And Media
    (Windows media Player direct connection) It broadcasts all major and minor sportingevents from greece, including all soccer games from the Greek championship
    Support this site greece ancient Greece Greek art Greek islands mainland travel Guide ... INTERNET
    Greek Forum

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    Directory of Greek Web Sites
    NOTE: links preceded by a ~ have been marked for deletion since in our last check they were found inactive. All links open in new window News and Media Ageliohoros - Classifieds
    Athens News Agency

    Athens Photo News

    DOLnet On Line Services

    Hellas Discussions Newsgroup
    (register) HRN - Latest News from Greece InGr - News Mega Naftemboriki Economics Omogeneiako Kalami Panorama Periptero - Links to Media Phantis Headline News TA NEA TA BHMA - Sunday Paper To Pontiki Search for Greece in the News GREECE: Sports Athens 2004 the Olympic Games return home APN Sportzone - Photos FIFA Greek Premier League Olympiakos F.C.

    55. PROMO.GReece: News & Media
    Home News media. Directories (5). Financial (0). Radio (108). TV (46). Weather(15). Visit it. News of greece From Scotland. Sport news, political news.
    advanced search random site add a site Home ... Weather
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      url :
      submitted:22-11-2002 hits: 9
      Athens Photo News

      url :
      submitted:25/4/2000 hits: 103
      Hellenic Aspect

      News on line! Visit it. News of Greece From Scotland. Sport news, political news.
      url :
      submitted:12/3/2000 hits: 53 Local Net Electronical press agency about Local Government. url : submitted:12/3/2000 hits: 64 The Big Story A users point of view. url : submitted:9/3/2000 hits: 54 ANEXARTITOS TYPOS Newspaper of Piraeus url : submitted:11-4-2002 hits: 24 Athens News Agency News from Greece and all over the world. url : submitted:24/4/2000 hits: 67 Hellenicon Independent News Feed Independent news feed. url : submitted:4/4/2000 hits: 77 DIMOTIKO MELLON The newspaper of the Local Authority url : submitted:3-4-2002 hits: 27 BBC World Service Greek Section Trustworthy international and regional news with a greek angle from the BBC. Listen to BBC greek programmes in Real Audio. url :

    56. Azureva Greece, Tourism Guide, Webcam, Press And Radios
    media. Radio, TV, press, WEBCAMS. News. Many national and international newspapersare available in greece, and as a plus they are often translated into English.

    country guides I holidays I rentals I plan your trip I search I postcards I webcams Countries home Cuba Spain Greece Italy Morocco Portugal Turkey Vietnam -v Brittany Guadeloupe New Caledonia Loire valley
    Officials sites and public services...
    Getting there and getting around
    Hotels, camp sites, rentals, gites...
    Regions, cities
    City halls and tourist offices
    Museums, exhibits, organizations...
    Recipes and local products.
    Radio, TV, press, WEBCAMS.
    Associations, weather, and misc. information. Check out our MESSAGE BOARD
    We'll keep you up to date on what's new at AZUREVA Your e-mail: Write to us! WEBCAMS, PRESS, RADIO AND TELEVISION WEBCAM Webcam in Stupa (Peloponnes) Loutro (views of the sea, the village) View from the heights of Santorin Vasilitsa (view from the bottom of the slopes) ... Webcam in Athens NEWSPAPERS Web News. Greek

    57. Greece News - Media
    greece. Newspapers and News Sources. Radio Stations. Antenna 1 97.5 FM -Thessaloníki; ERA 5 The Voice of greece; KLIK fm 88 - 88 MHz FM - Athens;
    C E
    Continental Home Europe All Countries Greece Newspapers and News Sources Radio Stations
    • Antenna 1
    • ERA 5 The Voice of Greece
    • KLIK fm 88 - 88 MHz FM - Athens
    • Kyriakatikos FM - 101.6 FM - Thessaloniki
    • Star FM
    • Studio 19 - 101.9 FM - Iraklion Crete To listen to the following stations live you should have Real Audio Installed... When you don't have Real Audio (it's free), go to Internet Press Bitcaster and download the prog from there.
    • Antenna 1
    • RadioChoros (be aware this is a download file)
    • LoveRadio
    • Klik FM
    • Radio Oneser
    • Nitro FM
    • Galaxy FM
    • Cosmo Radio FM
    • choros 942 FM
    • Eraser
    • Eraorest FM
    • ERT
    • Evro
    • CYBC
    • Melodia
    • MRB FM
    • Palama
    • Flash 961
    • WHCI
    • Radio Ena
    • MAX FM
    • CHIR
    • Stop FM Radio
    • Klikkoz FM
    • HXW FM
    Internet Press Sign Guestbook View Guestbook ... Internet Press.

    58. Ernst & Young - Media Release - Andersen In Greece
    Global Home media Press Release Archive EY/Andersen in greece. Ernst Young and Andersen Announce Transaction Agreement in greece.
    Global Home Media Press Release Archive EY/Andersen in Greece
    24 April 2002, Athens:
    Furthermore Mr. Argiris Kyriakidis points out that: "The similarities between the two firms regarding corporate culture and vision are striking. Moreover, the combination will enable us more than ever to offer all national and international companies in Greece, from all sectors, a broad range of specialized, adapted and innovative services."
    Visit our Greece site for more information about our local practice.

    59. Reuters Media: Online Reports: Reuters Greece Company And Markets News
    Help site visitors manage investments with company and markets information fromReuters media. For more information about Reuters greece Company and Markets
    Home Online Services Online Reports Financial Products ... Contact Us
    Reuters Greece Company and Markets News Real-time news about markets and publicly traded companies in Greece - searchable by ticker symbol - attracts investors to your site Comprehensive, immediate news coverage of daily activity on the Athens stock exchange, international stock market activity and companies listed on the Athens exchange. Included: daily report of stocks to watch. Company topics include earnings, new products, executive changes, mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on big shares moves. Market news includes stock market news, interest rates, Forex news. More than half a million investments professionals use Reuters information and news. Now, individual investors can access the information investment professionals rely on - simply by visiting your web site.
    • Optional ability to archive and display full stories for 30 days and headlines for 60 days Capability to set up baskets of industry news, covering trends, products, markets, supply chain, companies, people

    60. Cretan Media-Crete Island Greece
    Cretan media. NEWSPAPERS. Agonas tis Kritis the daily newspaper of Chania. RADIO STATIONS. Click icons for hearing. Real Player media Player.
    Newspapers Magazines Radio stations Cretan TV ... Greek TV Cretan Media NEWSPAPERS Agonas tis Kritis the daily newspaper of Chania . Athlitiko Reportage Cretan sports newspaper in Heraklio. Chaniotika Nea the daily newspaper of Chania. Mesogios the daily newspaper of Heraklio . Patris the daily newspaper of Heraklio. Platyrrahos Publishing the Cretan newspaper of Australia "Cretan News Of Australia" and Cretan radio show "Bridge To Crete" from Australia. Lasithiotiko Stigma newspaper of Lasithi . MAGAZINES Candia Cretan magazine . Fonien magazine from Lasithi. Stigmes the Cretan magazine. RADIO STATIONS Click icons for hearing.
    Real Player Media Player
    Best Radio , radio station from Heraklio . Cool Fm radio station from Rethymno Diavlos Kritis Fm 96,6 radio station from Agios Nikolalos Dream Fm 90,6 radio station from Tympaki Heraklio. Fly 95,9 fm radio station from Rethymno Hellenic Public Radio Station of Chania in Souda. Iperihos Fm 92,1 radio station from Heraklio . Radio Iraklio from the city of Heraklio . Kritikorama Fm radio station from Chania plays Cretan music all day long.

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