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         Greek Islands Culture:     more books (19)
  1. The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean by Aglaia Kremezi, 2000-11-14
  2. The Foods of the Greek Islands Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean _ Book club edition. by Aglaia Krmzi, 2000
  3. The Foods of the Greek Islands, Cooking &Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean - 2000 publication by Aglaa Krmz, 2000-01-01
  4. The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean [Hardcover] by Aglaia Kremezi (Author), 2000
  5. The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Med by Aglaia Kremezi, 2000-01-01
  6. The Foods of the Greek Islands Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads ofthe Medit by Aglaia Kremezi, 2000-01-01
  7. The Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands, and Asia Minor (Hellenistic Culture and Society) by Getzel M. Cohen, 1996-11-02
  8. Experiencing Dominion: Culture, Identity, and Power in the British Mediterranean by Thomas W. Gallant, 2002-08
  9. Greek Island Madness (Greek Fire) by Don DePaul, 2010-02-21
  10. The Aegean Islands Cyclades: Myth & History - Cultures & Traditions by Daphne Christou, 2008-03
  11. Ancient Berezan: The Architecture, History and Culture of the First Greek Colony in the Northern Black Sea (Colloquia Pontica) by Sergei L. Solovyov, 1999-10
  12. Ionian Islands in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age by Christina Souyoudzoglou Haywood, 2000-01-01
  13. Regionalism and Change in the Economy of Independent Delos (Hellenistic Culture and Society) by Gary Reger, 1994-10-19
  14. The Miniature Wall Paintings of Thera: A Study in Aegean Culture and Iconography (Cambridge Classical Studies) by Lyvia Morgan, 1989-01-27

1. Greece For Visitors - Greek Travel And Greek Culture
Enjoy the best and most unusual greek destinations, FAQs about travel in Greece, and info on night life. greek Cyprus. Dodecanese Isles. Ionian islands. Party islands. Northern Greece. Peloponnese. Arts culture. Beaches
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Greece for Visitors
with deTraci Regula
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In The Spotlight Tue, Apr 8, 2003
Greece in April

Springtime in Greece - what could be better? Not much, as low prices, rich Easter pageantry, wildflowers, light crowds and warming weather combine to make for a perfect trip.
Discussion: Athens Bypass Route - Expert notes on the new road system
Poros - Island Escape Near Athens
Explore this island retreat just off the Peloponnesian coast, quick to get to - but hard to leave. More: Penmaker of Poros - Artisan combines olives, honey, and ink More: Olympic Volunteers - Apply online to help at Athens 2004 Driving in Greece - Frenzy and Freedom Hit the roads without hitting anything else with these tips on driving the beautiful, challenging roads of Greece. More: Modern Greek History - A look at the key events Special: Hijack ends calmly - Turkish hijacker surrenders in Athens Did You Know?

2. Greek Islands-Greece Travel Information-Greece The Greek Islands And Mainland
Greece greek islands facts about Greece history and culture of Greece places to visit pictures and information holidaymakers from Greece.The diverse outlines of the greek islands as they protrude from the blue waters the centre of the Minoan culture, Europe's first advanced civilisation, which
Greece and the Greek islands [ACROPOLIS MUSEUMS [ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES OF THE GREEK ISLANDS] ... Athens Athens the home of democracy and western civilization.A colorful city of oppositions a crossroad between east and west.Modern skyscrapers among neoclassic mansions, endless concrete of apartment buildings. Broad boulevards and small streets. Department stores and souvlaki restaurants,Ancient temples next to Byzantine churches. All of that, plus the huge traffic, the orange trees ,the flowers on the balconies ,makes Athens the queen of Mediterranean The Acropolis , and the Parthenon, stands over Athens and is visible from almost everywhere in the city. During Perikles' Golden Age, ancient Greek civilization was represented in an ideal way on the hill and some of the architectural masterpieces of the period were erected on its ground. Parthenon , which is unsurpassed in its grace and harmony,The Propylaea, the monumental entrance to the sacred area was also constructed in the same period.
Erechtheion ,with its Famous Caryatithes, the six maidens,today only five while the sixth stends on the British Museum among many other items the famous Elgin ( Elginian marbles ), which until today is a matter of controversy since they are housed in the British Museum despite the Greeks plea to get them back.

3. Greek Festival, Greek Culture, Greek Food, Greek Dancing, Greek Music, Greek Sou
greek festivals index, greek festival information, greek tradition of culture, entertainment, folk dancing, music, food, family fun greek festival for a taste of greek food, greek music, greek culture, greek dancing, great family fun and have their origin in the greek islands are characterized by some type
Greek Festivals, greekfest, greek festival, Greek Food, greek festivalsindex, greek books, Greek Fest, greek dancing, greek festival, Culture and Entertainment Greek Dancing, greek fest, Greek Festival, Culture Entertainment, Family Fun, Greek Party, Greek food, Greek Dance, Greek Culture, Greek Festivals The Greek Festivals Index
Greek festival listings in the USA Various Greek festival listings in the USA. Find a Greek festival near you and have fun. Enjoy the Greek food, Greek music, Greek dancing, Greek culture, folklore, and family entertainment. Click here to enter Greek Festivals If you know of a Greek festival that is not listed here, please let us know.
This page should automatically transfer to the Greek festivals index
However, if it takes too long you may click here for immediate transfer greek festival, greek festivals, greek books, greek food, greek music, greek imports, greek stuff, greek dancing, Greek Festivals, Greek Culture and Entertainment, Greek Dancing, Greek Food, greek festivals, greek food, Greek Fest, greek festival, greek fest, Greek Festival, Culture Entertainment Family Fun Outdoors Greek Party, Greek food, Greek Dance, Greek Culture, Greek Festivals.

4. Skopelos Island Greece, Skopelos Greek Islands Aegean Sea
rooms, map, grece, mediterranean, europe, europa, greek islands, history, aigaio,beaches yachting, rent, property, nature, history, culture, sightseeings, green
Skopelos island Greece , Greek island Skopelos
Guide by local people, Aegean sea, Sporades islands, Greek islands, Greece
Skopelos island Sporades Greece
English Version
You have just discovered a small heaven in the heart of Greece. The island of Skopelos, in Sporades islands (Among Skiathos and Alonissos), in the Aegean sea, is a unique place which is worth a visit. We hope during your tour of our site you enjoy the beautiful pictures and get all the necessary information about our island. So what are you waiting for? Choose the english language.
Skopelos Web Site, Skopelos island, urls:,,
aegean, beaches, history,culture,hotels,sporades,skiathos,skopelos,hotels,studio,apartments,nightlife,SKOPELOS,Skopelos

5. Skopelos Island, Greece, Greek,islands, History,beaches,hotels,transport, Aegean
aegean, beaches, history,culture,hotels,sporades, skiathos,skopelos,hotels,studio,apartments,nightlife, SKOPELOS,Skopelos,greek, islands, skopelos, island
Skopelos Hotels Studio and apartments Rooms to Let Welcome to Skopelos Web Site , Skopelos island On Line, Guide by a local man Skopelos Web Site will provide you with all the necessary information about our island's beauties, culture and services. Begin your tour to Skopelos learning more about the island and you will progressive get known this unique island and everything that has to do with the beauties and the life of the island. Skopelos
About the island

Skopelos maps

Skopelos roads

Skopelos climate
Where to Stay
Skopelos hotels

Skopelos rooms
Skopelos Beaches
more than 40 photographs of Skopelos beaches and all the details

suggestions and details about places where can eat good food and have fun
Travel to Skopelos
How you get

Tickets cost Agencies ... National marine park Sightseeings Skopelos Villages Skopelos Monasteries Skopelos Monuments Skopelos Photographs Useful

6. Culture In Paros Greek Islands Greece
has always been attractive to students interested in art and culture. greek DANCING, preserveand transmit the traditional dances of the islands by performing
Pottery and weaving are the main traditional handicrafts. The flow of visitors keen to bring back home a reminder of their holidays or a gift, has given a new breath to those ancient crafts and has developed new ones unknown till then to the island.




We have started the tour of the churches and monasteries of Paros with the most famous one: the Church of A Hundred Doors, one of the oldest and best preserved Christian monument in the world.
EKATONTAPYLIANI, church of a Hundred Doors


The unique historical and artistic environment of Paros has always been attractive to students interested in art and culture. Several top quality study abroad programs are now offering workshops, seminars, and full semester abroad programs for American and international students. The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, established for more than thirty years in Paros, and housed in a neo-classic building in the center of Paroikia, offers full semester programs in a variety of arts, with its fall program starting in Italy. Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA), with its campus in the mountains of Paros, offers a wide array of art and humanities courses taught by accomplished artists and distinguished teachers.

7. The Internet Guide To Greece And The Greek IslandsEverything You Al
This is a helpful description of each of the greek islands with blue links to more detailed information. to other less wild islands. For a little culture there are trips

8. Culture Of Greece, Discover It's Archaeology, History, And Learn To Speak Greek
greek culture Archaeology, Mythology Similar friezes are found in the Ionian islands,in the Cyclades, in the islands of the Argosaronic gulf and in Macedonia



Greek Culture:
Archaeology, Mythology, History and Language The Colour Blue for Repelling Evil

by Theresa Mitsopoulou, Tour Guide, Author and Lecturer
In the Cyclades, next to white color, the prevailing color is blue-turquoise color. The preference comes from an old belief of man, that the sky-blue shade had the power to keep Evil away. The radiation of the color composed an invisible shield, which prevented the approach of bad spirits.
Blue church cupolas, windows, doors, walls, staircases and fences, but also blue “belts” (samaria) around the buildings, will provide protection from Evil. Blue-turquoise stones on jewelry, belts and weapons, will safeguard people and animals and even plants (chaimalia) against Evil. Blue “eyes” and blue stones mounted on gold and silver are presented to babies and small children as a talisman for protection, like the sky-blue scarf around the neck of boy-scouts.
On the murals of Santorini island (about 1700 BC) bracelets for the wrist, the arm and ankle, and necklaces, are made of precious or semiprecious stones, while the shaved part of the head of young people (male and female) is painted blue-turquoise. It is amazing, that on traditional Chinese New Year’s cards, one can see the same fashion copied since thousands of years ago. Small children also have their hair partly shaved in similar arrangement (two or three locks of hair) with the shaved part also painted blue-turquoise. The artist used the turquoise color believing that it would provide protection for his heroes.

9. Travel Guides For Greece And The Greek Islands
Planet Lonely Planet greek islands Full of information on islandhopping, ancientsites, history, geography, language, culture, entertainment, accommodations

Lonely Planet Greece

Lonely Planet's Greece is an expert guide to this incredible country, covering everything from the narrowest walkable gorge in the world to classic Greek myths. The authors provide information on inter-island ferries accompanied by a ferry map; extensive writings on history, culture, and mythology; place names in Greek script; and advice on choosing a quiet or gregarious island vacation. A special color feature covers Greek art.
Whether you want to escape to a quiet island beach, trek through the mountains of mainland Greece or live it up in Athens, all the information you need is right here at your fingertips.
Lonely Planet Greek Islands

Full of information on island-hopping, ancient sites, history, geography, language, culture, entertainment, accommodations, food and much more.
Eyewitness Travel Guides:

The extensive Athens section highlights the history, art, architecture, and culture of this extraordinary city with special layouts devoted to the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis, and the Parthenon. Beyond Athens, the guide takes you to the ancient and medieval ruins abundant throughout the Peloponnese peninsula, location of the ancient cities of Corinth and Olympia.
Eyewitness Travel Guides:

Greek Islands

Each an intricate trove of 3-D aerial views, landmark floor plans, color photos and essential eating, shopping and entertainment info.

10. Rhodes Greece, Greek Folks, AIMS &Culture, Traditional Songs From Dodecanece ,Gr
Traditional Aims and Songs From the greek islands Dodekanece. From Giorgo Maloinas Manager of Mu s ic Orchestra of The study of popular culture is judged necessary.
Home Page Kalithies Village Koskinou Psinthos Village ... The Philharmonic Brass Orchestra Traditional Aims and Songs From the Greek islands Dodekanece From Giorgo Maloinas Manager of Mu s ic Orchestra of Municipality of Kallithea PREFACE We live in flood of continuous changes and corrective changes that unfold in the frames of globalization.
The populations daily lose their moral self-knowledge, their former constitution, and particular their physiognomy.
So these questions are for us vital and worthy. In order to stimulate our historical memory we must look in the previous generations. Knowledge of our popular heritage will help in the finding of solutions in the current problems, which are in our hands and generally in our life Rescue of traditional elements does not mean simply rescue of certain aesthetic elements of tradition that the considered to be beautiful, but reformation of processes, through what what the person

11. Greek Islands Tour Of Culture, Spirituality, Archaeology, Art,
The greek islands Playground of the Gods, Read the full itinerary. Join us aswe visit one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Cyclades islands.
The Greek Islands... Playground of the Gods Read the full itinerary
Join us as we visit one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Cyclades islands. Unpack just one time, because our stay will be on Naxos, largest of the Cyclades. Antiquities, brilliant sun, crystal blue shimmering sea, sand beaches, the slow pace of island life, hospitable natives, and excellent food will make this unique tour the memory of a lifetime. From our base here we can easily explore 18 other islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, and Paros. We have directed this tour many times in the past and will do so in the future. Keep checking back with us at this site. Date: July 13-27, 2003
Cash discount price: $3324
Single supplement: $400

12. Greek Islands Tour - Travel With A Challenge Magazine
Hellenic Adventures offers two greek Island tours the Ancient Mysteries explorationof island culture and history around the Cyclades group of islands to the
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13. Spanish Holidays, Greek Holidays, And Turkish Culture Vacations For Mature Trave
Turkish carpets remain an active element of daily Turkish life. greek cultureis evident on islands such as Santorini. Turkish olive oil museum.
Richly illustrated articles featuring vacations
with an historical and cultural focus in Spain,
Greece and Turkey. Interested in exploring other country cultures featured on this website? Check out French culture Hawaiian culture Irish culture Chinese culture ... Indian culture and English culture vacations. This travel theme page is part of the Travel with a Challenge website featuring richly illustrated articles on family vacations, cultures and countries, cruise and train travel, nature and wildlife holidays suitable for mature travelers. Explore the website via the site navigation menu to access our acclaimed Magazine Guidebook Travel Article Library and Links Directory
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14. GNTO-Greek Islands-Crete-History & Culture
BIRTH OF ZEUS According to mythology, Zeus, the God of gods, was born in Crete. Cronus, his father, trying to avoid his parents' curse that one of his children would take away from him the ruling of the sky, murdered his children one-by-one, by eating them. His wife, Rhea, terrified and chased by her husband, sought refuge in a cave in the ancient "Aegean Mountain", and, with the help of Uranus and Gaia, gave birth to her last child. Cronus was fooled with a rock in dipers and the loud singing and dancing of demons "Kourites", covering the noise of the newborn's cry. Zeus was rased by the Nymphs, drinking milk from goat Amalthia, the later became a star and her skin was Zeus' shield. When Zeus grew up, he defeated Cronus and became the ruler of the sky. The rock that had fooled his father was put in Delfphi, to remind mortals and gods of his glorious power.
Minos bewed Pasiphae, the daughter of Sun and nymph Crete and together had eight children, Androgeos, Katreas, Glafkos, Dafkalion, Ariadne, Xenodiki, Akalli and Phaedra. According to mythology, when Minos asked Neptune for a sign that would mean he would become the King of Crete, from the sea emerged a beautiful bull that Minos refused to sacrifice, thus irritating Neptune who punished Minos by making his wife Pasiphae fall in love with the white bull. Pasiphae, with the help of a wooden cow made by Daedalus, was united with the bull and gave birth to Minotaur, who had the body of a human and the head of a bull. According to myth, this creature lived in the Labyrinth, in the palace's underground and was fed with the blood of youngsters. The famous Athenean hero Theseus defeated Minotaur and releaved Athens from the harsh "blood tax" that paid to this supernatural creature.

15. InfoXenios: G.N.T.O. - Greece - Greek Islands - Crete
its shores, yet gentle and generous, bearers of ageold traditions and culture. Frommyth, to antiquity, to renaissance, to modern greek history, figures who
Crowning the southern-most part of the Aegean, Crete has been standing there for centuries, proud bearer of its past; a past that blends myth and historical fact, power and demise, leadership and defeat, but never subjugation, never weakness. Its terrain unpredictable... filled with mountain ranges, intense and defying, serene plateaus - blessed with the rich vegetation that only gods could bestow on this island - interspersed with wide expanses of serene valleys and gentle hills, that meet the waters of the sea, some times with fierce determination, others with quiet resolve.
The island of King Minos and a civilization that left its mark on the world, faced the voracious appetite of conquerors from mainland Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, the Venetians, was raided by pirates and invaded by armies who cruised the Mediterranean in search of riches and power.
The proof of this in every corner of the land; in Chania Rethymno Iraklio Lassithi . Finds of long-forgotten civilizations, castles with thick walls and deep moats, monasteries and churches, standing along-side minarets and mosques, they are all testaments to the turbulent past of this corner of Greece. And the people!!!... Proud as the mountains, strong as the waves that beat upon its shores, yet gentle and generous, bearers of age-old traditions and culture.
This is the birthplace of gods and heroes, divine artists and inspired politicians: Zeus and Minos, El Greco, Kornaros, Kazatzakis, Venizelos ... From myth, to antiquity, to renaissance, to modern Greek history, figures who contributed of themselves to what today makes up Crete, Greece and to some extend Western civilization.

16. The Foods Of The Greek Islands
The Foods of the greek islands Cooking and culture at the Crossroadsof the Mediterranean. by Aglaia Kremezi, is a groundbreaking
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The Foods of the Greek Islands Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean
By Aglaia Kremezi Including recipes from New York's acclaimed Molyvos Restaurant "Aglaia's Kremezi's book is as seductive as the Greek islands she evokes." Let's shatter the idea that Greek food is little more than stuffed grape leaves, a greek salad, and a gryo eaten on a city street corner. Greece, like its Mediterranean neighbor, Italy, has exciting regional cooking that is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Now comes a book to help us appreciate the diversity of and history behind Greek cuisine. The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean.

17. Useful Information For Greece: Information On Greek Culture, Transportation, Use
The greek islands From Greece101 Staff. A unique feature of Greece is its islands.The islands have created a culture where ferry travel is common, taking a
Home Guides Things To Do Accommodations ... Useful Information Greece101 - your guide for vacations, hotel bookings, and travel to Greece.
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GREEK WEATHER Athens Iraklio Mykonos Santorini Thessaloniki About Us Advertise Contact Us The Greek Islands From Greece101 Staff Article Tools Print this article Email to a friend A unique feature of Greece is its many beautiful islands. The Greek islands have created a culture where ferry travel is common, taking a weekend trip to an island is a favored event, and where Greeks prefer vacationing on their own islands to traveling to other countries. Greece has a total of 227 inhabited islands, of which 164 are located in the Aegean Sea. Yet, only 78 islands have more than 100 inhabitants. To attest to the popularity of visiting the islands of Greece instead of the mainland, over 60 percent of the whole country's hotels are concentrated on Greek islands. There are seven island groups in Greece: The Ionian Islands , sometimes called the Eptanese, are located on the far west of Greece and include such popular islands as Corfu and Zakynthos and quieter islands such as Captain Corelli's

18. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Dodecanese Islands | Culture
and drinking with friends is at the heart of greek culture, and there is ample opportunityto share in this tradition while visiting the Dodecanese islands.
home search help worldguide ... Postcards
Dodecanese Islands
Mention almost any field of endeavour and you'll find the ancient Greeks were the first to do it: philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle), medicine (Hippocrates), architecture (think Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns), pottery (the ubiquitous painted terracotta pot), painting (frescoes), sculpture (draped nudes), literature (the Iliad and the Odyssey to name but a few) and drama (Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes). The Dodecanese Islands have much of this ancient cultural legacy in spades. You can see frescoes throughout the island group, some in better condition than others. Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, and there are monuments aplenty to see. Rhodes and Kos, and other islands to a lesser extent, are more or less open-air museums, offering up a grand suite of antiquities, in differing degrees of decay. Other islands, such as Karpathos, are known for their folk - music and dance - traditions. Modern-day arts are very much wedded to the past, and festivals celebrating ancient drama, for example, are just one way to get in touch with the cultural riches on offer. Around 187,000 people live in the Dodecanese Islands: 100,000 on Rhodes and 27,000 on Kos, while Kastellorizo has a mere 275 permanent residents. The Dodecanese, like the rest of the Greek population, are a mixture of all the invaders who have occupied the country since ancient times. Kos and Rhodes have a small number of Turks, while the Jewish communities on the island of Rhodes date back to the Roman era. Along with other parts of Greece, the Dodecanese Islands are rich in traditional customs. Name days, weddings and funerals all have great significance. Superstitions are part of the equation, with a range of strategies brought to bear to avoid the 'evil eye'. Religion, too, is still integral to life in Greece - nearly everyone belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church and the Greek year is centred on the festivals of the church calendar.

19. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Ionian Islands | Culture
idea of the islands' ancient culture by visiting retains traditional Italian, Spanishand greek recipes. Kefallonia is the islands' culinary capital, known for
home search help worldguide ... Postcards
Ionian Islands
The various depredations of occupation, piracy, earthquakes and time have all taken their toll on the Ionian Islands, but you can get an idea of the islands' ancient culture by visiting the small but impressive archaeological museums in Corfu, Lefkada and Zakynthos. Mycenaean tombs have been found on Kefallonia, Lefkada and Zakynthos, and it's believed there was a Mycenaean colony on Kythira. Evidence from the Corinthian period includes geometrically patterned Corfiot pottery, Doric temples and the famous Gorgon Medusa frieze displayed in Corfu's archaeological museum. Examples of Byzantine architecture are sadly few, thanks to so much earthquake activity, but you'll come across the occasional Byzantine monastery or church if you head inland. Following the Ottoman conquest of mainland Greece, the islands were inundated by religious painters who developed a significantly western style of iconography (dubbed the Ionian school). Over the centuries, weaving and embroidery have been important cottage industries throughout the Ionians, and today the town of Karya on Lefkada is still noted for its embroidered linens and lace work. Ceramic tableware is another local industry, particularly on Zakynthos. Other popular cultural expressions include dances performed on saints days and at weddings, again particularly in Zakynthos. Religion is still integral to life in the Ionians, and the year remains centred on the festivals of the Church calendar; namedays, weddings and funerals make up the other important events. The islands are dotted with hundreds of tiny churches, most of them built by individual families in the name of their selected patron saint. Traditions die hardest in the inland mountain villages, and remote Kythira remains the most unspoilt and most traditional of the islands. Tourism has made obvious inroads into traditional cultures, but high-rise resorts and yachting harbours apart, every island has religious and secular festivities that have been celebrated for hundreds of years.

20. The Internet Guide To Greece And The Greek Islands
The Internet Guide to GreeceCategory Regional Europe Greece Business and Economy Directories...... Science Technology Science Industry- Medicine- Telecommunications.Society culture culture- Genealogy- greek Language- Organizations.

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