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         Greenland Culture:     more books (42)
  1. Greenland (Cultures of the World) by David C. King, 2008-12
  2. On the Track of the Thule Culture from Bering Strait to East Greenland: Proceedings of the SILA Conference The Thule Culture - New Perspectives in Inuit ... Gullov (STUDIES IN ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY) by Bjarne Gronnow, 2010-01-01
  3. Nuussuarmiut: Hunting Families on the Big Headland; Demography, Subsistence and Material Culture in Nuussuaq, Upernavik, Northwest Greenland by Keld Hansen, 2008-09
  4. A Strategic Profile of Greenland, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Greenland Research Group, The Greenland Research Group, 2000-04-25
  5. Ethnography of the Egedesminde District: With Aspects of the General Culture of West Greenland (Communal Societies in America) by Kaj Birket-Smith, 1976-01
  6. Stone Age of Qeqertarsuup Tunua (Disko Bugt): A Regional Analysis of the Saqqaq and Dorest Cultures of Central West Greenland by Jens Fog Jensen, 2009-07-27
  7. Icelanders: Ethnic group, Iceland, Norsemen, Celts, Icelandic language, North Germanic languages, Lutheranism, History of Iceland, Demographics of Iceland, History of Greenland, Culture of Iceland
  8. The Culture of Greenland in Glimpses by Ole G. Jensen, 2007-06-10
  9. Studies on the material culture of the Eskimo in west Greenland (Arbejder fra den Danske arktiske station paa Disko) by Morten P Porsild, 1915
  10. Reindeer Hunting in Greenland: Reindeer, Survival skills, Animal welfare, Arctic Council, Culture of Greenland, Deer hunting, Trophy hunting, Hunting weapon, ... dressing (hunting), Barren- ground Caribou
  11. GREENLAND: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by KEVIN HILLSTROM, 2001
  12. Gronland : Mad og Myter / Greenland : Cookery and Culture by Gerda & Baekgaard, Pernille Janda, 1996
  13. Greenlandic Culture: Music of Greenland
  14. Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: a Culture of Denial.(Book Review): An article from: The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality by Cyril Greenland, 2003-09-22

1. Nordic Co-operation Opens Culture House In Nuuk, Newsletter 2 - 1997
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Nordic Co-operation opens Culture House in Nuuk
A new Nordic culture house, Katuaq, has been opened in the Greenland capital Nuuk. The complex will provide a home for cultural activities from the Nordic region and Greenland, as the largest cultural centre in the world's largest island. "Katuaq means drumsticks, and I hope that the culture house will be a leading rhythm in Greenland's cultural life," said Greenland's Premier Lars Emil Johansen. The Greenland Culture Centre is probably the largest cultural event planned by the Nordic Council of Ministers in the 1990s. With contributions from Greenland, Denmark and the NCM, Kanaq has cost in the region of 91 million kroner. Over 500 guests were present at the opening ceremony. The Norwegian Minister for Nordic Co-operation Grete Knudsen, presented the new culture house with a DKK 300,000 kroner cheque from the Nordic countries as further support to develop Nordic projects. Kanaq received a total of DKK 1.2 million in presents from various sources. The Culture House has been designed as a meeting place to bind the Nordic countries even closer to Greenland, which is an autonomous region of Denmark. At 4000 square meters, the building houses a theatre, concert hall and cinema - Greenland's first.

2. Government Jurisdiction In The Areas Of Culture, Education And Church
Describes the role of Government in its jurisdiction over greenland culture, the education of its peoples and Churches.
Search Randburg - Search Iceland
Government Jurisdiction in the areas of Culture, Education and Church
The Ministry of Culture, Education and Churches (KIIP)

P.O. Box 1029
DK-3900 Nuuk

D uring the last few generations, rapid development has sharpened focus on the area of education. The conditions of our country will always demand that we develop and utilize our human resources in the best possible manner. We can not afford to waste even a little of the human potential latent in our people.
Just as education is important for enabling a small population to prepare itself adequately, an active cultural life is vital for sharing the experience of community fellowship found in our great land, which in spite of its beauty still places great demands on the role we play.
    Primary schools and special schools. Business
    education. High schools. Higher education. Recreation. Culture. The media. Museums and archives. Libraries. Technical schools. Churches.
Primary schools and special schools The primary schools in Greenland are in many respects built up around the Scandinavian model. There are 9 years of compulsory schooling for everyone, taught in Greenlandic. The school system works toward advancing and developing the students' spiritual and physical abilities and emphasizes the development of independence in balance with respect for the student's personal and social responsibilities.

3. Map
Greenland Introduction. Greenland General Data. Greenland Maps. greenland culture.Greenland History. Greenland Economy. Greenland Currency. Greenland Education.
Country Info Greenland Introduction Greenland General Data Greenland Maps Greenland Culture ... Greenland Time and Date
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4. Greenland - Culture
greenland culture. Eighty percent of the people that live in Greenlandwere born there. The people in Greenland speak Greenlandic
Greenland Culture Eighty percent of the people that live in Greenland were born there. The people in Greenland speak Greenlandic (an Inuit language with some Danish words). They may also speak Danish. They hunt seals and other animals. They eat the meat and use the blubber for fuel. They build their own winter houses. They build their villages out of wood. Seals are still an important food to people in Greenland. They also like vegetables. Most Greenland families have around six members. Three -fourths of the people of Greenland live in towns. Greenland's capital is Holsteinsborg. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 must go to school. History Land Economy Government ... Home

5. Greenland Women's Costumes On Display Picture Page
Greenland. (1999). Greenland Page greenland culture Page ©1999, Rudy Brueggemann Contact me Page updated October 1999 .
Fancy Dress, West Greenland
Traditional women's clothes of west Greenland are on display in the museum of Narsaq, Greenland. (1999)
Greenland Page
Greenland Culture Page
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6. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Greenland | Culture
greenland culture. Although modern life has well and truly caught upwith the Inuit in the form of warmclimate foods, computers, luxury
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Although modern life has well and truly caught up with the Inuit in the form of warm-climate foods, computers, luxury cars and outboard motors, as little as 40 years ago Greenlanders were still practicing a traditional way of life that revolved around the hunt. They believed that humans were shades - more of the dead than of the living - and it was only the techniques and rituals of the hunt that kept them within the realm of the human. Any error in judgement would mean falling back into the earlier animal world. Harmony with the land, respect for the dead and due homage to the animals that sacrificed themselves for the good of humanity, were the hallmarks of a good hunter and kept the world from falling off its axis. Inuit folklore also told of a time when men could speak to animals; the words were shamanistic in character and delivery and held a tengeq or intrinsic power. If the words were uttered heedlessly they immediately lost their power. This belief may account for the Inuit's almost legendary reluctance to indulge in idle chitchat. Their brevity makes most non-Inuits look bold and brash. Tupilak , once carved out of bone, skin and chunks of peat, are small grotesque-looking figures that wouldn't look out of place in an Evil Dead film. They originally worked as catalysts for misfortune and death, although the carver had to be careful that the victim's juju was weaker than his own to avoid a fatal backlash. These days

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Lonely Planet World Guide Destination Greenland Culture GreenlandCulture. Although Greenland - Culture - greenland culture. Eighty - Culture&brand=metacrawl

9. IExplore - Greenland Culture, IExplore Greenland Travel - Travel Greenland
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10. Factsheet Denmark - Greenland
The building of the greenland culture Centre in Nuuk (1997) established an importantfocus on Greenland’s rich cultural life, presenting both cultural
Factsheet Denmark
[Main Menu] [Colophon] Geography
Further Information

Government type: Home rule in national union
with Denmark Area: 2.17 million sq. km of which 410,000 sq. km
is not covered by ice Population: 56,542 inhabitants Capital: Nuuk, 13,889 inhabitants Language: Greenlandic and Danish Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
On the other hand, the country is dependent on a single resource, fishing. Its economy is closely tied to fluctuations in the fishing industry and price developments on the global market. It also still has close cultural, political, social and economic ties with Denmark in the form of annual subsidies of over DKK 2,500m and the free provision of education, hospital and other services to Greenlandic citizens.
Geography [map] [top]
History [top]

The first people migrated to Greenland across the Davis Strait from the American continent more than 4,000 years ago. The first links with Europe were established with the Norse settlements in 985 AD and lasted until the mid 15th century. The flourishing European whaling industry in the 16th century restored regular visits to Greenland, but a permanent link was not established until the settlement of the Danish-Norwegian priest Hans Egede in 1721. This formed the basis of Danish sovereignty for the next 258 years, where the establishment of the trade monopoly the Royal Greenland Trade Department, the KGH ( ), was particularly significant.

11. ® ... Regional:North_America:Greenland:Government
KIIP) Describes the role of Government in its jurisdictionover greenland culture, the education of its peoples and Churches.
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  • Greenland Bureau of Mineral and Petroleum
    administration, coordination, and regulation services for Greenland's minerals and petroleum sectors.
    Greenland Home Rule
    An essay that explains the structure and working of Home Rule.
  • 12. Greenland Experiences, South
    Ten villagers, including an infant, died during the outbreak. Travelingby boat offered insight of greenland culture afforded few Americans.
    SOUTHERN GREENLAND 1950-53: PRINCE CHRISTIAN SOUND, BLUIE EAST 1.. After staying at my Copenhagen home for three years wanderlust beckoned and I left for Greenland in September 1950, at age 26, aboard the MS UMANAK bound for Julianehaab and Prince Christian Sound (PCS/Bluie East 1). Assignment to the BE-1 weather station as a radio maintenance technician offered vastly better conditions than those experienced at Thule, including actually working in my occupational field. Reaching Prince Christian Sound (BE-l) around October 1st required a somewhat circuitous trip from Julianehaab. Aboard ship was a group of Danish VIP's and U.S. Army officers seeking a new location for the PCS station. They did not find a suitable site so the station is today at the original location spotted by Captain Elliott Roosevelt's air survey in 1942. The location merits a few descriptive words taken from USAF history: "The only possible site was in a narrow ravine about 15-20 miles from the mouth of the Prince Christian Sound at the Atlantic ocean. The Sound is 3 to 4 kilometers wide and becomes ice-jammed during some months during the Spring. The men at this station are isolated, except for radio contact, depressions occur during the periods when ice blocks ship arrivals. They live in sturdy buildings, cabled to the rocks, to withstand high winds that have been recorded at times from 90 to 175 miles per hour. During the 1942-43 season three anemometers and two (weather) instrument shelters were blown away. When a slide damaged the buildings, new materials were flown in by a B-25 medium bomber. The plane made a hazardous 'bombing run' up the ravine, dropped a tightly wired bundle of lumber to the men, and climbed steeply up the face of a mountain to get out of the trap."

    Translate this page G157, 1997, greenland culture Center, 1, 1,51 €, 1,51 €, 2,05 €. G158, GreenlandCulture Center BL.XII, 1, 6,16 €, 6,16 €, 6,16 €. G159, Queen Margrethet.
    PRICELIST 2003 Terms of sale Years maps Equivalence Mint Used F.D.C
    Chr. X and Polar Bear American Issue Fred. IX and Ship Polar Bear Surcharge Legend Design I Tuberculosis Fund Hans Egede Greenland Found Knud Rasmussen Drum Dance Northern Lights Fred. IX in Anorak Polar Bear Niels Bohr Samuel P. Kleinschmidt Legend Designs II Wedding Legend Designs III Child Welfare 70th Birthday Fred. IX Legend Designs IV Musk Ox Greenland Whale 25th Liberation of Denmark 250th Ann. of Egede's Arriv The Church Help Kajak-Mail Dog-Sledge Fred. IX, Mail-Boat Walruses Queen Margrethe type I Heimaey Long Boat 200th Ann. KGH Narwhal The Schooner "Sökongen" Telecommunications 25th Ann. Sirius Patrol Polar Bear With Young Sports Catalina Coaster "KUNUNGUAK" Helicopter Eskimo Mask Jörgen Brönlund Meteorit Queen Margrethe type II 25th Ann. Constitution 250th Ann. Godthåb Tupilak Internal Autonomy Knud Rasmussen Soapstone Figure Year of the Child Driftwood Figures Queen Margrethe type III 150th Ann. Public Library Woodcut Ejnar Mikkelsen Jens Kreutzmann Codfish Peary Land Old Civilizations Shrimps Jakob Danielsen Millenary Issue I Millenary Issue II Salomons Disabled Persons Millenary Issue III Moravian Brethren Káralé Andreassen Millenary Issue IV Prince Henrik 250th Ann. Christianshåb

    14. Arctic Circle
    Disko Bay, Western Greenland is regarded as one of the best places tosee both wildlife and get a feel of traditional greenland culture.
    Arctic Circle Arctic Circle Map Antarctic Circle Safari Wildlife Guide
    North Canada
    ... Iceland Arctic Circle; versus...
    Indigenous peoples
    Yes, Polar Bears
    No, Penguins
    24hr daylight July-August
    The word Arctic is derived from Arktos, 'the bear' in Greek, due to the Great Bear constellation above the North Pole.
    When to go:
    : March - November, for weather and wildlife migrations.
    In Canada, October for polar bears, July-August for beluga whales, fur seals and birds.
    Worst : November - March (dark, very cold and snow moves horizontally) Length of stay: Minimum worthwhile stay in Arctic regions, not including flights or sail time : 4/5 days in any area where wildlife is active, bearing in mind that there are also indigenous cultures to appreciate in some areas. Recommended: 1 week or more if you wish to see ice-oriented human cultures as well as wildlife.

    15. Listings Of The World Regional North America Greenland
    and Churches (KIIP) Post Review Describes the role of Government in its jurisdictionover greenland culture, the education of its peoples and Churches.

    16. C U L T U R E G R E E N L A N D -
    culture calender. About culture greenland. Search in culture greenland
    Dansk Kalaallisut Culture guide Culture calender ... countries Home* Culture guide Culture calender About Search ... Webmaster

    17. Culture And History In Greenland
    An brief introduction to the culture and history of greenland, presented by the tourist board Photos of daily life in greenland. More photos about culture history
    Greenland is blessed with a peaceable people that has never waged war with anyone, and people generally show great openness to visitors.
    Excursions: Drum dance and kayak in Ilulissat Viking ruins in South Greenland Qilakitsoq - the graves of mummies Homecraft in Nuuk
    The population of Greenland is predominantly Inuit, a people bearing an affinity and solidarity with the Inuits of Canada, Alaska and Siberia. It is only 140 years since the last immigration from Canada took place. The Greenlandic people are few in number: 55,000 in an enormous country. Approx. 20 percent of the population was born outside Greenland. Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but since the introduction of Home Rule in 1979 Greenland has moved towards relative independence based on parliamentary democracy. Today fishing is the all-dominating trade and accounts for 95 percent of total exports, but in the hunter districts of the outer areas, the seal and whale catch is of great importance. It actually forms the stable existence for one fifth of the Greenlandic population. For millennia the philosophy has been to live at one with nature. The hunters live with nature and follow the natural seasons. In South Greenland ruins from the norse (viking) settlers 1,000 years ago are well preserved, including the ruins of the first Christian churches on the North America continent.

    18. Aboutculturegreenland -
    culture greenland. culture greenland is a portal to greenland's cultureon the internet. culture greenland has a local dimension as well.
    Dansk Kalaallisut Culture Greenland Culture Greenland is a portal to Greenland's culture on the internet. The aim of Culture Greenland is to maintain a list of as many as possible of the web sites with topics on Greenland's culture. Culture Greenland has a local dimension as well. Sisimiut Museum,administrator of the web-site, organizes from time to time workshops on the use of basic computer and internet tools. Read about our recent projects here Culture Greenland was established at the end of 2001. The web site is maintained by Sisimiut Museum. The webmaster for Culture Greenland is director of Sisimiut Museum Klaus Georg Hansen The Culture Greenland web site is constructed by Jakub Medonos . The pictures used in the Culture Greenland logo have been taken by Emil Hertz, Frank Sejersen, Adda Shack, Jan Kalivoda, and Leif Christensen. Under Culture Greenland special resources will be used to build up The Greenland National Image Database . The database has been constructed by Michael Husen . Many cultural institutions together with organisations and companies are contributing with data to this picture database. Information about web sites that might be relevant to link to from Culture Greenland together with any comments and suggestions for improvements of Culture Greenland are highly appreciated. Please just send an email to the

    19. Society And Culture @ - Local Links And Information, Society And
    greenland. From, information about greenland's culture including politics, flag, history, anthem and

    North America Greenland : Society and Culture
    Greenland Learning Maps News Sport ... Weather
    North America World Web

    History Organizations


    20. Culture
    greenland, culture, Back to Top. greenland is the source of many ofthe weather changes in the northern hemisphere, and knowledge of
    Country Info Greenland Introduction Greenland General Data Greenland Maps Greenland Culture ... Greenland Time and Date Greenland Culture Back to Top
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