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         Guadeloupe Geography:     more detail
  1. Geography of Guadeloupe: Marie-Galante
  2. Guadeloupe Geography Introduction: Pointe-À-Pitre International Airport, La Grande Soufrière, Îles Des Saintes, La Désirade
  3. Guadeloupe: Webster's Timeline History, 1503 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  4. Saint-Louis, Guadeloupe
  5. Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe
  6. Saint- Claude, Guadeloupe
  7. Geography of Antigua and Barbuda: Great Bird Island, Antigua, Betty's Hope, Prickly Pear Island, Cape Shirley, Guadeloupe Passage

81. World Travel Guide - Guadeloupe - General Information
geography guadeloupe comprises guadeloupe proper (BasseTerre), Grande-Terre (separatedfrom Basse-Terre by a narrow sea channel) and five smaller islands.
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... Guadeloupe
General Information
Area: Total: 1705 sq km (658.3 sq miles). Basse-Terre: 839 sq km (324 sq miles). Grand-Terre: 564 sq km (218 sq miles). Marie-Galante: 150 sq km (58 sq miles). La Désirade: 29.7 sq km (11.5 sq miles). Les Saintes: 13.9 sq km (5.4 sq miles). St Barthélemy: 95 sq km (37 sq miles). St Martin (which shares the island with St Maarten, part of the Netherlands Antilles): 88 sq km (34 sq miles).
Population density: 247.8 per sq km.
Capital: Basse-Terre (administrative). Population: 12,410 (1999). Pointe-à-Pitre, on Grande Terre (commercial centre). Population:
GEOGRAPHY: Guadeloupe comprises Guadeloupe proper (Basse-Terre), Grande-Terre (separated from Basse-Terre by a narrow sea channel) and five smaller islands. Basse-Terre has a rough volcanic relief whilst Grande Terre features rolling hills and flat plains. All the islands have beautiful white- or black-sand palm-fringed beaches. There are also many lush mountainous areas with stunning and unspoiled tropical scenery. Government: Guadeloupe is an Overseas Department of France and as such is an integral part of the French Republic.

82. Jiskha Homework Help - Social Studies: Geography: North & Central America
El Salvador; French Guiana; guadeloupe; Guatemala; Haiti; Honduras; Jamaica;Martinique; Mexico; Nicaragua; Other; Panama; Puerto Rico; St. Back to GeographyIndex.



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83. Guadeloupe
Vocal anthem Instrumental anthem guadeloupe, geography, Top of Page. LocationCaribbean, islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, southeast of Puerto Rico.
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(overseas department of France) Vocal
anthem: Instrumental anthem: Guadeloupe Geography Top of Page Location: Caribbean, islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, southeast of Puerto Rico Geographic coordinates: 16 15 N, 61 35 W Map references: Central America and the Caribbean Area: total: 1,780 sq km
land: 1,706 sq km
water: 74 sq km
note: Guadeloupe is an archipelago of nine inhabited islands, including Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, Iles des Saintes (2), Saint-Barthelemy, Iles de la Petite Terre, and Saint-Martin (French part of the island of Saint Martin Land boundaries: total: 10.2 km
border countries: Netherlands Antilles (Sint Maarten) 10.2 km Coastline: 306 km Maritime claims: exclusive economic zone: 200 NM
territorial sea: 12 NM Climate: subtropical tempered by trade winds; moderately high humidity Terrain: Basse-Terre is volcanic in origin with interior mountains; Grande-Terre is low limestone formation; most of the seven other islands are volcanic in origin Elevation extremes: lowest point: Caribbean Sea m
highest point: Soufriere 1,467 m

84. Guadeloupe
geography guadeloupe is a french overseas department. guadeloupe consistsof two main islands Grande Terre, that is rather flat




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Guadeloupe Climate
The greater part of Guadeloupe has a tropical wet climate, but because of the relief, some areas are less wet than the others. The dry and cool season take place from February to May, it is called: "Carˆme", the wet season (June to January) is called: "Hivernage". Guadeloupe is frequently affected by hurricanes. The highest risk is from August to October. The prevailing wind: the "aliz‚", comes from the east. The yearly average temperature is about 26°C and the yearly average precipitation ranges from 1,200 to 10,000 mm according to the altitude and the position in relation with the aliz‚. Geography
Guadeloupe is a french overseas department. Guadeloupe consists of two main islands : Grande Terre, that is rather flat, with coral-reef limestone that evolved into vertisol, and Basse Terre, that is mountainous of volcanic origin; the soils evolved in andosols, vertisols or ferralitic soils according to the situation and the age of the concerned volcanism.
There are also some little islands, the Guadeloupe dependences : Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, La D‚sirade, Saint Barth‚l‚my and a part of Saint Vincent.

85. GeographyIQ - World Atlas - North America - Map Of Guadeloupe
Introduction guadeloupe has been a French possession since 1635. Official nameDepartment of guadeloupe. Capital BasseTerre. Government type NA.
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B C D ... North America Guadeloupe Introduction:
Guadeloupe has been a French possession since 1635. The island of Saint-Martin is divided with the Netherlands (whose southern portion is named Sint Maarten and is part of the Netherlands Antilles).
Official name: Department of Guadeloupe Capital: Basse-Terre Government type: NA Population: 431,170 (July 2001 est.) Languages: French (official) 99%, Creole patois Official Currency: French franc (FRF); euro (EUR) Currency code: EUR Area: total: 1,780 sq km
land: 1,706 sq km
water: 74 sq km
note: Guadeloupe is an archipelago of nine inhabited islands, including Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, Iles des Saintes (2), Saint-Barthelemy, Iles de la Petite Terre, and Saint-Martin (French part of the island of Saint Martin Climate: subtropical tempered by trade winds; moderately high humidity
Map of Guadeloupe
Facts at a Glance:
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86. Caribbean CHOICE - Your Gateway To The Caribbean!
European Union France guadeloupe guadeloupe Government Departementde la guadeloupe. Country name conventional long form Department
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Guadeloupe: Government
Departement de la Guadeloupe Country name: conventional long form: Department of Guadeloupe
conventional short form: Guadeloupe
local long form: Departement de la Guadeloupe
local short form: Guadeloupe Dependency status: overseas department of France Government type: NA Capital: Basse-Terre Administrative divisions: none (overseas department of France) Independence: none (overseas department of France) National holiday: Bastille Day, 14 July (1789)

87. Guadeloupe - Wikipedia
guadeloupe. The département of guadeloupe is an overseas département (départementd'outremer, or DOM) of France, located in the Caribbean Sea.
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The département of Guadeloupe is an overseas département département d'outre-mer, or DOM ) of France , located in the Caribbean Sea . The capital is Basse-Terre From the CIA World Factbook 2000. Not Wikified.

88. Guadeloupe - Acapedia - Free Knowledge, For All
From the CIA World Factbook 2000. Not Wikified. History of guadeloupe; Geographyof guadeloupe; Demographics of guadeloupe; Politics of guadeloupe;
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89. Guadeloupe. The World Factbook. 2002
guadeloupe. BasseTerre, on the island of the same name, is guadeloupe’s capital;Pointe-à-Pitre, on Grande-Terre, is the chief port and commercial center.
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  • 90. Caribbean Home Page - Caribbean Island Information
    Guyana Tourist Guide. guadeloupe Les Saintes Destination Archipelguadeloupe; French Caribbean guadeloupe; French Caribbean Les
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    91. Guadeloupe - A Little-Known Caribbean Escape -
    guadeloupe A Little-Known Caribbean Escape Author Linda Armstrong Publishedon June 25, 1999. guadeloupe is comprised of several small islands.

    Caribbean Travel and Culture
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    92. CompletePlanet - Directory Guadeloupe
    Search Databases for Search All Within guadeloupe. NODE RESULTS 110 of19, Zagaya - guadeloupe Marie-Galante Vacances Caraibes Location
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    93. | Caribbean Odyssey
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