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         Gymnastics Olympic History:     more books (31)
  1. Olympic History (Olympics) by Moira Butterfield, 2011-04-28
  2. Going for the Gold: 2008 U.s. Women's Olympic Gymnastics by Leigh Olsen, 2008-06
  3. Gold Medal Glory:The Story of America's 1996 Women's Gymnastics Team by Daniel Cohen, Susan Cohen, 1996-12-01
  5. Romanian Gymnastics by Kurt W. Treptow, 1996-02
  6. Track and Field Record Holders: Profiles of the Men and Women Who Set World, Olympic and American Marks, 1946 Through 1995 by David Baldwin, 1996-09
  7. The Olympic Marathon by David Martin, Roger Gynn, 2000-05-08
  8. American Women's Track and Field, 1895-1980: A History, 2 Volume Set by Louise Mead Tricard, 2008-06
  9. Running Scared: How Athletics Lost Its Innocence by Steven Downes, Duncan MacKay, 1997-01
  10. History of Sports - Track and Field by Nathan Aaseng, 2001-08-21
  11. Greek Athletes and Athletics by H.A. Harris, 1979-06
  12. Ancient Greek Athletics by Stephen G. Miller, 2006-08-01
  13. Olympic Scandals (Olympics) by Moira Butterfield, 2011-04-28
  14. Running Through the Ages by Edward S. Sears, 2008-12-22

21. USA Gymnastics Online: 2000 Olympic Games: History
Rather than provide a boring history lesson, we hope that you will see until 1960,anyone could try out for the US olympic team in gymnastics; you merely
Fun Information
The Olympics is like no other competition, offering some of the greatest moments of unscripted drama. We have documented here some of the outstanding achievements, with an emphasis on the progress of American gymnastics. Rather than provide a boring history lesson, we hope that you will see a great deal of FUN within these pages! For instance, did you know that...
  • gymnastics competitions used to be held outdoors?
  • the gymnasts would usually bring their own apparatus to compete on?
  • until 1960, anyone could try out for the U.S. Olympic team in gymnastics; you merely had to show up at the Trials competition to enter!
My, how things have changed! Sources
  • Harless, R. and Poe, D. Gymn's FAQ for Artistic Gymnastics . May 5, 1996.
  • Simons II, Minot. Women's Gymnastics: a history . Volume 1, 1966 to 1974. Welwyn Publishing Company, Carmel, CA. 1995.
  • Conversation with Fred Turoff. July 7, 1996.
  • 22. Olympic History
    wins 3 gold medals in gymnastics, Soviet Union 88 pound Nadia Comanici becomes firstOlympic gymnast to million spectators, and largest TV audience in history.
    A brief look at humankind's most enduring sports spectacle. The Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic Games were celebrated 320 times every four years in the sacred stadium at Olympia, Greece, beginning in 776 BC Though boxing and wrestling were added later, the first Olympic event was a sprint. The prize was an olive leaf and deification by poets, as well as recognition as a hero forever. The Modern Olympic Games Athens 1896
    In 1892, French educator Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposes a renaissance of ancient Greek competition. In 1896, his dream is realized as England, Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United States open Games. James B. Connolly wins triple jump (the first medal in modern Olympic history); American flag is raised and Star Spangled Banner played, beginning tradition of honoring victor and his/her country. Paris 1900
    Games opened to women. First female winner: Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain in singles tennis. Margaret Abbot of Chicago wins a gold medal in golf. Alvin Kraenzlein of US becomes first to win 4 gold medals. St. Louis 1904

    23. History - 2003 Junior Olympic Men's National Gymnastics Championships
    2003 Men's Junior olympic. National gymnastics Championships. Savannah, GeorgiaMay 611, 2003. Hosted By The Georgia gymnastics Judges Association.
    2003 Men's Junior Olympic
    National Gymnastics Championships
    Savannah, Georgia
    May 6-11, 2003 Hosted By The Georgia Gymnastics Judges Association
    Junior Olympic Gymnastics Championships History
    Previous Locations of JO National Championships: 1974 Algonquin, IL
    1975 Iowa
    1976 Ft Worth, TX
    1977 Bolder, CO
    1978 Oshkosh, WN
    1979 West Point, NY
    1980 Oakland, CA - Berkley
    1981 Provo, UT
    1982 Princeton, NJ
    1983 Eugene, OR 1984 Albuquerque, NM 1985 Columbus, OH 1986 Atlanta, GA 1987 Los Angeles, CA - UCLA 1988 Albuquerque, NM 1989 Oshkosh, WN 1990 Baltimore, MA 1991 Fullerton, CA 1992 Austin, TX 1993 Ann Arbor, MN 1994 Augusta, GA 1995 Oakland, CA 1996 Tulsa, OK 1997 Orlando, FL - Disney World 1998 Battlecreek, MN

    24. Olympic Report, Gymnastics And More
    Follow the athletes on their way to Sydney 2000. Girlstalksports covers the teams, individuals and Category Sports Events olympics Summer Games 2000 - Sydney...... US WOMEN'S WATER POLO SILVER IN THE POOL; Latvia Wins A Gold; WOMENS gymnastics;MENS gymnastics; olympic history; US Men's Tennis Team.
    Qantas Offers Sydney As Low As $925 TRACK AND FIELD medal results by country and news DeFrantz wants to make history as first WOMAN IOC President KWAN Swept at Grand Prix Blaine Wilson Wins Winter Cup SWIMMING WORLD CUP BEGINS - November 10, 2000 Krazyleberg Honored USOC RESIGNATION COULD AFFECT GYMNASTICS October 31, 2000 - The fallout continues after the "Best Ever Olympic Games," as finger pointing and controversy rules the in an assortment of countries unhappy with their Olympic results. COLLEGES WITH MOST MEDAL? GTS shows you which colleges have the most Olympic Medal Winners e-mail today! GYMNASTIC NEWS OLYMPIC MEDAL RESULTS

    25. Olympic Report, Gymnastics And More
    Latvia Wins A Gold; WOMENS gymnastics; MENS gymnastics; MEDAL COUNT; SWIMMERS USABRING IN BASEBALL; TRACK FIELD; CREW SAILING; olympic history; US Men's
    Qantas Offers Sydney As Low As $925 WINTER OLYMPICS ...
    TRACK AND FIELD Devers sets nail record at Worlds Marion Jones in Relay Mens Relay Ins and Outs ... medal results by country and news GYMNASTIC NEWS OLYMPIC MEDAL RESULTS DIVING MEDALS Featured Deals

    26. History | Trampolining | Gymnastics | ABC Olympic Games Coverage
    About this sport About gymnastics history Who to watch Australians Artistic gymnastics• Format • Rules Rhythmic gymnastics • history • Format
    Choose a sport: All Sports Archery Athletics Badminton Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Gymnastics Handball Hockey Judo Modern Pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synch. Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Triathlon Volleyball Waterpolo Weightlifting Wrestling Home Gymnastics Trampolining About this sport About Gymnastics

    Who to watch

    Gymnastics events

    Join our forum Join Caroline Davison on Saturday September 30 to get the inside story on the Gymnastics.
    Trampolining dates to the 1930s when American George Nissen developed a prototype trampoline in his garage. Men and women will compete in individual trampolining events in Sydney. The sport requires power as athletes need to clear the surface of the trampoline by up to six metres in order to perform manoeuvres. The top performers are able to achieve up to two seconds of air time in which to tumble, twist and turn. It wasn't until the 1960s that the first World Championships was held, and the sport's governing body was formed in 1965. The United States was the early pace setter in trampolining, but in recent years European nations have overtaken the US. Russia, Great Britain and Germany are likely to be the major forces in Sydney.

    27. ABC Online News - Sports: Gymnastics
    gymnast, and the most successful athlete in any sport, in olympic history. AlthoughGermany and the Scandinavian nations dominated gymnastics at olympic level
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    Swim Trials
    Athletes Sports ... Coverage RELATED ABC SITES Lateline Four Corners 7.30 Report Foreign Correspondent Landline Australian Story Stateline AM ... Correspondents' Report INTERACTIVE Forums Contact Us News Mail HELP Hearing Audio Viewing Video ABC ONLINE Home Other Areas of Interest: Subject Arts Science Children Youth Education Rural Local Shop OLYMPICS : Sports Gymnastics In this section... History The Athletes The Team Artistic ... Trampolining Mention gymnastics, and most people think of Romanian teenager Nadia Comaneci. At the 1976 Games in Montreal Comaneci amazed the crowd, and officials, by becoming the first gymnast to record a perfect score of 10 in Olympic competition. Even more amazingly, she achieved the feat six times during the Games. In doing so, the Romanian teenager became a household name around the world, and one of the most popular figures of the Montreal Olympics. Comaneci was carrying on where the Soviet Union's Olga Korbut had left off in Munich in 1972.

    appeared at the championships in 1973, and rhythmic gymnastics slowly emerged fromthe shadow of the longestablished artistic discipline. olympic history,

    olympic history, The early olympic each apparatus. Four years later,women began competing in olympic gymnastics at Amsterdam. By

    30. Choose A Sport Archery Athletics Badminton Canoe/Kayak Cycling
    Gymanastics' olympic history The sport traces back to ancient featured in the ancientolympic Games more State Sport Centre gymnastics Competition will be held

    31. Important Dates In Gymnastics History
    ~* Important Dates In gymnastics history*~ 776 BC Earliest recorded olympicGames in Athens. AD 393 Roman Empire abolishes olympic Games.
    ~* Important Dates In Gymnastics History*~ 776 B.C. Earliest recorded Olympic Games in Athens. A.D. 393 Roman Empire abolishes Olympic Games. 1599 First Gymnasts handbook is published by Archiange Tuccaro. 1774 Johann Basedow conducts first gymnasts course, in Germany. 1778 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, "the Father of Gymnastics," born. 1793 Johann F. Guts Muths publishes the first traditional book on the subject Gymnastics for the Young. 1811 Jahn opens first outdoor gym, near Berlin. 1817 Military gymnasium opens at U.S.Military Academy at West Point. 1825 First public gyms in U.S. open in Northamptom, Cambridge, and Boston, Massachusetts. 1844 YMCA founded in London. 1856 Princeton becomes the first college to erect a gymnasium building. 1862 Mt. Holyoke College is first college to offer gymnastics instruction to women 1881 The International Gymnastic Federation, the first international sports federation, formed. 1883 Russian Gymnastic Society Formed. 1885 The American Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) holds first gymnastic championship. 1888 American Amateur Gymnastic and Fencing Associtation formed.

    32. Accomplishments
    Records Set. Member of the first ever US olympic gymnastics Team Gold medal -Youngestgymnast in olympic history to win the Team Gold Medal -Youngest (age 14
    D o m i n i q u e s A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s
    Career Highlights
    Quick Bio Naitonal Competition International Competition ... Records Set Career Highlights 1998 Goodwill Games All-Around Champion
    1997 World Championships Team, Individual All-Around Finalist
    1996 Olympic Gold Medalist
    1995 Senior National Champion
    1994 Junior National Champion Quick Bio Moceanu was the youngest member (14) of the 1996 Gold Medal Olympic Team and finished ninth in the all-around competition. With the new minimum age rules, she is assured of retaining the record for being the youngest U.S. gymnast ever to win an Olympic gold medal. When she and her teammates appeared on the Wheaties cereal box, she became the youngest athlete ever to receive the honor. While she is the youngest member of the 1997 World Championships Team, she has the broadest range of international experience among the USA women. She earned the only USA individual medal (silver on beam) at the 1995 World Championships and had the highest USA all-around finish. She vaulted from Junior National Champion in 1994 to Senior National Champion in 1995, becoming the youngest Senior National Champion in history (age 13). At age 10, she was the youngest athlete to ever to qualify to the U.S. Junior National Team. Her first international all-around title came at the 1995 Visa Challenge . She was USOC SportsWoman of the Month for April and September '95. A nominee for the 1995 Sullivan Award, honoring the USA's top amateur athlete, she received the McDonald's 1996 Break Through To Be Your Best Award. Her goal after gymnastics is to be involved in sports medicine. Her Romanian-born parents came to the U.S. in 1980; both were competitive gymnasts her father, Dumitru, was on the Romanian Junior National Team and mother Camelia was a Level 10 gymnast. Her younger sister, Christina, also is gymnast. Dominique speaks fluent Romanian. Before moving to Houston to train with

    33. GymLink Portal General Gymnasic Links
    olympic history gymnastics, olympics Open a `Golden Door' olympic Preview Artisticgymnastics olympic Team Roster Index From 1904 to 1996, On Claude Nine
    updated:2003-01-13 Gymlink Portal
    General Gymnastic links
    B C D ... Z
    A A Gymnast's Diary
    ABC News Online: Olympics: Gymnastics


    Absolute Gymnastics
    (not updated anymore)

    Adult Gymnast

    Adriana Crisci's kingdom
    All-Around Gymnastics All-Star Gymnastics Alex's Gymnastics ... Awesome All Around Gymnastics B Beccy's gym page The Betsy Page! British Duo Make the Cut C Catharine's Gymnastics Page Cody's gymnastics page Colleen's Webpage Competitive Advantage ... CyberFantasy Gymnastics Academy D Dana's Homepage Daniel's Tribute to the World's Greatest Gymnasts DisnyAladdn's Gymnastics Resource Page Dizzy's Gymnastics Page ... Dream Gymnastics E Elke's Gym Page Emaline7's Home Page Erin's Gymnastics Page Express Gymnastics Inc. ... Exqusiite Virtual Gymnastics F Female Gymnastics Fever FIG Hall of Fame Flip'N'Twist Cyber Gym Flippin' for Gymnastics!! ... Floating Force Cyber Gym G Gina's Gymn Appreciation Page Graham's Gymnastics Page Gimnasia, el deporte-arte (Spanish)

    34. Gymnastics
    of the Soviet Union inspired thousands of girls to take up gymnastics after she NadiaComaneci of Romania became the first gymnast in olympic history to score

    Sports Women in Sports
    • The first women's gymnastics instruction in the United States was given at Mount Holyoke College in 1862. Olympic gymnastics competition for women was introduced at the 1928 games. Larissa Latynina of Russia won 18 Olympic gymnastic medals, thus setting an Olympics record for women: nine gold medals, five silver, and four bronze between 1956 and 1964. Marcia Frederick was the first American woman to win the World Gymnastics Championship. She won in 1978 on the uneven bars. Olga Korbut of the Soviet Union inspired thousands of girls to take up gymnastics after she won two gold medals and one silver medal in the 1972 Olympics. She was later named Female Athlete of the Year. In the 1976 Olympics Nadia Comaneci of Romania became the first gymnast in Olympic history to score a perfect 10.0. She did this in the floor exercise. She went on to record six more perfect scores during those olympics. In 1984 16-year-old Mary Lou Retton of West Virginia became the youngest gymnast to win a gold medal. Her perfect performance on the vault earned her the Olympic gold medal in the Women's All-Around event. Shannon Miller is now the most decorated female American gymnast of all time. She has seven Olympic medals altogether, two gold, two silver, and three bronze. Only three American woman, swimmers

    35. Gymnastic History
    Gymnastic history. gymnastics, like a number of olympic sports, hasit roots in warfare. In ancient times, the Greeks, Mesopotamians
    GymCharts Sports Tips Guide Site Map Gymnastic History Gymnastic Tips Cheerleading Tumbling History Tumbling Tips Cheerleading Stunts ... Contact Us
    Gymnastic History
    Gymnastics, like a number of Olympic sports, has it roots in warfare. In ancient times, the Greeks, Mesopotamians and Egyptians used gymnastic-style exercises to prepare their warriors for battle. The ancient Chinese also practiced group gymnastic exercises, a tradition which continues today. Gymnastic, as an activity sport, began in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago. Men gathered at the centers of activity "gymnasiums" to practice sport and debate about art, literature and philosophy. Plato, Aristotle and Homer advocated strengthening qualities of gymnastic activity and finding symmetry between the mind and body. The evolution of modern gymnastics began in the 19th century with the fusion of disciplines popular in Germany and Scandinavia. In 1830s, gymnastics was introduced to United States and its school systems by some of the famous immigrants. In 1881 the the first international sports federation, International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) was formed, later renamed to Bureau of the European Gymnastics Federation. This organization pioneered the international competition. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) was formed in United States in 1883. 1885 The American Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) holds first gymnastic championship. 1894 International Olympic Committee created, in Paris.

    36. Summer Olympics 2000
    be an American gymnast — the entire US gymnastics team, men Redgrave wrote himselfinto the history books Saturday winning a fifth consecutive olympic gold as
    Mtn Biking Outdoors Running ... Winter Sports More Sports Adv Racing Badminton Baseball Baseball- LLB Basketball Bobsleigh Bodybuilding Bowling Cheerleading Climbing Cricket Cross Country Curling Disc Sports Duathlon Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Figure Skating Fishing Fitness Flag Football Football Football - AU Golf Horseshoes Ice Hockey Inline Skating Kayak/Canoe Kickball Lacrosse Martial Arts Orienteering Other Sports Paddleball Paintball Polo Racquetball Ringette Roller Hockey Rowing Skydiving Softball-Fast Softball-Slow Stickball Table Tennis Tennis Volleyball Water Polo Water Skiing Wrestling Event Directors Park Professionals Team Administrators ActiveWomen ... Active Sports Shed
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    Michael Steele/Allsport
    Savon punches on

    Cuba, not known for making its mark at the Olympics, made history saturday. Felix Savon won the heavyweight gold to become only the third boxer to win three gold medals and second Cuban to do so.
    Raging bulls
    Fists were flying during semifinal action of the Olympic boxing tournament. When the final bell sounded, two Americans, Ricardo Williams Jr. and Rocky Juarez will have a final bout for gold. Double-fault
    A major sport at most times and in most places, tennis fails to generate widespread excitement among players and fans alike as an Olympic event. Would changing Olympic tennis to a team competition format help matters?

    37. Olympic History For Sporting Families
    olympic history for Families. his brothers, also Finnish champions, but withoutolympic successes; Kato, his brother, also in the Japanese gymnastics team in
    Olympic History for Families
    The following are families of which more than one member have achieved Olympic successes (top-6)
    • the Abbagnales, Italian Rowers (982)
    • the Joyners, American Athletic stars (900.5) the Kelly-Costello family (822)
      • Paul Costello , triple gold medallist at double scull (480)
      • John Kelly, sen , his cousin, who shared two of those medals (256)
      • John Kelly, jun, his son, bronze at skiff in 1956 (36)
      • Bernard Paul Costello, Paul's son, silver at the same event in 1956 (50)
      • Prince Albert of Monaco, son of a certain film-star-princess, and grandson of John Kelly, sr, who represented Monaco on the bob-sled (0)
    • the Gyarmati family (743)
      • , his wife (236)
      • Gyarmati Andrea, their daughter (95)

    38. Potted History
    Some early history about women and the olympics Married women were barred but womenhad to wait until 1928 before gymnastics became an official olympic event
    Potted History Some early history about women and the Olympics
    • Married women were barred from the Ancient Olympic Games but prostitutes or virgins were allowed to spectate. Kallipateria was the first female Olympic boxing coach in 440 BC. The first female Olympic champion was a Spartan princess called Kynisca, in 392 BC. She was also the first woman to become a champion horse trainer when her horses and chariot competed and won in the Ancient Olympic Games. Women had their own athletic games of Hera from about 1000 BC. Women were originally the prizes Ballooning, croquet and golf (1900) were once Olympic events in which women competed. Please see Statistics for more information. two Olympic sports in 1900 - tennis and golf. Sports historians now accept that women were involved in the yachting. Old programmes of the Paris Exposition show that women also participated in ballooning, croquet, equestrianism, golf, tennis and yachting. Bearing this in mind, we take the view that all women who took part in these sports were Olympians.

    39. Canadian Women Olympic Gymnasts
    By Sport. olympic history. New Sports. Profiles.

    40. Gymnastics Canada Names Rest Of Olympic Women's Gymnastic Squad
    gymnastics. By Sport. olympic history. New Sports.

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