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  1. The 2007 Import and Export Market for Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments in United States by Philip M. Parker, 2006-10-24
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41. Arts: Music: Instruments: Keyboard: Harpsichord - Open Site
....... Musical Instrument. Top Arts Music instruments Keyboard harpsichord (1) Seealso Arts Music instruments Keyboard Spinet. History and
Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project home submit content become an editor the entire directory only in Keyboard/Harpsichord Musical Instrument
Arts Music Instruments ... Keyboard : Harpsichord
See also: History and Description The harpsichord is a keyboard instrument common from about 1500 to 1800, during the Renaissance and Baroque eras, and revived in the early 20th century.
Although it looks much like a piano, the harpsichord uses quills called plectrums to pluck the strings rather than hammers to strike them. This gives the harpsichord a harsh, percussive sound. Many harpsichords have a second set of strings pitched an octave higher or lower to create changes in volume. Otherwise, the harpsichord plays at the same volume no matter how hard or soft the keys are pressed.
Unlike the clavichord whose strings are placed perpendicular to the keys, the harpsichord is shaped like a grand piano, the strings stretching away from the player in the same direction as the keys.
Based on:
  • Excerpts from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia, (c)1994.
  • 42. Arts/Music/Instruments/Keyboard/Harpsichord
    The harpsichord is that family of keyboardinstruments which are plucked, not struck, by the key mechanism.......Search Category
    Search: Category Description:
    The harpsichord is that family of keyboard instruments which are plucked, not struck, by the key mechanism. It has served as the major string keyboard instrument for substantially longer than its descendant the piano, and still at the end of the millenium is much in use, both in early music performance and in various new applications. There are perhaps three distinctions which help catagorize the instruments. There are national schools (chiefly Flemish, Italian, French, German, and English), time frame (conveniently thought of by century - 16th, 17th, 18th, and 20th), and instrument type (harpsichord, spinette, virginal, but with several rich and strange variations, such as the lautenwerk or the clavicyntherium). Arts Music Instruments Keyboard Harpsichord Builders

    "A New Solution to the Ruckers Transposing Double Puzzle"

    Article from Continuo magazine about a double-keyboard harpsichord.
    HPSCHD Mailing List

    Archives and links.

    43. Early Music Chicago Instruments
    Brass Early instruments. Keyboard Clavichord The Clavichord Boston Clavichord SocietyBritish Clavichord Society harpsichord and Clavichord




    last updated 2003-04-07
    Brass Keyboard Percussion P ercussion
    • Castanets Chime bells Clappers Cymbals Jew's Harp Kettledrum Nakers and tabor Rattle Side drum Tambourine Triangle Xylophone

    44. Jack Peters Harpsichords - Palmer Article
    It is important to find out how a good harpsichord sounds by visitingcollections of playable instruments or by listing to recordings.
    Harpsichords, Clavichords
    and Virginals Jack Peters Harpsichords Home Choosing a
    Selected ...
    Web Sites

    Hints for
    Choosing a
    Larry Palmer Buying a

    Part 1

    Trevor Pinnock
    ... Trevor Pinnock ABSTRACT Email us if you'd like to know how to obtain the full article. Hints for Choosing a Harpsichord This is very old information but still applicable. There has been updating and some new research but the basic information still holds. Larry Palmer, The Diapason , September 1972 Figuring out which harpsichord to buy can be a challenge but it is easier than learning how to play the instrument musically. More and more harpsichords today are built based on designs of one of the national schools: Italian, Flemish, French, English, or German. Features of these instruments include a thin soundboard, thin and lightweight construction that allow for sound resonance, 1 to 3 sets of strings, precisely and evenly regulated action, and non-bushed keys. The finest builders of harpsichords are in high demand. Investigate local options as well as nationally known builders. Many local builders start with kits from the master builders. Others build from their own designs. With careful comparison and investigation of local builders, you can end up with an instrument every bit as good (and many times even better) as those from the national builders. Buying locally may allow you to get an instrument quicker, perhaps for less money while supporting your local musical community. You will also be able to consult your local builder on advice for maintaining and repairing your instrument.

    45. Women's Early Music Instruments - Keyboard
    family instruments, the hammered dulcimer and the medieval psaltery, are ancestorsof keyboard chordophones such as the piano, clavichord, and harpsichord.
    Illustrations: Sofonisba Anguissola (1531-1625), SELF PORTRAIT AT THE KEYBOARD WITH HER GOVERNESS from the Sofonisba Anguissola Page ; French Double Manual Harpsichord from the Harpsichord Information Center History of the Western Keyboard
    from Encarta 97 Encyclopedia, CD-ROM 1996 "Two zither-family instruments, the hammered dulcimer and the medieval psaltery, are ancestors of keyboard chordophones such as the piano, clavichord, and harpsichord. The last two instruments were invented in the late Middle Ages (the late 14th and early 15th centuries) in conjunction with the emergence of multipart music. The piano, with its wider dynamic range, appeared about 1700. It largely replaced the hammered dulcimer in urban domestic use, and by 1800 it had superseded the quieter clavichord and harpsichord. The hurdy-gurdy, which is a fiddle with a keyboard of limited compass, has both melody and drone strings, sounded by a rotating circular "bow" of wood. It resembles the Swedish nyckelharpa, a keyed fiddle played with a conventional bow."
    AIRES FROM THE OPERA CURIOUSLY SET "In volume one Jane Chapman presents works for harpsichord and spinet from early 18th century England. 'The Lady's Banquet' is a published collection of keyborad works intended for domestic consumption and concentrataes on 18th century operatic transcriptions of Aires and Duets played on the harpsichord. The accomplished player could remind herself of what she had seen (or would like to see) at the theatre, all in the comfort of her own home. The music is of great interest to themodern- day music lover and provides an invaluable insight into the place of the woman keyboard player in 18th century English society."

    46. Music Magic: Online Musical Encyclopedia - Instruments: Musical: Harpsichord
    Online Musical Encyclopedia instruments harpsichord The harpsichord(photo) (audio). Like a dulcimer or psaltery, a keyboard mechanism
    Online Musical Encyclopedia: Instruments: Harpsichord The Harpsichord ( photo audio Like a dulcimer or psaltery, a keyboard mechanism is attached to a series of strings in a Harpsichord. A not-so-distant ancestor of the piano, the first Harpsichord was made in the fourteenth century. An early name for the Harpsichord was clavicymbalum or dulcimer. The Harpsichord produces different pitches by plucking the links
    Yahoo Index: Harpsichord

    strings with plectrums made of leather or quills. The plectrums are operated by mechanisms called jacks. The simplest of this mechanism – the virginal or spinet is made up of one plectrum operated by jacks that pluck one string when the key is pressed. The Harpsichord, however, may pluck several strings when one mechanism is operated or one key is pressed. The strings are made up of thin-drawn steel and are not always at the closest possible place next to the keys. This is primarily due to the number of strings needed. To accommodate this arrangement, the Harpsichord is not shaped in a oblong way but in a grand piano-type style. The two most prevalent styles of interactive
    Add Information About The Harpsichord

    Look at more Info About The Harpsichord
    Harpsichords was produced by the Flemish and Italian. The Italian styled instruments were small and had a thin sound. The Flemish style, perfected by the Ruckers family of Antwerp often had two keyboards and boasted a full, rich sound.

    47. A Brief History Of The Harpsichord
    The keyboard range has doubled from the earlier northern instruments.And, the harpsichord has taken the musical world by storm.
    A Brief History of the Harpsichord
    The harpsichord is a musical instrument whose strings are plucked from a keyboard and which sits on a table or stand while being played. They have been made in varying shapes, sizes and sounds over the years. They were called virginals in Elizabethan England, a term today reserved in English for harpsichords whose strings are parallel to the keyboard.
    The ancestor of the harpsichord was the psaltery. When played with a plectrum held in one hand, and the strings damped by the other hand, it could handle rapid organal parts. In this example, it is being plucked with both hands, playing with a harp and bells. From the attention the player is paying to the harpist, she is obviously playing a subordinate part. The psaltery is occasionally shown being played flat on a lap, but it is then easily confused with the dulcimer, which was struck with hammers like a xylophone. By the late 1300s, a keyboard was being added to the psaltery, at right angles to the soundboard in a manner similar to portative organs of the time. It remained a small hand-held instrument and had the Latin name clavicytherium. This is probably the instrument referred to as an exaquir in 1387, "an instrument like an organ which sounds by means of strings".
    What we know today as a harpsichord seems to have evolved in the early 1400s in Flanders. The earliest ones had the thick cases typical of later Flemish instruments, but were small by later standards and had no jack rail. Their complex plucking mechanisms survive in a set of drawings c1440 by Henri Arnaut in Burgundy. Some of these plucked the strings with a quill like the psaltery, some with metal plectra, and at least one struck the strings with a metal staple in the manner of the dulcimer. The earliest surviving representation is an altar carving from Germany ca.1425. The second is from England: a beautiful stained glass window attributed to John Prudd c1440 in the Beauchamp chapel of St.Mary's Church, Warwick England that clearly shows its Flemish influence in the case decoration.

    48. Harpsichord And Fortepiano
    I'm subscribed at hpschdl mailing-list dedicated to harpsichord and otherearly keyboard instruments (fortepiano, spinett, clavichord).
    Harpsichord and fortepiano
    Updated: 11th July 1998
    Harpsichord and fortepiano are my favourite instruments. I listen much of music for these 2 instruments. I've a lot of CD of works for harpsichord and fortepiano.
    The first fortepianos appareared in the 2nd half of the XVIIIth century and looked like harpsichords. They had a sound which belonged them. Progressively, they took the place of the harpsichord which had existed since the XVIth century. The fortepiano is a hammer-string instrument being able to make "piano" and "forte": it has the capacity to made nuances then to play more or less lound. Mozart had known the fortepiano and admired these of the Viennese maker Stein. During the XIXth century, the making of fortepiano evolved to obtain what everybody knows today: the piano. It was 1850 about that the "fortepiano" word was replaced with the "piano" word.
    My dream is having a fortepiano and playing it. I would like to play works for this instrument. but this dream will made in 5-10 years and, by waiting it, I'm interested by a spinett (for reasons of place). Clic here and here to see my spinet built by Marc Ducornet.

    49. Index Of Instruments
    Organ Trumpet and String Orchestra Various instruments Viola Viola and Piano Violaand String Orchestra Viola da gamba Viola da gamba, harpsichord and Continuo
    Index of Instruments
    French horn, oboe and lute: there really are all the instruments in the big VivaldiStudio orchestra. In this page you can select your instrument and access the list of all the available scores, which in many cases can be partially viewed for free.
    Instruments: 2 Flutes
    2 Guitars

    2 Recorders

    2 Trumpets, String Orchestra and Continuo
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    50. Baroque Music - Keyboards
    The baroque harpsichord and its music.Category Arts Music instruments Keyboard harpsichord...... Their harpsichords relied on heavy strings under high tension in a heavily bracedcase. Many 20thcentury harpsichord works were written for such instruments.
    Harpsichord (Italian cembalo; French clavecin), stringed keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked to produce sound. It was developed in Europe in the 14th or 15th century and was widely used from the 16th to the early 19th century, when it was superseded by the piano. In the 20th century the harpsichord was revived for performance of music of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, as well as for new compositions. The incisive sound quality of the plucked metal strings adds clarity to melodic lines. The harpsichord is particularly effective in performing contrapuntal music—that is, music that consists of two or more melodies played at the same time, such as that of the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
    The earliest school of harpsichord building developed in Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries. Italian harpsichords differed from others in that they normally were made of extremely thin wood and then placed in a stronger outer case of the same shape. A second important school of building developed in the 16th and 17th centuries in Flanders, centered around the influential Ruckers family of builders. These schools gave way in the 18th century to distinctive styles of building that developed in France (the Blachet family), Germany (the Hass family), and England (Jacob Kirkman). Harpsichords of the different national schools varied in details of their proportions and construction, resulting in slight, although characteristic differences in tone color.

    51. Harpsichord, Clavichord @ Net Instruments
    Ad type, For Sale and Wanted. Search region, World. Total results, 1.Thank you for searching for harpsichord, clavichord with Net instruments.
    harpsichord, clavichord The fine musical instrument site - online since 1998. home gallery join dealers ... help
    harpsichord, clavichord
    Category Harpsichord, Clavichord Ad type For Sale and Wanted Search region World Total results Thank you for searching for harpsichord, clavichord with Net Instruments. Advert Title (click for full details) Price US$ Location harpsichord, clavichord 27796: HARPSICHORD
    ORIGINAL "ZUCKERMANN" HARPSICHORD a Flemish Double after the original Ruckers Instruments, built in 2001/2002 from a Zuckermann KIT b... special price $18000 or best offer Stuttgart, Germany;
    harpsichord, clavichord 27234: Harpsichord Hamburg, Germany;
    This listing was created by Net Instruments Limited on:
    Tuesday 08 April, 2003 at 01:09.
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    contact net instruments

    52. Toms Harpsichord Gallery One
    I modelled the decoration of a few of my instruments on this harpsichord.With only one 8' and one 4', the sound is quite rich and lively.
    Home Tom Pixton Publications Romania ... Site Map Harpsichord Gallery
    Gallery I, Historical Instrument
    Gallery II, Pixton Instruments Harpsichord Gallery I: Historical Instruments 1748 Goermans 1642 Ruckers 1745 Dulcken 1640 Ruckers ... 168X-1754 Ruckers-Blanchet 1758 Goermans This harpsichord was made in 1748 by a Flemish maker working in Paris, Jacques Goermans. It was owned by Tye and Caroline Cunningham of Haverford, Pennsylvania, and I first saw and played it in 1970.Tye had bought it at the end of World War II in a Paris antique shop, for some absurdly small amount of money. He and Caroline, the parents of the famous violist Sarah Cunningham, were far ahead of the trend in the 1960s of an appreciation of historical instruments. This two-manual instrument, with a range of four and 3/4 octaves (GG-e'''), has three choirs of string and jacks, with the standard shove coupler found on French instruments of the period. It had been restored by the Hubbard shop in Boston in 1968 (where I had seen it, as an awestruck teenage harpsichordist), and was one of the first antiques I was able to play, photograph and study intensely. It is shown in the Cunningham's beautiful music room of their house in Haverford, a room filled with museum-quality musical instruments.

    53. Used Keyboard Instruments
    Price. 1567 S, Delin single manual Flemish harpsichord by Peter Barnes, 2 x 8' +buff, 59 notes, GGf''', £5,995.00. 5258 S, Feldberg double manual harpsichord.
    Codes: S = in stock in Bradford, SL = in stock in London, no letter = contact Bradford, L = contact London Harpsichords Spinets Clavichords Virginals ... Miscellaneous
    William de Blaise Model A single manual Harpsichord, 4' + 8', walnut case Feldburg Model PW2 double manual Harpsichord John Feldburg dbl manual harpsichord 1967, 5 octave (G-G), adjustment needed 4146 S Italian single manual harpsichord by Tom Wess (1970). Condition as new 4164 S Cembalino built from EMS kit by Peter Barnes, new instrument (2000) Morley English double manual harpsichord no. 3264 (1991) condition as new Double manual harpsichord by Michael Thomas c. 1970 4419 S Michael Thomas double manual harpsichord, lute,8', 4' stops modelled after Taskin (1728) blue/gold decoration. Approximately 30 years old. Italian harpsichord after Baffo by Sandy Rogers (1974), 8' x 8', AA-d''', good playing condition Zuckermann single manual concert harpsichord with turned stand. 2 x 8' stops, 1 x 4' stop. Green with gold banding (1977) 5 octaves. Condition as new

    54. WebRing: Hub
    William Horn harpsichord maker Keyboard instruments for ancient music, harpsichordmaker, copies after historical instruments, Repair, tuning and manteinance

    55. WebRing: Hub
    The Instrument Workshop Parts, plans and supplies for owners and makers of historicalkeyboard instruments (harpsichord, clavichord, virginal, fortepiano)and

    56. Godzilla Radio - Directory - Keyboard Instruments - Harpsichord
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    57. Bomis: The Arts/Music/Instruments/Harpsichord/Builders Ring
    Bomis The Arts/Music/instruments/harpsichord/Builders ring. Makers and maintainersof harpsichord and other antique keyboard instruments.
    Bomis: The Arts/Music/Instruments/Harpsichord/Builders ring Build a ring
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  • ...Arts/Music/Instruments/Harpsichord Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
    Bomis is a search engine covering all topics. Enjoy! Ring sites
    Cembaloworks of Washington
    Makers and maintainers of harpsichord and other antique keyboard instruments. Alan Gotto Harpsichords (UK) Harpsichords, spinets and virginals. CBH Carey Beebe Harpsichords Australia Harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano construction, restoration, maintenance, tuning and hire. Bizzi Harpsichords Italian harpsichord maker. Photos, product and price lists. Anden Houben - Harpsichord Builder Harpsichord and Lute-Harpsichord Builder. Description and photos of instruments Douglas Maple Custom harpsichords and clavichords patterned after historical prototypes. Harpsichord Clearing House Makers and dealers of early keyboard instruments: harpsichords, virginals, clavichords, continuo organs.
  • 58. Maurici Piano And Harpsichord
    Builds and repairs harpsichords, clavichords and fortepianos.Category Arts Music instruments Keyboard harpsichord Builders...... I endeavor to make the best instruments both tonally and constructionally as I Itis my belief that a wellmade clavichord, harpsichord, or fortepiano should
    Welcome to the home page of Maurici Piano and Harpsichord. I build and repair historic keyboard instruments as well as tune and service modern pianos in San Diegos North County. My current offerings include Harpsichords, Clavichords and Fortepianos.
    Virtually all the parts that go into my pieces are hand made using materials that match closely those used on the original instruments. Of course if there is a modern material that in my opinion is superior to that used on early keyboards I will use it. My philosophy is simple. I endeavor to make the best instruments both tonally and constructionally as I know how for the most reasonable price to the customer. I am well aware that there are many people who would love to own a handcrafted instrument but the price is just out of their reach. It is my belief that a well-made clavichord, harpsichord, or fortepiano should be affordable to almost anyone who truly wants one. I invite you to browse through my site. On the INSTRUMENTS page you will find photos of pieces already completed along with descriptions and prices. The ABOUT ME page will give you a brief and I hope not too boring autobiography of myself. The

    59. Hackbrett
    harpsichord 6199. ML651 (History) MT252 (Instruction) M20 M39 (harpsichord music)UF, Spinet (harpsichord) Virginal. BT, Keyboard instruments 95. RT, Piano 10000.
    USE Dulcimer
    ML927 .H
    M59 .H3 (HaegÅ­m music)
    BT Musical instrumentsKorea Stringed instruments, Bowed
    USE Bānsurī
    Hammered dulcimer
    USE Dulcimer
    Hammond electric organ
    USE Hammond organ
    Hammond electronic organ
    USE Hammond organ
    Hammond organ
    ML597 (History)
    MT192 (Instruction)
    M14.8 - M14.85 (Electronic organ music (Hammond registration))
    UF Hammond electric organ Hammond electronic organ BT Electronic organ
    Hand bell ringing
    USE Handbell ringing
    Hand organ
    USE Barrel organ
    Hand piano
    USE Mbira
    Handbell ringing
    UF Bell ringing Hand bell ringing BT Bells Carillons
    MT710 (Handbell ringing)
    M147 (Handbell music)
    BT Bells NT Handchimes
    BT Chimes Handbells
    USE Ichigenkin
    Hardanger fiddle
    ML927 .H (History)
    MT335 .H4 (Instruction)
    M59 .H37 (Hardanger fiddle music)
    UF Hardangerfele Hardingfele BT Musical instrumentsNorway Violin
    USE Hardanger fiddle
    USE Hardanger fiddle
    Hardwood drum
    MT725 .H37 (Instruction) UF Tongue drum BT Teponaztli
    Harmonic canon (Musical instrument)
    BT Zither
    M175 .H3 (Harmonica music) UF Mouth harmonica Mouth organ BT Mouth organs NT Melodica
    Harmonica, Glass

    60. Virtual Sheet Music - Flute Sheet Music Dedicated Page
    Bach JS, Brandenburg Concerto V (parts), fl, strings harpsichord, MEDIUM. GruberF. Silent Night FREE! piano, voice or other instruments, EASY.
    Flute Sheet Music
    available items ready to download and print Composers Instruments Ensembles Skill Levels ... Advanced Search
    Learn more about: Shopping Guarantee In this page: 55 items displayed
    Brandenburg Concerto II (ALL) MEDIUM Bach J.S. ... Silent Night - FREE! piano, voice or other instruments EASY Gruber F. Silent Night - FREE! two flutes EASY MEDIUM Joplin S. The Entertainer - FREE! flute solo EASY Joplin S. The Entertainer wind quartet ... Pachelbel J. flute solo MEDIUM Pachelbel J. MEDIUM Pachelbel J. ... 12 Fantasias flute solo EASY MEDIUM Telemann G.P. 3 Canonic Sonatas, book I two flutes (recorders) EASY Telemann G.P. 3 Canonic Sonatas, book II two flutes (recorders) EASY Telemann G.P. 6 Canonic Sonatas, book I-II two flutes (recorders) EASY Telemann G.P. Canonic Sonata No.5, 3rd mvnt. - FREE! two flutes (recorders) EASY Wagner R. Wedding March - FREE! EASY MEDIUM Miscellaneous 10 Classical Pieces flute or other instruments VERY EASY Miscellaneous Christmas Carols EASY ... Christmas Carols two flutes EASY Miscellaneous Christmas Carols wind quartet ... Happy Birthday - FREE! piano, voice or other instruments

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