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  1. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments in Sweden by Icon Group International, 2009-05-25
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  6. The 2009 World Forecasts of Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments Export Supplies by Icon Group, 2008-09-30
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  8. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments in Czech Republic by Icon Group International, 2009-05-25
  9. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments in Poland by Icon Group International, 2009-05-25
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  14. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Pianos, Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords, and Other Keyboard Stringed Instruments in the United States by Icon Group International, 2009-05-25

61. MusicSources : Instruments For Sale
For Sale Previously Owned instruments. FRENCH DOUBLE MANUAL harpsichord $17,500built by Willard Martin; 5 octaves, transposing HUBBARD FRENCH SINGLE MANUAL
For Sale:
Previously Owned Instruments.
built by Willard Martin; 5 octaves, transposing
8', 8', 4'; black; light action, transposing
4 1/2 octaves, 2 8', G-d; attractive red finish, transposing
built by Parmelee/Calhoun
PEDAL HARPSICHORD, 1965 - $3,500
made in England by Clayton; belonged to Bowdoin College, Maine
PENTAGONAL SPINET, Italianate - $3,000 built by Martin ZUCKERMANN FLEMISH SINGLE MANUAL HARPSICHORD - $3,000 8' + 4', cream colored, transposing MORLEY DOUBLE MANUAL HARPSICHORD - $2,000 heavy, pedals to change registers, needs requilling ZUCKERMANN SINGLE MANUAL HARPSICHORD, 1970 - $1,550 8', 4'; 4+ octaves, A-f; b/w keys, lid stains ZUCKERMANN SINGLE MANUAL HARPSICHORD - $1,500 slab side, very heavy, wooden jacks, lid bracing, recently requilled ZUCKERMANN SINGLE MANUAL HARPSICHORD - $500 slab side, very early, heavy

62. Suite Quadripartite
Toccata for harpsichord 13 wind instruments and percussion. Nelhybel,Vaclav (19191996).Sex, Male. Comments, Written, Duration, 800. Comments, Publisher, EC Kerby.
Find: The Database Home Page < Suite pour clarinette seule (si-b) To the Index Suite uber ungarische Volkslieder >> Suite quadripartite Nelhybel,Vaclav Sex Male Comments Written Duration Comments Publisher J. Christopher
Inst. Clarinet in Bb Grade Comments Prepared on Fri Jan 24 20:07:56 2003

63. Piano, Organ, Harpsichord
Piano and Others. Piano, harpsichord, Organ. IndexMusical instruments. HyperPhysics***** Sound, Go Back.
Piano and Others
Organ Index
Musical instruments
HyperPhysics Sound ... Go Back

64. EMusic: Robert Woolley, Harpsichord (on Original Instruments)
Robert Woolley, harpsichord (on original instruments), See recommendationsbased on this artist. harpsichord Sonatas by Carlos Seixas
Rock/Pop Jazz Electronic Urban/Hip Hop ... Message Boards Artist Search Album Search Track Search Label Search Robert Woolley, harpsichord (on original instruments) See recommendations based on this artist Harpsichord Sonatas by Carlos Seixas
Amon Ra
About EMusic ... Audio Players

65. Claviers Baroques New Custom Instruments
quarterly maintenance plans are available for all our new instruments, whereverthey are. Lease to own if you want to have your harpsichord sooner rather

66. Atelier Marc Ducornet Instruments Signed Marc Ducornet
It is no coincidence that our instruments are known throughout the world. Anyone,of course, can buy a drawing of an antique harpsichord, make a set of parts
Instruments M arc D ucornet In this catalog you will find instruments with the designations 'after', meaning that they are based as closely as possible on the originals, or 'School', meaning that they are designed by us but fall within an aesthetic and stylistic framework defined by a master of the period. Our desire to base our instruments on antiques indicates not passive dependence but rather a commitment to the continuation of a great tradition. At the same time, we create protoptypes of harpsichords with composite materials for the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique. Once your instrument's principal characteristics have been determined you will have time to ponder details, and discuss the type of ornamentation you would like with our painter. In its last stage of production every instrument passes through my hands for final regulation and thorough inspection, so that I can be assured that it is truly finished in every detail. Of course the instrument that we deliver to you will continue to mature under your fingers. But together we will follow its development from its first to last notes until it reaches the full maturity of its predecessors, all the while enriching your life immeasurably.

67. Harpsichord Primer
The harpsichord is that family of keyboard instruments which are plucked,not struck, by the key mechanism. It has served as the
A Harpsichord Primer The harpsichord is that family of keyboard instruments which are plucked, not struck, by the key mechanism. It has served as the major string keyboard instrument for substantially longer than its descendant the piano, and still at the end of the millenium is much in use, both in early music performance and in various new applications. There are perhaps three distinctions which help catagorize the instruments. There are national schools (chiefly Flemish, Italian, French, German, and English), time frame (conveniently thought of by century - 16th, 17th, 18th, and 20th), and instrument type (harpsichord, spinette, virginal, but with several rich and strange variations, such as the lautenwerk or the clavicyntherium). The history of the harpsichord is somewhat odd in that it contains a dramatic hiatus: harpsichord making simply died in the nineteenth century (a victim, some will argue, of Romanticism) and was only revived again in the twentieth. At first the revival engendered some very different kinds of instruments indeed, and it is only in the second half of the century that we find the emphasis again on early styles of building. We are able then to make the additional distinction between historic, revival, and modern instruments.

68. Owen Daly, Maker Of Early Keyboard Instruments
sounding harpsichord. The timbre is rich and nutty, with lots of character. Thebass is somewhat gruff and not at all boomy like later French instruments,

About My Work


French Double inspired by the 1681 Vaudry in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Harpsichords Clavichords


Owen Daly

This harpsichord has a compass of GG/BB-d''', with one split sharp in the bass short octave to provide a low E-flat. Pitched at A-392. The case is of Oregon black walnut and Port Orford cedar, with cedar of Lebanon framing; the instrument is strung in Malcolm Rose "A" iron wire, and quilled in Celcon. It sports carved and gilded keyfronts, ebony naturals and solid bone sharps. Its recording debut, on a Wildboar CD of David Cates playing the French Suites of J.S. Bach, which came out in the fall of 2001. In describing Wildboar's J.S. Bach: Harpsichord Music played by David Cates on the 1995 predecessor to this instrument, the late Joseph Spencer has written: "Owen Daly's Vaudry has been in existence for several years, and has garnered quite a reputation as a fabulous-sounding harpsichord. The timbre is rich and nutty, with lots of character. The bass is somewhat gruff and not at all boomy like later French instruments, while the entire band has a distinctive oboe-like accent that colors all music played upon it. Mr. Cates was so taken with the instrument he ordered one made, with the proviso he would have the choice of the new instrument or the one used on this recording. I believe that listeners will applaud this courageous choice of instrument- the result is a recital of wonderful, exciting sound, very tangy and refreshing to the ear."

69. Robertson Harpsichords
of this instrument and this wood was commonly used for cases of Italian here to view a larger picture This is a harpsichord after Beniost





Iberian ... Pricelist Recordings Theodore Robertson Performers Construction Step by Step Contact Theodore Robertson Harpsichords 403 W. Vine St. Ellettsvile, IN 47429 Theodore Robertson Harpsichord Craftsman, Musician, Artist "Harpsichords In The Style Of The Originals" All instruments and works of art pictured here were individually crafted by Theodore Robertson. Please browse through our photo gallery, clicking on a photo for a larger image. This page may take a minute to load, because of the many pictures present. Some of the details of the large pictures are best viewed by setting your desktop resolution to 1024 x 768. When viewing the large pictures, maximize the window so that you may scroll the larger pictures to observe the exquisite details. Theodore can also be commissioned for custom instruments, please contact us about this.

70. Augusto Bonza - Keyboard Instruments
Twenty years experience of harpsichord making. High quality instruments builtaccording to historical principles. Augusto Bonza. Keyboard instruments.
A u g u s t o B o n z a
Keyboard instruments Sorry, the english pages of some instruments are not yet available. Meanwhile you can only read in italian their features. Return to this page using the back arrow of your browser. Single manual harpsichords Folding italian harpsichord after C. Grimaldi ca. 1700 Neapolitan harpsichord after Anonymous, cen. XVI Italian harpsichord after Anonymous, late cen. XVII Flemish harpsichord after J. J. Couchet, 1679 ... French harpsichord after F. Blanchet, 1736 Double manual harpsichords Double manual french harpsichord after Vaudry 1681 Double manual french harpsichord after H. Hemsch 1736 Double manual flemish harpsichord after J. D. Dulcken 1745 Other keyboard instruments Venetian virginal after Anonymous, cen. XVII Arci-spineta Flemish bentside spinet after Albert Delin, 1763 Fretted german clavichord after Anonymous, cen. XVII ... Fortepiano after J. A. Stein, 1775 SPECIAL INSTRUMENTS CAN BE MADE BY REQUEST Other details and pro-forma invoices on demand
Click below to request Write for pro-forma invoices
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Restoration Authentication ... Info

71. Claviers Baroques Harpsichords Clavichords And Other Fine Historical Keyboard In
Full service company specializing in harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos and instrument kits. Offers Category Regional North America Music instruments...... (updated 13January2003); harpsichord related merchandise Interesting new linkto international database of stolen goods, including musical instruments.
C+L+A+V+I+E+R+S B+A+R+O+Q+U+E+S Harpsichords Clavichords Spinets Virginals Forte-Pianos Toronto, Ontario, Canada click on the rose (below) to hear the music!
Welcome to CLAVIERS BAROQUES Den Ciul, Dawn Lyons and Van Strype
photo by Carey Beebe We build, sell, service, repair, rent, restore, tune, and transport harpsichords, clavichords, spinets, virginals, fortepianos and other historical keyboard instruments. Our shop is in Toronto, Ontario Canada, but our "territory" is much larger. With our trusty Van Strype we travel regularly to visit our clients and their instruments in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and the states of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana; New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and both Carolinas (we really like that, do call us if you are from a warm place!). We also do consulting and appraisals as well as sales and service. If you are looking for a harpsichord, or just want to find out more about them, you've come to the right place. Today's Special: The Wittmayer clavichord that was on our used instrument/consignment page is now in its new home in France.

72. Claviers Baroques Harpsichord Expert
How to play the things. The Modern harpsichord, 20th Century instruments andTheir Makers, Wolfgang Zuckermann, October House, New York, 255 pages.
Home Instruments The Paris Workshop Kits Harpsichord expert ... Contact Us! CLAVIERS BAROQUES Be a harpsichord expert! Tips, terms, bibliography, repairs, maintenance and technical stuff (a lot of this is still under construction, we are writing as fast as we can...)
  • Tips
    • Harpsichord and early keyboard FAQ's . Your basic what-is-a-harpsichord stuff.
    • How to shop for a harpsichord On how the play the harpsichord, a crash course for pianists
      • the difference between piano touch and harpsichord touch , from piano and harpsichord super-teacher Martha Beth Lewis.
      • adapting piano arrangements for use on the harpsichord
    • In praise of the short-octave bass
    • On finding a good teacher , again from Martha Beth Lewis.

73. Exchange And Directory: Entertainment/Music/Instruments/Keyboard/H
Musical Woodworking Projects Notes and photos of harpsichord construction by an Soundsof harpsichords - Compare with other instruments (Hits 0 Rating 0.00
Home Entertainment Music Instruments ... Keyboard : Harpsichord the entire directory only this category More search options Categories:
Builders Performers


74. Historical Instruments 3 English
Musical days round the historical harpsichord of the Château de Thoiry March tohelp us in our research on historical stringed instruments, please click historiques 3english.html
Avis de recherche This Philippe Denis Harpsichord (1674) is the first harpsichord from the Berceau Royal Collection I was abble to find again ! Where are the others ? Welcome ! Website -guide to make your visit easier specially some musical pages (mp3) about baroc dance harpsichord viola Yvelines 78 - near Paris ! Artistic events calendar 2002 : Harpsichord Exhibition : March 16- April 21 March 2002 on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 with and the Orpheon Ensemble in April 2002 (soon heere !)

75. Clavicembali E Temperamenti S.A.S. - Master Instruments Line
PRODUCTS harpsichords Linea da studio Master instruments Line Bentside Spinet Italianharpsichord French harpsichord Flemish harpsichord Accessories and Spare
Linea da studio

Master Instruments Line
Bentside Spinet

Italian Harpsichord

French Harpsichord

Flemish Harpsichord
Accessories and Spare parts

Texts, Scores and Music
HOW TO PURCHASE General conditions Retailers and partners Configurator Warehouse ... NEWS ARCHIV CLAVICEMBALI E TEMPERAMENTI S.A.S. Via Partigiani 134 06060 Villastrada (PG) - Italia P.IVA 02264440542 phone and fax 075/9527338 +390759527338 PRODUCTS Harpsichords Master Instruments Line This product line unites the four models of the historical keyboard instruments that Maestro Claudio Tuzzi constructs according to a client's requirements. There is not in stock, but instruments may be seen and tried depending on availability in the workshop. Replicas of Historical Bentside Spinet originals, Italian Harpsichord originals, Flemish Harpsichord originals and French Harpsichord originals are built by Claudio Tuzzi on the basis of the observations and research carried out on technical data provided by the foremost European museums respecting the traditional criteria of the art of harpsichord-making, nonetheless introducing materials and modern techniques in order to optimise the structural and musical characteristics. Furthermore, every instrument of this line is built considering the relative customer's personal requirements. The results of this philosophy are straightforward, honest instruments that, with the maximum degree of reliability, satisfy the highest and most personal musical demands.

76. - De Falla: Concerto For Harpsichord And 5 Instruments Solo Part
Find out more De Falla Concerto For harpsichord And 5 instruments Solo Part.Our price. £8.95 Change currency. Media. Sheet Music. Availability. In stock.
my basket order status contact Home ... Help Quick Jump: Choose... Brass Folk Instruments Keyboard Piano Strings Vocal Wind Books About Music Children Classical Education Music Technology Shopping Assistant Shopping Guides Special Offers Tutor Zone Search by All Product Title Song Title Artist/Composer Series/Method Feature Catalogue No. Advanced Search More from this Artist De Falla:Serenata De Falla: El Retablo De Maese Pedro Fantasia Baetica for Piano DE Falla: Tres Obras Para Violoncello Y Piano ... page...
Similar Artists Elgar, Edward Lutoslawski, Witold Falla, Manuel De Nielsen, Carl ... Wood, Hugh Accessories Toulouse-Lautrec Notebook Seiko Digital Metronome DM-20 O Caruso! Notebook Degas Notebook ... More accessories...
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De Falla: Concerto For Harpsichord And 5 Instruments Solo Part Our price Change: Media Sheet Music Availability Temporarily out of Stock
you may order this item Arrangement Harpsichord Artist Manuel De Falla Be the first to write a review of this item!

77. Moved
UK oriented information about harpsichords. Listings of performers, makers, collections, bibliographies, Category Arts Music instruments Keyboard harpsichord...... HPSCHDL – An electronic mailing list devoted to early stringed keyboardinstruments. harpsichord Services of London Links. The harpsichord Hub.
This Site has Moved
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78. Dana Ciul, Harpsichords, Clavichords And Fortepianos In Colorado
Maker of harpsichords, clavichords and fortepianos in Colorado, USA. Profile, news, information on Category Arts Music instruments Keyboard harpsichord Builders...... instruments updated 12/1/02 Revitalizing an Older harpsichord About Dana Ciul updated10/25/02 Full 69K Image of Above harpsichord My instruments On stage
Dana Ciul, Early Keyboard Instruments
Authorized Agent exclusively for THE PARIS WORKSHOP of Marc Ducornet My shop provides historically based finished instruments, performs restorations, repairs and instrument completions. I specialize in quilling with celcon for a dramatic increase in performance, sound and reliability. I have completed many unfinished instruments for clients who have not chosen to do so themselves for whatever reason. Repair and restoration work is performed with the intention of rendering instruments "concert" ready. My clients here in the arid Western United States including the Aspen Music Festival and Institute, Denver School of the Arts and the University of Northern Colorado have the advantage of purchasing an instrument made from wood that has acclimated to a drier climate. This insures stability of tuning and lessens the need for frequent and costly adjustments to the action. Instruments brought here from the wetter coastal areas and Europe invariably develop numerous splits and cracks in the soundboard and case. Conversely however, when I send an instrument from here to a moister environment, the wood merely expands a bit but does not break. You won't need to create a climate controlled room for your harpsichord. Please call ahead for an appointment.

79. What Are Historical Keyboard Instruments
The harpsichord family includes large, wingshaped instruments with one keyboard(occasionally two, and very rarely three) at the short end, as well as smaller
by David C. Kelzenberg
Keyboard instruments, as the name suggests, are musical instruments which are played by means of a keyboardthat is, the pitches to be sounded are selected by means of a set of levers (the keyboard), which is manipulated by the fingers, hands, or feet of the player. Under the fingers and/or feet of a sensitive performer, the keyboard may also be used to control dynamics, phrasing, shading, and other elements of expression, depending on the design and inherent capabilities of the instrument.
Keyboard instruments fall principally into two distinct categories: stringed instruments (pianos, harpsichords, clavichords, etc.) and wind instruments (organs, harmonia, regals, accordions, etc.). Other types of keyboard instruments include celestas (struck metal bars), carillons (tower chimes), and non-acoustic instruments, such as the various electronic organs, synthesizers, and keyboards which were designed to imitate the sound of acoustic keyboard instruments.
The most familiar keyboard instrument of our time (disregarding the various electronic instruments of relatively recent invention) is the piano, with which virtually everyone is familiar. However, many are surprised to learn that the modern piano is actually only the current end product of a long period of evolution, dating back to the first years of the 18th century. In its current form it is a product of the 20th century, and is far removed in both sound and appearance from the "pianos" of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. In fact, the modern piano is significantly different from even the 19th-century pianos of Liszt, Chopin, and Brahms. While it is fine to play music of these composers on our modern piano or organ, it must be remembered that the resulting sound, as well as the technique used to produce it, will be different from what would have been experienced in the composer's own time.

80. Clickmusic: Clickmusic_Web_Guide/Instruments/Keyboard/Harpsichord
Musical Woodworking Projects Notes and photos of harpsichord construction.Sounds of harpsichords Compare with other instruments.
Pages Builders Performers Sites "A New Solution to the Ruckers Transposing Double Puzzle"
Article from Continuo magazine about a double-keyboard harpsichord. Baroque Music: Harpsichord
The baroque harpsichord and its music. Harpsichord Owners' Manual
How to maintain your harpsichord in perfect voice. Includes photos and detailed instructions. How to Build a Harpsichord
Includes photographs and step-by-step instructions. HPSCHD Mailing List
Archives and links. Introduction to the Harpsichord and Clavichord
Short descriptions. Keys to the Millennium
The harpsichord in the 21st century. Musical Woodworking Projects
Notes and photos of harpsichord construction. Sounds of Harpsichords
Compare with other instruments The Instrument Workshop
Parts and supplies for early keyboard instruments and other non-bowed stringed instruments TOP OF PAGE SEND TO A FRIEND Bob marley Free mp3 ... Add a site to our directory Q. Was the BRITS a bland industry knees up? No, it was brilliant! Kind of, but oh! the glamour.. What a waste of time and money!

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