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         Historical Maps Teach:     more detail
  1. A short guide to Mr. Le Sage's historical maps, which will enable every one to learn history by himself, as well as to teach it to any one in a very short time. by Emmanuel Auguste Dieudonne, 2010-07-23

21. "Map Power: Using Computers To Make & Teach With Maps"
or some aged, outfrom-under-copyright historical atlases and thus a better softwareto teach to students got an image editor, making really useful maps is - if
This is the online version of a paper scheduled to be given at the January 2002 American Historical Association Meeting in San Francisco by Sara W. Tucker, Professor of History, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, . It will be presented in the H-Net Bill Cecil-Fronsman Memorial Panel on Teaching Innovation, in the Westin St. Francis California East Room, Sunday, January 6 in a session running 8:30 - 10:30 am. Introduction For a number of years now I have spent a large amount of my time teaching introductory sections of World History - a challenge that I enjoy greatly. Over the past several years I've also started teaching online classes offered completely via the internet - another teaching challenge that I love. Not everyone envies me this rich teaching life - quite a few of my colleagues consider me crazy, first to want to teach the bottomless topic of world history and second, to add the great complication of learning to use online computer technology. Certainly there are days when I wonder if they don't have a point. But usually I tell them that if computers are sometimes the problem, they are also often a part of the solution, and nowhere more so than in what they can do for all confirmed map enthusiasts such as myself. I've been using maps as much as possible for my entire teaching career, now over twenty-five years. Since I teach every area and era of world history, I've almost never met a map that I didn't like - and want to acquire for one or another teaching situation. I regularly use hundreds and hundreds of "filled out" maps both in the traditional classroom and in my online classes, as well as increasingly putting them online in various study and teaching resources web-pages. I use blank outline maps for student exercises and tests, and as a base on which to make my own maps of many sorts. Next semester, when I will be on sabbatical, I plan to teach myself simple animation, so I can begin making my own "moving maps."

22. Geography Classroom: Maps
Map Collectionnational, continental, regional maps, historical, current interest MakeQuick Map (make maps of the US plans for teachers to teach about mapping
Geo Teacher's Geography Classroom Maps
(shareware world atlas and database updated yearly that can be downloaded and run on your Windows 95/98 PCyou can browse data about a country, make comparisons with other countries, and export data and maps to word processors or graphic utilities) ADOL Data Browser (browse a wide variety of geographic data to select and download the data sets for your area of interest) Atlapedia Online: World Maps (provides full color physical and political maps for regions of the world) (many links to map and cartographic resources) Color Landform Atlas of the United States EarthaMaps (driving directions and street maps for anywhere in the U.S.) Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping (boasts over 14,000 cartographic links) Find Our Community (provides maps and information links for every country in the worldeasy to use) GeoMapping (guide to travel maps, historical maps, GIS information, and mapping systems on the Internet) Gary's Geographical Gnome: Mapping and Satellite Imaging (links to all kinds of maps and remote sensing web sitesincludes a search engine) Glossary of Map Terms Graphic Map's World Atlas and Geography Facts (maps with different features and projections, outline maps, clipart maps, current time, country flags, daily quiz, and more)

23. Elstead Maps : Genealogy Books & CD-ROMs
0340669373, teach Yourself Exploring Local History (James Griffin 150,000) or theExplorer maps (125,000 For very detailed historical Ordnance Survey maps see
British Isles
Home Page
... My Account
Genealogy Books and CD-ROMs
A useful list of genealogy books, ranging from titles for the complete beginner to books for the more experienced local historian. For UK street names on a CD-ROM go to:
All the UK Streets on CD-ROM!
Our Code Buy Info Title Price
GENEALOGY BOOKS Beginning Your Family History (George Pelling)
A good introduction to the subject. First Steps in Family History (Eve McLaughlin)
A simple guide to help the complete beginner start the task Writing and Publishing Your Family History (John Titford)
How to collect your material and arrange it in book form. Short cuts in Family History (Michael Gandy)
A new guide with ideas for planning research aimed at those who are not complete beginners. Genealogy for Beginners (Arthur J. Willis and Karin Proudfoot)
The well-loved guide and beginner's book of first choice for another generation of family historians. Further Steps in Family History (Eve McLaughlin)
This book aims to guide the reader in the quest back as far as Tudor times and beyond.

24. Subject Links For Teachers And Students
or view, edit, analyze saved rubrics, maps that teach Free interactive maps tolearn - a graphics search engine historical Clipart, Microsoft
Information Resources this page was updated March 27, 2003
teacher resouces
RMS Homepage art career ... RMS Media Center New Sites worth checking out.... ExploreScience- explore wave motion, mechanics, electricity, astronomy, optics, life sciences, by manipulating variables. MagPortal - An online magazine search engine. Find articles on different topics by searching many online magazines. Totally Tessellated - Great tesselated designs to view, create, understand. You can also print out templates. Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas - change the parameters and watch the molecules move. Teacher Resources Scavenger Hunts Many Internet Hunts Teacher Academy
(Webpages, listservs, Hunts, online projects) Special Education Education World - lesson plans, activities, websites indexed by subject Puzzle-Maker Create crosswords, word searches, and mazes AND print them out. QuizLab - create a test or quiz. Students take the test online.. corrected results are e-mailed to you!

25. State Projects
McNally maps, Rand McNally Trip Planner, Western States historical maps, America'sLibrary. State Capitals Game, A to Z Kids Stuff, Kid Info, 50 abc teach, Level Pages/Fifth Grade/state_projects
Our fifth grade State Projects are due Friday, May 2nd. Below you will find some helpful websites to use when researching with your child online. We hope they will help you throughout this project. Please remember you can always phone or email us if you have questions regarding this project. Fourth grade Florida projects are due Thursday, May 1st. The links below are helpful for completing research for your state. Mrs. Veach's email Mrs. Fraga's email Mrs. McPherson's email Mrs. Setchell's email School Phone number: 305-294-1861 Ask Jeeves United States Maps Map Locator ... State Flag Outlines Click on the state's name to follow the link to the official state website. Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico ... Wyoming

26. VUW Library - Japanese Language: Useful Websites
teach yourself Japanese an excellent online source for any aspect of Japanese Japanmaps - country, regional, city, historical maps; Nippon in the World
Library homepage Catalogue Databases
Japanese Language
Useful Websites
Japanese Language

Catalogue Search hints

Dictionaries, etc

Article Indexes/Databases
Useful Websites

Library Information

Library Instruction

About the Library

... Special Collections Research Resources Catalogue Databases Electronic Journals Subject Guides ... Electronic Reference Ask a Librarian! Japanese internet directories
  • Asiaco : Japan - internet directory (with over 2,000 links) plus search engine J Guide - Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources - over 1,000 links Japan Information Network - includes "Japan Atlas", "The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts", "Trends in Japan", "Statistics", and more Japanese web resources Jim Breen's Japanese page - Jim Breen (Monash University) has nicely combined his interests in Japan and computing with this comprehensive directory of useful Japanese and Japan-related websites Nihongo - "a guide to Japan & its culture". Has some gems such as a list of Japanese national holidays & cultural events

27. Ny Sida 5
Our aim is to teach general knowledge rather than technical software training Swedenpossesses a unique and vast collection of historical maps a material
The GeoProcessing Unit is the center of geocomputing at the department of Human Geography, Stockholm University.
We deal with most aspects of geographic data processing but our main task is research and development within the field of Geographic Information and Analysis (GIA) and cartography. We do also have the main responsibility for the departments educational program covering these topics. Tuition
Our educational program in cartography & geographic data processing covers both basic knowledge as well as courses reflecting our specialties. Our aim is to teach general knowledge rather than "technical" software training whereby we can focus on knowledge like; the map as information carrier, map-design and spatial problem-solving. However a well-equipped computer-lab is available for exercises. A result of the evolution of digital techniques a clear distinction between cartography and geographic data processing hardly is possible to do. This is reflected in our educational program offered. Of course this program is undergoing continuous changes why we believe that we can offer an "up-to-date" education of, both national and international, high standard. Research and development
The focus is put on landscape-analysis and landscape-visualization. Sweden possesses a unique and vast collection of historical maps - a material being produced since the 17th century when the Swedish survey started. Since the beginning of this century Swedish geographers has been using this material in order to acquire knowledge of the historical landscape. The research concerning the cultural landscape carried out at the department of Human Geography, to a great extent based on these sources, is top ranked, both in a domestic perspective, as well as internationally. Modern techniques and methods within the field of geographic data processing and digital cartography is an integrated and important part of this work. Another important field of work is landscape visualization. This involves the use of advanced methods and techniques concerning 3-dimensional modeling, animation, and digital video.

28. H-Teach Discussion Network
Hteach's editorial board and discussion list editors serve a broad , FYI TOC forTHE JOURNAL OF THE historical SOCIETY Joseph , Re classroom maps Dr. James
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  • 29. USGS Mapping Information: Educational Resources
    Educational Resources for the earth sciences from the US Geological Survey.Category Science Earth Sciences Education...... of Washington, DC, that was created for middle school to teach topographic map Thecurrent and historical maps are described in detail, including overall size
    Geography Discipline
    Educational Resources for
    Cartography, Geography, and Related Disciplines
    USGS Online Sites to Visit USGS Educational Publications Other Online Sites to Visit
    USGS Online Sites to Visit
    The USGS Learning Web
    The Learning Web is a part of the USGS web dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning. Several mapping-related modules are featured in the area Working With Maps . These include:
    Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
    Earthshots is a collection of satellite images that show how our environment has changed over the last 20 years. The effects of droughts, fires, deforestation, urbanization, irrigation, desertification, and other natural and human events can be detected, measured, and analyzed using satellite data. The accompanying text is aimed at the general public.
    TerraWeb: Remote Sensing for Kids (grades K-12)
    Remote Sensing is the gathering of information about the Earth from a distance. The TerraWeb site is designed to help children learn about the processes, tools, terminology, and uses of remote sensing.
    The National Atlas of the United States
    The National Atlas is being designed by the USGS and its partners to serve the interests of our diverse population. Visit here for a greater geographic awareness of American life.

    30. Historical Society Of Washington, D.C. | Neighborhoods Map - Meet The Mapmaker
    to teach this subject at the University of Maryland. But his passion for drawingsometimes takes him another direction mapmaking. To Wiebenson, maps are not
    About Us FAQ Staff/Board Directory History of HSW ... Program Preview RELATED ITEMS Adams Morgan Map
    Brookland Map

    Capitol Hill Map

    Dupont Circle Map
    ... Neighborhoods > Neighborhoods Map - Meet the Mapmaker
    Neighborhoods Map - Meet the Mapmaker
    City Spotlight: The Man Beyond the Map Trained as an architect, John Wiebenson moved to the Washington, D.C. area to teach this subject at the University of Maryland. But his passion for drawing sometimes takes him another direction mapmaking. To Wiebenson, maps are not just pieces of paper stuffed in back pockets, but multifaceted guides that inspire people, young and old, to step out and explore. Why do you shift between architecture and mapmaking? People are trained in architecture to develop skills that can easily be used for drawing maps. Mapping is a form of communication that allows us to describe the qualities of a place. In mapmaking we can express issues of dimension or a feel for what places are like. Neighborhood maps are a way to help people hold their neighborhoods in high respect. How did you get interested in mapping Washington, D.C.?

    31. Teaching Documents About Stratigraphy And Historical Geology, Links For Palaeobo
    Devonian, Triassic, etc.) of different kinds of data on maps and other of Geology,University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio GEOBIOLOGY II historical Geology
    Home Teaching Documents, Lecture Notes and Tutorials Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy and Historical Geologyy
    Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy and Historical Geology
    Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy

    Teaching Documents about Sequence Stratigraphy

    Teaching Documents about Biostratigraphy

    Teaching Documents about Historical Geology
    ... Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy and Historical Geology Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy
    Teaching Documents about Sequence Stratigraphy

    Teaching Documents about Biostratigraphy

    Teaching Documents about Historical Geology
    Sequence Stratigraphy@ ... Glossaries, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: Palaeontology@ Teaching Documents about Stratigraphy Gary R. Ciszewski , (GNSharkFan), North Tonawanda, NY: Stratigraphy Pathfinder . Bibliographic clues and online resources. Pamela J. W. Gore , Department of Geology, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, GA: Historical Geology . Online laboratory manual. Go to: Stratigraphy and Lithologic Correlation , and Relative Dating Laboratory . See also here Martin Lee , Division of Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow: Mesozoic stratigraphy . Go to: Triassic and Jurassic LithStrat Richtlinien zur stratigraphischen Nomenklatur Volker Mosbrugger Loeschke Historische Geologie . Video lectures, In German.

    32. Jmmh
    There are also links to Qur'an translations and historical maps of theMiddle East. 1912 map of Bethlehem. From the University of Texas.
    The J ournal for M ulti M edia H istory
    Volume 1 Number 1 ~ Fall 1998 Teaching Islamic Civilization with Information Technology Corinne Blake N ew types of information technology such as the Internet and CD-ROM can be used to enhance courses in colleges and universities. A large amount of primary material about Islam and Islamic civilizations, for example, is available to students through the Internet, including full texts of the Qur'an in various translations, several collections of Hadith (records of the Prophet Muhammad’s words and deeds), Shi`i and Sufi religious texts, and classics works of Islamic literature. Since this material is mostly translated, it is of limited interest to advanced graduate students, but it is appropriate for undergraduate courses on Islamic religion, history, and civilization as well as for survey courses in world history. Using material from the Internet provides students with access to primary sources and research material that is often unavailable at smaller institutions. It can also expose students to different points of view within the Muslim community. The challenge for already overextended professors is figuring out how to locate these materials and incorporate them into courses. After reviewing primary source material for teaching Islamic civilization that is available online, I'll discuss methods and issues related to incorporating Internet material into courses. A photograph of the Hala Masque

    33. Teaching History
    Some of the texts were created by The Hanover historical Texts Project maps for Usein teaching CAE Occasional Page it should likewise help faculty to teach it
    On this and other pages of the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) website, we provide information on various teaching and learning issues. We seek to facilitate and to contribute to an ongoing conversation about these matters. Please share your comments with us. You may e-mail the C.A.E. Director, Dr. Robert J. Beck , or call us at 617-627-3489. "I am interested in doing some reading about teaching methods within the discipline of History .... Since my training was entirely of a scholarly nature, I'm not really sure where to look. Can you offer some specific recommendations?" This hypertext document, compiled by the Center for Academic Excellence, features responses to a question originally posed by a University of Maine faculty member. It also draws liberally from the H-Teach web site and suggestions posted on the POD LISTSERV
    Tufts Sources
    • To search the Faculty Cyber-Handbook on Teaching To search the T.A. Cyber-Handbook To search the holdings of the CAE Library
      History Department
      - Tufts University Perseus Project - Tufts University
      The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond. Collaborators initially formed the project to construct a large, heterogeneous collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world. Planning for Perseus began in 1985; the project was formally established in July, 1987. Since then, the Perseus Project has published two CD-ROMs and created the on-line Perseus Digital Library. Recent expansion into Latin texts and tools and Renaissance materials has served to add more coverage within Perseus and has prompted the project to explore new ways of presenting complex resources for electronic publication.

    34. Web Search Browse Research Support
    Gazetteers and historical Geography Records that give information and Languages Recordsthat define, teach, or describe maps maps, charts, or plans that show
    Browse Family History Web Sites Search Family History Web Sites About The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints BROWSE WEB SITES Browse Categories: Research Support Keyword: Search this category Search all categories Almanacs and Yearbooks
    Annual publications that describe or summarize the events of one year for a place, organization, or specific topic. They are frequently accompanied by astronomical data, statistics, or other information (weather, cycles of the moon, farm production, demographics, chronologies, etc.). They may give addresses of governments, organizations, or churches. Bibliography
    Lists of books, maps, videos, etc. relating to a subject. Some magazine articles may be included in the list. A bibliography often gives authors, titles, and publishers of the works. This topic may also include lists of Internet links. Chronology
    Information that tells how different peoples measure days, months, and years. It also includes helps for converting from one calendar to another.

    35. Kentucky Geographic Alliance
    2003 NEH summer institute, Everyday maps teaching and historical Perspectives. The develop skills and strategies for using these maps to teach a variety
    Kentucky Geographic Alliance
    Lifelong educating and learning about Geography
    News Jump to News from: Kentucky Geographic Alliance Kentucky Council for the Social Studies Kentucky Department of Education National Council for Geographic Education or National Geographic View: Archived News Items
    Kentucky Geographic Alliance
    • Students to Attend National Smart Growth Conference Note: Three of the students attending the conference are affiliated with geographic alliances in Minnesota and North Dakota. ( see news release [posted 2003-02-01]
      We are pleased to announce a new educational website: Learning about Mountains: An On-line Guide to Resources for Teachers and Kids More information [posted 2003-02-01]
      The US EPA's Community Culture and the Environment: A Guide to Understanding a Sense of Place is available for ordering. The Guide explores the concepts of community and culture and provides tools for identifying, assessing, and working cooperatively within the social dynamics and local values connected to environmental protection. These tools will help you define your community, identify stakeholders, enhance education and outreach, build partnerships and consensus, identify resources, plan and set goals, and integrate local realities with ecological issues. The Guide is designed for people involved in community-based initiatives, including those affiliated with community and watershed-based organizations, universities, and federal, state, tribal, and local agencies. Learn more about how this valuable resource can help you achieve your environmental protection goals by visiting

    36. Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
    Guide including etext, biography and criticism, the banning of the book, teaching resources, and its Category Arts Literature Works Novels Huckleberry Finn...... Perhaps because it is an especially difficult book to teach, there are historicalmaps historical maps of Hannibal, Cairo, and the Mississippi River basin that
    Mark Twain
    Edited by Jim Zwick

    Banned Books



    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Guide I have written 400 pages on it therefore it is very nearly half done. It is Huck Finn's Autobiography. I like it only tolerably well, as far as I have got, and may possibly pigeonhole or burn the MS when it is done. Mark Twain
    Huckleberry Finn Huckleberry Finn A dventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of Mark Twain's most loved, most influential, and most controversial books. It was banned from the Concord Public Library in 1885, the year of its publication, and Huckleberry Finn ranks number five in the American Library Association's list of the most frequently challenged books of the 1990s. But in 1935, Ernest Hemingway wrote that "all modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.... All American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since." Not surprisingly, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is thoroughly represented on the Web. A search for "Huckleberry Finn" will list tens of thousands of pages, making it very difficult to find the information you need. This guide is intended to provide a more focused directory of online resources related to the novel. They range from information about childhood and Mississippi River experiences that Twain drew upon in his writing to the latest controversies about teaching the book in America's schools. Perhaps because it is an especially difficult book to teach, there are more resources online about teaching

    37. Document Archive And Resource Links
    library provides a gallery of 20 digitized historical maps in their Map Case. Thesubject of the maps are locations in Hteach@H-NET.MSU.EDU, H-Net List
    @import url(/stylesheets/bonus.css);
    Contact Us Find Your Rep BookShop ... World Civilization Document Archive and Resource Links Compiled by P. Angelos
    Internet History Sourcebooks
    An outstanding collection of well-organized historical texts, with extensive sourcebooks on ancient medieval , and modern history. Rulers Test your history knowledge! This site contains a list of rulers going back to 1700. Kingdomality What is your medieval vocational personality? Visit this site and find out if you're a white knight, or a peasant!
    The English Server
    maintains a list of links to a variety of historic and historiographical documents and sources.
    Oxford Text Archives
    This is an anonymous FTP server that contains historic versions of famous and significant literary texts. The texts are arranged by language and author. (The link may be slow at times.)
    Not only does the Center for History and New Media Site host the American Historical Association page, it is an extensive clearinghouse for information about history CDs, software, instructional media, and internet sources.
    American Memory
    is the official American history archive page for the U.S. Library of Congress. It contains document and image information about U.S. history and culture. Also visit the

    38. Map Central
    historical Times. World History Interactive maps World History maps. by Samuel RawsonGardiner, MA LL.D. Map Power Using Computers to Make and teach with maps
    @import url(/stylesheets/bonus.css);
    Contact Us Find Your Rep BookShop ... World Civilization Map Central US History Interactive Maps
    US History Maps

    Western Civilization Interactive Maps
    Western Civilization Maps
    World History Interactive Maps
    World History Maps
    Additional Map Resources
    Gardner's Atlas of English History
    by Samuel Rawson Gardiner, M.A. LL.D.
    Map Power: Using Computers to Make and Teach with Maps
    by Sara W. Tucker
    from The University of Texas at Austin
    Scholar's Guide to WWW
    by Richard Jensen
    includes an online Map Maker for printable, multimedia and interactive maps. Interactive Iraq Map Privacy Policy Thomson Learning is a division of The Thomson Corporation

    39. Lesson 8 - Changes In Deerfield, Massachusetts Shown In Maps
    What do primary and secondary sources teach us about the characteristics of 4. Identifyareas of presentday Deerfield on the historical maps by comparing them

    In the Classroom
    Unit Overview Lessons: The Second Turn, 1780-1820
    Lesson 8: Changes in Deerfield, Massachusetts Shown in Maps Unit Central Questions: In This Lesson: What do primary and secondary sources teach us about the characteristics of "everyday life" of individuals living in Deerfield at the four turns of the centuries? What do these characteristics reveal about changes in the town since its beginning as an English settlement? Lesson Length
    Key Ideas


    Lesson Length Two 30-minute sessions, one homework session. top of page Key Content Ideas Taught in this Lesson and Teacher Background Maps of the same area from different time periods show the ways in which the land stayed the same, and the ways Deerfield changed over the years. For more information, read:

    40. Cross Curriculum
    it will show exploration routes, historical election results you might want to createcustom maps for country and state reports, and teach important map

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