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         Historical Maps Teach:     more detail
  1. A short guide to Mr. Le Sage's historical maps, which will enable every one to learn history by himself, as well as to teach it to any one in a very short time. by Emmanuel Auguste Dieudonne, 2010-07-23

41. AGSC: Introduction To The Collection
political world, as well a historical places. physical geography links such as maps,biogeography, population different ways to understand and teach cartography
Geographic Links Categories Atlases Hazards Reference Travel ... Tools
An Atlas of Cyberspace
This is an atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geography of the new electronic territories of the Internet the Worldwide Web and other emerging Cyberspace. Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States, 1950-1994
The Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States, 1950-1994 is a collection of maps, text, tables and figures showing the geographic patterns of cancer death rates throughout the United States from 1950 to 1994 for about 40 cancers. Consolidated Lunar Atlas
Access to over 200 images of the moon.
Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
A collaborative project which combines global mapping, imagery, and texts. ECAI provides scholars and other users with a research resource based on digital technology which presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually and immediately. Geophysical Atlas of Canada

42. Long_jones_ce_1 Instructor Resources Instructor Links
HNET Guide to World Wide Web Sites. H-teach teaching American History.The American historical Association. historical maps of The United States.,6351,494561-,00.html

43. Dallas Public Library: Map Resource Internet Links
pals, the book still offers many simple, fun activities to teach youngsters the Free Fun (British Mapping Agency) Free outline and historical maps of Britain
Government Information Center
Map Resource Internet Links DPL
Information and Reference - (214) 670-1468 Government Information Center HomePage Community Information Database Congressional Gold Medals Events and Exhibits ... International Documents Internet Links Urban Information Center Central Library Events Central Library Page Dallas/Urban Internet Links ... International Document Internet Links Map Resource Internet Links Compiled by the staff of the Government Information Center Geographic Information Web Sites This page includes URLs to map-oriented resources on the World Wide Web. We have tried to select ones that will be useful, especially to students and hobbyists. A sampling of sites focussing on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) has also been included. We have also included a few works on time. (If you can come in to the Library, we have printed works on cartographic subjects, some of which are much more detailed.)

44. Supplements 1
with Discovering World History Through maps and Views. Designed to teach studentsto interpret and analyze cartographic materials as historical documents.

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Discovering World History Through Maps and Views
This comprehensive and innovative set of over 100 four-color transparencies is bound with introductory materials and a detailed commentary on each map. Free to adopters.
ISBN 0-673-97499-5 Mapping World History
by Gerald A. Danzer

A workbook created for use in conjunction with Discovering World History Through Maps and Views. Designed to teach students to interpret and analyze cartographic materials as historical documents. Free when value-packed.
ISBN 0-06-500560-0 World History Map Workbooks, 2/e, Volumes I and II
by Glee Wilson,
Kent State University
Designed to explain the correlations between historical events and geography through assignments that involve reading and interpreting maps. Free when value-packed.
Volume I: 0-321-06632-4; Volume II: 0-321-06633-2 Text-specific Map Overhead Transparencies
Overhead transparency acetates for maps from Brummett, et al.

45. Education Planet Geography And Countries,Maps,North America,USA,California Lesso
2. historical maps Page historical maps of Southern California Road created by thecartographers at by-step Drawings - Grade K-5 teach your students
Apr. 08, 2003 11:56 PST
Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
Found websites and other resources for ' california. Lesson Plans Books Software Maps ... Videos More 'california' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' california Home/History/United States History/State Histories California (13) Home/Geography and Countries/Maps/North America/USA California (2) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/Public/North America/USA California (12) Home/Education/Educational Organizations/North America/USA California (15) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/University/North America/USA California (1) Home/Research Tools/Museums and Exhibits/North America/USA California (5) Home/Art and Music/Visual Arts/Art Museums/North America/USA California (7) Home/Environment/Ecology/Parks/National Parks/North America/USA California (1) Home/Research Tools/Libraries/School Libraries/North America/USA

46. Library Of Congress Learning Page: Directory Of Internet Resources
http//; PerryCastaneda Map Collection historicalmaps - Numerous historical maps of all areas of the world.
The Library of Congress
Teaching and Reference
Internet Resources World History : Teaching and Reference
  • Core Values Internet Resource Library: History and Social Studies - A particularly well-organized set of world history links. For specific topics, links are provided to sites for students, lecture notes, images, activities, maps, and so on.
  • Global History - An archive of lesson plans from The New York Times . Example topics: refugees, Afghan history, Sino-Russian relations, intelligence agencies around the world, plagues and pestilence.
  • Integrating World History with Literature - Children's literature expert Carol Hurst provides suggestions for integrating the study of world history with literature in the elementary and middle grades.
  • Internet History Sourcebook Project - A large and well-organized set of links to primary sources in world history from ancient to modern times. Documents can be found by looking at time periods, geographic regions, or such "themes" as travelers' accounts. From Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

47. Historywebsites
Wealth of historical maps, including city maps. (Institute for historical Research,UK) A (George Mason Univ.) Links to websites for those who teach history.
History Resources on the Internet These are suggested Internet sites for history research. For further assistance, ask a librarian at the Reference Desk, or contact Jamie Dendy , the collection manager for history. Finding articles in history periodicals America: History and Life (NU only) abstracts articles published from 1964 to the present from history periodicals dealing with the history of the United States and Canada. Book Review Digest (NU only) has excerpts from book reviews of scholarly and popular books published since 1983. Ethnic Newswatch (NU only) has abstracts and (usually) complete articles from newspapers and magazines published by ethnic communities in the United States. A great source for sociological and cultural studies. In English and Spanish. Expanded Academic Index (NU only) has abstracts and some complete articles on almost every topic, includes popular as well as academic periodicals. Genderwatch (NU only) has some abstracts and (usually) complete articles from newsletters and journals in the field of gender studies. Historical Abstracts (NU only) contains abstracts of articles published from 1954 to the present in history periodicals, dealing with world history after 1450.

48. Web Links: "H"
Tools for teaching Urban History, http// historicalmaps of the Middle East, http//

49. How To Use This Book
are given for the use of these maps as evidence and guides for using local historyand historical markers in http//
A Shared Experience
A Teacher's Companion
How to Use this Resource Book
The purpose of this book is to assist teachers in bringing the history of the Lower Rio Grande region into the classroom. The book should be viewed as a guide for lessons and activities for students in social studies and language arts classrooms. Teachers should begin by familiarizing themselves with the second edition of A Shared Experience (ASE). Part II of ASE, " Historical Survey" by Jerry D. Thompson , serves as the cornerstone of this resource book and should be read in its entirety. Teachers also should become familiar with Parts III IV , and V of A Shared Experience . The historical markers, sites, and buildings presented in these sections tie historic events and craftmanship traditions to specific places in the Lower Rio Grande. By referencing these sites, both in their own and in surrounding communities, teachers can portray history as a real and compelling subject for students. Part VI of ASE offers a series of historical maps which document both change and continuity in the Lower Rio Grande region over two and a half centuries. Numerous suggestions are given for the use of these maps as evidence that our modern highway system parallels trails created long before the age of Spanish explorers. Please remember that A Shared Experienc e is a teacher's information and planning tool, not a textbook for middle school or elementary students. The estimated reading level of ASE is 9th grade. It could serve as a supplementary reader for high school students.

50. Colonial America Subject Matter Sites
of Colonial America Hargrett Library Rare maps listings of colonies, with linksto other historical resources. teach-nology - The Art and Science of teaching
Best Sites


Free Sites
... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Subject Matter Social Studies ...
  • American Colonies - Links related to the colonial period. Topic sections include: The Mayflower, Plimoth Plantation, Salem Witch Trials, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Old Sturbridge, and Ben Franklin.
  • Amusements in Colonial New England - Popular games, toys and pastimes, including Nine Men's Morrice (a board game), nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, and riddles.
  • Archiving Early America - Primary source material from 18th Century America, including a unique array of original newspapers, maps, and writings.
  • Backdraft: The Fire Engine in the Colonial Community - This PBS electronic field trip lets elementary school students explore civic duty, health and safety issues, and the trades that created the 18th Century fire engine.
  • The Bubble Project - Collaborative project on the South Sea Bubble Crisis (the stock market crash of 1720), which impacted lives in England, and the American Colonies.
  • 51. Sample Focus On Teaching Proposal #3
    It also served as an opportunity to teach teachers how awareness of the importanceof maps to the this, the session utilizes both historical and contemporary
    This is a sample Focus on Teaching proposal which was accepted by the OAH Committee on Teaching. These proposals are meant to demonstrate the qualities of a successful session and are for illustration only. View: Prospectus #1 Prospectus #2 Prospectus #3
    Sample Focus on Teaching Proposal #3
    There will be no papers in this session only three panelists who through using new and old maps, detailing the African Diaspora, will discuss three topics; 1) Slavery to Reconstruction, 2) Reconstruction to the present, and 3) African-American Women in the Diaspora. The presenters will present in their chosen field and will discuss how maps can facilitate a more effective teaching of their area. Handouts and transparencies will be utilized by all presenters to involve those present in the session. The first presenter, [name removed], is an Assistant Professor of History and Director of African-American Studies at [university removed]. He will discuss Slavery to Reconstruction and will also serve as the Moderator for the session. The second presenter, [name removed], is an Associate Professor of History, at [university removed] and will discuss the African Diaspora since Reconstruction. The final presenter, [name removed] a doctoral student at [university removed] and currently [position removed], will discuss tracking African-American Women through history using maps.
    Teaching The African Diaspora Through Maps: A New Approach to integrating African-American History into the Curriculum

    52. Top 10 Books On The Vikings
    John Haywood This is not just an historical atlas and The maps and illustrationsprovided are first rate and help the few Viking books that can teach as well
    zfp=-1 About History British History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
    British History
    with James Appleyard
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') This Week's Articles tod('tih'); Today in History Daily Quiz tod('pod'); Picture of the Day Special Subscription Offers Subscribe Now Choose One: Subscribe Customer Service Subjects Before You Buy
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    Guide Picks - Top 10 Books on the Vikings The Vikings are perhaps the most fascinating, infamous, and most hard done by group of people in all of history. They have a reputation as evil pirates and murderers, although that doesn't tell the whole story. Over the years, the history of the Vikings has been greatly debated and written about by a range of historians. Here are top ten books about the Vikings for those who want to learn more. The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings by Peter Sawyer
    This book is a collection of essays by some of the best Viking scholars in the world. It takes an in-depth look at different aspects of the Viking world and its history. Were they simply murderers or actually successful merchants and craftsmen with a major impact on European history? This is the best overall look at the Vikings you will find in one book, with supporting maps and illustrations.

    53. USIA, U.S. Society And Values, October 1996 - Information Resources
    site also includes numerous historical collections arranged reference collection composedof maps, treaties, documents US Politics), Hteach (teaching American
      American Studies on the Internet
        The American Studies Crossroads Project an International Internet and Curriculum Development Project. Co-sponsored by Georgetown University's American studies program and the American Studies Association (ASA), this is a key comprehensive web resource for the professional American studies community. This site contains numerous links to various American studies organizations and university departments, classroom resources and research, online courses, bibliographies, a syllabus library of graduate- and undergraduate-level courses, and ASA publications. A subject map to the field of American studies is forthcoming. The American Studies Web : A Guide to American Studies Resources on the Internet. Formerly housed at Yale University, this subject-based hotlist for a large variety of American studies sub-disciplines is now a subdirectory of the reference and resources section of the American Crossroads site. It includes annotations and is searchable by subject or key word. American Studies Syllabus Library . A collection of more than a dozen syllabi from graduate- and undergraduate-level American studies courses at universities throughout the United States. Examples include Brown University's "Society and Culture in America," and the University of Maryland's "Ideas and Images in American Culture."

    54. Keeping Up
    Sources on the Internet to teach and Learn American Memory historical Collectionsfor the National Digital photos, prints, motion pictures, maps, and sound
    ERIC/ChESS FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): Teaching Resources How do I teach social studies using primary sources? The ERIC/ChESS User Services division is asked this question frequently. Here ERIC/ChESS provides an "answer" to this FAQ in the form of: The full text of two ERIC/ChESS Digests on teaching using primary sources; a sampling of citations with abstracts from the ERIC database to journal articles, teaching and curriculum guides, and other materials on teaching social studies using primary sources; a sampling of the many organizations and Internet resources that provide primary sources and/or information on using primary sources in the classroom. Note: The ERIC/ChESS FAQ Archives are available below.
    ERIC/ChESS Digests
  • Using Primary Sources on the Internet to Teach and Learn History Using Primary Sources in the Primary Grades

  • World Wide Web Sites Library of Congress
    American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
    This extensive collection from the Library of Congress includes documents, photos, prints, motion pictures, maps, and sound recordings of events, people, places, time periods, and topics in American history. Also features an "Educator's Page" with lesson ideas, "Learning Page," activities, and a "Today in History" special feature.

    55. Mercator's World Online
    site hosts a series of lessons that teach the technique http// but for the true lover of historical maps they are

    56. TEEM - Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia
    to access Ordnance Survey maps at a range of scales and now includes free accessto historical maps. One of a series of TVROMs designed to teach Geography

    57. The Science Spot: Treasure Hunt - Lessons & Activities
    teacher's Desk World of Reading LA Links LA Worksheets teachnology Worksheets, 12teachers Find A Grave Hyper History 42Xplore - historical maps
    Choose your topic to begin your search for new lessons and activities! General Sites Education
    Ask ERIC

    Big Chalk

    Blue Web'n
    Want more ideas? Visit the Reference Desk - General Teacher Resources Subject Sites Reading/LA
    Lang Arts Resources

    Reading Resources

    Children's Literature

    Literature Lessons
    Teach-nology Worksheets
    Math Stories
    Math Classroom Totally Tessellated Explorer Math ... CyberMath Classroom Social Studies SS K-12 Teachers Find A Grave Hyper History 42Xplore - Historical Maps ... A to Z Geography Science Elementary Science Program N.E.R.D.S. - Dr. Demo Science Connection SMILE Program ... Whelmers Also visit: Science Lesson Plan Page Science Teacher Resources Physical Education PE Central PE Lesson Plans Health Teacher PE Links 4 U ... Sports Media Fine Arts Drama Teacher Art Room Classical Net ... Songs 4 Teachers Special Education Special Education Resources SERI LD Strategies SNE Project ... Teacher's Helping Teachers Need K-6 ideas? Visit the Elementary Education Links page! Want more information? Try a search engine! Google Search Tools for Adults T. Trimpe 2001

    58. Mrs. Ruland's Social Studies Page - General Internet Resources
    about how to use search engines and how to teach their use sites containing a widevariety of geographic information, including some great historical maps.
    Mrs. Ruland's Social Studies Page
    General Internet Resources
    The following is a collection of links to a variety of sites that would be useful for students and teachers in the various Social Studies disciplines. Directories and Search Engines Geography Law and the Constitution Literature - American Museums
    Academic Info - Educational Resources
    browse by subjects, or search by keywords, of digital collections offering unique online content, including annotated subject directories.
    AltaVista: Main Page
    best engine for needle-in-the-haystack, unique word or phrase search. Very good for academic subjects
    Dogpile. All results, no mess.
    a very fast and efficient meta-search engine that queries search engines, directories, Usenet news and FTP sites
    Electric Library Personal Edition
    search top publications for articles and other material
    a fast search engine that caches many sites it indexes to speed up access
    a search engine with extensive coverage; refine your search carefully

    59. Digital Media: Communities
    A range of the historical maps of ARPANET, the the most quoted and consulted Internethistorical documents on whose purpose is to research, teach, support, and
    Networks, Infrastructure and Industry
    Cyborgs Communities ...
    a(o).i.r - Association of Internet Researchers
    "The Association of Internet Researchers is an academic association dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. It is a resource and support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders. The association is international in scope."
    An Atlas of Cyberspaces
    Historical Maps of Computer Networks. A range of the historical maps of ARPANET, the Internet, Usenet, and other computer networks, tracing how these pioneering networks grew and developed.
    Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you...
    "The Internet is more than a new and different model for communicating electrons. The Internet doesn't even exist, yet it has passed through the several stages of stress, and is midway between becoming a real business and a threat to the established order of things, and likely to completely revamp telecom, if not some segment of the universe. " Richard Jay Solomon
    Building Online Communities
    By chromatic, coauthor of

    60. FONR: The Napa Watershed Historical Ecology Project
    How has the landscape changed, and what can it teach us? SFEI's regional program startedin 1993 and has produced the historical maps of baylands, featured in
    The Napa Watershed Historical Ecology Project
    A collaborative effort to learn the history of the local landscape What did the Valley look like in the year 1800? Where were the first vineyards? Which creeks had salmon? Where were the best fishing holes? How has the landscape changed, and what can it teach us? Local groups are initiating a Historical Ecology Project on the Napa River Watershed. A Historical Ecology Project is an intensive, broadly-based effort to recover, organize, and interpret diverse information about the early local landscape and how it has changed. Through such a project, local knowledge about the land is recovered and preserved for future generations. Since conditions have changed so rapidly during the past two centuries, historical research is necessary to explain current conditions of local streams, forests, wetlands, and other habitats, and their ability to support people and wildlife. Despite the dramatic changes, it is generally possible to learn the original details of the native landscape, such as which creeks had salmon, how wide the river corridor was, which types of vegetation dominated where, and other important information about the natural functions of the landscape. The Project can help the community define and understand the existing environmental challenges and suggest how they might be successfully resolved in the future. The San Francisco Estuary Institute , an independent, non-profit science organization, developed the award-winning Historical Ecology Program to support regional and local environmental planning efforts. SFEI's regional program started in 1993 and has produced the historical maps of baylands, featured in the Bay Area EcoAtlas.

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