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         Historical Maps Teach:     more detail
  1. A short guide to Mr. Le Sage's historical maps, which will enable every one to learn history by himself, as well as to teach it to any one in a very short time. by Emmanuel Auguste Dieudonne, 2010-07-23

61. New York State History Links - Education
historical maps of New York State ranging from 1556 State Archives Consider TheSource historical Records in to all persons who teach, supervise, develop
Search all of
New York History Net Any word
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Encyclopedia of ... Vendors
New York State History Links - Education
This page is a growing list of education related links for New York State. Student organizations State History Interest Project (SHIP) - clubs for middle school and high school students interested in New York State history, new clubs may join at any time using the printable online SHIP registration form , next annual convention will be held May 2-4, 2002 in Lake Placid, NY. Resources for teachers Encyclopedia of New York State - coming in 2004, local history, primary source materials, teacher's manual, and lesson plans. Erie Canal - collection of Erie Canal resources collected on NY History Net. Historical Maps of New York S tate - ranging from 1556 to around 1825, part of The Map Collection headed by David Allen at SUNY Stony Brook, links to other digital cartography resources. Leaders NYS Governors and American Presidents Making of America - a model of primary source material presented on the web, searchable text brings up graphic scans of the pages of 19th century books and articles.

62. Pirates_page
the Seas A biography of Edward teach, one image. biographies, movies, books, flags,ships and period maps. Pirates of the Caribbean - A historical look at
"see the ability, not the disability" You to can help support the Ability Project by: Our Aims ... Z Pirates Blackbeard - About Edward Blackbeard Teach, the Queen Anne's Revenge, recovered treasures and artifacts. Blackbeard - Treasure Hunt - Information about Edward Teach and his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge. Blackbeard Lives - Offering detailed information about Blackbeard, including RealAudio or wav clips. Blackbeard (Teach, Edward): Pirates and Privateers - Biography of one of the most infamous pirates in history. Blackbeard: Teach's Hole - Exhibit and Pyrate Specialty Shoppe dedicated to Blackbeard the pirate, who died in Ocracoke, NC. Detailed history of Blackbeard, also general info on piracy. Blackbeard, the Legend of - A short biography of Edward Teach by JTHT. Blackbeard's Shipwreck - Information on the pirate and the wreck of his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge. Bonny, Anne - An account of the life of a notorious female pirate, based on the writings of John Carlova. Bonny, Anne and Read, Mary

63. Teaching With Ciao The Development Of The European Union
Listed by country. historical and recent maps. What is the European Union?15 Member States and maps http//

64. An LSU Digital Library Collection
enhanced by rare and original historical maps provided by Transportation maps providedby the Louisiana State Museum The educator can teach all of the lessons
Teaching American History in Louisiana
Funded by
U. S. Department of Education
Collection Description

Original documents such as diaries, maps, photographs, speeches and memoirs are the raw materials of history. As part of the historical record, these clues provide physical links to the participants and witnesses of past events and enable researchers to view those events from multiple perspectives. By revealing the language, values, hopes and fears of people who lived in the past, primary sources humanize history and add dimension to the names and facts detailed in books. When introduced into the classroom setting, historical artifacts become powerful tools with which students can critically analyze events of the past and imagine the possibilities for their future.
The TAHIL collection also contains original documents concerning depression-era Louisiana and detailing Huey P. Long's "Share Our Wealth" program. From the Historic New Orleans Collection, a variety of original broadsides and speeches offer insight into the popular appeal of Long's Louisiana program. Transportation maps provided by the Louisiana State Museum illustrate the results of Long's massive road-building program.
The Louisiana State Archives Collection offers researchers a unique opportunity to critically assess the relief programs implemented during the administrations of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. As part of the Archives' collection, the 1932-33 records of the outgoing Urban Relief Administration detail the results of their relief programs in Louisiana. For comparison, the 1933 records of the newly established Federal Emergency Relief Administration detail the goals and objectives of FDR's New Deal administration.

65. Welcome To The Homeschool Hutt
maps That teach, The World at Your Keyboard. maps of the United States,Virtual Earth. Salem Witch Trials, Estes Park historical Museum.
Maps General Sites Free Maps from the Map Store National Geographic Online Maps Collection Kids @ National Geographic ... World Surfari - New Place each Month Countries GeoNet Geography Game Online Flags of all Countries Where on the Globe is Roger? South Pole Adventure Web Page ... Color Tour of Egypt
Timelines - AlternaTime
Presidents and First Ladies History Happens Egypt Links ... Ellis Island Virtual Tour (Whee!) History of Roller Coasters Guts and Glory Conner Prairie - History Comes Alive Gallileo Gallilei's Notes on Motion ... Restoring America Project FREE Educational
Movie of the Day
Click the BrainPop Logo
Social Studies
Native American Directory
Social Studies Center US Historical Census Data Browser
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Flights of Inspiration Railroad Principles of Flight ... Here
var site="sm8hshutt"

66. Internet Maps In The Classroom
Curriculum resources instruction geared to teach the fundamentals and Referencemaps - large scale maps for viewing only; historical maps; Weather maps;
The Application of Internet Map Resources to the Classroom Environment
The objective of this paper is to research and present capabilities available on the Internet for the presentation of maps in the classroom. I used navigation, information, discovery and retrieval (NIDR) tools in the development of this research.
Traditional maps come in many shapes, sizes, and projections. Resources for classroom (K-12) map data have traditionally been bound to paper media. Textbooks and the maps contained therein, expensive large format wall maps, atlases and other map reference data are difficult and expensive to update rapidly. Changing world events continue to exacerbate this problem. Technological solutions provide a range of new choices for manipulating, viewing and analyzing map data. Advances in compact disk read only memory (CD ROM), graphics, computer processing, and software are enabling us to view maps in "softcopy" vice hardcopy. Electronic atlases feature base maps, city maps, elevation maps, and feature data associated with the maps. The focus of this "paper" is the map data available on the Internet. The information highway has become an information enabler. Educators and students are viewing map data in new ways.
What's Available on the Internet
A variety of maps and map-related data is available on the Internet. Authors of this information include government organizations, universities, educators, journals, and commercial industry. A subset of that data has strong application to geography education, at the K-12 level.

67. Department Of Geography - David DiBiase
I was hired to teach introductory and advanced cartography, and to direct the DeasyLab to help design and produce a series of animated historical maps for the

68. GeoMatters: Products - History
school year parallel those of utilizing outline maps. sometimes shocking to discoverfamiliar historical events occurred It's common to teach history in neat
Product List
Timelines Are Cool!
(From The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide p.287)
Nothing puts history in perspective quite like a timeline. The benefits of using a timeline throughout your school year parallel those of utilizing outline maps. It's fascinating and sometimes shocking to discover familiar historical events occurred during the same time period or didn't occur as closely in time as you'd thought. It's common to teach history in neat, little packaged topics. Missing from the picture, however, is both chronology and a clear understanding regarding how one nation's events affected the history of another. Using timelines faithfully, fills in that gap.
Mark-It Timeline of History
Have students record historical events on the timeline and watch them improve their perspective of history and perhaps enhance their memory retention as well! Two and one half inches between lines provide space for overlapping events. Side one is dated from 4000 BC to 2050 AD. Side two is undated for any variety of in-depth studies. Attach pictures, symbols, or the Historical Timeline Figures described below, to the laminated surface for added detail and color. (Post-It Glue Sticks work well for this.) If you like a timeline to stretch out across the room you can simply cut this one in strips along the dotted line and tape it together to form 21 feet of history!

69. British Cartographic Society Maplines September 2002
I now had to reevaluate my determination not to teach under any I began to appreciatethe value of GIS in the study of historical maps, more specifically
The British Cartographic Society
Promoting the Art and Science of Mapmaking
Registered Charity Number 240034 About the B.C.S. Membership Publications Map Curators' Toolbox ... Job Opportunities Deadline for the December issue is 1st November 2002 Send your contribution Maplines, Vol. 8, 1st Issue, January 2002, Page 8
Page 1
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Jobs Meet the ... new team at The Cartographic Journal A new editorial team has now taken over at the Cartographic Journal. The team includes Peter Vujakovic as general Editor, with Giles Darkes and Alastair Pearson as Assistant Editors. The new team wishes to thank David Green, the previous Editor, for his hard work and for smoothing the transitional period. There will be some changes in style, mainly to enhance the clarity between key sections of the journal. The rather ambiguously named 'Shorter papers' section will be replaced by several new sections. First, 'Observation', a key-note essay or opinion piece which we hope will stimulate comment and debate. Secondly, 'Survey', collections of shorter papers or work in progress, this will involve the publication of material from conferences, working parties, and workshops as short, distinctively packaged collections. And finally, 'Viewpoints', which will effectively replace the old 'Shorter Papers' section, and include miscellaneous material - e.g. historical notes, progress reports on individual projects, personal reminiscences, technical matters, and so on. Look out for Gilcs' scoop in this section - a paper by Vanessa Lawrence on the future of the Os.

70. Superior Social Studies Sites
historical Atlas of the United States, CyberSchoolBus Infonation, Shocking Geography. Findingthe Way Navigation, maps that teach MapQuest, Can you pass the

Maps and Skills
History Texas History People and Places ...
TAKS Info. Bks!
Maps and Skills World Encyclopedia:
Country Information
National Atlas
of the United States
Social Studies
Map of the Middle East CyberSchoolBus
Shock-ing Geography Geoscience Information Digital Earth ... Finding the Way
Navigation Maps that Teach
MapQuest Can you pass the
College History Test
that 64% of College Seniors failed? Oral History Lessons Practice State Capitals Geography Games Color the World ... Where IS That? Great Quiz! STATEly Knowledge Time Lines World Atlas Editorial Cartoons Medieval Times History Exploring Explorers
(A WebQuest) The European Voyages of Exploration Exploring West from Monticello (Maps and notes from the Alderman Library, University of Virginia) Expedition (A 5th Grade WebQuest) Early Ocean Explorers (A WebQuest) Columbus Sets Sail Thirteen Original Colonies Plimoth Westward Ho WebQuest ... Voyage of the Mayflower (Upper level) Timeline of Costume History Constitutional Amendments Spy Letters of the ... American Revolution Escape to Freedom Trail Drives Underground Railroad American Memory Timeline ... Edsitement HISTORY An Extensive Resource for World and US History Annenberg CPB Channel Lesson Plan: Playing with History (Grades 6-12 ) The History Channel The First Christians America's Story Flags of the USA ... September 11, 2001

71. New Europe Seminar: Resources For High School Teachers And Librarians
Learning. http// teach.ERIC http friendly. Includes historical maps. Terraserver http
New Europe Seminar: Resources for High School Teachers and Librarians
This Guide Contains Information on:
General Education Resources and Pedagogy
Education Resources (a Bobst Library Subject Guide)

In particular take a look at: Teaching and Learning ERIC

ERIC is the Educational Resources Information Center, a federally-funded national information system that provides, through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, associated adjunct clearinghouses, and support components, a variety of services and products on a borad range of education-related issues. Gateway to Education Materials (GEM)

Internet Public Library

This is a great place to start general research. Online encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and style guides, plus a whole lot more. CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online

72. Urban History Links
Developing the Collection of historical and Contemporary maps, literature, documents,books and other relevant A free teach yourself tutorial on Internet
Centre for Urban History
Urban History and Urban Studies Links
This section contains a list of Urban History and Urban Studies related links that you may wish to visit. Academic Departments Libraries Town Histories Archives On-line ... Urban Policy
Academic Departments
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73. Evaluations Of Three Duke Classes
the production of regions; and historicalgeographic perspectives Karen Wigen's enthusiasmfor maps spread to me it will be impossible for me to teach a history
ANALYSIS OF THREE DUKE CLASSES Coursework is an integral component of the Duke MAT program. In fact, the reason I chose an MAT program instead of an M Ed had to do with the coursework. Duke's MAT certainly has some education courses and pedagogy; however, it is done in as practical a way as possible. The vast majority of my classes were a blend of undergraduate and graduate history classes. They ran the gamut from history to political science to geography. Enduring the academic rigors of Duke coursework was the perfect, albeit at times insane, complement to the teaching internship. Being an effective teacher requires effective pedagogy as well as a broad and thorough background in one's field. Below, I have evaluated three of my Duke courses:
  • History 108F, Introduction to North America History 151A, Intellectual History of Europe: 1250-1600 History 207A: Geographical Perspectives in History - the Atlantic
History 108F, Introduction to North America Course Description I took this course during the spring of 2000. It is also cross-listed under half a dozen other subjects, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, including Canadian Studies and Spanish. Obviously interdisciplinary in nature, it sought to explore the economic, political, and social relationships among the US, Canada, and Mexico. Work Completed The course consisted of a mix of primary and secondary source readings that spanned several hundred years of history. The professor divided the course into three parts: North America in Historical Perspective, The Contemporary North American Stage, and Contemporary Issues. For each part, we wrote an eight-page analytical paper.

74. Arizona Electronic Atlas Project Campus Feedback
Interested in instruction, maps, archaeological site maps, historical maps, buildingsand monuments, and maps with site plans. •teach computer cartography
Arizona Electronic Atlas Project The Arizona Electronic Atlas Project: World Wide Web Access to Arizona Maps Campus Feedback - Project Support
Interim Reports Campus Feedback People Involved ... Publicity Some Results from Surveys to Faculty and Community Members -
asking the question: What data would you like to see included int the Arizona Electronic Atlas? From: Jake Elkins, member of Sustainable Borderlands Planning (a non-profit corporation). Address: 1309 E. Lee St., Tucson, AZ 85719 I would like to see components including threats to health such as pollution sites. I don't think that would be addressed clearly under a 'health' component. I've started a data set plotting the over-170 EPA listed sites in Tucson which may be future Superfund sites but have run into address problems. Most of the listings are for the company offices rather than the hazardous wastes themselves. If I had the time I would go out with a gps and locate all the sites. I feel such information could be quite useful to Neighborhood Associations, school students, and residents in general. Most folks have no idea about the toxic locations/industrial releases in their neighborhoods. If you have a short list of people quite interested in this project we would really want to be on that.

75. Subjects/ Disciplines
historical maps. http// http// Association (UK).
home free email resources your feedback ... teachers' free-ads Resources: Education Subjects/Disciplines
  • Schools/Colleges Accounting Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computing Economics The Environment English French General Education ... Music Physical Education Physics Postgraduate Religions Social Studies ... Teaching Universities and Colleges:
  • UK: a list of university addresses and webs USA:
  • Selected Sites School, college and academic web-sites vary enormously. The selected sites listed on this page reflect educational approaches in/of different countries, but particularly those in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, which are the biggest providers of authentic English-medium education. Our list is selective for we do not see the value in listing every site on a topic, as many sites are not informative or well presented. However, for comprehensive searches integrating the major search engines you might use our search facility on the home page or search page. Reviewers of educational sites We welcome recommendations of suitable weblinks to sites genuinely offering new or additional resources. Recommendations complete with a site summary, analysis and comments (third party) may be published, if suitable, together with the name and email address of the reviewer.

    76. Social Studies
    The easyto-use mapping tool to customize and print current and historical maps! Grades/AgesGrades 5-12 Platform Mapping Kit - No Software teach students to

    77. EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
    You will need to collect as many maps as possible before you teach the lesson. 5 Finally,you may show students a selection of historical maps to give them an
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    78. OPLIN: History > Maps & Geography > Historical Maps
    History maps Geography historical maps This site allows you to view historicalmaps simply by entering a place name, an address or a grid reference.

    79. OPLIN: Genealogy > Maps & Geography > Historical Maps
    Genealogy maps Geography historical maps This site allows you to view historicalmaps simply by entering a place name, an address or a grid reference.

    80. Houghton Mifflin College - GeoQuest World Interactive Maps CD
    This product is designed to teach students how to read and interpret historicalmaps and to supplement the maps programs in Houghton Mifflin's Western
    Teaching Foundations Use Our Technology Faculty Development Programs Technology Demos select accounting business chemistry college surv. comm cis counseling dev eng economics education esl english french geology german history italian japanese math lang meth phys sci pol sci psychology russian spanish stu success
    Product information
    What is the name of the product and what textbook(s) does it accompany (if any)?
    GeoQuest World Interactive Maps (CD-ROM) What are the purposes or rationale of this product?
    This product is designed to teach students how to read and interpret historical maps and to supplement the maps programs in Houghton Mifflin's Western civilization textbooks. What are the features of this product?
    The CD features thirty interactive maps that illuminate events in world history from ancient times to the present. Each map is accompanied by a short introduction, activities, and essay questions.
    What are the alternate formats available?
    The GeoQuest World CD-ROM is cross-platform, able to run on both PC and Macintosh computers.

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