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  1. Ovulation Induction: Basic Science and Clinical Advances : Proceedings of the Symposium on Ovulation Induction : Basic Science and Clincial Advances (International Congress Series) by Marco Filicori, 1994-06
  2. Infertility: The Emotional Journey by Michelle Fryer Hanson, 1996-06-12
  3. When IVF Fails: Feminism, Infertility and the Negotiation of Normality by Karen Throsby, 2004-11-13
  4. Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions and Building Strong Families by Diane Ehrensaft PhD, 2005-07-06
  5. Male Infertility
  6. Conceiving Kinship: Assisted Conception, Procreation and Family in Southern Europe (Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality) (Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality) by Monica Bonaccorso, 2008-10-20
  7. The Infertility Treadmill: Feminist Ethics, Personal Choice, and the Use of Reproductive Technologies (Studies in Social Medicine) by Karey A. Harwood, 2007-11-26
  8. Infertility and Adoption: A Guide for Social Work Practice by Deborah P Valentine, 1988-12-13
  9. Diagnosing Male Infertility: New Possibilities and Limits (Progress in Reproductive Biology and Medicine)
  10. Treating Male Infertility: New Possibilities (Progress in Reproductive Biology and Medicine) by Giovanni M. Colpi, 1994-04
  11. Conceiving Luc: A Family Story by Liza Freilicher, Suzanne Wetanson, et all 1999-05-05
  12. Why Donor Insemination Requires Developments in Family Law: The Need for New Definitions of Parenthood by Caroline Jones, 2007-12-30
  13. The Ache for a Child: Emotional, Spiritual and Ethical Insights for Women Suffering Through Infertility and Pregnancy Loss by Debra Bridwell, 1994-04
  14. Exploring Infertility Issues in Adoption by Ian Millar, Christina Paulson-Ellis, 2009-02-28

21. Deleted Job (#384559)
Master of Library science and Health science a plus. and speech therapy, endoscopy,cardiology, endocrinology, urology, infertility, family planning, and HIV
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22. Infertility, Infertility Treatment, Costs, Financing By Family Fee Plan
infertility treatment and their family building efforts and detection, abortion,sexuality, and infertility. communication within the science, by holding

23. Untitled
Epidemiology, Research Activities Centre for science and Environment in Research /Research Activities, Reproductive Health infertility, family Planning The
Actionaid, India (AAI)
NGOs, Communications / Communications - Health Education, Environment, SocioEconomic - Economic Factors - Poverty, SocioEconomic - Women's Empowerment
Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India
NGOs, Communications, Training / Public Health - Nutrition, Public Health - Child Survival, Reproductive Health, Family Planning - Natural Family Planning
Census of India (Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs)
Government, Research / Population - Statistics, Population - Demography, Population - Census
Center for International Health Information - USAID statistics for India Government, Research, Communications / Public Health, Population - Statistics, Population - Demography, Population - Census Centre for Science and Environment in India (CSE) NGO, Communications / Communications - Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Policy - Policy Reform, Environment, Public Health - Surveillance, Public Health - Epidemiology, Research Activities Centre for Science and Environment in India

24. Related Links. Center For Applied Reproductive Science. Dr. Samuel Thatcher.
for anyone who is struggling to build a family. infertility Resources infertilityinformation presented in a if the researcher has a health science background.
#1 Cost efficient IVF service and education in U.S. Outpatient based IVF. Complete facilities include ultrasound suite,endocrine and andrology labs, and all IVF facilities. Located at new outpatient therapy center offering the latest in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Accomodations for visitors are nearby, safe, and inexpensive.
Related and Helpful Links
  • The American Infertility Association (AIA)
    The American Infertility Association is a national nonprofit organization that provides advice from experts and support from friends for anyone who is struggling to build a family. The AIA is a one-stop resource for information about infertility, reproductive disease and adoption. The AIA offers doctor, therapist and pharmacy referrals, a monthly national newsletter, and live support through our toll free support line at 888 917 3777. Each month The AIA web site presents up-to-date information on important advances in treatment, news and resources such as helpful articles and fact sheets..Visitors to our web site will also find weekly on line chats, physician and adoption expert moderated message boards, and email counseling.
  • Sheltering Tree Fertility Support Group
    Sheltering Tree Fertility Support Group offers women a place where they are not alone. Their group consists of: women who have never been pregnant; women who have experienced the los of a pregnancy; and others who are dealing with secondary ifertility. It is a nondenominational group which was founded based on the principles of Jeremiah 29:11.
  • 25. Reproductive Science Institute - Spring / Summer 1999 Newsletter
    The Reproductive science Institute has had an established medical, genetic, psychologicaland family history Gary Bruss, specializing in infertility, to better

    Egg Donation Surrogacy Diagnostic Services ... Contact RSI
    Fertility Science Newsletter
    Winter 2000
    This Web page contains the following articles: Access Fertility Science Newsletter archive
    Egg Donation
    The donation of eggs by an anonymous or known third party represents one of the most complex aspects of assisted reproduction. In simple terms, the process of egg (oocyte) donation involves the selection of an appropriate donor as a source of human eggs. Oocyte donation in more complex terms actually encompasses many of the clinical, scientific and ethical dilemmas in the field of reproductive endocrinology. The historical evolution of oocyte donation dates back to the late nineteenth century. The first successful animal embryo transfer is attributed to W. Heape, a reproductive endocrinologist at Cambridge University. Since the time that Dr. Heape described the transfer of embryos from the uterus of donor rabbits to recipient rabbits with the subsequent birth of normal offspring, the science of oocyte and embryo donation has expanded to at least fourteen different animal species. By 1980 the first human trials of egg donation and the transfer of the resulting embryos to a recipient's uterus were performed. Groups at Monash University in Melbourne and at UCLA reported the first human pregnancies from oocyte and embryo donation virtually simultaneously in 1983. Over the next decade, the demand for donors has increased.

    26. Infertility - Family Bonds: Adoption, Infertility, New World Of Child
    endured her own struggle with infertility, and recently passion and learning thatinfuse 'family Bonds,' some about the procedures as the science gets better

    Other IHR Web sites Infertility Resources Infertility Infertility For Consumers Main Titles Subjects Online Books ... Book Recommendations For Professionals Main Titles Subjects directories of infertility services and products: Infertility Clinics
    Male Infertility

    Legal Services
    Egg Donor/Surrogacy ...
    Family Bonds: Adoption, Infertility, and the New World of Child Production
    by Elizabeth Bartholet Purchase at: Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 288pp.
    ISBN: 0807028037
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    Pub. Date: October 1999
    Description from
    The Harvard Law School professor critiques the current laws and practices surrounding adoption, discussing international and domestic law, common reasons for adoption, and the definition of family. 15,000 first printing. Tour. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
    Description from
    Now in paperbackthe definitive book on infertility, adoption, and the new reproductive technologies, by the nation's leading expert on adoption and related parenting issues. In this passionate book, Professor Bartholet questions current thinking about parenting and challenges the legal system, the bureaucracies, and the social attitudes which hinder the adoption process.
    Description from The Reader's Catalog
    Bartholet examines the emotional and legal aspects of adoption, and looks at the domestic and international laws that often leave would-be parents childless and deny homes to parentless children. The mother of two adopted children, Bartholet draws on her own triumphs and disappointments as well as the most recent legal rulings. "A seminal volume"Kirkus Reviews

    27. Infertility - Infertility And Involuntary Childlessness: Helping Coupl
    help the therapist recognize an infertility problem when lesbian couples, spousesin blended family configurations, and to keep pace with this complex science.

    Other IHR Web sites Infertility Resources Infertility Infertility For Consumers Main Titles Subjects Online Books ... Book Recommendations For Professionals Main Titles Subjects IHR Directories of Infertility Services and Products: Infertility Clinics
    Egg Donor/Surrogacy

    Build a Web Site
    Male Infertility ...
    Professional Suppliers
    Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness: Helping Couples Cope
    by Beth Cooper-Hilbert
    Purchase at: Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 178pp.
    ISBN: 0393702626
    Pub. Date: September 1998
    Edition Desc: 1 ED
    Description from
    Susan Cooper, Ed.D., co-author of "Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional, and Ethical Considerations"
    "Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness" is unique in that it examines the social, cultural, religious, and familial context of the infertility crisis. Beth Cooper-Hilbert illustrates how this crisis may continue to play itself out even after the birth or adoption of a child. Cooper-Hilbert steps outside the usual infertility paradigm by including a discussion of those who may be involuntarily childless but not necessarily infertilesingle women, lesbian couples, and stepparents.
    Augustus Y. Napier, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Emory University, author of "The Fragile Bond"

    28. Building Families Through Donor Conception:
    Editor, Donor Insemination International Social science Perspectives. Support Education for infertility Related and looks at one family's experience of
    Building Families Through Donor Conception:
    An International Forum on the Personal. Professional and Public Policy Issues
    Sponsored by the Infertility Network
    Saturday. June 22. 2002 Building families through donor conception - The
    Donor Insemination: International Social Science Perspectives Making the decision to use donor sperm Jean Haase, MSW, Social Worker, London Health Sciences Centre Making the decision to use donor eggs Test Tube Dads (Documentary which addresses the issue of anonymity and looks at one family's experience of meeting the donor) Parenting after donor conception: Information Sharing Leonie Hewitt, National Secretary of the Donor Conception Support Group of Australia; mother of 3 donor conceived children (ages 11 - 19) Growing up as an offspring: Missing links Geraldine Hewitt, donor-conceived university student. Australia Implications of an open market S anonymous donation in human sperm and eggs Professor Mary Lyndon Shanley, Deportment of Political Science, Vassar College, USA; author. Making Babies, Making Families: What Matters Most in an Age of Reproductive Technologies. Surrogacy. Adoption, and Same-Sex and Unwed Parents' Rights

    29. RSC Boston - IVF, Infertility And Fertility Clinic In Boston MA - Top Fertility
    At the Reproductive science Center, our physicians and the cause of an individual'sinfertility and indicate the may help the childless couple start a family.
    RSC Tops the List here Seminars Free here Welcome to the Reproductive Science Center A Advanced diagnostic techniques can be used to identify the cause of an individual's infertility and indicate the best way to treat it. Even when no specific problem is identified, today's advanced reproductive techniques may help the childless couple start a family. This is certainly a welcome news for couples who are unable to achieve pregnancy. Please contact us with any questions / comments you might have about infertility or about our services. Reproductive Science Center 9 Hope Avenue Waltham, MA 02454 Tel: 800-858-4832

    30. RSC Bay Area - Home Page
    Gynecological and infertility services. Located in San Ramon.Category Health Reproductive Health United States California......Welcome to the Reproductive science Center of the San help diagnose the cause ofa couple's infertility and indicate couple start or grow a family even when
    About RSC Bay Area Home History Our Mission Success Rates ... Employment Opportunties
    Medical Services ART Egg Donor Program IVF/Surrogacy Intrauterine Insemination ... Clinical Trials
    Administrative Services Financial Options Travel to RSC Bay Area Request an Appointment
    Educational Information Main Education Page Understanding Infertility Infertility Workup (including Diagnostic Testing) Hormone Drug Therapy Information ... Reading List
    For Physicians Research and Treatment Welcome to the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area. Millions of couples suffer from infertility, the inability to achieve pregnancy after a year of trying to conceive. But there is hope: Advanced techniques can help diagnose the cause of a couple's infertility and indicate the best way to treat it. We can often help an infertile couple start or grow a family even when the cause remains unknown. Our center consists of five physicians specializing in infertility care , a laboratory staff with over 25 years experience in assisted reproductive technologies, a supportive

    31. MFTSource Theory: Family Therapy
    infertility. family science Review is a quarterly journal that publishes informationthat will improve family science as a field of scholarly inquiry and
    Theories: Family Therapy By Theorist/Theory Bowen Haley Madones Minuchin ... Satir By Diagnosis Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Adjustment Disorder Agoraphobia Anxiety Disorders ... Substance Abuse/Dependence By Presenting Issue Abuse - Sexual Abuse - Domestic Violence Abuse - Incest Abuse - Emotional ... Trauma Helpful Links Family System Test Website - Dr. Thomas Gehring, Switzerland - "A new approach for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of relational structures. This clinically-derived figure placement technique was designed to evaluate cohesion and hierarchy in the family and its subsystems in a variety of situations." DSM IV Made Easy Website - provides diagnostic information on most DSM IV categories Dr. Bob's Website - DSM IV Codes - provides codes for each DSM IV category Psychiatric Meds Info links to the site

    32. Services - South County Naturopaths, Inc. - Science-based Natural Healing - Fami
    Services. family Medicine. Naturopathic disease). High blood pressure;infertility; Intestinal Candida infections; Menopausal symptoms;
    Services Naturopathy Meet the Doctors Contact Us ... Home Services Family Medicine Naturopathic doctors treat conditions specific to all age groups. Treatment Options The doctor tailors a treatment plan specific to each patient. Treatments may include one or more of the following: Diet and Nutritional Therapy Diet is assessed and adjusted according to the individual and the condition to be treated. Nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals) may be used in therapeutic doses. Homeopathy Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine based on the principle that "like cures like". Acute and constitutional (whole person) remedies are prescribed. Herbal Medicine Plant-based remedies may be used as tinctures, tablets, capsules, or other forms alone or in combination with other herbs and nutrients to effect a change in the body. Physical Medicine Hydrotherapy (water therapy) and craniosacral therapy (a non-invasive hands-on technique) may be prescribed for treatment and symptom relief. Lifestyle/Wellness Counseling Since many factors contribute to health and wellness, all aspects of an individual are addressed. Lifestyle counseling may involve behavior modification, stress reduction and exercise recommendations, risk reduction, preventative strategies and emotional and spiritual counseling.

    33. Andrology — Clinical Services
    Current research projects include the genetics of male infertility, in vitro maturationof degree in Animal science with a minor in family science from Brigham
    The Andrology Laboratory at the University of Utah has been providing infertility services since 1978. In the beginning, the laboratory consisted of a traveling lab brought to Salt Lake City every Wednesday. Over the years it has expanded to include the clinical laboratory, an IVF laboratory, a community laboratory and a research laboratory.
    The first IVF procedure was performed in 1982. Since that time, over 2500 IVF and GIFT procedures have taken place. The first micromanipulation procedure in the state of Utah took place in 1990. Micromanipulation procedures such as ICSI, assisted hatching and PGD were pioneered in the state of Utah at the University of Utah and are now done routinely.
    Over the years the Andrology program has won many honors of distinction. In 1989, "American Health" magazine listed the IVF program at the University of Utah as the "top" IVF program in the United States. Research papers have won the award of "best paper" for the Journal of the American Urological Association and Archives of Andrology. Research on aneuploidy in sperm and eggs began in 1998,leading to the development of the first and only Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) program in the state of Utah.

    34. Infertility Clinics, Fertility Clinics, Fertility Doctors - Fertility And IVF Tr
    York (Stony Brook and Mineola) Reproductive science Center clinics attention combinedwith the most advanced infertility, reproductive endocrinology family
    Education Main Diagnosis Male Infertility Treatment ... Miscellaneous Resources Main Newsgroups Organizations Research Programs ... Women's Health

    Infertility Clinics directories of infertility services and products: Infertility Clinics
    Male Infertility

    Legal Services
    Egg Donor/Surrogacy ...
    Financial Assistance
    This Web page contains a list of infertility clinics helping patients in the United States, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. These clinics typically provide infertility testing and diagnosis, IVF, embryo freezing, donor egg, ICSI, and infertility surgery. United States: Alabama Arizona California - Northern California - Southern ... West Virginia
    Outside United States: Australia Canada Caribbean China ... United Kingdom
    United States Infertility Clinics
    (Listed by State)
    Alabama (AL)
    • ART Program of Alabama
      (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery)
      A dignified approach, in conjunction with state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technologies characterizes our mission to serve couples experiencing infertility. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care.
    Arizona (AZ)
    • Arizona Center for Fertility Studies
      Over 6000 babies born since 1982, more than any other Southwest program. The clinic embraces all patients, regardless of age, marital status or gender preference.

    35. Infertility Clinics -
    family Fertility Center (Walnut Creek Center for Sexual Dysfunction and Male infertility. FertilityCenter Baltimore Massachusetts Reproductive science Center of
    macy professional drug infertility clinics organizations sperm bank egg Repronex Clomid osis I nfertility C linics L isted by S tate Alabama


    A labama A laska A rizona Samaritan Institute of Reproductive Medicine (Phoenix) Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Center for Repro Medicine Arizona Insitute of Reproductive Medicine (Phoenix) Arizona Center for Fertility Studies (Scottsdale) ... University Medical Center (Tucson) A rkansas C alifornia Nova In Vitro Fertilization Clinic (Palo Alto) The Center for Reproductive Medicine Bay Area Fertility and Gynecology Medical Group Alta Bates In-Vitro Fertilization Program (Berkeley) ... Woman to Woman Fertility Center C olorado Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine Creating Families -A Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation, Inc. Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology C onnecticut Center for Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology D istrict of Columbia D elaware Center for Human Reproduction Cooper Center for IVF (Newark) (Melrose Park) Northern Fertility F lorida BocaFertility (Boca Raton) Center for Human Reproduction Center for Sexual Dysfunction and Male Infertility Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (Jacksonville) ... Palm Beach Fertility Center (Boca Raton) G eorgia Atlanta Reproductive Health Center The Endometriosis Care Center Reproductive Biology Associates H awaii Reproduction Innovations International I daho I llinois Reproductive Health Specialists, Ltd.

    36. American Association For The Advancement Of Science
    in six couples struggle with infertility issues, and that makes us rethink, `Whatis a family?’”. Radio (NPR)) received the AAAS science Journalism Award
    Search by keyword
    Choose a Page AAAS Board Archives Awards Development Education Employment Events International Media Relations Meetings Membership Project 2061 Science Science Books/Films Science Policy

    Raven Completes Term on AAAS Board

    Search for Life on Other Planets

    Award for Paper on Landmark Study
    Science Update: AAAS Radio Spots
    Six Reporters Named to Receive
    2002 AAAS Science Journalism Awards
    “Pinnacle of Excellence” Prize,
    Funded by The Whitaker Foundation
    A broadcast program on “18 Ways to Make a Baby,” an expose on burning coal fires, and feature coverage of research that draws a line between bird songs and neurodegenerative disease, are among the entries named to win 2002 AAAS Science Journalism Awards. Sponsored by The Whitaker Foundation, the AAAS Science Journalism Awards program, informally known as the “AAAS pinnacle of excellence prize,” represents the ultimate achievement in the field of science reporting. Six reporters were named to receive AAAS Science Journalism Awards this year, recognizing exemplary communications efforts, completed between July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2002, on behalf of large and small newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and online media outlets. “With scientists and journalists as judges, this award is a double honor and doubly humbling,” said Peter N. Spotts, science and technology correspondent for

    37. Human Ecology (Family And Consumer Science)
    family Consumer science (Human Ecology). health, fatherhood, finance, nutrition, organizations,safety issues, product recalls, infertility, and online
    Go Directly
    Online Databases Related Web Sites Guides/Dictionaries E-Books ... Reference Shelf
    S oper Library
    Family Consumer Science
    (Human Ecology)
    = FULL-TEXT and MSU Students, Faculty, Staff Only
    = MSU Students, Faculty, Staff Only
    Online Databases
      General / Multidisciplinary
    • Academic Search Elite
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    • WorldCat
      Related Web Sites
      • ABCs of Parenting
        A comprehensive source directory of pregnancy, parenting, and childcare articles and Web sites. Categories include: childcare, education, health, fatherhood, finance, nutrition, organizations, safety issues, product recalls, infertility, and online shopping.
      • Access America for Seniors
        This site provides online access to government information and services of interest to seniors. The topics covered include benefits, health and nutrition, consumer protection, employment and volunteer activities, taxes, travel and leisure, education and training, and more.

    38. Infertility Counselors
    science Center. Counselors Specializing in infertility. Susan H. McDaniels, Ph.D.Susan H. McDaniels, Ph.D., if a professor or Psychiatry (Psychology) and family
    @import "/css/Strongw3c.css";
    Search: Search Help Women's Health Fertility Home For People Seeking Options Home Case Scenarios Emotional Concerns Finances of Fertility ... Donor Lists For Current Patients Home Taking Care of Yourself Tests Treatments and Procedures ... Forms For Egg and Sperm Donors Home Our Team Home More Information IVF News
    Strong Fertility and Reproductive Science Center
    Counselors Specializing in Infertility
    Susan H. McDaniels, Ph.D.
    Susan H. McDaniels, Ph.D., if a professor or Psychiatry (Psychology) and Family Medicine, director of Family Programs, and director of the Wayne Center for Family Research at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. McDaniels earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She did her internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and her postdoctoral training in family therapy at the Texas Research Institute for Mental Sciences at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Dr. McDaniels is a diplomat in Family Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology and a fellow of the American Psychological Association. Dr. McDaniels has focused her career on the effect of illness on families, and is a frequent speaker at meetings of both health and mental health professionals. She is co-editor of the journal "Families, Systems, & Health" and is the author of nine books, including one for physicians on how to include families in healthcare and one for mental health professionals on the effects of physical illness on the emotional and family experiences of patients. Throughout her work, Dr. McDaniels has had a special interest in gender issues and illness focusing of such issues as women as caregivers, the challenges of infertility and the new reproductive technologies for women and their partners, and the experience of genetic testing for breast cancer.

    39. Monitor On Psychology MAY 2002
    including clinical issues associated with infertility, family problems, grief includesall of the family that is psychology; science, practice, education
    Volume 33, No. 5 May 2002 Five candidates run for APA President Dr. Laura H. Barbanel Laura Barbanel, EdD, ABPP, is professor and program head of the graduate program of school psychology at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. She has also served as deputy dean for Graduate Studies in Education at Brooklyn College. She developed a bilingual/multicultural specialization in school psychology, which serves as a model. She maintains a clinical practice, with expertise including clinical issues associated with infertility, family problems, grief and trauma. She is on the faculty of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis and an adjunct faculty member of the Derner Institute of Adelphi University. Barbanel is a fellow of APA and a diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology in psychoanalysis. Her research interests are in the psychological issues related to immigration. She has taught internationally and organized several international conferences. Leadership: Service in governance includes service in a number of Divisions (16, 29, 39, 42, 45) as well as in the New York State Psychological Association. She has held a number of elected positions in APA, including the Council of Representatives, Finance Committee (associate chair), Policy and Planning Board, and the Board of Educational Affairs. She was on the Task Force on Sexism in Graduate Education in Psychology and liaison to the Task Force on Recruitment of Minorities into Psychology. She spearheaded the Task Force on Early Education and Care and was liaison from the Board of Directors to the Multicultural Guidelines Writing Group and the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

    40. Research Gaps Related To Gender Issues And Population, Health, And Nutrition Pro
    Social science. Voluntary and Involuntary Childless Wives. Journal of Marriage andthe family. Plundered Kitchens and Empty Wombs Fear of infertility in the

    Country Activities
    Documents Training Environment ... Other Activities PRB Websites
    Research Gaps Related to Gender Issues and Population, Health, and Nutrition Programs: An Analysis
    H. Infertility
    Prepared by Karen Hardee, POLICY Project, The Futures Group International Biomedical Research
    • What types of clinical trials for infertility treatments are being undertaken in developing countries?
    • What research is being done to study the effects of women’s and men’s exposure to environmental pollutants on fertility? More specifically, is exposure to endocrine disrupters identified as a source of infertility for both men and women?
    • Are inexpensive treatments recognized and equally available for both female and male factor infertility (such as penicillin for the main STIs gonorrhea and chlamydia)?
    • What research is being done to distinguish the dominant factors of infertility in developing countries?
    • Are there any promising leads in discovering causes for unexplained infertility?
    • What are the biomedical reasons for higher fetal loss and lower fertility of women with HIV+/AIDS? While there is some research in this area, further analyses are needed.

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