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         Japan Ancient History:     more books (106)
  1. Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan, Including a Guide Book by N. McLeod, 2004-04-07
  2. Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan, Including a Guide Book by N. McLeod, 1875-01-01
  3. Meshcheryakov AN History of Ancient Japan A manual for schools / Meshcheryakov A.N. Istoriya drevney Yaponii Uchebnoe posobie dlya vuzov by M. V. Grachev A. N. Meshcheryakov, 2010
  4. History of Japan since ancient times to the Meiji / Istoriya Yaponii s drevnikh vremen do epokhi Meydzi by Vie Mishel, 2009
  5. A Short History of Japan: From Ancient to Modern Times (Quick Smart) by H. K. Yamakuse, 2009-10-01
  6. Epitome of the ancient history of Japan by N McLeod, 1879
  7. 'and Oni Magic' Read Ancient History Of Japan (PHP Paperback) Japanese Language Book by Makoto Takemitsu, 2003
  8. Illustrations to the Epitome of the ancient history of Japan,: Including illustrations to guide book, by N McLeod, 1877
  9. ILLUSTRATIONS TO THE EPITOME OF THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF JAPAN (Japan and the Lost Tribes of Israel). by N. (Collected and Arranged). McLEOD, 1879
  10. Illustrations to epitome of the ancient history of Japan by Norman McLeod, 1879
  11. Cambridge Junior History: Ancient and Medieval Japan by Philip Cummins, 2000-06-03
  12. Fox Japan's Ancient Medieval History Hen Japanese Language Book by Sato Tadashi Nakamura, 2001
  13. The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol. 1: Ancient Japan (Volume 1)
  14. Ancient myths and early history of Japan;: A cultural foundation (An Exposition-university book) by Michiko Yamaguchi Aoki, 1974

1. Japan Ancient History
japan ancient history women in ancient Japan is, like so much else in earlyJapanese history, filled with missing parts. We know very

2. Ainu Language And Japan's Ancient History
Collection of papers concerning the history and possible genetic relationships of the Ainu language .Category Science Social Sciences Natural Languages Ainu...... page 8 Jomon Yayoi, When is Jomon? japan's Paleolithic Age Correction Kofunlink added98/09/17. page 2, Sample Ainu Words in japanese ancient history.
Index (updated: 2001/04/03) Latest arrivals:
Position Paper March 2001
and its continuation, ONOKORO-JIMA island Search within this site
Found an English translation of a good book about Ainu language. Original authored by Suzuko TAMURA in Japanese. Click here for more information. Position Paper March 2001 ... Dr. Kazuro Hanihara's "Dual Structure Model" is briefly presented in English. While his theory of Jomon's further origin is questioned, his theory of invading people dividing Jomon residents to north and south is highly regarded. Links to Jomon HP's Keyword "Jomon+Pottery" found these links, to HP in English. Links confirmed on 2000/10/19 Leading anthropologist's site "Origin of Japanese people" presented in English. ... Page 14: Ainu's Yukar and its writers Introduction to the vast Yukar world Page 13: Evolution of Japanese and Ainu Languages Jomon Language as base of Japanese and Ainu languages Page 12: Race and Language Was Jomon Language influenced by Okhotsk? Page 11: Recent Anthropological Findings Mitochondria DNA or ATL virus studies. Pages 10,10a,10b: Introduction to works of

3. K12 Lesson Plans: Eastern Hemisphere Countries & Cultures
the Three Doctrines. ancient history Lesson Ideas. China Teaching Workbook ancient India (Map Links). ancient India. ancient Modern japan
Eastern Hemisphere
China Africa Australia/New Zealand India ... Other Subjects Mr Donn's Special Section: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Classroom Simulation
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China India Japan Others ...
Physical and Political Characteristics of Asia (7th-grade)

The Land of Genghis Khan
(national geographic interactive)
list continues (more) ....

Debates on Censorship (2-3 days)
More Units
School Pages, Ideas, Fables
Welcome to the Ancient China Homepage
Stories - Ancient China (similar to Cinderella) Chinese History (Electronic Passport) A to Z Kids Stuff - China ... Thinkquest: China (index of entries, excellent!) Online Games, Free Software Your name in Chinese! Play Tamgrams online - Free, Fun and Challenging Learn about Chinese life and culture Write for it! Send a postcard to Chinese Information Service 159 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016 Ask for any of the following: Chinese Festivals Chinese Calligraphy Chinese Art of Paper Cutting Chinese Painting The Story and Life of Confucius More Resources Daily Life in 4 Dynasties (Donn) Handouts Ms. Schuller's China

4. Ancient Japan Timeline
712, Kojiki (Records of ancient Matters), the first japanese history. 720, Nihongi(Chronicles of japan), the second japanese history and major source of Shinto
BC Jomon Period BC Incipient Jomon BC Initial Jomon BC Early Jomon BC Middle Jomon BC Late Jomon BC FinalJomon BC AD Yayoi Period AD First mention of Japan in historical writing (Chinese history) Founding of the Great Shrine of Ise Kufun or Yamato Period Introduction of Buddhism into Japan Asuka Period , named after the Asukadera temple in Asuka Empress Suiko; Prince Shotoku serves as regent The Seventeen Article Constitution of Prince Shotoku The Taika Reform Hakuho Period : begins after the Taika Reform Nara (or Tenpyo) Period Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), the first Japanese history Nihongi ... Saicho founds the Enryaku-ji (temple) on Mt. Hiei Ennin, founder of Tendai Buddhism in Japan Heian Period Capital of Japan moved to Heian-kyo Early Heian Period Final compilation of the Manyoshu (Ten Thousand Leaves Collection), the first collection of Japanese poetry Kukai founds the Koya-san monastery Journey of Ennin to China; on his return, he introduces Tendai Buddhism into Japan Kuya; introduced Amida Buddhism into Japan Taketori monogatari (Tale of the Bamboo Cutter); first Japanese

5. Women And Women's Communities In Ancient Japan
Extended discussion of historical role of women in ancient japan based on their diaries and other Category Society People Women history ancient......women in ancient japan is, like so much else in early japanese history,filled with missing parts. We know very little about japan
uji , were ruled by men.
One can conclude little or nothing about the status of women in early Japan from the haniwa figurines from the tumuli period. The only distinguishing feature between most figurines labelled as male and those labelled as female are that the male figurines represent some economic function while the "female" figurines are more abstract. These are more likely modern impositions; figurines representing hunters or othe economic functions could very well be female figurines, though we naturally assume, from our own modern perspective, that they're male.
tumuli (this is Latin, in Japanese, they're called kofun ). The best picture we have of early Japanese life is afforded by the small clay figurines, called haniwa that were deposited in these tumuli. Their nature or purpose is unknown. Are they magic? Departing gifts? Needless to say, they provide a valuable picture of early Japanese life, particularly the haniwa of houses. The figurines also represent men and women, and the earliest haniwa do not make a clear distinction between men and women. However, as

6. Ancient Japan
A history of the Later (Eastern) Han (AD 25220) records that in ancient japan ancientAND LOST CIVILIZATIONS INDEX ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ALL FILES CRYSTALINKS
Ancient Japan
Ancient Japan to 1185 It is not known when humans first settled on the Japanese archipelago. It was long believed that there was no Paleolithic occupation in Japan, but since World War II thousands of sites have been unearthed throughout the country, yielding a wide variety of Paleolithic tools. These include both core tools, made by chipping away the surface of a stone, and flake tools, made by working with a stone flake broken off from a larger piece of stone. There is little doubt that the people who used these implements moved to Japan from the Asian continent. At one stage, land connections via what are now the Korea and Tsushima straits made immigration from the Korean peninsula possible, while another connection, via what are now the Soya and Tsugaru straits, allowed people to come in from northeastern Asia. The Paleolithic Period in Japan is variously dated from 30,000 to 10,000 years ago, although the argument has been made for a Lower Paleolithic culture prior to 35,000 BC. Nothing certain is known of the culture of the period, though it seems likely that people lived by hunting and gathering, used fire, and made their homes either in pit-type dwellings or in caves. No bone or horn artifacts of the kind associated with this period in other areas of the world have yet been found in Japan. Since there was no knowledge whatsoever of pottery, the period is referred to as the Pre-Ceramic era.

7. Japanese History
history of japan. Overview, and ancient to modern japan
Home History of Japan Homepage Travel to Japan Living in Japan Language Food History Arts and Crafts Forum Japan PenFriend Discussion Forum Question Forum Live Chat Classifieds More Photo Gallery Link Directory Marketplace Local Surveys Contact us
Discussion Forum
Genji Monogatari Should Japan have its own Military? Koizumi - can he help Japan ... more... In order to understand any contemporary society, a knowledge of its history is essential. The following pages present the most general facts of Japanese history. Periods of Japanese History Early Japan until 710 Nara and Heian Periods Kamakura Period Muromachi Period Azuchi-Momoyama Period ... Postwar Period since 1945 Other History Related Pages History Overview


Atomic Bombs
Historic Photo Exhibitions Great Kanto Earthquake (Part 1) Great Kanto Earthquake (Part 2) Four Month War: Shanghai 1937 Books Created by Kinboshi Media - Web Application Development
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8. History
A short synopsis of the history and archaeology of japan.Category Science Social Sciences Archaeology Regional Asia japan......history Archaeological discoveries have revealed that the ancient people inhabitingthe archipelago continent around 300 BC The inhabitants of japan used iron
Ancient times

The Japanese archipelago was first inhabited more than 100,000 years ago, when it still comprised part of the continental Asian land mass. Archaeological discoveries have revealed that the ancient people inhabiting the archipelago in the Old Stone (Paleolithic) age lived mainly by hunting and gathering. The New Stone (Neolithic) age, dating from about 10,000 years ago, witnessed the manufacture of refined stone implements, the development of advanced hunting techniques using bows and arrows, and the production of earthenware containers for cooking and storing food. The era lasting from around 8000 to 300 B.C. is called the Jomon period after the jomon (cord-marked) style of pottery.
Agriculture, primarily rice planting, and metalworking techniques were introduced from the Asian continent around 300 B.C. The inhabitants of Japan used iron farming tools in their daily life to increase agricultural production and bronze swords and mirrors for religious rituals. The division of labor widened the gap between ruling and subject classes at this time, and many small states were formed across the country. The era lasting from 300 B.C. to A.D. 300 is called the Yayoi period after the wheel-turned pottery that was produced during this time.
Gradually the small states were unified, and by the fourth century a strong political authority centered in Yamato (now Nara Prefecture) ruled over the nation. The period from the fourth century through the sixth century saw great developments in agriculture as well as the introduction of Chinese culture, including Confucianism and Buddhism, via Korea. By the end of the fourth century contact had been established between Japan and the kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula. From Korea, such industrial arts as weaving, metalworking, tanning, and shipbuilding, which originally had been developed in China under the Han dynasty, were introduced into the country.

9. Ancient East Asia
Devoted to the archaeology and Prehistory of China, japan and Korea, an affiliate of The Society of East Asian Archaeologists.
Welcome to the Ancient East Asia , a new independent website devoted to the archaeology and prehistory of China, Japan and Korea , inviting contributions from archaeologists, scholars and interested members of the public. Donald B Wagner has kindly agreed to act as Associate Editor to encourage publications on Chinese historical archaeology, broad surveys of current research, and highly-illustrated research more effectively published in digital form than in conventional print media. See further information Simon Holledge, Publisher Edinburgh, 31 January 2002 Site established 1 June 2001. Site last updated on 31 January 2003 This website welcomes corporate sponsorship. Ancient East Asia Website maintains pages for the Society for East Asian Archaeologists , with which there is an affiliation. Contents Page

10. BBS For Japan's Ancient History And Ainu Language
£HomePage ¡PostMessage ¡Search ¡PastLog ¡Admin BBS for japan'sancient history and Ainu language. Comments/Questions welcomed.
HomePage PostMessage Search PastLog ... Admin BBS for Japan's ancient history and Ainu language Comments/Questions welcomed. No hot/hard argument, please. Let's take it easy!
charts No. Name Evander Date :2003/02/12(Wed) 02:27
!Thank you very much! This is really appreciated.
Evander Re[80]: Caral No. Name gen Date :2003/02/12(Wed) 01:36
Hi Evander,
Partial response:
> I have a copy of the Gm chart from the webpage. I have been unable to find charts for any of the eighty or so other groups included in Dr. Matsumoto's book.
I made a quick translation of my excerpt presentation (in Japanese) of Dr. Matsumoto's work.

Caral No. Name Evander Date :2003/02/12(Wed) 01:02 I suppose there were people living in the mountain valleys and certainly on the coast many thousands of years before Caral was founded. My questions and suppositions ran wild in the wake of discovery of an advanced urbanization in the Americas roughly contemporary with the earliest in Egypt and Mesopotamia. There is a tremendous gap from that time until the time of what once was thought to be the oldest urban settlement of significant size, Chav?n de Hu?ntar.

11. Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
Contains units, lesson plans, activities and resources for learning and teaching about ancient history. Choose from many regions and periods. Mr Donn's ancient history. Awesome Library Star Rating. Lesson Plans Activities. Civilizations. Greece. japan. Holidays/Festivals
Mr Donn's Ancient History Awesome Library Star Rating Civilizations Greece Japan Holidays/Festivals ... FAQs Mrs Donn's Special Sections Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations Deep in the Tombs of Egypt Lesson Plans for Children's Books: A-Z list Didn't find what you needed? Try this! Have a great year!
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  • 12. Maxie's Magnificent Guide: Free History Fun Stuff
    history Mystery. Clever Media Shockwave Arcade Games. history Games MEET MY FRIENDS! FREECLIP ART ANIMATIONS for. Early Man, ancient China, japan, Egypt, Greece
    Maxie's M ag n i f ic e nt Guide to....
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    Hi sto ry Ga mes Ancient History World History U.S.History MEET MY FRIENDS! Free Coloring Book (online ordering form - FREE!)
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    Sparky the Fire Dog
    Clifford UNIT Dog Activities Ideas (for the classroom) ... Meet My Friends: The Chihuahua Pharaohs F R E E for Early Man, Ancient China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Rome Ancient Americas, Middle Ages, Native American, Maps, more Help yourself to any of these icons - Right click and save Discovery School Clip Art Early Man: Caveman (animated, cartoon) Ancient Egypt: The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs Ancient Egyptian Clipart ... Celtic Clip Art The castle above. Help yourself. Free-Market Liberty Image Gallery Alaska Clipart World Flag Data Base All Kinds of Maps (Donn) F A S T HISTORY HOMEWORK HELP Everything you need for history and social studies!

    13. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Ancient Legal Texts
    various aspects of the history of law in the ancient world law codes, specific enactments/decrees here are legal and constitutional texts from ancient India, China, and japan.
    Halsall Home Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ... Full Texts Legal Texts Additions Search Help Studying History ... Christian Origins See Main Page for a guide to all contents of all sections. This page unites the texts on various aspects of the history of law in the ancient world - law codes, specific enactments/decrees/treaties, philosophical discussions, and constitutional documents. To continue looking at legal history texts in the middle ages, see the Medieval Legal History page, at the Medieval Sourcebook , which also provides more texts than here on later Roman law, English Common Law, Jewish Law, and Muslim Sharia. For comparative purposes, also included here are legal and constitutional texts from Ancient India, China, and Japan. Comparative topics in interest to students might include:
    • LAWGIVERS: Moses, Solon, Lycurgus, Manu

    14. Astronomy In Japan
    Historical and modern japanese astronomy, and its place in japanese cultureCategory Science Astronomy history...... areas japanese or Chinese (as brought to japan) Starlore and Astronomicalhistory; ancient Chinese and japanese Calendar/Time Systems;
    Welcome to Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara's Astronomy in Japan Home Page Japanese Starlore and Astronomical History Astronomy Activities and Articles of Human Interest Astronomy Sites in Japan with Pages in English Sites of Interest in History of Astronomy and Cultural Astronomy ... ‰½ŒÌ‚±‚̃z[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW‚͉pŒê‚݂̂ŏ‘‚©‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚é‚Ì‚Å‚·‚©H (In Japanese) Last Updated January 16, 2003
    Japanese Starlore and Astronomical History
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    Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
    The Sun, the Moon, and Happy New Year in Japan (Revised January 2003) Get Out Ogre! Come In Happiness!
    Setsubun in Japan; A Lunar "New Years' Eve" (Revised January 2003) Tani Jinzan and A Leonid Conflagration
    Earthly and Celestial Events "Meet" in Tokugawa Japan Orihime, Kengyuu, and Tanabata
    Japanese Traditions and Values Reflected in a Summer Festival Based on an Ancient Chinese Star Legend Images of Tanabata 2000 Yowatashi Boshi
    Passing the Winter Nights with Japanese Star Lore of Orion Takamatsu Zuka Kofun
    An Ancient View of the Sky from a Tomb in Asuka, Japan Controversy Continues (Supplement added April 3, 1997)

    15. Astronomy Sites In Asuka
    Stone relics and monuments, of unknown age or origin, with possible Solstitial and/or Principle Term Category Science Social Sciences Asia japan Sites and Monuments...... Sakurai, K. (1980) ancient Solar Observatory in Asuka, japan. 1719. Sansom,GB (1973) Tuttle Edition japan; A Short Cultural history.
    Astronomy Among Ancient Tombs and Relics in Asuka, Japan
    By Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara March, 1997 The Asuka area, south of Nara, is one of the most historically rich in Japan. Whether originating here or due to migration from Kyushu, the Asuka area became the center around which most of Japan united in early centuries of the "Christian Era". Reliable historical evidence indicates that exchanges between scholars of classic Chinese principles and the more aristocratic members of the Japanese court occurred as early as the mid 6th century. These exchanges not only gave rise to the infusion of technology, religion, and other aspects of Chinese culture, but astronomical calendar reckoning, astrology, and divination as well. Unlike Kyoto and Nara, most of the towns in the Asuka area are rather small. There are many hills and small mountains with farms and assorted orchards mixed between. Among these, a visitor may find both remains of and intact kofun (tombs) of emperors and noblemen atop hills or high plateaus. From the perspective of archaeoastronomy, one of the most interesting of these is Takamatsu Zuka Kofun . While the exact date of construction is unknown, this tomb (discovered in 1972) provides one of the earliest and most interesting and definitive examples of Chinese/Korean astronomical influence on Japan in the 7th century. Paintings of the 28

    16. Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
    An online geography class where students journey through time and space. Discover different people Category Science Social Sciences Geography...... Chinese history, China, Southeast Asia, japan, ancient Greece, Rome. Middle Ages,The Renaissance, The Enlightenment, The World Wars, Russia and Communism, EuropeToday.
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    Browse the world in a Virtual Classroom Time and Space Prehistory Mesopotamia Ancient ... Europe Today SORT THE NATIONS
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    Canada The Caribbean Mexico and Central America South America ...
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    17. Bulletin Of The Asia Institute
    Presents studies in the art, archaeology, numismatics, history, and languages of ancient Iran, Mesopotamia, and Central Asia and connections with China and japan along the Silk Road. Includes an index, subscription, and publication information.
    ". . . brilliant, lavishly illustrated."
    -Philippe Gignoux, Editor, Studia Iranica, Abstracta Iranica
    "New results . . . , general overviews on decades of research. In all cases, the papers are of great interest."
    -A. Invernizzi, AJA
    "Lavishly illustrated and well-documented . . . published
    in a luxurious, 'old-fashioned' way."

    -Elisabeth C. L. During Caspers, Bibliotheca Orientalis
    tudies in the art, archaeology, numismatics, history, and languages of ancient Iran, Mesopotamia, and Central Asia and connections with China and Japan along the Silk Route are presented in a scholarly journal, the Bulletin of the Asia Institute.
    Contact us at

    About the
    Bulletin Ordering Information ... Volume 11

    18. Web Directory
    Report Broken Links, Art Humanities history ancient history, Directory Home, Ainu Articles, Jomon Samurai. japan Ltd.

    19. Web Directory
    , Back to the Future the Revolution of ancient history Resources forthe ancient history of japan, including poems written during the era.

    20. World Religions, Beliefs, History, Art & Cultures
    to Islam IslamiCity ancient Islam Call For Prayer (Audio) Audio Qur'an Online Israelhistory Italian history Culture Jainism japan (ancient) Guide to japan
    Internet Librarian Internet Public Library THE INTERVIEW WITH GOD
    (Beautiful photo gallery presentation)
    ... Online Newspapers from Around the World Site Manager: Myra Wysinger Web site modified 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 USA Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882) Epistemology, Causation, Humankind Esoteric Sacred Texts Euthanasia ... Zoroastrinism
    Site Manager: Myra Wysinger Web site modified 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 USA Got a question? Just type it in and click "Ask." Online Newspapers from Around the World THE INTERVIEW WITH GOD
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