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         Japan Ancient History Homework Help:     more detail

1. Maxie's Magnificent Guide: Free History Fun Stuff
Early Man, ancient China, japan, Egypt, Greece, Rome ancient Americas, MiddleAges, Native American, Maps, more. FAST! history homework help.
Maxie's M ag n i f ic e nt Guide to....
History Clip Art F A S T History Homework Help F U N Easy to Impossible G A M E S Maxie's Special Section Neat Dogs!
Maxie's Super Secret Section
FAQs F U N G A M E S Easy Games Thomas the Tank Engine Medium to Impossible Games! Haunted Carnival (I love this game!) History Mystery Clever Media Shockwave Arcade Games
More fun things to do online!
The Case! - Mysteries to Solve

Printable Paper Dolls (through the ages!)

National Geographic for Kids! (of all ages)

Interactive Features: National Geographic
Hi sto ry Ga mes Ancient History World History U.S.History MEET MY FRIENDS! Free Coloring Book (online ordering form - FREE!)
Take a Bite Out of Crime with McGruff the Crime Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog
Clifford UNIT Dog Activities Ideas (for the classroom) ... Meet My Friends: The Chihuahua Pharaohs F R E E for Early Man, Ancient China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Rome Ancient Americas, Middle Ages, Native American, Maps, more Help yourself to any of these icons - Right click and save Discovery School Clip Art Early Man: Caveman (animated, cartoon) Ancient Egypt: The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs Ancient Egyptian Clipart ... Celtic Clip Art The castle above. Help yourself. Free-Market Liberty Image Gallery Alaska Clipart World Flag Data Base All Kinds of Maps (Donn) F A S T HISTORY HOMEWORK HELP Everything you need for history and social studies!

2. KID_INFO_The_Web's_Best_Student_Homework_Reference_Resource
The web's best student homework and teacher, parent reference resource ! World and ancient history. Maps. All Body Systems and Authors Includes Children's Literature. Grammar help / Spelling / Vocabulary Building japan's history. World history Links
American Revolution Colonial America Colonial Life Jamestown Middle Colonies New England Colonies ... Modern History Search...KID INFO Linda Guterba, (email: Learn More about: KID INFO, TEACHER TIDBYTES, and the WEB SITE AUTHOR Index School Subjects ... Dear Kid Info,

3. Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Mega homework help Page! history Sites. Women's history Research Guide The Seven Wonders of the ancient World Aztec Kid's Window to japan Nepal Kuwait The Islamic
Mr. Dowling
Sort the nations of the world
Mr. Dowling

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Browse the world in a Virtual Classroom Time and Space Prehistory Mesopotamia Ancient ... Europe Today SORT THE NATIONS
Sort by population area density Gross Domestic Product ... literacy rate and more.
Canada The Caribbean Mexico and Central America South America ...
and the Electronic Passport

To cite this page: Dowling, Mike., "The Electronic Passport," available from; Internet; updated Tuesday, April 30, 2002

4. Ancient History
ancient history A starting point for links about the ancient world. Look history Chinese history. Korea history The Korean War and an Australian perspective. japan - history
zfp=-1 About History Women's History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
Women's History
with Jone Johnson Lewis
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') This Week's Articles tod('tih'); Today in History Daily Quiz tod('pod'); Picture of the Day Special Subscription Offers Subscribe Now Choose One: Subscribe Customer Service Subjects Essentials/Basics
March: WH Month!


World: by Place
... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Ancient History Issues in women's history in ancient and classical times: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, the Near East and more. Ancient Egypt
The status of women in ancient Egypt, Egyptian queens and goddesses including Hatshepsut and Cleopatra, matriliny in Egypt, and other resources for further study. Ancient Greece Goddesses, poets including Sappho, the status of women in Greece in antiquity and classical times, ancient Greek fashion and other resources. Ancient Near East Women in Anatolia, Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Sumer and elsewhere in the ancient Near East. Magic, marriage and more.

5. Resources For Social Studies Homework Help
Report from the Library of Congress on the history of japan, this section focusing on ancient cultures. About history ancient/Classical history. Search Articles · Forums · Chat · Classifieds · Newsletters · help postulated that hominid activity in japan may date as early as
Free Stuff Free Software Free Games Get Paid To Surf ... Make Money Resources for Social Studies Homework Help
Updated February 15, 2003
This page provides links to resources for help with school assignments, projects, and daily homework. Click on a topic from the site index below to find the resources you need. If you are a teacher and are linking this site to your classroom page, let me know what topics your class is studying, and I will add resources specifically for your students. My e-mail address is Click here to get 250 free business cards from VistaPrint!
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6. Homework Help
The Perseus Library ancient World Information ancient Egypt The India Calcutta Kid's Window to japan Nepal Kuwait The history of Mathematics.
Mega Homework Help Page!
History Sites Women's History Research Guide The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Aztec History Middle Ages ... Yaxuna Archeology Project (Mayan History) The Smithsonian Institute The Perseus Library - Ancient World Information Ancient Egypt The History of Costume ... Back to Top Geography Sites for Students Electronic Field Trip to the United Nations UNICEF Scotland Luxembourg ... United Nations Resolutions World Constitutions Times Around the World The Great Lakes Stamp Collecting ... Back to Top Science Sites Ask Mr. Science 3rd Planet Lab download experiments and check out some fun Science kits The Why Files the Science behind the news. History of Science Museum The Mad Scientist Network answers the science questions of students of all ages every day over the Web. Curious Kids Science Newsletter Space (Astronomy) The Ten Best of The Nine Planets Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon Comet SL9 Images of Jupiter Galileo Mission to Jupiter ... Planet Earth Home Page Animals (Zoology) Animal Information Data The World Wildlife Federation Global Network National Wildlife Federation with Ranger Rick NetVet- Veterinarian Information ... PetStation Kids!

7. Sydney Inner West Virtual Library: Homework Help: History
Greece history ancient Greece, and an early history Korea - history The Korean Warand an Australian perspective japan - history A guide to the history of japan

Burwood Canada Bay Leichhardt ...
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Archaeology Start with a general introduction Ancient history A starting point for links about the ancient world. Look also at the sites under particular countries. You can even look at sites about ancient standing stones 7 wonders of the world Look at the possible history of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and think about what it might be like to travel to them China to 420 Find out about dragons Egypt to 640 Including death in Ancient Egypt, mummies . and Egyptian art and how these people lived Palestine to 70 Find out about Ancient Palestine India to 647 Find out about Ancient India Mesopotamia and Iranian Plateau to 637 Browse a selection of resources about Mesopotamia , and read a translation of the the Code of Hammurabi Ancient Europe Find out about early Britons , discover Barbarians , and visit the Vikings Greece to 323 Find out about Ancient Greece Rome Explore the Roman Empire , look at Rome as the centre of the Empire, and look at even more sites about the

8. Homework Help: Social Studies: World Cultures
Exploring ancient World Cultures Information on the Near East Kids Web japan A sitefor you to out about Canada's first inhabitants, their history, stories, and
Social Studies: World Culture Different Cultures The Ancient Greek World
A virtual exhibit that explains ancient Greek daily life, economics, religion, death, geography, and history. The Ancient World Web
One big site with tons of links to ancient cultures all over the world. Culture Quest
The Internet Public Library takes you on a tour of the Web (by continent) that uncovers the holidays, games, recipes, art and museums, folklore, and legends of several of the world's cultures. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Information on the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic world, and the Medieval world. Kids Web Japan
A site for you to learn about all things Japanese. Cool! Africa Guide
Tons of information on Africa and its countries. Contains pictures of maps, flags, animals, masks, and satellite photos. Library of Congress Country Studies
Lots of official information on many countries. Includes government, economic, political information, and lots more. Multicultural Calendar
Find out worldwide holidays and other celebrations by country or by month.

9. Jiskha Homework Help - Social Studies: World History: Railroads Of Asia, America
conservative design that resembled the imperial power of the ancient Roman Empire Railroadshad an imperial role in japan as well Back to Index of World history.



Foreign Languages
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Helpful Links Homework Tips ... Survey CONTRIBUTE Found out how you can submit your own essays to Jiskha Homework Help! Homework Help Forum Homework Help Experts Railroads of Asia, America, and Britain by Halina Panariello March 31, 2002, 12:51 p.m. ET Although the first steam operated railroad was built in Britain, the production and construction of steam engined locomotives was steadily progressing in other others as well. Because the essential materials needed to produce successful railroad systems were only found in a few areas, a small number of differences evolved between the railroad systems of Britain, America, and Asia and the ways they were used to benefit a region. Conversely, there were also a considerable amount of similarities between the railroad systems of Britain, America, and Asia, particularly Britain and America, because of their mutual open attitude toward new technological concepts. In any case, it was evident that the coming of the railroads to all of these areas would stimulate other branches of industry and economy to grow prodigiously at a very expeditious pace. In 1812, the first steam powered railroad system had been introduced by Richard Trevithick in Shropshire, Britain. A minor difference concerning time frames is that the first utile railroad in America was completed in 1869, and the first successful railroad constructed in China was finalized in 1882. These years indicate another difference between these areas: Britain and America were the stimulus for all other areas of the world to eventually construct a railroad system and Asia was not. For example, Britain motivated other areas such as Belgium, Germany, France, and America to commence the building of a railroad system. America inspired the building of a Trans-Saharan railroad in Africa and a Cape-to-Cairo line. Asia never stimulated another area to built railroads because they were the last to build a railroad system themselves.

10. Jiskha Homework Help - Art: History
Art history. ancient Art Aegean; Eastern; Egyptian; Etruscan; General; Greek;Minoan Crete; Mycenae; Roman. japan; Korea. Americas; Oceania. Back to ArtIndex.



Foreign Languages
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Helpful Links Homework Tips ... Survey CONTRIBUTE Found out how you can submit your own essays to Jiskha Homework Help! Homework Help Forum Homework Help Experts Art: History

11. Palo Alto Middle School Libraries - Classroom Topics
Reference. homework help. PAUSD eLibrary. Bibliography help. ClassroomTopics. AfricanAmerican history American Colonies. ancient Israel. ancient japan. ancient Rome.
Research Center Classroom Topics News Sources Libraries ... Terman Library ClassroomTopics African American History American Colonies American Revolution Ancient Africa ... Terman Library

12. Asian-American Homework Help & Resources
has links to a life changing event in US history when japan bombed Pearl ancient/Classicalhistory Asian Resources Guide NS Gill has links to
zfp=-1 About China Online Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
China Online
with Jun Shan
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Chinese Names China Photo Gallery Dictionary ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Asian-American Homework Help
Guide picks Here are links to help you with your homework when it comes to the topic of Asian-American Culture with focuses on customs, holidays, history, and other useful information to help you.
20th Century History: Pearl Harbor Resources Guide Jennifer Rosenberg has links to a life changing event in U.S. history when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. In the aftermath, many Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps in the U.S. Ancient/Classical History: Asian Resources Guide N.S. Gill has links to timelines, mythologies, and other important information about Asian society in ancient times. Anthropology of Asia Resources Guide Alexander F. Christensen, Ph.D., has excellent resources to find out more about the traditional cultures, peoples, and languages of Asia. His resources include ethnographic and linguistic information as well.

13. New Westminster Public Library's Children's Page: Homework Help
japan Everything you wanted to know about japan – daily life, sports, traditionand culture, history and more Life in ancient Egypt An introduction to the
Homework Help...
Canadian Information General Information Homework Subjects
Canadian Information
About Canada – Government of Canada
Information about Canada, its people, environment and history. Take a quiz or find out about the symbols of Canada. Canadian Astronaut Office – Canadian Space Agency
Find out about our Canadian astronauts and space program, the space missions, Canadian technology and news.
National Atlas of Canada Online

Online atlas of Canada which comes with a quiz, facts about Canada and other great information
Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction

A site from the National Library of Canada, with five different sections, detailing “Heroes of Lore and Yore”. Canadian Kids Page
Links to information and fun, arranged by topic and much of it done by kids themselves. You can also browse by age group. Canadian Information by Subject
Geared for older kids and adults you can find links by subject (Dewey Decimal) or in an alphabetical listing by subject.
Oh Canada:
Learn about the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our Heritage, and lots more.

14. Classlinks
Humanities Africa. Humanities - Africa - ancient history. Humanities - China. Humanities- japan. Humanities - Latin America. homework help. Researching

15. Classlinks
homework help. 13001600 history Research. Humanities - Africa - ancient history.Humanities - China. Humanities - japan. Humanities - Latin America.

16. Kids' Corner: Homework Help
Kids Web japan Lots of information including what's cool in japan as well as history.ancient Egypt This photo album of ancient Egypt has plenty of pictures as
GENERAL HOMEWORK HELPS Berits Best Sites for Kids
This site has information on how to do research for homework as well as an excellent subject index of other useful homework sites on the internet. Canadian Encyclopedia
The full text Encyclopedia of Canadian facts, information and history. Community Learning Network
The CLN theme pages are a combination of curricular links and instructional material links for the K-12 Provincial curriculum. Homework Center (Multnomah County Library)
Choose a subject, check out the latest links, or find out about search engines and how to look for the best web sites. Homework Help (King County Library)
Search the subject areas and follow the links to find the information you need. KidsClick, Web Search for Kids
A homework search site researched by Librarians. It lists many excellent resource sites for kids. Yahooligans - School Bell
Search "Homework Answers" or all of Yahooligans - options include Ask an Expert, Language Arts, Math, Media, Reference, Science and Social Studies. ANIMALS Return of the Peregrine Falcon
Follow the first peregrine falcon reintroduction program in BC, taking place right here in the Okanagan. Link to conservation groups such as the World Wildlife Fund Canada, BC Endangered Species Coalition, and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

17. Homework Help
Races Roman Art Architecture ancient Rome Links, The British Musuem The LouvreNatural history Museum of Modern Wonders Kids Web japan Map Quest
Useful Links for Help on the Web Arranged under the following headings: Art Art Illustrations Astronomy/Space BiographyCollective ... BONUSFOR OUR YOUNGER VISITORS Art Art Illustrations Middle Ages
The Ancient Olympics

Guardian's Egypt

Mysteries of Egypt
Crepe Myrtle Varieties
Astronomy/Space Biography-Collective Biography-Individual Star Child
The Nine Planets

Chesley Bonestell Interacive Art Gallery

Albert Onstein Online
Books Careers Cooking Internet Classics Archive
The Online Book Page

Aesop's Fables
Cyber-Seuss ... Welcome to Good Food Creatures Fashion History Family Crafts The Activity Cupboard DLTK-s Printable Crafts for Kids Crafter's Community ... The Costume Gallery Foreign Language General Reference Government Paris Vocabulary Training Exercises The French Tutorial Parlez-Vous Francais ... Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Health/Nutrition History, American History, European Active First Aid Food Finder Food Pyramid Healthtouch Online ... Camelot Village History, General Human Body Inventions Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Pages 1492: An Ongoing Voyage The History Channel The History Place ... National Inventors Hall of Fame Just Plain Cool Language Arts Math AnydayToday in History Grand Illusions Exploratorium Online Exhibits A.Pintura, Art Detective

18. Favorites
Hot Sites and homework help for Students Bill Cities(SikyonSicyon, Athens)ancient japan Websites Castle - A-to-Z history -
Credit Cards
Computer Stores
Dedicated Server
Domain Names
Web Design
Web Hosting
Cool Stuff
Free Email
Free Homepage
Free Services
School Essays
EncyclopediasGrolier Online
Grolier Online
Computer Games
Multi Player
Online Casinos
Sports Book
Hot Sites and Homework Help for Students
Grolier Online
Insects on the Web
JigZone Jigsaw Puzzles Online
Smithsonian Institution
Student Search Center
Texas Instruments Student Center
Health and Beauty
Home and Garden
Match Making
Self Help
Card Catalog
Pentwater Public Schools
Michigan Electronic LibraryMeL
Michigan eLibrary
Mr. Harless
America's Wars
Ancient Greece Resources
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Cities(Sikyon-Sicyon, Athens)
Ancient Japan Websites
Castle - A-to-Z History -

19. Homework Help
Hawaiian Navigation learn how the ancient Hawaiians navigated the Pacific withoutinstruments, relying on Aizu history Project, The - a history of japan.
Homework Click on a topic below. Resources

20. CCPL: Homework Help Links
Political maps and country information; historyjapan This web page providesa brief history of japan. Index of Countries with Background

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