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         Jewish Genealogy Searches & Vital Records:     more detail

1. Vital Records Information - Foreign Vital Records Links
This page contains links to foreign vital records pages. vital records in Poland. jewish Roots in Poland. Slovakia. Application for genealogy searches in Slovakia

2. Welcome To GenealogyForum.Com
jewish genealogy research information in Eugene, Oregon. List of shtetls and families being researched. of microfilmed records mostly from Poland. and crisscross searches may identify vital statistics, formal education, others in household. genealogy RESEARCH GROUPS. jewish

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  • 3. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
    Wednesday, September 09, 1998. o. jewish genealogy Society searches for history been hindered by a lack of records in Europe before 1880. vital statistics were not kept before that
    Search Database home search database your town support ... old main page NOTE: There is a change in the way you can order copies of records from the Polish State Archives. A new Pilot scheme covering Lomza and Bialystok Branches of the Polish State Archives is now live. For more details see To benefit from the expertise of hundreds of researchers of Jewish records of Poland, post your questions on the JRI-Poland mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list, go to: Before you search… Read the JRI-Poland FAQ at The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland database contains indexes of Jewish Vital Records of Poland, generally more than 100 years old (up to approximately 1901). The project was founded in February 1995. JRI-Poland is already the world's largest database of Jewish vital record indexes accessible over the Internet. JRI-Poland's database does not contain actual vital records, it contains indexes. With these online indexes, you can quickly determine the source of the actual document, principally records microfilmed by the LDS (Mormons) or those records not filmed by the LDS and available only from the Polish State Archives. The database does not contain all the vital record indexes for Poland. Today there are about 1.8 million records indexed, and more are added each month. It is estimated that, when completed, the JRI-Poland database will index entries to as many as ten million records.

    4. >Books On Jewish Genealogy, Jewish Roots, Jewish Names Published By Avotaynu
    Germany Library Resources for Germanjewish genealogy Holocaust Kaminits is an indexto all jewish vital records in the it easy to order searches through the
    Jewish Genealogy Books Published by Avotaynu, Inc.
    (Want to write to us?)
    Canada: A Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry1909-1914
    Compiled Genealogy: Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family
    Compiled Genealogy: Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories
    Documents: Documents of Our Ancestors: A Selection of Reproducible Genealogy Forms And Tips for Using Them
    European Towns: Where Once We Walked: A Guide to the Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust (WOWW)
    European Towns:
    Galicia: Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide
    Germany: Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy
    Holocaust: Kaminits Podolsk and Its Environs
    Holocaust Research: How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust Holocaust Research: The German Minority Census of 1939: An Introduction and Register Resources in Israel: A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Resources in Israel Lithuania: Jewish Vital Records, Revision Lists and Other Jewish Records in the Lithuanian Archives

    5. Genealogy - TRL WebLinks
    Member searches are available and Family Finder, and links to other jewish genealogysites. vital records Where to write for birth, death and marriage records
    Locations/Hours Library Catalog Library Cards Library Info ... Weather
    Reference Resources
    Doing Genealogy
    Meta Sites
    Specific Resources
    ... Washington State Information
    Reference Resources
    Ancestry Plus
    Genealogical information and records including the Biography and Genealogy Master Index and the Social Security Death Index. ("Free Searches" are available anywhere. "Member Searches" are available in TRL libraries at no charge.) HeritageQuest Online
    Genealogy books and serials, primarily from the early 1900's and Federal Census data from 1790-1930. Digitized images are fully searchable and printable. (Available outside the library with a Timberland Regional Library card.)
    Doing Genealogy
    Internet Genealogy: What You CAN and CANNOT Do
    Helpful introduction to the kinds of genealogical resources available on the Web, with excellent examples of each. Learn @
    Getting started, how to search and organize your finds, computers and genealogy, about geography and maps, access to weekly columns and newsletters. Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees
    25 entertaining and helpful lessons on successful genealogy, including hints and pointers to some of the best of the web.

    6. Genealogy Web Sites
    databasesexcellent for general name searches throughout the Scotland, and Wales aswell as vital records. jewish genealogy Society of NY (http//
    Genealogy Web Sites
    by Rhoda Miller, CGRS
    Census records Ethnic groups General information General searches ... Social history General Information Suffolk Web (
    Contains links to your home library where you can access the Virtual Reference Collection that includes Ancestry Plus and New York Times Historical Newspapers. Pedigree Chart (
    You can print out another copy of a pedigree chart. Cyndi's List (
    Links to every imaginable genealogy topic. Start by scrolling down to Getting Started which has many, many excellent links. You will be able to explore forever! Long Island Genealogy Events (
    Lists all genealogy groups on Long Island, their meeting dates and basic information. Brother's Keeper (
    Free genealogy software: makes great descendent charts. General Searches Ellis Island Passenger Manifests (
    Passenger Ship Manifests 1892-1924 Ellis Island One Step (

    7. Searches
    Search genealogy Sites on the Web Search for Names and Personal Sites of The searchabledatabase of indices to 19th century jewish vital records from current
    Try these popular searches

    8. Databases
    Try these popular searches. Search genealogy Sites on the Web Search for Names and databaseof indices to 19th century jewish vital records from current and of Polish Genealogy Project/search1.htm

    Discussion Polinks Genlinks ... Polish Kings
    Try these popular searches

    9. Genealogy Search - ATPC
    in the spelling of your surname when doing searches. jewishPoland Index to vital records -jewish genealogy Organization - Rzeszow

    Genealogy Hall
    GEN-DATABASE SEARCH..... Resource to Polish genealogy utilizing an indexed link system to relevant databases on the internet. Some of these resources may require a "membership fee" or a "purchase" to acquire data while others freely offer their data. Take time to investigate each site you visit to learn more about their resources and bookmark the ones that you will want to return to. We, of course, would like to be your starting point for genealogy and Polish heritage and hope you will bookmark us as well.
    GENERAL IMMIGRATION MILITARY ... VITAL - These links will open a new window, close when done to return to this page. Abbreviations:
    FEEFHS - Federation of East European Family History Societies
    PGSA - Polish Genealogical Society of America
    PGSNYS - Polish Genealogical Society of America - New York State
    USIGS - United States Internet Genealogical Society Genealogy Tips US Census Days
    Every 10 years:
    1790-1820, Aug, 1st Mon
    1830-1900, Jun 1
    1910, Apr 15 1920-current, Apr 1 Unsorted Databases: Search them using your browser's "find" feature to quickly locate items.

    a database, document searches, and a to books, local histories, indexes, vital records. Sephardicand Sephardim genealogy, jewish genealogy Sephardic genealogy
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    Online Genealogy Books
    Libraries - Bookstores - E-Books

    11. Genealogy Adoption Search And Reunion
    jewish genealogy Links Orphanages Temporary Shelters. in Cook County Illinois Adoptionsand genealogy searches. Kentucky vital records Index Deaths 19111992

    updated 4:15 PM 12/10/02
    BUYER BEWARE. Check out the person/company you are thinking of hiring thoroughly before sending them any money. They may quote you great statistics on their solved cases but ask them, how many were for adoptees or birth mothers who had no name, city or DOB. Many Genealogy sites do charge for searching. Please, BE CAREFUL.
      If you can prove your relationship to the person you are researching it is possible to get information from the Federal Census for periods beyond 1930. Later censuses are not available for public use due to a 72-year restriction on access for privacy reasons. Information is released only to the person, his/her heirs, or legal representatives. You can apply for restricted information through the use of "age search" service There is a fee for this service. $40 for a search of one census for one person only. If the person is deceased the application must be signed by a parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or the surviving wife or husband. A copy of the death certificate must be sent and the relationship to the deceased must be stated on the application. To apply for this go to "age search" service where you will find the forms to be filled out.

    12. Genealogy
    genealogy databases, free searches, family, genealogy census records, immigrationrecords, vital records, birth records HOME OF jewish genealogy records Indexing
    genealogy, geneology, ancestry, family history, heritage,
    family tree, global search, databases, genealogy search engine,
    genealogy books, geneology magazines, maps, gazetteers,
    world tree, Ancestry World Tree, genealogy magazines, ancestry chat, genealogy chats, , GENEOLOGY Juliana's links, genealogy software, Ancestry magazine, Ancestry books, genealogical, marriage records, census, censuses, PERSI, SSDI, Social Security Death Index, GEDCOM records, military records, immigration records, family records, GENEALOGY, vital records, genealogy lessons, geneology lessons, birth records, death records, history, histories, biography, biographies, obituaries, newspapers, records, ancestors, missing persons, adoption, genetic, DNA mapping CENSUS BUREAU HOMEPAGE population topics and characteristics, government data, public use microdata, aging, county business patterns

    13. LAMP Genealogical Research
    Due Diligence. Heir searches. Locating Family records. vital records. Irish genealogy.German genealogy. jewish genealogy. Irish Citizenship. First Families Research.
    LAMP Genealogical Research company uses professional genealogists, researchers and translators, to extend your family trees, research your family history, translate your old documents, do probate research, and perform other genealogical research across the United States and many parts of the world, especially Europe.
    To discuss your genealogical research project with a genealogist call toll free or send email to Our services include:
    Translation Of Documents Extended Family Trees Probate Research Consulation Birth, Death, Marriage Records National Archives Research Library Of Congress Research DAR Research, LDS Research Census Records/Research Naturalization Records/Research Immigration Records/Research Dormant Records Ethnic Family Research Legal Searches Due Diligence Heir Searches Locating Family Records Vital Records Professional Genealogists Professional Translators Professional Researchers Reunion Planning Computerizing Records Reconstructing Lost Records Medical Genealogy Conducting Interviews American Genealogy Irish Genealogy German Genealogy Jewish Genealogy Irish Citizenship First Families Research Native American Genealogy Czech Genealogy Black American Genealogy Provenance Research Passenger Arrival Records Family Tree Review Family Manuscript Review
    In addition to the services listed above, LAMP genealogists, translators, and researchers will also undertake many other types of genealogical searches and research projects. LAMP welcomes unusual projects.

    14. Dear JRI-Poland List Subscriber:
    database does not have all of the jewish vital records of Poland don't find your familyin your initial searches, read about Return to Ada jewish genealogy Page.
    To the Beginner... From a message sent by Stanley Diamond to The JRI Email Exchange Forum, 23 Nov 1998. Dear JRI-Poland list subscriber: To assist you in your personal research, we have prepared the following guide. We hope you will find it useful: Familiarize yourself with all aspects of JewishGen
    For general Jewish genealogical information, the place to start is with JewishGen, the home of Jewish genealogy on the world wide web. The address is: Next, download or print out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file::
    Check out the JewishGen Family Finder It is important to understand the value of connecting to and working with others interested in the same SURNAME or town. Don't duplicate work! Check to see if there are researchers with a common interest to yours who may have already done some of the research you are aiming to do. It can make your own work much easier. So, one of the first steps is to check the JewishGen Family Finder:

    15. HOME PAGE- The Global Gazette, The Online Family History Magazine
    researchers can also be hired to do searches. In addition, some people/genealogy groupshave begun jewish records Ontario jewish Archives, 4600 Bathurst Street
    H O M E R E C E N T A R C H I V E M E M B E R S H I P ... S H O P
    Global Archives
    TM USA Census Online
    Passenger Records Online
    UK Records Online Newspapers Online ...
    Burke's Peerage (UK)

    Sorted by Topic


    CANADA - General

    CANADA - Alberta

    CANADA - Brit. Columbia
    ... Technology - Misc Shopping Books, CDs, Video Genealogy Software Archival Supplies Magazines ... Gift Shoppe Services Free Magazine Upcoming Events Advocacy Post-1901 Census Project Web Site Articles Donations ... APOLROD The Global Gazette contains helpful "How-To" articles and for everyone from the beginning family history researcher to experienced genealogists and historians. Browse through a listing of recent articles (below), or all archived articles sorted by topic If you like what you see, become a member (no charge) and be notified as soon as new resources are added! Post-1901 Canadian Census Project News, by Gordon Watts Family Tree Maker Day In Woodstock ON Census (Canada) legislation presented to Senate 1906 Canadian Census Records Released, by Gordon Watts ... SURVEY - Genealogy Software Developer Needs Your Input Our sponsors make The Global Gazette possible! *The Global Gazette is wholly owned by Inc.

    16. Genealogy Resources On The Internet - Vital Records Mailing Lists
    to provide free Internet searches of English GenTips (tips on obtaining genealogyrecords); HDDDP (Halifax and of indexes to all jewish vital records of Poland
    Mailing Lists Usenet Newsgroups Telnet Sites Gopher Sites ... Email sites
    URL: Last update: March 18, 2003 by John Fuller, Register Resource Update Resource Report a Broken Link

    http//, http//,MN vital records. US Computer Resources for jewish genealogy, Bruce E. Kahn
    Bruce Kahn, Ph.D.
    265 Viennawood Dr.
    Rochester, NY 14618
    As seen in
    Jewish Genealogy
    Commercial Genealogy Sites


    Good General Sites
    ... References

    18. Look Ups
    Durham Mining Museum Collieries, English Origins, English vital records. Societyof Genealogists Enquiries searches, England. Italy Gen web, jewish genealogy,
    post a message here
    Please report any broken links
    All sites open in a new page BRITISH ISLES AND IRELAND A to Z of Irish Genealogy lots of links All England Look-up Exchange Anglo-French FHS Anglo-Italian Family History Society British Counties, Parish, etc. for Genealogists ... Cambridgeshire Family History Society Cambs. 1841 census Cambridgeshire BMD's search for BMD's online for Cambs. from 1837 (partial) Cemetery Inscriptions UK and Ireland Census Online Ireland 80 Links to online Irish censuses Censuses of Gloucestershire Cheshire BMD's search BMD's online for Cheshire from 1837, not yet complete Child migrants Commonwealth war graves commission Cornish Cemeteries Cornish Memorial Inscriptions ... Cornwall Online Census Project currently transcribing the 1891 and 1841 returns for Cornwall Corporation of London London Metropolitan Archives – Family research County Monaghan Church of Ireland parish records fro this county Dockland ancestors searchable online parish records for this part of London. Also

    19. LTLS-Internet Links & Search Engines
    Surname List Name Finder http// vital records US vitalrecords Information http//www jewishGen The Home of jewish genealogy http//www
    Internet Search Engines Ready Reference Directories Dictionaries and Thesaurus Encyclo- ... Directorie s Phone #s Zip Codes U.S. Gov't Information and Statistical Sources Census and Demographics ... Librarians' Resources
    Recommended Internet Search Engines
    Alta Vista
    Search the entire full-text of Web pages and Usenet articles; has many advanced search features such as Boolean logic
    Searches Web pages and the past two weeks of Usenet postings
    One of the Internet's most popular search engines. Rankings based on popularity (the degree to which other pages link to the page) result in high relevancy.
    Searches full descriptions of the Web, Usenet, and top news sites
    Searches Web pages, Usenet articles, and Usenet FAQs; retrieves up to 100 hits for no charge
    Searches the Web, sounds, pictures, and personal homepages
    Searches the Web - both terms and related concepts
    Offers the most advanced search options of any Internet search service
    Searches well-traveled Web sites; displays relevancy ranking

    20. - The Most Popular Free Genealogy Lookup Site
    Free research of birth, census, death, land, marriage, military and state records indexes.Category Society genealogy Products and Services Databases...... Made with Church records • jewish Research • Read Where to Write for vital records• World War Address Listings • Directory of genealogy Libraries In
    Birth Records Land Records State Records Death Records ...
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