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         Journalism Lesson Plans:     more detail
  1. Course of study and lesson plans for journalism in Marble Falls High School by Sara Lacy Anderson, 1949
  2. Career education (Lesson plans for the newspaper in the classroom) by Chester Cohen, 1976

61. Book Lesson Plans - Teaching Activities
lesson plans A list of pages with different activities for Reporting Activity PurposeTo introduce journalism writing to An AskERIC lesson Plan, by Monica M
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Book Lesson Plans - Teaching Activities Guide picks
Lesson Plans: A list of pages with different activities for teaching or studying a book. Book Reports, Computers and You

Supplementary, web-based units of instruction centered on core works of literature. Part of the San Diego County Office of Education. Doucette Index K-12 Lesson Ideas for Literature
Search by title, author or illustrator for lesson ideas. Includes a filter to get Web sites only. Figures of Speech Literature Board Games Activity: Students create board games based on materials they have read. This works best for mythology or adventure text, but could work well with other types of literature as well. Part of A-Z Teacher Stuff. More Ideas Than You'll Ever Use for Book Reports 'Summer Song' - Teaching Guide Grade 6 TeacherViews Activities based upon popular books. TeacherViews at Education Place.

62. ProTeacher! Publishing Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades K-6
Publishing. Student Writing, AskERIC lesson plans journalism lessons oninterviewing (questioning skills) and making a class newspaper source.

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Publishing AskERIC Lesson Plans: Journalism - Lessons on interviewing (questioning skills) and making a class newspaper source
How To Make a Pop-up (book)
- An excerpt from author Joan Arvine's book demonstrates the process in illustrated steps. Also information about her books source
Young Writer's Clubhouse
- Great resource for information on how to become a writer. Read about real life kid authors source
Children's Writing Resource Center
- A gathering of children's writers where information is given for tips on how to write for children source
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63. The Washington Post: NIE Lesson Plan: INSIDE Journalism: The News Story
on 18901900, a decade that witnessed the explosion of the Maine in Cuba, yellowjournalism and the NIE for educators lesson plans lesson plan details.

64. The Washington Post: NIE Lesson Plan: INSIDE Journalism: The Editorial Page
writing process at The Washington Post or for your own newspaper, INSIDE JournalismThe Editorial Page NIE for educators lesson plans lesson plan details.

65. Media/Journalism
NIE lesson plans. NIE OnLine The Gainesville Sun Classroom Resources. Media AwarenessNetwork lesson plans Follow these directions 1. Click on English/French.
Last update: 10/20/01 RETURN TO HOME PAGE MEDIA Media Awareness Network The Jesuit Communication Project
The major work of the Jesuit Communication Project (JCP) is to encourage, promote, and develop Media Education in schools across Canada. ADBUSTERS (Vancouver) Messages and Meaning: A guide to understanding the media
What is Media Literacy? Eight Key Concepts of Media Literacy Why Teach Media Literacy? ... MediaForum TELEVISION Lesson Plan- Teacher Talk: Great Ideas!: Television and Violence Breaking the Grip of Media Violence- How Educators Can Help in the Classroom and Beyond Are We Selling Out Our Children's Minds? Media Violence indicates that society values profits over children Centre for Media Literacy ... Media and Manipulation NEWSPAPERS NIE Lesson Plans NIE OnLine: The Gainesville Sun Classroom Resources Teacher's Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index The Newseum TOBACCO ADVERTISING Media Awareness Network: Lesson Plans
Follow these directions: 1. Click on English/French. 2. Click of FOR EDUCATORS. 3. Click on TEACHING MEDIA. 4. Then click on either Primary/Elementary or Jr High/Secondary. 5. Then Under Media Issues, select Tobacco Advertising BADvertising Smoking Tobacco Projects Teachers Tobacco Advertising and Public Opinion Advertising and Tobacco Reduction GENDER ISSUES Reflections of Girls in the Media How "Seventeen" Undermines Young Women PROPAGANDA Tobacco Reduction - Can YOU Be Manipulated by the Media?

66. Lesson Tutor : Lesson Plans : Language Arts : Creative Writing : Elementary, Mid
In journalism, the topic sentence is often the first sentence and is designed to Formore Articles by this Author, Click Here * For more lesson plans in the
YOUR AD HERE You are HERE >> Language Arts > Creative Writing
Journalism - The Attention Grabbing Topic Sentence

By Elaine Ernst Schneider Objective(s) By the end of this lesson the student will be able to: Pre Class Assignment: Resources/Equipment/Time Required: Outline: Basic writing skills should include correct spelling, strong sentence structure, and standard punctuation. It should also have a topic sentence that gives the main point of the paragraph. In journalism, the topic sentence is often the first sentence and is designed to grab the interest of the reader or listener. Let's suppose that you are a reporter for a new sports station and you have just interviewed your favorite athlete. You must now take the information you learned in the interview and write your presentation. Later, the news crew will make cue cards from the presentation that you write. You will be live on television, reading those cue cards; so how you word your presentation is very important. You want to hold the viewers' attention!! Think of an opening sentence that will make people want to hear the rest of your thoughts. Here are some examples:

67. Lesson Tutor : Consecutive Creative Writing Lesson Plans And Worksheets Grade 9
Creative writing assignments for 9th graders, stretch them beyond the concrete.Category Arts Writers Resources Creative Writing...... By the Old Mill Stream lesson II - Paragraph Types by Elaine Ernst Schneider August27, 2000. journalism - The Attention-grabbing Topic Sentence A journalism
YOUR AD HERE Creative Writing - Grade 9
Shop@LT Personalized Creative Writing Courses with Elaine Ernst Schneider
Hands-on Writing Series
Sign up NOW AMAZON PRODUCTS Creative Writing Curriculum
Christopher Ingham January 25, 2002 Language Functions
Examining how people use language, both written and spoken, to present themselves and their ideas. In essence, to understand how speakers and writers use language to position their audience to accept a particular point of view. Theme: Violence on television. Analysing and Interpreting Text
If we are to understand how writers develop texts and we are to improve the quality of our own writing, it is important to look closely at the techniques used by good writers. Planning and Structuring the Argumentative/Analytical Essay
There are often two parts to an essay topic: a quotation or statement and a rubric or question. Once these are understood, follow with developing a focus, brainstorming, critical examination, sorting and organising, then writing an introduction. Theme: School dress codes and codes of conduct. Montana 1948
Novel study. Examination of the purpose and use of prologues, or epigraph, sense of time and place, perceptions and epilogue.

68. MEL: Education: Journalism Resources
WWW Virtual Library journalism links to news sites, professionalorganizations, scholarships, lesson plans, and other resources. Home
HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Education About the Education Collection Michigan Education What's New? Hot Topics in Education ... Back to the Education Index
Journalism Resources

69. Teacher’s Lesson Plans
HS. English, journalism. Abel, Joan. Lakeshore. High School. Berrien County LutheranSchools. Christ Lutheran School. Budget lesson. MS. Math or Consumer Economics.
Elementary Lesson Plans Middle School Lesson Plans High School Lesson Plans Lesson Plans by Teacher Name ... Main Page Teacher School District School Title Grade Level Subject Abel, Joan Lakeshore High School Utilizing the Scanner for Publishing Articles and/or Advertisements HS English, Journalism Abel, Joan Lakeshore High School Utilizing the Digital Camera for Publishing Articles and/or Advertisements HS English, Journalism Abel, Joan Lakeshore High School Utilizing the Digital Camera and the Scanner for Autobiographical Statements for Student Portfolios. HS Remedial Education, Technology Allen, Amy Lakeshore Public Schools Lakeshore MS The Recipe Convertor MS Math Allen, Amy Lakeshore Public Schools Lakeshore MS Famous Individuals in Eastern Europe as Seen Through the Internet MS Social Studies Allen, Amy Lakeshore Public Schools Lakeshore MS MS English Backus, Anita Niles St. Mary's Bible Stories Introduction for the Letters EL Language Arts Backus, Anita

70. Lesson Plans
lesson plans. Teaching Children's Literature. journalism Education AssociationStudent Press Law Center; Freedom Forum; Ed Code on Students' Free Speech Rights.
Lesson Plans
Teaching Children's Literature
Other Resources
4 Kids: Reading Catalog of online reading resources. An Old Fashioned Alphabet Book (for grades K-2) contains a collection of Aesop's fables Associated Press Online is a web page from the New York Times and is updated every ten (10) minutes with the latest news. Bill Henderson's Library
  • Magazine Rack Stop by the Poet's Corner My Favorite Writers and Works The Public Library The Law Library
Book Nook encourages K-12 students to write book reports with the aid of a template. Great for Book reports! Pick a book off the shelf to get entire text, illustrations, reviews, literary attributions and more. British Poetry 1789-1910 is an archive of Romantic and Victorian poetry. Complete Works of William Shakespeare Create Your Own Newspaper Greeting Cards on WWW Journalism Education Association
  • Student Press Law Center Freedom Forum Ed Code on Students' Free Speech Rights

71. KET's Internet Projects List
journalism, Reading, and Writing Projects. Online Projects Discover Projectsby EMail. At Blue Web'n search for projects, or lesson plans, or resources.
Internet Classroom Projects
Online Projects for the Beginning of the 2001/02 School Year Tips for Participating in Internet Classroom Projects Make Connections and Find Projects Follow an Adventure ... Miscellaneous FUN Online Activities Online Projects for the Beginning of the 2001/02 School Year
  • Kidlink's "I Have a Dream" project helps youth realize their dreams about their future and a better world. Students are challenged to plan, design, and implement an Internet based project to realize their favored dreams in collaboration with peers in other countries. This educational program is for school classes and individual youth through secondary school level. Project Dates: September 15, 2001 to April 30, 2002.
  • Sky Pictures Each week, for 6 weeks, participating classes (students ages 5 to 12 years) will exchange digital pictures of what their sky (horizon) looked like. Project Dates: September 17, 2001 to October 26, 2001.
  • Each grade K-4 class will read, write and submit via email a book report of their choice for each one of the following genres: Fantasy, Animal Fiction, Fairy Tale, Realistic Fiction. Project Dates: October 7, 2001 to November 30, 2001.
  • Story Writing Project 9: Connecting you Globally Six schools (students ages 5-13) will work together to write a story. When you register your class, you will join a Story Writing Group with five other classes. Each class will be assigned a one week period in which to write their paragraph and email it. Project Dates: September 23, 2001 to November 8, 2001.

72. Project Venture Lesson Plans Grades 6 - 8
Project Venture lesson plans Grades 6 8 weeks. Time Capsule 2000,6,7,8, KSD, Exploratory- multimedia journalism, one week, Personal
Project Venture Lesson Plans Grades 6 - 8 go directly to: Grade 7 Grade 8, Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 ... High School Title Grade District Subject Area Time Frame Supporting Documentation Message in a bottle CSD Social Studies CAAP 6 one hour sessions Wacky Weather powerPoint Presentations CSD Language Arts/Science 9 Weeks Math is Everywhere from A to Z CSD Math 2nd and 3rd Quarter Feudalism TEL Social Studies Author Study KSD Technology/Language Arts 3-4 months Kites KSD Art/Technology 2 Weeks Geometric Get-a-Way KSD Math 11 days Metric Measurement KSD Science and Math 1-2 weeks Folklore and Storytelling CSD Language Arts and Social Studies 1-2 Weeks
(Extended if part is done as lit. study) Patterns of Algebra: KSD Math 7-10 days Volcanoes Alive!!

73. Teacher Prep Materials And Lesson Plans Table Of Contents
noted as elementary or middle school) Art (K12 Series available 2003);Communication and Media (2003) Art Series (K12); journalism;
Teacher Press web site Table of Contents

74. Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Proposing Labor Law
the article because the students in the journalism class failed to Constitution Center'sWarren E. Burger Repository of lesson plans

75. Untitled
AskERIC Government lesson plans 712. journalism Focus Exploring a Code of Ethicsthrough journalism; More or Less; Teaching About Biases They are Not Like Us .
Core Democratic Values Lesson Plans Electronic Articles
Formal Assessment
Authentic Assessment for Social Studies
Lesson Plans by Teachers
  • Building a Government Grade 3 - Suggestions for online activities Citizenship is a Special Status K-3 Community Helpers This lesson encourages students to learn about different professions. Grades 7-12 Character and Citizenship Education Grades 2-5 Impact of Government on the Individual The purpose to this activity, used during the early part of the school year in a required secondary government class Citizenship and the Constitution Creating a Cooperative Living Habitat: A Community Service-oriented Crossroads: Middle School Unit IV Objectives: The student will be able to: 1. explain the importance of state constitutions as testing grounds for constitutional design. 2. describe the government . Laws, Rights and Responsiblities - This teaching unit is an interaction-based plan providing strategies designed to promote student thinking about and reacting to the content. Triangles Are Not Bad!
  • 76. Earth Science Lesson Plans
    Earth Science lesson plans 2030 Homesteading Mars WebQuest. Air Pressure. Tornado- WebQuest. Volcanic journalism - Online lesson plan.
    Earth Science Lesson Plans 2030: Homesteading Mars - WebQuest Air Pressure All Cracked Up - Online lesson plan. See Online Activity and Branching Out. Asteroids - WebQuest Astronomy By Way of the Moon - WebQuest Come to My Planet - WebQuest Comet's Tale - Online lesson Comet WebQuest Constellation Creation - Online lesson plan. See Online Activity and Branching Out. Danger in the Air - Online module Determining Amounts of Ground Water in Soil - This series of lessons will teach students about topics ranging from evaporation to the amount of water used by plants. Digging the Dirt -This module allows students to investigate the heat absorption and transfer properties of various soils to make an inference about Martian soil. Earthquakes - WebQuest Earth's Crust Earth's Tides - WebQuest Exploring the Nine Planets - WebQuest Exploring the Planets - Online lesson Find that Planet - Online lesson Flashlight Eclipse - Online lesson plan. See Online Activity and Branching Out. Glaciers and Glaciation - WebQuest How Clean is the Water that You are Drinking?

    77. Activity Search
    By Houghton Mifflin. Many lesson plans that correspond to their reading and math books, but may be Category Reference Education Educators K through 12 lesson plans...... Family Folk/Legends/Fairy Tale Friendship Geometry/Shapes Graphing Growing Up Health/NutritionHeroes Imagination Inventions journalism Making Observations Maps

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    Education Place
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    78. Web Sites For Educators
    Press Association; The Write Site to Explore the World of journalism. Creator; FrankPotter's Science Gems Mathematics; Louisiana lessonsMathematics lesson plans;
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    79. Mrs. Hartzell TeacherWeb Lesson Plans
    lesson plans. February 1014. English II, Mods, journalism I. Monday, DOL,Using Photoshop. Subject/verb review, 8a, All activities done on computers.
    Mrs. Hartzell
    Home Teacher Announcements Yearbook Info ... Email
    Lesson Plans
    April 7-11
    English II Mods Journalism I Monday Read Connections from Frederick Douglass Video - yearbook preparation Answer worksheet Tuesday Read capitalization rules pp. 713-22 Yearbook terms and themes Do ex. 6 and 7 "Two Kinds" p. 94 literature Wednesday Read compitatlition rules pp. 722-730 Yearbook terms and themes Do ex 3 Finish "Two Kinds" and answer questions Thursday Read about character sketches literature Begin group projects for yearbook pp. 108-111 themes and designs. Write character sketch Friday Key in character sketch Yearbook projects Due Monday English II Mods Journalism I Monday Read Connections from Frederick Douglass Video - yearbook preparation Answer worksheet Tuesday Read capitalization rules pp. 713-22 Yearbook terms and themes Do ex. 6 and 7 "Two Kinds" p. 94 literature Wednesday Read compitatlition rules pp. 722-730 Yearbook terms and themes Do ex 3 Finish "Two Kinds" and answer questions Thursday Read about character sketches literature Begin group projects for yearbook pp. 108-111

    80. USD 233 News - Teacher's Plans On Web Site
    journalism Teacher's lesson plans Chosen for Web Site. August 14, 2002 Teachersspend a great deal of time preparing lesson plans for their classes.
    Awards, Calendars, News,
    Photos, Sports, TV Schedule
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    Job Opportunities, Programs
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    Senior Volunteers
    Buses, Enrollment, Facts, FAQs, Lunch, Online Fee Payment, Maps, School Supplies News Releases Journalism Teacher's Lesson Plans Chosen for Web Site August 14, 2002 Teachers spend a great deal of time preparing lesson plans for their classes. Because of the time-consuming nature of lesson plan-writing, many teachers are excited about the possibility of sharing plans with their peers. An example is a lesson plan written a few years ago by former Olathe North High School teacher Candy Birch for her journalism class. Birch is now an administrative intern at Olathe South High School. Birch was recently notified by the American Society of Newspaper Editors that her plan was chosen to be featured on the High School Web site as a resource for other teachers. "I personally love the idea of teachers sharing plans on the Web," Birch said. "The Web is especially useful for teachers who are new to the material they are trying to teach. Web plans offer variety and they help new teachers see the significance of certain aspects of the material."

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