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         Kangaroos:     more books (100)
  1. What Do You Do With A Kangaroo? (Scholastic Bookshelf) by Mercer Mayer, 2010-03-01
  2. The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo (Dell Picture Yearling) by Judy Blume, 1992-06-01
  3. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle, 2005-03-01
  4. Jump, Kangaroo, Jump! (MathStart 3) by Stuart J. Murphy, 1999-01-31
  5. I Love You, Blue Kangaroo! by Emma Chichester Clark, 2001-01-09
  6. Kangaroo Care: The Best You Can Do to Help Your Preterm Infant by Susan Ludington-Hoe, 1993-09-01
  7. The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea (Scientists in the Field Series) by Sy Montgomery, 2009-10-19
  8. Happy Birthday to You, Blue Kangaroo! (Blue Kangaroo Books) by Emma Chichester Clark, 2007-09-28
  9. Too Many Kangaroo Things to Do!: Multiplying (Mathstart: Level 3 (HarperCollins Paperback)) by Stuart J. Murphy, 1999-10
  10. Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chichester Clark, 2002-08-13
  11. The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy For Young Children by Sarah Phillips Pellet, 2007-01-10
  12. I Am a Little Kangaroo: Mini (I Am a Little Animal Series) by Francois Crozat, 1997-03-01
  13. Kangaroo by D. H. Lawrence, 2003-03
  14. K Is For Kissing A Cool Kangaroo (Bookshelf) (Scholastic Bookshelf) by Giles Andreae, 2009-12-01

1. Kangaroos Webring
Webring for Australia Rules Football Kangaroo oriented sites.
Kangaroos Webring
Application Form
Kangaroos Forum ...
Webring Sites
This webring has been established to provide links between the many sites and pages that deal with Australian Football teams that use the kangaroo as their logo or name. It is purely a non profit undertaking and is not connected in any way to any organisation or company. If you would like your site or page included on the Kangaroos Webring then read the rules and complete the Kangaroos Webring Application Form. WebRing manage the webring. You will need to join/sign in as a WebRing member. This is free! Follow instuctions on the page. Place the Kangaroos Webring HTML provided by cutting and pasting the code to the top or bottom of your page. Please place it on the page that you nominate as your URL as this makes webring navigation easier. The navigation bar at the top of this page is what will appear on your page. You are now welcome to use the various logos that appear here on your webring page in any way that you choose. The navigation tool appearing at the bottom of these pages no longer applies to new sites although it still is approriate for existing sites.

2. Brussels Kangaroos Baseball & Softball Club
The official website of the Baseball and Softball Club. Includes information on players, competition, Category Regional Europe BrusselsCapital Recreation and Sports......Welcome to the Brussels kangaroos Baseball Softball club asbl official websiteNews Events Photo Gallery Rosters Competition Sponsors Press History
official website
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery Rosters Competition Sponsors Press History Merchandise Directions k k What's new ! Brussels Spring Training with the Pros Kangaroos Summer Baseball Camps One-on-one session with coach Mark Left Rotation ... Right Rotation This website is optimised for browser 5+
But if you're smart, you can find your way, anyway. Competition Sponsors Rosters Press ... Photo Gallery

3. Here We Are - Die Homepage Der Berlin Kangaroos E.V.
Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage de r
First Pitch Softball und Baseball in

4. Official AFL Website Of The Kangaroos Football Club
Official site. Membership details, merchandise, latest news, club history, multimedia, player profiles Category Sports Football Australian Rules kangaroos......Visit the AFL kangaroos Football Club site for the latest news,stats, results, photos, audio, video and opinion.
var now = 'cmtour' AFL Home Webmail Mobile AFL Buy Online ... Subscribe Wednesday 9 April 2003 Make this your homepage Manage my subscription HOME ABOUT THE CLUB ... MATCH FOCUS
Check out our draw for the 2003 AFL Pre-Season Cup and AFL Premiership Season.
Email: Text HTML
2003 tipping is now available! Win a skiing holiday in Canada plus weekly prizes. TIPPING
NEXT MATCH Kangaroos vs Brisbane Lions Telstra Dome 7:10 PM Sat 12 April, 2003
MEMBERS TO DATE: 16,391(07/04/2003)
Touch of Hollywood comes to Kangaroos
In his latest Hollywood blockbuster Kangaroo Jack , US actor Jerry O’Connell travels around Australia in search of a rogue Kangaroo who has accidentally stolen his $50,000. On Tuesday at ‘The Dome’ it was the Kangaroos, the North Melbourne Kangaroos that is, chasing O’Connell; well his errant kicks and hand-balls anyway. [FULL STORY] 6:38:43 PM Tue 8 April, 2003 Di Lloyd It's all about respect on and off the field Senior coach Dean Laidley made the point loud and clear after our stirring win against Geelong – the Kangaroos of the 1990s and early 2000s earned plenty of respect on the field, and the time is right for the new crop to earn that same respect from their opponents and peers. They have started that quest well, with two wins from as many games, but the players face a real test on Saturday night when they tackle reigning Premiers Brisbane at ‘The Dome’. But just as the senior team faces a challenge on Saturday night, so do we as a Club; across the board.

5. About Kangaroo - Description Of A Large Australian Marsupial
Description of an hopping Australian marsupial. Told in vivid prose and brilliant pictures.Category Science Biology Mammalia Marsupials kangaroos......KANGAROO (Canga-roo). A male kangaroo is called a boomer A female iscalled a flyer A baby is called a joey. HOW THE KANGAROO GOT ITS NAME.

6. Kangaroos -- International Wildlife Magazine -- National Wildlife Federation
Contains information such as habitat and species of kangaroos.
Home Contact Us Search Conservation ... Get Outdoors
International Wildlife
September/October 1997
Everything You Always
Wanted to Know About
A collection of fact and lore,
in two dozen easy lessons
Who's Who in The Macropod World
When the Australian continental plate separated from Antarctica and began drifting north 64 to 136 million years ago, only its higher elevations protruded above the ocean, comprising a patchwork of isolated tropical islands. As their climate cooled and dried, and ocean levels fell, they formed a continent blanketed by large patches of grasslands.
Marsupialsmammals with external pouches in which their young developexploited the new gastronomic bonanza. The colonization began inauspiciously about 30 million years ago, after rat-sized animals hopped down from the relative safety of trees. They, in turn, gave rise to kangaroos and their various relativesall called macropods. Many developed extraordinary speed and water-conserving physiology. The animals eventually occupied niches ranging from rocky hills, to forests, to open countryvarying in size from the musky rat-kangaroo, which can weigh less than half a kilogram (1 lb.), to red kangaroos, which can weigh more than 80 kilograms (175 lbs.).
Here are some of the current highlights of who's who among macropods:
* The Big Guys: The most well-known macropods are the three widespread species of large kangaroos. The red kangaroo most often inhabits the open plains of inland Australia and can live on little water. Eastern and western grey kangaroos, which need more drinking water than reds, usually inhabit woodlands, although they graze pastures at night. All three are closely related to 11 smaller wallabies and wallaroos that thrive in habitats ranging from wet forests to arid and semi-arid grasslandsand all look fairly similar except for differences in size.

7. Kangaroo Theme Bu Jim Cornish
This site is designed for primary and elementary students and teachers. It presents a series of web pages listing kangaroo related resources on the world wide web. There are 47 species of "roos.". kangaroos. Kangaroo is the common name for any of 52 species of marsupial animals
Elementary Themes
The Kangaroo
General Resources: Kangaroos
Gray Kangaroos
Red Kangaroos ...
Other Australian Animals

General Resources on Marsupials
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About K A N G A R O O S
    When the Australian continental plate separated from Antarctica and began drifting north 64 to 136 million years ago, only its higher elevations protruded above the ocean, comprising a patchwork of isolated tropical islands. As their climate cooled and dried, and ocean levels fell, they formed a continent blanketed by large patches of grasslands.
  • Marsupial Printouts
    Marsupials (Megatheria) are pouched mammals whose babies are born in a very undeveloped state; the young then attach themselves to their mother's nipple. Many marsupials have a pouch that encloses the young.
  • Kangaroo Printout
    The Kangaroo is a common marsupial from the islands of Australia and New Guinea. There are 47 species of "roos."
  • Kangaroos Kangaroo is the common name for any of 52 species of marsupial animals constituting the family Macropodidae, found in Australia and neighboring islands.
  • Animal Postcards Kangaroo Hi, I'm Rosie a female Red Kangaroo. Even though I'm a Red Kangaroo my fur is a bluish colour - so some people call me a 'blue flier'. My husband 'Boomer' is red. He's the biggest of all kangaroos.
  • 8. Red Kangaroos
    A page with information on the red kangaroo (Macropus Rufus) with pictures and links.
    Photo courtesy of Koala Net Common Name: Red Kangaroo Scientific Name: Macropus Rufus Physical Description: Large kangaroo with long hind legs and feet; long, thick, tapering tail; heavy frame. Short, thick pelage of red, gray, or both colors combined; black mark on side of muzzle; sexes are often of opposite colors in any locality. In males, head and body length about 65 inches (165 cm), maximum weight 180 pounds (82 kg); females much smaller. Photo courtesy of Todd's Kangaroo Images Arid grassland, shrub steppe, and salt pans. Throughout inland continental Australia. Behavior: Largest living marsupial, the red kangaroo lives in groups, called "mobs", and is mainly nocturnal, especially in hot weather. Although it grazes on grass and selected short green plants, it is not in direct competition with sheep or cattle, as often assumed (this misinformation is cited as the rationale for mass slaughter by graziers). Red kangaroos will remain active throughout the day in cool weather. The animal can jump 6-8 feet high, though 4-5 feet is usual. It covers a 12-14 foot distance per leap. In short bursts of speed it can attain 35-40 mph, but normally 8 mph is its fast pace. The red kangaroo breeds year round and has delayed implantation. Normal gestation is 33 days; the single young leaves the pouch permanently at about 235 days of age but continues to suckle until 12 months old.

    9. Kangaroo Printout-
    The Kangaroo is a common marsupial from the islands of Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. These bigfooted mammals can hop up to 40 miles per hour (74 kph). There are 47 species of "roos.". kangaroos can hop up to 40 miles per hour (74 kph) and go over 30 feet (9 m) in one hop.
    Australian Animal Printouts
    Family Macropodidae Animal Printouts
    Label Me! Printouts

    The Kangaroo is a common marsupial from the islands of Australia and New Guinea. There are 47 species of "roos." Kangaroos can hop up to 40 miles per hour (74 kph) and go over 30 feet (9 m) in one hop. These shy animals live about 6 years in the wild and up to 20 in captivity. Most roos are nocturnal (active at night). Many roos are in danger of extinction , but they are also considered pests due to the way they damage crops. An adult male is called a buck boomer or jack ; an adult female is called a doe flyer roo , or jill . A baby is called a joey . A group of roos is called a mob
    : Roos and wallabies range in size from 2 pounds (the Rock Wallaby) up to 6 ft and 300 pounds (the Red Kangaroo). The soft, woolly fur can be blue, grey, red, black, yellow or brown, depending on the species. Females have a pouch in which the young live and drink milk.
    Diet : These herbivores (plant-eaters) eat grass, leaves, and roots. They swallow their food without chewing it and later regurgitate a cud and chew it. Roos need little water; they can go for months without drinking, and they dig their own water wells.

    10. Kangaroos Australiana - Australian Made Soft Toy Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats And
    Australian made soft toys kangaroos, koalas, wombats and platypus.
    Soft toy kangaroos, koalas, wombats and platypus. High quality Australian Made
    products available for delivery to your door, anywhere in the world.
    Click here for information regarding Kangaroos Australiana's order form security. Australian Made Soft Toys Secure Order Form Wholesale Purchases Available Your Comments
    Contact Kangaroos Australiana
    Ph: 61 7 3388 0116 Fax: 61 7 3808 4565.

    11. North Melbourne Kangaroos
    Unofficial fan page for the North Melbourne FC. Many images, stats, fixture information, opinions, and commentary. North Melbourne. kangaroos. Joined the league in 1925
    North Melbourne
    Joined the league in 1925
    Premierships: 1975, 1977, 1996, 1999 Official Site:
    Roos News:
    Latest from The Age

    Latest from the Herald Sun
    About the club and its history:
    About the North Melbourne Football Club

    Timeline (1925 till date)

    Every Game Ever Played by the Roos

    Grand Finals - Teams and Scores
    Right click to download the mp3 files: Club Song The song as sung by the players Forum: BigFooty Kangaroos Board Links: AFL Clubs on the Net and other Footy Links This Page: free from Published by Ilan Katz First Edition 1995 Latest Edition

    12. WebSamba Members
    Prezintă date generale despre Australia şi despre imigrare. Motivul principal al realizării paginii este faptul că mulÅ£i rom¢ni ce emingrează au o imagine foarte deformată despre ceea ce ®i aşteaptă.

    13. Home
    A detailed set of pages about kangaroo reproduction, although you have to pay to see the pictures.Category Science Biology Mammalia Marsupials kangaroos......kangaroos THE MAKING OF A JOEY. NB THE IMAGES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THISPRESENTATION FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS. FEMALES REPRODUCTIVE ANATOMY.

    14. ROOS - Ottawa Kangaroos Volleyball
    Offers competitive programs for male and female players between the ages of 1219, as well as development programs for new players in grades 5 to 8. Includes team profiles (with photos), tournament schedules, and contact details.
    Click here to learn more about the ROOS Click here to learn more about the ROOS

    15. The Valley Kangaroos Rugby Football Club
    Play rugby in Seattle

    16. Official AFL Website Of The Kangaroos Football Club
    Injured kangaroos. 53218 PM Mon 17 June, 2002. Player,Injury, Status. Matthew Burton, Hamstring, Test. Leigh Colbert, Hamstring,Test.

    17. North Melbourne Kangaroos Site
    Fan site with information about the club, the players, and their achievements.
      [ Who are they ? ] Currently, they are one of the most successful football club in the AFL- Australian Football Club in the 90s. Previously known as North Melbourne Kangaroos, last year they move to Sydney but still have their administrative matters handled down in Arden St. They still trade under the name North Melbourne Football Club
      Get to know them.....
      And support them.....
      29 August 2000
      Brownlow Medal Results
      Shane Woewodin from Melbourne Demons won the Brownlow Medal with 24 votes for the year 2000 with Scott West (Western Bulldogs) in the second place (22 votes). The Brownlow favourite Anthony Koutoufides finished in 4th place behind Andrew McLeod (Adelaide). The highest votes for North Melbourne players were for both Wayne Carey and Brent Harvey with 14 votes. Overall, North had 81 votes. 5 September 2000
      Grand Final Result
      Essendon won the flag for this year premiership beating Melbourne by 60 points on Saturday afternoon. James Hird won the Norm Smith medal for the best player on the field. 9 September 2000
      Syd Baker Best and Fairest result
      Peter Bell was voted as North's best and fairest with 510 votes. Wayne Carey took the second place followed by John Blakey. Peter Bell will start the new season with Frementle after staying for 5 seasons with North Melbourne.

    18. CNN/SI - UMKC Kangaroos - Women's College Basketball
    Headlines, scoreboard, schedule.
    UMKC Kangaroos Team Page Schedule Conference Page Standings ... NCAA Message Board Rankings: AP: NR Coaches' Poll: NR SCOREBOARD LATEST GAME
    Oakland UMKC Mar 08 - Final
    Posted: Sun March 10, 2002 6:18 ET
    The Web GROUP: Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly SI for Kids TBS/TNT Sports ...
    under which this service is provided to you. Read our privacy guidelines

    19. UMKC Intercollegiate Athletics Home Page
    kangaroos BUSINESS PARTNER PROGRAM is a great way to promote your business (more information)

    20. Welcome To Nashville Kangaroos Home Page
    Your Browser does not support frames. You will need to enableframes to view this site. Email the Nashville kangaroos.
    Your Browser does not support frames. You will need to enable frames to view this site. Email the Nashville Kangaroos

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