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         Kansas Boards Of Education:     more books (100)
  1. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, 1954 (Monumental Milestones: Great Events of Modern Times) by KaaVonia Hinton, 2009-09-22
  2. Stateline:Watching an Ideological Football Game.(in a highly controversial move, the Kansas board of education gave local school districts the right ... included): An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Chris Pipho, 1999-10-01
  3. Education in Kansas: Brown V. Board of Education, Kansas Evolution Hearings, Oswego Public Library, Kansas State Department of Education
  4. Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society</i> by WALDO E., JR. MARTIN, 2004
  5. BROWN V. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TOPEKA, KANSAS: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, 2nd ed.</i> by Paul Finkelman, 2006
  6. Brief for the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas, on Questions Propounded by the Court: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>West's Encyclopedia of American Law</i>
  7. Federal Records Pertaining to Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) by Walter and Trichita Chestnut Hill, 2004
  8. Supplemental Brief for the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas, on Questions 4 and 5 Propounded by the Court: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>West's Encyclopedia of American Law</i>
  9. Domestic Science, A Text in Cooking and Syllabus in Sewing by Gertrude T. Johnson, 2010-04-06
  10. Domestic Science, A Text in Cooking and Syllabus in Sewing by Gertrude T. Johnson, Care of Board of Education Kansas City, 2010-04-06
  11. Course Of Study For The High Schools Of Kansas
  12. Course Of Study For The High Schools Of Kansas
  13. Outlines in agriculture and home economics
  14. BROWN V. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TOPEKA, KANSAS: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>West's Encyclopedia of American Law</i>

1. Other School Board Associations. TASB On Line
public education. Kansas Association of School Boards The commonvoice for kansas boards of education. Kentucky School Boards
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Other School Board Associations
  • National School Boards Association - Excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership. Association of Alaska School Boards - To assist school boards in providing quality public education and preserving local control. Arizona School Boards Association - To advance public education by providing leadership and assistance to local school district governing boards serving children and communities in the State of Arizona and promoting lay control of public education in the United States of America. Arkansas School Boards Association - To promote better educational opportunities for all children in the State of Arkansas.
  • 2. KASB Homepage
    News and information about education services.

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    Updated 03.12.03
    So You Want to Be A School Board Member

    Online Training Module

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    ... No Child Left Behind Powerpoint Presentation from the KASB NCLB Seminar held 9/19 available here
    You will need Microsoft Powerpoint v.2000 or newer to view this file. If you do not have Powerpoint a free viewer is available from Microsoft by clicking now
    NEW Research Department Surveys Added

    Please note these are pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the reader click here now to download it for free. Negotiations Data Available The KASB Research Department has compiled all negotiations data on USD's in Kansas. That information is now available to you via e-mail. Contact the Research Department at or call 800-432-2471 to request the data via e-mail. Printed copies of the publication reporting this data will be mailed soon to all board members, superintendents, board clerks and attorneys. For extra copies of this publication, contact the Research Department. Mission The Kansas Association of School Boards will provide the cooperative framework to educate each and every child to his or her potential by assisting local school boards in their mission Designed to be viewed in IE 5 or above.

    3. The Virtual Schoolhouse's Guide To State Departments Of Education
    State boards of education. IroquoisKankakee Regional Office of education (Kankakee); CommunitySchool District (Valparaiso); Iowa; kansas Information Network of
    State Boards of Education
    Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site.

    4. AccessKansas - Learning In Kansas
    Working in kansas Recreation Travel in kansas kansas Government kansas Facts History, Home Learning in kansas education boards. education boards.
    State Phone Directory Site Map Online Services Help Center ... Learning in Kansas Education Boards
    Education Boards
    State Board of Education
    Board of Regents

    Information Network of Kansas, Inc.

    Portal Policies
    ... Site Survey
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    5. State Departments Of Education
    State boards of education. School District Valparaiso Indiana; Iowa Departmentof education; kansas Information Network of kansas Northeast kansas education
    State Boards of Education
    Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site. Other education-related administrative bodies for that state are listed below.

    6. AccessKansas - Learning In Kansas
    education boards Find links to state boards, regents, and superintendents. educationalTechnology The kansas State Department of education's site for
    State Phone Directory Site Map Online Services Help Center ... Home Learning in Kansas
    Learning in Kansas
    Kansas offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from kindergarten through graduate school. Here you will find information about education and helpful links for educators in Kansas. Education Boards
    Find links to state boards, regents, and superintendents.
    Educational Technology

    The Kansas State Department of Education's site for technology assistance for Kansas educators.
    Higher Education

    The Kansas Board of Regents has provided essential information for both parents and students in college, including financial aid resources.
    Historical Societies

    Links to both the Kansas State Historical Society and local societies.
    K-12 Education

    A wonderful site for anyone involved or interested in the education system. Contains school reports, assessments and standards, activities for kids, and much more.
    Connecting all K-12 schools, higher education institutions,public libraries, and hospitals to each other and to the outside world.

    7. Education Agencies In Kansas
    Principals, kansas Association of School boards, kansas Research and education Network (KANREN), kansas State High
    Education Agencies in Kansas
    Adult Education Programs Area Vocational-Technical Schools Colleges and Universities Community Colleges ... Education Organizations - Council of Chief State School Officers, Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals, Kansas Association of School Boards, Kansas Research and Education Network (KANREN), Kansas State High School Activites Association, KNEA, etc. Educational Service Centers General Educational Development (GED) Testing Centers Interlocals Kansas Board of Regents Proprietary Schools Special Education Cooperatives Two-Way Interactive Television (ITV) Networks United School Administrators Last Updated March 13, 2001 Home Search Comments Subject Categories

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    9. The Chairs' Headline Review
    NORTH CAROLINA, kansas boards SET THRESHOLDS FOR STUDENT SUBGROUPS UNDER NO CHILDLEFT The State Board of education in North Carolina opted for a threshold of
    id=10872 Click here to receive one or several of NASBE's
    free e-mail updates of education-related information.
    March 31 - April 4, 2003
    headline review archives
    The Chairs' Headline Review is published every Friday afternoon. For name or fax number corrections, please contact Dietra Campbell at NASBE via e-mail at or via phone at 800-368-5023.
    ARIZONA STATE BOARD SETS GRADE-BY-GRADE STANDARDS. A new policy adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education will provide parents with specific information regarding what their children should be learning in each grade. The new standards will add specificity to the previous standards, which were grouped by multiple grades such as 1 through 3 or 4 through 6. The new standards will help students and teachers to identify the skill sets that must be mastered at the conclusion of each grade and prepare students to take the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards, the state assessment. The new program moves the state to closer alliance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

    10. Northeast Kansas Education Service Center Home Page

    11. Home        Press Releases
    Design network, inc., announced today that IDnet had mailed a letter to each memberof the boards of education of the 304 Unified School Districts in kansas. Rel 6-8-00.htm
    Home Press Releases Intelligent Design network, inc.
    P.O. Box 14702, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66285-4702
    (913) 268-0852; (913)-268-0852 (fax); June 8, 2000 NEWS RELEASE: Contact: Intelligent Design network, inc.
    John Calvert, Managing Director
    816-460-5807 or 913-268-0852 IDnet URGES KANSAS SCHOOL BOARDS TO REJECT
    KANSAS CITIZENS FOR SCIENCE Shawnee Mission, Ks. - John Calvert, a Managing Director of Intelligent Design network, inc., announced today that IDnet had mailed a letter to each member of the Boards of Education of the 304 Unified School Districts in Kansas. The IDnet letter urges the board members to reject an April 30 proposal of Kansas Citizens for Science to replace the standards recently adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education with a set of Standards backed by several National Science Organizations. The IDnet letter may be found on the "publications" page of IDnet's web site. The specific address is:

    But allowing local communities, boards of education and vocal pressure groups todecide the content of a The real losers are the children of kansas .
    Web Posted: August 14, 1999 n a 6-4 vote Wednesday, the Kansas Board of Education adopted new guidelines which set "the most anti-evolution science education standards in the country," according to the Washington Times newspaper. The action ignored the recommendations of a 27-member committee of scientists and teachers that had labored for more than a year grappling with questions of education, religion and public school instruction. As a result, the state's 304 school districts will now be given the option of presenting scientific evolution, creationism or other accounts in science instruction classes. Dr. John Staver, who chaired the scientific committee that drafted the original recommendations, called the board's decision "a travesty to science education," and added: "Kansas just embarrassed itself on the national stage." He predicted that as a result of the vote, students in Kansas "are going to be behind their peers," because of "incomplete" science education. Governor Bill Graves echoed that sentiment, telling the Kansas Journal-World newspaper, "This is a terrible, tragic, embarrassing solution to a problem that did not exist." And committee co-chair Loren Lukes said that the majority of the education board chose religious beliefs over the scientific literacy of students. "They have no basis for their changes other than their own belief system," Lutes declared.

    Christians' ability to influence their children. According to the kansas CityStar scripture in their battles with local and state boards of education.
    Web Posted: August 9, 1999 ike Dorothy and her dog in the famous "Wizard of Oz" book, the standard of teaching evolution as a scientific fact may not be around much longer in Kansas public schools. On Wednesday, the Kansas Board of Education meets for a showdown over a new statewide curriculum covering all primary and high schools that "wipes out virtually all mention of evolution and related concepts: natural selection, common ancestors and the origin of the universe," according to the Washington Post. Proposed by a vocal conservative majority which now holds sway on the Board, the curriculum guidelines while not explicitly prohibiting the teaching of evolution leave the door open for infusing school classes with creationist and other religious doctrines by declaring that "no evidence contradicting a current scientific theory shall be censored." Other proposed sections leave out any reference to Marco-evolution, the concept that species evolve into other species given time and the propitious physical conditions. And the proposed guidelines leave out a critical statement included in current standards which requires all students to understand "that evolution by natural selection is a broad, unifying theoretical framework in biology." The Wednesday meeting caps years of work in Kansas and other states Claims like that lead to other questions which reflect cultural stresses and dislocations in an increasingly complex and secular culture. Creationist advocates often include other objections to public school curriculum, touching upon issues such as sex education, teaching tolerance and that charge that the nation's public schools are hostage to a "conspiracy" of secular humanists. Some, such as Christian Reconstructionist Samuel Blumenfeld, charge that the problem is not just what is being taught in schools, but the entire public school system which "undermines Christians' ability to influence their children." According to the Kansas City Star newspaper, Blumenfeld and other Christian conservatives "want to return to a time when public schools worked," and supposedly reflected the views of Calvinist founders "who believed that man is, by nature, a depraved creature who needs fear of a higher power to do the right thing."

    14. Kansas City Star | 11/10/2002 | CRITICS ON CRITICISM: Reel Education Is The Bonu
    DISCUSS ENTERTAINMENT ON OUR boards Visit The kansas City Store online. CRITICS ONCRITICISM Reel education is the bonus By ROBERT W. BUTLER The kansas City
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    ... TV Our Site Tools Weather Kansas City Wichita Topeka Local Events Yellow Pages Discussion Boards AMERICAN HERITAGE Order your tickets now! Visit a piece of history today. More on the exhibit! DISCUSS ENTERTAINMENT ON OUR BOARDS General Entertainment Discussions Movie Discussions THE KANSAS CITY STORE Make shopping easier! Visit The Kansas City Store online. Visit the store! Back to Home Wednesday, Apr 09, 2003 Entertainment Posted on Sun, Nov. 10, 2002 CRITICS ON CRITICISM: Reel education is the bonus By ROBERT W. BUTLER The Kansas City Star Here's the truth about my job as a professional movie critic: It's the most fun I can have and still earn a living. That simplifying things but not too much. I do genuinely love watching movies. Always have. As a kid I usually responded to an announcement that we were going to the movies by throwing up. It was the pure rush of excitement and anticipation that did it. I've grown out of the throwing up part, but I'm still excited by the prospect of a good movie.

    15. Environmental Media | Moreo Links
    kansas. kansas. kansas Other State boards of education. kansas OutcomesAccreditation School Information System (OASIS). kansas Teaching Standards.
    About Us News Feedback Webcam ...
    Contact us

    Website problems? Contact the webmaster.

    16. Educational Links
    Association Iowa Association of School boards kansas Association of boards AssociationMaryland Association of boards of education Massachusetts Association
    Ohio Senate and House of Representatives
    U.S. Department of Education

    Education Information Center

    Ohio Department of Education
    STRS Member site
    National School Boards Association
    Alabama Association of School Boards

    Association of Alaska School Boards

    Arizona School Boards Association
    Nebraska Association of School Boards

    Nevada Association of School Boards (No site at this time.)
    New Hampshire School Boards Association
    New Jersey School Boards Association New Mexico School Boards Association New York State School Boards Association ... Pennsylvania School Boards Association Rhode Island Association of School Committees (No site at this time.) South Carolina School Boards Association Associated School Boards of South Dakota Tennessee School Boards Association Texas Association of School Boards Utah School Boards Association (No site at this time.) Vermont School Boards Association Virginia School Boards Association Washington State School Directors' Association West Virginia School Boards Association ... Wyoming School Boards Association
    Ohio Senate and House of Representatives Ohio School Funding
    OSBA Home page rev 1/03

    17. NCSLnet: National Center On Education Finance--State Projects And Assistance
    1999), Alaska (1995), Georgia (1999), Idaho (1999), Maine (1992), Minnesota (19962000),and Ohio (1997-1999); state boards of education in kansas (1999-2000
    Login Here
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    To access special member content and services legislators, legislative staff
    and Foundation for State Legislatures sponsors must log in. ( Clear this notice.) NCSLnet Registration Help
    Forgotten NCSLnet Password?
    Education Program
    National Center on Education Finance
    State Projects and Assistance At the request of individual state legislatures, NCEF will provide background information about school finance issues, provide assistance in evaluating school finance systems or components of such systems, assist in the development of school finance formulas, and/or engage in research about school finance. Please access the links provided below to obtain additional information. What NCEF Offers Costs of NCEF Services NCEF Staff What the National Center on Education Finance (NCEF) Offers
  • The technical expertise to evaluate state school finance systems in terms of such widely accepted objectives as equity and adequacy. The practical experience to assist state policy makers to modify their state school finance systems to meet legislative expectations. Information about the structure of school finance systems, the status of litigation, and the implications of research about school finance.
  • 18. Japanese Consulate Of Kansas City | Culture And Education
    ALTs are placed mainly in local boards of education or publicly For more information,please contact The Consulate General of Japan at kansas City Tracie L
    Event Calendar Scholarships
    The JET Program
    program contact information
    Do you want to work in JAPAN? Introducing:

    The JET Program invites college and university graduates to participate in international exchange and foreign language education throughout Japan. Established in 1987, the program currently has over 6,000 participants from 39 countries. The JET Program has earned a high reputation both in Japan and overseas for its efforts in human and cultural relations. Since 1987, over 32,000 people have broadened their awareness and helped foster international understanding through their participation in this program. ELIGIBILITY
    All applicants must:

    • hold a Bachelor's degree in any subject by June 30 of the year of departure be a citizen of the counrty where the recruitment and selection takes place have excellent skills in the designated language (both written and spoken)
        US citizens and toher English-speaking countries: English
        (TEFL qualification is NOT required) Non-English speaking countries: Pricipal language spoken in your country
      have a keen interest in the country and culture of Japan in principle, be under 40 years of age

    19. Site Index Of NEKESC Webpages
    Media Resources, kansas University, CoOp Purchasing. Internet Resources,State boards of education, Schools to Careers Carl Perkins Consortium.
    INDEX OF INTERESTING PLACES TO VISIT A Roadmap for Global Electronic Exploration A Model for the K-12 Classroom Search this site!
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    Please send comments to:
    Mark A. Bernstein
    Webmaster 601 Woodson, Box 320, Lecompton, Kansas 66050 Phone: 785-887-6711 Fax: 785-887-6711
    For NEKESC Technical Assistance contact:
    Tom Elliott
    at the Northeast Kansas Education Service Center
    For more information about The Northeast Kansas Education Service Center , or to send comments on this web site, e-mail:
    James Wheeler, Ph.D. : Director
    601 Woodson, Box 320, Lecompton, Kansas 66050 Phone: 785-887-6711 Fax: 785-887-6711
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    Mark A. Bernstein
    - Last updated on January 7, 2003

    20. KASL
    distributed a survey to the school libraries in kansas which measured the could becomea useful planning tool for boards of education, school administrators
    KASL Council attends to business at the March 8 meeting at Bradford Memorial Library in El Dorado.
    Tri-Conference 2003 will be in Salina April 9-11. Alan November will be the General Session speaker and Will Hobbs will be the KASL Showcase and Luncheon speaker. The Governor proclaims April School Library Media month. Read Joanne Proctor's AASL Affiliate Report of March 5 to find out what is happening at the next level. Summer Institute for School Media Specialists, June 4 and 5, 2003, will be held at Blue Valley North High School. This year, the topic will be UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN incorporated with assessment and "No Child Left Behind." Directory of Performers For Your Library is a resource book of area performers and programs available to libraries and schools that is updated yearly. Promote your library with advocacy initiatives . KASL logos are available at this site as well. (Diane Leupold) The newest Information Literacy feature is based on various messages from the KASL list.

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