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         Kansas Education Parent Resources:     more detail
  1. Kansas Early Childhood Research Institute on Transitions, University of Kansas final report (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:376641) by Mabel Rice, 1993
  2. Kansas Early Childhood Research Institute on Transitions, University of Kansas executive summary (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:376642) by Mabel Rice, 1993
  3. Bridging Early Services Transition Project--Outreach July, 1993 - June, 1997 : final report : early education program for children with disabilities (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:412692) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1997

1. Kansas State Department Of Education / Student Support Services Homepage
kansas State Board of education Student Support Service for Special and Gifted education, interactive information, forms, and data resources kansas State Improvement Plan. resources. kansas Special education Process Handbook State Regulations (pdf). parent Rights Document (Proceedural Safeguards) (pdf)
Welcome to the Zoann Torrey Student Support Service Homepage Team Leader Site search Web search
powered by FreeFind The primary goal of the Student Support Service Homepage is to provide support, and improve the outcomes of exceptional children. We provide leadership and support for special education services to all schools throughout Kansas. Hopefully contained within the 6,000 plus documents linked on our home page you will find the information you are seeking about special education. In addition, we also attempt to provide you with current

2. Preface: Critical Parenting Practices
National Extension parent education Model Of Critical parenting Practices This report is an electronic version of the complete printed report and does not include many of the graphics that are an integral part of the final model. Justin Hall, kansas State University, Manhattan, kansas 66506 or resources listed in the Curriculum Guide section are examples of more specific parent education programs that
National Extension Parent Education Model
Of Critical Parenting Practices
Charles A. Smith , Ph.D., Kansas, Project Leader
Dorothea Cudaback, Ph.D., California
H.Wallace Goddard
, Ph.D., Alabama
Judith Myers-Walls
, Ph.D., Indiana This report is an electronic version of the complete printed report and does not include many of the graphics that are an integral part of the final model. For a copy of the written version, please contact Charles A. Smith, R343 Justin Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506 or . Please do not make changes in this report without the permission of the authors. Please keep the authors informed as to its distribution.
Table of Contents:
Part 1: Foundations

Part 2: The Model In Depth

Part 3: Implementing the Model
Part 5: References
In this final report, we outline a model of parent education that provides common ground for extension professionals throughout the Cooperative Extension System. The National Extension Parent Education Model (NEPEM) is a dynamic approach to parent education constructed through consensus. We hope you find inspiration and direction for your parent education programming within the pages of this document. This report is intended primarily for professionals or committed volunteers who deliver parent education programs and for decision makers and advocates. It is not meant to be given directly to parents. NEPEM is not a parent education program. It is a compilation of priority parent practices and supporting material to be used as a basis for parent education efforts. It also can be used to communicate our priorities to those outside of extension who might be unfamiliar with our goals and programs. Resources listed in the Curriculum Guide section are examples of more specific parent education programs that are consistent with the model. Please contact the authors of these resources if you want to learn more about them.

3. Special Education And Disabilities Resources
Mental Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities. parent and Family Issues. School University of kansas Extensive list of resources from the Department of Special education at the
Special Education and Disabilities Resources
Return to: The Resource Center
Index of Topics
General Resources
  • ADA and Disability Information Links to a large number of resources from Iowa State University
  • The Arc Home Page A national organization on mental retardation
  • Boys Town "Boys Town has a large variety of cutting-edge child-care programs to help children, families and other child-care providers"
  • Canine Companions for Independenc e a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the needs of people with disabilities by providing trained service, hearing, and social dogs, and by providing continuing support to ensure the success of the working team
  • Central Iowa Center for Independent Living "The Central Iowa Center for Independent Living is a community based, non-profit, non-residential program serving persons with disabilities."
  • Children's Defense Fund " We pay particular attention to the needs of poor, minority, and disabled children. Our goal is to educate the nation about the needs of children and encourage preventive investment in children before they get sick, drop out of school, suffer family breakdown, or get into trouble."
  • Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices The Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices represents a collaborative effort to build the capacity of state and local education agencies to serve children and youth with and without disabilities in school and community settings.

4. Special Ed Resources
Special Ed resources on the Internet international network system between parent groups, foundations, educational institutions and Special education resources at the University of kansas. The Dept. of Special education
Special Ed Resources on the Internet
Starting places:
  • T/TAC-Eastern Virginia statewide network designed to improve services to students with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • TRI-SPED TRI-SPED: Educational training products for teachers, paraeducators and related services staff in special education.
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
  • Math Web by Rick Schauer worksheets and more...
  • Special Education Mailing lists
  • Special Ed. Links at the University of Virginia
  • Ability BBS -VERY GOOD indexed pages on ability and disabilities
  • Online Projects -How you/your students can get involved on the Internet
  • Excellent collection of Children's Software (PC and Mac)
  • Yahoo's Special Eduation Links
  • General Elementary and Middle School Resources
    (not necessarily geared towards Special Ed.)
  • Internet Resources including Search Engines for keywords
  • Free Software geared towards the disabled at the Virtual Assistive Technology Center
  • Convomania -a website designed for kids who are seriously sick or disabled. Convomania empowers kids with the opportunity to use the Internet to share their feelings and ideas in a cyber-community setting. Provides kids with a place where they can share their thoughts and emotions candidly with other kids who are in similar situations.
    Recent additions for Special Ed:
    Internet Resources for Special Children
    IRSC is a World Wide Web (WWW) site dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of special children on a global basis in order to: - Provide an international network system between parent groups, foundations, educational institutions and medical sites.
  • 5. Marc's Special Education/Exceptionality Page
    Search by state for nonprofit special education resources. Find family centers, parent coalitions, counselors, medical facilities, and support groups. Internet Special education resources. Special education Learning Disabilities resources A Nationwide Families Together, the parent Training and Information Center for kansas
    Marc Sheehan's Special Education/Exceptionality Page
    Last Updated: March 18, 2003
    Welcome to my special education and exceptionality page. I hope that you find this page of resources useful. Feel free to check out my lesson plans page and my educational resources page as well. If you want to suggest any improvements, or inform me of any "dead" links, please contact me at the address below.

    6. Parent Resources
    kansas State Web Site/Legislative News State history, government Javits Gifted andTalented Students education Act of Specific parent resources are available.
    Parent Resources A bout the Program Calendar of Events Group Activities ... National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
    The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an organization of parents, educators, other professionals and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents. They advocate for gifted students' needs, support on-going research, and provide staff development. They also sponsor the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award. Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented and Creative
    Our state gifted association, composed of parents and educators interested in advocacy and understanding providing for the needs of gifted students. SENG: Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted
    SENG focuses primarily on parents, helping them to identify giftedness in their children, providing guidance, information, and resources that will help children come to understand and accept their unique talents. Further, SENG provides a forum for parents and educators to communicate about effective ways to live and work with gifted individuals Kansas State Board of Education (KSBE)
    Information includes State Board of Education members and staff, information on schools and assessments and standards, laws and regulations, and more.

    Provides details for educators on rural education as well as education in minority communities. Also conference and publication information. School of Information resources and Library Science Westin Crown Center in kansas City, MO. education IS AT HOME, NOT AT SCHOOL. The traditional definition of parent involvement
    What's New for April 2003
      Studies in Native American Education. Improving Education for Zuni Children
      Attention Rural Superintendents! Your Input is Needed on an Important National Survey! Attracting and Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers in Rural Schools The Regional Education Laboratory at AEL and the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) are calling on all rural school superintendents to participate in a nationwide survey on rural teacher recruitment and retention. The purpose of this survey is to identify: (a) strategies that rural school districts use to attract and retain highly qualified teachers; and (b) difficulties that rural school districts encounter as they strive to meet the new teacher quality requirements of No Child Left Behind. This survey consists of 30 questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Access the survey at or from the AASA Home page at News from the PEN Weekly NewsBlast WHEN IT GOES WRONG AT A CHARTER SCHOOL Life at a charter school is always exciting, as Tracey Benson, a mom, has

    8. Links
    parent resources kansas Association for the Gifted, Talented Creative. NationalAssociation for Gifted Children. kansas State Department of education.
    Resources Parent Resources Search Engines Student Resources Home ... Briarwood E.L. Museum Web Site Parent Resources National Association for Gifted Children Kansas State Department of Education Council for Exceptional Children Visit other Shawnee Mission E.L./SEEK web sites at: Search Engines Google Yahooligans Ask Jeeves for Kids Student Resources Odyssey of the Mind Kids Resume Maker Genetics web sites: Nova: Cracking the Code of Life The Human Genome Project Information Scientific American Frontiers: The Gene Hunters Nova: Harvest of Fear - Exploring the Growing Fright over Genetically Modified Food Webquests: Genetics Webquest Radio Days Webquest Endangered species web sites: Information on Rare, Threatened or Endangered Animals World Wildlife Fund: Endanger Species Return to top of page Return Home

    9. Education World® - Parent Resources : Children's Issues : School Readiness
    1854 act that created the states of kansas and Nebraska vital news about your child'seducation in grades 6; tutoring in reading and math, resources in science

    10. ERIC/EECE. Elementary And Early Childhood Educational Resources On The Internet
    Universities of Minnesota, kansas, and Oregon who launched and resources for parents and those who work with parents on topics such as raising children, parent education programs,

    Popular Topics
    Links to Educational Resources Elementary and Early Childhood Educational Resources on the Internet Policy on Internet links on the ERIC/EECE Web site.

    11. Parent Education- Additional Web Resources
    parent, Family and Child Care education resources Additional parent education resources on the Web The following links provide an option for finding further information of a variety of parent education resources. award winning resource developed by Dr. Charles Smith of kansas State University.
    Parent, Family and Child Care Education Resources
    Additional Parent Education Resources on the Web:
    The following links provide an option for finding further information of a variety of Parent Education Resources. No endorsement of products or information is implied.
    University of Nebraska Lincoln
    This site will enable you to access NebGuides and NebFacts about family life.
    Resources for youth, parents and professionals. Lots of interesting places to go and free resources for all. This rich site is a service of the Cooperative Extension System.
    National Network for Family Resiliency (NNFR)
    A wealth of resources on the following topics: Adolescent sexuality, evaluation, family economics, family policy, general family resiliency, intergenerational connections, National Money 2000, parenting education, program and curriculum, research, surviving childhood cancer and violence prevention.
    NNFR Parenting Education Website

    12. Education, Student & Teacher--Reference Resources
    Government kansas Info kansas Library Catalog education PLACE education Place providesK Student resources, Teacher resources, parent resources, and Librarian
    Only Libraries Only Genealogy Only Government Only Communities all Except Genealogy All of Skyways search tips Reference Topics:



    Telephone Directories

    The Blue Skyways Reference pages are maintained by Bryan McBride , Reference Librarian at Dorothy Bramlage Public Library
    General Info:
    Contact Us
    Publishing Guidelines

    HTML Training Resources
    ... Skyways Home Libraries: Directory Kansas State Library Regional Libraries ILL Information ... Reference Resources Communities: Counties Genealogy Museums Find a Town ... Other Links Education: School Districts Elementary Schools Middle Schools High Schools ... Education Resources Government: KS Legislator Directory KS Legislative Services KS State Government KS Constitution ... AMERICAN STUDENT DIRECTORY This directory provides a searchable database of over 70,000 American Elementary and Secondary schools. ASKERIC LESSON PLANS This site provides extensive lessons plans in the following subject areas: Arts, Math, Educational Technology, Physical Education, Foreign Language, Science, Health, and Social Studies. Educators are encouraged to submit their lesson plans. BIGCHALK bigchalk delivers learning resources to 43,000 schools in the U.S. and abroad.

    13. Special Education Resources Centers: Non-profit Organizations
    Training and Information Center for kansas Center for Missouri parents Act theStatewide parent Training and New Hampshire educationA-Must, Inc., a non
    Internet Special Education Resources
    Special Education Non-Profit Resources
    Providing Nationwide Services Providing Regional and Local Services

    14. INTERNET SPECIAL EDUCATION RESOURCES: Non-Profit Resource Centers: Families Toge
    also offers additional programs, including education Advocate Program;Child Advocate Training Program; parentto-parent of kansas.
    The Parent Training and Information Center for Kansas, serving parents and their sons and daughters with disabilities 3340 W. Douglas
    Suite 102
    Wichita, KS 67203 Tel: (316) 945-7747
    Fax: (316) 945-7795 E-mail: The Mission of Families Together, Inc. is to offer families the security of belonging to a group of caring individuals with similar goals, challenges, and needs. The Parent Training and Information Centers in Wichita, Topeka, and Garden City provide literature, videos, workshops, and information on a variety of topics, such as:
    • Assistive Technology
    • Community Based Instruction
    • Early Childhood
    • Educational Rights
    • IEP Development
    • Inclusion
    • Sibling Issues
    • Specific Disabilities
    • Support Groups
    • Transition
    Families Together also offers additional programs, including:
    • Education Advocate Program
    • Child Advocate Training Program
    • Parent-to-Parent of Kansas
    For more information on our services, visit the Families Together web site at ISER Home First Steps Planning ... advocacy

    15. Kent State University Parent Resources
    Delaware parent education Resource Center http// DISTRICTOF COLUMBIA kansas Department of education http// Resources/ParentResource.htm
    This page is under construction. Parent Resources Early Childhood Intervention Program Individualized Family Service Plan Web Individual Education Program Guide ALABAMA
    Alabama's Early Intervention System Alabama Department of Education Alabama Special Education Alabama Preschool Handbook ADRS Early Intervention Systems Office Locations ALASKA Alaska Department of Education Alaska Maternal, Child and Family Health (Early Intervention) Alaska Special Education ARIZONA Arizona Community and Family Health Services
    Arizona Department of Education Arizona Preschool Unit ARKANSAS Arkansas Department of Human Services (Early Intervention Services)

    16. Educational Resources
    education World; Educator's Toolkit; Farm kansas; Free Worksheets; Best Sites forChildren; A parent's Guide to Safety; US Department of education parents Guide to
    Education Organizations:
  • American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
  • American School Directory
  • Arkansas Department of Education
  • Central Kansas Cooperative in Education ...
  • Wyoming Department of Education
    Sites for Teachers:
  • The 21st Century Teacher
  • 700+ Great Sites
  • The ALI Resources
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT) ...
  • Web Sites and Resources for Teachers
    English and Reading
  • Kids Web Literature Page
  • Language and Literature
  • Phonics in Whole Language Classrooms History
  • History Online
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • Teaching with Historic Places
  • History of the World ...
  • American Memory Libraries
  • American Library Association
  • Library of Congress
  • Internet Public Library Math
  • Algebra Online
  • Ask Dr. Math
  • Math Games
  • Mega Math ...
  • Connect Everyone Can Do Math and Science Music
  • Music Education Online Physical Education, Health, and Nutrition
  • PE Central Science
  • Access Excellence: Resource Center
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Discover Magazine - School Science Program
  • National Science Teachers Associations ...
  • Space Day Social Studies
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers
  • National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
  • Nebraska Social Science Resources HomePage
  • Social Science Resources Educational Resources:
  • Desert Life in the Arab World
  • Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers
  • Education Week on the Web
  • Eisenhower national Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science ...
  • Scholastic Online Kid's Pages:
  • Global Schoolnet Foundation
  • Dragonfly
  • Schoolwork Ugh!
  • 17. The Northeast Kansas Education Service Center
    A road map for global electronic exploration for the K12 classroom, with emphasis on educational, Category Regional North America Regions Northeast education......Welcome Header. Index of resources. Coop Members. Message Board. Position Vacancy.kansas State Department of education, kansas parent Information Resource
    Search this site!
    Mark A. Bernstein
    Last updated on January 24, 2003 Free counters provided by Andale

    18. Kansas State Resources
    Guide to programs available throughout the state.Category Regional North America Disability Information...... KS 666121816 (785) 233-8732; (800) 499-8732 (parent line) E the views or policiesof the Department of education, nor does NICHCY State resources Kansas
    NICHCY State Resources : Kansas
    A publication of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
    Kansas State Resources
    Table of Contents
    State Agencies Disability Organizations Parent Organizations Other Organizations
    The offices listed on this state sheet are primarily state-level offices. Even if an office is not close to your home, they can usually put you in touch with resources in your community, as well as provide you with information and assistance about disability issues in your state. If you find that an address or number has changed or is incorrect, please e-mail us at and let us know.
    State Agencies and Organizations
    Age of Eligibility
    Each state sets eligibility ages for services to children and youth with disabilities. For current information concerning this state, please contact the office listed under Department of Education: Special Education United States Senators
    Honorable Sam Brownback (R)
    303 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    19. MEL: Education: Special Education
    SPED OnLine from University of kansas; University of Virginia SpecialEducation Web Site. parent resources Advocacy Groups. American Home
    HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Education About the Education Collection Michigan Education What's New? Hot Topics in Education ... Back to the Education Index
    Special Education
    General Resources Deafness ADD
    General Resources

    20. NKCSD | About The District | Resources
    parent Links, School Report Card. Preschool Form Preschool Special education EnrollmentForm for Missouri residents YouthFriends application for kansas residents.

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