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         Kentucky Education Agencies Org:     more detail

1. SHEEO Agencies
SHEEO agencies. State Higher education Agency Contact Information kentucky. Sue Hodges Moore , Interim President (C). Council on Postsecondary education. 1024
SHEEO Agencies
State Higher Education Agency Contact Information * * Quick Links to SHEEO Agency Websites * *
(C) = coordinating board
(G) = governing board Jump to: A-D F-K L-M N-O ... V-Regions ALABAMA
Dr. Michael Malone, Executive Director (C)
Commission on Higher Education
P.O. Box 302000
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2000
Fax: 242-0270
Diane Barrans, Executive Director (C) Alaska Postsecondary Education Commission 3030 Vintage Boulevard Juneau, Alaska 99801-7109 Fax: 465-3293 Dr. Mark Hamilton, President (G) University of Alaska System 202 Butrovich Building Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-5560 Fax: 474-6342 ARIZONA Dr. Linda J. Blessing, Executive Director (G)

2. Links To State Education Agencies
Illinois. Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts









3. Regulatory Agencies
kentucky Coal education. Online since 1996. Search Coal education. kentucky Regulatory Authority agencies of the Coal may be required for a coal mining operation in kentucky.
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4. State Education Accountability Systems: Kentucky
STATE education ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEMS. kentucky. 10/1/98 schools and local education agencies. Other kentucky Department of education does not require local education agencies to
  • Statewide content and student performance standards. Statewide student assessments in at least math, reading, or language arts. Definition of adequate yearly progress for schools and local education agencies. Other criteria to determine whether schools and local education agencies are in need of improvement or eligible to receive rewards. ... Take corrective action if a school or LEA identified as "in need of improvement" has failed to make adequate progress or meet other criteria for improvement.

  • Contact:
    Scott Trimble, Director
    Division of Assessment Implementation
    Kentucky Department of Education
    500 Mero Street, 1831 CPT
    Frankfort, KY 40601
    (502) 564-7749 (FAX)

    1. Statewide content and student performance standards.
    Content standards and student performance standards have been completed for reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, arts and humanities, and practical living/vocational studies. In addition, there are content standards for employability skills. These standards are considered to be permanent but will be reviewed periodically. 2. Statewide student assessments in at least math, reading, or language arts.

    5. Kentucky's Teacher Certification Inquiry Service
    For this initial phase, the kentucky Department of And the state agencies are ableto conduct their The education Professional Standards Board has received a
    NASBE State Improvement Initiatives,
    Vol. 7, No. 3. National Association of State Boards of Education Kentucky's Teacher Certification Inquiry Service
    This January, the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board launched its Teacher Certification Inquiry (TCI) service. This web-based system allows a user to search the certification and endorsement records of all teachers and administrators in the state. Users can search the system by the teacher's or administrator's name, the school's name, or the district's name. A query to the system will render the educators' active certificates and endorsements as well as a listing of the jobs the educator is qualified to fill by virtue of that certification. Since its creation, the site has had almost 35,000 queries.
    How the TCI is used
    While not a primary reason for developing the TCI, the system can be used by the Education Professional Standards Board, parents, and other interested stakeholders in the system to ensure that teachers are being properly assigned to classes. (Assigning teachers to teach outside their field of certification is against the law in Kentucky, and proper teacher assignment is one element of the Kentucky state report card.) Each year the Professional Standards Board conducts an audit of districts to ensure correct assignment, a process that is considerably streamlined through the use of this database. If a parent suspects that a teacher is teaching out-of-field, he or she can look up the teacher's certification and endorsement standing via the website. If a suspected discrepancy is not resolved through the query, then an anonymous tip can be submitted to the Professional Standards Board. The Standards Board then investigates to ensure compliance to state law.

    6. State Education Agencies
    State education agencies. kentucky Department of education 500 Mero Street Frankfort,KY 40601 education Policy Institute, PMB 294, 4401A Connecticut Ave., NW
    Home Reform Briefs Newsletter Pubs List ... E-mail EPI
    State Education Agencies
    In most cases, these addresses and links are to state departments of education. The corresponding web sites vary, but often include information about:
    • academic programs
    • accreditation requirements
    • adult education
    • bilingual education
    • charter schools
    • curriculum
    • demographic data
    • dropout rates
    • E-rate
    • education directories
    • education grants
    • education legislation
    • education reform
    • education technology
    • funding and financial data
    • governmental relations
    • home instruction
    • items in the news
    • job opportunities
    • parental involvement
    • personnel
    • publications
    • school laws
    • school lists
    • school to work/career
    • special education
    • standards development
    • state boards of education
    • state educational resources
    • state teacher certification
    • student performance
    • student services
    • vocational education
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z Territories
    Alabama Department of Education
    Gordon Persons Office Building
    50 North Ripley Street
    P.O. Box 302102
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
    FAX: (334) 242-9708

    7. Education, Technology Library Science Professional
    Directory of State Higher education agencies Includes state departments of of educationKansas State Department of education kentucky Department of

    8. Financial Aid Providers And Information
    on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH), http// Council on Economic education, http//

    Pikeville Local Office
    About us Applicant Services Employer Services ... Site Index Educational Providers There are many i nternet sites that offer free on-line searches for financial aid information, grant and scholarship programs, work study opportunities and education oriented agencies and organizations. Financial Aid
    Association of
    Independent Kentucky Kentucky Assistive
    Technology Loan Corp. Kentucky Education
    Savings Plan Trust Kentucky Educational
    Excellence Scholarship Kentucky Governor's
    Scholar Program Kentucky Higher Education Kentucky Higher Education
    Student Loan Corporation

    9. Overview
    responsibilities to support education reform (kentucky Council on as the only wayto improve education from pre no mandates, where public agencies work together
    NCREL's Policy Briefs
    Building Collaborative Education Systems:
    New Roles for State Education and
    Higher Education Agencies
    Special Policy Report
    Report 1, 1994 Previous section Next section Contents Pathways home page
    Education Reform: What Are the Implications for School-College Collaboration?
    Collaboration is never easy. But in times of tight financial constraints collaboration is especially difficult. State education and higher education agencies currently compete with each other for scarce public resources. This competition is part of what keeps them apart. The history of their development also separates state education from higher education. Each bears the baggage of its own traditional missions and roles. Many education reformers may argue that time and the present needs of society have blurred the distinctions between the services that the two sectors provide. However, many within the education community identify a clear dichotomy of duty: a compulsory and universal public K-12 education for America's children up to a certain age and a voluntary and to some degree selective postsecondary education system for those seeking advanced educational skills and/or entry into professional career ranks. Data on students progressing through the public schools and the public postsecondary institutions are collected separately. The data are often incompatible, which inhibits collaborative policy planning. The way in which public K-12 education and public postsecondary education are financed also divide the sectors. Public schools are wholly financed through tax dollars, while higher education receives funding from multiple sources: state revenues, federal funds for research and student financial aid, private sector research, students, and private donors. Competition and cost both influence the selection process in postsecondary institutions.

    10. Southeast DBTAC | EduIT | Kentucky (KY)
    KATS Website http// Email chase by the University of kentucky incollaboration local, state, and regional education agencies, institutions of

    11. Educational Financial Aid - Text Version
    on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) http// Council on Economic education http//
    Graphics Version
    Department for Employment Services
    Louisville Local Office
    About Us Applicant Services Employer Services What's New ... Veteran Services
    Educational Providers
    There are many internet sites that offer free on-line searches for financial aid information, grant and scholarship programs, work study opportunities and education oriented agencies and organizations. Financial Aid
    ACT Inc College Board Fastweb Financial Advisor Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Spanish
    Governor's Education Pays Program

    12. The DRM Regional Resource Directory: Kentucky
    for Kentuckians with Disabilities See also MultiService agencies Advocacy and ChildrenServices link not working 9/23/01 kentucky education Rights Center
    Home Subjects States Librarians ... Contact Us The DRM Regional Resource Directory Kentucky - The Bluegrass State Updated 9/2001 All the States About / Hints / Link
    Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute (University of Kentucky Affiliated Program)
    Kentucky Disabilities Coalition
    KY CARES: Kentucky's Guide to Services
    State Services for Kentuckians with Disabilities
    See also Multi-Service Agencies
    Advocacy and Legal Rights
    Direct Access (Access Center Partnership)
    Institute for ADA Mediation
    Kentucky Client Assistance Program (CAP)
    Kentucky Commission on Human Rights ...
    Southeast Disability and Business Techical Assistance Center
    Kentucky Office of Aging Services
    Alzheimer's Disease
    Alzheimer's Association - Chapters in Kentucky
    Alzheimer's Association - Louisville Chapter
    Kentucky Center for the Arts - Accessibility Information
    Minds Wide Open Art Center
    VSA Arts of Kentucky
    Assistive Technology
    enTECH (Enabling Technologies of Kentuckiana)
    Bluegrass Technology Center
    Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation
    Kentucky Assistive Technology Services Network (KATS)
    Autism Society of Kentuckiana (ASK)
    Autism Society of Western Kentucky
    Kentucky Autism Training Center Child Evaluation Center (KATC)
    Blindness and Visual Impairments
    Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired
    Kentucky Department for the Blind
    Kentucky School for the Blind
    Kentucky Talking Book Library ...
    Talking Book Library of Northern Kentucky
    Brain Injury

    13. Title I To Local Education Agencies, Fiscal Year
    Home Data education Facts Title I To Local education agencies TitleI to Local education agencies, Fiscal Year 20012002 kentucky, 151,986,272.

    14. Education
    Title I To Local education agencies, amendment endorsed Tuesday by the Senate educationCommittee. The Kansas City Star Kansas kentucky Trustees Increase

    15. Kentucky Heritage Council
    education Technical Services. to identify, preserve, and protect the cultural resourcesof kentucky. with other state and federal agencies, local communities
    Services and Information
    Architecture, Archaeology, and Landscapes Archaeology
    ARCHAEOLOGY VIDEO SERIES NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE COMMISSION ... CULTURAL RESOURCES REPORT SPECIFICATIONS Protection of Historic Resources Rural Preservation Certified Local Government LIST OF STAFF Kentucky Heritage Council
    300 Washington Street
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
    502.564.5820 (FAX)
    W elcome to the Kentucky Heritage Council Home Page. The mandate of the Kentucky Heritage Council is to identify, preserve, and protect the cultural resources of Kentucky. The Council also maintains continually updated inventories of historic structures and archaeological sites and nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places. By working with other state and federal agencies, local communities, and interested citizens, the Council seeks to build a greater awareness of Kentucky's past and to encourage the long-term preservation of Kentucky's significant cultural resources. Through its various programs the Council strives to show how historic resources contribute to the heritage, economy, and quality of life of all Kentuckians. For more than 15,000 years, Kentucky was intensively occupied by American Indian groups. The villages, campsites and discarded artifacts of these prehistoric inhabitants may be found throughout the Commonwealth. As one of the early frontier states, Kentucky was a wilderness beyond the Cumberland Gap to be explored and settled in the 18th century. It joined the union in 1792 as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the nation's 15th state. Tangible reminders of this past are everywhere: in the agricultural region of the Purchase and Pennyrile areas, in the coal mining towns of the eastern and western coal fields, in the urban and industrial centers along the Ohio River, and in the horse farms of the Bluegrass Region.

    16. TSSA (Technology Standards For School Administrators) :: View Standards
    the Association of education Service agencies (AESA), the Regional education Board(SREB), the kentucky Department of Society for Technology in education (ISTE
    Technology Standards for School Administrators
    TSSA Draft (v4.0)
    The Collaborative for Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA Collaborative) has facilitated the development of a national consensus on what P-12 administrators should know and be able to do to optimize the effective use of technology. This consensus is presented by the Collaborative (November 2001) as Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA). The Collaborative believes that comprehensive implementation of technology is, in itself, large-scale systemic reform. Leadership plays a key role in successful school reform. The CollaborativeÕs standards, therefore, focus on the role of leadership in enhancing learning and school operations through the use of technology. These standards are indicators of effective leadership for technology in schools. They define neither the minimum nor maximum level of knowledge and skills required of a leader, and are neither a comprehensive list nor a guaranteed recipe for effective technology leadership. Rather, these standards are a national consensus among educational stakeholders of what best indicates accomplished school leadership for comprehensive and effective use of technology in schools. The standards challenge almost every school administrator in some areas, yet each individual standard is attainable by the professional education leader. Although a national consensus, in no way should these standards inhibit new development, innovation, or progress for schools or for school leadership.

    17. About Us
    Associate at the National Center for Family Literacy in Louisville, kentucky. withhundreds of institutions and state higher education agencies on management

    About Us Contact Us
    More information about us: Staff Mission and Vision Advisory List Staff Patrick J. Kelly - Director of the Information Center Patrick Kelly is a Senior Associate at the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) and serves as Director of the National Information Center for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis. Before joining NCHEMS in February 2002, Patrick worked for six years at the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. His most recent position at the council was Senior Associate for Information and Research. He worked with higher education leaders to design performance indicators to measure progress toward postsecondary education reform in Kentucky, conducted research studies for statewide higher education policy initiatives, and coordinated the analysis and reporting of data and information in support of many other council projects. Prior to working at the council, Patrick was a Research Associate at the National Center for Family Literacy in Louisville, Kentucky. Patrick is working on his Ph.D. in Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville where he also earned a Master's degree in Sociology. His undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His areas of specialization and interest include research and statistical methodology, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

    18. Hotlinks
    education and Environment Roundtable Western kentucky University Center Murray StateUniversity Center for Environmental education. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT agencies.
    AIK/ CIC
    AIK Chemical Industry Council AIK/CIC Mission and Impact Benefits of Membership In the News ...
    Registration/Information Request
    HOTLINKS Note many more hotlinks not environmentally specific
    are available from the AIK website hotlink section
    Corporate Chemical Industry Associations State Government Agencies ... Y2k Sites of Interest CORPORATE
    Ashland Chemical Company

    B.F. Goodrich

    The Carbide-Graphite Group

    CHEMICAL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS Chemical Industry Associations (generic listing)
    American Plastics Council
    Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe ... Polyurethane Manufacturers Association STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES KY Cabinet for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection NREPC Permitting Programs NREPC Office of Administrative Hearings Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission Kentucky's Environment The newsletter of the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission Land Air and Water Magazine The newsletter of the Kentucky NREPC Test your knowledge of environmental issues in Kentucky Quick quiz offered by NREPC Education website Kentucky Division for Air Quality Kentucky Division of Waste Management Kentucky Watershed Management Program ... Divisons of Conservation, Energy and Forestry

    19. Kentucky State Resources
    State agencies and Organizations. Judy Mallory, Director Division of ExceptionalChildren's Services kentucky Department of education Capitol Plaza
    NICHCY State Resources : Kentucky
    A publication of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
    Kentucky State Resources
    Table of Contents
    State Agencies Disability Organizations Parent Organizations Other Organizations
    The offices listed on this state sheet are primarily state-level offices. Even if an office is not close to your home, they can usually put you in touch with resources in your community, as well as provide you with information and assistance about disability issues in your state. If you find that an address or number has changed or is incorrect, please e-mail us at and let us know.
    State Agencies and Organizations
    Age of Eligibility
    Each state sets eligibility ages for services to children and youth with disabilities. For current information concerning this state, please contact the office listed under Department of Education: Special Education United States Senators
    Honorable Jim Bunning (R)
    316 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    20. Franzeim Named KHEAA/KHESLC Senior Vice President For Customer Re
    education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) and kentucky Higher education to help makehigher education more accessible school districts, state agencies, and families
    Power Search Print/Save Friendly Version
    News from NASFAA
    NASFAA Constituent News
    Franzeim Named KHEAA/KHESLC Senior Vice President for Customer Relations
    The following is a news release issued by Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) and Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation Frankfort, Kentucky (January 24, 2003) — Ted Franzeim has been appointed Senior Vice President for Customer Relations of the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) and Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation (also known as The Student Loan People SM ) effective March 1. Franzeim will spearhead efforts by both organizations to develop new products and services for schools and lenders and expand outreach and information services for students and families. "It certainly is a pleasure to welcome Ted to KHEAA and The Student Loan People," said Dr. Joe L. McCormick, Executive Director of both agencies. "His expertise in student financial aid and customer care will be invaluable as we work with our partners to help make higher education more accessible." He has a bachelor's degree from Norwich University and a master's from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

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